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Baker Hughes Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Baker Hughes Incorporated. Baker Hughes Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Baker Hughes Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Baker Hughes Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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02/16/17 new patent  Cutting elements formed using liquid hydrocarbons and hydrated hydrocarbons, and earth-boring tools comprising such cutting elements
02/16/17 new patent  Oilfield wastewater treatment
02/16/17 new patent  Methods of delivering calcium carbonate producing microbes or enzymes downhole
02/16/17 new patent  Methods of manufacturing dissolvable tools via liquid-solid state molding
02/16/17 new patent  Modular earth-boring tools, modules for such tools and related methods
02/16/17 new patent  Cutting elements for earth-boring tools and earth-boring tools including such cutting elements
02/16/17 new patent  Whipstock valve with nozzle bypass feature
02/16/17 new patent  High pressure environment pressure actuation system
02/09/17Synergistic chemistry to prevent silicate scaling
02/09/17Methods of forming and methods of repairing earth-boring tools
02/09/17Methods of forming and methods of repairing earth boring-tools
02/09/17Polycrystalline compacts, earth-boring tools including such compacts, and methods of fabricating polycrystalline compacts
02/09/17Umbilical clamp capture sub-sea wellhead test
02/09/17Interventionless packer setting tool
02/09/17Methods for hanging liner from casing and articles derived therefrom
02/09/17Seal section with internal lubricant pump for electrical submersible well pump
02/09/17Downhole fluid typing
02/02/17Control of carbonyl sulfide with sodium borohydride in caustic towers for petroleum/petrochemical processes
02/02/17Polycrystalline diamond compacts having leach depths selected to control physical properties and methods of forming such compacts
02/02/17Compositions and methods for cementing a wellbore using microbes or enzymes
02/02/17Formation-engaging assemblies, earth-boring tools including such assemblies, and associated methods
02/02/17Sensor-enabled cutting elements for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools so equipped, and related methods
02/02/17Adaptive shell module with embedded functionality
02/02/17Methods of evaluating performance of cutting elements for earth-boring tools
01/26/17Polyphosphoric acid resistant hydrogen sulfide scavenger for use in asphalt applications
01/26/17Drill bits and tools for subterranean drilling including rubbing zones and related methods
01/26/17Surface texturing to increase lateral coefficient of friction
01/26/17Barrier valve closure multi-zone stimulation without intervention or surface control lines
01/26/17Methods of using carbon quantum dots to enhance productivity of fluids from wells
01/19/17Pressure and thermal compensation system for subterranean hydraulic control line connectors
01/19/17Apparatus to activate a downhole tool by way of electromagnets via wireline current
01/12/17Methods of forming earth-boring tools, methods of affixing cutting elements to earth-boring tools
01/12/17One trip tubular cutting and milling down tube and associated collars
01/12/17Imaging of earth formation with high frequency sensor
01/05/17Electrically actuated safety valve and method
12/29/16Method for preparing a porous fluoropolymer and preparing an article of same
12/29/16Suspensions for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, and methods of recovering hydrocarbons using the suspensions
12/29/16Recovering base oil from contaminated invert emulsion fluid for making new oil-/synthetic-based fluids
12/29/16Annular screen communication system
12/29/16Well treatment methods and fluids with glda salt
12/29/16Multiphase thermal flowmeter for stratified flow
12/29/16Integration of heads up display with data processing
12/22/16Viscous fluid dilution system and method thereof
12/22/16Disintegratable polymer composites for downhole tools
12/22/16Downhole structures including soluble glass
12/22/16Methods and suspensions for recovery of hydrocarbon material from subterranean formations
12/22/16Methods of forming cutting elements and earth-boring tools carrying such cutting elements
12/22/16Velocity switch for inflow control devices and methods for using same
12/22/16Combined surface and downhole kick/loss detection
12/22/16Seal pressure relaxation device prior to release of retrievable packer
12/22/16Systems and methods for determining proper phase rotation in downhole linear motors
12/22/16Power transmission and communication between processors and energy industry devices
12/22/16Positive displacement plunger pump with gas escape valve
12/22/16Filter and method and distributed temperature sensor system
12/22/16Measurement of downhole radiation
12/22/16Systems and methods for securing magnetic coils in downhole linear motors
12/15/16Decreasing corrosion on metal surfaces
12/15/16High pressure circulating shoe track with redundant pressure isolation feature
12/15/16Optimized liquid or condensate well production
12/15/16Pressure test and actuation tool and method
12/15/16Detection of high incident reflective boundaries using near-field shear waves
12/15/16Antenna structures and dielectric logging
12/15/16Wellbores including carbon quantum dots, and methods of forming carbon quantum dots
12/15/16Wired pipe coupler connector
12/08/16High density, high strength, acid soluble pseudo-crosslinked, lost circulation preventative material
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12/08/16Cutting structures, tools for use in subterranean boreholes including cutting structures and related methods
12/08/16Cutting elements for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and related methods
12/08/16High strength, operationally robust lost circulation preventative pseudo-crosslinked material
12/08/16Multimodal tool jar
12/08/16Plug releaser and limiting pressure differential across plugs
12/08/16Disintegrating plug for subterranean treatment use
12/08/16Decreasing microorganisms in fluids using ultrasonic wave technologies
12/08/16System and real-time monitoring and estimation of well system production performance
12/08/16System and sensing fluids downhole
12/08/16Cable retainer and method
12/08/16Signal bypass routed through a motor of an electrical submersible pump
12/01/16Fluids and methods for treating hydrocarbon-bearing formations
12/01/16Self-breaking fracturing fluids and methods for treating hydrocarbon-bearing formations
12/01/16Polycrystalline compacts for cutting elements, related earth-boring tools, and related methods
12/01/16Methods of forming polycrystalline elements from brown polycrystalline tables
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12/01/16Swellable downhole structures including carbon nitride materials, and methods of forming and using such structures
12/01/16Completion systems with a bi-directional telemetry system
12/01/16Using a combination of a perforating gun with an inflatable to complete multiple zones in a single trip
12/01/16Systems and methods for determining proper phase rotation in downhole linear motors
12/01/16Methods of extracting hydrocarbons from subterranean formations
12/01/16Downhole test signals for identification of operational drilling parameters
12/01/16Systems and methods for controlling downhole linear motors
11/24/16Apparatus for generating pulses in fluid during drilling of wellbores
11/24/16Plug-actuated sub
11/24/16Prediction of formation and stratigraphic layers while drilling
11/17/16Real time steerable acid tunneling system
11/17/16Earth-boring tools and methods of forming tools including hard particles in a binder
11/17/16Debris catcher
11/17/16Wear-resistant and self-lubricant bore receptacle packoff tool
11/17/16Method of placing cement sealing rings at predetermined annular locations around a tubular string
11/17/16Debris catcher
11/17/16Active rectifier for downhole applications
11/17/16Magnetic resonance pulse sequences and processing
11/10/16Fluid compositions and methods of using nanomaterial hybrids
11/10/16Downhole fluid compositions and methods of using carbon black particles
11/10/16Inhibiting fouling tendency in high coal ash-containing water systems
11/10/16Rotating control line cutting sub
11/10/16Swellable sealing increasing swelling efficiency
11/10/16Sand control sleeve
11/10/16Diagnostic lateral wellbores and methods of use
11/10/16Method of estimating multi-phase fluid properties in a wellbore
11/03/16Inflow control device
11/03/16Methods of forming earth-boring tools utilizing expandable reamer blades
11/03/16Casing exit mill assemblies with replaceable blade sleeve
11/03/16Autonomous flow control device and controlling flow
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11/03/16Multi-gauge wrap wire for subterranean sand screen
11/03/16Apparatuses and methods for at-bit resistivity measurements for an earth-boring drilling tool
11/03/16Nmr t2 distribution from simultaneous t1 and t2 inversions for geologic applications
11/03/16Density measurements using detectors on a pulsed neutron measurement platform
11/03/16Methods, systems and computer program products for chemical hazard evaluation
10/27/16Superhard constructions & methods of making same
10/27/16Methods of measuring ph in refinery streams
10/27/16Polycrystalline super hard construction & making
10/27/16Integrated modeling and monitoring of formation and well performance
10/27/16Fracturing tool and backup
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10/27/16Motion activated ball dropping tool
10/27/16Disintegrating expand in place barrier assembly
10/27/16Method of milling with shifting tool capabilities
10/27/16Disappearing expandable cladding
10/27/16One trip cleaning and tool setting in the cleaned location
10/27/16Flexible hose for bellows pressure equalizer of electrical submersible well pump
10/27/16Well performance index evaluating well performance
10/27/16Methods of plotting advanced logging information
10/27/16Circulation pump for cooling mechanical face seal of submersible well pump assembly
10/27/16Energy industry operation prediction and analysis based on downhole conditions
10/27/16Systems and methods for constructing downhole electric motors
10/20/16One trip interventionless liner hanger and packer setting apparatus and method
10/20/16Perforator with a mechanical diversion tool and related methods
10/20/16Wellbore isolation system with communication lines
10/20/16One trip wellbore cleanup and setting a subterranean tool method
10/20/16Communications protocol for downhole data collection
10/13/16Remote depressurization system for high pressure compartment in a subterranean tool
10/13/16Decreasing fouling in hydrocarbon-based fluids
10/13/16Positive locating feature of optiport
10/13/16Lower mill spaced cutting ring structure
10/13/16Barrier with rotation protection
10/13/16Liner top porous debris barrier
10/13/16Refracturing method using spaced shaped charges straddled with isolators on a liner string
10/13/16Apparatus and injecting a chemical to facilitate operation of a submersible well pump
10/13/16Measuring formation porosity and permeability
10/13/16Finding combined hydrocarbon fraction and porosity by means of dielectric spectroscopy
10/13/16Magnet arrays for magnetic resonance measurements
10/06/16Ultrahigh temperature elastic metal composites
10/06/16Polycrystalline diamond bodies incorporating fractionated distribution of diamond particles of different morphologies
10/06/16Methods of maintaining the concentration of at least one oxygen species within a water-based stream
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10/06/16Methods of manufacturing poly(hexahydrotriazine)s via suspension or emulsion polymerization
10/06/16Drilling fluids with leakoff control and drill cuttings removal sweeps
10/06/16Use of superabsorbent polymers for pressure control and diversion applications
10/06/16Fracturing fluids and methods of treating hydrocarbon formations
10/06/16Methods of using superabsorbent polymers for fracturing and sand control applications
10/06/16Well treatment methods and fluids
10/06/16Fracturing fluids and methods of treating hydrocarbon formations
10/06/16Pcr amplification methods and kits for detecting and quantifying sulfate-reducing bacteria
10/06/16Rotatable cutting elements and related earth-boring tools and methods
10/06/16Disintegrating compression set plug with short mandrel
10/06/16Disintegrating compression set plug with short mandrel
10/06/16Casing flush fluid, recyclable cleanout fluids, and applications thereof
10/06/16Swelling sleeve method to prevent gravel pack movement into voids adjacent screen connections and exposing screen portions
10/06/16Compressed telemetry for time series downhole data using variable scaling and grouped words
10/06/16Electrical submersible pump with motor winding encapsulated in bonded ceramic
09/29/16Method of making and using a functionally gradient composite tool
09/29/16Polycrystalline diamond, methods of forming same, cutting elements, and earth-boring tools
09/29/16Method of manufacturing carbon nanotubes and fibers using catalytic metal oxide nanoparticles
09/29/16Application of chlorine dioxide to subsurface wells
09/29/16Methods for preparing anti-friction coatings
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09/29/16Self-adjusting directional drilling drilling directional wells
09/29/16Expandable reamers having nonlinearly expandable blades, and related methods
09/29/16Plow-shaped cutting elements for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and related methods
09/29/16Multi-stage fracturing with smart frack sleeves while leaving a full flow bore
09/29/16Indicator and verifying a tool has reached a portion of a tubular
09/29/16Water saturation determination using an oxygen estimate and formation lithology
09/22/16System, blending cement
09/22/16Transverse sidewall coring
09/22/16Flapper valve
09/22/16Predicting drillability based on electromagnetic emissions during drilling
09/22/16Well screen-out prediction and prevention
09/22/16Systems and methods for controlling downhole linear motors
09/22/16Method of measuring acoustic energy impinging upon a cable
09/15/16Segregating fluids, methods of making, and methods of use
09/15/16Cement spacer system for wellbores, methods of making, and methods of use
09/15/16Cement slurry compositions, methods of making and methods of use
09/15/16High strength, flowable, selectively degradable composite material and articles made thereby
09/15/16Cutting elements configured to mitigate diamond table failure, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and related methods
09/15/16Cement isolation fluids for wellbores, methods of making, and methods of use
09/15/16Distributed strain monitoring for downhole tools
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09/15/16Downhole fiber optic sensors with downhole optical interrogator
09/08/16Polycrystalline compacts including nanoparticulate inclusions and methods of forming such compacts
09/08/16Coring tools for managing hydraulic properties of drilling fluid and related methods
09/08/16Earth-boring tools including formation-engaging structures having retention features and related methods
09/08/16Dual-walled coiled tubing deployed pump
09/08/16Downhole tool and forming the same
09/08/16Internal pipe pig with wireless data transmission system
09/08/16Downhole closed-loop magnetostrictive sensing element for downhole applications
09/01/16Hybrid drill bits having increased drilling efficiency
09/01/16Seal assemblies for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools so equipped, and related methods
09/01/16Expandable reamer assemblies, bottom hole assemblies, and related methods
08/25/16Sponge liner sleeves for a core barrel assembly, sponge liners and related methods
08/25/16Tubless proppant blending system for high and low pressure blending
08/25/16Modulation scheme for high speed mud pulse telemetry with reduced power requirements
08/18/16Method of using biosurfactants as acid corrosion inhibitors in well treatment operations
08/18/16Energy absorption system for subterranean tool high impact loads
08/18/16Setting assembly and method thereof
08/18/16Disintegrating plugs to delay production through inflow control devices
08/18/16Deposited material sand control media
08/18/16Extendable probe and formation testing tool and method
08/11/16Use of phosphino polymer and polyhydroxypolycarboxylic acid as corrosion inhibitor
08/11/16Anionic polysaccharide polymers for viscosified fluids
08/11/16Hybrid drill bits
08/11/16Earth-boring rotary tools having fixed blades and rolling cutter legs, and methods of forming same
08/11/16Drill bits and earth-boring tools including shaped cutting elements and associated methods
08/11/16Swellable article
08/11/16Placement and uses of lateral assisting wellbores and/or kick-off wellbores
08/11/16Drill bit with hydraulically adjustable axial pad for controlling torsional fluctuations
08/11/16Coiled tubing downhole tool
08/04/16Methods and compositions for decreasing fouling within an ethylene plant
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08/04/16Charge pump for gravity gas separator of well pump
08/04/16Dual gravity gas separators for well pump
08/04/16Scintillation detectors and methods for enhanced light gathering
08/04/16Arrayed wave division multiplexing to improve spatial resolution of iofdr fiber bragg sensing system
07/28/16Use of hydroxyacid to reduce the localized corrosion potential of low dose hydrate inhibitors
07/28/16Completion systems with flow restrictors
07/28/16Downhole cutting and jacking system
07/28/16Tubular actuation system and method
07/28/16Directional permeability upscaling of a discrete fracture network
07/28/16Pressure switch for selective firing of perforating guns
07/28/16Diffuser and flow control system with diffuser
07/28/16Systems and methods for adjusting operation of an esp motor installed in a well
07/28/16Monte carlo automated refracture selection tool
07/28/16Systems and methods for providing power to well equipment
07/28/16Devices and methods for downhole acoustic imaging
07/21/16Pipeline hydrate inhibitor and reducing hydrates using the hydrate inhibitor
07/21/16Method of controlling the corrosion rate of alloy particles, alloy particle with controlled corrosion rate, and articles comprising the particle
07/21/16Earth-boring tools and components thereof including material having hard phase in a metallic binder, and metallic binder compositions for use in forming such tools and components
07/21/16High flash point fluids for in situ plasticization of polymers
07/21/16Subterranean heating with dual-walled coiled tubing
07/21/16Historical data analysis for control of energy industry operations
07/21/16Pump assembly and assessing valve conditions in pump
07/21/16Boltless electrical connector for submersible well pump
07/21/16High temperature tracers for downhole detection of produced water
07/21/16Processing seismic data to remove noise
07/21/16Fiber optic sealing apparatus
07/14/16Wellbore cement compositions and wellbore cementing methods
07/14/16Method of forming a slip cone
07/14/16Well head tubing hanger conversion configuration and completing a well using the same

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