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Bell Helicopter Textron Inc
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc_20131212

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bell Helicopter Textron Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Bell Helicopter Textron Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/07/17 new patent  Variable directional thrust for helicopter tail anti-torque system
12/07/17 new patent  Anti-torque control using matrix of fixed blade pitch motor modules
12/07/17 new patent  Electric distributed propulsion anti-torque redundant power and control system
11/23/17Structurally biased proprotor blade assembly
11/23/17Aircraft load and vibration attenuation
11/16/17System and constructing composite structures without tooling dams
11/16/17Folding proprotor blade assembly having integral tang assembly
11/09/17Composite core and making same
11/09/17Rotor assembly with high lock-number blades
11/09/17Engine degredation management via multi-engine mechanical power control
11/09/17Task-based health data monitoring of aircraft components
11/02/17Rotorcraft fuel system having enhanced crash resistance
11/02/17Center pedestal display
11/02/17Aircraft procedural trainer interface
10/26/17Tiltrotor aircraft having journal bearing mounted pylon assemblies
10/26/17Tiltrotor aircraft having pillow block mounted pylon assemblies
10/26/17Tiltrotor aircraft having spherical bearing mounted pylon assemblies
10/26/17Tiltrotor aircraft having tip rib mounted pylon assemblies
10/26/17Increased capacity spherical lined bearings
10/19/17Interconnect drive system
10/19/17System and assisting in rotor speed control
10/12/17Joining structural members using foam
10/12/17Cable cutter system
10/12/17Fiber orientation to allow for automated ply placement with composite rotor yokes
10/12/17Aircraft component regime recognition
10/05/17Gearbox lubrication system
09/14/17Large cell core stiffened panels with solid inserts
09/14/17Adhesively joining airframe members at solid insert
09/14/17Mechanically joining airframe members at solid insert
09/14/17Gimbaled tail rotor hub with spherical elastomeric centrifugal force bearing for blade retention and pitch change articulation
09/14/17Soft in-plane and stiff out-of-plane rotor system
09/14/17Rotor hub vibration attenuator
09/07/17Adjustable blade-to-hub lead-lag damper attachment
08/24/17Driveshaft thermal barrier
08/24/17System and rotating rotor blades from a distance
08/17/17System and supporting a planetary carrier within a gearbox
08/10/17Heating tool
08/10/17Method of forming pressure pad or other flexible element for use during cure of composite materials
08/10/17Spar for a composite wing structure
08/10/17Composite rib assembly
08/10/17Engagement member for splicing a spar assembly
08/10/17Composite wing structure and methods of manufacture
08/10/17Joint member for a composite wing structure
08/10/17Maintaining drive system alignment in aircraft
08/03/17Systems and methods of constructing composite assemblies
08/03/17Sleeved bolt assemblies for aircraft engine mount assemblies
08/03/17Engine mount assemblies for aircraft
08/03/17Clamped splines for aircraft engine mount assemblies
08/03/17Beam springs for aircraft engine mount assemblies
08/03/17Tapered sockets for aircraft engine mount assemblies
07/20/17Multi-tiered conditional analysis engine
06/29/17Composite core with non-traditional geometries
06/22/17Aircraft component regime recognition
06/08/17Fuselage to wing attachment
06/08/17Tiltrotor with inboard engines
05/25/17Tiltrotor aircraft having rotary and non rotary flight modes
05/25/17Passive internal ice protection systems for engine inlets
05/25/17Situation responsive audio system
05/18/17Rotorcraft fly-by-wire control laws
05/18/17Maintaining drive system alignment in tiltrotor aircraft
05/11/17Strapped windshield assembly for rotorcraft
05/04/17Tilt-rotor over-torque protection from asymmetric gust
04/27/17Identification tags for tracking manufacturing of aircraft parts
04/06/17Autorotative enhancement system
03/30/17Unified control of multiple active systems for helicopter vibration suppression
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03/30/17Super capacitor based emergency lighting system
03/30/17Gear and lubricating a gear
03/30/17Hybrid emergency exit lighting system
03/16/17Modular tooling for manufacturing multi-cavity composite structures
03/16/17Modular mandrel for monolithic composite fuselage
03/16/17Composite rotor system using two race track style cantilevered yokes
03/16/17Ballistic-resistant cockpit display
03/09/17Engine flow measurement device
03/09/17Maximum filter flow predictor
02/09/17Control inceptor management system
02/09/17Rotorcraft rotor blade assembly
01/19/17Pilot assistance system
01/12/17Rotorcraft rotor blade assembly
12/29/16Electro-rheological elastomeric, variable-stiffness flight control device
12/29/16Landing aircrafts with optimal landing spot selection
Patent Packs
12/15/16Composite and metal hybrid gear
12/01/16Multiple power assurance check procedure for aircraft with an engine inlet barrier filter installed
11/24/16Jam-tolerant rotary control motor for hydraulic actuator valve
11/24/16Integrated aircraft hoist
11/24/16Controlled pump augmentation for active vibration isolation
11/24/16Infrared radiometric imaging inspection of steel parts
11/24/16Aircraft maintenance feedback system
11/24/16Aircraft fleet maintenance system
11/24/16Aircraft health feedback system
11/24/16Aircraft supplier feedback system
11/17/16Adaptive engine exhaust signature suppressor
10/27/16Composite manufacturing machine
10/27/16Method for the delivery of lubricant to a rotorcraft gearbox
10/20/16Foam stiffened structure and making the same
10/20/16Torsional anomalies detection system
10/13/16Rotorcraft component simulation using scan-based geometry
10/06/16Estimating thickness of a material layer on an aircraft
09/29/16Active vibration isolation with direct fluid actuation
09/29/16Composite yoke fitting for bearing attachment to rotorcraft blade
09/29/16System and determining direct damage tolerance allowables
09/29/16Electrical load monitoring system
09/22/16Hybrid composite-metal shaft
09/22/16Aircraft ground steering system
09/15/16Variable-thickness windshield
09/15/16Friction damper with centering flexure
09/15/16Compact linear hydraulic actuator
09/08/16Rotating sealing systems
08/25/16Helicopter skid landing gear
08/18/16Manufacture of thermoplastic core
08/18/16Self-referencing sensors for aircraft monitoring
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08/11/16Convertible tiltrotor aircraft
08/04/16Expanding flexible bladder to insert tool
08/04/16Magnetorheological haptic trim actuator
08/04/16Electro-hydraulic on-blade actuation system
08/04/16Magnetorheological actuator with torsional spring
07/21/16Aircraft landing gear
07/21/16Dynamic center of gravity determination
07/14/16Tail rotor actuation system
07/07/16Inspecting components using mobile robotic inspection systems
06/30/16Skin impact snubber
Patent Packs
06/23/16Flow restriction system for regulating dynamic pressure loss
06/16/16Method of making core-stiffened structure
06/16/16Infrared radiometric imaging inspection of steel parts
06/09/16Individual blade control utilizing pneumatic muscles
06/09/16Nanolevel dispersion of nanoparticles in hydrophobic materials
06/02/16Folding proprotor gimbal lock and blade lock mechanism
05/19/16Precipitation hardening steel with improved toughness and method
05/19/16Actuator utilizing pneumatic muscles
05/05/16Scissoring fold arrangement for dual plane four bladed rotor hubs
05/05/16Method and system for measuring torque in a tiltrotor aircraft
04/14/16Anti-drive mechanism for rise and fall rotating control systems
04/14/16Method of repairing a core stiffened structure
04/07/16Cable cutter system
03/31/16Joining structural members using foam
03/31/16Method of repairing a core stiffened structure
03/31/16Implementing steep delta wave technique to inspect joints
03/24/16Method for limiting interlaminar fatigue in composite laminate and a component incorporating the same
03/24/16Rotorcraft flapping lock
03/24/16Vibration control with active lag damper
03/24/16Lubrication system with passive valve
03/17/16Variable anhedral tip rotor blade
03/17/16Variable speed aircraft transmission
03/03/16Autorotative enhancement system
03/03/16Ultrasonic inspection of composite parts
02/25/16Rotorcraft autopilot control
02/25/16Apparatus for attaching a member to a core-stiffened structure and a combination thereof
02/18/16Coaxial counter-rotating rotor system
02/11/16Tail spar spring
02/04/16Tooling removing a damaged or defective bushing
02/04/16Method of attaching a composite member to a structure
Patent Packs
01/28/16Torque transfer system for a rotorcraft
01/28/16System and automation of rotorcraft entry into autorotation and maintenance of stabilized autorotation
01/28/16Series battery start controller
01/28/16Aircraft gaseous cooling system
12/24/15Rotating shaft damping with electro-rheological fluid
12/24/15Embedding fiber optic cables in rotorcraft composites
12/17/15Rotary pylon conversion actuator for tiltrotor aircraft
12/03/15Filters for aircraft engine inlets
12/03/15Rotorcraft bearing with rotation slip joint
11/26/15Adhesive application in rotorcraft connection joints
11/26/15Lightweight helicopter skid shoes
11/26/15Adjustable blade-to-hub lead-lag damper attachment
11/26/15Composite top case with embedded heat pipes
11/26/15High authority stability and control augmentation system
11/26/15Variable stiffness blanket with variable heating
11/19/15Method of making a composite article having an internal passageway
11/12/15Power safety instrument system
11/12/15Light-curable epoxy coating
11/05/15Fluid transfer chamber for aircraft fluid transmission lines
11/05/15Bearing raceway heat distribution using heat pipes
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10/29/15Elastomeric bearing having tapered layers
10/29/15Rotorcraft vibration isolation systems
10/22/15Rotorcraft flapping lock
10/22/15Rotorcraft actuator seal leakage monitor
10/15/15Adapter for aircraft fluid transmission lines
10/01/15Rotorcraft fly-by-wire control laws
10/01/15Speed control assembly and methods of using same
10/01/15Folding of rotorcraft rotor blades
10/01/15Aircraft prognostics health system
10/01/15Aircraft prognostics health system
10/01/15Aircraft prognostics health system
10/01/15Aircraft prognostics health system
10/01/15Spring tension adjustment mechanism
09/24/15Magnetorheological flight control clutch system
09/24/15Hybrid fluid elastomeric damper
09/17/15Dual pressure control for a rotor brake actuator for vertical lift aircraft
09/17/15Retention systems for rotorcraft pedal assemblies
09/10/15In-situ, multi-stage debulk, compaction, and single stage curing of thick composite repair laminates
09/10/15Articulated main rotor hub with inwardly cf bearing and 3% flapping hinge offset
09/03/15Customizable pedal system
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08/27/15Strapped windshield assembly for rotorcraft
08/27/15Rotorcraft elastomeric bearing assembly
08/27/15Non-metallic debris monitoring system
08/20/15Broad goods composite yoke for rotor system
08/20/15System and avoiding inadvertant entry into an unsafe vertical descent speed region for rotorcraft
08/06/15Variable hub-to-hub phasing rotor system
08/06/15Magnetorheological rotorcraft actuation system
08/06/15Magnetorheological rotorcraft actuator
08/06/15System and improving a workpiece
07/30/15Direct drive rotation device for passively moving fluid
07/30/15Hybrid spherical and thrust bearing
07/23/15Active vibration control system with non-concentric revolving masses
07/09/15Automated magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant defect detection system
07/09/15Automated nital etch inspection system
06/25/15Rotor hub damper for a rotorcraft
06/25/15Method of securing composite core during a manufacturing process
06/25/15Method of splicing composite core
06/25/15Method of manufacturing net edge core and a bonding net edge core to a substructure
06/25/15Collective pitch integration with control power management system
06/25/15Rotor hub for a rotorcraft
06/25/15Rotor hub damper for a rotorcraft
06/11/15Stiff-in-plane rotor configuration
05/28/15Multi-directional load joint system
05/21/15Helicopter transmission mount system
05/21/15Rotor hub elastomeric bearing
05/21/15Elastomeric spherical bearing assembly and structural member incorporating the same
05/21/15Helicopter transmission mount system
05/21/15Fly-by-wire engine power control system
05/07/15Drive link for tiltrotor rotor system
05/07/15Rotor hub for a rotorcraft
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04/30/15Estimating thickness of a material layer on an aircraft
04/23/15Door migration prevention system
04/23/15Rotor brake with integrated impeller
04/23/15Rotor break control system
04/16/15Actuation system for an active blade element of a rotor blade
04/09/15Engine mounted inlet plenum for a rotorcraft
04/02/15System and monitoring wear in a bearing
03/26/15Mechanical and magnetic control system for magnetorheological actuators
03/26/15Dual pressure control for a rotor brake actuator for vertical lift aircraft
03/19/15Rotor blade and structural system for coupling the rotor blade in a rotor hub
03/12/15Direct drive rotation device for passively moving fluid
03/12/15Rotor position determination system with magneto-resistive sensors
03/05/15Dual series pitch link bearing
03/05/15Systems and methods of constructing composite assemblies
02/26/15Rotor system with torque-splitter assembly
02/19/15Fixed engine and rotating proprotor arrangement for a tiltrotor aircraft
02/19/15Method and apparatus of connecting a fixed drive system to a rotating drive system for a tiltrotor aircraft
02/12/15Active vent and re-inflation system for a crash attentuation airbag
02/05/15Composite flexure for tiltrotor rotor system
02/05/15Method of configuring composite core in a core stiffened structure and a structure incorporating the same
01/29/15System and detecting sensor leakage
01/29/15Rotor blade erosion protection system
01/29/15Avionics system adapted for employing smartphone to input-output flight data
01/15/15Vehicle crewstation seat assembly
01/08/15System and rotorcraft usage monitoring
01/01/15Independent hydraulic control system for rotorcraft secondary rotor
12/25/14Rotorcraft anti-torque control system
12/11/14System and assisting in rotor speed control
11/13/14Variable lower limit collective governor to improve recovery

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