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Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University The
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University_20131212

Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University patents

Recent patent applications related to Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University. Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  Biorational treatment products and methods of using same
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and systems for precision crop management
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and microwave plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition reactors
09/21/17 new patent  Biofuel and electricity producing fuel cells and systems and methods related to same
08/24/17Formulations and methods for antifungal activity from prunus maackii periderm
08/03/17Methods and gnotobiotic plant growth
08/03/17Feruloyl-coa:monolignol transferase
08/03/17Genetically engineered plants with increased vegetative oil content
08/03/17Radiation detector
08/03/17Thermoelectric manufacture and use
07/27/17Methods and imaging of near-field objects with microwave or terahertz radiation
07/20/17Titanium alloy and forming a titanium alloy
07/13/17Nurr1 as a genetic target for treating levodopa-induced dyskinesias in parkinson's disease
06/29/17Subsurface barrier retention system and methods related thereto
06/29/17Compounds for inhibition of fungal toxin production
06/29/17Methods and microwave plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition reactors
06/29/17Streaming media using erasable packets within internet queues
06/15/17Variable optical attenuator with integrated control based on strongly correlated materials
06/15/17Method and device for transmitting data using inter-pulse interval modulation technique
06/08/17Rechargeable lithium-ion cell
05/25/17Formation of 2,5-furan dicarboxylic acid from aldaric acids
05/11/17Cellular connection sharing
05/04/17Screening for neurological disease using speech articulation characteristics
05/04/17Materials with detectable compression memory
05/04/17Isotope tagging for workpiece authentication
05/04/17Ultrasonic communication system
04/27/17Process and diamond synthesis
04/20/17Thermoplastic polymeric nanocomposite films and related methods
04/06/17Hibiscus cannabinus feruloyl-coa:monolignol transferase
03/30/17Materials and apparatus with multiple impact level and torque detection
03/09/17Systems and microplasma-based three-dimensional printing
02/23/17Functionalization of a porous membrane with an adsorbed polyacid
02/09/17Laser assisted sic growth on silicon
01/19/17Electromagnetic scattering analysis module using subdivision based isogeometric analysis
01/12/17Compositions of nanoparticles on solid surfaces
01/12/17Navigational control of robotic systems and other computer-implemented processes using developmental network with turing machine learning
01/05/17Enhanced stability engineered wrinkled1 transcription factor
12/29/16Hybrid fastener
12/29/16System and optimizing fundamental frequency modulation for a cascaded multilevel inverter
12/22/16Super hydrophobic multiscale porous polymer films
12/08/16System and preparing and delivering informational content
12/01/16Dna encoding ring zinc-finger protein and the use of the dna in vectors and bacteria and in plants
12/01/16Movable type method applied to protein-ligand binding
11/24/16Method for labeling nanoclay for tracking them within different solid and liquid material
11/24/16Defect detection system using finite element optimization and mesh analysis
11/10/16Methyl butenol synthase
11/10/16Renewable bioelectronic interface for electrobiocatalytic reactor
10/20/16Transgenic plants produced with a k-domain, and methods and expression cassettes related thereto
10/06/16Template-based methods of making and using ceramic solids and products and devices related thereto
09/29/16Use of galerina marginata genes and proteins for peptide production
09/29/16Rotating field transceiver nondestructive inspection probe
09/29/16Reversible adhesive compositions and related methods
09/15/16Three-element antenna array for wireless handsets
09/08/16Adjuvant compositions and related methods for reducing herbicide volatility
08/18/16Near field communication controlling transmission power of near field communication system
08/11/16Internal combustion engine
08/11/16Self-powered sensing system for the monitoring of quasi-static structural response
08/04/16Systems and methods for establishing semantic equivalence between concepts
07/14/16Regulator of algal lipid metabolism and cellular quiescence and its applications
06/23/16Isolation and purification of shikimic acid
06/16/16Laser system for standoff detection
06/09/16Novel yeast strains
06/09/16Stevia plant named '12-05-005'
06/09/16Stevia plant named '12-05-149'
06/09/16Stevia plant named '12-05-144'
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05/26/16Inhibitors of myocardin-related transcription factor and serum response factor (mrtf/srf)-mediated gene transcription and methods for use of the same
05/26/16Dynamic channel bonding in multicarrier wireless networks
05/19/16Multiscale porous polymer films
05/19/16Thermoelectric materials based on tetrahedrite structure for thermoelectric devices
05/12/16Apparatus and methods for thermohydroforming
04/28/16Colorimetric and fluorescent proteins
03/31/16Synthetic methods for diboron reagents and related compounds
02/25/16Scanning interferometry technique for through-thickness evaluation in multi-layered transparent structures
02/18/16Treatment of alkali silica gel and alkali porous metal oxide compositions
02/18/16P-coumaroyl-coa:monolignol transferase
02/11/16Tool employing homotopy-based approaches in finding the controlling unstable equilibrium point in the electric power grid
02/04/16Mesoporous mfi-zeolite catalysts, methods of preparing the same and uses
02/04/16Synthesis of biobased and substituted terephthalic acids and isophthalic acids
01/28/16Electrolyzer reactor and related methods
01/21/16Voltage-controlled resistor based on phase transition materials
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01/14/16Augmented cementitious binder compositions and related methods
01/07/16Managing osteoporosis with hmw peg
01/07/16System and methods for a smart water bottle converter
12/31/15Enzyme directed oil biosynthesis in microalgae
12/17/15Methods for producing borylated arenes
12/10/15Multi-ligand metal complexes and methods of using same to perform oxidative catalytic pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
12/10/15Frequency divider apparatus
11/12/15Biologically enhanced electrically- active magnetic nanoparticles for concentration, separation, and detection applications
10/29/15Overlay automata approach to regular expression matching for intrusion detection and prevention system
10/22/15Silicide compositions containing alkali metals and methods of making the same
10/15/15Compression of image ensembles using tensor decomposition
10/01/15Optimization of cellular network architecture based on device type-specific traffic dynamics
09/24/15Screening for neurological disease using speech articulation characteristics
09/10/15Methods and compositions for inhibiting rho/mrtf-mediated diseases and conditions
08/20/15Microbial electrochemical cells and methods for producing electricity and bioproducts therein
07/23/15Plant phenometrics systems and methods and devices related thereto
07/16/15Insecticidal compositions and uses thereof
07/16/15Thermoelectric materials based on tetrahedrite structure for thermoelectric devices
06/11/15Biomedical detection apparatus
06/11/15Cellular connection sharing
06/04/15Method for defense against primary user emulation attacks in cognitive radio networks using advanced encryption
05/07/15Methods for increasing sugar yield with size-adjusted lignocellulosic biomass particles
05/07/15Blueberry plant denominated 'calypso'
05/07/15Blueberry plant denominated 'osorno'
04/30/15Gliding robotic fish navigation and propulsion
04/23/15Methods of hydrolyzing pretreated densified biomass particulates and systems related thereto
03/19/15Food intake monitoring system using apnea detection in breathing signals
03/19/15Protection against herbivores
03/12/15Nanocluster based light emitting device
03/12/15Immunological composition for clostridium difficile
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03/05/15Methods for producing borylated arenes
02/19/15Directed dna co-polymer mass amplification for ssdna detection
02/19/15Linear optimal power flow system and method
02/19/15Control of cellulose biosynthesis by overexpression of a transcription factor
02/12/15Three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging system
02/12/15Non-vector space sensing and control video rate imaging and manipulation
02/12/15Method of enhancing plant drought tolerance by expression of ndr1
01/29/15Non-volatile memory with linear hot-electron injection technique and strain gauge using the same
01/29/15High efficiency gate drive circuit for power transistors
01/29/15Transformer-less unified power flow controller
Patent Packs
01/15/15Cold batter mincing of meat through hot-boned and crust-freezing processes
01/15/15Neural prosthetic device and making same
01/15/15Hibiscus cannabinus feruloyl-coa:monolignol transferase
01/08/15Electrocatalytic hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of oxygenated and unsaturated organic compounds
01/08/15Temperature compensation high-density floating-gate memory
12/25/14Detection of conductive polymer-labeled analytes
11/27/14Electron microscope
11/06/14Power source inverter for use with a photovoltaic solar panel
10/30/14Metallic nanoparticle synthesis with carbohydrate capping agent
10/16/14Lithium-porous metal oxide compositions and lithium reagent-porous metal compositions
10/16/14Devices and methods for interlocking surgical screws and nails
09/25/14Transparent energy-harvesting devices
09/18/14Electromagnetic device having discrete wires
09/18/14Collision detection and bitwise arbitration in multicarrier wireless networks
09/18/14Lipid droplet protein markers for algal oil accumulation
09/11/14Language study system and method employing multifaceted block device representation system
09/11/14Polymicrobial formulations for enhancing plant productivity
09/11/14Neuromorphic spatiotemporal where-what machines
09/04/14Methyl butenol synthase
08/28/14Microbial nanowires and methods of making and using
08/21/14Product packaging system with antimicrobial agent
08/21/14Self-powered timer apparatus
08/21/14Immunogenic escherichia coli heat stable enterotoxin
08/14/14Nanoparticle-serialized oligonucleotide methods, compositions, and articles
08/14/14Integrated processes for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to bioproducts and systems and apparatus related thereto
08/14/14Production of oil in vegetative tissues
08/14/14Enzymes that synthesize zingiberene
08/07/14Microwave plasma reactors
07/31/14Hand-held wireless platform and optics for measurement of dna, rna, micrornas, and other markers of pathogens, genetic diseases, and cancer
07/10/14New sources of aphid resistance in soybean plants
Patent Packs
07/03/14Catalytic bioreactors and methods of using same
06/19/14Porous sol gels and methods and structures related thereto
06/05/14Composite structure and making a composite structure
05/15/14Transparent luminescent solar concentrators for integrated solar windows
05/15/14Method to increase algal biomass and enhance its quality for the production of fuel
05/01/14Device and encapsulation of hydrophilic materials
05/01/14Methods for coating metals on hydrophobic surfaces
05/01/14Method for labeling nanoclay for tracking them within different solid and liquid material
04/24/14Electrocatalytic hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of oxygenated and unsaturated organic compounds
04/10/14Solid carrier sprayer apparatus and methods of using same
04/03/14Reconfigurable photovoltaic panels
03/13/14Energy harvesting devices for low frequency applications
03/06/14Process for producing mixed esters of fatty acids as biofuels
03/06/14Greening roll
03/06/14Rotating, soil filled internally irrigated geotropic response limiting growing use in accomplishing water, space, labor, energy and nutrient efficient agricultural production
03/06/14Methods and determining pulse transit time as a function of blood pressure
03/06/14Methods and determining cuff blood pressure
02/27/14Adaptive laser system for ophthalmic use
02/06/14Methods for pretreating biomass
01/30/14Non-invasive device for diagnosing gastroesphageal reflux
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01/30/14Synapse maintenance in the developmental networks
01/23/14Metallic nanoparticle synthesis with carbohydrate capping agent
01/16/14Genetically engineered plants with increased vegetative oil content
01/02/14Real-time 3d shape measurement system
01/02/14A-xylosidase enhanced conversion of plant biomass into fermentable sugars
01/02/14Genes and snp markers for aphid resistant genes from soybean lines pi 567541b, pi567543c, and pi 567598b
12/19/13Rotor apparatus
12/19/13Substituted imidazoline compounds
12/12/13Wave disc engine apparatus
11/07/13Sparse auditory reproducing kernel (spark) features for noise-robust speech and speaker recognition
10/24/13Methods for producing and using densified biomass products containing pretreated biomass fibers
10/24/13Jumping robot
10/03/13Enzymes that synthesize zingiberene
09/26/13Densified biomass products containing pretreated biomass fibers
09/26/13Compositions and methods for xylem-specific expression in plant cells
09/19/13Environmental photobioreactor array (epbra) system and methods related thereto
09/19/13Functionalization of a porous membrane with an adsorbed polyacid
08/22/13Digestible lignocellulosic biomass and extractives and methods for producing same
08/22/13Feruloyl-coa:monolignol transferase
08/15/13Subsurface barrier retention system and methods related thereto
Social Network Patent Pack
08/15/13Enzyme directed oil biosynthesis in microalgae
08/08/13Electroactive polymer-based flow sensor and methods related thereto
07/18/13Methods and determining arterial pulse wave velocity
06/27/13System and preparing and delivering informational content
06/20/13N-doped single crystal diamond substrates and methods therefor
06/20/13Colorimetric and fluorescent proteins
06/20/13Glyphosate resistant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (epsp) synthase
06/13/13Water and oil separation system
06/13/13Method for producing acyloxy carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof
05/23/13System and method to facilitate creation of educational information
05/23/13Biofuel and electricity producing fuel cells and systems and methods related to same
05/23/13Histidine rich protein-2 diagnostic test for cerebral malaria
05/09/13Method to produce acetyldiacylglycerols (ac-tags) by expression of an acetyltransferase gene isolated from euonymus alatus (burning bush)
04/25/13Microwave plasma reactors
04/25/13Method and determining a central aortic pressure waveform
04/04/13Generalized multiscale seam carving framework
03/21/13Microwave plasma reactors
03/21/13Insecticidal compositions and uses thereof
03/21/13Wheat variety msu line e0028
01/10/13Micropatterning of conductive graphite particles using microcontact printing
12/27/12Process for the treatment of lignocellulosic biomass
12/20/12Hybridization probes and methods of their use
12/13/12Detection of conductive polymer-labeled analytes
11/08/12Methods and compositions for the treatment of obesity, insulin related diseases and hypercholesterolemia
11/01/12Use of galerina marginata genes and proteins for peptide production
09/20/12Specific detection and quantification of phosphatidic acid using an arabidopsis trigalactosyldiacylglycerol-4 (tgd4) protein
08/16/12Microwaveable packaging for food products including a frozen component
07/26/12Systematic framework for application protocol field extraction
07/19/12Introgression of festuca mairei drought tolerant genome into lolium perenne plants
06/14/12Direct ultrashort laser system
Social Network Patent Pack
06/07/12Synthesis of caprolactam from lysine
04/19/12Transgenic cover plants containing hemicellulase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentable sugars
04/19/12Micro-irrigation device, system, and plant-based cleaning of indoor air and filter bed bioregeneration
04/19/12Bit weaving technique for compressing packet classifiers
03/29/12Laser amplification system
03/22/12Regular expression matching using tcams for network intrusion detection
03/01/12Single crystal diamond gemstones and methods therefor
03/01/12Microbial nanowires
03/01/12High starch accumulation in plants
02/16/12Device and pretreatment of biomass
11/24/11Novel catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells
10/27/11Methods and determining a central aortic pressure waveform from a peripheral artery pressure waveform
10/13/11Reconfigurable leaky wave antenna
10/06/11Electromagnetic machine with a fiber rotor
09/15/11Systems and methods for tracking and evaluating review tasks
09/15/11Social writing application platform
09/01/11Laser system for output manipulation
08/18/11Turbomachine impeller
08/18/11Production of microbial growth stimulant with ammonia fiber explosion (afex) pretreatment and cellulose hydrolysis
08/04/11System and differentiating benign from malignant contrast-enhanced lesions
08/04/11Methods for breeding glyphosate resistant plants and compositions thereof
07/14/11Nanoparticle tracer-based electrochemical dna sensor for detection of pathogens-amplification by a universal nano-tracer (aunt)
07/14/11Method for computing network reachability
06/02/11Synthesis of clay-templated subnano-sized zero valent iron (zvi) particles, clays containing same, and use of both in contaminant treatments
03/31/11Microbial synthesis of d-1,2,4-butanetriol
02/24/11Thermoelectric compositions and process
02/17/11Efficient tcam-based packet classification using multiple lookups and classifier semantics
02/10/11Methods and determining cardiac output
01/13/11Manufacture of shape-memory alloy cellular materials and structures by transient-liquid reactive joining

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