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Basf Se
Basf Se Patents Trademarks And Licenses
Basf Se A German Corporation
Basf Se Patents Trademark And Licenses
Basf Se Patents Trademarks And Licences
Basf Se Patents And Trademarks And Licenses
Basf Se Patent Trademarks And Licenses
Basf Se 67056
Basf Se And Hi z Technology Inc
Basf Se Carl bosch strasse Gvx c006
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Basf Se Patents Trademarks And Lincense
Basf Se_20100121
Basf Se_20100128
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Basf Se_20100114
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Basf Se Patents trademarks And Licenses
Basf Se a German Corporation
Basf Se Patents Trademarks And Lincenses

Basf Se patents

Recent patent applications related to Basf Se. Basf Se is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Basf Se may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Basf Se, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Aqueous fungicidal composition and use thereof for combating harmful micro organisms
04/27/17 new patent  Herbicidal compositions comprising isoxazolo[5,4-b]pyridines
04/27/17 new patent  Microcapsules comprising a fat-soluble active substance
04/27/17 new patent  Method of producing a composite material using a mixing system
04/27/17 new patent  Carboxylate ester of polysaccharide
04/27/17 new patent  Process for improving the flexural toughness of moldings
04/27/17 new patent  Plants having increased tolerance to herbicides
04/27/17 new patent  N-fluoroalkyl-substituted dibromonaphthalene diimides and their use as semiconductor
04/20/17Agrochemical suspoemulsion comprising polymer particles made of methyl (meth)acrylate and c2-c12 alkyl (meth)acrylate
04/20/17Uv filter capsule
04/20/17Cement and calcium sulfate based binder composition
04/20/17Process for preparing an unsaturated carboxylic acid salt using an aryloxide
04/20/17Process for the dimerization of activated olefins
04/20/17Substituted [1,2,4]triazole and imidazole compounds as fungicides
04/20/17Substituted [1,2,4]triazole and imidazole compounds as fungicides
04/20/17Sterically hindered amine light stabilizers with a mixed functionalization
04/20/17Solid electrolyte
04/13/17Composition comprising a pesticide and a hydroxyalkyl polyoxylene glycol ether
04/13/17A process for the production of a carbon supported catalyst
04/13/17Diaminotriazine derivatives as herbicides
04/13/17Method for recovering petroleum
04/06/17Multi-layered lignocellulosic materials having an innerlying vapor barrier
04/06/17Basic stabilisation systems for emulsion polymerised rubber
04/06/17Preparation having a low phenol content on the basis of thermoplastic polyurethane
04/06/17Alkoxylated amides, esters, and anti-wear agents in lubricant compositions and racing oil compositions
04/06/17Multifilament, monofilament, non-woven or tape
03/30/17Method for producing an aqueous co-formulation of metalaxyl
03/30/17Preservation mixtures, and polymer solutions stabilized therewith
03/30/17Thermoplastic wheel hub
03/23/17Yttrium-containing catalyst for high-temperature carbon dioxide hydration, combined high-temperature carbon dioxide hydration, and reforming and/or reforming, and a high-temperature carbon dioxide hydration, combined high-temperature carbon dioxide hydration and reforming and/or reforming
03/23/17Method for transporting expanded thermoplastic polymer particles
03/23/17Ortho-terphenyls for the preparation of graphene nanoribbons
03/23/17Method for the continuous dehydration of 3-hydroxypropionic acid to form acrylic acid
03/23/17Production of polyamides by hydrolytic polymerization and subsequent treatment in a kneader
03/23/17Method for drying particulate polymers
03/23/17Mono- and multi-layer blown films
03/23/17Process for producing porous alginate-based aerogels
03/23/17Preparations having thermoplastic polyurethane and a low base number
03/23/17Method for producing carbon fibers from cellulose fibers
03/23/17Detector for optically detecting at least one object
03/23/17Optical detector
03/16/17Solid pharmaceutical preparations containing copolymers based on polyethers combined with poorly water-soluble polymers
03/16/17Improved catalyst for dehydrogenating hydrocarbons
03/16/17New copolymers suitable for making membranes
03/16/17Highly effective stabilizer
03/16/17New fluorescent compounds
03/16/17Genetically modified microorganism for improved production of fine chemicals on sucrose
03/16/17Method of delinting cotton seeds
03/16/17Device for storing a liquid
03/16/17Detector for optically detecting at least one object
03/16/17Tin pull-back and cleaning composition
03/09/17Asymmetric formales and acetales as adjuvants for crop protection
03/09/17Method for producing water-absorbing polymer particles
03/09/17Method for producing a composite component
03/09/17Ruthenium-phenol catalysts and preparing menthone from isopulegol
03/09/17Method for producing menthones from isopulegol in the gas phase
03/09/17Co-agglomerated latex polymer dispersions and methods of preparing and using same
03/09/17Process for preparing polyamines
03/09/173-phenyl-benzofuran-2-one derivatives containing phosphorus as stabilizers
03/09/17Flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane
03/09/17Corrosion inhibitors for fuels and lubricants
03/09/17Method for degumming and esterification of an oil
03/09/17Gene products of bacillus licheniformis which form odorous substances and improved biotechnological production methods based thereon
03/09/17Plants having increased tolerance to herbicides
03/09/17Process for making fluorinated lithiated mixed transition metal oxides
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03/02/17Aqueous co-formulation of metalaxyl
03/02/17Formulation of fat-soluble vitamin
03/02/17Polymers as support material for use in fused filament fabrication
03/02/17Substrate pre-treatment for consistent graphene growth by chemical deposition
03/02/17Method for the reductive amination of aldehydes
03/02/17Post-modified polycarbodiimides
03/02/17Multi-layered film and the use thereof
03/02/17Powder and granule, process for making such powder and granule, and use thereof
03/02/17Methods and systems for reducing impurity metal from a refinery electrolyte solution
03/02/17Methods and systems for reducing impurity metal from a refinery electrolyte solution
02/23/17Aqueous agroformulation comprising suspended pesticide, cellulose ether and thickener
02/23/17Fungicidal mixtures based on triazoles
02/23/17Water-absorbing polymer particles
02/23/17Method for forming cyclohexanone from cyclohexanol
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02/23/17Diaminotriazine compounds as herbicides
02/23/17Stabilizer for polymer polyol production processes
02/23/17Graphene nanoribbons with controlled zig-zag edge and cove edge configuration
02/23/17Mixed alkyl terminated polyether dendrons
02/23/17Polyurethane particle foam with polyurethane coating
02/23/17Ga-naphthalocyanine chromophores with short chain alkoxy axial substituents
02/23/17Non-aqueous sound-deadening composition containing a non-pulverulent polyacrylate binder and a radically polymerizable compound
02/16/17Anionic polyvinyl alcohol copolymer as protective colloid for pesticidal polyurea microcapsules
02/16/17Herbicidal combination comprising azines
02/16/17Pesticidal active mixtures comprising isoxazoline compounds i
02/16/17Herbicidal composition comprising glyphosate, glufosinate or their salts
02/16/17Process for producing microcapsules
02/16/17Use of protected n-hydroxyimide derivates and transition metal as oxygen scavenger system in transparent polyolefin films
02/16/17Method of producing farnesyl acetone
02/16/17Process for the production of carboxylic esters and use of these as plasticizers
02/16/17Diaminotriazine compounds and their use as herbicides
02/16/17Process for making a polymer polyol
02/16/17Plasticizer composition which contains furan derivatives and terephthalic acid dialkyl esters
02/16/17Chemical-mechanical polishing compositions comprising n,n,n′,n′-tetrakis-(2-hydroxypropyl)-ethylenediamine or methanesulfonic acid
02/16/17Use of polytetrahydrofurans in lubricating oil compositions
02/16/17Amylase variants
02/16/17Electrochemical cells exposed to hydrostatic pressure
02/09/17Pesticidal tape for controlling crawling pests
02/09/17Pesticidal mixtures comprising a pyrazole compound
02/09/17Method of forming an encapsulated fertilizer
02/09/17Nitrification inhibitors
02/09/17Process for production of acrylic acid
02/09/17Process for preparing isocyanates in dialkyl carbonates as solvent
02/09/17Production of 2-substituted 4-methyl-tetrahydropyrans from starting materials containing 2-alkyl-4,4-dimethyl-1,3-dioxanes
02/09/17Production of 2-substituted 4-hydroxy-4-methyltetrahydropyrans having stable odoriferous quality
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02/09/17Production of 2-substituted 4-hydroxy-4-methyl-tetrahydropyrans from starting materials containing 2-alkyl-4,4-dimethyl-1,3-dioxanes
02/09/17Method for producing water-absorbent polymer particles with a higher permeability by polymerising droplets of a monomer solution
02/09/17Process for the continuous production of polyether polyols
02/09/17Epoxy resins for use in shaped bodies
02/09/17Rapid set aqueous coatings
02/09/17Process for acidizing using retarded acid formulations
02/09/17Polymers as additives for fuels and lubricants
02/09/17Verification device, verification verifying the identity of an article
02/09/17Electrolyte compositions containing esters of dicarboxylic acids
02/09/17Alkylbenzoate derivatives as electrolyte additive for lithium based batteries
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02/02/17Solublizing agents for uv filters in cosmetic formulations
02/02/17Mixtures of cosmetic uv absorbers
02/02/17Method and the continuous production of pir/puir/pur foam cored sandwich panels
02/02/17Method for manufacturing security elements and holograms
02/02/17Diaminotriazine derivatives as herbicides
02/02/17Diaminotriazine derivatives as herbicides
02/02/17Process for the preparation of (3e, 7e)-homofarnesol
02/02/17Method for preparing an aqueous polymer dispersion
02/02/17Method for producing water-soluble homopolymers or copolymers which comprise (meth)acrylamide
02/02/17Method of producing a polyamide
02/02/17Crosslinkable acrylate polymer composition
02/02/17Aqueous polymer dispersion for paper with a copolymer of vinyl acetate and an acrylate monomer prepared in the presence of a starch derivative
02/02/17Aqueous polymer dispersion for paper with a copolymer of vinyl acetate and an acrylate monomer
02/02/17Lubricant compositions comprising epoxide compounds
02/02/17Plants having increased tolerance to herbicides
02/02/17Use of reactive ionic liquids as additives for electrolytes in secondary lithium ion batteries
02/02/17Use of malononitrile compounds for protecting animals from parasites
01/26/17Carbonates of alcohol alkoxylates as adjuvants for crop protection
01/26/17Improved catalyzed soot filter
01/26/17Method for the production of lignocellulose materials
01/26/17Synthesis and application of caso4-based hardening accelerators
01/26/17Calcium sulfate composition comprising an additive
01/26/17Diaminotriazine derivatives as herbicides
01/26/17Visible light-curing of photocurable compositions in ambient atmosphere
01/26/17A process for production of a protein of interest in a microbial host organism
01/19/17Pelleted ruminant feed enriched with rumen-available ingredients
01/19/17Meta-stable o/w emulsions
01/19/17Column for thermal treatment of fluid mixtures, especially those comprising (meth)acrylic monomers
01/19/17Column for thermal treatment of fluid mixtures, especially those comprising (meth)acrylic monomers
01/19/17Method for breakdown of formates
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01/19/17N-thio-anthranilamid compounds and their use as pesticides
01/19/17Controlled radical polymerization
01/19/17Method for co2-flooding using alk(en)yl polyglucosides
01/19/17New cyclazines and their use as semiconductors
01/19/17Protective layers for electrochemical cells
01/12/17Aqueous surfactant compositions
01/12/17Aqueous surfactant compositions
01/12/17Process for producing an si-bonded fluidized-bed catalyst
01/12/17Binder composition
01/12/17Process for producing 2,5-dihalophenolethers
01/12/17Method for producing n-ethyl-diisopropylamine
01/12/17Catalyst system for oxidizing o-xylol and/or naphthalene into phthalic anhydride
01/12/17Catalyst system for oxidation of o-xylene and/or naphthalene to phthalic anhydride
01/12/17Stabilized plasticizers for thermoplastic polyurethane
01/12/17Copolymers comprising ethylene, vinyl esters and esters of (meth)acrylic acid, their formulations and use as pour point depressant, wax inhibitor and flow enhancer for crude oils
01/12/17Fluorinated acrylate block copolymers with low dynamic surface tension
01/12/17Pipeline system for a solar power plant
01/12/17Method for operating a linear concentrator solar power plant, and linear concentrator solar power plant
01/05/17Zeolitic materials and methods for their preparation using alkenyltrialkylammonium compounds
01/05/17Filtration element
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01/05/17Compositions prepared using an ionic crosslinking agent and methods of making the same
01/05/17Stabilizer mixture
01/05/17Flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane
01/05/17Flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane
01/05/17Methods for determining modulators of insect transient receptor potential v (trpv) channel
01/05/17Diketopyrrolopyrrole polymers for use in organic semiconductor devices
12/29/16Method for purifying adipodinitrile (adn)
12/29/16Process for producing mineral oil using surfactants based on a mixture of c24 guerbet, c26 guerbet, c28 guerbet-containing hydrocarbyl alkoxylates
12/29/16A proppant
12/29/16Composition for low temperature
12/29/16Herbicide-resistant hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenases
12/29/16Wheat plants having increased tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides
12/29/16Oxime ester photoinitiators
12/22/16Azoline compounds
12/22/16Method for controlling pests in soybean
12/22/16Stabilization of dyes in cosmetic and dermatological preparations
12/22/16Capryloyl alanine ethylester as a penetration enhancer
12/22/16Liquid dispersion polymer compositions, their preparation and their use
12/22/16A polymer suitable for use in hair styling
12/22/16Method and system for carrying out an exothermic gas phase reaction on a heterogeneous particulate catalyst
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12/22/16Process for the preparation of 3-heptanol from a mixture containing 2-ehthylhexanal and 3-heptyl formate
12/22/16Method for producing 2,3,5-trimethyl benzoquinone by oxidation of 2,3,6-trimethylphenol
12/22/16Dithiolene metal complex colorless ir absorbers
12/22/16Mixtures, methods and compositions pertaining to conductive materials
12/22/16Solid polymer composition obtained by polymerization of an acid group containing monomer in the presence of a polyether compound
12/22/16Gel-like polymer composition obtained by polymerising a monomer containing acid groups in the presence of a polyether compound
12/22/16Endoglucanase-induced production of cellulose oligomers
12/22/16Monosubstituted diazabenzimidazole carbene metal complexes for use in organic light emitting diodes
12/22/16Carbon materials comprising enhanced electrochemical properties
12/15/16Part-stream distillation
12/15/165h-furan-2-one derivatives stabilization of organic material
12/15/16Modified microorganism with improved biomass separation behaviour
12/15/16Detector for determining a position of at least one object
12/15/16Heteroacenes for organic electronics
12/15/16Inorganic coordination polymers as gelling agents
12/08/16Process for preparing 1,3-butadiene from n-butenes by oxidative dehydrogenation
12/08/16Cyclopentene and cyclopentadiene compounds for controlling invertebrate pests
12/08/16Coating compositions for security elements and holograms
12/08/16Multistage polymers and compositions thereof
12/08/16Recombinant microorganism for improved production of fine chemicals
12/01/16Pyrazoles for controlling invertebrate pests
12/01/16Filtration apparatus
12/01/16Process for preparing a multielement oxide comprising bismuth and tungsten by coprecipitation
12/01/16Insulating assembly for a storage vessel and process for its preparation
12/01/16Method of starting up a reactor for the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butenes
12/01/16Ethers of bis(hydroxymethyl)cyclohexanes
12/01/16Sterically hindered amine stabilizer
12/01/16Method for purification of antibodies, antibody fragments or engineered variants thereof using specific anthraquinone dye-ligand structures
12/01/16Method for producing polyurethane rigid foams and polyisocyanurate rigid foams
12/01/16Process for producing nylon-6,6
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12/01/16The use of alkoxylated polyethylene glycols in lubricating oil compositions
12/01/16Use of ortho-substituted ethoxylated al or zn-phthalocyanine compounds as photobleach agents in laundry detergents
12/01/16Microorganisms for succinic acid production
12/01/16Process for the generation of thin inorganic films
12/01/16Determination of a fungal infection of a plant by chlorophyll fluorescence induced by different excitation wavelengths
12/01/16Electrode unit for an electrochemical device
11/24/16Copolymers useful as rheology modifiers and home and personal care compositions comprising said copolymers
11/24/16Process for producing a preparation in powder form containing at least one carotenoid
11/24/16Silicon comprising polymer coated particles
11/24/16Method for producing a thermoplastic copolymers from polycaprolactam and thermoplastic polyurethane
11/24/16Polyolefin copolymers as color enhancers in polyamides
11/24/16Coating compositions for removing free formaldehyde from the environment
11/24/16Efficient surfactant system on plastic and all types of ware
11/24/16Efficient surfactant system on plastic and all types of ware
11/24/16Efficient surfactant system on plastic and all types of ware
11/24/16Method for the biocatalytic cyclization of terpenes and cyclase mutants employable therein
11/24/16Precursor composition for alkaline earth metal containing ceramic layers
11/24/16Protective layers for electrochemical cells
11/17/16Process for producing water-absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution
11/17/16Regeneration of a titanium containing zeolite
11/17/16Method for producing arylpropenes
11/17/16Graphene nanoribbon precursors and monomers suitable for preparation thereof
11/17/16Method for removing sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon streams
11/17/16Saccharide-modified nucleic acid molecules
11/10/16Pesticidal mixtures
11/10/16Pesticidal mixtures
11/10/16Stabilized phycocyanin for blue color
11/10/16Bimetal-exchanged zeolite beta from organotemplate-free synthesis and use thereof in the selective catalytic reduction of nox
11/10/16Method for producing polyamides by means of a spray nozzle arrangement for the collision of spray jets

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