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Broadcom Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Broadcom Corporation. Broadcom Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Broadcom Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Broadcom Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Wave clocking


Wave clocking

Wave clocking


Segmented content reference circulation

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Count Application # Date Broadcom Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014031239610/23/14 new patent  Split multi-gate field-effect transistor
22014031294710/23/14 new patent  Wave clocking
32014031408410/23/14 new patent  System and method for efficient matching of regular expression patterns across multiple packets
42014031438910/23/14 new patent  Segmented content reference circulation
52014031746210/23/14 new patent  Scannable sequential elements
62014030671210/16/14Tracking aging effect on battery impedance and tracking battery state of health
72014030675510/16/14Low inductance transformer
92014030759910/16/14Switch arrangement and apparatus
102014030763810/16/14Interference mitigation through carrier aggregation
112014030765310/16/14Multiple narrow bandwidth channel access and mac operation within wireless communications
122014030770410/16/14Dynamic eirp constraint for a cellular communication system using a large number of base station antennas
132014030781410/16/14Antenna systems and methods for massive mimo communication
142014030781510/16/14Systems and methods for beamforming in a massive mimo system
152014030781610/16/14Pilot design for massive mimo communication
162014030781810/16/14Base station configuration using massive multiple input multiple output (m-mimo)
172014030788210/16/14Acoustic echo cancellation with internal upmixing
182014030890810/16/14Apparatus and method for signal predistortion
192014030894510/16/14System and method for acquiring and/or configuring a mobile platform to provide a suite of services
202014031036210/16/14Congestion management in overlay networks
212014031037010/16/14Network-displaced direct storage
222014031054210/16/14Method for saving power on multi-channel devices
232014031079810/16/14Method for mandatory access control of processing in hardware cores
242014031082610/16/14Mesh grid protection system
252014029996410/09/14On-chip inductor using redistribution layer and dual-layer passiviation
262014030105610/09/14Method and system for optimizing routing layers and board space requirements for a ball grid array land pattern
272014030125810/09/14Sip signaling cut-through
282014030130310/09/14Interference mitigation
292014030286510/09/14Flexible measurements in unlicensed band
302014030384010/09/14Intelligent power and control policy for automotive applications
312014030442110/09/14Adaptive multiple pathway session setup to support qos services
322014029181810/02/14Integrated circuit device facilitating package on package connections
332014029183510/02/14Ic package with integrated waveguide launcher
342014029230110/02/14Low power bias compensation scheme utilizing a resistor bias
352014029237710/02/14High voltage inverter utilizing low voltage oxide mofset devices
362014029378610/02/14Path resolution for hierarchical load distribution
372014029380610/02/14Method and system for fast cell search using psync process in a multimode wcdma terminal
382014029384110/02/14Rf front end arrangement and method for sharing first and second antennas by different frequency bands
392014029386810/02/14Method and apparatus for providing feedback
412014029405210/02/14Communication system with proactive network maintenance and methods for use therewith
422014029410310/02/14Data communication over power supply lines of an electronic system
432014029413310/02/14Low-cost port synchronization method in multiport ethernet devices
442014029577510/02/14Switch arrangement
452014029578210/02/14Antenna control
462014029579710/02/14Method, apparatus and computer program for operating a user equipment
472014029582810/02/14Methods and apparatuses enabling selection between cellular and non-cellular radio connections
482014029582910/02/14Method, apparatus and computer program for configuring device communications
492014029583110/02/14Background paging monitoring in dual sim wireless communication device
502014029585110/02/14Methods, apparatus and computer programs for operating a user equipment
512014029761710/02/14Method and system for supporting geo-augmentation via virtual tagging
522014029766910/02/14Attract mode operations associated with virtual tagging
532014029841210/02/14System and method for securing a credential via user and server verification
542014028618309/25/14Receiver having integrated spectral analysis capability
552014028619309/25/14Communication network having proximity service discovery and device self-organization
562014028620309/25/14Channel sharing within wireless communications
572014028620509/25/14Duplexing in long term evolution (lte) cellular networks
582014028623809/25/14Shared plcp protocol data unit (ppdu) within wireless communications
592014028634609/25/14System and method for 10/40 gigabit ethernet multi-lane gearbox
602014028646209/25/14Reducing electromagnetic interference in a received signal
612014028649709/25/14Multi-microphone source tracking and noise suppression
622014028935309/25/14Network module
632014028954909/25/14Methods and apparatuses for computer power down
642014028977509/25/14Method and system for personal media program production in a media exchange network
652014028977809/25/14Gesture and voice recognition for control of a device
662014026609909/18/14In-rush current control for charge-pump ldo
672014026636509/18/14Latency/area/power flip-flops for high-speed cpu applications
682014026984709/18/14Symbol-level equalization using multiple spreading factors
692014026996309/18/14Diversity reception and transmission in lte communication systems
702014027022609/18/14Adaptive modulation filtering for spectral feature enhancement
712014027077309/18/14Flashless optical network unit
722014027839709/18/14Speaker-identification-assisted uplink speech processing systems and methods
732014027841709/18/14Speaker-identification-assisted speech processing systems and methods
742014028109909/18/14Method, system, and computer program product for controlling flow of pcie transport layer packets
752014028273709/18/14Method and system for media processing providing access to distributed media via a channel guide
772014025438509/11/14Facilitating network flows
782014025451009/11/14Clear channel assessment (cca) levels within wireless communications
792014025451409/11/14Codebook enchancement for long term evolution (lte)
802014025469109/11/14Bitstream processing using marker codes with offset values
812014025477909/11/14Integrated cmos multi-mode drivers
822014025870809/11/14Securing variable length keyladder key
832014024777809/04/14Adaptive reference signal mapping in wireless multi-access communication networks
842014024798309/04/14High-throughput image and video compression
852014025048309/04/14System, method, and apparatus for playing back a plurality of video elementary streams with one playback channel
862014024015408/28/14Multi-rate sigma delta digital-to-analog converter
872014024054808/28/14Image processing based on moving lens with chromatic aberration and an image sensor having a color filter mosaic
882014024116008/28/14Scalable, low latency, deep buffered switch architecture
892014024133608/28/14Dual carrier separation
902014024136908/28/14System and method for data flow identification and alignment in a 40/100 gigabit ethernet gearbox
912014024137708/28/14Half-frame request opportunities and operation within wired and/or wireless communication systems
922014024138408/28/14Method of synchronizing a communication system
932014024141108/28/14System and method for link training of a backplane physical layer device operating in simplex mode
942014024144708/28/14Receiver with cyclic prefix determination
952014024163008/28/14Indexed color history in image coding
962014024297908/28/14Cellular network interworking including radio access network extensions
972014024500708/28/14User authentication system
982014024511408/28/14Encapsulation for link layer preemption
992014023338208/21/14Oversubscription monitor
1002014023338308/21/14Management of traffic buffering in internal and external memories in a passive optical network
1012014023342108/21/14Application aware elephant flow identification
1022014023343908/21/14Downlink-uplink configuration determination
1032014023357308/21/14Out-of-order message filtering with aging
1042014023367908/21/14Rceiver with reduced wake-up time
1052014023373208/21/14Mobile paytv drm architecture
1062014023390908/21/14System and method supporting infrared remote control over a network
1072014023518308/21/14Interposer package structure for wireless communication element, thermal enhancement, and emi shielding
1082014023702108/21/14System and method for bandwidth-delay-product decoupler
1092014023711808/21/14Application aware elephant flow management
1102014023712208/21/14Network module
1112014023726808/21/14Moisture shutdown control
1122014023750908/21/14Integrated cable modem and cable television management system
1132014022556008/14/14Battery with integrated wireless power receiver and/or rfid
1142014022567508/14/14Apparatus for a radio frequency integrated circuit
1152014022585908/14/14Mutual capacitive touch sensor pattern
1162014022648408/14/14Mechanism for signaling buffer status information
1172014022658908/14/14Network management module for a vehicle communication network
1182014022675308/14/14Method and system for mitigating transformer saturation in a communication interface
1192014022681708/14/14Apparatus and method to register wi-fi clients on a wi-fi network
1202014022805508/14/14Smart phone to home gateway/stb data exchange for content delivery
1212014022975108/14/14Network interface with low power data transfer and methods for use therewith
1222014023007308/14/14Virtualized security processor
1232014021757308/07/14Low cost and high performance flip chip package
1242014021811908/07/14Common reference crystal systems
1252014021908708/07/14Packet marking for flow management, including deadline aware flow management
1262014021911208/07/14Selective prioritization of data packets to improve data traffic
1272014021913608/07/14Method and system for providing directory services for peer-to-peer communications
1282014021914108/07/14Method and apparatus for time division duplex communication
1292014021923708/07/14Method and apparatus for establishing a time-frequency reference signal pattern configuration in a carrier extension or carrier segment
1302014021925308/07/14Network selection
1312014021926408/07/14Method and system for compromise greenfield preambles for 802.11n
1322014021929008/07/14Multi-rate mac to phy interface
1332014021933208/07/14Virtual field buffer based decoding
1342014022093608/07/14Direct communication among devices
1352014022097208/07/14Handover in lte using parallel sniffer
1362014022102808/07/14Fast detection of collocated rf jammers facilitating optimized gain setting selection of front-end receiver amplifiers
1372014022309208/07/14Apparatus and method for distributing a search key in a ternary memory array
1382014022348308/07/14Method and system for providing program preview of a particular program during channel changes via a gateway
1392014021008307/31/14Thermally and electrically enhanced ball grid array package
1402014021051807/31/14Resonant inductor coupling clock distribution
1412014021066507/31/14Angle of arrival and/or range estimation within a wireless communication device
1422014021109807/31/14Method and system for providing faster channel switching in a digital broadcast system
1432014021162007/31/14Method and apparatus for layer 2 compression signaling
1442014021163407/31/14Adaptive buffer allocation management
1452014021163907/31/14Network tracing for data centers
1462014021164807/31/14System and methods for anonymous crowdsourcing of network condition measurements
1472014021170207/31/14Apparatuses and methods for a communication system
1482014021175707/31/14Wireless communication system utilizing staggered device handovers
1492014021180307/31/14Bridge routing module
1502014021183207/31/14Base-t common mode testing in an ethernet subsystem
1512014021186507/31/14Method and system for modularized configurable connector system for ethernet applications
1522014021186607/31/14Telecontrol energy-saving apparatus for simultaneous transmission of multiple signals with powerline technology
1532014021187107/31/14Method and system for improved cellular diversity receiver
1542014021212807/31/14Multi-port channelized optical line terminal
1552014021320007/31/14Transceiver with board-level configuration of on-chip or external transmit/receive switch
1562014021327307/31/14Localized dynamic channel time allocation
1572014021419107/31/14Adaptive integrated circuit to optimize power and performance across process variations
1582014021510407/31/14Crosstalk mitigation in on-chip interfaces
1592014021523307/31/14Power management system using blocker modules coupled to a bus
1602014021524207/31/14Wearable device-aware supervised power management for mobile platforms
1612014021525207/31/14Low power control for multiple coherent masters
1622014021546307/31/14Systems and methods for handling virtual machine packets
1632014020481707/24/14Methods and apparatuses for increased battery performance in networks with different drx cycles
1642014020483807/24/14Apparatus, method and computer program for communicating via a plurality of networks
1652014020529507/24/14System and method for carrying control data in a preamble
1662014020529607/24/14Method for split spectrum signalling in an optical network
1672014020628507/24/14Systems and methods for establishing in-band connections using out-of-band connections
1682014020632907/24/14Methods, apparatus and computer programs for use in measurement reporting
1692014020633007/24/14Measurement reporting
1702014020814407/24/14Method and apparatus for adaptive power management of memory subsystem
1712014020835407/24/14Method and system for tv interface for coordinating media exchange with a media peripheral
1722014019745307/17/14Image sensor with layers of direct band gap semiconductors having different band gap energies
1732014019749707/17/14Native pmos device with low threshold voltage and high drive current and method of fabricating the same
1742014019790007/17/14Systems and methods for impedance switching
1752014019863907/17/14Channel traffic congestion avoidance in a mobile communication system
1762014019868807/17/14Method and apparatus for reducing self interference
1772014019869207/17/14Securing transmit openings by the requester
1782014019870507/17/14Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) and duplication signaling within wireless communications
1792014019875407/17/14Mobile telecommunications architecture
1802014019886707/17/14Communication system having cross polarization interference cancellation (xpic)
1812014019999607/17/14Wireless communication system utilizing enhanced air-interface
1832014020000807/17/14Wireless communication system utilizing broadcast-based blind offloading
1842014020135407/17/14Network traffic debugger
1852014020141307/17/14Method and apparatus for backplane support of 100/1000 ethernet
1862014020158807/17/14Low density parity check (ldpc) coding in communication systems
1872014020159207/17/14Very short size ldpc coding for physical and/or control channel signaling
1882014020160407/17/14Methods and systems for 2-dimensional forward error correction coding
1892014019131507/10/14Multigate metal oxide semiconductor devices and fabrication methods
1902014019178207/10/14On-chip r and c calibration using on-board supply bypass capacitance
1912014019181107/10/14Integrated circuit with calibrated pulling effect correction
1922014019181207/10/14Integrated circuit with calibrated pulling effect correction
1932014019181507/10/14Integrated circuit with calibrated pulling effect correction
1942014019264207/10/14Mobile device with cellular-wlan offlaod using passive load sensing of wlan
1952014019264307/10/14Systems and methods for network discovery and selection using contextual information
1962014019266707/10/14Proximity offloading and service continuity support for mobile communication devices
1972014019269407/10/14Triggering downlink traffic with timing indication
1982014019271607/10/14Methods and apparatuses for managing acknowledgements
1992014019271807/10/14Wireless communication
2002014019273307/10/14Method and apparatus for extending control signalling in an lte network
2012014019273707/10/14Proximity detection for mobile communication devices using geo-fencing
2022014019284307/10/14Method and apparatus for triggering a ranked transmission
2032014019291607/10/14Communication system using a multi-antenna transmit precoder codebook
2042014019293207/10/14Method and system for implementing a single weight spatial multiplexing (sm) mimo system
2052014019309407/10/14Edge smoothing block filtering and blending
2062014019411807/10/14Seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active cellular device
2072014018362807/03/14Metal oxide semiconductor devices and fabrication methods
2082014018364607/03/14Geometric regularity in fin-based multi-gate transistors of a standard cell library
2092014018365607/03/14Method and system for split threshold voltage programmable bitcells
2102014018374807/03/14Microbump and sacrificial pad pattern
2112014018396407/03/14Power transmitting device having power theft detection and prevention
2122014018397607/03/14Method and system for a connection system operable to sink and source supply power
2132014018414807/03/14Power transfer architecture with charging history
2142014018415007/03/14Method and system for wireless power transfer calibration
2152014018415207/03/14Power transfer architecture employing coupled resonant circuits
2162014018433907/03/14High efficiency output stage amplification for radio frequency (rf) transmitters
2172014018455407/03/14Methods and systems for hybrid multi-touch capacitive (mtc) and active stylus touch device
2182014018455507/03/14Device-to-device communications based on capacitive sensing and coupling via human body or direct device-to-device coupling
2192014018547607/03/14Efficient link adaptation for non-collocated antennas
2202014018561207/03/14Universal network interface controller
2212014018562807/03/14Deadline aware queue management
2222014018565907/03/14Communication system capable of measuring crosstalk in legacy line
2232014018570407/03/14Hitless modulation changes in double capacity links using adaptive coding modulation (acm)
2242014018598907/03/14Connector, cabling and signaling for communication protocols
2252014018605307/03/14Non-semaphore linked list management
2262014018728707/03/14Lte and wlan/bluetooth coexistence
2272014018846607/03/14Integrated speech intelligibility enhancement system and acoustic echo canceller
2282014018888507/03/14Utilization and power efficient hashing
2292014017635906/26/14Reference charge cancellation for analog-to-digital converters
2302014017648206/26/14Capacitive touch sensing system with interference rejection
2312014017736306/26/14Method and system for automated device testing
2322014017744106/26/14Method and system for establishing a queuing system inside a mesh network
2332014017751706/26/14Methods and apparatuses for facilitating communications
2342014017755706/26/14Method and apparatus for cell activation
2352014017760306/26/14Communications coexistence signaling
2362014017761006/26/14Ethernet media converter supporting high-speed wireless access points
2372014017761306/26/14Resilient peer network with 802.11 technology
2382014017762206/26/14Cell detection
2392014017764106/26/14Satellite controlling bridge architecture
2402014017765306/26/14Inband timestamping
2412014017771706/26/14Reduction of i-pulsing artifacts
2422014017774106/26/14Ofdm or ofdma signaling for ranging and data
2432014017774306/26/14Multi-clock physical layer preamble design and detection
2442014017775006/26/14Fine step blended modulation communications
2452014017776806/26/14Digital calibration of analog distortion using split analog front-end
2462014017797006/26/14Image subset determination and processing
2472014017803606/26/14Method of timebase management for mpeg decoding with personal video recording functionality
2482014018154806/26/14System and method for using energy efficient ethernet to control energy efficiencies in lower layers
2492014018161106/26/14System and method for mitigating burst noise in a communications system

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