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Basf Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Basf Corporation. Basf Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Basf Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Basf Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Method for preparing an optimum density termite bait composition

A composition in compacted form for use for termite monitoring and control comprises a cellulose material which may be purified cellulose or micro-crystalline cellulose as a base bait, the composition being compacted to an optimum density of not less than approximately 1.033 g/cc. Also disclosed is a method for monitoring... Basf Corporation

Automotive catalysts with palladium supported in an alumina-free layer

Catalysts that improve carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC), Catalyst outlet temperature and speed traces of and nitrogen oxides (NOx) light-off performance are provided. A catalyst composite for combustion engines, as provided herein, comprises a carrier and a first layer comprising a catalytic material on the carrier, the catalytic material comprising... Basf Corporation

Enhanced dispersion of edge-coated precious metal catalysts

The present invention is in the field of catalysis. More particularly, the present invention is directed to supported precious metal, preferably palladium and/or gold metal catalysts, having a high degree of dispersion and a high degree of edge-coating. The present invention is further directed to a process for producing these... Basf Corporation

Zsm-5 catalyst

Disclosed in certain embodiments are ZSM-5 zeolite microspheres. Disclosed in certain embodiments is a method of forming ZSM-5 zeolite microspheres including: 1) shaping a mixture into microspheres where the mixture includes a silica material and of particulates selected from at least one high-density material with an absolute bulk density of... Basf Corporation

Zeolitic materials and methods of manufacture

Zeolites, improved methods for their synthesis, and catalysts, systems, and methods of using these zeolites as catalysts are described. The method of synthesis of the zeolites includes forming a mixture including a zeolitic precursor material and a structure directing agent and subjecting the mixture to high shear processing conditions.... Basf Corporation

Hydrogenolysis catalysts with high acid tolerance

A catalyst includes a mixed metal oxide; an alumina; silica, and calcium, where the mixed metal oxide includes Cu and at least one of Mn, Zn, Ni, or Co. Such catalysts exhibit enhanced tolerance sulfur-containing compounds and free fatty acids.... Basf Corporation

Copper cha zeolite catalysts

Zeolite catalysts and systems and methods for preparing and using zeolite catalysts having the CHA crystal structure are disclosed. The catalysts can be used to remove nitrogen oxides from a gaseous medium across a broad temperature range and exhibit hydrothermal stable at high reaction temperatures. The zeolite catalysts include a... Basf Corporation

Carbon dioxide sorbents for indoor air quality control

Disclosed in certain embodiments are carbon dioxide sorbents that include porous particles impregnated with an amine compound.... Basf Corporation

Hydrogenation and ethynylation catalysts

A process for preparing a catalyst includes impregnating a metal oxide carrier with an aqueous solution to form an impregnated carrier; drying the impregnated carrier to form a dried, impregnated carrier; and heat-treating the dried, impregnated carrier in air to form the catalyst; wherein: the aqueous solution includes a copper... Basf Corporation

Exhaust gas treatment system

Described are exhaust gas treatment systems for treatment of an engine exhaust gas stream containing NOx. The exhaust gas treatment system comprises an engine, a catalyst system including a selective catalytic reduction article comprising two zones, an upstream zone comprising iron-promoted first molecular sieves and a downstream zone comprising copper-promoted... Basf Corporation

Nox adsorber catalyst, methods and systems

A lean burn engine exhaust treatment articles comprising a low temperature lean NOx trap (LT-LNT) composition and methods for their use is disclosed. A lean burn engine exhaust gas treatment system including the lean burn engine exhaust treatment articles is also disclosed. The low temperature lean NOx trap (LT-LNT) compositions... Basf Corporation

Lean nox trap with enhanced high and low temperature performance

A lean NOx trap composition for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions, such as the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO), and the trapping and reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is disclosed. The lean NOx trap composition can have a washcoat layer on a carrier substrate including... Basf Corporation

Multifunctional coating system and coating module for application of catalytic washcoat and/or solution to a substrate and methods thereof

The principles and embodiments of the present invention relate generally to an apparatus, system, and methods for coating and calcining a catalytic substrate inline, reducing the processing time to prepare a substrate coated with catalytic material. For example, the disclosure describes a multi-station coater system comprising: a raw weight station,... Basf Corporation

Filter catalyzed with scr catalyst, systems and methods

Provided are catalyst articles, methods and systems for treating lean burn engine exhaust. Catalyst articles include selective catalytic reduction catalyst on a particulate filter. The SCR catalyst on the particulate filter provides limited NOx conversion so that unconverted NO2 is available to facilitate passive oxidation of soot trapped on the... Basf Corporation

Platinum-containing catalysts for combustion engines

Emissions treatment systems of combustion engines are provided, which comprise a platinum-containing catalyst that is degreened during production, which is before exposure to operating conditions of a vehicle having a diesel engine. The platinum-containing catalyst, in the form of a platinum component on a high surface area refractory metal oxide... Basf Corporation

Exhaust gas treatment system

Described are exhaust gas treatment systems for treatment of a gasoline engine exhaust gas stream containing NOx, particulate matter, and sulfur. The exhaust gas treatment system comprises: one or more catalytic articles selected from a three-way conversion catalyst (TWC), a lean NOx trap (LNT), and an integrated LNT-TWC; a platinum-containing... Basf Corporation

Diesel oxidation catalyst

An oxidation catalyst composite, methods, and systems for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions from a diesel engine are described. More particularly, described is an oxidation catalyst composite including a first oxidation component comprising a first refractory metal oxide support, palladium (Pd) and platinum (Pt); a NOx storage component comprising... Basf Corporation

Platinum group metal (pgm) catalysts for automotive emissions treatment

Catalytic materials for exhaust gas purifying catalyst composites comprise platinum group metal (PGM)-containing catalysts whose PGM component(s) are provided as nanoparticles and are affixed to a refractory metal oxide, which may be provided as a precursor. Upon calcination of the catalysts, the PGM is thermally affixed to and well-dispersed throughout... Basf Corporation

Rhodium-containing catalysts for automotive emissions treatment

Catalytic materials, and in particular, rhodium-containing catalytic materials for exhaust gas purifying catalyst composites are provided herein. Such materials comprise multimetallic Rh-containing nanoparticles, which are present primarily inside aggregated particles of a support (such as alumina). Such catalytic materials can exhibit excellent conversion of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.... Basf Corporation

Stabilized metal-exchanged sapo material

Described are catalyst materials and catalytic articles comprising a metal exchanged SAPO material comprising a plurality of substitutional sites consisting essentially of Si(4Al) sites and substantially free of Si(0Al) sites. The materials and catalytic articles are useful in methods and systems to catalyze the reduction of nitrogen oxides in the... Basf Corporation

Enhanced performance of mineral based aqueous barrier coatings

A method for preparing an aqueous based coating system, and coating systems made thereby, for coating onto paper and/or paperboard for providing barrier to liquid, moisture vapor, oil and grease including a pigment and a polymer emulsion system or natural based binding system. One alternative of the method includes surface... Basf Corporation

Method of using cationic polymers comprising imidazolium groups for permanent clay stabilization

Method of inhibiting the swelling of clay in subterranean formations by introducing carrier fluid comprising at least one clay inhibitor into the formation, wherein at least one of the clay inhibitors is a cationic polymer comprising imidazolium groups having a high weight average... Basf Corporation

Method for preparation of a group 4 metal silicate and use thereof

The invention provides a method for the preparation of an amorphous silicate of at least one metal from the Group 4 of the Periodic Table of Elements with a total pore volume of at least 0.3 mL/g. The method of preparation involves the use of pore shaping conditions, which can... Basf Corporation

Nano-sized functional binder

Described are catalytic articles comprising a substrate having a washcoat on the substrate, the washcoat containing a catalytic component having a first average (D50) particle size and a functional binder component having a second average (D50) particle size in the range of about 10 nm to about 1000 nm, wherein... Basf Corporation

Fcc catalyst compositions containing boron oxide and phosphorus

A method of cracking a hydrocarbon feed under fluid catalytic cracking conditions includes adding FCC compatible inorganic particles having a first particle type including one or more boron oxide components and a first matrix component into a FCC unit and adding cracking microspheres having a second particle type including a... Basf Corporation

Molecular sieve catalyst compositions, catalyst composites, systems, and methods

Described is a selective catalytic reduction material comprising a spherical particle including an agglomeration of crystals of a molecular sieve. The catalyst is a crystalline material that is effective to catalyze the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in the presence of a reductant at temperatures between 200° C. and... Basf Corporation

Effect pigments and structural colorants incorporating fluorescent particles

An effect pigment includes a substrate; an outer layer disposed above the substrate; and particles disposed above the substrate and at least partially entrapped by the outer layer, the particles comprising quantum dots.... Basf Corporation

Fcc catalyst having alumina derived from crystalline boehmite

A zeolite fluid catalytic cracking catalyst is provided that passivates nickel and vanadium during catalytic cracking. The zeolite fluid catalytic cracking catalyst includes Y-faujasite crystallized in-situ from a metakaolin-containing calcined microsphere. The zeolite fluid catalytic cracking catalyst further includes an alumina-containing matrix obtained by calcination of a dispersible crystalline boehmite... Basf Corporation

Nitrous oxide removal catalysts for exhaust systems

A nitrous oxide (N2O) removal catalyst composite is provided, comprising a N2O removal catalytic material on a substrate, the catalytic material comprising a rhodium (Rh) component supported on a ceria-based support, wherein the catalyst composite has a H2-consumption peak of about 100° C. or less as measured by hydrogen temperature-programmed... Basf Corporation

Amorphous carbon supported nanoparticles comprising oxides of lanthanides and preparing them

The invention is directed to bodies comprising an amorphous carbon particle on which are supported nanoparticles of an oxide of lanthanide. These bodies find use as a pharmaceutical for use in a surgery or therapy and diagnostic methods. The bodies can be made by a process comprising impregnating a carbon... Basf Corporation

Base metal catalyst for treatment of ozone and volatile organic compounds present in air supply

Disclosed herein are base metal catalyst devices for removing ozone, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants from an air flow stream. A catalyst device includes a housing, a solid substrate disposed within the housing, and a catalyst layer disposed on the substrate. The catalyst layer includes a first base metal... Basf Corporation

Mixed metal large crystal molecular sieve catalyst compositions, catalytic articles, systems and methods

Described are compositions and catalytic articles comprising both a first molecular sieve promoted with copper and a second molecular sieve promoted with iron, the first and second molecular sieves having a d6r unit and the first molecular sieves having cubic shaped crystals with an average crystal size of about 0.5... Basf Corporation

Catalyzed scr filter and emission treatment system

Provided is a catalyst article for simultaneously remediating the nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter, and gaseous hydrocarbons present in diesel engine exhaust streams. The catalyst article has a soot filter coated with a material effective in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NOx by a reductant, e.g., ammonia.... Basf Corporation

Integrated lnt-twc catalyst

A layered catalyst composite for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions, effective to provide lean NOx trap functionality and three-way conversion functionality is described. Layered catalyst composites can comprise catalytic material on a substrate, the catalytic material comprising at least two layers. The first layer comprising rare earth oxide-high surface... Basf Corporation

Electrolyte compositions for rechargeable lithium ion batteries

One or more additives are selected from the group consisting of a) tertiary amines, b) amides, c) pyridine compounds, d) organophosphorus compounds, e) phosphonitrilic compounds, f) organoboron compounds, g) borate salts, h) anhydrides and i) nitrites are effective towards preventing color formation in electrolyte compositions for secondary Li ion batteries,... Basf Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170304805

Synthesis of colloidal precious metals nanoparticles with controlled size and morphology

The present invention relates to colloidal dispersions comprising a plurality of precious group nanoparticles, wherein about 90% or more of the precious group metal is in fully reduced form; a dispersion medium comprising a polar solvent; a water-soluble polymer suspension stabilizing agent; and a reducing agent, wherein the nanoparticle concentration... Basf Corporation

10/19/17 / #20170298229

Methods of making hydrous kaolin clay and products made thereof

Disclosed herein are methods of forming a hydrous kaolin clay product. The method can include (i) refining coarse crude kaolin clay to form a refined, coarse kaolin clay, and/or refining a tertiary, fine crude kaolin clay to form a refined, fine, hydrous kaolin clay, (ii) centrifuging the refined, coarse kaolin... Basf Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170284251

Titania-doped zirconia as platinum group metal support in catalysts for treatment of combustion engine exhausts streams

Composites of mixed metal oxides for an exhaust gas purifying catalyst comprise the following co-precipitated materials by weight of the composite: zirconia in an amount in the range of 55-99%; titania in an amount in the range of 1-25%; a promoter and/or a stabilizer in an amount in the range... Basf Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170274321

Emissions treatment systems with twc catalysts and scr-hct catalysts

An emissions treatment system for an exhaust stream of an internal combustion engine including hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides is provided. The disclosed system can include an exhaust conduit in fluid communication with the internal combustion engine via an exhaust manifold; a first three-way conversion catalyst (TWC-1) located downstream... Basf Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170275076

Adsorbent materials for extending produce shelf life

Disclosed in certain embodiments are systems and methods for prolonging the shelf life of produce. The following presents a simplified summary of various aspects of the present disclosure in order to provide a basic understanding of such aspects. This summary is not an extensive overview of the disclosure. It is... Basf Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170279154

Silicon-based solid electrolyte for rechargeable battery

The present application discloses s an electrochemical cell (battery) comprising a hydrogen storage negative electrode (anode), a positive electrode (cathode) and a solid proton-conducting electrolyte in contact with the electrodes. The solid proton-conducting electrolyte comprises a silicon material which comprises at least 35 at % silicon.... Basf Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170259252

Catalyst for pyrolysis of feedstock

A novel catalyst blend for processing of feedstocks into monoaromatics in a single stage, comprising at least one cracking catalyst, one heterogeneous transition metal catalyst, and optionally at least one hydrogenation catalyst. The process occurs in one-step or single stage with substantially no solvents or external additives, or when the... Basf Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170260396

Pigment for paper and coatings

Provided is a kaolin having a finer particle size and a narrower particle size distribution, in combination with suitable morphology. Also provided are a method of preparing the kaolin product and methods of use.... Basf Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170253810

Rare earth-containing attrition resistant vanadium trap for catalytic cracking catalyst

The present invention provides a metal passivator/trap comprising a rare earth oxide dispersed on a matrix containing a calcined hydrous kaolin.... Basf Corporation

08/24/17 / #20170241313

Emissions treatment system with ammonia-generating and scr catalysts

Provided are emissions treatment systems for an exhaust stream having an ammonia-generating component, such as a NOx storage reduction (NSR) catalyst or a lean NOx trap (LNT) catalyst, and an SCR catalyst disposed downstream of the ammonia-generating catalyst. The SCR catalyst can be a molecular sieve having the CHA crystal... Basf Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170224611

Cosmetic compositions comprising marine plants

The present disclosure relates to a cosmetic active ingredient including an extract of Fucus vesiculosus. The present disclosure further relates to a topical composition including the cosmetic active ingredient The present disclosure further relates to a method of producing the cosmetic active ingredient. The method includes adding a coarse ground... Basf Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170216925

Nano-particles containing carbon and a ferromagnetic metal or alloy

The nano-particles of the invention are prepared by impregnating carbon containing bodies with an aqueous solution of at least one ferromagnetic metal precursor, drying the impregnated bodies, followed by heating the impregnated bodies in an inert and substantially oxygen-free atmosphere, thereby reducing the metal compounds to the corresponding metal or... Basf Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170207486

Electrolytes for lithium transition metal phosphate batteries

Electrolytic solutions and secondary batteries containing same are provided. The electrolytic solutions contain an additive consisting of one or more C5-C7 monocycloalkane compounds and derivatives thereof.... Basf Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170189875

Low pressure drop packing material structures

A packed bed includes a vessel including a shell, an inlet, and an outlet, wherein the space inside the shell between the inlet and outlet forms an internal volume; a plurality of packing material structures filling at least a portion of the internal volume thereby forming a packed volume, wherein... Basf Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170194634

Nickel hydroxide composite material for alkaline rechargeable battery

Provided are uniquely structured electrochemically active particles characterized by a first electrochemically active material and a second electrochemically active material disposed about the first material whereby at least the second material includes a modifier present as a continuous transition concentration gradient from the first material into the second material whereby... Basf Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170142961

Solid agroformulations for preparing near micro-emulsion aqueous pesticides

Disclosed are extruded pesticide granules that when mixed with water form a near micro-emulsion that is highly stable. The extruded pesticide granules include at least one pesticide active ingredient, a non-ionic surfactant, and a carrier, which is desirably urea powder or urea pearl. Processes for making the extruded pesticide granules... Basf Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170144137

Phosphorus-containing fcc catalyst

Described are fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) compositions, methods of manufacture and use. FCC catalyst compositions comprise catalytic microspheres containing a zeolite, a non-zeolitic component, and a rare earth component. The microspheres are modified with phosphorus. The FCC catalyst composition can be used to crack hydrocarbon feeds, particularly resid feeds containing... Basf Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170100699

Porous catalyst washcoats

Catalyst washcoats with improved porosity and methods for making the washcoats are provided. The process comprises incorporation of an oil-in-water macroemulsion into the catalyst slurry prior to washcoating the carrier substrate, and calcining the washcoated carrier substrate to remove the oil-in-water macroemulsion. Also provided are catalyst articles comprising the washcoat... Basf Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170101363

Method and catalyst composite for production of vinyl acetate monomer

Provided are catalyst composites useful for the production of vinyl acetate monomer, as well as methods of making using same. The catalyst composites may comprise a support comprising silica and about 1 to about 3 wt % alumina, wherein the support has a surface area of about 175 to about... Basf Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170080446

Functional treatment application to particulate materials such as mulch or potting soil

In a method of coating a particulate material, a particulate material is fed into a mixing chamber. The particulate material is agitated within the mixing chamber and conveyed to a mixing chamber outlet. A coating is directed into the mixing chamber and the flow of the coating is controlled based... Basf Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170065954

Temporary addition or injection system

A temporary addition or injection system installed without the need for civil work comprising: one or more silos mounted on a trailer; optionally one or more transfer pots; and one or more control systems, wherein the one or more transfer pots and the one or more control systems are either... Basf Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170065967

Catalyzed scr filter and emission treatment system

Provided is a catalyst article for simultaneously remediating the nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter, and gaseous hydrocarbons present in diesel engine exhaust streams. The catalyst article has a soot filter coated with a material effective in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NOx by a reductant, e.g., ammonia.... Basf Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170050182

Mechanically fused materials for pollution abatement in mobile and stationary sources

Described are catalyst composites containing mechanically fused components, methods of making the catalyst composites, and methods of using the catalyst composites such as in pollution abatement applications. The catalyst composites contain a core and a shell at least substantially covering the core, the shell mechanically fused to the core and... Basf Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170050903

Regeneration loop clean-up

A process is disclosed for removing contaminants from an olefin stream, comprising passing the contaminated olefin stream through a first adsorbent in a thermal swing adsorption process to produce a relatively pure olefin product stream, and a regenerating gas stream containing the contaminants, passing the contaminated regenerating gas stream through... Basf Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170037304

Process for acidizing using retarded acid formulations

Method of increasing the permeability in subterranean formations comprising rock that is soluble by acid, in particular carbonatic formations, using a formulation comprising at least an acid and a retarding surfactant which is an amphoteric surfactant. Preferably, the acid comprises methanesulfonic acid.... Basf Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170021338

Improved catalyzed soot filter

A catalyzed soot filter, in particular for the treatment of Diesel engine exhaust, comprises a coating design which ensures soot particulates filtration, assists the oxidation of carbon monoxide (CO), and produces low H2S emissions during normal engine operations and regeneration events.... Basf Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170025707

Lithium-ion batteries and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a lithium-ion battery comprising: (1)a cathode comprising LiFePO4; (2) an anode; and (3) an electrolyte comprising: (A) a lithium salt; (B) a non-aqueous organic solvent; and (C) an additive comprising a compound of formula I or formula II, wherein each R1 to R5 is independently H... Basf Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170001179

In-situ produced y-faujasite from kaolin-derived, pre-shaped particles and the preparation and the use thereof

A zeolite-containing fixed bed catalyst is formed by pre-shaping a mixture of a reactive aluminum-containing component and a matrix component into pre-shaped particles, and contacting the pre-shaped particles with a reactive liquid containing a silicate for a sufficient time and temperature to form an in-situ zeolite within the pre-shaped particles.... Basf Corporation

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