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Bridgestone Corporation
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Bridgestone Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Bridgestone Corporation. Bridgestone Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bridgestone Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bridgestone Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Process for producing cast-metal object, and cast-metal object


Process for producing cast-metal object, and cast-metal object

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Count Application # Date Bridgestone Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015005994203/05/15 new patent  Pneumatic tire
22015005995503/05/15 new patent  Tire
32015005995603/05/15 new patent  Tire
42015006405903/05/15 new patent  Process for producing cast-metal object, and cast-metal object
52015006559303/05/15 new patent  Polyurethane foam for seat pad
62015006567303/05/15 new patent  Preparation of functional polymers using phosphide initiators
102015005736702/26/15Micro-particles containing a 3-d polymeric structure
112015004867202/19/15Rubber crawler
122015005050602/19/15Rubber composition, manufacturing rubber-metal composite body, rubber-metal composite body, tire, industrial belt, and rubber crawler
132015004103302/12/15Pneumatic motorcycle tire
142015004546302/12/15Hollow nano-particles and method thereof
152015003824902/05/15System, method, and measuring golf club deformation
162015003864602/05/15Composition for producing sheet for forming laminate, process for producing the same, and sheet for forming laminate
172015002760901/29/15Tire mold and pneumatic tire
182015003178901/29/15Rubber tyre compound
192015003180901/29/15Anti-vibration rubber composition, crosslinked anti-vibration rubber composition, and anti-vibration rubber
202015003182101/29/15Rubber composition and producing rubber composition
212015003184501/29/15Process for producing polydienes
222015002093701/22/15Pneumatic tire
232015002093801/22/15Pneumatic radial tire
242015002093901/22/15Tire mold, tire, and tire manufacturing method
262015002180401/22/15Mold, manufacturing molded foam body, and molded foam body
272015002181301/22/15Tire mold, tire, and tire manufacturing method
282015002517301/22/15Polymer, rubber composition containing polymer, crosslinked rubber composition obtained by crosslinking rubber composition, and tire having crosslinked rubber composition
292015002521401/22/15Processes for the removal of rubber from non-hevea plants
302015001386501/15/15Pneumatic tire
322015001744601/15/15Core-first nanoparticle formation process, nanoparticle, and composition
332015001845901/15/15Processes for recovering rubber from aged briquettes and aged briquettes containing plant matter from non-hevea plants
342015001848801/15/15Polymers functionalized with lactones or thiolactones containing a protected amino group
362015000788801/08/15Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the same
372015000791801/08/15Pneumatic tire
382015001073701/08/15Decorative tire and producing same
392015001100501/08/15Method for producing cell having nucleic acid introduced therein
402015001168301/08/15Keratin in rubber applications
412015001170101/08/15Polymer and producing same, rubber composition containing polymer, and tire having rubber composition
422015001171001/08/15Functionalized polymer
432015000081101/01/15Pneumatic tire
442015000081301/01/15Pneumatic radial tire
462015000081701/01/15Pneumatic tire for two-wheeled motor vehicle
472015000104701/01/15Rubber composition for conveyor belts, conveyor belt, and belt conveyor
482015000143401/01/15Vibration-damping rubber composition, crosslinked vibration-damping rubber composition, and vibration-damping rubber
492015000175401/01/15Mold, manufacturing molded foam body, and molded foam body
502015000284701/01/15Appearance inspection apparatus and appearance inspection method
512015000409001/01/15Method and producing silicon fine particles
522015000541801/01/15Coloured tyre portions
532015000543301/01/15Rubber composition for conveyor belts, rubber for conveyor belt covers, and conveyor belt
542014037399312/25/14Pneumatic tire
552014037399512/25/14Pneumatic tire
562014037803012/25/14Pneumatic tire and manufacturing tire vulcanization mold
572014037863012/25/14Bulk polymerization process for producing polydienes
582014036694512/18/14Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the same
592014036701012/18/14Tire and tire forming mold
602014037138012/18/14Rubber tyre compound with improved crack propagation resistance
612014037140812/18/14Method for producing copolymer
622014036063712/11/14Pneumatic motorcycle tire
632014036063812/11/14Tire and tire forming mold
642014036064412/11/14Reinforcement member for tire and pneumatic tire using the same
662014036147512/11/14Rubber composition for rubber vibration insulator
672014036368012/11/14Method of forming coloured tyre portions
682014035286012/04/14Tire and mold for forming the same
692014035286112/04/14Low-wear tyre tread band
702014035286212/04/14Tire and tire forming mold
712014035286412/04/14Pneumatic tire
722014035312912/04/14Rubber composition for conveyor belts and conveyor belt
732014035779512/04/14Method for producing polydienes and polydiene copolymers with reduced cold flow
742014035779712/04/14Polyester blends exhibiting low temperature toughness
752014035780412/04/14Rubber composition for tire, vulcanized rubber composition for tire, and tires using same
762014034576511/27/14Tire and tire forming mold
772014034577011/27/14Pneumatic tire
792014035017311/27/14Rubber composition manufacturing method, rubber composition, and pneumatic tire using same
802014035017411/27/14Method for producing rubber composition
812014033880911/20/14Rubber decor and tire
822014033974911/20/14Anti-vibration device
832014033213011/13/14Tire and producing the same
842014033213511/13/14Pneumatic tire
852014033213611/13/14Heavy-duty tire
862014033628811/13/14Processes for recovering rubber from natural rubber latex
872014032630311/06/14Solar cell and manufacturing the same
882014032637611/06/14Rubber composition and tire using the same
892014032639411/06/14Tire manufacturing method and tire
902014032658211/06/14Conveyor belt apparatus
912014032903511/06/14Rubber composition for hoses, and hose
922014032994611/06/14Rubber composition and manufacturing same
942014032362710/30/14Rubber composition and tire using the same
952014031157110/23/14Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the same
972014031164710/23/14Heavy load pneumatic radial tire
982014031164810/23/14Heavy load pneumatic radial tire
992014031252110/23/14Mold, molding machine, and foamed molded body manufacturing method
1002014031504410/23/14Method for manufacturing brass-plated steel wire and brass-plated steel wire
1012014031602310/23/14Vulcanized rubber, manufacturing same and tire
1022014030556210/16/14Tire and mold for molding tire
1032014030557510/16/14Apparatus for butt joining sheet members and using same
1042014029877010/09/14Metal filament body connecting method and connecting device
1052014029924510/09/14Pneumatic tire
1062014029924710/09/14Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle
1072014029924810/09/14Pneumatic tire
1082014030332710/09/14Process for producing polydienes
1102014029081610/02/14Pneumatic radial tire for a passenger vehicle and using the tire
1112014029081910/02/14Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle
1122014029082010/02/14Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle and using the same
1132014029640010/02/14Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the sealing film
1142014029644510/02/14Method for producing polydienes and polydiene copolymers with reduced cold flow
1152014028825009/25/14Process for preparation of cyclic and acyclic diene copolymer and rubber composition
1162014026194809/18/14Pneumatic tire
1172014027533309/18/14Long-term indicator for rubber articles
1182014027542809/18/14Copolymers of conjugated dienes and vinyl organophosphines prepared by anionic polymerization
1192014025151809/11/14Non-pneumatic tire
1202014025283809/11/14Seat pad
1212014024581209/04/14Method of measuring wear rate in rubber tires
1222014024613409/04/14Pneumatic tire
1232014024682209/04/14Liquid-filled vibration isolating device
1242014023856808/28/14Pneumatic tire for heavy load
1252014022381308/14/14Method for producing polyploids of para rubber tree
1262014022439408/14/14Pneumatic tire
1272014022439508/14/14Pneumatic tire
1282014022440008/14/14Pneumatic tire
1292014022850208/14/14Carbon black, rubber composition and pneumatic tire
1302014022852508/14/14Rubber composition and tire using the same as well as modified conjugated diene-based polymer and producing the same
1322014021661808/07/14Pneumatic tire for an auto motorcycle
1342014021662408/07/14Pneumatic tire and manufacturing the same
1352014020922807/31/14Pneumatic radial tire for a passenger vehicle and using the same
1362014021369507/31/14Rubber composition, cross-linked rubber composition, and tire
1372014020260607/24/14Agricultural machine tire
1382014020584807/24/14Tire, manufacturing thereof, and rubber member for repair used in the manufacturing the tire
1392014020682407/24/14Rubber compound microwave curing method
1402014019726307/17/14Cable bead manufacturing method and apparatus therefor
1412014019060807/10/14Tire mold, tire, and tire manufacturing method
1422014018769307/03/14Method for producing rubber composition
1432014017461606/26/14Pneumatic tire for motorcycle
1452014017461806/26/14Pneumatic tire
1462014017810706/26/14Image forming device and manufacturing same
1472014017986106/26/14Copolymer, rubber composition, crosslinked rubber composition, and tire
1492014016617106/19/14Enhancing tread wear speed and traction performance
1502014016617506/19/14Rubber composition
1512014016617906/19/14Pneumatic tire and producing the same
1522014017158006/19/14Process for producing rubber composition
1532014017159606/19/14Method for manufacturing polymer
1542014015826306/12/14Pneumatic radial tire for a passenger vehicle and using the tire
1562014015826906/12/14Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the rubber composition
1572014015827106/12/14Rubber article-reinforcing steel cord and pneumatic tire
1582014015828406/12/14Autoclave and tire manufacturing method
1592014015929006/12/14Vibration isolator
1602014016377006/12/14Road surface condition estimating method, and road surface condition estimating apparatus
1622014015117106/05/14Energy absorbing body and energy absorbing body manufacturing method
1632014014456705/29/14Pneumatic tire and manufacturing the same
1642014014852705/29/14Amine functionalized polymer
1652014014907105/29/14Method of determining the longitudinal pitch of blocks of a tread band and tread band
1662014013800205/22/14Pneumatic tire
1672014013800305/22/14Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle, using the tire, and tire-rim assembly including the tire
1692014014223505/22/14Rubber composition
1702014014223605/22/14Rubber composition
1722014012410905/08/14Pneumatic tire
1742014012411105/08/14Pneumatic tire and designing tread pattern thereof
1752014012411505/08/14Pneumatic tire
1782014012411805/08/14Pneumatic tire
1792014012463605/08/14Attachment structure
1802014012579205/08/14Bead filler inspection apparatus, bead filler inspection program and bead filler inspection method
1812014012693505/08/14Developing roller
1822014011649905/01/14Process for manufacturing solar cell modules
1832014011659105/01/14Motorcycle pneumatic tire
1842014010966204/24/14Tire testing device
1852014011002604/24/14Pneumatic radial tire
1862014011003204/24/14Laminate, tire, and producing tire
1872014011003504/24/14Pneumatic tire
1882014011334404/24/14Isoprene synthase and gene encoding the same, and producing isoprene monomer
1892014011400804/24/14Rubber composition
1902014010262004/17/14Method for obtaining coloured tyre portions
1912014010318604/17/14Attachment structure
1922014010358604/17/14Vibration isolator
1932014010728504/17/14Method for producing rubber composition
1942014010729804/17/14Functionalized polymers and tires therefrom
1952014009688204/10/14Multilayer structure, inner liner for pneumatic tire, and pneumatic tire
1962014009949004/10/14Multilayer structure, inner liner for pneumatic tire, and pneumatic tire
1972014010009704/10/14Urethane resin composition and a conductive roller using same
1982014010033404/10/14Interpolymers containing isobutylene and diene mer units
1992014010033904/10/14Functionalized high cis-1,4-polybutadiene prepared using novel functionalizing agents
2002014010034004/10/14Polymers functionalized with nitroso compounds
2012014009070904/03/14Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the sealing film
2022014008711003/27/14Adhesive composition, adhesion method, and pneumatic tire
2032014007647403/20/14Multilayer structure, inner liner for pneumatic tire, and pneumatic tire
2042014008096903/20/14Rubber composition and tire using the same
2052014008097903/20/14Anti-vibration rubber composition and anti-vibration rubber
2062014006719003/06/14Method of determining the stress that should be applied to a tyre during a high-efficiency indoor endurance test
2072014006719303/06/14System for predicting tire casing life
2082014006759903/06/14Method for tread selection
2092014005396402/27/14Pneumatic tire and forming circumferential belt layer of the same
2102014005804002/27/14Resin composition
2112014004796302/20/14Method and device for transfer cutting strip-shaped rubber member
2122014004819102/20/14Tread band with asymmetric grooves to reduce debris retention
2132014004819402/20/14Adhesive composition, adhesion method using the same, laminate and tire
2142014005156602/20/14Ceramic sintered body and manufacturing ceramic sintered body
2152014005179102/20/14Rubber composition
2162014005179202/20/14Rubber composition
2172014005179302/20/14Rubber composition
2182014005232402/20/14Method of determining the stress that should be applied to a tyre during an indoor endurance bench test
2192014004177502/13/14Cured tread and tire
2202014004280102/13/14Crawler traveling device and elastic crawler
2212014004541002/13/14Retreaded tire manufacturing method and tires suited therefor
2222014003420102/06/14Pneumatic tire for two-wheeled motor vehicle
2232014003420702/06/14Pneumatic tire
2242014003908002/06/14Rubber composition, vulcanized rubber and tire manufactured using the same
2252014003910702/06/14Multiple-acid-derived metal soaps incorporated in rubber compositions and incorporating such soaps in rubber compositions
2262014003912602/06/14Lanthanide complex catalyst and polymerization method employing same
2272014003053701/30/14Adhesive composition, adhesion method using the same, laminate and tire
2282014003147101/30/14Stabilization of polymers that contain a hydrolyzable functionality
2292014003148801/30/14Polymers functionalized with protected hydrazone compounds containing an acyl group
2302014003150201/30/14Metal complex catalysts and polymerization methods employing same
2312014003150301/30/14Lanthanide complex catalyst and polymerization method employing same
2322014003204401/30/14Vehicle vibration reduction system
2332014002080301/23/14Pneumatic tire
2352014002080701/23/14Radial tire for heavy load
2372014002230201/23/14Tire printing device and printing onto tire surface
2382014002393401/23/14Non-aqueous electrolyte additive, non-aqueous electrolyte, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
2392014002476201/23/14Rubber composition for pneumatic tire
2402014001424601/16/14Pneumatic tire
2412014001750301/16/14Heat ray-shielding laminate and film roll thereof
2422014001757301/16/14Non-aqueous electrolyte additive, non-aqueous electrolytle, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
2432014001849301/16/14Copolymer, rubber composition, crosslinked rubber composition and tire
2442014001850001/16/14Polymers functionalized with a carboxylic or thiocarboxylic ester containing a silylated amino group
2462014001192401/09/14Compounding silica-reinforced rubber with low volatile organic compound (voc) emission
2472014001194001/09/14Rubber composition and tire
2482014001196301/09/14Process for producing polydienes
2492014000077501/02/14Pneumatic tire

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