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Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas Systems
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System A Texas University
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20100107
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20100128
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20131212
Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System_20100114

Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System patents

Recent patent applications related to Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System. Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Board Of Regents The University Of Texas System, we're just tracking patents.

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05/26/16Treatment of brain cancer with oncolytic adenovirus
05/21/15High throughput sequencing of multiple transcripts of a single cell
01/24/13Medical and imaging nanoclusters
09/08/11Fluidics based pulsatile perfusion preservation device and method
05/06/10Composition, method and use of bi-functional biomaterials
04/27/17 new patent  Plasma membrane vesicles comprising functional transmembrane proteins
04/27/17 new patent  Volatile anesthetic compositions and methods of use
04/27/17 new patent  Sensor assembly, for monitoring shear force and pressure on a structure
04/27/17 new patent  Plasmonic-magnetic bifunctional nanotubes for biological applications
04/27/17 new patent  Integration of air-sensitive two-dimensional materials on arbitrary substrates for the manufacturing of electronic devices
04/20/17Versatile process for precision nanoscale manufacturing
04/20/17Electrochromic-thermochromic devices and methods of making and use thereof
04/13/17Metal-polysaccharide conjugates: methods for cancer therapy
04/13/17Transistor that employs collective magnetic effects thereby providing improved energy efficiency
04/06/17Use of leptin for treating human lipoatrophy and determining predisposition to said treatment
04/06/17Method of fabrication for the repair and augmentation of part functionality of metallic components
04/06/17Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
04/06/17Nonlinear metasurfaces based on plasmonic resonators coupled to intersubband transitions
04/06/17Membraneless direct liquid fuel cells
03/30/17Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis
03/30/17Prophylaxis against cancer metastasis
03/30/17Non-linear flow path devices and methods for cell culture
03/30/17Air foil bearings having multiple pads
03/30/17Multi-layer carbon-sulfur cathodes
03/30/17Systems and methods for generating power using a combustion source
03/30/17Statistical estimation-based noise reduction technique for low power successive approximation register analog-to-digital converters
03/23/17Systems and methods for detecting tremors
03/23/17Combinatorial platform for the display of surface adjuvants and antigens
03/23/17Thermally stable amines for co2 capture
03/23/17Molecular imprinting of west nile antibodies with physiological ph matching
03/23/17Polybenzimidazoles and methods of making and using thereof
03/23/17Eliminating fouling in hydrocarbon pipelines by electrical techniques
03/23/17Systems and methods for containerizing multilayer image segmentation
03/23/17Predicting a viewer's quality of experience
03/16/17Methods and systems for noninvasive fluorescence-based functional imaging of kidneys
03/16/17Treatments for gastrointestinal conditions
03/16/17Nucleic acid amplificiation techniques and methods for detecting bacterial infection
03/16/17Heat pipes with electrical pumping of condensate
03/16/17Local effective permeability measurements for complex porous structures
03/16/17Natural ear
03/09/17Multifunctional nanoparticle cancer diagnosis and combination therapy
03/09/17Nanowire-based magnets and methods of making same
03/09/17Humanized pertussis antibodies and uses thereof
03/09/17Lubricant compositions
03/02/17Compositions comprising citrate and applications thereof
03/02/17Administration of kynurenine depleting enzymes for tumor therapy
03/02/17Controlled release nanoparticulate matter delivery system
03/02/17Systems and methods for measuring relative permeability from unsteady state saturation profiles
03/02/17Therapies for cancer using rlip76
03/02/17Analysis of genomic dna, rna, and proteins in exosomes for diagnosis and theranosis
03/02/17Method and wire handling and embedding on and within 3d printed parts
02/23/17Maintenance of reduced core mammalian body temperature
02/23/17Hybrid foil bearings having integrated gas flow paths
02/23/17Evicting appropriate cache line using a replacement policy utilizing belady's optimal algorithm
02/16/17Gemini epoxide surfactant compositions
02/16/17Application of induced pluripotent stem cells to generate adoptive cell therapy products
02/16/17Engineered primate l-methioninase for therapeutic purposes
02/16/17Connector and gas-liquid separator for combined electric submersible pumps and beam lift or progressing cavity pumps
02/16/17Polarization-sensitive spectral interferometry
02/16/17Method and system for text understanding in an ontology driven platform
02/09/17Noninvasive therapies in the presence of exogenous particulate agents
02/09/17Branched siloxanes and methods for synthesis
02/09/17Graphene-based coatings
02/09/17Metal nanocluster beacons for detection of epigentic modifications
02/02/17Implant compositions for the unidirectional delivery of therapeutic compounds to the brain
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02/02/17Solar energy forecasting
02/02/17Methods for producing electrochromic films by low temperature condensation of polyoxometalates
01/26/17Novel formulations of volatile anesthetics and methods of use for reducing inflammation
01/19/17Simultaneous quantification of a plurality of proteins in a user-defined region of a cross-sectioned tissue
01/12/17Novel cyp-eicosanoid derivatives
01/12/17Masonry wall assembly
01/12/17Graphene/metal nanowire hybrid transparent conductive films
01/12/17Method and extended phase correction in phase sensitive magnetic resonance imaging
01/12/17Energy-filtered cold electron devices and methods
01/12/17Digital imaging and analysis system
01/12/17Multi-layered 3d printed laser direct structuring for electrical interconnect and antennas
01/05/17Drug disposal system
01/05/17Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
01/05/17Combustion engine linkage systems
01/05/17Cathode additive for rechargeable sodium batteries
Patent Packs
12/29/16Antimicrobial compositions comprising glyceryl nitrates
12/29/16System and device for preventing attacks in real-time networked environments
12/22/16Lipid nanodiscs and nanorods as modulators of clotting factor function in vivo
12/22/16Water solvated glass/amorphous solid ionic conductors
12/22/16Injection molded noise abatement assembly and deployment system
12/22/16Staircase avalanche photodiode with a staircase multiplication region composed of an alinassb alloy
12/15/16Antiparasitic compositions and methods utilizing substituted 5,5,7,7-tetramethyl- 4,5,6,7-tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]pyridine derivatives
12/01/16Chlamydomonas strains with chloroplast-expressed cry proteins for biological control of mosquitoes that transmit disease
12/01/16Histone deacetylase 6 selective inhibitors for the treatment of cisplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy
12/01/16Cathode additive for rechargeable lithium batteries
12/01/16Monolithic tunable terahertz radiation source using nonlinear frequency mixing in quantum cascade lasers
11/24/16Regenerative interface electrode
11/24/16Inks, piezoresistive sensors, and conductive materials on flexible substrates
11/24/16Tag with a non-metallic metasurface that converts incident light into elliptically or circularly polarized light regardless of polarization state of the incident light
11/17/16Sulfur-hydroxylated graphene nanocomposites for rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries and methods of making the same
11/17/16Surface micromachined microphone with broadband signal detection
11/17/16Wireless communication methods, systems, and computer program products
11/10/16Methods and systems for the electrochemical detection of analytes
11/10/16System and fusion of camera and global navigation satellite system (gnss) carrier-phase measurements for globally-referenced mobile device pose determination
11/03/16Measurement of neural functionality using phase sensitive optical coherence reflectometry
11/03/16Vaginal biomechanics analyzer
11/03/16Nested particles and the use thereof for coordinated delvery of active agents
11/03/16Programmable deposition of thin films of a user-defined profile with nanometer scale accuracy
11/03/16Apparatus for automatically transporting 3d printed parts between manufacturing and processing stations
11/03/16High throughput sequencing of paired vh and vl transcripts from b cells secreting antigen-specific antibodies
11/03/16Utilizing a mobile device as a motion-based controller
11/03/16Methods for connecting inter-layer conductors and components in 3d structures
10/27/16Tusc2 therapies
10/27/16Improved two-solution bone cement
10/27/16Alkoxylated co-solvents
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10/27/16Constructs binding to phosphatidylserine and their use in disease treatment and imaging
10/27/16Mapping cell identity determinants in chromatin
10/27/16Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
10/27/16Systems, apparatuses, and methods for patient simulators
10/20/16Method and determining cardiac performance in a patient with a conductance catheter
10/20/16Metal objects spanning internal cavities in structures fabricated by additive manufacturing
10/20/16Compositions and methods related to doped graphene derived from asphaltenes
10/20/16Pertussis antibodies and uses thereof
10/20/16Detecting and quantifying materials in containers utilizing an inverse algorithm with adaptive regularization
10/20/16Reduction of backside particle induced out-of-plane distortions in semiconductor wafers
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10/20/16Fabricating large area multi-tier nanostructures
10/20/16Terahertz quantum cascade laser implementing a cerenkov difference-frequency generation scheme
10/13/16Intravascular photoacoustic and ultrasound echo imaging
10/13/16Robotic finger exoskeleton
10/13/16Immunogenic compositions and uses thereof
10/06/16Stabilized reverse transcriptase fustion proteins
10/06/16Fibrinolytic potential: a test of pleural fluid to predict outcomes and guide dosing in fibrinolytic therapy
10/06/16Apparatus and method to reduce tone deafness
09/29/16Epidermal sensor system and process
09/29/16Compositions and methods for administration of an enzyme to a subject's airway
09/29/16Detection of arginine methylation of egfr for prediction of resistance to therapy
09/29/16Compounds and methods for treating cancer, neurological disorders, ethanol withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and neuropathic pain
09/29/16Methods for engineering sugar transporter preferences
09/29/16Reducing peak electrical demand by air conditioning systems and reducing water consumption by implementing an integrated thermal energy and rainwater storage system
09/29/16Fracture diagnosis using electromagnetic methods
09/29/16Wireless communication methods, systems, and computer program products
09/22/16Inhibition of pulmonary fibrosis with nutlin-3a and peptides
09/22/16Salt-tolerant anionic surfactant compositions for enhanced oil recovery (eor) applications
09/22/16Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
09/22/16System and distributed control of an electrical network
09/15/16Low power apparatus and method to measure complex electrical admittance or impedance
09/15/16Systems and methods for measuring neonatal cerebral oxygenation
09/15/16Methods and compositions related to th-1 dendritic cells
09/15/16Treating cancers with drugs targeting creb3l1
09/15/16Short hydrophobe anionic surfactants
09/15/16Vmp-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia
09/08/16Polyclonal gamma delta t cells for immunotherapy
09/08/16Self-installing anchor
09/08/16Liquid crystal polymer thin films and methods of making and use thereof
09/08/16Self-powered tactile pressure sensors
Patent Packs
09/01/16Thermo-kinetic mixing for pharmaceutical applications
09/01/16Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns
09/01/16System and controlling a drilling path based on drift estimates
09/01/16Utilizing look-up tables representing all models in an automation control architecture to independently handle uncertainties in sensed data in oil and gas well construction
09/01/16Systems and methods for quantitative analysis of histopathology images using multiclassifier ensemble schemes
09/01/16Ultracapacitor with a novel doped carbon
09/01/16Two-dimensional nanosheets and methods of making and use thereof
09/01/16Nanocomposite anode materials for sodium-ion batteries
08/25/16Combination immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer
08/18/16Dendritic macroporous hydrogels prepared by crystal templating
08/18/16Method and early detection of kicks
08/18/16Method for fabricating a pressure sensor
08/11/16Devices and methods for water desalination
08/11/16Direct b-arylation of carbonyl compounds
08/11/16Targeting her2 and her3 with bispecific antibodies in cancerous cells
08/11/16Lightweight proppants for hydraulic fracturing
08/11/16Active-electrode integrated biosensor array and methods for use thereof
08/11/16Heat exchanger for thermoelectric power generation with the thermoelectric modules in direct contact with the heat source
08/11/16Bismuth-antimony anodes for lithium or sodium ion batteries
08/04/16Wireless tissue stimulation devices
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08/04/16Systems and methods for electrostatically individualizing and aligning fibers
08/04/16Functional conducting polymers for redox mediated separations of f-elements
08/04/16Polymeric chelators for metal ion extraction and separation
07/28/16Systems, devices, & methods for microbial detection & identification, and antimicrobial susceptibility testing
07/28/16Treatment and/or prevention of bone metastasis
07/28/16Therapeutic asparaginases
07/28/16Efficiently ionizing atoms based on electron excitation
07/21/16Hydrogels for delivery of therapeutic compounds
07/21/16Harvesting atmospheric water using natural gas that would typically be flared and wasted
07/21/16Thermal storage units, components thereof, and methods of making and using them
07/21/16Fabrication of iridium oxide ph sensors and sensory arrays
07/21/16Applied interpolation techniques
07/14/16Cancer treatment comprising therapeutics that bind to phosphatidylserine
07/14/16Method of preparation of biodegradable nanoparticles with recognition characteristics
07/14/16Gas sensor to enhance implementation of a process-based leakage monitoring method
07/14/16Non-reciprocal acoustic devices based on linear or angular momentum biasing
07/14/16A redox flow battery that uses complexes of cobalt and iron with amino-alcohol ligands in alkaline electrolytes to store electrical energy
07/07/16Liposomal curcumin for treatment of cancer
07/07/16Calcium formate as a supplement to prevent neural tube defects
07/07/16Compositions, devices, concentrating solar power
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07/07/16Bulk nanocomposite magnets and methods of making bulk nanocomposite magnets
06/30/16Esters of 2-deoxy-monosacharides with anti proliferative activity
06/30/16Drug disposal system
06/30/16Analogs of vinaxanthone and xanthofulvin, methods of synthesis, and methods of treatments thereof
06/30/16Method and separating chemical species in magnetic resonance imaging
06/23/16Digital microfluidic devices and methods of dispensing and splitting droplets in digital microfluidic devices
06/16/16Methods of fabricating silicon nanowires and devices containing silicon nanowires
06/09/16Human application of engineered chimeric antigen receptor (car) t-cells
06/09/16Methods and compositions for material extrusion 3d printing
06/09/16Short exogenous promoter for high level expression in fungi
06/02/16Hemoglobin contrast in magneto-motive optical doppler tomography, optical coherence tomography, and ultrasound imaging methods and apparatus
06/02/16Hemoglobin contrast in ultrasound and optical coherence tomography for diagnosing diseased tissue, cancers, and the like
06/02/16Compositions and methods for promoting nitric oxide production through an oral delivery system
06/02/16Chemical and electrochemical synthesis and deposition of chalcogenides from room temperature ionic liquids
06/02/16Blood-based screen for detecting neurological diseases in primary care settings
06/02/16Spectrally-encoded high-extinction polarization microscope and methods of use
06/02/16Generating terahertz frequency combs from quantum cascade lasers using nonlinear frequency mixing
05/26/16Dry solid aluminum adjuvant-containing vaccines and related methods thereof
05/26/16Compositions and imaging methods comprising detectably labeled phosphatidylethanolamine-binding peptides
05/26/16Anti-cancer compounds
05/26/16Stat6 inhibitors
05/26/16Systems and methods for diagnosis of epithelial lesions
05/26/16Devices, systems, and methods for electrophoresis
05/26/16Proteomic identification of antibodies
05/26/16Systems, apparatuses and methods for predicting medical events and conditions reflected in gait
05/19/16Polymers for delivery of factor viii and/or factor ix
05/19/16Cobalt-based mri contrast agent and imaging system
05/19/16Fluorescent polymers and applications thereof
05/19/16Extraction and recovery of yttrium and rare earth elements
05/19/16Axial-flow pumps and related methods
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05/12/16Power conditioning and energy storage device using hydraulic-pneumatic sequentially fired pulse forming networks
05/05/16Method and controlling coffee bean roasting
05/05/16Solar still countercurrent flow system and apparatus
05/05/16Modification of rheological properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers for manufacturing film products
05/05/16Efficient functional genomics platform
05/05/16Technique to discriminate against ambient and scattered laser light in raman spectrometry
04/28/16Methods of preparing extrudates
04/28/16Adaptive drilling vibration diagnostics
04/28/16User-powered recommendation system
04/28/16Nanoshape patterning techniques that allow high-speed and low-cost fabrication of nanoshape structures
04/21/16Polymers for delivery of therapeutic proteins
04/21/16Fabrication of biscrolled fiber using carbon nanotube sheet
04/21/16Dual-polarized, broadband metasurface cloaks for antenna applications
04/14/16Hot-melt extrusion of modified release multi-particulates
04/14/16Drug disposal system
04/14/16Vmp-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia species and strains
04/14/16Exogenous terminators for controlling fungal gene expression
04/14/16Large-volume scintillator detector for rapid real-time 3-d dose imaging of advanced radiation therapy modalities
04/07/16Radiation therapy systems that include primary radiation shielding, and modular secondary radiation shields
04/07/16Method and process for the production of multi-coated recognitive and releasing systems
04/07/16Chimeric antigen receptor-targeting monoclonal antibodies
03/24/16Engineered microgels
03/24/16Fabrication of nanofiber ribbons and sheets
03/24/16Circuit-loaded conformal metasurface cloak
03/17/16Drug particles from freezing onto a surface
03/17/16Antimicrobial wraps for medical implants
03/17/16Antimicrobial catheters
03/17/16Biodegradable photoluminescent polymers
03/17/16Methods and devices related to toehold-based strand displacement with loop-mediated isothermal amplification

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