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Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
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Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing instructions for information processing device, information…

Brother Kogyo

Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing instructions for information processing device, information…

Image forming apparatus

Brother Kogyo

Image forming apparatus

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Count Application # Date Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014036887812/18/14 new patent  Computer-readable storage medium storing instructions for information processing device, information processing device, and method for controlling information processing device
22014036888312/18/14 new patent  Storage image data in association with registration information representing a communication device
32014036971012/18/14 new patent  Image forming apparatus
42014037081912/18/14 new patent  Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing instructions for information processing device, information processing device, and method for controlling information processing device
52014036215712/11/14Printer and printing method
62014036284112/11/14Communication device
72014036318912/11/14Cartridge provided with coil-shaped electrode member
82014036319512/11/14Image forming apparatus
92014036319712/11/14Unit provided with guide member capable of reliably guiding recording medium
102014036319912/11/14Developing cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
112014036320012/11/14Developing cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
122014036320112/11/14Developing cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
132014036320212/11/14Developing cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
142014036320312/11/14Developing cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
152014036320412/11/14Image forming device having main body and holder holding developer cartridges
162014036321312/11/14Image forming device having belt cleaner and drum cleaner both provided in one of drum units
172014035251112/04/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
182014035255912/04/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
192014035390112/04/14Image forming apparatus
202014035390212/04/14Image forming apparatus having tray for receiving recording medium
212014035390312/04/14Image forming apparatus having process unit and tray
222014035390512/04/14Sheet separator
232014035472812/04/14Liquid ejection apparatus
242014035474712/04/14Liquid ejecting device
252014035475112/04/14Printer, printing control program, and printing method
262014035475312/04/14Tape printer
272014035501412/04/14Image-forming apparatus adjusting image-forming operation using values acquired from different measurement environments
282014035502512/04/14Low-capacity power supply, power supply system, and image forming apparatus
292014035503512/04/14Non-transitory storage medium storing instructions, information processing device, image processing apparatus, and image processing system
302014035503812/04/14Low-capacity power supply and image forming apparatus
312014035505312/04/14Image processing apparatus signing-in to server based on sign-in data and executing one of scanning process and printing process
322014035505612/04/14Printing apparatus
332014035505912/04/14Computer-readable storage medium storing display program and display device
342014035506112/04/14Display program and display apparatus
352014035506212/04/14Data transmitting and receiving device, liquid ejection apparatus, and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by data transmitting and receiving device
362014035507912/04/14Image-forming apparatus
372014035600612/04/14Image forming apparatus
382014035601012/04/14Image forming apparatus
392014035601412/04/14Image forming apparatus
402014035602512/04/14Image forming apparatus and image forming unit
412014035603412/04/14Developing device
422014035667712/04/14Battery storage structure
432014035720112/04/14Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
442014035743812/04/14Image forming apparatus
452014034742811/27/14Liquid cartridge, image recording device, and substrate
462014034752711/27/14Image processing device performing filtering process on image data using filter coefficient
472014034768911/27/14Recording medium and printed matter producing method
482014034769411/27/14Printer having web server function
492014034769611/27/14Printer having web server function
502014034853011/27/14Image forming apparatus having bearing body and cleaning unit
512014034853711/27/14Unit frame having grip part
522014034854111/27/14Image forming apparatus and developing agent cartridge
532014034854911/27/14Developer unit for an image forming apparatus
542014034855311/27/14Image forming apparatus and cartridge for the use therewith
552014034855411/27/14Image forming apparatus
562014034856111/27/14Image-forming device having waste developer material conveying mechanism
572014034856211/27/14Image forming apparatus
582014034957711/27/14Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
592014033975711/20/14Sheet feeding device and image recording apparatus
602014034044711/20/14Liquid jetting apparatus and method for cleaning wiper
612014034161711/20/14Cap configuration for a toner cartridge
622014034162811/20/14Fixing device
632014034276511/20/14Wireless communication apparatus for wireless network and computer readable media
642014033255811/13/14Liquid container
652014033370111/13/14Method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
662014033396511/13/14Function-based device registration for data processing apparatus
672014033483911/13/14Image processing device
682014033484111/13/14Positioning mechanism for positioning drawer relative to casing of image forming device
692014033484211/13/14Image forming apparatus
702014033484611/13/14Image forming apparatus
712014033484911/13/14Developing cartridge and image forming device with pressing member
722014033485911/13/14Image-forming device having photosensitive drums, endless belt, and recovering unit
732014033602811/13/14Packaging device
742014033741311/13/14Relaying device, image processing device, and system comprising image processing device, relaying device and service server
752014033772211/13/14Computer readable recording medium, information processing terminal device, and control method of information processing terminal device
762014032771811/06/14Power supply system and ink-jet image forming apparatus
772014032860911/06/14Image forming apparatus
782014031843010/30/14Non-transitory computer-readable medium and device
792014032058110/30/14Tape cassette
802014032088510/30/14Power supply system and image forming apparatus
812014032088710/30/14Image processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium storing instructions for image processing apparatus
822014032091310/30/14Printing apparatus
832014032092510/30/14Wireless communication device
842014032093610/30/14Image reading apparatus provided with image sensor contained in slidable carriage
852014032187010/30/14Image forming device for suppressing power consumption by fixing unit
862014032188110/30/14Image forming apparatus capable of positioning drawer relative to main frame
872014032420910/30/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
882014032421010/30/14Embroidery data generating device and non-transitory computer-readable medium
892014032560410/30/14Image processing apparatus automatically requesting permission to use server
902014031255410/23/14Double-sided image recording device having a compact form factor
912014031255810/23/14Double-sided image recording device having a compact form factor
922014031317010/23/14Input apparatus
932014031343210/23/14Information input device
942014031354810/23/14Printing apparatus
952014031355010/23/14Wireless communication device
962014031365410/23/14Information input device
972014031443010/23/14Image forming apparatus
982014031444110/23/14Image-forming device having removable drawer and stopper
992014031444610/23/14Image forming apparatus including endless belt disposed above photosensitive drum
1002014031755310/23/14Information processing apparatus and non-transitory recording medium storing program
1012014030703810/16/14Tape cassette
1022014030726810/16/14Recording medium and label production processing method
1032014030727910/16/14Printer and printing system
1042014030805410/16/14Image forming apparatus, image forming cartridge supporter, and image forming unit
1052014030805610/16/14Developer supply device having developer regulation portion to regulate amount of developer on brush layer
1062014031048510/16/14Data creation device and computer-readable medium storing data creation program
1072014030093810/09/14Scanning device
1082014030093910/09/14Image reading apparatus
1092014028997410/02/14Discharge printing agent, container, ink-jet recording apparatus, method for discharge printing, method for forming image, and method for stabilizing discharge printing agent
1102014029045910/02/14Cutter, cutting member and cutting apparatus
1112014029050710/02/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
1122014029054710/02/14Cutting needle rotation device and sewing machine
1132014029054910/02/14Sewing machine
1142014029055010/02/14Sewing machine
1152014029055110/02/14Coordinate computation device and sewing machine
1162014029191710/02/14Sheet transport apparatus and image recording apparatus
1172014029192010/02/14Image forming apparatus
1182014029192110/02/14Image forming apparatus
1192014029192310/02/14Image forming apparatus
1202014029192610/02/14Transporting system, image forming system, and controller
1212014029192810/02/14Image reading apparatus and conveyance apparatus
1222014029192910/02/14Image forming device having conveying unit
1232014029217310/02/14Sheet feeding apparatus and image reading apparatus
1242014029235910/02/14Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing program for controlling the communication device
1252014029284810/02/14Recording apparatus, and method of adjusting position of recording unit in recording apparatus
1262014029285210/02/14Inkjet printer
1272014029286010/02/14Liquid jetting apparatus and recording method using the same
1282014029286710/02/14Inkjet printer, liquid ejection device, and printing method
1292014029286910/02/14Liquid jetting apparatus
1302014029287110/02/14Liquid jetting apparatus
1312014029287210/02/14Inkjet printer
1322014029287310/02/14Image processing device
1332014029287410/02/14Transporting system, image forming system, and controller
1342014029288710/02/14Liquid ejection apparatus
1352014029288810/02/14Pattern inspection apparatus, pattern inspection method, and printer
1362014029289210/02/14Liquid storage device
1372014029289510/02/14Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording apparatus, and ink-jet recording method
1382014029290010/02/14Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge and ink-jet recording apparatus
1392014029290110/02/14Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, water-based ink set for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge, and ink-jet recording method
1402014029290310/02/14Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge, and ink-jet recording apparatus
1412014029290410/02/14Water-based ink for ink-jet recording, ink cartridge and ink-jet recording apparatus
1422014029290610/02/14Method of manufacturing liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection apparatus
1432014029291210/02/14Liquid discharge recording apparatus and method for recovering liquid
1442014029291710/02/14Liquid jetting apparatus
1452014029293510/02/14Liquid discharge apparatus, piezoelectric actuator, and method for producing liquid discharge apparatus
1462014029295710/02/14Ink cartridge and method of producing the same
1472014029295810/02/14Liquid cartridge having valve for opening and closing air flow path
1482014029295910/02/14Water-based ink for ink-jet recording and ink cartridge
1492014029296010/02/14Printing apparatus and cartridge
1502014029296410/02/14Liquid discharge recording apparatus and method for recovering liquid
1512014029297110/02/14Image recording apparatus
1522014029297210/02/14Recording apparatus
1532014029297310/02/14Recording apparatus
1542014029298210/02/14Inkjet recording apparatus
1552014029298710/02/14Ink-jet recording apparatus
1562014029298810/02/14Electronic device
1572014029329910/02/14Image processing device determining characteristic quantity relating to number of colors
1582014029330810/02/14Relaying device, image processing device, and system comprising image processing device and relaying device
1592014029330910/02/14Relaying device, image processing device, and system comprising image processing device and relaying device
1602014029331710/02/14Image recording apparatus
1612014029332710/02/14Information processing apparatus, communication terminal, and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by information processing apparatus
1622014029332810/02/14Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing program for controlling the communication device
1632014029333110/02/14Communication control technology and communication apparatus
1642014029333210/02/14Information processing apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by information processing apparatus
1652014029333310/02/14Communication setting technology and communication apparatus
1662014029334810/02/14Printing device, mobile terminal, and computer readable recording medium for the same
1672014029334910/02/14Image display control apparatus, image display control method, and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by image display control apparatus
1682014029335610/02/14Image processing apparatus
1692014029335810/02/14Power supply system and image forming apparatus having power supply system
1702014029336010/02/14Power supply system and image forming apparatus having the power supply system
1712014029336610/02/14Image processing apparatus and computer program
1722014029336910/02/14Image reading device having antenna including communication surface disposed along side wall
1732014029337410/02/14Image reading apparatus
1742014029337510/02/14Image reading apparatus
1752014029337610/02/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
1762014029337710/02/14Image reading apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
1772014029337910/02/14Sheet conveying device and image reading apparatus
1782014029338010/02/14Image processing device determining whether image is chromatic color image or achromatic color image
1792014029338310/02/14Image-processing device identifying object in image specified by encircling line
1802014029352110/02/14Storage container
1812014029398010/02/14Communication device
1822014029430610/02/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer-readable instructions
1832014029440310/02/14Cartridge having photosensitive body cartridge and developer cartridge
1842014029440410/02/14Image forming apparatus having cartridge detachably mounted therein
1852014029441710/02/14Image forming apparatus and heat fixing device provided in the same
1862014029441910/02/14Image forming apparatus and heat fixing device provided in the same
1872014029442510/02/14Image forming apparatus having movable supporting member for supporting cartridge
1882014029442610/02/14Image forming device having intake duct
1892014029443110/02/14Charging device provided with cleaner for cleaning electrode
1902014029443310/02/14Developing roller and developing device provided with the same
1912014029443410/02/14Developing roller and developing device provided with the same
1922014029443710/02/14Image forming apparatus having supporting member with rigidity
1932014029443810/02/14Image forming apparatus having supporting member for supporting cartridges
1942014029443910/02/14Image forming device including mechanism for moving developer cartridge
1952014029444110/02/14Component movement mechanism for an image forming apparatus
1962014029445010/02/14Developing cartridge and process cartridge
1972014029445910/02/14Fixing device and image forming apparatus
1982014029446010/02/14Fixing device
1992014029446210/02/14Fixing device provided with reinforced nip member
2002014029446310/02/14Fixing device provided with rotating member having concave shape
2012014029446410/02/14Fixing device provided with stay having rigidity distribution
2022014029446510/02/14Fixing device fixing transferred developing agent image to sheet
2032014029446610/02/14Fixing device having pressing members for pressing endless belt
2042014029446710/02/14Fixing device provided with temperature detection unit
2052014029447610/02/14Image forming apparatus
2062014029453910/02/14Bookbinding apparatus
2072014029578010/02/14Communication terminal and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
2082014029782910/02/14Server apparatus program, server apparatus, and communication apparatus program
2092014029789210/02/14Function executing apparatus, non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by the function executing apparatus, and method of controlling the function executing apparatus
2102014029811510/02/14Program and information processing apparatus
2112014029820510/02/14Program, communication apparatus and control method
2122014028359709/25/14Sensor device having plural resistance change type sensors and method of using the same
2132014028366209/25/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
2142014028372009/25/14Sewing machine
2152014028372109/25/14Sewing machine and embroidery frame
2162014028372309/25/14Sewing machine
2172014028487609/25/14Sheet feeders
2182014028559009/25/14Print fluid cartridge having print fluid supply portion, and print fluid supplying apparatus
2192014028561109/25/14Image forming apparatus
2202014028582609/25/14Non-transitory computer-readable medium storing communication program and communication device
2212014028583409/25/14Printing apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium used for printing apparatus, and method of controlling printing apparatus
2222014028586109/25/14Image-processing device removing encircling lines for identifying sub-regions of image
2232014028657209/25/14Image-processing device specifying encircling line for identifying sub-region of image
2242014028665209/25/14Image forming apparatus
2252014028666109/25/14Image forming apparatus
2262014028667109/25/14Image forming apparatus
2272014028668509/25/14Fixing device having guide for guiding movement of fusing belt
2282014028668609/25/14Image forming apparatus
2292014028769509/25/14Wireless communication device
2302014026085409/18/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
2312014026085509/18/14Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
2322014026087209/18/14Cutter cartridge device, adjusting jig and cutting apparatus
2332014026749309/18/14Waste ink retaining device
2342014026749409/18/14Liquid ejecting device
2352014026823109/18/14Printing device, mobile terminal, and computer readable recording medium for the same
2362014026823309/18/14Communication apparatus
2372014026823609/18/14Relay apparatus, image processing apparatus and communication system
2382014027081509/18/14Cartridge detection
2392014027084109/18/14Image forming apparatus with removable waste toner container and exposable feeding path
2402014027084809/18/14Image forming apparatus having drum supporting member and belt
2422014027085009/18/14Image forming device having detachable developing device unit
2432014027085809/18/14Image-forming device having holder unit, in which toner box is detachably mounted
2442014028051209/18/14Non-transitory computer readable medium, server and system
2452014028066109/18/14Wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus
2462014028072409/18/14Relay server system
2472014028077209/18/14Server, image processing device, and system comprising image processing device and server
2482014028078209/18/14Relay server system and communication apparatus
2492014028248109/18/14Information processing apparatus, relay server, information relay method, non-transitory computer-readable medium storing information relay program, and communication system

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