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Broadcom Corporation
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Broadcom Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Broadcom Corporation. Broadcom Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Broadcom Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Broadcom Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Broadcom Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015011745504/30/15 new patent  Scalable and predictive packet processing
22015011747004/30/15 new patent  Efficient signal compression format schemes
32015011749804/30/15 new patent  Adaptive infinite impulse response (iir)-based code detection for symbol-level equalizer
42015011750704/30/15 new patent  Blind frequency domain interference aware chip-level equalization
52015011750804/30/15 new patent  Broadband amplifier linearization using captured histogram data
62015011752004/30/15 new patent  Rdo-based small transform coefficients suppression algorithm for hevc
72015011756904/30/15 new patent  Phase rotation for preambles within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
82015011895604/30/15 new patent  Collaborative coexistence of near-field wireless systems in a communication device
92015012095504/30/15 new patent  Alignment markers in multi-lane networking
102015012143604/30/15 new patent  Presentation timeline synchronization across audio-video (av) streams
112015012149404/30/15 new patent  Configurator forced client network rejoining
122015010855704/23/15Metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure
132015010855804/23/15Scalable integrated mim capacitor using gate metal
142015010905904/23/15Distributed quality factor adjustment
152015010997404/23/15System and reference signal transmission to avoid collision
162015011011004/23/15System and a flexible number of lookups in pipeline-based packet processors
172015011013204/23/15Dynamically tunable heterogeneous latencies in switch or router chips
182015011016904/23/15Encoding distribution of multimedia contents with enforcement of commercial advertisement
192015011151004/23/15Transmitter harmonic cancellation for carrier aggregation/multiband operation
202015011315804/23/15Adaptive audio video (av) stream processing
212015011330304/23/15Semiconductor device predictive dynamic thermal management
222015011335204/23/15Ack-nack signaling enhancements
232015010320004/16/15Heterogeneous mix of sensors and calibration thereof
242015010370304/16/15Resource allocation in different tdd configurations with cross carrier scheduling
252015010374904/16/15Tti bundling and collision avoidance
262015010375604/16/15Efficient beacon transmission and reception
272015010384704/16/15Channel bonding with orbital angular momentum
282015010387204/16/15Radio frequency carrier generation architecture
292015010392904/16/15Transcoding multiple media elements for independent wireless delivery
302015010396004/16/15Iq imbalance estimation using broadcast signals
312015010407404/16/15Depth map generation and post-capture focusing
322015010501604/16/15Nfc device with pll controlled active load modulation
332015010507904/16/15Handover in lte using parallel sniffer
342015010508104/16/15Method and triggering cell reselection based on a resource suspension
352015010508304/16/15Modified measurement procedures for user equipments
362015010509004/16/15Enhancements in channel reliability in scenarios operating on shared band
372015010642104/16/15Method and system for combining and/or blending multiple content from different sources in a broadband gateway
382015010685704/16/15System and generating screen pointing information in a television control device
392015010688404/16/15Memcached multi-tenancy offload
402015009722004/09/15Fin-shaped field effect transistor and capacitor structures
412015009752004/09/15Selective power distribution during wireless charging
422015009762704/09/15Clock generation system
432015009842304/09/15Hierarchical transmission in wireless communications
442015009843904/09/15Coordination and signaling in naics and interference partitioning
452015009845104/09/15Wlan and lte time division based scheduling devices and methods
462015009847004/09/15Hierarchical hashing for longest prefix matching
472015009847304/09/15Data center switch
482015009165504/02/15Optimal envelope tracking reference waveform generation
492015009175404/02/15Unambiguous code tracking system for global navigation satellite systems
502015009186904/02/15Orthogonal multi-row touch panel stimulation
512015009204004/02/15Gesture-based industrial monitoring
522015009208904/02/15System and under sampled image enhancement
532015009238104/02/15Padless via
542015009254004/02/15System and traffic offload
552015009254304/02/15Mobile data collection in a wireless sensing network
572015009258704/02/15Trigger synchronized event for channel characterization within communication systems
582015009259104/02/15Identifying flows causing undesirable network events
592015009262104/02/15Full duplex system in massive mimo
602015009262204/02/15Diplexer elimination in microwave point-to-point fdd systems
612015009263604/02/15Single local oscillator architecture
622015009266904/02/15Enhanced scheduling information transmission
632015009267504/02/15System and transmission adaption to avoid reception interference in a device that implmenents more than one wireless technology
642015009268004/02/15Flexible receiver architecture for multiple component carrier aggregation in down link
652015009273604/02/15Multi-interface wlan device with time arbitration messaging
662015009273704/02/15Multi-interface wlan device having real and virtual dual band operation
672015009277004/02/15Emulating circuit switching in ethernet using an ethernet circuit header
682015009282904/02/15Method and passive equalization and slew-rate control
692015009310804/02/15Upstream scheduling in a passive optical network
702015009399604/02/15Method and heterogeneous small cells self-organization in lte networks based on internet protocol multimedia subsystems
712015009399704/02/15Method, apparatus and computer program for determining whether a received signal comprises a first signal component
722015009405904/02/15Mobile communication device providing communication pathway determination assistance
732015009406204/02/15Method and registering with a public land mobile network
742015009406804/02/15Apparatus, computer programs and methods for enabling filtering of neighbor cells or frequencies
752015009410304/02/15Fine timing measurement transmissions between aps
762015009411104/02/15System for preemptive and proximate association in industrial networks
772015009411704/02/15Transceiver front end with low loss t/r switch
782015009486804/02/15Selective industrial power-over-network configuration and operation
792015009547904/02/15Industrial security provisioning
802015009572604/02/15Snr margin determination based on fec code and/or ecc decoding statistics
812015009596104/02/15Moca remote monitoring and management system
822015008469003/26/15Gain invariant impedance feedback amplifier
832015008470803/26/15Low phase noise voltage controlled oscillators
842015008480003/26/15Phase adjustment scheme for time-interleaved adcs
852015008483703/26/15Coordination of multiple mobile device displays
862015008541203/26/15Overvoltage protection circuit with digital control
872015008565903/26/15Method and offloading data
882015008570903/26/15Integrated on-chip duplexer for simultaneous wireless transmission
892015008571003/26/15Wireless transceiver with circulator-based quadrature duplexer and methods for use therewith
902015008574003/26/15Relay architectures for mobile wireless networks
912015008575903/26/15Selecting bearers for uplink packet transmissions
922015008585003/26/15Enabling and controlling access to wireless hot spots
932015008586103/26/15Port empty transition scheduling
942015008586303/26/15Efficient memory bandwidth utilization in a network device
952015008594403/26/15Methods of antenna system control in massive mimo systems
962015008722703/26/15Method and system for managing information among personalized and shared resources with a personalized portable device
972015008724503/26/15Receiver for carrier aggregation
982015008729703/26/15Method and supporting proximity-based services
992015008730103/26/15Geo-location assisted cellular network discovery
1002015008902903/26/15Providing automatic format conversion via an access gateway
1012015008904703/26/15Cut-through packet management
1022015008931903/26/15Inband management of ethernet links
1032015007661003/19/15Field effect transistor structure having one or more fins
1042015007690103/19/15System, one-pair power over ethernet in an automotive application
1052015007806203/19/15Programmable diode array for high density otp application
1062015007818003/19/15Communication adaptations to industrial noise
1072015007819403/19/15Spectrum analysis capability in network and/or system communication devices
1082015007820003/19/15Adaptive industrial network
1092015007837503/19/15Mutable hash for network hash polarization
1102015007840403/19/15System, time-sensitive energy efficient networks
1112015007842903/19/15Unified interference power estimation
1122015007843303/19/15Reducing bandwidth and/or storage of video bitstreams
1132015007846403/19/15Filter circuitry
1142015007849403/19/15Radio channel estimation
1152015007989903/19/15Method and discovering devices and application users
1162015008104303/19/15System for control logic management
1172015008186503/19/15Lossless switching of traffic in a network device
1182015008188703/19/15Adaptive industrial ethernet
1192015008190103/19/15Power state synchronization
1202015008206403/19/15Power management in a configurable bus
1212015008233703/19/15Pipelined encryption and packetization of audio video data
1222015008236303/19/15Spectrum analysis and plant diagnostic tool for communication systems
1232015008236803/19/15Application specific policy implementation and stream attribute modification in audio video (av) media
1242015008241503/19/15Method and system for providing secure transactions via a broadband gateway
1252015006963703/12/15Interposer package-on-package structure
1262015006995103/12/15Multimode battery charger
1272015007019803/12/15Flexible adc calibration technique using adc capture memory
1282015007021503/12/15Poly spiral antenna and applications thereof
1292015007021603/12/15Reconfigurable antenna structure with reconfigurable antennas and applications thereof
1302015007022903/12/15Antenna array structure with differing antennas
1312015007056903/12/15Enhanced dynamic range image processing
1322015007074203/12/15Methods and systems for enhanced viewing of a display device
1332015007113203/12/15Rf front-end with wideband transmitter/receiver isolation
1342015007113603/12/15Full-duplex driver with hybrid adaptation
1352015007114003/12/15Wireless communication device with throughput allocation and methods for use therewith
1362015007114603/12/15Aperiodical discovery channel design for small rrhs
1372015007129603/12/15Decoupling audio-video (av) traffic processing from non-av traffic processing
1382015007133403/12/15Fast detection/mitigation and recovery for severe emi conditions in automotive area networks
1392015007141603/12/15Notification and troubleshooting of interruptions, failures, and updates
1402015007146103/12/15Single-channel suppression of intefering sources
1412015007262003/12/15Protocol adaptation layer for wireless communications
1422015007262903/12/15Wireless communication device front end and distributed antenna system
1432015007263203/12/15Rf transmitter with average power tracking and methods for use therewith
1442015007267103/12/15Configurable wireless communication device with configurable front-end
1452015007268703/12/15Method and facilitating a s1 handover of a mobile terminal that has experienced in-device coexistence interference at one or more frequencies
1462015007447403/12/15System and on-the-fly incremental memory repair
1472015007470803/12/15Anticipatory video signal reception and processing
1482015007471303/12/15Utilizing a replacement pathway for lost packet delivery during media reception in a set-top box (stb)
1492015006112803/05/15Ball arrangement for integrated circuit package devices
1502015006176603/05/15Wideband inductor-less balun-lna with improved pickup noise rejection
1512015006335803/05/15Retransmission and memory consumption tracking of data packets in a network device
1522015006336703/05/15Providing oversubscription of pipeline bandwidth
1532015006337503/05/15Communication device with peer-to-peer assist to provide synchronization
1542015006348403/05/15Frequency interleave within communication systems
1552015006349603/05/15Receiver with noise compensation and methods for use therewith
1562015006349803/05/15Efficient tree-based mimo ofdm detection
1572015006380503/05/15Pre-emption in passive optical networks
1582015006382803/05/15Generalized transmit pre-coding for optical and backplane channels
1592015006506503/05/15Rf transceiver with isolation transformer and methods for use therewith
1602015006507203/05/15Low voltage transmitter
1612015006643803/05/15Low-power data acquisition system and sensor interface
1622015006651703/05/15Resolution-independent dither sample insertion for audio transmissions
1632015006664003/05/15Communicating device data prior to connection establishment
1642015006710303/05/15Media processing system automatically offering access to newly available media in a media exchange network
1652015006710803/05/15Data rate control of individual data streams in a network device
1662015005407902/26/15Three-dimensional field-effect transistor on bulk silicon substrate
1672015005434002/26/15Power bootstrapping for lowering quiescent current
1682015005466802/26/15Switched capacitance converter
1692015005501402/26/15Handling video transition errors in video on demand streams
1702015005547802/26/15Congestion detection and management at congestion-tree roots
1712015005555202/26/15Configurable rf carrier phase noise shaping
1722015005556802/26/15Self-interference cancellation
1732015005564102/26/15Method and scaling an idle period
1742015005568902/26/15Communication device with beamforming and methods for use therewith
1752015005570802/26/15Parallel symbol decoding
1762015005571002/26/15Decoder system for decoding multi-standard encoded video
1772015005573102/26/15Digital transmitter with sample rate digital predistortion
1782015005700702/26/15Wireless communication device with switched polarization and methods for use therewith
1792015005862002/26/15Proximity authentication system
1802015005865302/26/15Integrated circuit power measurement and adaptation
1812015005896102/26/15Authenticating users based upon an identity footprint
1822015004883902/19/15Battery fuel gauge calibration
1832015004905202/19/15Wireless device with touch-based stylus
1842015004962402/19/15Method and reducing radio interferences
1852015004971602/19/15Wireless communication fine timing measurement phy parameter control and negotiation
1862015004987102/19/15Systems and methods for implementing bluetooth low energy communications
1872015005089902/19/15Wireless transceiver with configuration control and methods for use therewith
1882015005174802/19/15Method and system for managing power consumption utilizing inter-gateway communication
1892015005224002/19/15Method and implementation for network instrumentation and traffic disposition with timestamps
1902015005236702/19/15Apparatus and providing hardware security
1912015004284302/12/15Systems and methods for improving images
1922015004345002/12/15Receiver-aided multi-user mimo and coordinated beamforming
1932015004345602/12/15Mobile communication networks
1942015004348002/12/15System and multi-subframe data transmission
1952015004348802/12/15Method and a user equipment
1962015004350202/12/15Management unit with local agent
1972015004352002/12/15Methods and apparatuses for provision of reference signal design for downlink tracking in occupied shared band
1982015004352202/12/15Enhanced mu-mimo network assisted interference suppression
1992015004354902/12/15One or multiple bit restricted access window (raw) end point determination for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
2002015004362502/12/15Upstream power amplifier
2012015004365902/12/15Video processing system and transcoder for use with layered video coding and methods for use therewith
2022015004497502/12/15Wireless device management with local and remote links
2032015004497902/12/15Transmitter with reduced counter-intermodulation
2042015004612702/12/15Industrial cooperative and compressive sensing system
2052015004677502/12/15Encoding and decoding schemes to achieve standard compliant mean time to false packet acceptance
2062015004677802/12/15Optimal period rate matching for turbo coding
2072015003556302/05/15High speed level shifter with amplitude servo loop
2082015003570002/05/15Method and distinguishing direct gnss signals from reflections
2092015003656202/05/15Mimo lo sharing in microwave point-to-point systems
2102015003665602/05/15Wlan and cellular shared antennas
2112015003675502/05/15Method and system for priority-based digital multi-stream decoding
2122015003677202/05/15Observation of the true channel from band-limited frequency domain observations
2132015003682102/05/15Physical layer encryption for mimo communication networks
2142015003814202/05/15Cellular broadcast enhancements for inter-system mobility
2152015004024102/05/15Method and system for secure content distribution by a broadband gateway
2162015002879901/29/15Wireless communication device with connection restoration and methods for use therewith
2172015002882901/29/15Envelope tracking power supply with direct connection to power source
2182015002980101/29/15Device and memory repair using test logic
2192015003003501/29/15Ethernet media converter supporting high-speed wireless access points
2202015003007101/29/15Motion vector reuse for adaptive bit rate streaming
2212015003130301/29/15Resource sharing priority
2222015003131301/29/15Single differential-inductor vco with implicit common-mode resonance
2232015003135301/29/15Apparatus, method and computer program for discovery signalling
2242015003137701/29/15Wireless communication system and method
2252015003228001/29/15Power supply integrated circuit with feedback control
2262015003293101/29/15Synchronous bus width adaptation
2272015003295201/29/15Low power shift register
2282015003330001/29/15User equipment having web real time communication architecture
2292015003331401/29/15Push button configuration of devices
2302015002223901/22/15Multiplexing for systems with multiple supply sources
2312015002344901/22/15Distributed signal fields (sigs) for use in wireless communications
2322015002366001/22/15System, power saving using burst-mode transmission over point-to-point physical connections
2332015002474201/22/15Phased search for femtocells
2342015002474301/22/15Cell selection and reselection optimizations responsive to mobility state
2352015002475901/22/15Cell selection techniques for femtocell measurements
2362015002476001/22/15Femtocell fingerprinting
2372015002479101/22/15Wireless communication device capable of efficient network search
2382015002636101/22/15Ingress based headroom buffering for switch architectures
2392015001566801/15/15Three-dimensional display system with adaptation based on viewing reference of viewer(s)
2402015001567101/15/15Method and system for adaptive viewport for a mobile device based on viewing angle
2412015001625801/15/15Path aggregation group monitor
2422015001628801/15/15Methods, apparatus and computer programs for controlling feedback about channel conditions
2432015001631901/15/15Method and system for an extended range ethernet link discovery signaling
2442015001633201/15/15Management frame map directed operational parameters within multiple user, multiple access, and/or mimo wireless communications
2452015001644901/15/15Method, system and an openflow hybrid architecture network device
2462015001645501/15/1550 gb/s ethernet using serializer/deserializer lanes
2472015001663001/15/15Pop-click noise grounding switch design with deep sub-micron cmos technology
2482015001682101/15/15Content distribution system
2492015001793801/15/15Configurable transceiver

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