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Baker Hughes Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Baker Hughes Incorporated. Baker Hughes Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Baker Hughes Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Baker Hughes Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Methods of forming structures for downhole applications
10/19/17 new patent  Delayed viscosity well treatment methods and fluids
10/19/17 new patent  Chemical process for sulfur reduction of hydrocarbons
10/19/17 new patent  Surface representation for modeling geological surfaces
10/19/17 new patent  Hydraulic casing collar locator
10/19/17 new patent  Mud motor stators and pumps and making
10/19/17 new patent  Bipolar acoustic hyperlens for dual-string thru-casing ultrasonic sensors
10/12/17Combined field assisted sintering techniques and hthp sintering techniques for forming polycrystalline diamond compacts and earth-boring tools
10/12/17Hybrid disintegrable articles
10/12/17Well treatment material for slow release of biocide
10/12/17Method of pumping aqueous fluid containing surface modifying treatment agent into a well
10/12/17Lateral motion control of drill strings
10/12/17Abrasive articles and earth-boring tools
10/12/17Pressure set liner hanger/packer without tubing wall port
10/12/17Self-locking slurry tube connector and protection arrangement
10/12/17Downhole systems and articles for determining a condition of a wellbore or downhole article, and related methods
10/12/17Method to estimate the influence of pore-size distribution on phase equilibrium of multi-component hydrocarbon systems in unconventional shale gas and oil reservoirs
10/12/17Gas detection based on evanescent coupling from waveguides in bulk substrates to downhole fluids
10/12/17Pdc sensing element fabrication process and tool
10/05/17Articles comprising metal, hard material, and an inoculant, and related methods
10/05/173d-printing systems configured for advanced heat treatment and related methods
10/05/17Swellable compositions, articles formed therefrom, and methods of manufacture thereof
10/05/17Downhole operational modal analysis
10/05/17Reservoir monitoring using galvanically excited transient electromagnetic fields
10/05/17Instrumented multilateral wellbores and forming same
10/05/17Magnetic force reducer
10/05/17Methods and measuring hydrogen sulfide in downhole fluids
10/05/17T2 inversions with reduced motion artifacts
10/05/17Bucking to reduce effects of conducting tubular
10/05/17Stress tensor computation using mindlin formulation
09/28/17Distributed sensing system employing a film adhesive
09/28/17Copolymers useful as water clarifiers and for water-oil separation
09/28/17Downhole tools having volumes of hard material including quenched carbon and related methods
09/28/17Sleeve apparatus, downhole system, and method
09/28/17Treatment ported sub and use
09/28/17Simulated core sample estimated from composite borehole measurement
09/28/17Packaging for electronics in downhole assemblies
09/28/17Completion optimization process based on acoustic logging data in the lateral section in a horizontal well
09/28/17Estimating parameters of archie's law and formation texture information
09/28/17Obtaining micro- and macro-rock properties with a calibrated rock deformation simulation
09/21/17Earth-boring tools having particle-matrix composite bodies and methods for welding particle-matrix composite bodies
09/21/17Intermetallic metallic composite, manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
09/21/17Methods and materials for improving wellbore stability in laminated tight carbonate source-rock formations
09/21/17Using borated galactomannan to enhance swelling of superabsorbents for fracturing applications
09/21/17Hydrocarbon well treatment methods and fluids
09/21/17Methods of forming a cutting element including a multi-layered cutting table, and related cutting elements and earth-boring tools
09/21/17Actuation configuration and method
09/21/17Balance line control system with reset feature for floating piston
09/21/17Estimating wellbore cement properties
09/21/17Determining the robustness of discrete fracture network permeability estimates
09/21/17Branch patch array for real time monitoring of surface micro-seismic waves
09/21/17Downhole deep transient measurements with improved sensors
09/21/17Scanner gloves and real-time tracking system
09/14/17Mud pump and vacuum gas extraction system
09/14/17Methods and compositions for brazing, and earth-boring tools formed from such methods and compositions
09/14/17Enzymes for removing sulfurous compounds in downhole fluids
09/14/17Metal-based hydrogen sulfide scavenger and preparing same
09/14/17Well treatment fluids containing biodegradable zirconium crosslinker and methods of using the same
09/14/17Intelligent injector control system, coiled tubing unit having the same, and method
09/14/17Diamond high temperature shear valve designed to be used in extreme thermal environments
09/14/17Magnetic sleeve control valve for high temperature drilling applications
09/14/17System and perforating and tunneling cased wells
09/14/17Downhole wireless system for tunneling arrangements
09/14/17Diamond tipped control valve used for high temperature drilling applications
09/14/17Estimation of formation properties based on borehole fluid and drilling logs
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09/14/17Labyrinth chamber for horizontal submersible well pump assembly
09/14/17Pressure compensated flow tube for deep set tubular isolation valve
09/14/17Method and active suppression of pipe signals in transient electromagnetic measurements
09/14/17Method and measurement of pipe signals for downhole transient electromagnetic processing
09/14/17Method and corection of transient electromagnetic signals to remove a pipe response
09/14/17Telemetry subsurface well and reservoir logging data
09/14/17Esp motor with sealed stator windings
09/14/17Rotor section with center tube for submersible pump assembly motor
09/14/17Hybrid electric motor for electric submersible pump
09/07/17Methods of forming graphene-coated diamond particles and polycrystalline compacts
09/07/17Dual-function nano-sized particles
09/07/17Improved performance of crosslinked fracturing fluids comprising a nonionic surfactant
09/07/17Drill bits, rotatable cutting structures, cutting structures having adjustable rotational resistance, and related methods
09/07/17Polycrystalline diamond compacts, methods of forming polycrystalline diamond, and earth-boring tools
09/07/17Deformable downhole structures including carbon nanotube materials, and methods of forming and using such structures
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09/07/17Coiled tubing deployed esp with seal stack that is slidable relative to packer bore
09/07/17Downhole system having isolation flow valve and method
09/07/17Deformable downhole structures including electrically conductive elements, and methods of using such structures
09/07/17Motion detection and correction of magnetic resonance data
09/07/17Correcting shale volume and measuring anisotropy in invaded zone
08/31/17Functionalized silicate nanoparticle composition, removing and exfoliating asphaltenes with same
08/31/17Cutting elements, bearings, and earth-boring tools including multiple substrates attached to one another
08/31/17Subterranean packer sealing system load diverter
08/31/17Well cementing methods and apparatuses
08/31/17Evaluating far field fracture complexity and optimizing fracture design in multi-well pad development
08/31/17Real-time tension, compression and torque data monitoring system
08/24/17Methods of forming triggering elements for expandable use in subterranean boreholes
08/24/17Rare earth-containing compounds to enhance performance of downhole treatment compositions
08/24/17Bearings for downhole tools, downhole tools incorporating such bearings, and related methods
08/24/17Bearings for downhole tools, downhole tools incorporating such bearings, and related methods
08/24/17Multilateral junction with feed-through
08/24/17Systems and methods for measuring bending, weight on bit and torque on bit while drilling
08/24/17Method and downhole measurements of velocity anisotropy on sidewall cores
08/24/17Apertures spaced around impeller bottom shroud of centrifugal pump
08/24/17Seal assembly for abrasion resistant bearing of centrifugal pump
08/24/17Downhole transient resistivity measurements
08/24/17Plane-surface intersection algorithm with consistent boundary support
08/17/17Enzyme destabilizers for destabilizing enzymes producing sulfur containing compounds in downhole fluids
08/17/17Electrically conductive oil-based fluids
08/17/17Well treatment fluids and methods
08/17/17Polycrystalline diamond compacts having interstitial diamond grains and methods of making the same
08/17/17Multi-chamfer cutting elements having a shaped cutting face and earth-boring tools including such cutting elements
08/17/17Removable control line barrier
08/17/17Hydraulic jar firing isolation device
08/17/17Frac plug and methods of use
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08/17/17Force multiplyer used to actuate a ball valve
08/17/17Wellbore treatment system
08/17/17Methods and systems for monitoring well integrity and increasing the lifetime of a well in a subterranean formation
08/17/17Load sharing spring for tandem thrust bearings of submersible pump assembly
08/17/17Local position indicator for subsea isolation valve having no external position indication
08/17/17Method and estimating formation properties using transient electromagnetic measurements while drilling
08/10/17Completion, completing a well, and a one trip completion arrangement
08/10/17Straddle frac tool with pump through feature apparatus and method
08/10/17Method of determining the stability reserve and solubility parameters of a process stream containing asphaltenes by joint use of turbidimetric method and refractive index
08/10/17Method of determining the stability reserve and solubility parameters of a process stream containing asphaltenes by joint use of turbidimetric method and refractive index
Patent Packs
08/10/17Sample arrays for monitoring corrosion and related methods
08/10/17Sensor systems, multi-borehole monitoring systems, and related methods
08/10/17Estimate of subsidence and compaction with borehole gravity measurements
08/10/17Communication using electrical signals transmitted through earth formations between boreholes
08/03/17Method of scavenging hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans using well treatment composites
08/03/17Oil field treatment fluids
08/03/17Fines fixing agent having improved compatibility with organic complexed borate fracturing fluids
08/03/17Pcr amplification methods for detecting and quantifying sulfate-reducing bacteria in oilfield fluids
08/03/17Secondary slurry flow path member with shut-off valve activated by dissolvable flow tubes
08/03/17Model based testing of rotating borehole components
08/03/17Inflatable expanded liner hanger assembly with weight set liner top packer
08/03/17Dual-walled coiled tubing with downhole flow actuated pump
08/03/17Soft coating for splined connections between motor shafts of submersible pump assembly
08/03/17Using additive manufacturing to produce shielding or modulating material for nuclear detectors
07/27/17Cutting elements and methods for fabricating diamond compacts and cutting elements with functionalized nanoparticles
07/27/17Methods of stabilizing clays within a subterranean formation, and related treatment fluids
07/27/17Method and application for directional drilling with an asymmetric deflecting bend
07/27/17Additive manufacturing controlled failure structure and making same
07/27/17Well screens and methods to reduce screen plugging
07/27/17Measuring acceleration using interferometry with reduced environmental effects
07/27/17Non-linear acoustic formation evaluation
07/27/17Televiewer image wood-grain reduction techniques
07/27/17Resistivity imager for conductive and non-conductive mud
07/27/17Optical sensors for downhole tools and related systems and methods
07/20/17Antifreeze proteins for use in downhole fluids
07/20/17Methods of removing fines and coarse particles from oil sand tailings
07/20/17Electric pulse drilling apparatus with hole cleaning passages
07/20/17Electrical pulse drill bit having spiral electrodes
07/20/17Expandable apparatus and related methods
07/20/17Earth-boring tools and methods for forming earth-boring tools using shape memory materials
Patent Packs
07/20/17Method and securing bodies using shape memory materials
07/20/17Nozzle assemblies including shape memory materials for earth-boring tools and related methods
07/20/17Earth-boring tools, depth-of-cut limiters, and methods of forming or servicing a wellbore
07/20/17Gravel pack system with alternate flow path and method
07/20/17Inverted shroud for submersible well pump
07/20/17Low gradient magnetic resonance logging for measurement of light hydrocarbon reservoirs
07/13/17High strength, operationally robust lost circulation preventative pseudo-crosslinked material
07/13/17Asphaltene inhibitors for squeeze applications
07/13/17Composite comprising well treatment agent and/or a tracer adhered onto a calcined substrate of a metal oxide coated core and a using the same
07/13/17Composites containing aligned carbon nanotubes, methods of manufacture and applications thereof
07/13/17Crack detection in high pressure borehole tubulars using acoustic emission
07/13/17Indicating apparatus, system, and method
07/13/17Fluid blocking analysis and chemical evalution
07/13/17Downhole tools including fastening assemblies, and related methods
07/06/17Method of lining an inner surface of a tubular and system for doing same
07/06/17Drilling method using high density, high strength, acid soluble pseudo-crosslinked, lost circulation preventative material
07/06/17Hydraulic fracturing using super absorbent polymer having controlled particle size
07/06/17Rare earth materials to enhance properties of ceramic particles
07/06/17Cutting elements including undulating boundaries between catalyst-containing and catalyst-free regions of polycrystalline superabrasive materials and related earth-boring tools and methods
07/06/17Methods of making diamond tables, cutting elements, and earth-boring tools
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07/06/17Slotted anti-extrusion ring assembly
07/06/17Gravel pack joint
07/06/17Identifying weighting material sag with pulsed neutron logs
07/06/17Electrical feedthrough for subsea submersible well pump in canister
06/29/17Support features for extendable elements of a downhole tool body, tool bodies having such support features and related methods
06/29/17Methods for forming instrumented cutting elements of an earth-boring drilling tool
06/29/17Wellbore strings containing expansion tools
06/29/17Coiled tubing-based milling assembly
06/29/17Tubular assembly including a sliding sleeve having a degradable locking element
06/29/17Nmr logging in formation with micro-porosity by using first echoes from multiple measurements
06/22/17Rolling cones with gage cutting elements, earth-boring tools carrying rolling cones with gage cutting elements and related methods
06/22/17Cutting elements, earth-boring tools including cutting elements, and methods of forming cutting elements
06/22/17Self-adjusting earth-boring tools and related systems and methods
06/22/17Earth-boring tools including passively adjustable, agressiveness-modifying members and related methods
06/22/17Screen and making the same
06/22/17Eliminating discrete fracture network calculations by rigorous mathematics
06/22/17Boolean satisfiability problem for discrete fracture network connectivity
06/22/17Apparatuses and methods for obtaining at-bit measurements for an earth-boring drilling tool
06/22/17Anti-chattering valve cone and methods for using same
06/22/17Integrated modeling and simulation of formation and well performance
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06/15/17Methods of manufacturing degradable tools using a galvanic carrier and tools manufactured thereof
06/15/17Hydraulic tools including removable coatings, drilling systems, and methods of making and using hydraulic tools
06/15/17Protection of downhole tools against mechanical influences with a pliant material
06/15/17Method of treating produced or flowback water with nucleophilic agent to deactivate breaker
06/15/17Coring tools with improved reliability during core jams, and related methods
06/15/17Directional screen, system and method
06/15/17System and perforating a wellbore
06/15/17Fluid loss sensor
06/15/17Communication using distributed acoustic sensing systems
06/15/17Multi-frequency micro induction and electrode arrays combination for use with a downhole tool
06/15/17Dual-transmitter with short shields for transient mwd resistivity measurements
06/15/17Scintillation materials optimization in spectrometric detectors for downhole nuclear logging with pulsed neutron generator based tools
06/15/17Method for reducing alert fatigue in process control applications
06/15/17Systems and methods to seal a rotor or stator of electromechanical motors or generators
06/08/17Methods of forming polycrystalline tables and polycrystalline elements
06/08/17Quinone compounds for inhibiting monomer polymerization
06/08/17Substituted phenol derivatives for mitigating fouling
06/08/17Lubricity agents to increase pump efficiency in hydrate inhibitor applications
06/08/17Folded or crumpled proppants with increased material strength for hydraulic fracturing, gravel packing and frac packing
06/08/17Tubular strengthening and patterning enhanced heat transfer
06/08/17Earth-boring tools including selectively actuatable cutting elements and related methods
06/08/17Earth-boring tools including selectively actuatable cutting elements and related methods
06/08/17Through-tubing deployed annular isolation device and method
06/08/17Method of enhancing circulation during drill-out of a wellbore barrier using dissovable solid particulates
06/08/17Downhole treatment tool and method
06/08/17Method and system delivering a tracer to a flow
06/08/17Communication using electrical signals transmitted through earth formations between boreholes
06/01/17Degradable extrusion resistant compositions and articles of manufacture
06/01/17Solids suspension with nanoparticle-associated viscoelastic surfactant micellar fluids
06/01/17Dual-function nano-sized particles
Social Network Patent Pack
06/01/17Mixture of hto/hf acids to stimulate sandstone formations
06/01/17Decreasing corrosion on metal surfaces with apatite forming components
06/01/17Coring tools exhibiting reduced rotational eccentricity and related methods
06/01/17Flow control system
05/25/17Methods of making high temperature elastic composites
05/25/17Dust collection use with material delivery systems
05/25/17High-density completion brines
05/25/17Method of preventing or mitigating formation of metal sulfide scales during oil and gas production
05/25/17Wired pipe auto-stabbing guide
05/25/17Mills with shearable cutting members for milling casings in wellbores
05/25/17Apparatus and utilizing reflected waves in a fluid to induce vibrations downhole
05/25/17Metal to metal polished bore receptacle seal for liner hanger/seal assemblies
05/25/17Plugs including insert for composite threaded mandrel for downhole applications
05/25/17Self locking plug seat, system and method
05/25/17Beaded matrix and producing the same
05/25/17System and mapping reservoir properties away from the wellbore
05/25/17Systems and methods for detecting pump-off conditions and controlling a motor to prevent fluid pound
05/18/17Apparatus and methods for stimulating reservoirs using fluids containing nano/micro heat transfer elements
05/18/17Enzymes for removing sulfurous compounds in downhole fluids
05/18/17Apparatus and methods for determining in real-time efficiency extracting gas from drilling fluid at surface
05/18/17Watermelon mill with replaceable cutting structure
05/18/17Method of reducing impact of differential breakdown stress in a treated interval
05/18/17Horizontal extended reach borehole cleanup tool
05/18/17Apparatus and related methods to determine hole cleaning, well bore stability and volumetric cuttings measurements
05/18/17Methods for drilling multiple parallel wells with passive magnetic ranging
05/18/17Communication system for sequential liner hanger setting, release from a running tool and setting a liner top packer
05/18/17Downhole fiber optic measurement of packers during fluid injection operations
05/18/17Geological asset uncertainty reduction
05/18/17Disintegrable and conformable metallic seal, and making the same

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