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Blackberry Limited
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Blackberry Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Blackberry Limited. Blackberry Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Blackberry Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Blackberry Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Determining a boundary associated with image data
10/19/17 new patent  Authenticating messages
10/19/17 new patent  Securing image data detected by an electronic device
10/19/17 new patent  Dectecting and warning of base stations with a security risk
10/12/17Displaying a calendar view
10/12/17Method and system for detection and resolution of frustration with a device user interface
10/12/17Method and adaptive impedance matching
10/12/17Provisioning enterprise services
10/12/17Managed object to provision a device according to one of plural provisioning techniques
10/12/17Mechanisms to support ue power preference signaling
10/05/17System and uplink timing synchronization in conjunction with discontinuous reception
10/05/17Exchange and use of globally unique device identifiers for circuit-switched and packet switched integration
10/05/17Monitoring packet routes
10/05/17Dynamically managing band capability
10/05/17Method and user equipment directed radio resource control in a umts network
09/28/17Apparatus, system and call notifications to active communication devices
09/21/17Processing certificate validation warnings
09/21/17Methods and use in facilitating the communication of neighboring network information to a mobile terminal with use of a radius compatible protocol
09/21/17System and reducing decoding for carrier power control
09/21/17Mitigating interference between co-located wireless technologies
09/14/17Method and voice control of a mobile device
09/14/17Method and adjusting the timing of radio antenna tuning
09/14/17Method and radio antenna frequency tuning
09/14/17Method and i-q decoupled ofdm modulation and demodulation
09/14/17Multi-carrier operation for wireless systems
09/07/17Accessing enterprise resources
09/07/17Device and adjusting an output to an audio port based on a determined sensitivity
09/07/17Provisioning a device in a network
09/07/17Releasing connections with local gw when ue moves out of residential/enterprise network coverage
08/31/17User interface methods and use in communicating text and photo messages
08/31/17Slider authenticator
08/31/17System and accelerated rendering of two-dimensional graphics
08/31/17Phich transmission in time division duplex systems
08/31/17Method and a dual radio user equipment
08/31/17System and determining trust for sip messages
08/31/17Method for saving an image from a camera application of a portable electronic device
08/31/17Method for accessing a service unavailable through a network cell
08/24/17Portable electronic device and providing haptic feedback
08/24/17Sharing contents between applications
08/24/17System and modulation and coding scheme adaptation and power control in a relay network
08/24/17Mobile media content delivery
08/24/17Methods and system for protocol layer enhancements in data offload over small cells
08/24/17Multi-beam cellular communication system
08/24/17Simplified ue + enb messaging
08/17/17Managing resource access
08/17/17Methods and devices for distributing content to an electronic device
08/17/17Camera flash for improved color balance
08/10/17Access control for digital data
08/10/17Rolling intra prediction for image and video coding
08/03/17Application lifecycle operation queueing
08/03/17Managed parental controls
08/03/17Indoor positioning systems and meeting room occupancy
07/27/17Distribution of licenses for a third-party service operating in association with a licensed first-party service
07/27/17Trusted execution environment
07/27/17Wireless network service transaction protocol
07/20/17Selectively wiping a remote device
07/20/17Detecting the number of transmit antennas in a base station
07/20/17Managing access to resources
07/20/17Device with a front facing camera having discrete focus positions
07/20/17Verifying a certificate
07/20/17Methods and selectng a base station transceiver system based on service communication type
07/20/17Service mode display on a handheld communication device
07/20/17Resource scheduling in direct device to device communications systems
07/13/17Device, collecting user-based insurance data in vehicles
07/13/17Transferring from a cellular network to asynchronous communications
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07/06/17Mobile transceiver with adaptive monitoring and reporting
07/06/17Barrier for a lens
07/06/17Electronic device and displaying information in response to a gesture
07/06/17Mobile transceiver having selectable travel modes and a operation
07/06/17Communications system providing automatic text-to-speech conversion features and related methods
07/06/17Method and detecting an abnormal antenna condition
07/06/17Method and mobile transceiver for asset tracking
07/06/17Determination of appropriate radio resource to be requested in case of a circuit-switched (cs) fallback procedure
07/06/17Systems and methods for mobile stations to identify radio access technologies
07/06/17Method and multi-sim selection
07/06/17Method and mobile transceiver for asset tracking
06/29/17Negotiation of quality of service (qos) information for network management traffic in a wireless local area network (wlan)
06/29/17Transmission of information in a wireless communication system
06/22/17Virtual collection of entities in sync process
06/22/17Adaptive binarizer selection for image and video coding
Patent Packs
06/22/17Binarizer selection for image and video coding
06/22/17System and providing traffic notifications to mobile devices
06/22/17Controlling data offload in response to feedback information
06/22/17System and multi-carrier network operation
06/15/17Populating contact information
06/15/17User interface and viewing unified communications events on a mobile device
06/08/17Enhanced display of interactive elements in a browser
06/08/17Electronic device including battery and controlling same for charging the battery
06/08/17Electronic device with nfc antenna adjacent display and related methods
06/08/17E-mail proxy
06/08/17Device, enabling multiple wirless communication devices to communicate with a trusted network via a secure connection
06/08/17System and modifying policy settings in an electronic device
06/08/17Multicast control channel design
06/08/17System and multi-carrier network operation
06/01/17Methods and apparatus to discover authentication information in a wireless networking environment
06/01/17Design on enhanced control channel for wireless system
05/25/17User interface a vehicle navigation device
05/25/17Method of providing tactile feedback and apparatus
05/25/17Method and dynamic session placeholder for message collection user interface
05/25/17Methods and devices for efficient feature matching
05/25/17Key with integral biometric input device
05/25/17Method and system for implementing usage restrictions on profiles downloaded to an mobile device
05/25/17Systems and methods for providing alternate line selection information on a mobile device
05/25/17Sharing channels in a licensed-assisted access in long term evolution operation
05/18/17Utilizing camera to assist with indoor pedestrian navigation
05/18/17Method and identification of a mobile device peripheral
05/18/17System and controlling configuration settings for mobile communication devices and services
05/18/17Methods and devices for context set selection
05/18/17System and conserving power for a wireless device while maintaining a connection to a network
05/11/17Methods and devices for selecting objects in images
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05/11/17System and enhancing a proximity warning sound
05/11/17Establishing a session initiation protocol session
05/11/17Methods and managing notifications for service events
05/11/17Camera-based accessory classification
05/11/17Method and apparatus pertaining to the dynamic handling of incoming calls
05/11/17Identifying a subframe containing information relating to an uplink grant
05/11/17Gateway selection controlled by network
05/04/17System and owner application control of electronic devices
05/04/17Method and device for supressing ambient noise in a speech signal generated at a microphone of the device
05/04/17Wireless transmission of real-time media
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05/04/17Electronic device and managing data transfer
05/04/17Multi-bit information hiding using overlapping subsets
05/04/17Accommodating hybrid ipv4v6 network support
04/27/17Stateful integration of a vehicle information system user interface with mobile device operations
04/27/17Launching an application
04/27/17Electronic device and searching data records
04/27/17Message sender authentication
04/27/17Executing process monitoring
04/27/17Token-based control of software installation and operation
04/27/17Providing security assurance information
04/27/17Method for priming inbox and conversations during initial synchronization of messages
04/27/17Handling authentication failures in wireless communication systems
04/27/17Detecting malicious applications
04/27/17Preventing messaging attacks
04/27/17Autofocusing a macro object by an imaging device
04/27/17Auto-focus control in a camera to prevent oscillation
04/27/17Detecting resource access
04/27/17Monitoring resource access
04/27/17Methods and devices for performing proximity discovery
04/20/17Method for providing wireless application privilege management
04/20/17Providing secondary coverage in a mobile communication system
04/20/17Communication stations and methods for transmitting on a random access channel
04/20/17Methods and enabling further l1 enhancements in lte heterogeneous networks
04/13/17Electronic device and rendering secondary characters
04/13/17Displaying items on handheld devices
04/13/17Wireless transmission of real-time media
04/13/17Changing topology of wireless peer-to-peer group
04/06/17System and mitigating unintended operation
04/06/17Method and movable assembly position sensing and virtual keyboard display
04/06/17Private data exchange
Patent Packs
04/06/17Apparatus and processing media content
04/06/17Establishing a voice call
04/06/17Methods and controlling power consumption in an electronic device with a communication subsystem
03/30/17Data access control based on storage validation
03/30/17Policy proxy
03/30/17For small cell demodulation reference signal and initial synchronization
03/30/17Method and enabling transmission in a slotted radio data communication system by pausing data reception
03/23/17Mobile communications device providing heuristic security authentication features and related methods
03/23/17Method and adapting a variable impedance network
03/23/17Receiving public warning system data
03/16/17Altering sampling rate to thwart attacks that involve analyzing hardware sensor output
03/16/17Portable electronic device including keyboard and controlling same
03/16/17Portable electronic device including touch-sensitive display and controlling selection of information
03/16/17Shared image database with geographic navigation
03/16/17Controlling access by code
03/16/17Generating adaptive notification
03/16/17Electronic device and providing digital photograph information
03/16/17Pre-association discovery of services
03/16/17Multi-user mimo systems and methods
03/09/17Method of automatic scheduling, related devices and communication system
Social Network Patent Pack
03/09/17Communication device, establishing communications using the subscriber identity data of another communication device
03/09/17Sending location information from within a communication application
03/09/17Merging active group calls
03/09/17Sending data rate information to a wireless access network node
03/09/17Methods of performing cell change without receiving description of resources in a target cell
03/09/17Suspending a connection in a wireless communication system
03/02/17Electronic device and messaging meeting invitees
03/02/17Emulating bi-directional bus communication using separate unidirectional channels
03/02/17Suspicious portable device movement determination
03/02/17Method and system for asset tracking in an enterprise environment
03/02/17Method and device for mitigating wind noise in a speech signal generated at a microphone of the device
03/02/17Video coding with delayed reconstruction
03/02/17Optimized short message transport
03/02/17System and determining establishment causes for emergency sessions
03/02/17Method and apparatus to enable multiple wireless connections
03/02/17Configuring a discard timer
02/23/17Method to pre-select folders to synchronize during initial email activation on a mobile device
02/16/17Delivery mechanisms for deployment of releases of packages to endpoints
02/16/17Groups of endpoints and targeting of releases and packages to endpoints
02/16/17Management of upgradeable endpoints
Social Network Patent Pack
02/16/17Method and system for transaction diagnostics
02/16/17Methods and providing session policy during a registration of a device
02/16/17Scaling in perceptual image and video coding
02/16/17Network access identifier including an identifier for a cellular access network node
02/16/17System and handling peripheral connections to mobile devices
02/16/17Uplink resource scheduling control in response to channel busy condition
02/09/17Method and device for attaching messages stored at a device as attachments to a message being composed at the device
02/09/17System and methods for data communications in a wireless communication system
02/09/17Discontinuous reception configuration
02/09/17Systems and methods for data offload in wireless networks
02/02/17Device and distributed database keyword searching
02/02/17Method for wirelessly transmitting content from a source device to a sink device
02/02/17System and automatic detection and enablement of a virtual sim on a mobile device
02/02/17Handheld electronic device and associated method providing time data in a messaging environment
02/02/17User interface and viewing short messages on a wireless device
02/02/17Establishing machine type communications
02/02/17Enhanced public warning system to provide rich content
02/02/17System and drx control and nack/ack
01/26/17Keyboard and touch screen gesture system
01/26/17Method and radio frequency tuning utilizing a determined use case
01/26/17Significance map encoding and decoding using partition selection
01/26/17Indoor positioning systems and wireless fingerprints
01/26/17Indoor positioning systems and meeting room occupancy
01/26/17Computing device with environment aware features
01/26/17Method for accessing a service unavailable through a network cell
01/19/17Communication system providing data transfer direction determination based upon motion and related methods
01/19/17Apparatus and transmitting messages in mobile telecommunications system user equipment
01/12/17Portable electronic device including keyboard and controlling same
01/12/17Thin film capacitors
01/12/17Method and device for prioritizing messages based on based on originating time zone
Social Network Patent Pack
01/12/17Public key encryption algorithms for hard lock file encryption
01/12/17Securing lawful interception
01/12/17Controlling transmission of a wireless device associated with multiple access points
01/12/17System and determining a location for a device in a communication network
01/12/17Systems and methods for managing a ue-to-network relay
01/12/17Method and state/mode transitioning
01/05/17Method of interference cancellation and detection of erroneous neighbour cell measurements
01/05/17Geographically-organized neighbor cell lists
01/05/17Method and system to authenticate multiple ims identities
12/29/16Private text chatting sessions
12/29/16Exchange and use of globally unique device identifiers for circuit-switched and packet switched integration
12/29/16Merging active group calls
12/29/16System and semi-persistent and dynamic scheduling and discontinuous reception control
12/22/16Segment pattern entry based authentication
12/22/16Method and managing interference in a communication device
12/22/16Managing vpn connectivity for data communications
12/22/16Managing use of network resources
12/22/16Passive audio headset compatible with binaural recording and off-headset noise cancellation
12/22/16Method and providing files to electronic devices
12/22/16Method and relay node for mobile relay enablement
12/22/16Mobility in a distributed antenna system
12/22/16System and managing emergency requests
12/15/16Calendar event time zone preview
12/15/16Touch control apparatus with fingerprint identification function
12/15/16Headphones using multiplexed microphone signals to enable active noise cancellation
12/15/16Relay link harq operation
12/15/16Methods and devices for coding binary symbols as n-tuples
12/15/16Methods and devices for facilitating bluetooth pairing using a camera as a barcode scanner
12/15/16Pseudo-interactive input processing in wireless environments

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