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Boston Scientific Scimed Inc
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc A Minnesota Corporation
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc A Delaware Corporation
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc formerly Scimed Life Systems Inc
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc_20100107
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc_20100114
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc_20131212
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc_20100128
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc_20100121

Boston Scientific Scimed Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Boston Scientific Scimed Inc. Boston Scientific Scimed Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Boston Scientific Scimed Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Medical devices for mapping cardiac tissue
04/27/17 new patent  Expandable endoscopic hoods and related methods of use
04/27/17 new patent  Attachment clamp
04/27/17 new patent  Tissue sample device and methods
04/27/17 new patent  Expandable device sheath for vascular closure plug deployment
04/27/17 new patent  Delivery device for use with an embolic coil making and using the same
04/27/17 new patent  Endoscopic submucosal dissection hood
04/27/17 new patent  Ultrasonic treatment devices and systems
04/27/17 new patent  Stent
04/27/17 new patent  Methods and endovascular heart valve replacement comprising tissue grasping elements
04/27/17 new patent  Magnetic devices and related methods for gastrointestinal restriction
04/27/17 new patent  Radioactive stents
04/20/17Tissue retraction devices and related methods of use
04/20/17Energy delivery devices and related methods of use
04/20/17Bioerodible magnesium alloy containing endoprostheses
04/13/17Medical guidewire
04/13/17Method of applying hemostatic or tissue healing agent to wet surfaces
04/13/17Cultured cell leaflet material
04/13/17Porcine small intestine submucosa leaflet material
04/13/17Medical guidewire
04/13/17Methods and systems for treatment of a bladder
04/13/17Mixture of lafesih magnetic nanoparticles with different curie temperatures for improved inductive heating efficiency for hyperthermia therapy
04/06/17Centered balloon for the left atrial appendage
04/06/17Control assemblies for medical devices and related methods of use
04/06/17Pusher arm and ball release mechanism for embolic coils
04/06/17Detachable polymer bond
04/06/17Systems, devices, kits, and methods for delivering therapeutic agents
03/30/17Method of exploring or mapping internal cardiac structures
03/30/17Multiple rhythm template monitoring
03/30/17Intracardiac egm signals for beat matching and acceptance
03/30/17Adjustable depth anatomical shell editing
03/30/17Systems and methods for anatomical shell editing
03/30/17Methods and devices for tissue biopsy
03/30/17Twist needle passer closure device
03/30/17Implant fixation devices and methods of using the same
03/30/17Surgical tool control devices and methods of using the same
03/30/17Tissue-acquisition device and method
03/23/17Endoscope anchoring device
03/23/17Knotting device and methods of using the same
03/23/17Medical devices for use along the biliary and/or pancreatic tract
03/23/17Hydraulic assembly of a generator of medium-pressure and high-pressure pulsed or non-pulsed jets
03/23/17Image sensor calibration
03/16/17Endoluminal treatment method and associated surgical assembly
03/16/17Prosthetic heart valves including pre-stressed fibers
03/16/17Stent with coated struts
03/16/17Bioerodible magnesium alloy microstructures for endoprostheses
03/16/17Drive systems and methods of use
03/09/17Medical device handle
03/09/17Pressure sensing guidewires
03/09/17Anti-migration micropatterned stent coating
03/09/17Medical devices and delivery systems for delivering medical devices
03/09/17Tissue modification devices, systems, and methods
03/09/17High pressure balloon
03/02/17Fluid management systems and methods
03/02/17Medical devices and methods
03/02/17Pressure sensing guidewires
03/02/17Echogenic enhancement for a needle
03/02/17Scope-mounted inod handle
03/02/17Tissue resecting device and methods
03/02/17Medical stent with a valve and related methods of manufacturing
03/02/17Methods and endovascularly replacing a heart valve
03/02/17Automated implantable penile prosthesis pump system
03/02/17Anti-migration micropatterned stent coating
03/02/17Bioerodible magnesium alloy microstructures for endoprostheses
02/23/17Flexible electrode for cardiac sensing and making
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02/23/17Methods for producing cardiomyocyte cells
02/23/17System and treating hepatic area vein occlusion
02/23/17Medical device and related methods
02/23/17Radioactive stent
02/23/17Radioactive stent
02/16/17Catheter with annular lumen to provide distal flushing
02/16/17Systems and methods for making and using medical ablation systems having mapping catheters with improved anchoring ability
02/16/17Integrated adaptive seal for prosthetic heart valves
02/16/17V-clip post with pivoting
02/16/17Replacement heart valve implant
02/16/17Everting leaflet delivery system with pivoting
02/16/17Precision electrode movement control for renal nerve ablation
02/16/17Pinless release mechanism
02/16/17Stent having removable anchoring element
02/09/17Deployment control a catheter with a deployable array
Patent Packs
02/09/17Catheter with inductive force sensing elements
02/09/17Force sensing catheters having super-elastic structural strain sensors
02/09/17Force sensing catheters having deflectable struts
02/09/17Bidirectional steering control a catheter
02/09/17Smart device for bladder mapping
02/09/17Apparatus and methods for removing vertebral bone and disc tissue
02/09/17Tissue resection snares
02/09/17Expandable balloon mapping and ablation device
02/09/17Steerable tissue mapping and ablation device
02/09/17Systems and methods for mapping and ablation in the bladder
02/09/17Implantable medical device and methods of delivering the implantable medical device
02/09/17Systems and methods related to gastro-esophageal implants
02/09/17Control of bladder function using high frequency pacing
02/02/17Systems and methods for monitoring organ activity
02/02/17Tissue anchor with insertion device
02/02/17Devices for manipulating tissue and related methods
02/02/17Vaso-occlusive devices having expandable fibers
02/02/17Medical probe with echogenic and insulative properties
02/02/17Medical laser user interface
02/02/17Reusable implant delivery devices
02/02/17Valve delivery system with pinless release mechanism
02/02/17Medical devices and delivery systems for delivering medical devices
02/02/17Medical drainage devices and methods of use
02/02/17Implantable medical devices and related methods of use
01/26/17Actuated extra-venous valve
01/26/17Reloadable mechanical device for ligating living tissue and achieving hemostasis
01/26/17Medical device and related methods
01/26/17Devices for manipulating tissue and related methods
01/26/17Subintimal re-entry device
01/26/17Venous valve, system, and method with sinus pocket
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01/19/17Endoscopic hemostasis closure device and delivery system
01/19/17Cauterization devices, methods, and systems
01/19/17Prosthetic heart valve including self-reinforced composite leaflets
01/19/17Gel delivery catheters, systems, and methods
01/19/17Apparatus for treating pelvic floor disorders and related methods of use
01/12/17Vascular occlusion devices
01/12/17Detachable implantable devices
01/12/17Medical device having extenable members
01/12/17Laser tissue ablation system
01/12/17Medical systems comprising tool members
Patent Packs
01/12/17Synthetic composite structures
01/12/17Method for improving stent retention and deployment characteristics
01/12/17Structure for use as part of a medical device
01/12/17Methods and devices for maintaining an open pathway in a vessel
01/05/17Robust miniature magnetic sensor
01/05/17Control system for medical devices and related methods of use
01/05/17Through the scope tension member release clip
01/05/17Retrieval devices and related methods of use
01/05/17Resection devices and related methods of deployment
01/05/17Methods and apparatuses for remodeling tissue of or adjacent to a body passage
01/05/17Clip-on catheter
01/05/17Adjustable nosecone
01/05/17Prosthetic heart valve composed of composite fibers
01/05/17Endoscopic implant system and method
01/05/17Medical device having outer polymeric member including one or more cuts
12/29/16Open-irrigated ablation catheter
12/29/16Two-part package for medical implant
12/29/16Disposable sheath
12/29/16Filter for fine needle biopsy
12/29/16Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions
12/29/16Filter system and method
12/22/16Biopsy channel attachment adaptor
12/22/16Endoscopic instrument having a deflectable distal tool
12/22/16Cooled conductive balloon rf catheter for renal nerve ablation
12/22/16Side-firing fiber delivery device with active cooling cap
12/15/16Saline between tip and tissue
12/15/16Flexible biopsy needle
12/15/16System for the parallel delivery of an element into the esophageal mucosa
12/15/16Multi-fire stapling methods
12/15/16Tissue closure
Patent Packs
12/15/16Subintimal re-entry catheter with actuatable orientation mechanism
12/15/16Bodily substance detection by evaluating photoluminescent response to excitation radiation
12/15/16Ureteral stent with drug-releasing structure
12/15/16Devices and methods for therapeutic heat treatment
12/08/16Medical device comprising segments
12/08/16Biopsy needle
12/08/16Devices and methods for joining tissue
12/08/16Laser modulation for coagulation
12/08/16Adjustable medical assembly for implant tension adjustment
12/08/16Tubular component design and manufacture
12/08/16Training device for medical procedures
12/01/16Medical devices for mapping cardiac tissue
12/01/16Artifact cancellation to suppress far-field activation during electrophysiology mapping
12/01/16Compositions and methods for treatment of tissue
12/01/16Guide extension catheter
12/01/16Guide extension catheters and methods for manufacturing the same
11/24/16Tissue resection cap with mechanical tissue manipulator
11/24/16Endoscopic mucosal resection single step hood
11/24/16Apparatus and the treatment of stress urinary incontinence
11/17/16Real-time feedback for electrode contact during mapping
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11/17/16Micro support catheter
11/17/16Medical retrieval devices and related methods of use
11/17/16Device and methods for nerve modulation using a novel ablation catheter with polymeric ablative elements
11/17/16Fecal incontinence treatment device and method
11/17/16System and treating prolapse and incontinence
11/17/16Drug coated medical devices
11/17/16Shunting of dietary lipids including cholesterol
11/17/16Self-cleaning optical connector
11/10/16Systems and methods with a swellable material disposed over a transducer of an ultrasound imaging system
11/10/16Cervical seal
11/10/16Ostial renal nerve ablation
11/10/16Implants and methods of implanting the same
11/03/16Rf electrodes on multiple flexible wires for renal nerve ablation
11/03/16Adjustable implants and methods of implanting the same
11/03/16Stent with anti-migration feature
11/03/16Atraumatic stent and making the same
11/03/16Method for loading a stent into a delivery system
10/27/16Endoscopic instrument having movable distal tool
10/27/16Access devices and related methods of use
10/27/16Systems and methods for vascular occlusion
Social Network Patent Pack
10/27/16Medical retrieval devices and related methods of use
10/27/16Surgical articles and methods
10/20/16Tissue diagnosis and treatment using electrodes and mini-electrodes
10/20/16Fusible biodegradable sutures utilizing tissue soldering technology
10/20/16Subintimal re-entry catheter and retrograde recanalization
10/20/16Methods and devices for targeted ablation of tissue
10/20/16Medical systems and related methods
10/13/16Apparatus and sealing a vessel puncture opening
10/13/16Medical devices
10/13/16Tissue and stone removal device and related methods of use
10/13/16Synthetic heart valves composed of zwitterionic polymers
10/13/16Prosthetic heart valves having fiber reinforced leaflets
10/13/16Fiber reinforced prosthetic heart valve having undulating fibers
10/13/16Rapid exchange enteral stent delivery system
10/13/16Trap balloon catheter with trap balloon retainer
10/13/16Catheter shaft designs
10/13/16Coated medical devices and methods for drying coated medical devices
10/06/16Devices and methods for locating and treating esophageal strictures
10/06/16Devices and methods for ultrasound imaging
10/06/16Pulmonary biopsy devices
10/06/16Systems and methods for delivery of gel embolics
10/06/16Occlusion device
10/06/16Atherectomy medical device
10/06/16Airway diagnosis and treatment devices and related methods of use
10/06/16Devices and methods for dilating a lumen of a body
10/06/16Method to create micropatterns on an inside surface of a stent
10/06/16Stent having added feature for strain relief and mitigation of crack propagation
10/06/16In-situ formed stent
10/06/16Continent ostomy valve and use
10/06/16Injection devices and methods of use thereof
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10/06/16Vibrating self-dilation bougie
09/29/16Methods and devices for identifying treatment sites
09/29/16Embolic coil delivery system with easy-release knot
09/29/16Biologic-based expandable occlusion devices
09/29/16Retrieval devices and related methods of use
09/22/16Tissue-acquisition and fastening devices and methods
09/22/16Compositions, devices, kits and methods for attaching surgical meshes to tissue
09/22/16Subintimal re-entry balloon catheter
09/22/16Balloon catheters with increased column strength
09/15/16Filter for fine needle biopsy
09/15/16Through the scope tension member release clip
09/15/16Arterial-venous occlusion apparatus
09/15/16Surgical laser treatment temperature monitoring
09/15/16Prosthetic heart valve having an improved tubular seal
09/15/16Bioerodible polymeric medical device having photo active groups
09/15/16Devices and methods for stomach partitioning
09/15/16Bioerodible magnesium alloy microstructures for endoprostheses
09/15/16New method to make tube-in-tube balloon
09/08/16Method of and positioning and maintaining the position of endoscopic instruments
09/08/16Tavi anchoring assist device
09/08/16Low profile valve locking mechanism and commissure assembly
09/08/16Stent with anti-migration features
09/01/16Steering mechanism
09/01/16Variable stiffness aspiration needle
09/01/16Adjustable throw percutaneous needle
09/01/16Valve apparatus, system and method
09/01/16Implatable devices having a radially expandable barrier and related methods of use
09/01/16Multiple lumen assembly for use in endoscopes or other medical devices
09/01/16Methods of operating a laser system chiller

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