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Broadcom Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Broadcom Corporation. Broadcom Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Broadcom Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Broadcom Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12015033906311/26/15  new patent  System and efficient buffer management for banked shared memory designs
22015034030811/26/15  new patent  Reconstituted interposer semiconductor package
32015034050211/26/15  new patent  Finfet with undoped body bulk
42015034087611/26/15  new patent  Pru short beacon detection
52015034099411/26/15  new patent  Receiver architecture for a compact and low power receiver
62015034104511/26/15  new patent  Frame adaptive digital to analog converter and methods for use therewith
72015034107511/26/15  new patent  Amplifier utilizing a configurable interface to a front end module
82015034110211/26/15  new patent  Distributed signal field for communications within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
92015034110611/26/15  new patent  Relay within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
102015034119711/26/15  new patent  Short training field (stf) for use within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
112015034138411/26/15  new patent  Randomizing countermeasures for fault attacks
122015034161311/26/15  new patent  Method and system for mixing video and graphics
132015034175011/26/15  new patent  Identifier for device location within wireless communication systems
142015034182111/26/15  new patent  Information exchange for cellular non-cellular interworking
152015034184111/26/15  new patent  Mac header based traffic classification and methods for use therewith
162015034184211/26/15  new patent  Wireless device powered by mems with adaptive communications
172015034188811/26/15  new patent  Method and system for registering femtocells to provide service
182015034194011/26/15  new patent  Multi-radio coexistence
192015034196211/26/15  new patent  Methods and apparatus of spectrum sharing for cellular-controlled offloading using unlicensed band
202015034198211/26/15  new patent  Mobile communication device with multiple wireless transceivers and methods for use therewith
212015033084211/19/15 Radio circuits and components thereof including temperature responsive liquid mems
222015033306611/19/15 Field effect transistor structure having one or more fins
232015033356311/19/15 Portable computing device with wireless power distribution
242015033377511/19/15 Frozen-bit selection for a polar code decoder
252015033381011/19/15 Controlling tx antenna selection
262015033392411/19/15 Method and system for content aggregation via a broadband gateway
272015033421511/19/15 Far-end sound quality indication for telephone devices
282015033451811/19/15 Optimization of nfc tag for different battery levels
292015033454011/19/15 Keyboard with built in display for personal area network establishment and inter-operation
302015033462211/19/15 Apparatus and method to perform lte/wlan handoff by keeping lte attached or in suspended state
312015033472711/19/15 Communications coexistence signaling
322015033475211/19/15 Methods, devices and computer program products improving device-to-device communication
332015032424911/12/15 Message page integrity verification in automotive network auto-negotiation
342015032469811/12/15 Context-aware decision making
352015032524511/12/15 Loudspeaker beamforming
362015032611111/12/15 High efficiency voltage level multiplier
372015032618511/12/15 Receiver with variable gain control transimpedance amplifier
382015032634211/12/15 Bandwidth control for differential manchester encoding auto-negotiation signaling
392015032634811/12/15 Robust line coding scheme for communication under severe external noises
402015032636411/12/15 Method and configuring resource elements for the provision of channel state information reference signals
412015032640911/12/15 Multi-user null data packet (mu-ndp) sounding within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
422015032641611/12/15 Communication system having cross polarization interference cancellation (xpic)
432015032641811/12/15 Ofdm or ofdma signaling for ranging and data
442015032648811/12/15 Vehicle network node module
452015032655411/12/15 Communication between social network circles
462015032662611/12/15 Social networking grouping hierarchy
472015032693111/12/15 System and method in a television system for responding to user-selection of an object in a television program utilizing an alternative communication network
482015032701911/12/15 Communications system having proximity service discovery
492015032710111/12/15 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for controlling a user equipment
502015032710211/12/15 Method, apparatus and computer program for measurment report messages transmission in a wireless device
512015032717411/12/15 Receiver with reduced wake-up time
522015032717511/12/15 Systems and methods for providing power management
532015032726611/12/15 Video sub-reservation protocol in a wireless ecosystem
542015031411611/05/15 Bio-medical unit and applications for cancer treatment
552015031661511/05/15 Chip instrumentation for in-situ clock domain characterization
562015031665411/05/15 Determining gps mode of operation based upon accelerometer input
572015031708511/05/15 Graphics display system with unified memory architecture
582015031749511/05/15 Protecting critical data structures in an embedded hypervisor system
592015031823011/05/15 Flexural plate wave device for chip cooling
602015031882411/05/15 Variable duty-cycle multi-standard mixer
612015031904111/05/15 Oversubscribing a packet processing device to adjust power consumption
622015031908611/05/15 System for accelerated network route update
632015031914611/05/15 System and security key transmission with strong pairing to destination client
642015031927311/05/15 System and enabling a dual-wire protocol
652015031928711/05/15 System and acquiring and/or configuring a mobile platform to provide a suite of services
662015031955411/05/15 Image triggered pairing
672015031967911/05/15 Femtocell fingerprinting
682015031968911/05/15 Energy saving operations for wireless networks
692015031972111/05/15 Method for suppression of spurs from a free running oscillator in frequency division duplex (fdd) and time division duplex (tdd) wireless systems
702015031974211/05/15 Resource allocation methods for control channels
712015031976411/05/15 Intelligent load balancing bandwidth allocation for multiple interface wireless devices
722015030979310/29/15 Resource locking for load store scheudling in a vliw processor
732015030979410/29/15 Branch prediction
742015030979510/29/15 Zero overhead loop
752015030979610/29/15 Renaming with generation numbers
762015030979710/29/15 Computer processor with generation renaming
772015030979810/29/15 Register resource locking in a vliw processor
782015030979910/29/15 Stunt box
792015031044410/29/15 Adaptive biometric and environmental authentication system
802015031090910/29/15 Optimization of circuit layout area of a memory device
812015031191310/29/15 Distributed virtual-ground switching for sar and pipelined adc
822015031207710/29/15 Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) structures for high efficiency wireless communications
832015031215810/29/15 Method and system for medium access control (mac) layer specialization for voice and multimedia data streams
842015031216010/29/15 System for flexible dynamic reassignment of throughput
852015031262310/29/15 Video control-plane gateway device
862015031262810/29/15 Customized acquisition of content by a broadband gateway
872015031280210/29/15 Method and system for sideband communication architecture for supporting manageability over wireless lan (wlan)
882015031288810/29/15 Downlink channel access for non-operator devices
892015031289010/29/15 Method and system for communicating information in a wireless communication system
902015031292610/29/15 Coexistence priority selection
912015030161710/22/15 Systems and methods for providing enhanced motion detection
922015030164410/22/15 Wearable device for generating capacitive input
932015030297410/22/15 Magnetic-core three-dimensional (3d) inductors and packaging integration
942015030317210/22/15 Reconstitution techniques for semiconductor packages
952015030387810/22/15 Power amplifiers, systems, and methods
962015030390710/22/15 Cm clamping methods and circuits for wired communication applications
972015030395410/22/15 System, method, and analog signal conditioning of high-speed data streams
982015030397210/22/15 Cascading radio frequency circuits
992015030403710/22/15 Ethernet passive optical network over coaxial (epoc)
1002015030404610/22/15 Probabilistic bandwidth control in a passive optical network (pon)
1012015030409810/22/15 Multilane serdes clock and data skew alignment for multi-standard support
1022015030415210/22/15 Communication system using orbital angular momentum
1032015030424810/22/15 50 gb/s ethernet using serializer/deserializer lanes
1042015030469510/22/15 Channel bonding with multiple network types
1052015030472110/22/15 System and method in a television receiver for providing user-selection of objects in a television program
1062015030482310/22/15 Quality-of-service (qos)-based delivery of multimedia call sessions using multi-network simulcasting
1072015030485110/22/15 Portable authorization device
1082015030492110/22/15 Methods, devices, and computer program products improving mobile communication
1092015030492210/22/15 Wlan offloading using offload preference indication information
1102015030493210/22/15 Small cell initial access and physical cell identity determination
1112015030503110/22/15 Time domain coexistence of rf signals
1122015030506510/22/15 Random access procedure and related apparatus
1132015029555410/15/15 Signal conversion with gain in the forward path
1142015029560110/15/15 System and frequency reuse for wireless point-to-point backhaul
1152015029567910/15/15 Remote tx training with a re-timer
1162015029574510/15/15 Frequency interleaving and de-interleaving for ofdm modulation
1172015029586010/15/15 Method and system for remotely configuring an ethernet switch using ethernet packets
1182015029605710/15/15 Phy/mac interface (pmi) for communication systems
1192015029612310/15/15 Advanced fast autofocusing
1202015029621310/15/15 Pipelined video decoder system
1212015029626310/15/15 System and method in a television controller for providing user-selection of objects in a television program
1222015029632810/15/15 Mechanical enclosures for a communication device
1232015029644610/15/15 Wireless network scanning strategies
1242015029646310/15/15 Power control for carrier aggregation on shared bands
1252015028627310/08/15 Network energy consumption reduction
1262015028702510/08/15 Systems and methods for providing nfc secure application support in battery on and battery off modes
1272015028839810/08/15 Highly linear receiver front-end with thermal and phase noise cancellation
1282015028841210/08/15 Harmonic rejection mixer
1292015028841610/08/15 Wireless communication synchronization system
1302015028846710/08/15 Self-calibration technique for carrier aggregation receivers
1312015028849810/08/15 Upstream transmission burst configuration
1322015028918510/08/15 Network discovery and selection using utility information and radio interworking
1332015028929610/08/15 Network discovery and selection
1342015027685610/01/15 Passive probing of various locations in a wireless enabled integrated circuit (ic)
1352015028032510/01/15 Method and system for configuring a leaky wave antenna utilizing micro-electro mechanical systems
1362015028044310/01/15 Power amplifier for wireless power transmission
1372015028088110/01/15 Control channel configuration for stand-alone new carrier type
1382015028089410/01/15 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for half-duplex frequency division duplexing
1392015028095310/01/15 Data and pilot sub-carrier or tone design for ofdm/ofdma in wireless communications
1402015028175010/01/15 Audio/video channel transbonding in a network device
1412015028208010/01/15 System, device, and configuring dual drx cycles
1422015028210310/01/15 System, method, and controlling dual connectivity uplink power
1432015028221010/01/15 Vehicle gateway access in cellular network for vehicle communications
1442015028223510/01/15 Wireless bus for intra-chip and inter-chip communication, including wireless-enabled component (wec) embodiments
1452015026849909/24/15 Methods and systems for enhanced viewing of a display device
1462015027061109/24/15 Antenna modification to reduce harmonic activation
1472015027085909/24/15 Transmitter harmonic cancellation for carrier aggregation/multiband operation
1482015027107409/24/15 Mapping control protocol time onto a physical layer
1492015027110509/24/15 Multi-homing in an extended bridge
1502015027118109/24/15 System utilizing a secure element
1512015027141809/24/15 Video signal switching
1522015027143209/24/15 Auto-pairing control device
1532015027150409/24/15 Adaptable video architectures
1542015027170509/24/15 Determining priority between ran rules and andsf rules
1552015027170609/24/15 Transmitting an offloadable apn via a broadcast signaling method
1562015027176509/24/15 Uplink power scaling for dual connectivity
1572015026376209/17/15 Forward error correction (fec) for local area networks (lans)
1582015026377209/17/15 Communication receiver enhancements using multi-signal capture
1592015026381709/17/15 Scheduling in a two-tier network
1602015026434109/17/15 Communication infrastructure including simultaneous video pathways for multi-viewer support
1612015026458709/17/15 Parameter-based facilitation of interworking and network selection
1622015026460909/17/15 Method and managing handovers
1632015026468809/17/15 Transmitter architecture for uplink inter-band carrier aggregation
1642015025343209/10/15 Method and system for customized full ephemeris compatible with standard agps network devices
1652015025389009/10/15 Asymmetric multi-row touch panel scanning
1662015025585009/10/15 Touching an antenna of a near field communications (nfc) device to control its operation
1672015025598909/10/15 Resonant tuning through rectifier time shifting
1682015025614109/10/15 Method and system for audio adjustment
1692015025626209/10/15 Upstream frame configuration for ethernet passive optical network protocol over coax (epoc) networks
1702015025628409/10/15 Upstream frame configuration for ethernet passive optical network protocol over coax (epoc) networks
1712015025630409/10/15 Downclocking and/or adaptive sub-carriers for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1722015025636709/10/15 Two-dimensional (2d) burst marker (bm) to identify data start and stop
1732015025651809/10/15 Scalable and secure key management for cryptographic data processing
1742015025656009/10/15 Gateway based and centric network management and coordination
1752015025711609/10/15 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for operating a wireless communications device
1762015025727109/10/15 Signal level crossing detector circuit
1772015024896409/03/15 Transformers and methods for fabricating transformers
1782015024906109/03/15 Interposer package-on-package structure
1792015024953009/03/15 Method to coordinate resource allocation to address inter-cell interference
1802015024973809/03/15 Notification and troubleshooting of interruptions, failures, and updates
1812015024985909/03/15 Adaptive transcoding bypass system
1822015024998509/03/15 Methods and apparatuses for enabling provision of an additional special subframe configuration
1832015024998809/03/15 Communicating with multiple devices
1842015024999109/03/15 Frequency sub-band selection in wireless communications
1852015024202108/27/15 High-accuracy touch positioning for touch panels
1862015024441308/27/15 Method and device for cancelling interference
1872015024442608/27/15 Power harvesting and use in a near field communications (nfc) device
1882015024443308/27/15 Split control and payload via cooperative massive mimo (m-mimo) and non-m-mimo infrastructure
1892015024449808/27/15 Data alignment over multiple physical lanes
1902015024462908/27/15 End to end flow control
1912015024487508/27/15 Method and system for controlling access and utilization of femtocells via a network based service
1922015024507408/27/15 Video processing system and transcoder for use with layered video coding and methods for use therewith
1932015024533908/27/15 Decoupled downlink and uplink
1942015024536508/27/15 Mechanism for controlling multi-band communication
1952015024537008/27/15 Scheduling in a cellular communication system using a large excess number of base station antennas
1962015024537108/27/15 Scheduling in a cellular communication system using a large excess number of base station antennas
1972015024537208/27/15 Multi-purpose radio front-end processing circuitry
1982015024540408/27/15 Method and system for a handheld wireless communication device for configuring connection to and use of local and remote resources
1992015024540908/27/15 Carrier aggregation over lte and wifi
2002015023372808/20/15 Estimation of roadway travel information based on historical travel data
2012015023564708/20/15 Joint source channel decoding using parameter domain correlation
2022015023570108/20/15 Pre-computation based ternary content addressable memory
2032015023599208/20/15 Semiconductor package with a bridge interposer
2042015023641108/20/15 Link quality to static and non-static devices
2052015023673608/20/15 Wideband receiver robust to radio frequency harmonics
2062015023674708/20/15 Transceiver device adapted to operate in a first communication mode and a second communication mode
2072015023676308/20/15 Supporting high dimensional mu-mimo beamforming by sounding multiple frames with different sets of antenna patterns
2082015023677008/20/15 Channel estimation using a multi-user frame
2092015023678508/20/15 Cpri framelets
2102015023682008/20/15 Low latency, automatic repeat request ("arq") in a multi-device communications link
2112015023682208/20/15 Method and providing a transmission opportunity
2122015023688708/20/15 Direct conversion receiver circuit for concurrent reception of multiple carriers
2132015023711808/20/15 Extensible interoperability of network devices
2142015023735408/20/15 Method for deblocking field-frame video
2152015023751308/20/15 Using one or more past channel estimates for adjusting parameters, sensing object presence, or allowing association
2162015023758408/20/15 Systems and methods for providing nfc secure application support in battery-off mode when no nonvolatile memory write access is available
2172015023760808/20/15 Method and system for utilizing standardized interface in a wireless device to discover and use local and remote resources
2182015023763908/20/15 Overall mu-mimo capacity for users with unequal packet lengths in an mu-mimo frame
2192015023767608/20/15 Dual band wireless local area network (wlan) transceiver
2202015022724108/13/15 Baseline recalculation after frequency reconfiguration of a mutual capacitive touch controller
2212015022733708/13/15 Device configuration including a master communications device with a slave device extension
2222015022855308/13/15 Hybrid thermal interface material for ic packages with integrated heat spreader
2232015022866808/13/15 Enabling bulk finfet-based devices for finfet technology with dielectric isolation
2242015022935908/13/15 Powerline modem device
2252015022936208/13/15 Measurement and reporting of received signal strength in nfc enabled devices
2262015022936308/13/15 Nfc device combining components of antenna driver and shunt regulator
2272015022936908/13/15 Method and system for content-aware mapping/error protection using different spatial streams
2282015022944008/13/15 Forward error correction (fec) data transmission system
2292015022944208/13/15 Impulse and/or burst noise signal to noise ratio (snr) aware concatenated forward error correction (fec)
2302015022947308/13/15 Push button configuration pairing
2312015022949208/13/15 Utilizing a gateway for brokering and/or arbitrating service consumption options
2322015022950508/13/15 Uplink multiuser carrier frequency offset (cfo) estimation in wireless communications
2332015022958508/13/15 Flexray communications using ethernet
2342015022958808/13/15 System, multi-lane auto-negotiation over reduced lane media
2352015022973908/13/15 Cloud server/thin client/gateway selective browser instantiation
2362015023023608/13/15 Uplink configuration and transmission control in inter-site carrier aggregation
2372015022125908/06/15 Apparatus and using an led for backlighting and ambient light sensing
2382015022160308/06/15 Microbump and sacrificial pad pattern
2392015022200508/06/15 Satellite alignment system using automatic control of output power
2402015022228108/06/15 Stacked synthesizer for wide local oscillator generation using a dynamic divider
2412015022231608/06/15 Dual antenna topology for bluetooth and ieee 802.11 wireless local area network devices
2422015022234608/06/15 Mu-mimo protocol efficiency
2432015022240608/06/15 Mu-mimo acknowledgement protocol efficiency
2442015022247008/06/15 Point to point split mount impairment correction system
2452015022247408/06/15 Discovery of services over infrastructure networks
2462015022253108/06/15 Prefix-based entropy detection in mpls label stacks
2472015022301408/06/15 Regulation and load modulation in a near field communication device
2482015022308908/06/15 Time offset acquisition for dual connectivity
2492015022315508/06/15 System information for device-to-device discovery

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