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Broadcom Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Broadcom Corporation. Broadcom Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Broadcom Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Broadcom Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17System and loudspeaker protection
11/30/17Multi-chip millimeter-wave interface
11/30/17Inter-radio communications for scheduling or allocating time-varying frequency resources
11/30/17System and loudspeaker protection
11/30/17System and loudspeaker protection
11/30/17System and loudspeaker protection
11/23/17Bidirectional transceiver circuits
11/02/17Detection of sleep deprivation attack and mitigation
10/19/17Wafer level system in package (sip) using a reconstituted wafer and making
10/19/17Linearized dynamic amplifier
10/19/17Flexible flow table with programmable state machine
10/12/17Write assist circuit for lowering a memeory supply voltage and coupling a memory bit line
09/28/17Read-only memory (rom) architecture with selective encoding
09/28/17Modulated supply amplifier with adjustable input parameter configuration
08/31/17Integrated transmit/receive switch with power amplifier transformer reuse
08/24/17Low dropout regulator with replica feedback frequency compensation
08/24/17Broadband digital transmitter using pi/4 phase offset local oscillator (lo) signals
08/24/17Wireless transmitter using a wideband digital-to-analog converter for processing multiple channels in a digital radio-frequency signal
08/24/17Satellite channel and lte coexistence
08/17/17Game console and gaming object with motion prediction modeling and methods for use therewith
08/17/17Gaming object with orientation sensor for interacting with a display and methods for use therewith
08/10/17Scalable low-latency mesh interconnect for switch chips
08/10/17Two stage power control system for automotive devices
08/10/17Current balance multiphase switching regulators
07/20/17Encoded global bitlines for memory and other circuits
07/20/17Collaborative operation of software defined radios
07/20/17Codeword puncturing for varying code rates
07/20/17Trick mode operation with multiple video streams
07/13/17Transmission line coupler for testing of integrated circuits
07/06/17High frequency signal termination device
06/29/17Magnetic circuit for high speed automotive ethernet over utp channels
06/15/17Network interface port modes
06/15/17Padding options for trigger frame in wireless communications
06/08/17Channel estimation for multi-channel transmissions
06/01/17Electrostatic discharge (esd) clamp on-time control
06/01/17Phantom mode datastream transmission
06/01/17Detection and prevention of intermodulation products above electromagnetic compatibility (emc) levels for power line communication (plc) devices
05/25/17Adjustable low-pass filter in a compact low-power receiver
05/25/17Network processors
05/25/17Calibration of wlan access points for location services
05/18/17Multi-mode power receiving unit and methods for use therewith
05/18/17Multi-cast multi-poll (mcmp) for bluetooth low energy
05/18/17Coexistence management via scheduling
05/18/17Adjusting transmission parameters to support coexistence fairness
05/11/17Power transmitting unit with adjustable field and methods for use therewith
05/11/17Robust electromagnetic compatibility performance for in-vehicle ethernet phys utilizing time division duplexing
05/11/17Comprehensive high resolution cable diagnostics for in-vehicle ethernet phys
05/11/17Gateway-assisted unicast-to-multicast conversion for adaptive bit rate (abr) data
05/11/17Systems and methods for digital media communication using syntax planes in hierarchical trees
05/11/17Video encoding for social media
05/11/17Systems and methods for enabling coexistence of multiple wireless components operating in the same frequency band
05/04/17Packet based delivery of multi-channel audio over wireless links
05/04/17Wireless communication device and power receiving unit with switching prediction and methods for use therewith
05/04/17Resource unit (ru) allocation within wireless communications
04/27/17Method and selective write assist
04/27/17Non-volatile memory cell having mulrtiple signal pathways to provide access to an antifuse of the memory cell
04/27/17Fan-out 3d ic integration structure without substrate and making the same
04/27/17High dynamic range non-constant luminance video encoding and decoding method and apparatus
04/27/17Channel debonding of multiple tuners in different set top boxes
04/20/17Heat spreader having thermal interface material retainment
04/20/17Parallel scanning of wireless channels
04/13/17Wireless power receiver voltage control enabling simultaneous communications to transmitter in over-voltage state
04/13/17Data unit retransmission
04/13/17Methods, systems, and the improvement of signal integrity over an unbalanced differential channel
04/06/17Wireless power transfer gate-drive power reduction
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04/06/17Wireless power transfer load modulation enhancement
04/06/17Power reduction in noise-cancelling receivers
04/06/17Systems and methods for lte-wan aggregation
03/16/17Hardware-accelerated protocol conversion in an automotive gateway controller
03/16/17Adaptive positioning system
03/16/17Security in mixed networks
03/09/17On-chip differential wilkinson divider/combiner
03/09/17Video coding with trade-off between frame rate and chroma fidelity
03/09/17Method and offloading data
03/02/17Inband spurious detection and processing within communication systems
03/02/17Communication system with proactive network maintenance and methods for use therewith
02/23/17Programming memory elements using two phase boost
02/23/17Wimpy finfet devices and methods for fabricating the same
02/23/17Packet-to-packet timing reconstruction for channel bonding
02/23/17Anticipatory video signal reception and processing
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02/23/17Methods for determining relative locations of wireless loudspeakers
02/16/17Reconfigurable 1:n wilkinson combiner and switch
02/16/17Efficient signaling of ofdm/a structure within wireless communications
02/16/17Dynamic group multipathing
02/16/17Methods and systems for almost blank subframe (abs) pattern selection for small cells
02/09/17Efficient hash table key storage
02/09/17Network function virtualization management system
02/02/17Peripheral device connection to multiple peripheral hosts
02/02/17Connection patterns for high-density device packaging
02/02/17Outphasing transmitter systems and methods
02/02/17Method and system for efficient digital video transmission using bonded groups of channels
01/26/17Method, system, and memory with feedthrough and retiming paths to support memory to memory requests
01/26/17Portable communication device with multi-tiered power save operation
01/26/17Wireless local area network with zero-wait dynamic frequency selection
01/19/17Flashless optical network unit
01/19/17Thermal enhancement for quad flat no lead (qfn) packages
01/19/17Reduced footprint ldmos structure for finfet technologies
01/19/17Split-gate devices
01/19/17Extended drain mos device for fdsoi devices
01/19/17Utbb fdsoi split gate devices
01/19/17Specifying service combinations in pre-association discovery
01/12/17Thin recon interposer package without tsv for fine input/output pitch fan-out
01/12/17Device and detecting and measuring alien crosstalk in greater than 1000base-t operations
01/12/17Network function virtualization security and trust system
01/05/17Apparatus and method to monitor thermal runaway in a semiconductor device
01/05/17Semiconductor device with split work functions
01/05/17One time programmable memory with a twin gate structure
01/05/17High voltage input stage using low voltage transistors
01/05/17Hierarchical packet buffer system
12/29/16Including low and high-voltage cmos devices in cmos process
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12/29/16Apparatus and wired data communication
12/29/16Beamforming feedback tone/sub-carrier location within wireless communications
12/29/16Frequency multiplier for a phase-locked loop
12/29/16Apparatus, system, and auto-negotiation
12/29/16Unscheduled power save mode with peer device notification
12/29/16Programmable transmitter circuits
12/22/16Cmos vco with implicit common-mode resonance
12/22/16Method and discovering devices and application users
12/15/16System and method to provide high-quality blending of video and graphics
12/15/16Pre-emphasis and equalization for dram
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12/15/16Wireless power transmitter and methods for use therewith
12/15/16Non-binary ldpc codes over non-associative finite division near rings
12/15/16Link establishment for single pair ethernet
12/15/16Decoupled packet and data processing rates in switch devices
12/08/16Pilot plan and design within ofdm/ofdma wireless communications
12/08/16Sub-carrier or tone plan and design within ofdm/ofdma wireless communications
12/08/16System for network-based reallocation of functions
12/08/16Apparatus and packet header compression
12/08/16Inline codec switching
12/08/16Apparatus, method and computer program for communicating via a plurality of networks
12/01/16Three dimensional monolithic ldmos transistor
12/01/16Self-interference cancellation for full-duplex communication using a phase and gain adjusted transmit signal
12/01/16Flexible debug observation point insertion in pipeline designs
12/01/16Customer premises equipment virtualization
12/01/16Opportunistic data transfer
11/24/16Motion vector prediction
11/24/16Data communication in a peer-to-peer network
11/17/16Coexistence signaling for adaptive gain table selection
11/17/16Acknowledgment and/or receiver recovery mechanisms for scheduled responses within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
11/17/16Apparatus and timestamping of data packets
11/17/16Communication device for limiting processing of interrupt-causing messages
11/17/16User equipment having web real time comunication architecture
11/10/16Near field communication (nfc) enabled peripheral device
11/10/16Selective deep packet inspection
11/10/16Apparatus and overlapped motion compensation for video coding
11/10/16Power management for personal bss control point (pcp)
11/03/16Receive side packet aggregation
11/03/16Topology configuration of processing elements array by using packets
10/27/16Common-mode ripple correction for high-speed transmitters
10/27/16Chassis nfc antenna booster
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10/27/16Near field communication antenna tuning based on temperature
10/27/16True radio frequency (rf) power detector
10/27/16Low-latency packet forwarding
10/20/16Semiconductor device with a vertical channel formed through a plurality of semiconductor layers
10/20/16Multiple-orientation wireless charging
10/20/16Chassis based antenna for a near field communication (nfc) enabled device
10/20/16Antenna massive mimo communication
10/20/16Power coupling circuits for single-pair ethernet with automotive applications
10/20/16Transmission coordination within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
10/13/16Embedded substrate core spiral inductor
10/13/16Integrated circuit with die edge assurance structure
10/13/16Devices having multiple threshold voltages and fabricating such devices
10/13/16Signal field (sig) design within ofdm/ofdma wireless communications
10/13/16Function virtualization for multimedia network topology adaptation
10/13/16Subsequent association identifier (aid) update within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
10/13/16Cellular-wireless local area network (wlan) interworking
10/13/16Point-to-point radio system having a phased array antenna system
10/06/16System and spread spectrum adc noise reduction
10/06/16Wireless receiver
10/06/16Digital full duplex over single channel solution for small cell backhaul applications
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10/06/16Streaming video over a hybrid network
10/06/16Compressed video buffering
10/06/16Differential and distributive queuing of video frames
10/06/16Mitigating excessive handovers
09/29/16Ternary content addressable memory scan-engine
09/29/16Channel bonding for ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc) networks
09/29/16Multi-input wireless receiver based on rf sampling techniques
09/29/16Dense small cell deployment
09/29/16Method and system for utilizing out of band signaling for calibration and configuration of a mesh network of ehf transceivers/repeaters
09/29/16Power efficient networking
09/22/16Method of making a programmable cell and structure thereof
09/15/16Multi-phase hysteretic buck switching regulator
09/15/16Peak to average power ratio (papr) reduction for repetition mode within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communication
09/15/16Explicit feedback format within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
09/15/16Lte carrier aggregation configuration on tv white space bands
09/15/16Indexed color values in image coding
09/08/16Antenna structure with bracket antenna and methods for use therewith
09/08/16Phased array feeder (paf) for point to point links
09/08/16Transceiver front end with low loss t/r switch
09/08/16Short training field (stf) within wireless communications
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09/08/16Mobile communication devices having adaptable features and methods for implementation
09/08/16Long training field (ltf) within wireless communications
09/01/16Digital-to-analog converter using nonlinear capacitance compensation
08/25/16High bandwidth memory and glitch-less differential xor
08/25/16User authentication system
08/25/16Buffer circuitry for monitoring network element status
08/18/16Method and apparatus to avoid noise figure degradation of a wireless receiver by a blocker
08/18/16Upstream power amplifier
08/18/16Mixed mode operations within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
08/18/16Communication device to generate and process a clear to send announcement frame
08/18/16Carrier synchronization appropriate for alm nfc data transmission
08/18/16Controller for network having substantially fixed topology
08/18/16Multi-microphone source tracking and noise suppression
08/18/16Transmit power management design and implementation
08/18/16Smart meter media access control (mac) for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
08/18/16Scheduling in a cellular communication system using a large excess number of base station antennas
08/11/16Network interface controller with integrated network flow processing
08/11/16Metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure
08/11/16Method and excess loop delay compensation in continuous-time sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters
08/11/16Coordination between multiple wlan cores that are using the same frequency band
08/11/16Codeword builder for communication systems
08/11/16Locationing via staged antenna utilization
08/11/16Frequency coordination for downlink transmissions
08/04/16Reconfigurable distributed active wireless charging system
08/04/16Adaptive clocking scheme
08/04/16Multi-processor platform for wireless communication terminal having a partitioned protocol stack
08/04/16Wireless communication device with switched polarization and methods for use therewith
08/04/16Early queueing network device
08/04/16Audio/video conferencing system
08/04/16Packet extension for wireless communication
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07/28/16Frequency spectrum and modulation scheme allocation for high speed data networks
07/21/16Metal oxide semiconductor devices and fabrication methods
07/21/16Low phase noise voltage controlled oscillators
07/21/16Apparatus and combining multiple charge pumps in phase locked loops
07/21/16Communications device for intelligently routing information among multiple user interfaces
07/21/16Low density parity check (ldpc) codes for communication devices and systems
07/21/16Overclocked line rate for communication with phy interfaces
07/21/16Protocol adaptation layer for wireless communications
07/21/16Sensor network information collection via mobile gateway
07/14/16Adaptive power management
07/14/16System and achieving atomicity in ternary content-addressable memories
07/14/16Low output ripple adaptive switching voltage regulator
07/14/16Robust low rate data channel in lpi mode for energy-efficient ethernet applications
07/14/16System, phase hits and microphonics cancellation
07/14/16Broadband modem with channel learning and methods for use therewith
07/14/16Remote monitoring and configuration of physical layer devices
07/14/16Methods for improving low-cost video/image compression
07/14/16Efficient steering for user equipments in either an idle state or a connected state
07/07/16Method and predictive and adaptive power management of memory subsystem based on memory access information
07/07/16System and graphics compression
07/07/16Spatial null creation using massive mimo (m-mimo)
07/07/16Network status mapping
07/07/16Network management module for a vehicle communication network
06/30/16Isolated word training and detection
06/30/16Interconnect structure for molded ic packages
06/30/16Extended-drain transistor using inner spacer
06/30/16Seamless trick-mode with decreased latency for live transcode streaming
06/23/16Super junction ldmos finfet devices
06/23/16High-speed, low-power reconfigurable voltage-mode dac-driver

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