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Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121


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Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Cap configuration for a toner cartridge

Brother Kogyo

Cap configuration for a toner cartridge

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Count Application # Date Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015010421704/16/15 new patent  Process cartridge
22015010422204/16/15 new patent  Cap configuration for a toner cartridge
32015010422304/16/15 new patent  Developer cartridge having developing roller
42015010464004/16/15 new patent  Pressure-sensitive adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, tape cassette, and tape printer
52015009732904/09/15Image processing apparatus
62015009790504/09/15Inkjet recording apparatus
72015009811904/09/15Image reading device conveying original sheet through one of first path and second path
82015009872904/09/15Image forming device and image bearing member unit
92015009873204/09/15Developer container and image forming device
102015009016804/02/15Sewing machine and non-transitory computer readable medium
112015009056104/02/15Conveying device
122015009070104/02/15Developing device, blade assembly, and developing device manufacturing method
132015009123404/02/15Image reading device
142015009123604/02/15Sheet conveying device
152015009123804/02/15Sheet transport apparatus and image forming system
162015009124004/02/15Sheet conveying device and image reading device
172015009124104/02/15Sheet conveyor device and image recording device
182015009124204/02/15Image forming apparatus
192015009124704/02/15Image recording device
202015009183004/02/15Non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by communication terminal, communication terminal, and processing apparatus
212015009195704/02/15Carriage moving device, method and computer-readable recording medium containing instructions to execute carriage moving method
222015009195804/02/15Liquid election apparatus, pattern group recording method, tilt angle detection method and computer readable medium
232015009196204/02/15Liquid discharge apparatus and liquid discharge method
242015009197604/02/15Inkjet recording apparatus
252015009197704/02/15Liquid ejection apparatus
262015009197804/02/15Liquid discharge recording recovering liquid
272015009197904/02/15Liquid discharge recording recovering liquid
282015009198104/02/15Inkjet recording apparatus
292015009198304/02/15Liquid droplet jetting manufacturing liquid droplet jetting apparatus
302015009198504/02/15Printer and print head unit
312015009198704/02/15Liquid ejection device
322015009199004/02/15Liquid ejection apparatus
332015009199104/02/15Liquid ejection device
342015009199804/02/15Ink-jet recording apparatus and media tray
352015009220204/02/15Recorded matter producing apparatus
362015009220704/02/15Image recording apparatus and program
372015009220804/02/15Information processing apparatus
382015009221004/02/15Image processing apparatus and operations thereof
392015009221904/02/15Printing system uploading job stored on printer to server
402015009222404/02/15Scanning device and operations thereof
412015009222504/02/15Function executing device
422015009222904/02/15Non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by communication terminal, communication terminal, and processing apparatus
432015009223104/02/15Wireless communication apparatus
442015009223604/02/15Image processing apparatus and operations thereof
452015009223804/02/15Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable storage device
462015009224404/02/15Image processing device setting binary value without using dither matrix when prescribed condition is satisfied
472015009224604/02/15Image reading device determining whether dark output data is within prescribed range
482015009224904/02/15Facsimile apparatus
492015009225004/02/15Facsimile apparatus, data forwarding method, and facsimile-data forwarding system
502015009225404/02/15Image reading device
512015009225504/02/15Image reading device
522015009260104/02/15Communication apparatus
532015009260704/02/15Communication apparatus
542015009312504/02/15Image forming apparatus having opening for replacement of cartridge
552015009314004/02/15Image forming apparatus
562015009314104/02/15Image forming apparatus
572015009314204/02/15Image forming apparatus
582015009314404/02/15Developing device
592015009314504/02/15Image forming apparatus
602015009314804/02/15Image forming apparatus internally provided with shield for preventing foreign light from reaching light sensitive area
612015009315204/02/15Image forming apparatus
622015009315504/02/15Developing device, blade assembly, and developing device manufacturing method
632015009315604/02/15Developing device, blade unit, and developing device manufacturing method
642015009315704/02/15Developing device, blade unit, and developing device manufacturing method
652015009315904/02/15Fixing device provided with positioning member capable of positioning heating unit with respect to pressure roller
662015009316104/02/15Fixing device provided with member for covering terminal of heater
672015009316204/02/15Fixing device
682015009316304/02/15Image forming apparatus
692015009316504/02/15Fixing device having nip member with elastic layer
702015009316604/02/15Fixing device
712015009316704/02/15Fixing device provided with nip member capable of preventing outflow of lubricant
722015009316804/02/15Fixing device capable of retaining lubricant between nip member and fusing belt
732015009366304/02/15Fuel cell and separator
742015009366804/02/15Fuel cell system
752015009366904/02/15Fuel cell and separator
762015009367404/02/15Fuel cell stack and separator
772015009367904/02/15Fuel cell and separator
782015009399204/02/15Communication device and terminal device
792015009484204/02/15Sewing machine and non-transitory computer readable medium
802015009541104/02/15Relaying device, image processing device, and system comprising image processing device and relaying device
812015009546304/02/15Program, information processing apparatus, and communication system
822015009601404/02/15Function performing apparatus and portable device
832015009601504/02/15Function performing apparatus and storage medium
842015009601604/02/15Processing apparatus and storage medium
852015008426203/26/15Cutting device and printer
862015008489103/26/15Information input device and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer-readable instructions
872015008491903/26/15Information input device
882015008500303/26/15Liquid ejection apparatus
892015008503103/26/15Printing fluid cartridge and printing apparatus
902015008504903/26/15Image recording device
912015008505203/26/15Optical scanning device
922015008505303/26/15Color printer and controlling heat pulse of color printer
932015008531203/26/15Image processing apparatus
942015008622203/26/15Image forming device
952015008622303/26/15Image forming apparatus and manufacturing the same
962015008622403/26/15Developer cartridge
972015008623603/26/15Developing cartridge
982015008623703/26/15Developing unit
992015008623803/26/15Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
1002015008624503/26/15Developer cartridge
1012015008624603/26/15Developer cartridge
1022015008624803/26/15Developing device having communication portion and conveying member to convey developing agent
1042015007627803/19/15Tape printer
1052015007740403/19/15Paper medium, input device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer-readable instructions for input device
1072015007778103/19/15Terminal apparatus and computer readable medium
1082015007778203/19/15Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing computer-readable instructions for information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and controlling information processing apparatus
1092015007779103/19/15Information processing program and function-processing device
1102015007779803/19/15Communication apparatus
1112015007878903/19/15Developing apparatus having thickness regulating member, sealing member, and restricting member
1122015006886503/12/15Image forming apparatus
1132015006969803/12/15Image forming apparatus
1142015007041703/12/15Inkjet printer and acquiring gap information
1152015007044503/12/15Protective cap
1162015007045503/12/15Image recording apparatus
1172015007154403/12/15Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer-readable instructions
1182015007168103/12/15Image forming apparatus having photosensitive drum moving mechanism
1192015007168203/12/15Image forming apparatus and developing unit for use in image forming apparatus
1202015005963103/05/15Sewing machine and non-transitory computer-readable medium
1212015006023903/05/15Image reading apparatus
1222015006120703/05/15Transport system, image forming system, and control device
1232015006221003/05/15Method and inkjet printer for acquiring gap information
1242015006224603/05/15Inkjet printer and determining ink discharging timing
1252015006227403/05/15Ink-jet printer
1262015006228103/05/15Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus having the same, and method therefor
1272015006263303/05/15Communication apparatus
1282015006265803/05/15Image processing apparatus
1292015006266203/05/15Original reading apparatus with detecting device for detecting existence of original
1302015006266703/05/15Image reading apparatus
1312015006267203/05/15Image scanning apparatus
1322015006387003/05/15Image forming apparatus
1332015005335102/26/15Adhesive tape cartridge
1342015005421702/26/15Image forming apparatus
1352015005489102/26/15Liquid ejecting apparatus
1362015005489602/26/15Recording apparatus with recording-medium conveying mechanism
1372015005489902/26/15Recording apparatus
1382015005490402/26/15Substrate mounting structure and tape printer
1392015005515202/26/15Image processing apparatus
1402015005515302/26/15Image processing apparatus
1412015005515402/26/15Image processing apparatus
1422015005517702/26/15Relay device, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing computer-readable instructions for relay device, and system comprising image processing device and relay device
1432015005517802/26/15Relaying device, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing computer-readable instructions for relaying device, and system comprising image processing device and relaying device
1442015005519302/26/15Processing apparatus
1452015005519902/26/15Image reading device
1462015005583502/26/15Image processing apparatus and storage medium
1472015005586402/26/15Image processing apparatus and sheet
1482015005588702/26/15Image processing apparatus and storage medium
1492015005597902/26/15Image forming apparatus provided with supporting member configured to guide movement of developing unit
1502015005598602/26/15Developing cartridge
1512015004872102/19/15Piezoelectric actuator and manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
1522015004914302/19/15Liquid jetting apparatus
1532015005004202/19/15Image forming apparatus
1542015005004302/19/15Image forming apparatus
1552015005004402/19/15Process unit
1562015005004502/19/15Image forming apparatus
1572015005004702/19/15Image forming apparatus
1582015005005902/19/15Image forming apparatus
1592015004203002/12/15Sheet tray
1602015004203502/12/15Sheet conveyance apparatus, tray unit and discharge tray
1612015004203602/12/15Feed tray
1622015004273302/12/15Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge, and ink-jet recording apparatus
1632015004274102/12/15Printer, printing processing method, and recording medium
1642015004303602/12/15Relaying device, relaying method, image processing apparatus, and image processing system
1652015004304502/12/15Image reading apparatus
1662015004395402/12/15Image forming apparatus having waste developer accommodating portion
1672015004437202/12/15Treatment agent, forming image, producing treatment agent, producing fabric having image, and fabric having image
1682015003367902/05/15Packaging device
1692015003471502/05/15Print tape and tape printer
1702015003521802/05/15Recording medium discharging apparatus and computer-readable medium storing recording medium discharging program
1712015003585002/05/15Image processing method displaying processed image representing result of color modification process
1722015003588802/05/15Liquid discharge apparatus, liquid discharge method, and storage medium storing instructions for liquid discharge apparatus
1732015003589102/05/15Printing device controlling conveyance amount of sheet
1742015003590602/05/15Piezoelectric actuator and liquid jetting apparatus
1752015003591202/05/15Ink-jet head
1762015003616802/05/15Storage medium and communication apparatus
1772015003617002/05/15Terminal device and printer
1782015003618502/05/15Information processing device and information processing system, and computer-readable medium therefor
1792015003618802/05/15Terminal device and printer
1802015003618902/05/15Terminal device and printer
1812015003619102/05/15Terminal device and printer
1822015003619702/05/15Image reading apparatus
1832015003706002/05/15Image forming apparatus and manufacturing the same
1842015003706402/05/15Image forming apparatus
1852015003706702/05/15Image forming device
1862015003706802/05/15Image forming apparatus
1872015003754502/05/15Recording medium and recorded matter
1882015004000302/05/15Non-transitory computer-readable medium, communication device, and communication method
1892015004004402/05/15Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium which stores computer-readable instructions for information processing device
1902015004006002/05/15Image display apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by image display apparatus
1912015002728501/29/15Cutting apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
1922015002916001/29/15Paper medium, input device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for input device
1932015002924401/29/15Inkjet recording apparatus
1942015002925401/29/15Inkjet printer
1952015002926301/29/15Inkjet printer
1972015002952801/29/15Information processing device, and method and computer-readable medium therefor
1982015002953001/29/15Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium which stores computer-readable instructions for information processing device and information processing device
1992015002954901/29/15Printing system, information processing apparatus and printing apparatus
2002015002955001/29/15Information processing device and controlling method thereof
2012015002955601/29/15Image processing apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing program to be executed by the same
2022015002956001/29/15Image processing device, and image processing system and computer-readable medium therefor
2032015003034701/29/15Developing cartridge
2042015003035001/29/15Process cartridge and image forming apparatus including the same
2052015003140401/29/15Function execution apparatus
2062015003224901/29/15Cutting apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
2082015002261401/22/15Printer and recording medium
2092015002283101/22/15Recording medium and printer
2102015002283501/22/15Image forming apparatus, method and non-transitory computer-readable media storing computer-executable instructions
2112015002285701/22/15Data generating device
2122015002286101/22/15Data supplying device
2132015002367501/22/15Image forming apparatus
2142015002367701/22/15Image forming apparatus
2152015002368701/22/15Developing device provided with seal configured to prevent developer leakage
2172015002369101/22/15Image forming apparatus having photosensitive drum moving mechanism
2182015002369201/22/15Process cartridge
2192015002369401/22/15Developing cartridge and process cartridge
2202015002369901/22/15Developer cartridge
2222015001566101/15/15Conference system, program and conference method
2232015001589901/15/15Recording medium
2242015001592701/15/15Document reader
2252015001684901/15/15Developing cartridge and process cartridge for stably rotating developing roller
2262015001685001/15/15Developing cartridge and process cartridge for stably rotating developing roller
2272015001685501/15/15Image forming apparatus
2282015002016901/15/15Information device and network system
2292015000863701/08/15Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
2302015000910301/08/15Wearable display, computer-readable medium storing program and receiving gesture input
2312015000951201/08/15Multi-function apparatus
2322015000953201/08/15Terminal device and control of terminal device
2332015001032101/08/15Image forming apparatus and developing cartridge
2342015001032401/08/15Configuration of an image forming device for accessing an image forming unit
2352015001032601/08/15Developing cartridge
2362015001032701/08/15Developing cartridge
2372015001032801/08/15Developing cartridge
2382015001032901/08/15Developing cartridge
2392015001033001/08/15Developing cartridge
2402015001033101/08/15Developing cartridge
2412015001033201/08/15Developing cartridge
2422015000044301/01/15Cartridge provided with movable detected body
2432015000049801/01/15Music box improving sound quality
2442015000049901/01/15Music box for suppressing noise
2452015000050701/01/15Music box for reducing misalignment of wheels
2462015000057401/01/15Embroidery frame and sewing machine
2472015000057501/01/15Embroidery frame and sewing machine
2482015000261501/01/15Video conference apparatus, method, and storage medium
2492015000287501/01/15Image scanner and computer-readable medium therefor

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