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Bank Of America Corporation
Bank Of America
Bank Of America Corp
Bank Of America Legal Department
Bank Of American Corporation
Bank Of America Coporation
Bank Of America Coproration
Bank Of America Corporation_20100114
Bank Of America Corporataion
Bank Of America Coropration
Bank Of America Corporation_20100121
Bank Of America Corpoaration
Bank Of America Corporaton
Bank Of America_20100114
Bank Of America_20100121
Bank Of America_20131212
Bank Of America_20100107
Bank Of America Tryon Street
Bank Of America Legal Deparment
Bank Of America N a
Bank Of America Corporation_20100128

Bank Of America patents

Recent patent applications related to Bank Of America. Bank Of America is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bank Of America may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bank Of America, we're just tracking patents.

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09/18/14Smart deposit
02/21/13Method and token-based re-authentication
08/02/12Pending atm authentications
01/12/12Monitoring communications
08/25/11Content service bus framework
05/18/17System and user interface for configuring data records and supplemental data reporting
05/12/16Method and redundancy in an atm using hot swap hardware underlying a virtual machine
05/12/16Method and redundancy in an atm using hot swap hardware underlying a virtual machine
05/07/15Method and reconciling a transaction
11/27/14Routing incomplete mail items
07/10/14Automated alert management
05/29/14Methods and processes for storing and utilizing state information for service providers
05/15/14Automatic deal or promotion offering based on audio cues
05/08/14Automatic display of user-specific financial information based on audio content recognition
04/17/14Vendor contract assessment tool
04/17/14Media handling device reject rate
03/13/14Forecasting of deposit faults for a money handling machine
03/13/14Forecasting of deposits for a money handling machine
03/06/14Financial goal management
02/27/14Determining corporate actions using transactional data
02/27/14Management of database deployment
02/27/14Creation and uploading of archives for software projects to submission portal
02/20/14Identifying scenarios and business units that benefit from scenario planning for operational risk scenario analysis using analytical and quantitative methods
02/20/14Transaction services reverse auction
01/16/14Predictive key risk indicator identification process using quantitative methods
01/16/14Operational risk back-testing process using quantitative methods
01/09/14Incident management for automated teller machines
12/19/13Consumer history graphics
12/12/13Mortgage relationship pricing
12/12/13Atm for use with cash bill payment
12/05/13Isolated transaction
12/05/13Navigation logic construct for use in formulation of a retirement outcome framework
11/28/13Apparatus and methods for process change control
10/10/13Automatic teller machine ("atm") including a user-accessible usb port
10/10/13Dynamic keypad and fingerprinting sequence authentication
09/26/13Transaction information interface
08/22/13Apparatus and methods for adaptive network throttling
08/22/13Learning estimation tool
08/15/13Predictive fault resolution
08/15/13Devices and methods for disaster-relief support
08/15/13Disaster-relief cards
08/15/13Systems and methods for selective routing of remote client contact(s)
08/08/13Performance and learning analysis tool
08/08/13Methods and validating files for an electronic payment system
08/01/13Method and reconciling a transaction
08/01/13Method and confirming a transaction
08/01/13Method and approving a transaction
07/11/13Dynamic menu framework
07/11/13Proactive monitoring of database servers
05/23/13Assessing agreement compliance
05/02/13Individual performance metrics scoring and ranking
04/25/13Rehabilitation of underperforming service centers
04/25/13Managing risk associated with various transactions
04/25/13Method and verifying proof of presence
03/28/13Systems and methods for benchmarking diverse spend opportunities
03/14/13Information security control self assessment
03/07/13Associate risk analysis
03/07/13Identification and escalation of risk-related data
02/28/13Financial statement analyzer
02/28/13Computer system for generating purchase recommendations with corresponding loan offers
02/28/13Redemption of rewards points for use with products and services
02/28/13Computer system supporting green incentive program
02/28/13Monitoring of activity to mitigate account attrition
02/28/13Computer system for identifying green merchants within a range of a mobile device
02/28/13Computer system for generating recommendations to a customer about being greener
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02/28/13Computer system for supporting an aggregate green goal for a customer group
02/21/13Relationship-based pricing
02/21/13Methods and systems for modeling deposits' data
02/14/13Electronic video media e-wallet application
01/31/13Exchange system supporting cloud computing
01/24/13Anomalous billing event correlation engine
01/17/13Video-assisted self-service transaction device
01/17/13Video-assisted self-service transaction device
01/10/13Relationship pricing measurement framework
01/10/13Transaction services reverse auction
01/10/13Transaction information routing
01/10/13Transaction engine remote control
01/03/13Small business intelligence tool
12/20/12Sms beneficiary advising
12/20/12Enhanced searchability of fields associated with online billpay memo data
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12/20/12Dynamic payment generator
12/20/12Method and improving access to an atm during a disaster
11/01/12Fast cash at atm
09/27/12Self-service home buying
09/27/12Account and investment market monitoring tools
07/19/12Authentication tool
07/12/12Systems for structured investment seeding
06/07/12Method and global information reporting
05/24/12Transaction services reverse auction
03/22/12Method and global underwriting and express loan origination
03/15/12Information safeguard tool
03/01/12Organization resource allocation based on forecasted change outcomes
01/26/12Personal data aggregation, integration and access
12/29/11Method and reducing glare and/or increasing privacy of a self-service device
12/29/11Atm including enhanced privacy features
11/17/11Organization-segment-based risk analysis model
11/17/11Technology infrastructure-change risk model
11/17/11Risk element consolidation
10/06/11Merchant-based community rewards
10/06/11Community rewards
09/29/11Transaction information routing
09/22/11Adaptive diagnostics for implementation of an automated teller machine("atm") thin-client mode
08/25/11Financial transaction data profile
08/18/11Systems for inducing change in a human physiological characteristic
08/18/11Systems for inducing change in a human physiological characteristic
08/18/11Systems for inducing change in a human physiological characteristic
08/18/11Method and providing visual feedback through a physical mechanism
07/21/11Systems and methods for providing content aware document analysis and modification
05/26/11Self-service device inventory information control
03/10/11Customer benefit offer program enrollment
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03/10/11Redemption of customer benefit offers based on goods identification
03/10/11Activation of electronic customer benefit offers
03/10/11Targeted customer benefit offers
03/10/11Customer benefit offers at kiosks and self-service devices
03/10/11Method of facilitating the vendor advertisement to local consumers via decentralized self-adjustable internet based apparatus
03/10/11Targetable multi-media promotion channel at point of sale
03/03/11Phone key authentication
10/21/10Concrete budgeting
09/30/10Interactive interchange rate decisioning
09/23/10Cross channel contact history management
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09/23/10Master financial account
09/23/10Personal financial network
09/23/10Financial social networking
09/23/10Flexible design pension account
07/29/10Objective achievement management
07/01/10Identity database bureau
06/24/10Facility access integrated with other security systems
06/17/10Text chat for at-risk customers
05/06/10Mining public media for consumer response information
04/29/10Apparatus and methods for verifying a credit applicant's income that enhance a credit applicant's experience
04/29/10Apparatus and methods for facilitating real estate transactions
03/25/10Apparatus and methods for customer interaction management
03/25/10Apparatus and methods for facts based trading
03/18/10Wireless number risk scores for use with mobile payments
03/11/10Apparatus and methods for providing business activity monitoring
03/04/10Budget envelope credit card
03/04/10Apparatus and methods for check card fee waiver
02/25/10Online billpay attachments
02/25/10Online billpay memo data
02/18/10Systems and methods for providing core property review
01/21/10Currency ordering by denomination
01/21/10Associating a unique identifier and a heirarchy code with a record
01/14/10Systems and methods for evaluating business-critical criteria relating to exploring entity mobility/productivity opportunities
01/07/10Systems and methods for associate to associate authentication
12/31/09Decision support systems using multi-scale customer and transaction clustering and visualization
12/31/09Systems and methods for providing a consumption network
12/24/09Postal mail deposit agency
12/17/09Private sector coin consortium
12/03/09Activity based credit card limit assignment
10/08/09Systems and methods for corporate workplace capacity planning and optimization
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10/08/09Systems and methods for optimizing market selection for entity operations location
08/27/09Systems and methods for enhancing compliance with the federal reserve custodial inventory (ci) procedures
08/20/09Systems and methods for providing content aware document analysis and modification
12/12/13Atm for use with cash bill payment
01/21/10Associating a unique identifier and a heirarchy code with a record
01/14/10Systems and methods for evaluating business-critical criteria relating to exploring entity mobility/productivity opportunities
01/07/10Systems and methods for associate to associate authentication
07/05/12Exposing data through simple object access protocol messages
06/14/12Digital downloading jukebox with revenue-enhancing features
10/18/12Loan reporting associated with real estate
09/06/12Resource availability and applicability mechanism
08/16/12Personal encryption device
10/06/11Integration of different mobile device types with a business infrastructure
08/25/11Intrusion detection system alerts mechanism
10/04/12On demand information network
03/13/14Adaptive response to user transactions
08/10/17System for processing data using different processing channels based on source error probability
08/10/17System for limiting faults associated with a random sampling simulation obtaining numeric values
08/10/17Archive validation system with data purge triggering
08/10/17Archive validation system with data purge triggering
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08/10/17System for processing data using parameters associated with the data for auto-processing
08/10/17System for resource accumulation triggering based on amount within an interval
08/10/17System for secure routing of data to various networks from a process data network
08/10/17Masking and unmasking data over a network
08/10/17System for control of secure access and communication with different process data networks with separate security features
08/10/17System for centralized control of secure access to process data network
08/03/17Renderable text extraction tool
08/03/17System and network for detecting unauthorized activity
08/03/17Two-factor user authentication using card matrix
07/27/17Executable process-management engines
07/27/17Systems and methods for simplifying a check testing data interface
07/27/17System for tracking and validation of multiple instances of an entity in a process data network
07/27/17System for reconciling an electronic statement of events
07/27/17System for tracking and validation of an entity in a process data network
07/27/17System for conversion of an instrument from a non-secured instrument to a secured instrument in a process data network
07/20/17Image variation engine
07/20/17System for mending through automated processes
07/20/17Providing navigation functionality in a retail location using local positioning technology
07/20/17Network stability reconnaisance tool
07/13/17System for backing out data
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07/13/17Centralized hierarchical configuration system for applications in a distributed network
07/06/17Mobile application configuration based on geographic and transaction history context
07/06/17System for determination and notification of issues in data file transmissions
07/06/17System and framework for transforming domain data
07/06/17System for neutralizing misappropriated electronic files
07/06/17Mobile device data security system
07/06/17Authorized data source validation of evidence tool
07/06/17Automatic image duplication identification
07/06/17Alternative channel selection based on predictive work flow
07/06/17Predictive utilization of resources and alarm system
07/06/17Work flow schedule reconciliation and data push
07/06/17Recurring event analyses and data push
07/06/17Reallocation of resources system
07/06/17Real-time determination of resource availability for usage
07/06/17Real time resource tracking and allocation system
07/06/17Intelligence assessment and action triggering and alerting system
07/06/17Malfeasance detection based on identification of device signature
07/06/17System for prioritized resource allocation across a distributed platform
07/06/17System for assessing network authentication requirements based on situational instance
07/06/17System for controlled data exchange in a file hosting service environment
07/06/17Systems and analyzing secure network electronic communication and endpoints
07/06/17System for escalating security protocol requirements
07/06/17System for remotely controlling access to a mobile device
07/06/17Systems and methods for routing user data
07/06/17System for authorizing access based on authentication via separate channel
07/06/17Resource allocation based on available resources via interactive interface
07/06/17Resource optimization allocation system
06/29/17Codeless system and tool for testing applications
06/29/17System for customizing resource allocation assessments and electronic communication
06/29/17Passive based security escalation to shut off of application based on rules event triggering
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06/22/17Electronic file management system
06/22/17Predicting economic conditions
06/22/17Predicting economic conditions
06/22/17System for determining effectiveness and allocation of information security technologies
06/22/17Exposure of an apparatus to a technical hazard
06/15/17Trade 'n pay interface
06/15/17Remote disabling of target point-of-sale ("pos") terminals
06/15/17System and user interface for coordinating distributed workflow between multiple computing systems
06/15/17Multi-tiered protection platform
06/15/17Controls and administration of privileged accounts system
06/15/17Multi-tiered protection platform
06/15/17Access violation mitigation system
06/15/17Multi-tiered protection platform
06/08/17Physical tape database upgrade tool
06/08/17System and network for transforming relational data within a relational database
06/08/17System for detecting unauthorized code in a software application
06/08/17Intrusion assessment system
06/08/17Multi-layer transaction tracking and encryption
06/08/17Messaging queue spinning engine
06/08/17Messaging queue spinning engine
06/08/17System for analysis of resource usage and availability
06/08/17Data security threat control monitoring system
06/08/17Network security assessment system
06/08/17Dynamically updated computing environments for detecting and capturing unauthorized computer activities
06/01/17System for analyzing resource capacity based on associated dependencies
06/01/17Data discovery and analysis tool
06/01/17System for resource analysis and resolution of non-conforming attributes
05/25/17Transforming unstructured documents
05/25/17Query analyzer

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