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Baylor College Of Medicine patents

Recent patent applications related to Baylor College Of Medicine. Baylor College Of Medicine is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Baylor College Of Medicine may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Baylor College Of Medicine, we're just tracking patents.

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Universal immune cells for cancer immunotherapy

Embodiments of the disclosure encompass adoptive immunotherapy related to cells expressing multiple chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). In specific embodiments, T cells express a HER2-specific CAR, an IL13 Rα2-specific CAR, and an EphA2-specific CAR. In particular embodiments, the cells are utilized for cancer treatment, including for glioblastoma.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Her2/erbb2 chimeric antigen receptor

Embodiments of the disclosure include immune cells expressing HER2-specific chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) and treatment of cancer therewith. In specific embodiments, sarcoma or glioblastoma are treated. In specific embodiments, such as for glioblastoma, for example, T-cells expressing a HER2-specific CAR are pp65CMV-specific T cells.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Vaginal stents, vaginal dilators, and methods of fabricating the same

One aspect of the invention provides a vaginal stent system including: an inflatable vaginal stent and a removable handle. The inflatable vaginal stent include includes: an elastomeric exterior wall and a first fitting located at a base of the inflatable vaginal stent. The removable handle is adapted and configured for... Baylor College Of Medicine

P63 inactivation for the treatment of heart failure

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods and compositions for in situ cardiac cell regeneration, including transdifferentiation of cardiac cells to cardiomyocytes. In particular embodiments, in situ cardiac cell regeneration encompasses delivery of p63 shRNA and one or both of Hand2 and myocardin, and in specific embodiments further includes one or... Baylor College Of Medicine

Methods for modulating mecp2 expression

Disclosed herein are methods for decreasing MECP2 mRNA and protein expression. Such methods are useful to treat, prevent, or ameliorate MECP2 associated disorders and syndromes. Such MECP2 associated disorders include MECP2 duplication syndrome.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Phantoms and methods and kits using the same

One aspect of the invention provides a phantom including a confined fluidic path defining a plurality of regions of monotonically decreasing, discrete cross-sectional dimensions with respect to an imaging plane. Another aspect of the invention provides a method of assessing imaging. The method includes: placing a phantom as described herein... Baylor College Of Medicine

Bufalin phosphate prodrugs and methods of use thereof

Bufalin phosphate prodrugs are provided herein, as well as methods for their use as small molecule inhibitors of steroid receptor coactivator (SRC) family proteins. Methods for using bufalin phosphate prodrugs in treating or preventing cancer are also provided herein.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Micrornas sensitize cancers to therapy

The present invention concerns methods and compositions regarding one or more microRNAs or variants thereof that are provided to an individual for a variety of medical treatments, including sensitization to cancer therapy or prevention of a cancer to become sensitized to a cancer therapy. In specific embodiments, the microRNAs include... Baylor College Of Medicine

Responsive prostheses

One aspect of the invention provides a prosthetic foot including a heel member, a toe member, and an attachment member comprising a shear thickening material (STM). In one embodiment, the attachment member has a first end and a second end. The first end can be connected to the heel member,... Baylor College Of Medicine

Novel potassium channel blockers and use thereof in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

a-X−4X−3X−2X−1-b (SEQ ID NO: 3)   (I)... Baylor College Of Medicine

Method for in situ determination of nucleic acid proximity

Disclosed is an in situ method for detecting spatial proximity relationships between nucleic acid sequences, such as DNA, in a cell. The method includes: providing a sample of one or more cells comprising nucleic acids; fragmenting the nucleic acids present in the cells that leaves 5′ overhanging ends; filling in... Baylor College Of Medicine

Mobile clinics

One aspect of the invention provides a mobile clinic including: an intermodal container defining at least a first opening and a second opening; a partition wall located within the intermodal container, the partition wall separating the intermodal container into an anteroom and a treatment room; and an access control device... Baylor College Of Medicine

Survivin specific t-cell receptor targeting tumor but not t cells

Embodiments of the disclosure concern engineered T cell receptors that are specific for the survivin tumor antigen but do not have “on-target off tumor” toxicity. In particular embodiments, particular alpha and beta chains are utilized in engineered T cell receptors for cell therapy that have effective anti-tumor activity but lack... Baylor College Of Medicine

Dot1l inhibitors and uses thereof

The present disclosure relates to methods of treating AML, associated with DNMT3A mutations by administering one or more DOT1L inhibitors or related pharmaceutical compositions to subjects in need thereof.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Magnetic assisted in-situ tubular stentgraft fenestration

A magnet assisted surgical device, system, and method employs magnetic sections, catheters, and guidewires to modify tubular stentgrafts in-situ. One example application provides a more reliable way for surgeons to modify stentgrafts insitu to allow blood flow to continue to branching blood vessels that would otherwise be blocked by the... Baylor College Of Medicine

Methods of modulation of branched chain acids and uses thereof

A method of modulating plasma levels of branched chain amino acids and branched chain alpha-keto acids is disclosed, wherein an ammonia scavenger compound or a salt thereof, for example phenylbutyrate or an even numbered congener thereof or a salt thereof, is administered to an individual in need thereof. In various... Baylor College Of Medicine

Method to identify genes under positive selection

A method and computer system for identifying genes associated with a phenotype includes obtaining data representing mutations in a cohort of subjects exhibiting a phenotype. An evolutionary action (EA) score is calculated for each mutation using the data obtained. For each gene in the cohort, respective distributions of the calculated... Baylor College Of Medicine

Hippo and dystrophin complex signaling in cardiomyocyte renewal

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods and compositions for the renewal of cardiomyocytes by targeting the Hippo pathway. In particular embodiments, an individual with a need for cardiomyocyte renewal is provided an effective amount of a shRNA molecule that targets the Sav1 gene. Particular shRNA sequences are disclosed.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Fetal pulse oximeters and methods of using the same

One aspect of the invention provides a fetal pulse oximeter including: a shape-memory member adapted and configured to expand outward and define a loop when advanced out of a cannula; one or more light sources mounted on the shape memory member and facing toward a center of the loop, the... Baylor College Of Medicine

Small molecule regulators of steroid receptor coactivators and methods of use thereof

Small molecule regulators of steroid receptor coactivator (SRC) family proteins are provided, as well as methods for their use in treating or preventing SRC-related diseases. The SRC-related diseases can include cancer, metabolic disorders, human immunodeficiency virus, neurodegenerative disorders, and/or inflammatory diseases. Also provided are methods for regulating SRC family proteins... Baylor College Of Medicine

Glypican-3 specific chimeric antigen receptors for adoptive immunotherapy

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods and compositions related to immunotherapy that targets glypican-3. In particular embodiments, immune cells engineered to comprise a chimeric antigen receptor that targets glypican-3 are contemplated, and uses thereof. In particular embodiments, medical conditions that are associated with glypican-3 expression or an overexpression of glypican-3... Baylor College Of Medicine

Plants with enhanced tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses

The present disclosure describes genetically-modified plants having enhanced tolerance to multiple abiotic stressors, such as extreme temperatures (heat or cold) and/or drought. Abiotic stress tolerance is enhanced by ectopic expression of a heterologous glutaredoxin. Abiotic stress tolerance (particularly drought) is also enhanced by inhibited function, activity, or expression of an... Baylor College Of Medicine

Ataxia therapeutic compositions and methods

A method for treating a subject having, or at risk of having, ataxia, generally includes administering to the subject an amount of a composition comprising a cholecystokinin receptor (Cck1R) agonist effective to ameliorate at least one symptom or clinical sign of ataxia.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Bipartite and tripartite signaling immune cells

Embodiments of the disclosure include compositions and methods effective for immunotherapy, such as for cancer. The embodiments include cells that recognize a combination of two signals or three signals present at the tumor microenvironment. In certain embodiments, the signals for antigen stimulation, co-stimulation, and cytokine signaling act through separate molecules,... Baylor College Of Medicine

Methods for treating osteogenesis imperfecta

The present invention provides methods for treating and improving the symptoms of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) in a subject by administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a binding agent that binds to transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ).... Baylor College Of Medicine

Probes for quantitative imaging of thiols in various environments

Embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to methods of detecting a thiol in an environment by exposing the environment to a probe molecule that contains a marker and a thiol responsive group. The thiol responsive group reversibly reacts with the thiol in the environment to form a probe-thiol adduct. This... Baylor College Of Medicine

Non-invasive radiofrequency field treatment for cancer therapy

Embodiments of the disclosure concern methods and compositions for treating a subject with cancer, including overcoming resistance to a cancer drug using non-invasive radiotherapy frequency in combination with cancer drugs. In particular embodiments, radiofrequency therapy and cancer drugs in combination provide a synergistic benefit for cancer therapy. Use of radiofrequency... Baylor College Of Medicine

Epigenetic engineering to study the role of aberrant dna methylation in disease

Embodiments of the disclosure concern compositions and methods for genetic engineering related to hypermethylation of sequences. In particular embodiments, there are methods and compositions to induce DNA methylation in a manner that leads to transcriptional suppression of a target gene that allows characterization of the gene and/or its expression.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Artificial, flexible valves and methods of fabricating and serially expanding the same

One aspect of the invention provides an artificial, flexible valve including: a stent defining a wall and a plurality of leaflets extending from the wall of the stent. The plurality of leaflets form a plurality of coaptation regions between two adjacent leaflets. The coaptation regions include extensions along a z-axis... Baylor College Of Medicine

Induced activation in dendritic cells

The present invention is directed to a composition and method which to treat diseases and to enhance a regulated immune response. More particularly, the present invention is drawn to compositions that are based on dendritic cells modified to express an inducible form of a co-stimulatory polypeptide.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Methods of linearly amplifying whole genome of a single cell

Embodiments of the disclosure encompass methods of amplifying nucleic acid from one or more cells using MALBAC (multiple annealing and looping-based amplification cycles) primers. In particular embodiments, the nucleic acid is amplified as amplicons in a linear manner. Specific embodiments include the removal or effective destruction of nonlinearly produced amplicons.... Baylor College Of Medicine

Providing information to a user through somatosensory feedback

A hearing device may provide hearing-to-touch sensory substitution as a therapeutic approach to deafness. Through use of signal processing on received signals, the hearing device may provide better accuracy with the hearing-to-touch sensory substitution by extending beyond the simple filtering of an incoming audio stream as found in previous tactile... Baylor College Of Medicine

Device and system for insertion of penetrating member

A system, device and method for insertion of a penetrating member into tissue is disclosed, which may be handheld and automated. A detector obtains data regarding subdermal locations of tissue structures, including cavities such as blood vessels. A processor calculates the distance between a preselected target point below the tissue... Baylor College Of Medicine

Microrna-198 as a tumor suppressor in ovarian cancer

A novel network of tumorigenic prognostic factors is identified that plays a critical role in advanced pancreatic cancer (PC) pathogenesis. This interactome is interconnected through a central tumor suppressive microRNA, miR-198, which is able to both directly and indirectly modulate expression of the various members of this network to alter... Baylor College Of Medicine

Metabolic biomarker for diagnosis and treatment of metastatic prostate cancer

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods and compositions for treatment of prostate cancer, including metastatic prostate cancer or prostate cancer at risk for developing into metastatic prostate cancer, by providing an effective therapy to an individual that has been determined to have elevated levels of SRC-2 (also known as NCOA2,... Baylor College Of Medicine

03/02/17 / #20170056647

Systems and methods for attaching flexible conductive filaments, networks, or patches to tissue via catheter delivery

Systems and methods for deploying and securing conductive materials to a region of tissue may utilize a catheter. The catheter may provide a tip with one or more detachable sections or may provide an adjustable opening. A lumen of the catheter may provide a conductive material, such as a filament,... Baylor College Of Medicine

02/02/17 / #20170027988

Immunotherapy of cancer using genetically engineered gd2-specific t cells

The present invention concerns immunotherapy for cancers having cells that comprise the ganglioside GD2 antigen. In specific embodiment, T cells having a chimeric receptor that targets GD2 is employed. In particular cases, the chimeric receptor comprises antibody, cytoplasmic signaling domain from the T cell receptor, and/or costimulatory molecule(s).... Baylor College Of Medicine

02/02/17 / #20170028052

Generation of hpv-specific t-cells

Embodiments of the disclosure concern methods and compositions for immunotherapy for human papillomavirus infection and diseases associated therewith. In specific embodiments, methods concern production of immune cells that target one or more antigens of HPV16 and/or HPV18, including methods with stimulation steps that employ IL-7 and IL-15, but not IL-6... Baylor College Of Medicine

01/05/17 / #20170002321

Methods and compositions for generating an immune response by inducing cd40 and pattern recognition receptor adapters

Provided are methods for activating an antigen-presenting cell and eliciting an immune response by inducing an inducible pattern recognition receptor adapter, or adapter fragment, and CD40 activity. Also provided are nucleic acid compositions comprising sequences coding for chimeric proteins that include an inducible CD40 peptide and an inducible pattern recognition... Baylor College Of Medicine

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