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Bayer Materialscience Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Bayer Materialscience Ag. Bayer Materialscience Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bayer Materialscience Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bayer Materialscience Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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01/12/17Method for isocyanate modification using catalysts with an npn sequence
12/22/16Method for working up alkaline polyether polyols
10/27/16Method for producing a holographic optical element
10/20/16Advisor recipe development software (ards)
10/06/16Method for producing composite components
08/11/16Selection additives in photopolymers
06/30/16Flame-retardant polycarbonate molding materials v
03/31/16Thin film type controlled viewing window back light unit and thin flat type controlled viewing window display using the same
03/17/16Process for working up waste water from nitrobenzene preparation
03/03/16Process for working up waste water from nitrobenzene preparation
03/03/16Hydrophilic polyaspartic esters
02/18/16Multi-layer body made of polycarbonate with high weathering resistance
02/11/16Polyester polyols with long-chain polyether polyol building blocks and use thereof in rigid pur/pir foams
02/11/16High-temperature (co)polycarbonates containing phthalimide and having improved rheological properties
02/11/16High-temperature (co)polycarbonates with improved rheological properties
02/04/16Method for producing tdi-trimerisates with high purity
01/21/16Method for producing light-coloured tdi-polyisocantes
01/21/16Uv-curable coating composition
01/21/16Carbon nanotube-containing dispersion and the use thereof in the production of electrodes
01/14/16Method for the production of abs compositions having an improved surface
01/07/16Method for producing diaryl carbonate
01/07/16Improved maximum processing temperature of plastic substrates using hard coats
01/07/16Protective lacquers and adhesives based on acrylate
12/31/15Bird protection glazing
12/24/15Process for separating an isocyanate prepared by phosgenation of a primary amine in the gas phase from the gaseous crude product of the phosgenation
12/24/15Uv absorber-containing urethane acrylate
12/24/15Functionalized polyoxymethylene block copolymers
12/24/15Organic colorants and coloured polymer compositions with good processing properties
12/24/15Method for the production of abs compositions having an improved surface
12/24/15Method for producing a multi-layered reinforced concrete element
12/17/15Method for the production of abs compositions having an improved surface following storage in a warm-humid environment
12/10/15Method and nenoxing waste gases from nitration
12/10/15Security element having volume hologram and printed feature
12/10/15Subduedly coloured polycarbonate moulding compounds containing ir-reflective pigments
12/10/15Rear-projection film having a "day/night" effect
12/10/15Method for producing a multilayer dielectric polyurethane film system
12/03/15Method for processing hydrogen chloride from isocyanate preparation
11/26/15Method for producing flexible moulded pu foams
11/26/15Method for the continuous production of nitrobenzene
11/26/15Method for producing formaldehyde/co2 copolymers
11/19/15Insulating glass window having high thermal insulation and reduced transmissivity for ir radiation
11/19/15Flame-retardant polycarbonate moulding materials iv
11/19/15Insulating glass window having high thermal insulation and reduced transmissivity for ir radiation
11/12/15Dielectric polyurethane film
11/12/15A polyester polyurethane material with long term hydrolysis resistance
11/12/15Nco-modified polyoxymethylene block copolymers
11/12/15Coating method and hardener for polyurethane paint
11/05/15Flame-retardant polycarbonate molding materials i
11/05/15Impact-modified polycarbonate compositions having a good combination of natural color, hydrolytic stability and melt stability
11/05/15Electroactive polymer actuated aperture
10/29/15Process for producing flexible polyurethane foams with high comfort value and low hysteresis losses
10/29/15Flame-retardant polycarbonate molding materials ii
10/29/15Flame-retardant polycarbonate molding materials vi
10/22/15Process for producing dialkyl carbonates
10/22/15Method for producing soft polyurethane foam based on polyester polyols
10/22/15Method for producing polyether carbonate polyols
10/22/15Flame-retardant polycarbonate molding materials iii
10/15/15Method for the production of oxazolidinone compounds
10/15/15Coating agent for mattable coatings
10/08/15Alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer based on polyether carbonate polyols, for spray foams
10/08/15Production and use of new thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers based on polyether carbonate polyols
10/01/15Multicomponent system for production of alkoxysilane-based spray foams
10/01/15Selection additives in photopolymers
09/17/15Method for producing composite materials
09/17/15Silane functional binder with thiourethane structure
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09/17/15Polyether carbonate polyol production method
09/17/15Method for the production of polyurethane foam using emulsified blowing agent
09/17/15Impact-modified polycarbonate compositions with high hydrolysis resistance and a light natural colour
09/17/15Method for selecting photoinitiator systems
09/10/15Polyisocyanate-polyaddition products
09/10/15Polyisocyanate-polyaddition products
09/03/15Method for producing diisocyanates by phosgenating diamine suspensions
09/03/15Isocyanatosilanes with thiourethane structure
09/03/15Transparent polyurethanes with high glass transition temperature tg
08/27/15Method for producing a molded part made of plastic and provided with a uv-cured paint, and said molded part
08/27/15Polyisocyanate-polyaddition productions
08/27/15Deformable film
08/20/15Production and use of new thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers based on polyether carbonate polyols
08/20/15Process for producing a polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam obtainable therefrom
08/20/15Reaction system for producing pur and pir hard foam materials containing layer silicates
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08/20/15Products with improved non-flammability
08/13/15Isocyanate-functional cyclic carbonates
08/13/15Polyether carbonate polyol production method
08/13/15Polyurethane casting resins and potting compounds produced therefrom
08/06/15Process for hydrogenating aromatic di- and polyamines
08/06/15Process for hydrogenating aromatic di- and polyamines to cycloaliphatic di- and polyamines
08/06/15Fibre-reinforced composite components and production thereof
08/06/15Polycarbonate-based security documents and/or documents of value with a hologram in the card body
08/06/15Security document and/or document of value containing a visually changeable window with a hologram
07/30/15Sandwich composite element having improved mechanical properties and production
07/30/15Vapour deposition of organic uv absorbers onto plastic substrates
07/23/15Method for producing linear and/or cyclic carbonate esters
07/23/15Binder with cyclic carbonate structures
07/23/15Polyurethane-polyurea dispersions based on polycarbonate-polyols
07/23/15Light guide plate comprising decoupling elements
07/16/15Vacuum-supported the production of polyurethane foam
07/09/15Light guide comprising decoupling elements
07/02/15Method for the vacuum-assisted production of a pur/pir foam body
07/02/15Microcellular polyurethane composition, preparation and uses thereof
07/02/15Plastic film coated with zinc tin oxide and having improved optical absorption property
07/02/15Method for producing a beam shaping holographic optical element
06/25/15Method for producing nitrobenzene by adiabatic nitriding
06/25/15Method for producing nitrobenzene by adiabatic nitriding
06/25/15Aqueous polyurethane dispersion comprising a terephthalic acid polyester
06/25/15Adhesive formulations
06/25/15Illumination device for a liquid crystal display
06/18/15Device and producing phosgene
06/18/15Process for the production of nitrobenzene by adiabatic nitration
06/18/15Process for the production of viscoelastic polyurethane foam
06/11/15Iminooxadiazinedione polyisocyanates
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05/28/15Multilayer structure as reflector
05/28/15Coating method and hardener for polyurethane paint
05/21/15High-pressure device
05/21/15Method for producing flame-protected polyurethane foams having low bulk densities
05/21/15Aqueous blocked polyurethane-urea dispersion
05/14/15Method for producing foamed molded bodies
05/07/15Dispensing module
05/07/15Photopolymer formulations having the adjustable mechanical modulus guv
04/30/15Novel photoinitiators for photopolymers
04/30/15Lightfast polyurethane compositions
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04/09/15Method for the continuous production of nitrobenzene
04/02/15Method for treating a substance mixture comprising an aromatic amine, in particular a substance mixture of raw aniline
03/26/15Lightfast polyurethane composition
03/26/15Method for stopping a reaction during the production of aromatic amines from nitroaromatics
03/19/15Method for starting a reaction during the production of aromatic amines from nitroaromatics
03/05/15Emulsion polymer containing compounds with improved surface after storage under warm and humid storage
02/19/15Polymer composition having heat-absorbing properties and improved colour properties
02/05/15Multilayer structure as reflector with increased mechanical stability
01/22/15Method and system for monitoring the functionality of electrolysis cells
01/15/15Process for producing transport and storage-stable oxygen-consuming electrode
08/28/14Insulation moulding and its manufacture
08/14/14Catalyst coating and process for production thereof
08/07/141 4,2-diazaphospholidine derivatives
07/24/14Device and producing aromatic amines
05/01/14Organic colouring agents and coloured polymer compositions with a high stability to weathering
04/10/14Loudspeaker constructed from sheets
03/20/14Method and device for producing slabstock foam
02/27/14Process for trimerising cycloaliphatic diisocyanates
12/19/13Method for producing polyether polyols
12/12/13Use of layer structures in wind power plants
09/26/13Difunctional (meth)acrylate writing monomers
09/26/13Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate molding compositions
09/26/13Polycarbonate molding compostions
09/19/13Catalyst for producing n-substituted carbamates, and the preparation and application of the same
08/29/13Marking having electroluminescent lighting effect, the production thereof
08/22/13Electrode and electrode coating
08/15/13Electroactive polymer transducers for tactile feedback devices
08/08/13Production of dispersions containing carbon nanotubes
07/04/13Dispensing module and filling a dispensing module
05/09/13Injection-molded multi-component composite systems having improved fire behaviour
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03/21/13Method and system for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption in industrial, commercial or administrative buildings
03/21/13Modular intelligent energy management, storage and distribution system
02/21/13Electroactive polymer transducers for tactile feedback devices
01/17/13Process for improving carbon black dispersion
01/03/13Chewable foams for cosmetic products
12/13/12Silane-modified binder dispersions
12/13/12Binders containing nanoparticles
12/06/12El element containing a semitransparent metal foil and production method and use
11/29/12Impact-modified polycarbonate compositions
11/29/12Method for producing isocyanates in the gas phase
11/08/12Solar modules having a polycarbonate blend film as the rear face film
10/18/12Flavored chewable foams and a process for their production
10/11/12Novel 2c pur systems
10/11/12Use of nmp-free coatings for automotive interiors
10/04/12Conveying device for powdery and/or granulated material
10/04/12Mobile classifier
10/04/12Conveying device for powdery and/or granulated material
10/04/12Mobile star wheel feeder
10/04/12Conveying device for powdered and/or granulated material and mixtures of this material with liquids
09/27/12Biodegradable hydrogel
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09/20/12Composite material of open-cell rigid foam
09/13/12Mixing silo
09/13/12Process for producing oxygen-consuming electrodes
09/13/12Production of polyurethane foams
09/13/12Catalysts and their use
09/13/12Uv-stable polycarbonate composition having improved properties
09/06/12Method of operating an oxygen-consuming electrode
09/06/12Preparation of solar modules
08/30/12Highly refractive, scratchproof tio2 coatings in mono- and multilayers
08/23/12Process for partial shrinkage compensation in plastics mouldings
08/23/12Method for incorporating solids into polymers
08/16/12Process for the production of graphite electrodes for electrolytic processes
08/09/12Polyurethanes and use thereof
08/02/12Electromagnetic converter with a polymer element based on a mixture of polyisocyanate and isocyanate-functional prepolymer and a compound with at least two isocyanate reactive hydroxyl groups
07/26/12Polycarbonate compositions having improved optical properties
07/19/12Method for lowering emissions of a polyurethane foam
07/19/12Method for producing polyols containing amino groups
07/12/12Compound material comprising a metal and nanoparticles
07/12/12Reactive diluents containing silane groups
07/12/12Hydrophilic polyurethane urea solutions
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07/12/12Combination of two triazine uv absorbers for coating on polycarbonate
07/12/12Cyclohexanedimethanol-based hydrophilic polyurethane urea
07/12/12Polyurea-based fabric glue
07/12/12Method and device for the production of a spray application consisting of reactive plastic
07/05/12Electroactive polymer manufacturing
07/05/12Hydrophilic polyurethane urea dispersions
06/28/12Antistatic polycarbonate moulding compositions
06/21/12Organic colouring agents and coloured polymer compositions with a high stability to weathering
06/21/12Polymer composition having heat-absorbing properties and high stability to weathering
06/21/12Process for producing flameproof (rigid) pur spray forms
06/21/12Hydrophilic aliphatic polyurethane foams
06/21/12Colour-stable led substrates
06/21/12Polymer composition having heat-absorbing properties and high stability to weathering
06/14/12Method of installing oxygen-consuming electrodes in electrochemical cells and electrochemical cell
06/14/12Process for the preparation of chlorine by gas phase oxidation on nanostructured supported ruthenium catalysts
06/14/12Fiber-reinforced polyurethane molded part comprising three-dimensional raised structures
06/14/12Hybrid conductive composite
06/14/12Polyurethane foams containing incorporated phase change material
06/14/12Carbon nanotube agglomerate
06/07/12Printable compositions containing silver nanoparticles, processes for producing electrically conductive coatings using the same, and coatings prepared thereby
06/07/12Sandwich composite elements
06/07/12Security and/or valuable documents with a top layer with a scratch-resistant finish
06/07/12Oxygen-consuming electrode and process for the production thereof
05/31/12Methods for electrochemical dechlorination of anolyte brine from nacl electrolysis
05/31/12Electroluminescence system with transparent electrodes
05/31/12Coextruded films with low temperature impact resistance
05/31/12Isocyanate group-containing prepolymers having good storage stability
05/24/12Assembly for supporting and guiding conveyor belts
05/24/12Method for producing an electromechanical converter
05/24/12Method for obtaining electrical energy from the kinetic energy of waves
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05/24/12Electroactive polymer transducers for tactile feedback devices
05/24/12Electro-switchable polymer film assembly and use thereof
05/24/12Method for producing a coated cell culture carrier
05/24/12Process for producing polyester polyols with low quantities of dioxane waste
05/24/12Production of moulded bodies containing additives
05/24/12Process for continuously preparing dialkyl carbonate
05/17/12Method for preparing a foam composite element
05/17/12Poly(thf)-based polyurethane dispersions
05/17/12Multi-layer products comprising acrylate containing coatings
05/17/12Process for the preparation of a polyurethane polymer with secondary hydroxyl end groups comprising polyester polyols
05/17/12Process for the preparation of isocyanates
05/10/12Pan tile/roofing tile/facade element with integrated solar module
05/10/12Polyurethane materials comprising carbon nanotubes
05/10/12Uv-curing protective layer for thermoplastic substrates
05/10/12Reactive systems containing formamides
05/10/12Process for producing polyester polyols having secondary oh end groups
05/03/12Electrode for electrolytic chlorine production
05/03/12Method for dispersing graphite-like nanoparticles
05/03/12Method for producing flame-retardant polyurethane foam materials having good long-term use properties
05/03/12Device and degassing solvent-containing polycarbonate solutions
05/03/12Process for the preparation of isocyanates in the gas phase
04/26/12Weather-resistant multilayer systems
04/26/12Stress cracking-resistant and low-warpage two-component molded parts comprising talcum
04/26/12Oxygen-consuming electrode
04/26/12Oxygen-consuming electrode and process for producing it
04/26/12Novel aqueous 2-component pur coating systems for improved corrosion protection
04/26/12Process for preparing diaryl carbonates from dialkyl carbonates
04/26/12Process for continuously preparing dialkyl carbonate
04/19/12Uv absorbers soluble in polar media

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