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Becton Dickinson And Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Becton Dickinson And Company. Becton Dickinson And Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Becton Dickinson And Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Becton Dickinson And Company, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Cartridge for containing and dispensing a medicament
06/22/17 new patent  Photostable fluorescent polymeric tandem dyes including luminescent metal complexes
06/22/17 new patent  Reagent calibration system and method
06/15/17Needle shielding assemblies and infusion devices for use therewith
06/08/17Pen needle hub having increased contact area
06/08/17Systems and methods to monitor proper disinfection of needleless connectors
06/01/17Short injection length syringe
06/01/17Cell surface signature for processing cardiomyocyte subsets from heterogeneous cell samples
05/25/17Passively shielding needle assembly with skin sensor
05/18/17Stoppers used in pre-filled syringes
05/11/17Blood control catheter valve employing actuator with flexible retention arms
05/04/17Catheter insertion device
05/04/17Catheter adapter providing catheter kink resistance
05/04/17Compliant catheter adapter having self-slitting needle
05/04/17Catheter adapter with distal inner diameter curvature providing kink resistance
05/04/17Soft push tabs for catheter adapter
05/04/17Integrated catheter with independent fluid paths
05/04/17Ergonomic iv systems and methods
05/04/17Iv access device having an angled paddle grip
05/04/17Extension tubing strain relief
05/04/17Intravenous catheter device with integrated extension tube
05/04/17Compliant catheter adapter and compression cap
05/04/17Ergonomic iv systems and methods
05/04/17Closed iv access device with paddle grip needle hub and flash chamber
05/04/17Pinch clamp device
05/04/17Methods and systems for separating components of a biological sample with gravity sedimentation
04/27/17Blood collection assembly having a multi-function shield
04/27/17Medical injector with post-autoreconstitution dose setting and autoplunger drive
04/27/17Hydrogel adhesion to molded polymers
04/20/17Tamper-evident pen needle outer cover
04/20/17Injection device with sealed luer fitting
04/20/17Needle changing apparatus
04/20/17Thermoplastic polyurethane materials for forming medical devices
04/13/17Medical waste containers and lids therefore
04/13/17Flush enhancing male luer tip design for syringes and any luer connection
04/13/17Adhesive patch and use in a packaging system
04/13/17Analyte test strip assays, and test strips and kits for use in practicing the same
04/06/17Biological fluid sampling transfer device and biological fluid separation and testing system
04/06/17Self-injection device
04/06/17Medical injector with ratcheting plunger
04/06/17Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle
04/06/17Polymersome encapsulation of hydrophobic fluorescent polymers
03/30/17Five-bevel cannula for blood acquisition devices
03/16/17Biological fluid collection device and biological fluid separation and testing system
03/16/17Syringe - iv access locking device
03/16/17Antimicrobial iv access cap
03/09/17Iv anticoagulant treatment systems and methods
03/02/17Positive displacement flush syringe
03/02/17Blood control catheter with antimicrobial needle lube
03/02/17Sample preparation device and associated method
03/02/17Depth filtration device for separating specimen phases
03/02/17Methods and compositions for cytometric detection of circulating tumor cell markers in a sample
03/02/17Graphics control during flow cytometry event gating
02/23/17Biological fluid collection device and biological fluid separation and testing system
02/23/17Drug delivery device
02/23/17Infusion pump with program key
02/16/17Fluid exchange methods and devices
02/16/17Catheter insertion device and inserting a catheter
02/16/17Catheter insertion device
02/16/17Needle capture safety interlock for catheter
02/16/17Container assembly
02/09/17Biological fluid collection device
02/09/17Biological fluid collection device and biological fluid collection system
02/09/17System and detecting occlusions in a medication infusion system using pulsewise pressure signals
02/09/17Multi-use blood control safety catheter assembly
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02/09/17Needle capture safety interlock for catheter
02/09/17Tensioning control device
02/02/17Use of automatic flow regulators for flow modulation during blood collection
02/02/17Catheter insertion device
02/02/17Medicament device
02/02/17Systems, apparatuses and methods to encourage injection site rotation and prevent lipodystrophy from repeated injections to a body area
02/02/17Pen needle outer cover concepts
01/26/17Cannula insertion and retraction device for infusion device
01/26/17Pen needle attachment mechanisms
01/26/17Catheter insertion mechanism for a patch pump
01/19/17Infusion device with automatic insertion and introducer needle retraction
01/19/17System and adjusting cytometer measurements
01/12/17Monodose nasal drug delivery system
01/05/17Mixing pen needle
12/22/16Biological fluid collection device
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12/22/16Patch-like infusion device
12/22/16End of injection indicator for injection pen
12/22/16Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle
12/22/16Density phase separation device
12/22/16Optical detector scatter cap assembly having a removable scatter bar and methods of using the same
12/15/16Needle changing apparatus
12/08/16Systems and methods to increase rigidity and snag-resistance of catheter tip
12/01/16Lever and gear force multiplier medication delivery system for high pressure injection system
12/01/16Packaging method to enable re-sterilization of medical device
12/01/16Assay for chlamydia trachomatis by amplification and detection of chlamydia trachomatis pmpa gene
11/24/16Uv disinfection system for needleless connector
11/24/16Infusion set with anesthetic compound
11/24/16Drug delivery connectors
11/17/16Intradermal delivery of substances
11/10/16Catheter hole having an inclined trailing edge
11/10/16Bi-directional cannula feature capture mechanism
11/10/16Needleless connector and access port disinfection cleaner and antimicrobial protection cap
11/10/16Sers nanoparticles and methods for using the same
11/03/16Multiple-use intravenous catheter assembly septum and septum actuator
11/03/16System and automated sample preparation
11/03/16Detection of entamoeba nucleic acids
11/03/16Absorbance spectrum scanning flow cytometry
10/27/16Infusion set adhesive systems
10/27/16Syringe tip cap
10/20/16Catheter assemblies and injection molding processes and equipment for making the same
10/20/16Passively shielding needle device
10/13/16Luer connector
10/13/16Specimen collection container assembly
10/06/16Iv flow management systems and methods
10/06/16Systems and methods for improving catheter hole array efficiency
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10/06/16Devices and systems for molecular barcoding of nucleic acid targets in single cells
09/29/16Extended use medical device
09/29/16Auto-stop vent plug
09/29/16Anti-run dry membrane
09/29/16Iv membrane attachment systems and methods
09/29/16Iv membrane attachment systems and methods
09/29/16Container system for tissue stabilization for molecular and histopathology diagnostics
09/29/16System and determining fill volume in a container
09/15/16Biological fluid micro-sample management device
09/15/16Polymeric bodipy dyes and methods for using the same
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09/15/16Blood culture bottles with mechanisms for controlled release of substances into culture media
09/15/16Ultraviolet absorbing polymeric dyes and methods for using the same
09/08/16Activator attachment for blood control catheters
09/08/16Automated set-up for cell sorting
09/08/16Light collection making and using thereof
09/01/16Apparatus and monitoring blood glucose levels including convenient display of blood glucose value average and constituent values
09/01/16Devices and methods for manipulating components in a fluid sample
08/25/16Safety syringe having an automatic activated retractable needle
08/25/16Smart module for autoinjection devices
08/25/16Gardnerella vaginalis assay
08/25/16High-throughput single-cell analysis combining proteomic and genomic information
08/18/16Blood control catheter with antimicrobial needle lube
08/18/16Optical detection systems and methods of using the same
08/04/16Stabilization of blood ph during sample storage
08/04/16Blood sample management using open cell foam
07/28/16Antimicrobial compositions and methods for locking catheters
07/28/16Smart portable infusion pump
07/28/16Method and device for capturing a dose dialing event
07/28/16Dose capture device for syringes
07/28/16Air stop membrane for maintaining a fluid column in an iv set
07/28/16Iv set having an air stop membrane
07/28/16Antimicrobial inserts for stopcock medical connectors
07/28/16Density phase separation device
07/28/16Density phase separation device
07/28/16Method of efficient extraction of protein from cells
07/21/16Blood control iv catheter with antimicrobial properties
07/21/16Nephelometry determining the concentration of suspended particles in an array of sample containers
07/14/16Septum actuator with insertion depth limiter and compression compensator
07/07/16Medical waste containers and lids therefore
07/07/16Injection pen
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07/07/16Pen needle packaging
07/07/16Safety intravenous catheter with friction-based retention and disabling feature
07/07/16Methods and compositions for direct chemical lysis
07/07/16Method and system for validating changes in medical practice, procedures and product choice
06/30/16Medical devices for blood reflux prevention and methods of use
06/23/16Fluid exchange methods and devices
06/16/16Diagnosis of sepsis
06/16/16Methods for aligning a light source with a flow stream and systems thereof
06/16/16Methods for optically aligning light collection components and optically aligned light collection systems thereof
06/09/16Flow pathway subassembly
06/09/16Capillary action collection device and container assembly
06/09/16Flow pathway subassembly
06/09/16Syringe with visually coded needle hub
06/09/16Multi-stroke delivery pumping mechanism for a drug delivery device for high pressure injections
06/09/16Iv access port cap for providing antimicrobial protection
06/09/16Patient fluid line access valve antimicrobial cap/cleaner
06/09/16Patient fluid line access valve antimicrobial cap/cleaner
05/26/16Syringe with visually coded needle hub
05/19/16Safety blood collection assembly with indicator
05/19/16Retracting sheath detachable safety needle with moving spring
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05/19/16Mechanical separator for a biological fluid
05/19/16Mechanical separator for a biological fluid
05/19/16Methods and compositions for the detection of beta-lactamases
05/05/16Medical access device
04/21/16Unitized reagent strip
04/14/16Blood sample management using open cell foam
04/14/16Catheter locking solution having antimicrobial and anticoagulation properties
04/14/16Pen needle assembly for preventing under-torquing and over-torquing of pen needle
04/14/16Methods and disinfecting and reflux prevention flush syringe assembly
04/14/16Methods and disinfecting and reflux prevention flush syringe assembly
04/14/16Tensioning control device
04/14/16Syringe labeling device
04/14/16Blood sample management using open cell foam
03/31/16Control circuits for electrochemical pump with e-valves
03/31/16Cannula insertion detection
03/31/16Vacuum pressure regulators for use during blood collection
03/31/16Manual flow regulation for blood collection
03/31/16Medical device cap for drug transfer assembly
03/24/16Vacuum pressure regulators for use during blood collection
03/24/16Invisible antimicrobial glove and hand antiseptic
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03/24/16Drug delivery devices, systems, and methods
03/17/16Blood sampling system for improving draw success and reducing hemolysis
03/17/16Assisted medication filling and management
03/17/16Needle dispensing and storing medicament delivery device
03/17/16System and capturing dose information
03/17/16System for sorting and dispensing oral medications
03/17/16Imaging cartridge, pipette, and use for direct sputum smear microscopy
03/17/16Method for tagging material with surface-enhanced spectroscopy (ses)-active composite nanoparticles
03/10/16Apparatus and monitoring blood glucose levels including convenient display of blood glucose value average and constituent values
03/10/16Systems and methods to monitor proper disinfection of needleless connectors
03/10/16Devices and methods for dissociating a biological tissue sample
03/10/16Enhanced platen for pharmaceutical compounding
03/10/16System and preparing a pharmaceutical compound
03/10/16Aerodynamically streamlined enclosure for input devices of a medication preparation system
03/03/16Drug delivery device
02/25/16Pen needle dispensing apparatus
02/25/16Additive force device for drug delivery pen for intradermal medication injection
02/25/16Pen needle dispensing apparatus
02/25/16Pen needle dispensing apparatus
02/25/16Method and device for controlling drug pharmacokinetics
02/11/16Blood sampling device
02/11/16Medical device including an air evacuation system
02/11/16One-piece safety tube closure with film element
02/11/16Method and identification of bacteria
02/11/16Advanced detection of sepsis
02/11/16Cell sorter system and method
02/11/16Methods and kits for the diagnosis of influenza
02/04/16Continuous glucose monitoring on-body sensor having a visual display
02/04/16Smart adapter for infusion devices
02/04/16Systems and methods to compensate for compression forces in an intravascular device
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02/04/16Methods for processing whole blood samples, and compositions for use in practicing the same
01/28/16Continuous glucose monitoring on-body sensor
01/28/16Self-lubricating polymer composition
01/28/16Bacterial detection cartridge
01/28/16Detection of neisseria gonorrhoeaes
01/28/16Direct cgm connectivity to a cloud storage network
01/21/16Lancet device with first-drop removal
01/21/16Biological sample containment system and label
01/21/16Recycled resin compositions and disposable medical devices made therefrom
01/21/16Drug reconstitution system
01/21/16Method and delivering a therapeutic substance through an injection port
01/21/16Biological sample containment system and label
01/14/16Antimicrobial coating forming kink resistant feature on a vascular access device
01/14/16Fluid transfer device or set with retractable needle and septum
01/14/16Antimicrobial actuator for opening the side port of a ported catheter
01/14/16Intravenous needle assembly having blood dispensing capabilities
01/14/16Peripheral intravenous catheter with winged grip
01/14/16A improving analysis of microorganisms in complex matrices
01/07/16Internal cam metering pump
01/07/16Method for reducing or eliminating residue in a glass container and a glass container made in accordance therewith
12/31/15Shipping container integrating a sharps disposal container with a new product storage container
12/31/15Process tube and carrier tray
12/17/15User-actuated storage assembly for injection device
12/17/15Novel amphiphilic graft copolymers
12/17/15Chromophore compositions and methods of making and using the same
12/10/15Reduced size optical coupler for fluorescence detection
12/03/15Multifunctional glucose monitoring system and using the same
11/19/15Device and inhibiting movement of a medical device in a patient
11/19/15Pen needle assembly

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