Inventors on Bell Helicopter Textron Inc patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Bell Helicopter Textron Inc for 2018.
Note: Some Bell Helicopter Textron Inc-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Adam Anderson

Adam Bryant Anderson

Alan Carl Ewing

Alan H. Steinert

Andrew G. Baines

Andrew G. Baines

Andrew Jordan Birkenheuer

Brad J. Roberts

Brad John Roberts

Brent Chadwick Ross

Brent Chadwick Ross

Brent Randal Achttien

Brian Dale Obert

Bryan Linington

Carlos A. Fenny

Carlos Alexander Fenny

Chad Lewis Jarrett

Charles Eric Covington

Charles Hubert Speller, Jr.

Christopher E. Foskey

Christopher Edward Foskey

Christopher M. Bothwell

Christopher R. Jackson

Christopher R. Jackson

Chyau J. Tzeng

Clifton B. Day

Dalton T. Hampton

Daniel B. Robertson

Daniel Bryan Robertson

Daniel Frank Devitt

Daniel J. Sweigard

Daniel J. Sweigard

David Bryan Roberts

David E. Heverly, Ii

David G. Carlson

David L. Miller

David R. Bockmiller

Denver R. Whitworth

Douglas K. Wolfe

Dudley Smith

Dumitru Jitariu

Eric Thomas Bird

Eric W. Nottorf

Frank B. Stamps

Frank Brad Stamps

Frank Bradley Stamps

Frank Bradley Stamps

Frederick Sullivan Gay

Gary Cope

George R. Decker

George Ryan Decker

Glenn Shimek

Jacques Dionne

James Elbert King

James Elbert King

James Everett Kooiman

Jason Hoyle

Jason L. Hoyle

Jeffrey Bosworth

Jeffrey Matthew Williams

Jeffrey Matthew Williams

Jeffrey Paul Nissen

Jeremy Robert Chavez

John James Corrigan

John R. Mccullough

John Richard Mccullough

John Robert Wittmaak

Jon Damon Bennett

Karl R. Burge

Keith Alan Stanney

Keith David Weaver

Kirk L. Groninga

Kirk Landon Groninga

Kyle Thomas Cravener

Mark Dreier

Martin Peryea

Matthew Carl Vanbuskirk

Matthew E. Louis

Matthew W. Hendricks

Maurice Griffin

Michael Christopher Burnett

Michael J. Southerland

Michael Pujol

Michael R. Smith

Michael Reaugh Smith

Michael Scott Seifert

Nathan Gabriel Wu

Nicholas James Plagianos

Nicholas Plagianos

Paul K. Oldroyd

Richard Gingras

Robert Lee Fortenbaugh

Robert Reynolds

Rodney Keith Hale

Ryan T. Ehinger

Scott David Poster

Scott Poster

Shyhpyng Jack Shue

Stephen Dickison

Steve Ray Ivans

Steven Ivans

Steven R. Ivans

Steven Ray Ivans

Steven Ray Ivans

Sung K. Kim

Sylvain Tessier

Taeoh Lee

Thomas Mast

Tommie Lynn Wood

Troy Thomas Bushmire

Vance N. Cribb

Walter Riley

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