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Broadcom Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Broadcom Corporation. Broadcom Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Broadcom Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Broadcom Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12016011750604/28/16  new patent  Security controlled multi-processor system
22016011906904/28/16  new patent  Channel bonding synchronization
32016011963304/28/16  new patent  Video encoding for social media
42016011967104/28/16  new patent  Frame formatting supporting mixed two and three dimensional video data communication
52016011977504/28/16  new patent  Mobile communication device providing communication pathway determination assistance
62016010958004/21/16 Method and system for calibrating group delay errors in a combined gps and glonass receiver
72016010989904/21/16 Induction-coupled clock distribution for an integrated circuit
82016011189404/21/16 Power transmitting unit and power receiving unit with control data communication and methods for use therewith
92016011216104/21/16 Methods and interference management in wireless networking
102016011217504/21/16 Feedback resource mapping in wireless communications
112016011221404/21/16 Communication system with proactive network maintenance and methods for use therewith
122016011254704/21/16 Frame formatting for communications within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
132016011290504/21/16 Multiservice communication device with dedicated control channel
142016011290904/21/16 Priority measurement rules for channel measurement occasions
152016011301604/21/16 Preamble and header bit allocation for power savings within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
162016010519504/14/16 Parallel sample-and-hold circuit for a pipelined adc
172016010521904/14/16 Positioning guidance for increasing reliability of near-field communications
182016010571204/14/16 Cable network gateway with digital docsis/moca bridge
192016010576104/14/16 Method for determining directionality using bluetooth low energy communications
202016010591304/14/16 Apparatus and use in a communication system
212016009902904/07/16 Techniques to boost word-line voltage using parasitic capacitances
222016009978004/07/16 Time to time-frequency mapping and demapping for ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc)
232016009983804/07/16 Method and system for utilizing a broadband gateway for peer to peer communications
242016010042704/07/16 Method and system for optimal beamforming in wireless networks
252016009270303/31/16 Mesh grid protection system
262016009339903/31/16 All voltage, temperature and process monitor circuit for memories
272016009424603/31/16 Non-binary low density parity check (nb-ldpc) codes for communication systems
282016009431703/31/16 Long-term evolution unlicensed (lte-u) and wireless local area network (wlan) coexistence mechanism
292016009485503/31/16 Mode complexity based coding strategy selection
302016009511003/31/16 Wifi-coordinated laa-lte
312016008528003/24/16 Adaptive power configuration for a mhl and hdmi combination multimedia device
322016008663403/24/16 Index table generation in pvr applications for avc video streams
332016008748103/24/16 High efficiency gate driver for wireless power transmission
342016008764803/24/16 Puncture-aware low density parity check (ldpc) decoding
352016008768203/24/16 Device for authenticating wanted nfc interactions
362016008842403/24/16 Bluetooth low energy automation mesh network
372016008864203/24/16 Licensed-assisted access (laa) using long term evolution (lte) protocols
382016007822303/17/16 Hardware isolated secure processing system within a secure element
392016007843503/17/16 Systems and methods for providing security to different functions
402016008000103/17/16 Multiple size and rate forward error correction (fec) code combination with minimum shortening and maximum combined code rate
412016008005603/17/16 Preamble design within wireless communications
422016008010903/17/16 Symbol mapping for binary coding
432016008017103/17/16 Cross layer coordinated channel bonding
442016008018603/17/16 Preamble design within wireless communications
452016008019003/17/16 Multi-channel support within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
462016008019103/17/16 Multi-channel support within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
472016008021803/17/16 System and network health and management
482016008024003/17/16 Network tracing for data centers
492016008024103/17/16 Gigabit determination of available bandwidth between peers
502016008033503/17/16 Method and system for traffic engineering in secured networks
512016008080803/17/16 Media processing system supporting personal network activity indication exchange
522016008082403/17/16 Method and system for optimizing communication in a home network via a gateway
532016008092803/17/16 Method and system for a networked self-configuring communication device utilizing user preference information
542016008094603/17/16 Coexistence signaling
552016008099903/17/16 Method and a cellular assisted intelligent transportation system
562016008111803/17/16 Clear channel assessment (cca) levels within wireless communications
572016008113103/17/16 Mesh network connections
582016007155703/10/16 Low power shift register
592016007193503/10/16 Native pmos device with low threshold voltage and high drive current and fabricating the same
602016007255603/10/16 Feedback-based adaptive load modulation (alm) for a near field communication (nfc) device
612016007333303/10/16 Apparatuses, methods and computer program products allowing communication via multiple access systems
622016006441703/03/16 Bulk and dielectric-isolated finfet-based integrated circuit
632016006523003/03/16 Gain calibration of adc residue amplifiers
642016006553803/03/16 Wireless communication systems and methods
652016006599103/03/16 Method and system for motion-compensated frame-rate up-conversion for both compressed and decompressed video bitstreams
662016006613103/03/16 Near field communications (nfc) device having adjustable gain
672016006629003/03/16 Cell timing synchronization via network listening
682016006631803/03/16 Mechanisms for single user (su) and multiple user (mu) transmission and association via polling within wireless communications
692016005535202/25/16 Method and system for secure system-on-a-chip architecture for multimedia data processing
702016005698102/25/16 Two-dimensional (2d) decision feedback equalizer (dfe) slicer within communication systems
712016005747002/25/16 Video processing system with conditional access module and methods for use therewith
722016005764202/25/16 Enhanced radio resource management measurement mechanism in local area network with flexible time division duplex
732016005766902/25/16 Method and managing wireless connection switching
742016004841402/18/16 Dynamically splitting jobs across multiple agnostic processors in wireless system
752016004934802/18/16 Semiconductor border protection sealant
762016004980702/18/16 Charger external power device gain sampling
772016005010702/18/16 Over the air programming via a broadband access gateway
782016005012702/18/16 Upstream (us) transient impairment localization and detection within communication systems
792016005018002/18/16 Proxy device for a network of devices
802016005028602/18/16 Intelligent power and control policy for automotive applications
812016005060602/18/16 Communicatively coupling wlan and femtocell networks utilizing a femtocell-to-wlan network bridge and controller
822016005067902/18/16 Managing interference between collocated radios
832016005068902/18/16 Multiple delivery traffic indication map (dtim) per device within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
842016004365002/11/16 Smart power delivery system and related method
852016004370002/11/16 Low voltage transmitter
862016004371902/11/16 High voltage fail-safe io design using thin oxide devices
872016004373502/11/16 Simplified range and context update for multimedia context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding design
882016004375702/11/16 Blocker-tolerant wideband noise-canceling receivers
892016004399402/11/16 Method and system for supporting visitor access via a broadband gateway
902016004407602/11/16 In-house location based services
912016004429202/11/16 Video processing system with layered video coding and methods for use therewith
922016004452302/11/16 Devices and methods related to controlling ue assumption of interface
932016004460302/11/16 Mechanism for enhancing power control in time division based communications
942016004464102/11/16 Handling downlink semi-persistent scheduling retransmission in wireless networks
952016004473802/11/16 Wireless communication device with connection restoration and methods for use therewith
962016003653802/04/16 Process mitigated clock skew adjustment
972016003666002/04/16 Dynamic audio/video channel bonding
982016003669602/04/16 Processor with messaging network technology
992016003717102/04/16 Multi-mode error concealment, recovery and resilience coding
1002016003728802/04/16 Container-located information transfer module
1012016003732402/04/16 System and method providing location based wireless resource identification
1022016003741602/04/16 Method, apparatus and computer program for operating a user equipment
1032016003754502/04/16 Dynamic aggregation for coexistence between wireless transceivers of a host device
1042016003756802/04/16 Method and reestablishing communication with a network
1052016002678301/28/16 System, apparatus, and anti-replay protection of data stored in a non-volatile memory device
1062016002750301/28/16 Memory architecture with local and global control circuitry
1072016002774901/28/16 Test circuit under pad
1082016002844901/28/16 Devices and methods related to improvements in coordinated multipoint transmission arrangements
1092016002845001/28/16 Robust wireless communication system and components thereof for processing a message from two sources
1102016002849601/28/16 Noise localization within cable based communication systems
1112016002863901/28/16 Buffer relay management within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1122016002873901/28/16 Set top box architecture supporting mixed secure and unsecure media pathways
1132016002907501/28/16 Fast switching of synchronized media using time-stamp management
1142016002931901/28/16 Coordinated wireless communication and power delivery
1152016002938001/28/16 Speed frame exchange within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1162016001652301/21/16 Unified vehicle network frame protocol
1172016001937601/21/16 Wireless device for group access and management
1182016002050801/21/16 Three-dimensional multiple spiral antenna and applications thereof
1192016002050901/21/16 Three-dimensional antenna structure
1202016002079801/21/16 Systems and methods for enhancing audio quality of fm receivers
1212016002083701/21/16 Method, apparatus and computer program for controlling a wireless device
1222016002084501/21/16 Communication device with phase/angle transformation and methods for use therewith
1232016002093001/21/16 Fine step blended modulation communications
1242016002094301/21/16 Automotive neural network
1252016002156901/21/16 Apparatus and method to reduce denial of service during mme overload and shutdown conditions
1262016002161101/21/16 Session recovery after network coordinator or ap restart for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1272016002172201/21/16 Amoled light sensing
1282016001250401/14/16 Method and system for selecting services and/or content in a network comprising multiple service and/or content provider
1292016001390801/14/16 Traveling pilots within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1302016001464101/14/16 Anticipatory hand-off setup between networks
1312016000463801/07/16 Dynamically configurable memory
1322016000585001/07/16 Semiconductor device with a vertical channel
1332016000625701/07/16 Smart powering and pairing system and related method
1342016000646901/07/16 Signaling and procedure for in-device co-existence
1352016000707801/07/16 Method and system for providing user-generated content via a gateway
1362016000709001/07/16 System and a television for providing information associated with a user-selected information element in a television program
1372016000717601/07/16 Emergency call handling in cellular networks after failed authentication
1382016000728101/07/16 Open-loop frequency lock methods for fast boot-up time
1392015038115012/31/15 Increasing output amplitude of a voltage-mode driver in a low supply voltage technology
1402015038146612/31/15 Micro-oam for link groups
1412015038153112/31/15 Protecting customer virtual local area network (vlan) tag in carrier ethernet services
1422015038155312/31/15 Social processing member offering fixed and intelligent services
1432015038156512/31/15 Dynamic local media access control (mac) address assignment
1442015038229912/31/15 Enhanced discovery channel for interworking between a cellular wide-area communication system and a wireless local-area communication system
1452015037273912/24/15 Supporting high dimensional mu-mimo beamforming by sounding multiple frames with different sets of antenna patterns
1462015037290712/24/15 Managing path selection and reservation for time sensitive networks
1472015037314312/24/15 Social network device memberships and applications
1482015037340012/24/15 Method and system for fast digital channel change utilizing time-stamp managment
1492015037350812/24/15 Wireless communication system and method
1502015037355012/24/15 Cell clustering based configuration of flexible time division duplex communication
1512015037358312/24/15 Data bridge
1522015037362012/24/15 Probe request for relay discovery within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1532015037362912/24/15 Dormant cell detection and report configuration
1542015037366412/24/15 Arrival-delta position determination
1552015037370712/24/15 Acknowledgment and/or receiver recovery mechanisms for scheduled responses within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1562015037371512/24/15 Initial ranging transmission power
1572015037377012/24/15 System, method, and signaling information for a rejected network connection
1582015036443312/17/15 Systems and methods for detecting and preventing optical attacks
1592015036517812/17/15 System, method, and signaling intefering cell information
1602015036540412/17/15 System and binding a smartcard and a smartcard reader
1612015036566412/17/15 Multi-level video processing within a vehicular communication network
1622015036584912/17/15 Handover procedure between local area cells which are under the same coverage of a macro cell
1632015036585412/17/15 Addressing communication failure in multiple connection systems
1642015036585712/17/15 Measurements in multiple connection systems
1652015036589412/17/15 Methods and apparatuses for discontinuous reception
1662015036592412/17/15 Repetition transmission for downlink control signal
1672015036593812/17/15 Adaptive cross-radio access technology (rat) channel assignment
1682015035746212/10/15 Ldmos device and structure for bulk finfet technology
1692015035835412/10/15 Method and system for policy based authentication
1702015035837712/10/15 Method and system for enabling rendering of electronic media content via a secure ad hoc network configuration utilizing a handheld wireless communication device
1712015035843712/10/15 Physical layer (phy) link signaling for cable networks
1722015035880512/10/15 Assisted device discovery
1732015035887312/10/15 Enterprise level management in a multi-femtocell network
1742015035902412/10/15 Method and establishing a device-to-device connection
1752015034778512/03/15 Social network routing
1762015034956312/03/15 Smart voltage dedicated charger system
1772015034976912/03/15 Current-controlled cmos logic family
1782015034986012/03/15 Differential feedback within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1792015035000912/03/15 System and enhanced auto-negotiation for ngbase-t
1802015035009612/03/15 2.5 gbps/5gbps ethernet communications over a full duplex communication channel
1812015035028512/03/15 Adaptive audio video (av) stream processing
1822015035045512/03/15 Proximity service
1832015035073412/03/15 Method and system for providing complete internet anywhere with full server assisted processing
1842015035094912/03/15 Apparatus and accessing unlicensed band with network assistance
1852015035103612/03/15 Transitioning from mimo to siso to save power
1862015035105412/03/15 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for limiting maximum transmit power of devices
1872015035106312/03/15 Sch-linked rs configurations for new carrier type
1882015035115412/03/15 Small cell base station dtx mode
1892015033906311/26/15 System and efficient buffer management for banked shared memory designs
1902015034030811/26/15 Reconstituted interposer semiconductor package
1912015034050211/26/15 Finfet with undoped body bulk
1922015034087611/26/15 Pru short beacon detection
1932015034099411/26/15 Receiver architecture for a compact and low power receiver
1942015034104511/26/15 Frame adaptive digital to analog converter and methods for use therewith
1952015034107511/26/15 Amplifier utilizing a configurable interface to a front end module
1962015034110211/26/15 Distributed signal field for communications within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1972015034110611/26/15 Relay within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1982015034119711/26/15 Short training field (stf) for use within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
1992015034138411/26/15 Randomizing countermeasures for fault attacks
2002015034161311/26/15 Method and system for mixing video and graphics
2012015034175011/26/15 Identifier for device location within wireless communication systems
2022015034182111/26/15 Information exchange for cellular non-cellular interworking
2032015034184111/26/15 Mac header based traffic classification and methods for use therewith
2042015034184211/26/15 Wireless device powered by mems with adaptive communications
2052015034188811/26/15 Method and system for registering femtocells to provide service
2062015034194011/26/15 Multi-radio coexistence
2072015034196211/26/15 Methods and apparatus of spectrum sharing for cellular-controlled offloading using unlicensed band
2082015034198211/26/15 Mobile communication device with multiple wireless transceivers and methods for use therewith
2092015033084211/19/15 Radio circuits and components thereof including temperature responsive liquid mems
2102015033306611/19/15 Field effect transistor structure having one or more fins
2112015033356311/19/15 Portable computing device with wireless power distribution
2122015033377511/19/15 Frozen-bit selection for a polar code decoder
2132015033381011/19/15 Controlling tx antenna selection
2142015033392411/19/15 Method and system for content aggregation via a broadband gateway
2152015033421511/19/15 Far-end sound quality indication for telephone devices
2162015033451811/19/15 Optimization of nfc tag for different battery levels
2172015033454011/19/15 Keyboard with built in display for personal area network establishment and inter-operation
2182015033462211/19/15 Apparatus and method to perform lte/wlan handoff by keeping lte attached or in suspended state
2192015033472711/19/15 Communications coexistence signaling
2202015033475211/19/15 Methods, devices and computer program products improving device-to-device communication
2212015032424911/12/15 Message page integrity verification in automotive network auto-negotiation
2222015032469811/12/15 Context-aware decision making
2232015032524511/12/15 Loudspeaker beamforming
2242015032611111/12/15 High efficiency voltage level multiplier
2252015032618511/12/15 Receiver with variable gain control transimpedance amplifier
2262015032634211/12/15 Bandwidth control for differential manchester encoding auto-negotiation signaling
2272015032634811/12/15 Robust line coding scheme for communication under severe external noises
2282015032636411/12/15 Method and configuring resource elements for the provision of channel state information reference signals
2292015032640911/12/15 Multi-user null data packet (mu-ndp) sounding within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
2302015032641611/12/15 Communication system having cross polarization interference cancellation (xpic)
2312015032641811/12/15 Ofdm or ofdma signaling for ranging and data
2322015032648811/12/15 Vehicle network node module
2332015032655411/12/15 Communication between social network circles
2342015032662611/12/15 Social networking grouping hierarchy
2352015032693111/12/15 System and method in a television system for responding to user-selection of an object in a television program utilizing an alternative communication network
2362015032701911/12/15 Communications system having proximity service discovery
2372015032710111/12/15 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for controlling a user equipment
2382015032710211/12/15 Method, apparatus and computer program for measurment report messages transmission in a wireless device
2392015032717411/12/15 Receiver with reduced wake-up time
2402015032717511/12/15 Systems and methods for providing power management
2412015032726611/12/15 Video sub-reservation protocol in a wireless ecosystem
2422015031411611/05/15 Bio-medical unit and applications for cancer treatment
2432015031661511/05/15 Chip instrumentation for in-situ clock domain characterization
2442015031665411/05/15 Determining gps mode of operation based upon accelerometer input
2452015031708511/05/15 Graphics display system with unified memory architecture
2462015031749511/05/15 Protecting critical data structures in an embedded hypervisor system
2472015031823011/05/15 Flexural plate wave device for chip cooling
2482015031882411/05/15 Variable duty-cycle multi-standard mixer
2492015031904111/05/15 Oversubscribing a packet processing device to adjust power consumption

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