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California Institute Of Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to California Institute Of Technology. California Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: California Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with California Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Implantable, highly collimated light-emitters for biological applications
04/20/17 new patent  Hopanoids producing bacteria and related biofertilizers, compositions, methods and systems
04/20/17 new patent  Methane oxidation methods and compositions
04/20/17 new patent  Method for expression of small antiviral rna molecules with reduced cytotoxicity within a cell
04/20/17 new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring characteristics of energy units
04/20/17 new patent  Error characterization and mitigation for 16nm mlc nand flash memory under total ionizing dose effect
04/20/17 new patent  Deployable reflectarray high gain antenna for satellite applications
04/20/17 new patent  Adaptive charging algorithms for a network of electric vehicles
04/20/17 new patent  Rf receiver
04/20/17 new patent  Data network controlled and optimized using layered architectures
04/13/17Electrical impedance spectroscopy measurement based on concentric bipolar microelectrode sensor
04/13/17Systems and methods for rapid processing and storage of data
04/06/17Derivatized corroles and metallocorroles and their use as imaging and therapeutic agents
04/06/17Applications of single molecule sequencing
03/30/17Implantable device for retaining live cells and providing nutrients thereto
03/30/17Puffer: pop-up flat folding explorer robot
03/30/17Silylation of aromatic heterocycles by disilanes using potassium alkoxide catalysts
03/30/17Base-catalyzed silylation of terminal alkyne c-h bonds
03/30/17Systems and methods for implementing electrically tunable metasurfaces
03/30/17Systems and methods for data visualization using three-dimensional displays
03/30/17Coding for real-time streaming under packet erasures
03/23/17Carrier nanoparticles and related compositions, methods and systems
03/23/17Associative polymers for use in a flow and related compositions, methods and systems
03/23/17Multiplex q-pcr arrays
03/23/17Second harmonic imaging nanoprobes and techniques for use thereof
03/23/17Optic green light illumination system
03/16/17Implantable oxygen generator and transporter
03/16/17Method of delivering therapeutics and imaging agents to the brain by nanoparticles that cross the blood brain barrier
03/16/17Pc board fluidic devices
03/16/17Radiation detector and method therefor
03/16/17Applying compliant compliant interfacial layers in thermoelectric devices
03/09/17Proppant bead forming methods
03/09/17Optical systems and methods of characterizing high-k dielectrics
03/09/17Imaging surround system for touch-free display control
03/09/17Fabrication methods for thermoelectric phononic structures
03/02/17Minimally invasive wireless sensing devices and methods
03/02/17Organic synthesis applications of non-aqueous fluoride salt solutions
03/02/17On-chip optical filter comprising fabri-perot resonator structure and spectrometer
03/02/17Nanoscale plasmonic field-effect modulator
03/02/17Non-aqueous fluoride salts, solutions, and their uses
03/02/17Optically assisted electrical filtering and processing
02/23/17Complexing agents for compositions containing inclusion complexes
02/23/17Inhibitors of rpn11
02/23/17Multivolume devices, kits and related methods for quantification and detection of nucleic acids and other analytes
02/23/17Il-17f-specific capture agents, compositions, and methods of using and making
02/23/17Method for producing graphene oxide with tunable gap
02/16/17Method and system for graphene formation
02/16/17Reactivation of x chromosome genes
02/16/17Wafer-to-wafer alignment method
02/16/17Controllable planar optical focusing system
02/16/17Meta-structure and tunable optical device including the same
02/16/17Algebraic query language (aql) database management system
02/16/17Systems and methods for behavior detection using 3d tracking and machine learning
02/16/17Ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry using an electrostatic ion bottle with coupling to a quadrupole ion trap
02/16/17Systems and methods for controlling supply voltages of stacked power amplifiers
02/16/17Compactable power generation arrays
02/16/17Lightweight structures for enhancing the thermal emissivity of surfaces
02/16/17Systems and methods for performing shape estimation using sun sensors in large-scale space-based solar power stations
02/09/17Solar fuels generator
02/02/17Foam structure with nominally-aligned arrays of carbon nanotubes
02/02/17Carbon nanotube foams with controllable mechanical properties
02/02/17Hydroxide-catalyzed formation of silicon-oxygen bonds by dehydrogenative coupling of hydrosilanes and alcohols
02/02/17Associative polymers for mist-control
02/02/17Activity-dependent expression of nucleic acids
02/02/17Spectrometer including metasurface
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02/02/17Optical modulating device having gate structure
02/02/17Imaging apparatus and image sensor including the same
01/26/17Optical coherence tomography (oct) system with phase-sensitive b-scan registration
01/26/17Heart sound and pulse waveform acquisition and analysis
01/26/17Intrinsic frequency analysis for left ventricle ejection fraction or stroke volume determination
01/26/17Canary on a chip: embedded sensors with bio-chemical interfaces
01/26/17System and methods for wireless drug delivery on command
01/26/17Large-area structures for compact packaging
01/26/17Catalysts for (e)-selective olefin metathesis
01/26/17Method and detecting and quantifying bacterial spores on a surface
01/26/17Optical modulator including nanostructure
01/26/17Optical phased array using guided resonance with backside reflectors
01/26/17Bandwidth enhancement technique using inductive peaking
01/26/17Cell-free biomolecular breadboards and related methods and arrangements
01/26/17Mirrors transparent to specific regions of the electromagnetic spectrum
Patent Packs
01/19/17Intrinsic frequency hemodynamic waveform analysis
01/19/17Production of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic aids and esters from higher sugars using tandem catalyst systems
01/19/17Communication efficient secret sharing
01/19/17Brush block copolymer electrolytes and electrocatalyst compositions
01/12/17Flow control technique by dielectric materials
01/12/17Maintenance self-diagnosis and guide for a self-contained wastewater treatment system
01/12/17In-situ heated deposition of parylene to enhance pore penetration into silicone
01/12/17Alternative training distribution based on density modification
01/12/17Method of manufacturing image sensor including nanostructure color filter
01/12/17Aluminum borate coated lithium ion cathode materials
01/12/17Stabilized microwave-frequency source
01/12/17Single-sensor system for extracting depth information from image blur
01/05/17Optical coherence tomography (oct) system with improved motion contrast
01/05/17Egfr-targeted nanoparticles
01/05/17Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
01/05/17Cit-10: a two dimensional layered crystalline microporous silicate composition and compositions derived therefrom
01/05/17Cationic mucic acid polymer-based delivery systems
01/05/17Methods and systems for identifying immunomodulatory substances
01/05/17Compositions and methods for screening t cells with antigens for specific populations
12/29/16Probiotic therapies for autism
12/29/16Large-scale space-based solar power station: packaging, deployment and stabilization of lightweight structures
12/29/16Engineered aggregates for metamaterials
12/29/16Weight benefit evaluator for training data
12/29/16Large-scale space-based solar power station: power transmission using steerable beams
12/29/16Large-scale space-based solar power station: multi-scale modular space power
12/22/16Targeting microbubbles
12/22/16Multiplex labeling of molecules by sequential hybridization barcoding using probes with cleavable linkers
12/22/16Measurement of fracture toughness of heterogeneous materials
12/22/16Systems and methods for generating tunable electromagnetic waves using carbon nanotube-based field emitters
12/15/16Medical sensor having a nanoscale tapered waveguide for spectroscopy-based analysis of fluid
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12/15/16Sepsis treatment and related compositions methods and systems
12/15/16Ultrathin parylene-c semipermeable membranes for biomedical applications
12/15/16Systems and methods for implementing robust metallic glass-based fiber metal laminates
12/15/16Analysis devices, kits, and related methods for digital quantification of nucleic acids and other analytes
12/15/16Atmospheric condensate collector and electrospray source
12/15/16Optical focusing inside scattering media with time-reversed ultrasound microbubble encoded (trume) light
12/15/16Communication systems and methods of communicating utilizing cooperation facilitators
12/08/16Polypeptides having cellulase activity
12/08/16Photonic structures from self assembly of brush block copolymers and polymer blends
12/01/16Population control using engineered translocations
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12/01/16Crystalline germanosilicate materials of new cit-13 topology and methods of preparing the same
12/01/16Base-catalyzed silylation of terminal olefinic c-h bonds
12/01/16Parabolic deployable antenna
12/01/16Self-contained large scale computing platform
11/24/16Integrated active flux microfluidic devices and methods
11/24/16Targeted gene delivery for dendritic cell vaccination
11/24/16Laser-based fourier ptychographic imaging systems and methods
11/24/16Metal hydride alloys with improved rate performance
11/17/16Extended duration optical coherence tomography (oct) system
11/17/16Botulinum neurotoxin-specific capture agents, compositions, and methods of using and making
11/17/16Light adjustable intraocular lenses using upconverting nanoparticles and near infrared (nir) light
11/17/16Metallic wall hall thrusters
11/17/16Asymmetric error correction and flash-memory rewriting using polar codes
11/17/16P-compensated and p-doped superlattice infrared detectors
11/17/16Efficient active multi-drive radiator
11/03/16Microfabricated crossflow devices and methods
11/03/16Compositions and methods for producing benzylisoquinoline alkaloids
11/03/16Spectrally selective semiconductor dielectric photonic solar thermal absorber
11/03/16Conformal optical metasurfaces
11/03/16Aperture scanning fourier ptychographic imaging
11/03/16Variable-illumination fourier ptychographic imaging devices, systems, and methods
11/03/16Solar cells and methods of manufacturing solar cells incorporating effectively transparent 3d contacts
10/27/163-dimensional parylene scaffold cage
10/27/16Methods and compositions for rapid assembly of genetic modules
10/27/16Rotating disk electrode cell
10/27/16Reactivation of x chromosome genes
10/27/16Autonomous and controllable systems of sensors and methods of using such systems
10/27/16Distributed optimal power flow processes for unbalanced radial distribution networks
10/27/16Imaging apparatus and image sensor including the same
Patent Packs
10/20/16Dendrimer particles and related mixed matrix filtration membranes, compositions, methods, and systems
10/20/16Fractional regulation of transcription
10/20/16Compositions and methods for producing benzylisoquinoline alkaloids
10/20/16Multi-wavelength optical dielectric metasurfaces
10/20/16Differential ring modulator
10/20/16Particle-based simulation through power diagrams
10/13/16Forming of metallic glass by rapid capacitor discharge
10/13/16Focusing device, and beam scanner and scope device including the focusing device
10/06/16Biocompatible packaging for long term implantable sensors and electronics
10/06/16Triblock brush block copolymers
09/29/16Methods for fabricating high aspect ratio probes and deforming high aspect ratio nanopillars and micropillars
09/29/16Sensor web
09/22/16Multiphoton induced direct aggregate scribing
09/22/16Molecular sieves and related methods and structure directing agents
09/22/16Sensor integrated metal dielectric filters for solar-blind silicon ultraviolet detectors
09/22/16Systems and methods for the distributed categorization of source data
09/22/16Systems and methods for labeling source data using confidence labels
09/22/16Systems and methods for the determining annotator performance in the distributed annotation of source data
09/15/16Methods to produce molecular sieves with lta topology and compositions derived therefrom
09/15/16System and movement and timing control
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09/15/16Systems and methods for implementing flexible members including integrated tools made from metallic glass-based materials
09/15/16Cyclic peptide binder against oncogenic k-ras
09/15/16Engineered recombinant enzymes for methane oxidation
09/15/16Hall thruster with magnetic discharge chamber and conductive coating
09/15/16Systems and methods for structurally interrelating components using inserts made from metallic glass-based materials
09/15/16Mid-infrared hyperspectral spectroscopy systems and methods therefor
09/15/16Digital assay for quantifying and concentrating analytes
09/15/16Method of engineering the dispersion of whispering gallery mode resonators and the resonators with dispersion engineered by the method
09/15/16Correcting for aberrations in incoherent imaging systems using fourier ptychographic techniques
09/08/16Position sensing and guiding system
09/08/16Optical resonator diagnostic device and methods of use
09/08/16High-coherence semiconductor light sources
09/01/16Stable fungal cel6 enzyme variants
09/01/16Temperature sensor using piezoelectric resonator and methods of measuring temperature
09/01/16Method for cancer detection, diagnosis and prognosis
09/01/16Electrochemical systems with electronically conductive layers
09/01/16Optical frequency divider based on an electro-optical-modulator frequency comb
09/01/16Key agreement in wireless networks with active adversaries
08/25/16Filtration membranes and related compositions, methods and systems
08/25/16Processes for preparing zincoaluminosilicates with aei, cha, and gme topologies and compositions derived therefrom
Social Network Patent Pack
08/25/16Methods to produce zeolites with the gme topology and compositions derived therefrom
08/25/16Microrna inhibition for the treatment of inflammation and myeloproliferative disorders
08/25/16Apparatus, generating power in a wellbore
08/25/16Optomechanical device with mechanical elements and optical filters for actuating and/or detecting the movement of the elements
08/25/16Metal hydride-air (mh-air) battery for low cost storage applications
08/18/16Imidazolidine-based metal carbene metathesis catalysts
08/18/16Methods and compositions for quantifying metabolites and proteins from single cells
08/18/16Flat retroreflectors
08/11/16Enhancement of electromagnetic freezing by stabilization and oscillation of biogenic magnetite particles
08/11/16Carrier nanoparticles and related compositions, methods and systems
08/11/16Method and simultaneous processing of multiple functions
08/11/16System and joint dynamic forwarding and caching in content distribution networks
08/04/16Metalloinsertor conjugates
08/04/16Method of targeting gene delivery using viral vectors
08/04/16Enzyme-catalyzed enantioselective aziridination of olefins
08/04/16Optical modulating device having gate structure
08/04/16Rewriting flash memories by message passing
08/04/16Electronic devices employing aligned organic polymers
07/28/16Functionalized linear and cyclic polyolefins
07/28/16Multi-well fourier ptychographic and fluorescence imaging
07/28/16Array level fourier ptychographic imaging
07/21/16Methods and devices for micro-isolation, extraction, and/or analysis of microscale components in an array
07/21/16Compositions and methods for producing benzylisoquinoline alkaloids
07/21/16Fourier ptychographic tomography
07/14/16Context imaging raman spectrometer
07/07/16Electrolytes for wide operating temperature lithium-ion cells
06/30/16High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
06/30/16Selective olefin metathesis with cyclometalated ruthenium complexes
06/30/16Z-selective olefin metathesis of peptides
06/30/16Systems and methods for implementing bulk metallic glass-based strain wave gears and strain wave gear components
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06/30/16Chip-based laser resonator device for highly coherent laser generation
06/30/16Systems and methods for management and monitoring of energy storage and distribution
06/30/16Wireless power transfer
06/30/16Integrated optical phased array
06/30/16Systems and methods of network analysis and characterization
06/23/16Silylation of aromatic heterocycles by disilanes using potassium alkoxide catalysts
06/23/16Enantioselective synthesis of alpha-quaternary mannich adducts by palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylation
06/23/16Method and co2 sequestration
06/23/16Systems and methods for implementing robust gearbox housings
06/23/16Epi-illumination fourier ptychographic imaging for thick samples
06/23/16Fluoride ion battery electrolyte compositions
06/16/16Wireless surface controlled active inflow control valve system
06/16/16Nand flash reliability with rank modulation
06/16/16Flash memories using minimum push up, multi-cell and multi-permutation schemes for data storage
06/16/16In2te3 precipitates in bulk bi2te3 for thermoelectric applications
06/09/16Real time microarrays
06/02/16Novel therapy for multiple sclerosis using vitamin d and gut bacteria
06/02/16Fluidic devices and fabrication methods for microfluidics
06/02/16Fluidic fence for performance enhancement
06/02/16Image sensor including nanostructure color filter
05/26/16Vehicle for delivering a compound to a mucous membrane and related compositions, methods and systems
05/26/16Micro-needle drug delivery systems
05/26/16Associative polymers and related compositions, methods and systems
05/26/16Co-incubating confined microbial communities
05/26/16Pressure sensor using piezoelectric bending resonators
05/26/16Accurate assessment of the state of charge of electrochemical cells
05/26/16Determination of electronic circuit robustness
05/26/16Lithium ion electrolytes with lifsi for improved wide operating temperature range
05/26/16High power w-band/f-band schottky diode based frequency multipliers

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