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Baxter Healthcare S a patents

Recent patent applications related to Baxter Healthcare S a. Baxter Healthcare S a is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Baxter Healthcare S a may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Baxter Healthcare S a, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Method for the improvement of mesh implant biocompatibility
11/30/17Port configurations for a fluids container
09/21/17Percutaneous administration device and injecting medicinal substances
08/03/17Acoustic line tracing fluid transfer system
08/03/17Home therapy machine
07/20/17Devices, systems, and methods for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and priming blood separation devices and associated fluid lines
07/13/17Disposable sets including raman sensors
07/06/17Infusion system using optical imager for controlling flow and method thereof
07/06/17Infusion system using optical imager for controlling flow and method thereof
06/29/17Systems and methods for welding workpieces using a laser beam and optical reflectors
12/29/16System and performing alternative and sequential blood and peritoneal dialysis modalities
12/08/16Hemostatic compositions
11/03/16Dialysis system including cassette with pumping tubes
09/22/16Hemostatic compositions
09/15/16Systems and methods for priming hemodialysis using dialysis fluid
08/18/16Home therapy machine allowing patient device program selection
08/18/16System and performing renal therapy at a home or dwelling of a patient
08/11/16Acoustic line tracing fluid transfer system
07/28/16Home therapy entry, modification, and reporting system
06/30/16Dialysis pumping and valving according to flow schedule
05/19/16Hemostatic compositions
05/19/16Dialysis system having an autoconnection mechanism
04/28/16Method and composition for removing uremic toxins in dialysis processes
04/21/16Nitric oxide scavengers
04/21/16Renal failure therapy machines and methods including convective and diffusive clearance
04/21/16Hybrid blood and peritoneal dialysis treatment systems and methods
04/07/16Renal therapy blood cleansing system with selective valve feature
03/10/16Drain and fill logic for automated peritoneal dialysis
02/04/16Integrated water testing ultra-low total chlorine detection
02/04/16Dialysis system with balance chamber prime and rinseback
01/28/16Drip chamber with integrated optics
01/14/16Integrated water testing ultra-low total chlorine detection
12/24/15Process for making dry and stable hemostatic compositions
12/17/15Infusion pump with independently controllable valves and low power operation and methods thereof
12/10/15Injectable fibrin composition for bone augmentation
12/10/15Infusion pump including pain controlled analgesic ("pca") apparatus
12/03/15Multi-pass dialysis
11/26/15Total chlorine water detection medical fluid treatments
11/12/15Method for the improvement of mesh implant biocompatibility
11/12/15Antimicrobial housing and cover for a medical device
11/05/15Hemostatic foam
10/22/15Renal therapy system having pump reversing fluid control
09/17/15Balanced flow dialysis machine
08/27/15Hemodialysis system with cassette-based blood and dialysate pumping
08/27/15Dialysis system with enhanced features
08/20/15Dialysis machine having auto-connection system with roller occluder
08/13/15Optimizing peritoneal dialysis using a patient hand-held scanning device
08/06/15Intravenous pumping air management systems and methods
07/30/15Dialysis system with cassette based balance chambers and volumetric pumps
07/30/15Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodialysis and electrodeionization capabilities
07/16/15Systems and methods for performing peritoneal dialysis
06/18/15Pressure manifold system for dialysis
05/28/15Peritoneal dialysis connection using ultraviolet light emitting diodes
05/14/15Hemostatic sponge
05/07/15Dialysis system including heparin injection
04/16/15Methods of purifying recombinant adamts13 and other proteins and compositions thereof
03/26/15Peritoneal dialysis machine
03/26/15Systems with disposable pumping unit
03/26/15Automated peritoneal dialysis system using stepper motor
03/19/15Hemodialysis system including a disposable cassette
03/19/15Electrical heartbeat access disconnection systems
03/12/15Method for producing continuous cell lines
02/26/15Device for encouraging adherenece to medication schedule and proper administration technique
02/05/15Method and removing air from an article-filled bag with oscillating rings
01/29/15Dialysis system including disposable cassette
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01/29/15Therapy prediction and optimization for renal failure blood therapy, especially home hemodialysis
01/22/15Dialysis system having non-invasive fluid velocity sensing
01/22/15Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodeionization capabilities
01/22/15Infusion pump including reverse loading protection
01/22/15Multiple drug infusion system and method
01/15/15Method of treatment and bioassay involving macrophage migration inhibitory factor (mif) as cardiac-derived myocardial depressant factor
01/08/15Methods and compositions for using mhc class ii invariant chain polypeptides as a receptor for macrophage migration inhibitory factor
01/01/15Methods and assays for oversulfated glycosaminoglycans
12/25/14Hemostatic sponge
12/25/14Method and providing a pharmacokinetic drug dosing regime
11/06/14Methods for fucoidan purification from seaweed extracts
09/11/14Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea
09/11/14Recombinant viral vectors and methods for inducing an immune response to yellow fever virus
09/11/14Pumping systems for cassette-based dialysis
02/06/14Method of producing a polypeptide or virus of interest in a continuous cell culture
Patent Packs
08/15/13Injectable void filler for soft tissue augmentation
03/28/13Enveloped virus vaccine and production
03/28/13Therapy management development platform
12/13/12Detection of circulating adamts13-antibody complexes
09/13/12Factor viii polymer conjugates
07/19/12Measurement of anti-amyloid antibodies in human blood
04/05/12Transgenic non-human animals expressing human blood clotting factors and uses thereof
03/08/12Monocyte activation test better able to detect non-endotoxin pyrogenic contaminants in medical products
02/02/12Tfpi inhibitors and methods of use
01/26/12Chimeric ospa genes, proteins, and methods of use thereof
01/05/12Method of isolation and purification of trypsin from pronase protease and use thereof
11/10/11Microsphere-based composition for preventing and/or reversing new-onset autoimmune diabetes
11/10/11Use of synthetic inorganic nanoparticles as carriers for ophthalmic and otic drugs
09/29/11Medical fluid access device with antiseptic indicator
09/29/11Systems and methods for dialysis access disconnection
09/29/11Multiple drug infusion system and method
09/22/11Stabilized liquid and lyophilized adamts13 formulations
09/22/11Medical fluid machine with supply autoconnection
09/15/11Fragmented polymeric compositions and methods for their use
09/08/11Animal protein free media for cultivation of cells
09/08/11Temperature compensation for pneumatic pumping system
09/08/11Pumping material for cassette based dialysis and pumping mechanism using same
08/25/11Methods for the inactivation of microorganisms in biological fluids, flow through reactors and methods of controlling the light sum dose to effectively inactivate microorganisms in batch reactors
08/25/11Fviii-independent fix-mutant proteins for hemophilia a treatment
08/18/11Biomatrices to attract and retain regenerative and reparative cells
08/18/11Hemostatic sponge
08/11/11Flow pulsatility dampening devices
08/04/11Catheter needle retention and placement monitoring system and method
08/04/11Needle placement detection and security device and method
08/04/11Apparatus for monitoring and controlling peritoneal dialysis
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07/21/11Ivig modulation of chemokines for treatment of multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's disease, and parkinson's disease
07/14/11Methods and displaying flow rate graphs and alarms on a dialysis system
07/14/11Pipette system, pipette tip assembly and kit
07/14/11Membrane port compatible with steam sterilization
07/14/11Tissue sealant applicator system
07/07/11Noise-reducing dialysis systems and methods of reducing noise in dialysis systems
07/07/11Dialysis systems and methods having disposable cassette and interface therefore
07/07/11Mixing system, kit and mixer adapter
06/30/11Thermal shielding to optimize lyophilization process for pre-filled syringes or vials
06/30/11Device and automatically opening and closing a material container during a lyophilization process
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06/30/11Rapid reconstitution for lyophilized-pharmaceutical suspensions
06/30/11Shuttle pump with controlled geometry
06/30/11Vaccine to influenza a virus
06/30/11Infusion pump including pain controlled analgesic ("pca") apparatus
06/23/11Oligopeptide-free cell culture media
06/23/11Vitamin k epoxide recycling polypeptide vkorc1, a therapeutic target of coumarin and their derivatives
06/16/11Methods and displaying flow rate graphs and alarms on a dialysis system
06/16/11Dialysis systems and methods including cassette with fluid heating and air removal
06/16/11Peritoneal dialysis machine touch screen user interface
06/16/11Systems and methods for performing peritoneal dialysis
06/09/11Dialysis system including multi-heater power coordination
06/09/11Fluid delivery systems and methods having floating baffle aided air removal
06/09/11Dialysis systems and methods having vibration-aided air removal
06/09/11System and detecting occlusion using flow sensor output
06/02/11Therapy management peritoneal dialysis
05/26/11Drip chamber with flow control
05/19/11Probe connector assembly and mehtod of use
05/12/11Polymer-von willebrand factor-conjugates
05/12/11Interlocking tubing clamps
05/05/11Hemodialysis system including on-line dialysate generation
05/05/11Dialysis cassette-based pumping and valving
04/21/11Methods for treating a kidney injury
04/21/11Purification of vwf for increased removal of non-lipid enveloped viruses
04/21/11Dialysis systems having spiraling fluid air separation chambers
04/21/11Therapy management development platform
04/21/11Peritoneal dialysis optimized using a patient hand-held scanning device
04/14/11Cell culture medium for adamts protein expression
04/07/11Animal protein-free media for cultivation of cells
04/07/11Animal protein-free media for cultivation of cells
03/31/11Substantially animal protein-free recombinant furin and methods for producing the same
Patent Packs
03/24/11Detection of antibody that binds to water soluble polymer-modified polypeptides
03/24/11Transgenic mouse lacking endogenous fviii and vwf - a model of hemophilia a
03/17/11Dialysis connector and cap compatible with gas sterilization
03/10/11Reconstitution and applicator system for wound sealant product
03/03/11Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea
02/17/11Containers comprising peelable seals
02/10/11Nucleic acid microspheres, production and delivery thereof
02/03/11Blood coagulation protein conjugates
01/27/11Manufacture of factor h (fh) and fh-derivatives from plasma
01/13/11Dialysis system with cassette based balance chambers and volumetric pumps
01/13/11Dialysis system with balance chamber prime and rinseback
01/13/11Dialysis system including blood and dialysate cassette
01/13/11Renal therapy system having pump reversing fluid control
01/13/11Peritoneal dialysis therapy with large dialysis solution volumes
01/13/11Simplified peritoneal equilibration test for peritoneal dialysis
01/06/11Dialysis system with enhanced features
01/06/11Dialysis system including downloaded prescription entry
12/30/10Packaging system
12/30/10Method to produce a highly concentrated immunoglobulin preparation for subcutaneous use
12/23/10Adapters for use with an anesthetic vaporizer
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12/16/10Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea
12/16/10Counter-pressure filtration of proteins
12/16/10Counter-pressure filtration of proteins
12/16/10Hemostatic sponge
12/09/10Solenoid pinch valve medical fluid applications having reduced noise production
12/02/10Multi-part substitution infusion fluids and matching anticoagulants
11/25/10Container and pharmaceutical product
11/25/10System and automated data collection of twenty-four hour ultrafiltration and other patient parameters using wired or wireless technology
11/18/10Compositions and methods for drug delivery
11/18/10Needleless connector with slider
11/18/10Method for the improvement of mesh implant biocompatibility
11/11/10Pharmaceutical product and use
10/28/10User interface powered via an inductive coupling
10/21/10Methods for preparing fluorinated vinyl ethers
10/14/10Slide and lock clamps
10/07/10Rapid attach and release clamps
09/30/10Non-pvc films having peel seal layer
09/30/10Non-pvc films having barrier layer
09/30/10Non-pvc films with tough core layer
09/23/10Two-step temperature profile for the propagation of viruses
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09/23/10Formulation of sugar solutions for continuous ultracentrifugation for virus purification
09/23/10Renal therapy blood cleansing system with balance chamber and bolus, rinseback or prime volume feature
09/16/10Dialysis method having supply container autoconnection
09/16/10Infusion pump actuators, controlling medical fluid flowrate
09/16/10Mineralized polymer particles and the their production
09/16/10Method of enhancing cell growth using alkyl-amine-n-oxide (aanox)
09/09/10Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodeionization capabilities
09/09/10Purification of butyrylcholinesterase using membrane adsorption
09/09/10Methods for processing substrates having an antimicrobial coating
08/26/10Prediction of peritoneal dialysis therapy outcomes using dialysates mixed at different glucose concentrations
08/26/10Bulk delivery peritoneal dialysis system and method
08/26/10Simulation of patient drain phase in peritoneal dialysis
08/19/10Catheter/fistula needle to bloodline connection assurance device
08/12/10Flow balancing and synchronization system and method, especially for citrate
08/05/10Antimicrobial housing and cover for a medical device
08/05/10Method for preparing fmoc-based hydrolysable linkers
08/05/10Transfer sets for therapy optimization
07/29/10Production of viral vaccine
07/29/10Method for optimizing tidal therapies employing ultrafiltrate trending
07/29/10Drain and fill logic for automated peritoneal dialysis
07/22/10Access disconnection systems and methods using conductive contacts
07/01/10Adapters for use with an anesthetic vaporizer
07/01/10Preparations based on fibrinogen and sulfated polysaccharides
07/01/10Pegylated factor viii
07/01/10Tissue sealing system and apparatus
06/24/10Multirate tubing flow control valve
06/24/10Systems and methods for obtaining immunoglobulin from blood
06/24/10Vial access spike assembly
06/17/10Electron beam sterilization monitoring system and method
06/17/10Detection of physiologically acceptable polymer molecules using near infrared spectroscopy
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06/10/10Methods of measuring adamts13-mediated in vivo cleavage of von willebrand factor and uses thereof
06/03/10Apparatus and processing biological material
05/27/10Systems and methods for removing air from supply containers and associated fill tubing
05/27/10Systems and methods for removing air from the patient's peritoneal cavity
05/27/10Dialysis machine having auto-connection system with roller occluder
05/20/10Vaccine formulations and uses thereof
05/20/10Method for the specific detection of low abundance rna species in a biological sample
05/13/10Dialysis solutions containing pyrophosphates
05/13/10Method of producing serum-free insulin-free factor vii
05/13/10Hydrolysable polymeric fmoc- linker
05/13/10Hydrolysable polymeric fmoc-linker
05/13/10Prefillable constant pressure ambulatory infusion pump
05/06/10Systems and methods for performing hemodialysis
05/06/10Port assembly for use with needleless connector
05/06/10Apparatus and methods for processing tissue to release cells
05/06/10Models of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and methods of use thereof
04/29/10In situ tubing measurements for infusion pumps
04/29/10Controlled force mechanism for a fluid connector
04/22/10Lyophilized recombinant vwf formulations
04/22/10Modified blood factors comprising a low degree of water soluble polymer
04/22/10Argatroban formulation
04/22/10Argatroban formulation
04/22/10Barrier assembly for use with needleless connector
04/15/10Pegylation of recombinant blood coagulation factors in the presence of bound antibodies
04/08/10Method for treating infectious organisms normally considered to be resistant to an antimicrobial drug
04/08/10Peritoneal dialysis machine with variable voltage input control scheme
03/11/10Device to indicate priming of an infusion line
03/04/10In-line sensors for dialysis applications
03/04/10Methods and compositions for detection of microbial contaminants in peritoneal dialysis solutions

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