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Borgwarner Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Borgwarner Inc. Borgwarner Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Borgwarner Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Borgwarner Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Heat shield
10/19/17 new patent  Flow strakes for turbocharger bearing housing oil core
10/19/17 new patent  Common lamination component for accommodating multiple conductor geometries in an electric machine
10/12/17Method for securing stator in high speed electric motors
10/05/17Turbocharger bearing fluid film surface and method
10/05/17Turbocharger bearing fluid film surface and method
10/05/17Freewheel and producing such a freewheel
10/05/17Chain pin retention
09/28/17Reverse offset wastegate valve assembly for improved catalyst light-off performance
09/28/17Variable geometry turbocharger
09/28/17Plate carrying device, multiplate clutch or brake and producing a plate carrying device
09/21/17Automatic parallel parking of vehicle equipped with manual transmission
09/21/17Latching clutch having a ball detent latching device requiring a reduced amount of hydraulic pressure
09/14/17Clutch and electric motor
09/14/17Electric all-wheel drive two speed with split double reduction planetary
09/14/17Electrically actuated cvt sheaves
09/07/17Engine variable camshaft timing phaser with planetary gear set
09/07/17Dual rate of release on selectable clutch pawls
09/07/17Position force controlled actuator
09/07/17Clutch actuation using differential pressure
09/07/17Twin hydraulic piston for a selectable clutch module
09/07/17Selectable clutch module actuator using a single hydraulic feed to achieve three or more modes
09/07/17Tensioner with spring force control in a second bore
09/07/17Tensioner with spring force control in a second bore
09/07/17Electric all-wheel drive two speed with split double reduction planetary
08/31/17Bus configured latching solenoid
08/31/17Bearing housing oil spray groove
08/31/17Engine variable camshaft timing phaser with planetary gear assembly
08/31/17Engine variable camshaft timing phaser with planetary gear set
08/31/17Thermal management system and making and using the same
08/31/17Bypass valve for compressor
08/31/17Turbocharger with integrated actuator
08/31/17Segment and laminated mechanical clutch race for permanently engaged starter one way clutch
08/31/17Multimode clutch arrangements
08/31/17Control strategy for a variable spring rate absorber
08/31/17Rotational tensioner with stored energy and damping feature
08/31/17Improved chain guide and tensioning apparatus
08/31/17Heat exchanger and storage device for cold vehicle startup with regenerative capability
08/24/17Multimode clutch for through-the-road hybrid vehicle
08/24/17Locking transfer case
08/24/17Thermal management system with heat recovery and making and using the same
08/24/17Variable compression ratio connecting rod system with rotary actuator
08/24/17Locking transfer case
08/24/17Flexplate assembly and systems incorporating the same
08/24/17Solenoid with non-magnetic front bearing
08/24/17Solenoid with latch assist
08/24/17Latching solenoid which utilizes residual magnetism for the latch and a capacitor which is discharged to degauss and release the latch
08/17/17Transfer case
08/17/17Transfer case with four wheel lock
08/17/17Guide a turbocharger including a vane lever integrated adjustment ring axial travel stop
08/17/17Single inlet/outlet connection for turbocharger compressor
08/17/17Actuator mechanism for transfer case
08/17/17Actuator mechanism for transfer case
08/17/17Degressive pneumatic actuator spring rate
08/10/17Stamped variable geometry turbocharger lever using retention collar
08/10/17Pressure relief valve tuning feature
08/03/17Distribution of oil to the input bearing and seal of a transfer case
07/27/17Hybrid electromechanical coolant pump
07/27/17Adjustable, low loss valve for providing high pressure loop exhaust gas recirculation
07/27/17Starter freewheel and freewheel arrangement having a starter freewheel of this kind
07/27/17Combined heat storage and pressure storage accumulator
07/20/17Single supply port activated connecting rod for variable compression ratio engines
07/13/17Electric phaser coupling method
07/06/17Damper and methods of making and using the same
07/06/17Latching solenoid for engine management
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06/29/17Dual volute turbocharger to optimize pulse energy separation for fuel economy and egr utilization via asymmetric dual volutes
06/29/17Crankshaft driven valve actuation
06/22/17Exhaust soot utilized for extending the life of a wastegate
06/22/17Multi-piece journal bearing
06/22/17Curved shunt for solenoid curve shaping
06/15/17Tial alloy, in particular for turbocharger applications, turbocharger component, turbocharger and producing the tial alloy
06/15/17Hybrid chain timing belt
06/08/17Transfer case having a four wheel drive locking mechanism
06/08/17Transfer case having a manually-operated four wheel drive locking mechanism
06/08/17Coupling device for a valve arrangement
06/01/17Supercharging device for a combustion engine
06/01/17Compressor inlet guide vanes
06/01/17Active transfer case with lube management valve
05/25/17Waste heat recovery system for a power source
05/25/17Waste heat recovery system
Patent Packs
05/25/17Electric cam phaser with fixed sun planetary
05/25/17Camshaft phaser systems and locking phasers for the same
05/25/17Solenoid actuator assembly with press fit housing assembly
05/18/17Axially acting actuator for multi-mode clutch module
05/18/17Transmission housing for a transmission, transmission for an electric vehicle and producing a transmission
05/18/17Fan drive hub assembly with modular input shaft assembly
05/11/17Method for producing a disk carrier assembly and disk carrier assembly
05/11/17System and fast fill of accumulator for automatic transmissions
05/11/17Multi-output charging device
05/11/17Apparatus employing shear forces to transmit energy having flow altering structures configured to increase heat rejection from a working fluid and related method
05/11/17Shift system with on demand lube and mechanical eco valve
05/04/17Turbocharger with adjustable vanes
05/04/17Camshaft phaser systems and commutating an electric motor for the same
05/04/17Freewheel and freewheel arrangement comprising such a freewheel
04/27/17Vtg lever positive displacement press joint
04/20/17Exhaust-gas turbocharger
04/20/17Oil supply conduit through stator lamination stack for electrified turbocharger
04/20/17Reversible spiral groove journal bearing for use on standard and reverse rotation turbochargers
03/30/17Compressor housing with variable diameter diffuser
03/30/17Control system for manual transmissions
03/23/17Cast turbocharger turbine housing having guide vanes
03/23/17Geometry for increasing torque capacity of riveted vane lever
03/23/17Lost motion differential valve actuation
03/23/17Retarded intake cam phaser to improve engine start/stop quality
03/23/17Transfer case lubrication system with disengagable pump
03/16/17Method for operating a functional element
03/16/17Balancing a turbocharger
03/16/17Method for identifying the surge limit of a compressor
03/16/17Bearing housing
03/16/17Compressor wheel-shaft assembly
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03/16/17Integrated mechanical/electrical transmission pump for vehicles equipped with engine start/stop system
03/16/17Auxiliary drive device
03/09/17Thrust bearing assembly including lined bearing surfaces
03/09/17Chain tensioner
03/09/17Nested dual motor/generator
03/02/17Drivetrain for a motor vehicle, and operating a drivetrain of said type
03/02/17Multi-mode variable cam timing phaser
03/02/17Multi-mode variable cam timing phaser
03/02/17Control arrangement of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
03/02/17Freewheel and freewheel arrangement comprising such a freewheel
Patent Packs
02/23/17Electric drive unit and powertrain system incorporating the same
02/23/17Flexible member in electric phaser actuator
02/23/17Recirculation noise obstruction for a turbocharger
02/23/17Pneumatic actuator with piston having an extended lip
02/23/17Speed-responsive mechanical range lock for a transfer case
02/23/17Recirculation noise obstruction for a turbocharger
02/16/17Turbocharger turbine with variable nozzle
02/16/17Lock-up prevention vane for variable geometry turbocharger
02/16/17Bearing housing body assembly of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
02/09/17Low pressure egr control using throttling
02/09/17Oil jet arm and lubricating chain span employing said oil jet arm, and chain tensioning device and lubricating chain span employing said chain tensioning device
02/09/17Speed-responsive mechanical range lock for a transfer case
02/02/17Method and laser device for forming grooves in bearing surfaces, and bearings including such grooves
02/02/17Supercharging device for a combustion engine
02/02/17Preload loss prevention system for a clamping ball stud
01/26/17Mim-formed tia1 turbine wheel surrounding a cast/machined core
01/26/17Locking cylinder pressure relief actuator
01/26/17Orifice flow valve
01/26/17High flow and quick response disk style check valve for hydraulic tensioner
01/19/17Separated opposed flow single coupling compressor stage
01/19/17Grounded damper
01/12/17Driven accessory
01/05/17Hydraulic mode-stable powertrain transfer case
01/05/17Rotor assembly with inner diameter divider pattern
01/05/17Torsional vibration damper
12/29/16Air bearing arrangement for electrically driven compressors
12/22/16Coupling rod
12/22/16Composite friction and dog clutch
12/22/16Expanding piston hydraulic chain tensioner
12/15/16Method of retaining a noise attenuation device in a compressor cover
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12/15/16Dual gain friction clutch
12/08/16Hvac systems for electrically-powered vehicles
12/08/16Anti-rotation structures for turbocharger housings
12/08/16Corrosion resistant pneumatic actuator
12/08/16Integrated pressure relief valve for hydraulic tensioner
12/01/16Tapered roller drive for electric vct phaser
12/01/16Exhaust-gas turbocharger
12/01/16Hydraulic power pack actuator for controlling a manual clutch
12/01/16Split ring carrier with eccentric pin with spring compliance and speed dependence
12/01/16Spring loaded planet gear assembly
11/24/16Heat shield for mixed flow turbine wheel turbochargers
11/24/16Turbocharger control linkage with reduced heat flow
11/10/16Apparatus for a charging system of an internal combustion engine
11/10/16Off-axis-loaded anti-backlash planetary drive for e-phaser
11/03/16Power transfer unit (ptu) assembly with cylinder
10/27/16Composite tensioner arm or guide for timing drive application
10/20/16Adjustment ring damper
10/20/16Reduced noise compressor recirculation
10/20/16Locking mechanism for dual mass flywheels
10/13/16Asymmetric twin scroll volute
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10/13/16Valve assembly with cylinder having through holes
10/13/16Vtg turbocharger with wastegate controlled by a common actuator
10/13/16Frictionally acting device with end disk arrangement, producing an intermediate disk for such an arrangement
10/06/16Power transfer unit (ptu) assembly with hydraulically actuated disconnect rear output shaft
10/06/16Liquid-cooled turbine housing with intermediate chamber
10/06/16Bearing arrangement
10/06/16Transfer case with aluminum yoke
09/29/16Condensing egr-mixer system
09/29/16Buckling spring member for clutch mechanism
09/15/16High speed traction motor for a vehicle also having an auxiliary open brayton cycle power assist and range extender
09/15/16Exhaust heat recovery and storage system
09/15/16Turbine with variable inlet cross-sectional area
09/15/16Powertrain rotational disconnect assembly
09/15/16Powertrain axle rotational disconnect assembly
09/15/16Powertrain wheel-end rotational disconnect assembly
09/15/16Control valve
09/15/16Speed sensitive scavenge flow control
09/15/16Magnet decoupling device for electric assist turbocharger
09/08/16Noise attenuation device for compressor inlet duct
09/01/16Dual mode cooling pump with over-running clutch
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09/01/16Axial compressor with a magnetic stepper or servo motor
08/25/16Shaftless turbocharger
08/25/16Method of controlling wastegate flow using port side wall contour
08/25/16Speed sensor insert with bearing spacer indexing for a turbocharger
08/25/16Chain drive tensioner spring force control mechanism
08/25/16Chain drive tensioner spring force control mechanism
08/18/16Actuation pivot shaft face seal
08/18/16Heat transfer system and making and using the same
08/18/16Bimetal coil assembly for fan drive
08/18/16Low mass chain link and assembly for friction reduction
08/18/16Electrical boosting device
08/18/16Eddy-current magnet ring
08/11/16Actuating mechanism and gear driven adjustment ring for a variable geometry turbocharger
08/11/16Controlling turbocharger compressor choke
08/04/16Energy storage system and making and using the same
08/04/16Waste heat recovery system layout and packaging strategy
07/28/16Flexure pivot tilting pad journal bearing for use in a turbocharger
07/28/16Gear drive and actuator arrangement
07/28/16Gear drive and actuator arrangement
07/21/16E-assist with torque vectoring
07/21/16Fluid retention and filtration element for a hydraulic transfer case
07/21/16Fluid friction clutch
07/14/16High temperature valve shaft seal
07/07/16Variable turbine geometry turbocharger vane ring assembly retention device
07/07/16Electrically driven compressor-expander for a turbocharged engine system and associated flow control valves
07/07/16Rotary coupling for an all-wheel drive vehicle
07/07/16Chain with alternating inside link position to enable narrow lacing with improved nvh behavior
06/30/16Positional control of actuator shaft for e-phaser and calibration
06/30/16Compressor cover with integrated heat shield for an actuator
06/30/16Blind electrical connector between printed circuit board and solenoid member
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06/30/16Blind electrical connector to printed circuit board in housing
06/16/16A balanced mixed flow turbine wheel
06/16/16Exhaust aftertreatment system and method
06/16/16Wastegate subassembly for a turbocharger
06/16/16Exhaust-gas turbocharger
06/16/16Piloting of a bearing housing-supported adjustment ring
06/16/16Viscous fan drive systems with fan drive slip feedback
06/09/16Engine braking via advancing the exhaust valve
06/09/16Turbocharger combining axial flow turbine with a compressor stage utilizing active casing treatment
06/09/16Turbocharger purge seal including axisymmetric supply cavity
06/09/16Coil for a compressor which can be electrically driven, and corresponding production method
06/02/16Exhaust-gas turbocharger
06/02/16A high speed switch reluctance motor on a turbocharger
06/02/16Sliding member, chain link, and chain comprising said link
06/02/16Supercharging a combustion engine
05/26/16Variable turbine geometry vane with single-axle, self-centering pivot feature
05/26/16Hydraulic system of a vehicle powertrain
05/19/16Contactless rotary sensor
05/12/16Process and casting titanium aluminide components
05/12/16Modular turbocharger clearance seal
05/12/16Turbine-end bearing support and cooling system
05/12/16Variable camshaft timing mechanism with a lock pin engaged by oil pressure
05/12/16Control capsule for an exhaust-gas turbocharger
05/12/16A pneumatic actuator having a pressure relief window
05/12/16Friction clutch assemblies
05/12/16Motor driven transfer case with modular actuation
05/05/16Multi-speed transfer case
05/05/16Variable turbine geometry turbocharger vane pack retainer
05/05/16Charging a combustion engine

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