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Beckman Coulter Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Beckman Coulter Inc. Beckman Coulter Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Beckman Coulter Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Beckman Coulter Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Beckman Coulter Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015023897808/27/15 Specimen container detection
22015022676108/13/15 Automatic analyzer and sample dispensing the automatic analyzer
32015021729108/06/15 System and method including thermal cycler modules
42015021200507/30/15 Solution phase homogeneous assays
52015019491307/09/15 Regenerative braking system
62015017712306/25/15 Analytical system with capillary transport
72015011128804/23/15 System and method including analytical units
82015007288603/12/15 Methods and systems for detecting mhc class i binding peptides
92015005068802/19/15 Sorting flow cytometer
102015001092301/08/15 Method for labeling intracellular and extracellular targets of leukocytes
112015000417601/01/15 Regulatory t cells and methods of identifying, obtaining and using to treat immuno-based disorders
122014027769909/18/14 Laboratory product transport element and path arrangement
132014024009608/28/14 Mount device utilizing patterned features for rack orientation detection
142014024010008/28/14 Rack orientation detection with multiple tags
152014023416908/21/14 Low carryover liquid handling probe for an automated analyzer
162014020282907/24/14 System and method including laboratory product transport element
172014020382507/24/14 Systems and methods for particle sensing and characterization
182014018503107/03/14 Systems and methods for platelet count with clump adjustment
192014018685807/03/14 Composition for high stringency cell treatment and antigen retrieval
202014018687407/03/14 Immature platelet enumeration systems and methods
212014017387006/26/14 System and laser-based auto-alignment
222014017073906/19/14 Inline sample filter for a flow cytometer
232014017215406/19/14 Method and system using sample processing system and storage units
242014017232106/19/14 Leukemia classification using cpd data
252014015791506/12/14 Gantry apparatus
262014016046406/12/14 Tuberculosis screening using cpd data
272014012917205/08/14 Automated sample processing system
282014010367404/17/14 Removable specimen gripper fingers
292014010571904/17/14 Chute arrangement with strip-off feature
302014010795304/17/14 Container fill level detection
312014010069404/10/14 System and camera-based auto-alignment
322014007850103/20/14 Analytical system with capillary transport
332014006566503/06/14 Method and system for analyzing a blood sample
342014005106302/20/14 Hematology control compositions with extended stability
352014003627602/06/14 Sensing specimen gripper
362014003075601/30/14 Identifying and enumerating early granulated cells (egcs)
372014000595201/02/14 Automated analyzer
382013032888112/12/13 Method and displaying multidimensional data
392013020933408/15/13 System and method including analytical units
402013021003408/15/13 Complex phosphoprotein activation profiles
412013020304608/08/13 System and method including analytical units
422013019633408/01/13 Systems and methods for detecting the presence of a biological status using clustering
432013019642208/01/13 System and method including analytical units
442013014271106/06/13 System and method including analytical units
452013014319906/06/13 System and method including analytical units
462013013667005/30/13 System and method including analytical units
472013013708705/30/13 System and method including analytical units
482013013710905/30/13 System and method including analytical units
492013013711005/30/13 System and method including analytical units
502013013716405/30/13 System and method including analytical units
512013013716605/30/13 System and method including analytical units
522013012564805/23/13 Centrifuge imbalance sensor and non-contact specimen container characterization
532013012567505/23/13 Aliquotter system and workflow
542013012630205/23/13 Magnetic damping for specimen transport system
552013012803505/23/13 Robotic arm
562013012916605/23/13 Specimen container detection
572013013036905/23/13 System and method including analytical units
582013013132405/23/13 Novel fluorescent dyes and uses thereof
592013013200605/23/13 System and method including analytical units
602013012308905/16/13 Centrifuge system and workflow
612013008465204/04/13 Homogeneous chemiluminescence assay methods with increased sensitivity
622012028888711/15/12 Blood cell agglutination image determining method and blood cell agglutination image determining apparatus
632012028395711/08/12 Systems and methods for detecting the presence of a biological status using plot
642012026724610/25/12 Methods and improving the sensitivity of capillary zone electrophoresis
652012027033610/25/12 Automatic analyzer
662012019637408/02/12 Dispenser, analyzer and dispensing method
672012009431304/19/12 Nonseparation assay methods
682012009439404/19/12 Homogeneous agglutination immunoassay method and kit for such method
692012007563003/29/12 Transducer module
702012003464002/09/12 Isotonic buffered composition and method that enables counting of cells
712012002829302/02/12 Mixing device and mixing mixing small amounts of liquid
722012000373101/05/12 Analyzer and washing dispenser probe
732011031874712/29/11 Nonseparation assay methods
742011031139712/22/11 Reaction container holder and analyzer
752011026915611/03/11 Nonseparation assay methods
762011026292310/27/11 Method for the quantitative determination of the number of copies of a predetermined sequence in a sample
772011025790810/20/11 Automatic analyzer
782011023276909/29/11 Method of stabilizing constant-temperature bath
792011023616509/29/11 Rack tray, rack, and rack transport system
802011023699009/29/11 Automatic analyzer and sample dispensing the automatic analyzer
812011021359109/01/11 Multi-gain adaptive linear processing and gated digital system for use in flow cytometry
822011018833708/04/11 Method and device for generating movement in a thin liquid film
832011018336107/28/11 Nonseparation assay methods
842011017696407/21/11 Stirring device and an analyzing device
852011017566107/21/11 High-resolution parametric signal restoration
862011017174407/14/11 Dispensing device
872011017175207/14/11 Methods and systems for detecting mhc class i binding peptides
882011013115906/02/11 Systems and methods for detecting the presence of a biological status using clustering
892011012451705/26/11 Process for determining the genotype from a biological sample containing nucleic acids of different individuals
902011011152305/12/11 Method for assessing oocyte maturation
912011009190904/21/11 Stabilizing agents and capture ligands for use in assays measuring analyte concentrations
922011008202104/07/11 Sound abating heat sink and motor housing
932011006486903/17/11 Coated capillary electrophoresis tubes and system
942011001723801/27/11 Method of cleaning nozzle and device for cleaning nozzle
952011001459901/20/11 Novel fluorescent dyes and uses thereof
962011000929301/13/11 Nonseparation assay methods
972011000027601/06/11 Method for checking the state of a pipette, pipetting method, pipetting device, and suction tube for a pipetting device
982011000079601/06/11 Ion selective electrode module for clinical diagnostics
992010032701212/30/10 Bubble presence/absence determining method and dispensing apparatus
1002010031368712/16/10 Stirring device and analyzer
1012010031700812/16/10 Nonseparation assay methods
1022010031156012/09/10 Liquid sample collection device for zonal centrifugation
1032010029374911/25/10 Opening-and-closing mechanism and latching mechanism
1042010029004111/18/10 Monolithic optical flow cells and manufacture
1052010028486211/11/10 Cleaning equipment and analyzer
1062010027105310/28/10 Method of characterizing particles
1072010027318910/28/10 Non separation assays with selective signal inhibitors
1082010026707110/21/10 Solution phase homogeneous assays
1092010026120410/14/10 Composite profiles of cell antigens and target signal transduction proteins for analysis and clinical management of hematologic cancers
1102010025485710/07/10 Cleaning device and automatic analyzer
1112010024005509/23/10 Method and system for analyzing a blood sample
1122010024007009/23/10 Nonseparation assay methods using peroxide generating enzymes
1132010022849109/09/10 Cross-instrument cell population discrimination
1142010021907409/02/10 Analyzer
1152010022031509/02/10 Stabilized optical system for flow cytometry
1162010022032609/02/10 Fluorescence detection instrument with orthogonal laser entry
1172010018402407/22/10 Method of characterizing nucleic acids in a mixed sample
1182010016661507/01/10 Apparatus having improved gantry assembly suitable for use in a laboratory environment
1192010015960506/24/10 Method of correction of particle interference to hemoglobin measurement
1202010015078206/17/10 Dispensing nozzle and automatic analyzer
1212010015149306/17/10 Multicolor flow cytometry compositions containing unconjugated phycobiliproteins
1222010013535206/03/10 Stirring determining device, stirring determining method, and analyzer
1232010012653605/27/10 Cleaning device and analyzer
1242010012258605/20/10 Automatic analyzer and dispensing method
1252010011913205/13/10 Agglutination image automatic judging method by mt system, device, program, and recording medium
1262010011941305/13/10 Robotic grip and twist assembly
1272010011941505/13/10 Dispensing device and automatic analyzer
1282010012008105/13/10 High sensitivity parameters for the detection of vitamin b12 and/or folate deficiencies and methods of use
1292010011010305/06/10 Multidimensional particle analysis data cluster reconstruction
1302010011139905/06/10 Systems and methods for cellular analysis data pattern global positioning
1312010011140005/06/10 Non-linear histogram segmentation for particle analysis
1322010011262705/06/10 System and displaying three-dimensional object scattergrams
1332010011267905/06/10 Method and syringe-based sample introduction within a flow cytometer
1342010011270405/06/10 Analyzer and its abnormality coping method
1352010009640504/22/10 Pipetting device
1362010009858904/22/10 Error specifying method and analyzer
1372010009859004/22/10 Cleaning device, detecting suction nozzle clogging, and automatic analyzer
1382010009919404/22/10 Analyzer and analysis method
1392010009067704/15/10 Detecting and handling coincidence in particle analysis
1402010009234004/15/10 Cleaning device, cleaning nozzle clogging, and automatic analyzer
1412010008806604/08/10 Shape parameter for hematology instruments
1422010008117504/01/10 Enzyme-containing gels and nucleic acid amplifying kits
1432010008117604/01/10 Enzyme-containing capsules and nucleic acid amplification kits
1442010007536903/25/10 Analyzing reticulocytes
1452010007045903/18/10 Extensible data warehouse for flow cytometry data
1462010007050203/18/10 Collision free hash table for classifying data
1472010007090403/18/10 Interactive tree plot for flow cytometry data
1482010005106003/04/10 Nozzle cleaning method, nozzle cleaning device, and automatic analyzer
1492010005362003/04/10 Automatic analyzer
1502010004599402/25/10 Photometric apparatus and automatic analyzer
1512010005011602/25/10 Normalized decimal equivalent systems and methods
1522010004101102/18/10 Reference control for cell by cell analysis
1532010002327401/28/10 Methods and systems for transforming particle data
1542010000933301/14/10 Methods for acoustic particle focusing in biological sample analyzers
1552010000371301/07/10 Methods of determination of iron deficiency and hemochromatosis
1562009031463812/24/09 Methods and compositions for capillary electrophoresis
1572009031553312/24/09 Particle counter with electronic detection of aperture blockage
1582009022093609/03/09 Flow cytometry reagent system
1592009021647808/27/09 Method and system for particle data processing
1602009020617608/20/09 Fail-safe aspirating and/or dispensing liquids in automated laboratory instruments
1612009020897508/20/09 Device and methods for detecting a target cell
1622009011111804/30/09 Method for a rapid antibody-based analysis of platelet populations
1632009003575802/05/09 Method of measurement of micronucleated erythrocyte populations
1642009003586602/05/09 Method and device for test sample loading
1652013032888112/12/13 Method and displaying multidimensional data
1662010002327401/28/10 Methods and systems for transforming particle data
1672010000933301/14/10 Methods for acoustic particle focusing in biological sample analyzers
1682010000371301/07/10 Methods of determination of iron deficiency and hemochromatosis

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