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08/17/17 new patent  Touch-input display devices with force measurement using piezoelectric pillars
08/17/17 new patent  Software application quality assessment
08/17/17 new patent  Automatic data exchange between peer devices
08/10/17Automatic natural language processing based data extraction
08/10/17Anonymous messaging in an instant message group conversation
08/10/17Automated data risk assessment
08/03/17Weight adjusted dynamic task propagation
08/03/17Workload control in a workload scheduling system
08/03/17Debugging in-cloud distributed code in live load environment
08/03/17Unified data model for integration between relational and non-relational databases
08/03/17Delegated authentication in an internet of things (iot) network
07/27/17Protection of confidential data being displayed or input in a mobile device
07/27/17Network device authentication based on hashing content of sequential messages
07/20/17Dynamic release baselines in a continuous delivery environment
07/20/17Dynamic release baselines in a continuous delivery environment
07/13/17Transaction flow visualization
07/13/17Transactional boundaries for software system profiling
07/13/17Transactional boundaries for software system debugging
07/13/17Graphical transaction model
07/13/17Transaction flow visualization
07/13/17Transaction flow visualization
07/13/17Restricting account use by controlled replenishment
07/13/17Interactive graphical user interface (gui) for managing sites
07/06/17Dynamic web page navigation
07/06/17User authentication based on time variant fingerprint sequences
07/06/17Identity-to-account correlation and synchronization
06/29/17Event chain detection
06/29/17Detecting flapping in resource measurements
06/29/17Mobile near field communication payment for banking activities from an automated teller machine
06/29/17Methods and authenticating and authorizing secondary accounts
06/29/17Magnitude based alarm flap detection
06/29/17Configuring distributed monitoring systems
06/29/17System and customizing standard device-orientated services within a high scale deployment
06/29/17Data translation using a proxy service
06/22/17Dynamic virtual service
06/22/17Pattern password with variable hint pattern
06/22/17Parameter-mapped one-time passwords (otp) for authentication and authorization
06/22/17Alarm to event tracing
06/22/17Identification of networking component application programming interfaces
06/22/17Multi-factor user authentication based on user credentials and entry timing
06/22/17System and managing virtual hard disks in cloud environments
06/22/17Multi-factor user authentication based on decoy security questions
06/08/17Periodic data replication
06/08/17Ensuring determinism during programmatic replay in a virtual machine
06/08/17Annotations management for electronic documents handling
06/08/17Document handling using triple identifier
06/08/17Generating a graphical user interface from performance data
06/08/17Event-triggered, graph-centric predictive cache priming
05/25/17Method and system for determining logging statement code coverage
05/18/17Pattern analytics for real-time detection of known significant pattern signatures
05/18/17Using machine learning to predict big data environment performance
05/18/17Pattern analytics for real-time detection of known significant pattern signatures
05/11/17Role based configuration and management tool based on snmp and ldap
05/11/17Copy and paste between devices
05/04/17Enhanced metadata tracking in a change management system
05/04/17Display window contextual visualization for application performance monitoring
05/04/17Selecting a flow data source
05/04/17Separation of lot network thing identification data at a network edge device
05/04/17Rule organization for efficient transaction pattern matching
05/04/17Intelligent edge device for filtering internet of things (iot) data
04/27/17Ensuring determinism during programmatic replay in a virtual machine
04/27/17Lightweight software management shell
04/27/17Accessing enterprise communication systems from external networks
04/20/17User interface testing abstraction
04/13/17Mobile application configuration agnostic to operating system versions
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04/13/17Subsystem dataset utilizing cloud storage
04/06/17Generating tests for testing software applications
03/30/17Fault tolerant event management system
03/30/17System and providing a virtualized replication and high availability environment
03/30/17Using augmented reality to assist data center operators
03/30/17Fetching vendor specific policy events and corresponding device feature mappings from a policy server at mobile device runtime of a managed application
03/30/17Personal computing device for editing mainframe data
03/23/17Current behavior evaluation with multiple process models
03/23/17Key network entity detection
03/23/17Security authorization for service level agreements
03/23/17Fetching a policy definition library from a policy server at mobile device runtime of an application package to control access to mobile device resources
03/16/17Automated system documentation generation
03/16/17Visualization of transaction overlaps
03/16/17Distributed fault isolation in connected networks
03/16/17Mechanism for building normalized service model to expose web apis
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03/16/17Unified-interface for storage provisioning
03/09/17Applying a partial captcha
03/09/17Verification and provisioning of mobile payment applications
03/09/17Proactive infrastructure fault, root cause, and impact management
03/09/17Server public key pinning by url
03/02/17Controlling repetitive check-in of intermediate versions of source code from a developer's computer to a source code repository
03/02/17Wrapped applications providing operational insight to users based on rules for acceptable operational state performance
03/02/17Providing application operational insights to users based on crowd sourced performance metrics for operational states
03/02/17Verification and payment for package delivery
03/02/17Api provider insights collection
03/02/17Data center cable indentification
03/02/17Health metric for an information technology service
03/02/17Restricting access to content based on measurements of user terminal operational performance
03/02/17Alertness based authorization
03/02/17Real time data streaming from a mainframe computer to off platform destinations
03/02/17Controlling display devices to interfere with imaging by mobile terminals
02/23/17Generic test automation for graphical user interface (gui) applications
02/23/17Generic test automation for restful web services applications
02/23/17Grid-based authentication on touch-aware devices
02/23/17Dynamic, proxied reset of user credentials
02/23/17Access control policy selection based upon user classification
02/23/17System, method, and software for providing access control enforcement capabilities in cloud computing systems
02/16/17Method and recommending regression tests
02/16/17Generic test automation for application programming interface applications
02/16/17Anomaly detection and user-context driven authorization request for automatic payments through mobile devices
02/16/17Controlling mobile payment transactions based on risk scores for point-of-sale terminals determined from locations reported by mobile terminals
02/09/17Operations to avoid wrapped mobile application operational errors due to interference from wrapper logic components
02/09/17Capturing unique screenshots
02/09/17Determining transaction risk from similarity of parameters characterizing a user terminal which originated a transaction to a user terminal identified from the transaction
02/09/17Dynamic management of enterprise policies
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02/02/17Causal engine and correlation engine based log analyzer
02/02/17Detecting text truncation in a graphical user interface
02/02/17Detecting overlapping web elements in a graphical user interface
02/02/17Streamlined enrollment of credit cards in mobile wallets
02/02/17Determining risk of transactions based on patterns of wireless devices observed by a user terminal
02/02/17Handling errors when transferring data
02/02/17Reachability fault isolation and recovery using asynchronous notifications
02/02/17Enterprise authentication server
01/26/17System and diagnosing information technology systems in multiple virtual parallel universes
01/26/17Executing privileged code in a process
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01/26/17Ticket generator for alternate authentication environments
01/12/17Application screen mapping for mobile analytics
01/12/17Routing outputs from jobs submitted on a mainframe system
01/12/17Adding functionality to existing code at exits
01/12/17Dynamic creation of job control language cards
01/12/17Selecting application wrapper logic components for wrapping a mobile application based on wrapper performance feedback from user electronic devices
01/05/17Detection of application topology changes
01/05/17Detecting operational variances and determining variance intensities
01/05/17Apparatus and graphically displaying transaction logs
01/05/17Alert damage index
12/29/16Automatic discovery of comparable features based on n-gram analysis
12/29/16Selecting application wrapper logic components based on features of a mobile application to be wrapped
12/29/16Methods of running applications on mobile devices including notifications/blocking responsive to resource consumption
12/29/16Tracking health status in software components
12/29/16Debugging using program state definitions
12/29/16Feedback and customization in expert systems for anomaly prediction
12/29/16Efficient management of network configuration-dependent network functionality
12/29/16Normalized software-defined networking interface
12/22/16Secure user input mode for electronic devices using randomized mathematical operators and operands
12/22/16Diagnosing anomalies based on deviation analysis
12/15/16Identifying data offsets using binary masks
12/15/16Risk-assessment based decision support system for strategic product localization
12/15/16Alternate primary account number generation
12/15/16System and virtual image security in a cloud environment
12/08/16Payment tokenization using format preserving encryption for secure transactions
12/08/16Trusted public infrastructure grid cloud
12/01/16Authorization server access system
11/24/16Interactive log file visualization tool
11/24/16Coverage policy-based testing in computer networks
11/17/16System and providing server application services with high availability and a many-to-one hardware configuration
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11/17/16Hierarchical temporal clustering, metric clustering and attribute clustering of electronic terminal reports to identify electronic terminals for analysis
11/10/16Data normalization for internet of things (iot) devices
10/27/16Solution modeling and analysis toolset for enterprise software architecture
10/13/16System and enforcement of security controls on virtual machines throughout life cycle state changes
10/06/16Authenticating a user with a passcode using a passcode entry table
10/06/16Dynamic provision of debuggable program code
10/06/16Effective defect management across multiple code branches
10/06/16Presenting diagnostic headlines using simple linguistic terms
10/06/16Preventing and servicing system errors with event pattern correlation
10/06/16Low-latency lossy processing of machine data
10/06/16Capacity planning for systems with multiprocessor boards
10/06/16Continuously authenticating a user of voice recognition services
10/06/16Collaborative space planning for a data center
10/06/16Authenticating a user with a passcode using a passcode entry table
10/06/16Detecting divergence or convergence of related objects in motion and applying asymmetric rules
10/06/16Dynamic configuration of entity polling using network topology and entity status
10/06/16Hub filtering
10/06/16Discovering and aggregating data from hubs
10/06/16Selectively deploying probes at different resource levels
10/06/16Routing policy impact simulation
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09/29/16Pseudo-doppler shift three dimensional location mapping
09/29/16Initiating actions on wearable devices
09/29/16Adaptive tour interface engine
09/29/16Editing software products using text mapping files
09/29/16Dynamic adapter design pattern
09/29/16Co-existential wrapping system for mobile applications
09/29/16Transparent and near-real time code deploys
09/29/16Modeling real capacity consumption changes using process-level data
09/29/16Graphical mapping of application programming interface parameters
09/29/16Anomaly classification, analytics and resolution based on annotated event logs
09/29/16Monitoring environmental parameters associated with computer equipment
09/29/16Virtualization of purpose-built devices
09/29/16Transferring data using a data bridge structure
09/29/16Analysis of mobile application reviews based on content, reviewer credibility, and temporal and geographic clustering
09/29/16Grouping of database objects
09/29/16Analyzing sorted mobile application operational state sequences based on sequence metrics
09/29/16Grouping of database objects
09/29/16Pattern-based password with dynamic shape overlay
09/29/16Secure user input mode for electronic devices using randomized locations of selection indicia
09/29/16Decision making in an elastic interface environment
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09/29/16System and method to use multi-factor capacity constraints for product-based release and team planning
09/29/16Payment de-tokenization with risk evaluation for secure transactions
09/29/16Minimized installation of point of presence software agents by use of pre-installed browser
09/29/16Voip route selection using call metrics
09/29/16Privacy preserving limiting communications to targeted recipients using behavior-based categorizing of recipients
09/29/16Payment de-tokenization with risk evaluation for secure transactions
09/22/16Height measurement to verify position of equipment in a data center rack
09/22/16Application performance monitoring using evolving functions
09/22/16Image capture in application lifecycle management for documentation and support
09/22/16Data center floor plan mapping using location-aware device
09/22/16Monitoring space usage in a computer rack
09/22/16System and method to generate a transaction count using filtering
09/22/16Simplified two factor authentication for mobile payments
09/22/16Method of receiving payment confirmation in emv contactless mobile payment
09/22/16System and contactless mobile payment verification
09/22/16System and neutralizing mobile payment
09/22/16System for preventing mobile payment
09/22/16Providing a customer interaction style to a support technician
09/22/16Modleing application performance using evolving functions
09/22/16System and mobile authentication
09/22/16Response prototypes with robust substitution rules for service virtualization
09/22/16Method and system for automated datacenter floor volume calculation applied to datacenter thermal management
09/15/16Assessing trust of components in systems
09/15/16Automatic wireframing using images
09/15/16Single click in a partially protected cell of a table
09/15/16Machine learning-derived universal connector
09/15/16Selecting resources for automatic modeling using forecast thresholds
09/08/16Self-learning simulation environments
09/08/16Composite virtual services
09/08/16Multi-component and mixed-reality simulation environments
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09/08/16Rebuilding an execution flow from an execution grid
09/08/16Self-learning simulation environments
09/08/16Multi-component and mixed-reality simulation environments
09/08/16Anomaly detection based on cluster transitions
08/25/16Automatic modeling of virtual resources with sizing recommendations
08/25/16Authorizations for computing devices to access a protected resource
08/18/16Automated software deployment
08/18/16Pre-distribution of artifacts in software deployments
08/18/16Monitoring ecommerce transactions using transaction metrics statistics for different combinations of transaction attributes and values
08/18/16System and securely transferring payment for an online transaction
08/18/16Provide insensitive summary for an encrypted document
08/18/16Intelligent content ghosting on mobile devices
08/18/16Context and environmentally aware notifications on mobile devices
08/11/16Monitoring aspects of organizational culture for improving agility in development teams
08/11/16System and reducing data in a storage system
08/11/16Generating state predictive metrics based on markov chain model from application operational state sequences
08/11/16Secure user input mode using randomized mapping between ordered sets of symbols
08/04/16Load balancing using improved component capacity estimation
08/04/16System and distributing processes stored in a common database
08/04/16Seeding of mobile application management policies
08/04/16Mobile content collaboration with one click multimedia capability
07/28/16Infrastructure performance enhancement with adaptive resource preservation
07/28/16Using patterns and anti-patterns to improve system performance
07/28/16Database virtualization
07/28/16Policy conflict resolution engine for mobile application management
07/21/16Managing distribution and retrieval of security key fragments among proxy storage devices
07/14/16Selective authentication based on similarities of ecommerce transactions from a same user terminal across financial accounts
07/07/16Managing embedded digital signature locations in a stream of data files
07/07/16Virtual service automation

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