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Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121


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Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016018510506/30/16  new patent  Liquid discharge apparatus
22016018511506/30/16  new patent  Liquid jet manufacturing liquid jet apparatus
32016018511606/30/16  new patent  Piezoelectric actuator, liquid discharging producing piezoelectric actuator
42016018511706/30/16  new patent  Liquid discharge producing the same
52016018511806/30/16  new patent  Liquid ejection apparatus and formimg liquid ejection apparatus
62016018512206/30/16  new patent  Recording apparatus
72016018513306/30/16  new patent  Image recording device
82016018513706/30/16  new patent  Ink-jet printer
92016018514306/30/16  new patent  Feeding apparatus
102016018555006/30/16  new patent  Sheet conveying device
112016018555106/30/16  new patent  Sheet conveying apparatus
122016018555606/30/16  new patent  Sheet conveying apparatus
132016018781206/30/16  new patent  Developing cartridge having coupling and developing roller
142016018783706/30/16  new patent  Image forming apparatus
152016018783906/30/16  new patent  Image forming apparatus
162016018784306/30/16  new patent  Image forming apparatus
172016018784506/30/16  new patent  Image forming apparatus and control method
182016018804606/30/16  new patent  Information input unit
192016018871806/30/16  new patent  Storage medium storing device controlling program, device controlling method, and device controlling apparatus
202016018901306/30/16  new patent  Tape printer and recording medium
212016018931406/30/16  new patent  Storage medium, image processing method and image processing apparatus
222016018938906/30/16  new patent  Image processing apparatus that processes image containing background color
232016019042506/30/16  new patent  Method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
242016019157706/30/16  new patent  Non-transitory computer-readable medium, terminal, and method
252016019173406/30/16  new patent  Scanner and scanning method
262016019173806/30/16  new patent  Image reading device selecting reading position on the basis of defective factors
272016019174506/30/16  new patent  Print data generating apparatus and generating generating color conversion profile
282016019212406/30/16  new patent  Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
292016019242906/30/16  new patent  Communication apparatus
302016017618906/23/16 Ink-jet printer
312016017619406/23/16 Liquid jetting apparatus
322016017621006/23/16 Tape cartridge and printer
332016017621306/23/16 Tape cartridge
342016017655106/23/16 Packaging device
352016017891206/23/16 Image display apparatus and head mount display
362016017903206/23/16 Developing cartridge
372016017905206/23/16 Image forming apparatus
382016018274606/23/16 Function-based device registration for data processing apparatus
392016018275206/23/16 Image reading apparatus
402016016738706/16/16 Print device
412016016741206/16/16 Liquid ejecting apparatus
422016017370306/16/16 Information processing apparatus, recording system, printing program and external program
432016017370406/16/16 Information processing apparatus, recording system, computer readable medium
442016015959706/09/16 Sheet conveyer device
452016016190206/09/16 Image forming apparatus having cartridge and waste developer accommodating portion
462016016191106/09/16 Developing cartridge including developing roller having developing roller shaft
472016016223906/09/16 Communication apparatus comprising integrated circuit tag interface
482016016508906/09/16 Copying machine and printer
492016015202806/02/16 Liquid ejection manufacturing liquid ejection apparatus
502016015204806/02/16 Ink-jet recording apparatus
512016015205406/02/16 Recording apparatus
522016015205606/02/16 Ink ribbon, ribbon cartridge, and printer
532016015433906/02/16 Development cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus having the same
542016015434406/02/16 Image forming apparatus with removable waste toner container and exposable feeding path
552016015437206/02/16 Image forming apparatus
562016015461506/02/16 Printing system, printer, and information processing apparatus
572016015630006/02/16 Motor control device for controlling motor in dependence on motor's temperature and sheet conveying device
582016015657006/02/16 Method, storage medium storing management program, and storage medium storing terminal program
592016015661506/02/16 Storage medium storing conference setting program and conference setting method
602016015680006/02/16 Image scanning apparatus
612016014462905/26/16 Liquid supplying device and liquid cartridge mountable therein
622016014464105/26/16 Image recording apparatus
632016014623705/26/16 Boss for self-tapping screw
642016014748705/26/16 Image processor that generates image data used in printing
652016013955705/19/16 Image forming apparatus having spacing configuration for process cartridge
662016012970005/12/16 Image recording device
672016012971105/12/16 Printer with force transmitting path selecting mechanism
682016013199505/12/16 Developing cartridge including detection system for determining presence of developing cartridge
692016013201705/12/16 Image forming apparatus having waste toner container commonly used for photosensitive drums and transfer belt
702016013202005/12/16 Developing cartridge having electrode
712016013477805/12/16 Scanner
722016013478105/12/16 Image scanning apparatus
732016012161505/05/16 Liquid consuming apparatus
742016012161805/05/16 Liquid-consuming apparatus
752016012161905/05/16 Set of tank and bottle, and bottle
762016012343405/05/16 Image forming apparatus
772016012434105/05/16 Developing cartridge
782016012435405/05/16 Image forming apparatus
792016012437005/05/16 Image forming apparatus
802016012438005/05/16 Image forming apparatus
812016011458504/28/16 Printer
822016011687504/28/16 Image forming apparatus configured to control rotational speed of pressure roller using temperature of heat unit and parameter
832016011687704/28/16 Image forming apparatus, control method and storage medium
842016011949404/28/16 Image reading apparatus, computer readable medium for the image reading apparatus, and method to correct an image read by the image reading apparatus
852016011950304/28/16 Image processing device setting sharpness adjustment degrees for object regions and performing unsharp masking process
862016010745304/21/16 Tape printer and recording medium
872016010745404/21/16 Image recording apparatus
882016010745704/21/16 Ink-jet recording apparatus and platen apparatus
892016010746404/21/16 Image recording apparatus
902016010746504/21/16 Medium cartridge and printer
912016010785504/21/16 Image forming apparatus
922016010982804/21/16 Image-forming device having waste developer material conveying mechanism
932016010984404/21/16 Unit frame having grip part
942016010984704/21/16 Image forming apparatus provided with cartridge for accommodating waste toner therein
952016010984904/21/16 Developing cartridge and process cartridge for stably rotating developing roller
962016011013804/21/16 Technique for information processing device and printer
972016010340604/14/16 Image forming apparatus
982016010341704/14/16 Image forming apparatus and developing cartridge
992016010558704/14/16 Information processing apparatus, image forming system, and computer-readable medium therefor
1002016009637204/07/16 Printing apparatus
1012016009637204/07/16 Printing apparatus
1022016009637604/07/16 Ink containing device and ink supply device
1032016009799004/07/16 Developing device and image forming apparatus
1042016009817904/07/16 Computer readable medium and apparatus
1052016009993204/07/16 Processing apparatus, authority setting method, and storage medium storing program
1062016008893403/31/16 Opening/closing structure of opening/closing cover
1072016008987803/31/16 Liquid discharging apparatus
1082016008988603/31/16 Inkjet printer
1092016008988703/31/16 Liquid jetting apparatus
1102016008988803/31/16 Liquid discharge apparatus
1112016008989303/31/16 Liquid-consuming apparatus
1122016008989903/31/16 Image recording apparatus
1132016008990103/31/16 Image recording apparatus
1142016008990203/31/16 Image recording apparatus
1152016008990303/31/16 Image recording apparatus
1162016008990803/31/16 Ink-jet printer
1172016008990903/31/16 Liquid ejection apparatus
1182016008991003/31/16 Sheet conveyer device and inkjet recording apparatus
1192016008991103/31/16 Drive device and ink-jet printer
1202016008991503/31/16 Image recording apparatus
1212016008991703/31/16 Printer
1222016009025003/31/16 Sheet feeder
1232016009025203/31/16 Sheet conveying device
1242016009025303/31/16 Sheet conveyer
1252016009025403/31/16 Sheet conveying device and image recording apparatus
1262016009025803/31/16 Image recording apparatus
1272016009026003/31/16 Sheet conveying device and image reading apparatus
1282016009049803/31/16 Water-based ink for ink-jet recording and ink cartridge
1292016009181703/31/16 Exposing device and image forming apparatus
1302016009182003/31/16 Liquid consuming apparatus
1312016009182803/31/16 Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus provided with the same
1322016009184503/31/16 Fixing device
1332016009185203/31/16 Fixing device
1342016009185403/31/16 Image forming apparatus having tray for receiving recording medium
1352016009185703/31/16 Image-forming apparatus provided with interlocking mechanism for inputting drive force to drive roller of belt unit
1362016009185803/31/16 Image forming apparatus
1372016009207303/31/16 Information processing device and recording system
1382016009209203/31/16 Cutting apparatus, display control device, and non-transitory computer readable storing medium
1392016009214603/31/16 Image processing apparatus, and method and computer-readable medium for the same
1402016009219103/31/16 Software providing system, and method and non-transitory computer-readable medium
1412016009327203/31/16 Information processing device and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by the information processing device
1422016009379403/31/16 Piezoelectric actuator and manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
1432016009391903/31/16 Vanadium solid-salt battery
1442016009453403/31/16 Service providing apparatus, storage medium and service providing method
1452016009455403/31/16 Teleconference system and storage medium storing program for teleconference
1462016009459703/31/16 Storage medium storing communication program, communication terminal, and communication method
1472016009472603/31/16 Controlling apparatus
1482016009472703/31/16 Printer, storage medium and printer
1492016009472803/31/16 Function execution apparatus and screen information server
1502016009473003/31/16 Information processing device, and method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for the same
1512016009473103/31/16 Information processing device, and method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for the same
1522016009473203/31/16 Facsimile apparatus, program and communication server
1532016009473303/31/16 Control server and image processing apparatus
1542016009473403/31/16 Image processing the same
1552016009473503/31/16 Function execution apparatus, function execution method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing instructions therefor
1562016009473803/31/16 Function execution apparatus, function execution method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing instructions therefor
1572016009473903/31/16 Image reading apparatus
1582016009474203/31/16 Sheet conveying device
1592016009474403/31/16 Cut data generating device, generating cut data, and non-transitory computer readable storing medium
1602016009474903/31/16 Image reading apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium
1612016009475303/31/16 Control device and image processing system
1622016009475403/31/16 Image reading apparatus
1632016009475503/31/16 Image processing device generating combined imaged data by using first image data and second image data
1642016009514603/31/16 Information processing apparatus
1652016008273003/24/16 Print device
1662016008273903/24/16 Print device
1672016008274403/24/16 Print device
1682016008320403/24/16 Sheet conveying device and image reading apparatus
1692016008321403/24/16 Sheet conveying device and image reading apparatus
1702016008388303/24/16 Sewing machine and thread spool device
1712016008388403/24/16 Sewing machine
1722016008519003/24/16 Fixing device
1732016008519803/24/16 Image forming apparatus
1742016008520303/24/16 Developer container and image forming device
1752016008520503/24/16 Image-forming device having guide to guide drawer supporting developing units in main casing
1762016008520703/24/16 Image forming apparatus having waste toner collecting function from a plurality of photosensitive drums
1772016008549003/24/16 Setting change control for an image forming system and image forming apparatus
1782016007515103/17/16 Image recording device having a compact form factor
1792016007515203/17/16 Image recording device having a compact form factor
1802016007746503/17/16 Developer cartridge
1812016007748303/17/16 Image forming apparatus including coupling member selectively coupled to photosensitive drum
1822016007748703/17/16 Developing unit having guide that stably supports toner cartridge
1832016008059103/17/16 Communication apparatus
1842016008060103/17/16 Multi-function device and screen providing server
1852016006796903/10/16 Method for manufacturing liquid jetting apparatus and liquid jetting apparatus
1862016007022803/10/16 Image forming apparatus having developer cartridges and cartridge supporting member
1872016007022903/10/16 Image forming apparatus and image forming unit
1882016007297103/10/16 Image reading apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium having image reading program
1892016007297403/10/16 Multi-function apparatus
1902016007297603/10/16 Image reading apparatus and document reading method
1912016007334803/10/16 Function performing apparatus
1922016005956903/03/16 Ink containing device
1932016005957003/03/16 Liquid cartridge
1942016005957103/03/16 Liquid consuming apparatus
1952016005957203/03/16 Liquid cartridge
1962016005959003/03/16 Print label producing apparatus
1972016006005003/03/16 Sheet storage device and image forming apparatus
1982016006129503/03/16 Image forming apparatus
1992016006226303/03/16 Developing cartridge and process cartridge
2002016006228703/03/16 Image forming apparatus performing mark data generating processes twice and determining whether difference between two sets of data based on mark data generating processes is within prescribed range
2012016006229503/03/16 Sheet stackable device and image forming apparatus
2022016006230803/03/16 Image forming device having retaining member that can be pulled out therefrom
2032016006231103/03/16 Cartridge provided with protection cover capable of protecting developer carrier and image forming apparatus provided with the same
2042016006231203/03/16 Cartridge having photosensitive body cartridge and developer cartridge
2052016006336203/03/16 Image forming system, integrated circuit chip, and image forming apparatus
2062016006336303/03/16 Image forming apparatus
2072016006568303/03/16 Relay server and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by the relay server
2082016006576703/03/16 Image reading apparatus
2092016006576903/03/16 Image reading apparatus and manufacturing image reading apparatus
2102016006577803/03/16 Image reader, and method and computer-readable medium for the same
2112016006627503/03/16 Communication apparatus
2122016006635903/03/16 Communication apparatus
2132016005226702/25/16 Inkjet printer and method
2142016005226902/25/16 Liquid ejecting device and manufacturing liquid ejecting device
2152016005227102/25/16 Liquid ejecting device and manufacturing liquid ejecting device
2162016005228102/25/16 Printer
2172016005228502/25/16 Liquid cartridge
2182016005228802/25/16 Liquid consuming apparatus
2192016005467902/25/16 Developing cartridge
2202016005469502/25/16 Image forming device having feed tray and retaining unit retaining photosensitive drums
2212016005469802/25/16 Image forming apparatus
2222016005470202/25/16 Developer cartridge having developing roller
2232016005538802/25/16 Image processing device and medium storing image processing program
2242016005729502/25/16 Server, image forming device and communication system
2252016005730102/25/16 Scanning apparatus and sheet conveyer
2262016004809102/18/16 Image forming apparatus, and method and computer-readable medium for the same
2272016004809202/18/16 Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
2282016004809302/18/16 Cap configuration for a toner cartridge
2292016004810202/18/16 Image forming apparatus having support frame from which cartridges are detachable
2302016005032902/18/16 Sheet conveying device and image reading apparatus
2312016003920902/11/16 Liquid cartridge
2322016003921002/11/16 Liquid cartridge
2332016003921302/11/16 Liquid cartridge
2342016003921402/11/16 Printing fluid cartridge, printing apparatus, and use of printing fluid cartridge
2352016003921502/11/16 Liquid consuming apparatus
2362016003922402/11/16 Ink-jet recording apparatus
2372016003923002/11/16 Tape cassette
2382016003923302/11/16 Inkjet printer and acquiring gap information
2392016003962502/11/16 Image forming apparatus
2402016004150702/11/16 Image forming apparatus
2412016004151702/11/16 Image forming apparatus
2422016004151902/11/16 Image forming apparatus
2432016003110902/04/16 Cutting apparatus and non-transitory computer readable storing medium
2442016003121502/04/16 Method for manufacturing liquid jetting apparatus and liquid jetting apparatus
2452016003122202/04/16 Printer
2462016003123602/04/16 Recording medium post-processing apparatus, printer unit with the same, recording medium post-processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing recording medium post-processing instructions
2472016003124002/04/16 Inkjet printer and acquiring gap information
2482016003250802/04/16 Sewing machine and computer-readable medium storing program
2492016003389102/04/16 Exposure device, image forming apparatus, and controlling exposure device

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