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Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas Systems
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System A Texas University
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20100107
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20100128
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20131212
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20100114

Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System patents

Recent patent applications related to Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System. Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System, we're just tracking patents.

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05/26/16Treatment of brain cancer with oncolytic adenovirus
05/21/15High throughput sequencing of multiple transcripts of a single cell
01/24/13Medical and imaging nanoclusters
09/08/11Fluidics based pulsatile perfusion preservation device and method
05/06/10Composition, method and use of bi-functional biomaterials
12/14/17 new patent  Compositions and methods for the liquid-phase separation of isomers of aromatic molecules
12/14/17 new patent  Adaptive optimization for dynamic room pressurization control
12/14/17 new patent  Methods for sample characterization
12/14/17 new patent  Pipelined sar adc using comparator as a voltage-to-time converter with multi-bit second stage
12/14/17 new patent  Systems and methods for scheduling of workload-aware jobs on multi-clouds
12/14/17 new patent  Apparatus and configuring a vertical interconnection access and a pad on a 3d printed circuit utilizing a pin
12/07/17Swirl torch igniter
12/07/17Integration of monolayer graphene with a semiconductor device
12/07/17Swirl torch igniter
11/30/17Compositions and methods for inhibition of autophagy
11/30/17Viscoelastic liquid-cooled actuator
11/30/17Heterocyclic inhibitors of ptpn11
11/30/17Anti-cd19 scfv (fmc63) polypeptide
11/30/17Maintainable liquid cooling jacket for motors
11/23/17Gene modified immune effector cells and engineered cells for expansion of immune effector cells
11/23/17Precision alignment of the substrate coordinate system relative to the inkjet coordinate system
11/23/17Real-time laser control for powder bed fusion
11/23/17Chimeric antigen receptors (car) to selectively target protein complexes
11/23/17High-throughput imaging platform
11/23/17Magnetic nanoparticles, bulk nanocomposite magnets, and production thereof
11/23/17Energy-filtered cold electron devices and methods
11/16/17Blood coagulometer and method
11/16/17Compositions and methods for improving the anti-fouling properties of polyethersulfone membranes
11/16/17Systems and methods for volumetric powder bed fusion
11/16/17Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
11/16/17Lubricant compositions comprising core-shell nanoparticles
11/16/17Thermostable reverse transcriptase
11/16/17Engineered fungi for itaconic acid production
11/09/17Volatile eluent preparation
11/02/17Inhibitors of grb2-associated binding protein 1 (gab1) and methods of treating cancer using the same
11/02/17Mirna for treating cancer and for use with adoptive immunotherapies
11/02/17Delivery of small interfering rna and micro rna through nanogels containing hydrophobic pseudo-peptides
11/02/17Anti-adhesive barrier membrane using alginate and hyaluronic acid for biomedical applications
11/02/17Methods of additive manufacturing
11/02/17Sensor assembly, method, and device for monitoring shear force and pressure on a structure
11/02/17Systems and methods for performing cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy
11/02/17Enhanced sensitivity of graphene gas sensors using molecular doping
11/02/17Enhanced nanoscale gas chromatography
11/02/17In-situ diagnostics and control material extrusion 3d printing
10/26/17Tissue sampling system
10/26/17Systems and methods for measuring magnetic fields produced within an electron microscope
10/19/17Systems, apparatuses and methods for controlling prosthetic devices by gestures and other modalities
10/19/17Pharmaceutical targeting of a mammalian cyclic di-nucleotide signaling pathway
10/19/17Systems and methods of continuously producing encapsulated liquid water
10/19/17Coupled memristor devices to enable feedback control and sensing of micro/nanoelectromechanical actuator and sencors
10/19/17Use of clonal evolution analysis for ibrutinib resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients
10/19/17Systems and methods for wireless temperature sensing
10/19/17Method and system for an ontology, including a representation of unified medical language system (umls) using simple knowledge organization system (skos)
10/19/17Alkali-metal batteries with a dendrite-free anode interfacing an organic liquid electrolyte
10/12/17Gls1 inhibitors for treating disease
10/12/17Conductive self-healing network
10/05/17Altering temperature in a mammalian body
10/05/17Formulations of testosterone and methods of treatment therewith
10/05/17Modeling of nanoparticle agglomeration and powder bed formation in microscale selective laser sintering systems
10/05/17Blocking monoclonal antibodies to agr2 and its receptor c4.4a
10/05/17Cavity enhancement methods, systems and devices, and methods of measuring same
10/05/17System and emulation of a quantum computer
10/05/17Anisotropic metamaterials for electromagnetic compatibility
09/28/17Methods for treating gi syndrome and graft versus host disease
09/28/17Methods of making and using bioadhesive compositions
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09/28/17Direct crispr spacer acquisition from rna by a reverse-transcriptase-cas1 fusion protein
09/28/17Single molecule peptide sequencing
09/21/17Anti-ox40 antibodies and methods of using the same
09/21/17Thiourethane polymers, synthesis thereof and use in additive manufacturing technologies
09/21/17Silicon quantum dot optical probes
09/14/17Systems and methods for precision inkjet printing
09/07/17Nerve treatment methods
09/07/17Hydrogel membrane for adhesion prevention
09/07/17Inhibition of pulmonary fibrosis with nutlin-3a and peptides
09/07/17Methods and systems for control of parallel connected motor drives
08/31/17Texaphyrin-pt(iv) conjugates and compositions for use in overcoming platinum resistance
08/31/17Methods and compositions for recovery of residual oil from a porous structure
08/31/17Masonry wall assembly
08/31/17Photonic curing of nanocrystal films for photovoltaics
08/31/17Electrode design and low-cost fabrication assembling and actuation of miniature motors with ultrahigh and uniform speed
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08/24/17Block polymers for sub-10 nm patterning
08/24/17Identifying peptides at the single molecule level
08/17/17Method and system for producing functionally graded structures in powder bed fusion processing
08/17/17Methods of determining properties of subsurface formations using low salinity water injection
08/17/17Self-assembled nanostructure bolometers and methods of use thereof
08/17/17Eliminating reciprocity constraints in radiating and scattering systems with spatio-temporal modulation
08/10/17Submersible warming device
08/10/17Multi-modal fiber optic probe and spectroscopy system
08/10/17Human application of engineered chimeric antigen receptor (car) t-cells
08/10/17Connecting metal foils/wires and components in 3d printed substrates with wire bonding
08/10/17Indoline sulfonamide inhibitors of dape and ndm-1 and use of the same
08/10/17Ionic barristor
08/10/17High temperature humidification membranes
08/03/17Salts of heterocyclic modulators of hif activity for treatment of disease
08/03/17Methods and therapeutic combinations for treating tumors
08/03/17Methods and compositions for modification of hla
08/03/17Prediction of response to parp inhibitors and combinational therapy targeting c-met and parp1
08/03/17Antibodies with high affinity for alpha-klotho
07/27/17Non-invasive radiofrequency field treatment for cancer therapy
07/27/17Digital geologic compass/inclinometer system and method
07/27/17Determining distance to a target object utilizing wireless devices operating as radar devices
07/27/17Device-free tracking system that accurately tracks hand movement
07/27/17Magnetic-free non-reciprocal devices exhibiting non-reciprocity through angular momentum biasing
07/20/17Sea water reverse osmosis system to reduce concentrate volume prior to disposal
07/20/17Blue light-inducible system for gene expression
07/20/17Sea water reverse osmosis system to reduce concentrate volume prior to disposal
07/13/17Permeative amine or acid introduction for very weak acid detection in ion chromatography
07/06/17Syndecan-4 proteoliposomes for enhanced cutaneous wound healing and minimized inflammatory immune response
06/29/17Chimeric antigen receptors and methods of making
06/29/17Lmi-based control of stick-slip oscillations in drilling
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06/29/17Conducting polymers for direct sensing of metal ions
06/22/17System and methods for quantitatively describing biophysical markers
06/22/17Compositions and methods for growing autologous biological tissue
06/22/17Microfluidic devices for the rapid detection of analytes
06/22/17Salt forms and polymorphs of (r)-1-(4-(6-(2-(4-(3,3-difluorocyclobutoxy)-6-methylpyridin-2-yl)acetamido) pyridazin-3-yl)-2-fluorobutyl)-n-methyl-1h-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxamide
06/22/17Inhibition of bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk) in the lung to treat severe lung inflammation and lung injury
06/22/17Nanostructured electrodes and methods of making and use thereof
06/22/17Plant growth media
06/15/17Sperm-specific cation channel, catsper2, and uses therefor
06/15/17Enhanced delivery of immunosuppressive drug compositions for pulmonary delivery
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06/15/17Carbon nano tube based antennas
06/15/17Solar powered thermal distillation with zero liquid discharge
06/15/17Phenol-alkoxylate co-solvent surfactant composition
06/15/17Transgenic bacteria with expanded amino acid usage and nucleic acid molecules for use in the same
06/15/17Variant annotation, analysis and selection tool
06/15/17Nanostructured conducting films with a heterogeneous dopant distribution and methods of making and use thereof
06/08/17Nucleobase analogue derivatives and their applications
06/08/17Mucin-associated surface protein as a vaccine against chagas disease
06/08/17Photochemical processes and compositions for methane reforming using transition metal chalcogenide photocatalysts
06/08/17Chimeric antigen receptors (car) and methods for making and using the same
06/08/17Accurately tracking a mobile device to effectively enable mobile device to control another device
06/01/17Epidermal sensor system and process
06/01/17Antimicrobial solutions with enhanced stability
06/01/17Stat3 inhibitor
05/25/17Compounds for treating biofilm infection
05/25/17Systems and methods for cloud-based radiation therapy treatment planning
05/25/17Light co-solvent compositions
05/25/17Gene mutations and copy number alterations of egfr, kras and met
05/25/17Systems and methods for identifying anomalous radiation measurements
05/18/17Ordering block copolymers
05/18/17Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
05/18/17Ionic liquid films with multiple functionalities for surface modification of biomedical alloys
05/18/17Cementitious compositions comprising a non-aqueous fluid and an alkali-activated material
05/18/17Method to increase gravity drainage rate in oil-wet/mixed-wet fractured reservoir
05/18/17Hydrocarbon detection in oil and gas wells using fiber optic sensing cables
05/18/17Methods of tailoring the deposition of metals using self-assembled monolayers
05/18/17Network routing system, method, and computer program product
05/11/17Method of synthesizing polysaccharide conjugates and cancer therapy
05/11/17Radiation therapy with segmented beams of protons and other ions
05/11/17Three-electrode buffer generator and method
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05/11/17Multi-field overlay control in jet and flash imprint lithography
05/04/17Stabilized hme composition with small drug particles
05/04/17Method and system for ontology driven data collection and processing
05/04/17Parity-time symmetric metasurfaces and metamaterials
05/04/17Noise-shaping successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter
04/27/17Plasma membrane vesicles comprising functional transmembrane proteins
04/27/17Volatile anesthetic compositions and methods of use
04/27/17Sensor assembly, for monitoring shear force and pressure on a structure
04/27/17Plasmonic-magnetic bifunctional nanotubes for biological applications
04/27/17Integration of air-sensitive two-dimensional materials on arbitrary substrates for the manufacturing of electronic devices
04/20/17Versatile process for precision nanoscale manufacturing
04/20/17Electrochromic-thermochromic devices and methods of making and use thereof
04/13/17Metal-polysaccharide conjugates: methods for cancer therapy
04/13/17Transistor that employs collective magnetic effects thereby providing improved energy efficiency
04/06/17Use of leptin for treating human lipoatrophy and determining predisposition to said treatment
04/06/17Method of fabrication for the repair and augmentation of part functionality of metallic components
04/06/17Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
04/06/17Nonlinear metasurfaces based on plasmonic resonators coupled to intersubband transitions
04/06/17Membraneless direct liquid fuel cells
03/30/17Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis
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03/30/17Prophylaxis against cancer metastasis
03/30/17Non-linear flow path devices and methods for cell culture
03/30/17Air foil bearings having multiple pads
03/30/17Multi-layer carbon-sulfur cathodes
03/30/17Systems and methods for generating power using a combustion source
03/30/17Statistical estimation-based noise reduction technique for low power successive approximation register analog-to-digital converters
03/23/17Systems and methods for detecting tremors
03/23/17Combinatorial platform for the display of surface adjuvants and antigens
03/23/17Thermally stable amines for co2 capture
03/23/17Molecular imprinting of west nile antibodies with physiological ph matching
03/23/17Polybenzimidazoles and methods of making and using thereof
03/23/17Eliminating fouling in hydrocarbon pipelines by electrical techniques
03/23/17Systems and methods for containerizing multilayer image segmentation
03/23/17Predicting a viewer's quality of experience
03/16/17Methods and systems for noninvasive fluorescence-based functional imaging of kidneys
03/16/17Treatments for gastrointestinal conditions
03/16/17Nucleic acid amplificiation techniques and methods for detecting bacterial infection
03/16/17Heat pipes with electrical pumping of condensate
03/16/17Local effective permeability measurements for complex porous structures
03/16/17Natural ear
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03/09/17Multifunctional nanoparticle cancer diagnosis and combination therapy
03/09/17Nanowire-based magnets and methods of making same
03/09/17Humanized pertussis antibodies and uses thereof
03/09/17Lubricant compositions
03/02/17Compositions comprising citrate and applications thereof
03/02/17Administration of kynurenine depleting enzymes for tumor therapy
03/02/17Controlled release nanoparticulate matter delivery system
03/02/17Systems and methods for measuring relative permeability from unsteady state saturation profiles
03/02/17Therapies for cancer using rlip76
03/02/17Analysis of genomic dna, rna, and proteins in exosomes for diagnosis and theranosis
03/02/17Method and wire handling and embedding on and within 3d printed parts
02/23/17Maintenance of reduced core mammalian body temperature
02/23/17Hybrid foil bearings having integrated gas flow paths
02/23/17Evicting appropriate cache line using a replacement policy utilizing belady's optimal algorithm
02/16/17Gemini epoxide surfactant compositions
02/16/17Application of induced pluripotent stem cells to generate adoptive cell therapy products
02/16/17Engineered primate l-methioninase for therapeutic purposes
02/16/17Connector and gas-liquid separator for combined electric submersible pumps and beam lift or progressing cavity pumps
02/16/17Polarization-sensitive spectral interferometry
02/16/17Method and system for text understanding in an ontology driven platform
02/09/17Noninvasive therapies in the presence of exogenous particulate agents
02/09/17Branched siloxanes and methods for synthesis
02/09/17Graphene-based coatings
02/09/17Metal nanocluster beacons for detection of epigentic modifications
02/02/17Implant compositions for the unidirectional delivery of therapeutic compounds to the brain
02/02/17Solar energy forecasting
02/02/17Methods for producing electrochromic films by low temperature condensation of polyoxometalates
01/26/17Novel formulations of volatile anesthetics and methods of use for reducing inflammation
01/19/17Simultaneous quantification of a plurality of proteins in a user-defined region of a cross-sectioned tissue
01/12/17Novel cyp-eicosanoid derivatives
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01/12/17Masonry wall assembly
01/12/17Graphene/metal nanowire hybrid transparent conductive films
01/12/17Method and extended phase correction in phase sensitive magnetic resonance imaging
01/12/17Energy-filtered cold electron devices and methods
01/12/17Digital imaging and analysis system
01/12/17Multi-layered 3d printed laser direct structuring for electrical interconnect and antennas
01/05/17Drug disposal system
01/05/17Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
01/05/17Combustion engine linkage systems
01/05/17Cathode additive for rechargeable sodium batteries
12/29/16Antimicrobial compositions comprising glyceryl nitrates
12/29/16System and device for preventing attacks in real-time networked environments
12/22/16Lipid nanodiscs and nanorods as modulators of clotting factor function in vivo
12/22/16Water solvated glass/amorphous solid ionic conductors
12/22/16Injection molded noise abatement assembly and deployment system
12/22/16Staircase avalanche photodiode with a staircase multiplication region composed of an alinassb alloy
12/15/16Antiparasitic compositions and methods utilizing substituted 5,5,7,7-tetramethyl- 4,5,6,7-tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]pyridine derivatives
12/01/16Chlamydomonas strains with chloroplast-expressed cry proteins for biological control of mosquitoes that transmit disease
12/01/16Histone deacetylase 6 selective inhibitors for the treatment of cisplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy
12/01/16Cathode additive for rechargeable lithium batteries
12/01/16Monolithic tunable terahertz radiation source using nonlinear frequency mixing in quantum cascade lasers
11/24/16Regenerative interface electrode
11/24/16Inks, piezoresistive sensors, and conductive materials on flexible substrates
11/24/16Tag with a non-metallic metasurface that converts incident light into elliptically or circularly polarized light regardless of polarization state of the incident light
11/17/16Sulfur-hydroxylated graphene nanocomposites for rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries and methods of making the same
11/17/16Surface micromachined microphone with broadband signal detection
11/17/16Wireless communication methods, systems, and computer program products
11/10/16Methods and systems for the electrochemical detection of analytes
11/10/16System and fusion of camera and global navigation satellite system (gnss) carrier-phase measurements for globally-referenced mobile device pose determination

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