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Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft Acorporation
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft_20100107
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft_20100121
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft_20100128
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft_20100114

Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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08/10/17Molding tool for producing hot-formed components
08/10/17Method and base unit for inductively charging electric and hybrid vehicles
08/10/17Motor vehicle
08/10/17Motor vehicle
08/10/17Motor vehicle with a cryogenic pressure vessel and refuelling a cryogenic pressure vessel of a motor vehicle
08/10/17Current collector for an electrochemical energy storage apparatus
08/10/17Detection of setting deviations at an energy management system
08/10/17Method for non-coherent multi-user mimo data communication and system for performing such method
08/10/17Vehicle-based femtocell with prioritization of data packets on the basis of the required internet service quality
08/10/17Method for transmitting data sets to mobile terminals
08/10/17Methods, telematics server and base station for supporting vehicular communications in a cellular network
08/03/17Method for controlling or regulating a coolant circuit of a motor vehicle air conditioning system
08/03/17Controllable air outlet nozzle
08/03/17Motor vehicle with a lightweight dashboard and a lightweight steering column
08/03/17Axle support of a motor vehicle
08/03/17Method for starting an internal combustion engine
08/03/17Motor vehicle battery module
08/03/17Lithium-sulfur accumulator
08/03/17Motor vehicle with a cooled unit area arranged inside the motor vehicle body
08/03/17Use of a bus line to transmit alternative signal coding
08/03/17Establishing a charging communication between charging station and vehicle
07/27/17Control device for a motor vehicle for launch assistance
07/27/17Steering wheel with a sensor structure for detecting the occupancy of a heated contact surface, steering wheel system, and detecting the occupancy of a heated contact surface
07/27/17Accident prevention with following traffic during an automated parking procedure in a transverse parking space
07/27/17Inlay element for a fiber-reinforced tube
07/27/17Connection ring for removable attachment of a fuel supply unit on a motor vehicle tank opening
07/27/17Additive for alkali metal-based, in particular lithium-based, energy store
07/20/17Assembly and the compressed air supply of a wheel of a vehicle
07/20/17Hybrid drive system
07/13/17Adapting a video compression for a mobile server
07/13/17Energy storage a motor vehicle and operating the energy storage apparatus
07/13/17Electrical connecting device for transmitting electrical energy and/or data, on-board electrical system and motor vehicle
07/13/17Method for operating a motor vehicle and motor vehicle
07/13/17Support device for a front end of a passenger motor vehicle
07/13/17Anti-oscillating luggage system
07/13/17Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine and operating the exhaust system
07/13/17Thermostat valve
07/13/17Method for monitoring the state of opening of a control valve of a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine, and device for the same
07/13/17Combined multi-stage gearing
07/13/17Trajectory planning ascertaining a control profile for a motor vehicle
07/13/17Electrochemical cell, electrolyte suitable for the filling thereof, production method thereof, and the operation thereof
07/06/17Method and device for producing a three-dimensional fiber composite component
07/06/17Motor vehicle comprising an illumination device for projecting an image
07/06/17Body arrangement for a front-end structure of a motor vehicle, said body arrangement being designed for a frontal collision with a small overlap
07/06/17Coupling assembly and transmission assembly
07/06/17Vehicle transmission with multiple gear ratios
07/06/17Method, device, system, and computer program product for displaying driving route section factors influencing a vehicle
07/06/17Cathode, cathode-containing lithium ion battery in the state prior to the first charging process, forming a lithium ion battery, and lithium ion battery after formation
07/06/17Power supply module for a voltage supply apparatus arranged in a vehicle
07/06/17Filter for improving the electromagnetic compatibility of components of an electric drive of a vehicle
06/29/17Display and operating device for a motor vehicle, operating element, and motor vehicle
06/29/17Method for detecting defective injection nozzles of an internal combustion engine
06/22/17Crimping unit for a crimping tool
06/22/17Fiber composite material component, and producing a fiber composite material component
06/22/17Heat pump system for climate control of a vehicle, and operating a heat pump system of this type
06/22/17Method and air conditioning unit for air conditioning an interior of an electrically driven vehicle
06/22/17Single-track motor-operated motor vehicle having supporting cladding
06/22/17Method and computer program product for processing measurement data of a vehicle in order to determine the start of a search for a parking space
06/22/17Determining the pose of a head mounted display
06/22/17Method for the predictive operation of a fuel cell or a high-voltage accumulator
06/22/17Battery module with a controllable external heat sink
06/15/17Manual transmission unit with traction gear
06/15/17Device for protecting a high-pressure gas tank of a motor vehicle
06/15/17Method and voice control of a motor vehicle
06/08/17Fastening producing a fastening system
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06/08/17Method for producing an injection-molded component with an inlay made of an organo-sheet, device for carrying out the method, and injection-molded component produced according to the method
06/08/17Air outlet device for feeding air to a vehicle interior in an controlled manner
06/08/17Planetary gearing device
06/08/17Operating device and system for operating a motor vehicle
06/08/17Charging device and system for charging a motor vehicle
06/08/17Motor vehicle having an automatically controllable rear-flap assembly
06/08/17Method for operating a cooling system of an internal combustion engine and protection system in a cooling system
06/08/17Start-stop device and operating same for initiating an automatic shutdown of an engine of a motor vehicle
06/08/17Method for producing a component connection and component connection
06/08/17System and influencing vehicle systems by taking relevant signal generators into account
06/08/17Measurement system for determining the state of a battery
06/08/17Connection ring arrangement for an electrical machine
06/08/17Method and device for receiving a broadcast service comprising switching between digital audio broadcasting (dab) transmissions and enhanced multimedia broadcast/multicast transmissions (embms)
06/01/17Eco 4x4 front-axle transmission having an integrated shut-off unit for all wheel drives
06/01/17Warning signal control system for motor vehicles
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06/01/17Vehicle steering system
05/25/17Component of a composite material for a motor vehicle
05/25/17Cell-contacting system for a motor-vehicle battery module and a motor-vehicle battery module
05/25/17Air-guiding arrangement and vehicle with at least one air-guiding arrangement
05/25/17Driver assistance system in a motor vehicle
05/25/17Motor vehicle steering wheel having a display unit in the steering wheel rim
05/25/17Steering system of a two-track vehicle
05/25/17Method for producing hot-formed components
05/25/17Filter arrangement of a vehicle
05/25/17Lithium-air battery
05/18/17Method for welding a ball onto a first component, and connecting two components
05/18/17Method for producing an smc component provided with a unidirectional fiber reinforced
05/18/17Longitudinal support device for supporting a front engine in a motor vehicle
05/18/17Component connection
05/18/17Charging at charging stations for range extension
05/18/17Connection between two battery modules of a battery system
05/18/17Composite electrode for an electrochemical cell and electrochemical cell
05/11/17Device for monitoring a high-voltage on-board power supply system of an electrically operated vehicle for the occurrence of overloading
05/11/17Indirect vehicle parametrization via user profiles
05/11/17Fastening device for a sandwich component
05/11/17Hardware-independent display of graphic effects
05/11/17Station and serial data transmission using dynamic reprioritizing of data frames
05/11/17Coexistence management of bluetooth with wlan
05/04/17Sonotrode, welding a ball, and component connection
05/04/17Method for producing a locally-reinforced profile component and a component produced using said method
05/04/17Monitoring a pressure tank, and pressure tank
05/04/17Coating for metal components, coating a metal component, piston for internal combustion engines and motor vehicle
05/04/17Component connection and the plastic forming of a ball
05/04/17Housing for a fuel cell stack and producing same
05/04/17Vehicle with a storage device that can be recharged by way of a charging cable and an external power supply
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04/27/17Method for producing a component connection
04/27/17Flap assembly for a motor vehicle
04/27/17Auxiliary drive and providing torque assistance
04/27/17Clip element, producing a component connection, and component connection
04/27/17Method for processing data of a route profile, decoding method, coding and decoding method, system, computer program, and computer program product
04/27/17Locating a head mounted display in a vehicle
04/27/17Merging of partial images to form an image of surroundings of a mode of transport
04/20/17Support with air equalization container
04/20/17Longitudinal member arrangement of a body of a motor vehicle and body of a motor vehicle with a longitudinal member arrangement of this type
04/20/17Device having a pivot lever
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04/13/17Method for joining sections of at least two components
04/13/17Device for mechanical vehicle-seat adjustment
04/13/17Method for producing a model of the surroundings of a vehicle
04/13/17Vehicle having an air-guiding arrangement
04/13/17Method for processing measurement data of a vehicle in order to determine the start of a search for a parking space and computer program product
04/06/17Method for producing a component connection
04/06/17Supercharged internal combustion engine
04/06/17Component connection
04/06/17Method for pressing a ball together with a first component, and a component connection
04/06/17Method for connecting a ball to a first component in a positively locking manner, and component connection
03/30/17Tank system for a motor vehicle having a volume modifying element
03/30/17Method for producing breatheable leather material and use of leather material produced according to said method
03/30/17Method and system for determining and using property associations
03/23/17Wheel carrier of a vehicle having a clamping-fit connection
03/23/17Connection arrangement between a fiber-plastic composite profiled part and a vehicle body frame part and producing same
03/23/17Device for protecting a high-pressure gas tank in a motor vehicle, high-pressure gas tank for a motor vehicle, and the production of a high-pressure gas tank
03/23/17Method and device for operating a vehicle and driver assistance system
03/16/17Moulding tool for producing hot-formed components
03/16/17Vibration damper for a vehicle
03/16/17Fuel cell housing
03/09/17Method for fixing a plurality of workpieces via a rivet element
03/09/17Weld stud for drawn-arc stud welding
03/09/17Method for producing a fiber-reinforced plastic component
03/09/17Method for joining a plurality of workpiece parts and joining tool
03/09/17Positioning member for positioning a semifinished product, preparing the semifinished product, and semifinished product
03/09/17Adhesive-distributing device and adhesively bonding hollow profiles using the adhesive-distributing device
03/09/17Single-track scooter
03/09/17Vehicle with an impact damping arrangement between the vehicle body and vehicle door or vehicle panel
03/09/17Sliding arrangement and producing the sliding arrangement, in particular for a cylinder liner
03/09/17Displaying maneuvering instructions along a route
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03/09/17Rotor for a synchronous machine
03/09/17Clusterhead device that functions as a gateway between vehicular ad-hoc network and cellular network
03/02/17Active damper system for a vehicle
03/02/17Tank device, in particular in a vehicle
03/02/17Map of the surroundings for driving areas with random altitude profile
03/02/17Exhaust system having variable exhaust gas paths
03/02/17Method for producing an adhesive screw connection using a flow drill screw, and composite component produced thereby
03/02/17Sensor ring
03/02/17Method and applying a self-adhesive film to an electrical energy storage cell
02/23/17Transport device and transport transporting a semi-finished product and processing device for processing a semi-finished product
02/16/17Pressing tool with optimized resin flow
02/16/17Vibration damper of a vehicle wheel
02/16/17Assembly of a vibration damper associated with a wheel of a vehicle
02/16/17Method for producing an adhesive screw connection using a flow drill screw, and flow drill screw usable therefor
02/16/17Method for identifying subtle quiescent current errors
02/09/17Vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a waste-heat collecting housing
02/09/17Hybrid module
02/09/17Battery controller for an electrically driven vehicle without any low-voltage battery, electrically driven vehicle comprising said controller, and method
02/09/17Method and control device for controlling the waste heat generated by an electric vehicle
02/09/17Scalable inductive charging station
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02/09/17Deformation element arrangement and motor vehicle having a deformation element arrangement
02/09/17Operating a hybrid vehicle
02/09/17Catalyst subassembly, device comprising same for purifying exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine, modular system for the subassembly, and manufacturing the subassembly
02/09/17Selector drum for a shift transmission of a motor vehicle, and shift transmission with such a selector drum
02/09/17Gesture interaction with a driver information system of a vehicle
02/09/17Galvanic element having solid-state cell stack
02/02/17Method and device for producing a die-cast part
02/02/17Operator control of an air-conditioning system for the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle
02/02/17Electrical drive unit for a vehicle
02/02/17Method and device for ventilating a heat management system of an internal combustion engine
02/02/17Lithium cell, battery comprising the lithium cell, and motor vehicle, mobile device, or stationary storage element comprising said battery
01/26/17Mould for producing a fibre composite component
01/26/17Coolant circuit, in particular a heat pump circuit
01/26/17Shear panel for a forward structure of a body of a vehicle, and vehicle
01/26/17Plastic component comprising a connecting element
01/26/17Method for producing a component connection and component connection
01/26/17Method and device for inspecting a valve drive in an internal combustion engine
01/19/17Processing system for processing a cast raw casting and producing a cast component
01/19/17Sensor housing for mounting in a vehicle wheel
01/19/17Apparatus and improving air quality in vehicle
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01/19/17Method and system of making available vehicle functions in combination with an inductive charging system
01/19/17Longitudinally guiding driver assistance system in a motor vehicle
01/19/17Longitudinally guiding driver assistance system in a motor vehicle
01/19/17Support for a motor vehicle body-in-white
01/19/17System for storing a pressurized gas and emptying a storage container for a pressurized gas
01/19/17Active cathode material for secondary lithium cells and batteries
01/12/17Device for die casting a metal component
01/12/17Structural molded part, motor vehicle fitting element and producing a structural molded part
01/12/17Vehicle having a refrigerant circuit
01/12/17Manufacturer-independent positioning system for an inductive charging process
01/12/17Driver assistance system for driver assistance for consumption controlled driving
01/12/17Driver assistance system for driver assistance for consumption controlled driving
01/12/17Arrangement for absorbing kinetic energy
01/12/17Tailpipe cover for an exhaust system of a motor vehicle and exhaust system having such a tailpipe cover
01/12/17Method for resource management in a vehicle-based mobile communications unit
01/05/17Rotary slide with cooling and temperature-controlled zones
01/05/17Connecting system for connecting a semifinished product to a positioning member, and preparing the semifinished product
01/05/17Method, device, computer program, and computer program product for making available data
01/05/17Method for recognizing a defective air flow sensor of an internal combustion engine
01/05/17Separator for an electrochemical cell, electrochemical cell comprising the separator, battery containing at least two electrochemical cells, mobile consumer devices, and motor vehicle comprising the battery
01/05/17Bipolar plate and layer structure on the bipolar plate
12/29/16Electronic device and operating assembly having an electronic device
12/29/16Weight-reducing surface structuring on components produced by a casting method
12/29/16Luggage rack system for a motorized two-wheeler
12/29/16Method, system, and computer-readable medium for storing diagnostic data relating to a vehicle
12/22/16Intake device with formally integrated air guide intake duct
12/22/16Method, computer program product and system for switching application programs
12/22/16Central communication unit of a motor vehicle
12/15/16Method for mounting a fiber composite component in the flow of force of a clamp connection
12/15/16Sun shield
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12/15/16Method and control unit for communication between an autonomous vehicle and a road user
12/15/16Fastening assembly for a roof add-on part of a motor vehicle
12/15/16Vehicle body having a side sill and a base plate
12/08/16Forming tool for shaping a workpiece, and positioning a temperature control device on a forming tool
12/08/16Method for producing a fiber preform for a fiber composite component
12/08/16Fuel cell system having a fuel cell stack arranged in a housing, and a measure for ventilating the housing
12/08/16Motor vehicle
12/08/16Arrangement for securing vehicle tools
12/08/16Pressure vessel having wet-wrapped carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic
12/08/16Method for determining a master time signal, vehicle, and system
12/08/16System and exchanging data between at least one vehicle and at least one mobile terminal
12/01/16Star disk for an electric machine
11/24/16Methods and production system for laminating interior components in vehicles
11/24/16Vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a waste-heat-collecting housing, using part of the heat given off by an internal combustion engine, and stationary assembly, in particular block-type thermal power station
11/24/16Method and system for detecting autonomously driven vehicles, for distance measurement and for distance control
11/24/16Method for purging a fuel cell and device for carrying out said method
11/17/16Adjusting system for a seat, and seat
11/17/16Stiffening structure of a vehicle in the form of a shear field
11/10/16Method for positioning a component and component positioning device
11/10/16Heat management system for an internal combustion engine
11/10/16Device for cleaning an optical lens of a parking assistance camera
11/10/16Method of operating a vehicle according to a request by a vehicle occupant
11/03/16Method, system, and computer program product for monitoring a driver of a vehicle
11/03/16Method and system for generating a control command
11/03/16Method for producing an assembly from an energy storage module, and a cooling element and assembly
11/03/16Load connector for transmitting electrical current, particularly for use in a motor vehicle
11/03/16Secure network access protection using authenticated time measurement
10/27/16Component for a vehicle
10/27/16Method, device and computer program product for programming a plurality of control units

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