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Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
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Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Wireless communication system including frequency hopping electronic devices, and control method and storage medium…


Wireless communication system including frequency hopping electronic devices, and control method and storage medium…

Novel compound having azo skeleton and pigment dispersant, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, and toner containing…


Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus

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Count Application # Date Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015002146401/22/15 new patent  Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system
22015002148601/22/15 new patent  Radiation imaging apparatus, manufacturing the same, and radiation inspection apparatus
32015002180301/22/15 new patent  Imprint apparatus, mold, imprint method, and manufacturing article
42015002184701/22/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
52015002185001/22/15 new patent  Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
62015002185101/22/15 new patent  Feeding device and recording apparatus
72015002185201/22/15 new patent  Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus
82015002213001/22/15 new patent  Motor control apparatus, motor-driven apparatus, controlling motor and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing a computer program
92015002213901/22/15 new patent  Stepping motor control device, optical apparatus, stepping motor control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
102015002220001/22/15 new patent  Optically pumped magnetometer and optical pumping magnetic force measuring method
112015002257401/22/15 new patent  Printing apparatus and printing method
122015002257701/22/15 new patent  Printing apparatus and control method
132015002257801/22/15 new patent  Recording apparatus and control recording apparatus having a conveyance roller pair upstream of a recording unit
142015002258001/22/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and image processing method
152015002258501/22/15 new patent  Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
162015002258601/22/15 new patent  Printing apparatus and printing method
172015002258701/22/15 new patent  Inkjet recording apparatus
182015002259001/22/15 new patent  Liquid ejection head and manufacturing same
192015002259101/22/15 new patent  Liquid ejection head
202015002260901/22/15 new patent  Printing apparatus and restricting movement of carriage
212015002267601/22/15 new patent  Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
222015002267801/22/15 new patent  Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
232015002268001/22/15 new patent  Imaging apparatus, external apparatus, imaging system, controlling imaging apparatus, controlling external apparatus, controlling imaging system, and storage medium
242015002268201/22/15 new patent  Optical device capable of selecting focus detection point, controlling the same, and storage medium
252015002268401/22/15 new patent  Information processing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, control method, and recording medium
262015002268901/22/15 new patent  Image management apparatus and image management method
272015002269201/22/15 new patent  Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
282015002270901/22/15 new patent  Stepping motor control unit, stepping motor controlling method, and optical apparatus
292015002271001/22/15 new patent  Af controller, lens apparatus including the af controller and image pickup apparatus
302015002271301/22/15 new patent  Imaging apparatus and imaging method
312015002271801/22/15 new patent  Thin image pickup apparatus
322015002272601/22/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and image processing method
332015002279301/22/15 new patent  Lithography apparatus, lithography method, lithography system, storage medium, and article manufacturing method
342015002279601/22/15 new patent  Interferometer, lithography apparatus, and manufacturing article
352015002279701/22/15 new patent  Lithography apparatus, lithography method, and article manufacturing method
362015002284101/22/15 new patent  Display list generation apparatus, method, and program
372015002285601/22/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus, controlling image processing apparatus, and program
382015002285801/22/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus, control image forming apparatus and storage medium
392015002286001/22/15 new patent  Data transfer control apparatus and data transfer control method
402015002286301/22/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and image processing method
412015002286501/22/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus
422015002286701/22/15 new patent  Facsimile controlling the same
432015002289401/22/15 new patent  Light-shielding coating material and light-shielding film for optical element and optical element
442015002291101/22/15 new patent  Rotation detection apparatus, motor control apparatus, motor driven apparatus, correcting rotation detection apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing correction program
452015002295801/22/15 new patent  Part engaging structure and apparatus having the same
462015002306501/22/15 new patent  Voltage generating apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
472015002324201/22/15 new patent  Communication apparatus, controlling communication apparatus, and program
482015002333401/22/15 new patent  Communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium
492015002339501/22/15 new patent  Wireless communication system including frequency hopping electronic devices, and control method and storage medium therefor
502015002346501/22/15 new patent  Source grating, interferometer, and object information acquisition system
512015002346901/22/15 new patent  Irradiation field-limiting apparatus, x-ray-generating unit including the irradiation field-limiting apparatus, and x-ray radiography system including the irradiation field-limiting apparatus
522015002357901/22/15 new patent  Diagnosis support apparatus, the same, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
532015002367901/22/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
542015002368001/22/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
552015002368101/22/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
562015002368201/22/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
572015002370401/22/15 new patent  Image fixing apparatus
582015002376501/22/15 new patent  Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
592015002413401/22/15 new patent  Image recording method
602015002432101/22/15 new patent  Novel compound having azo skeleton and pigment dispersant, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, and toner containing the compound
612015002460401/22/15 new patent  Method of etching a silicon substrate
622015002460501/22/15 new patent  Substrate processing method
632015002466301/22/15 new patent  Component manufacturing method and polishing apparatus
642015002491601/22/15 new patent  Sheet processing apparatus that performs post-processing, and image forming system having the same
652015002568301/22/15 new patent  Robot system and calibration the robot system
662015002568401/22/15 new patent  Robot controlling device, robot apparatus, robot control method, program for executing robot control method, and recording medium on which program is recorded
672015002623301/22/15 new patent  Information processing terminal and control method therefor
682015002637501/22/15 new patent  Control apparatus, computer system, control method and storage medium
692015002657001/22/15 new patent  Report creating support apparatus, the same, and computer-readable storage medium
702015002667201/22/15 new patent  Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
712015002675101/22/15 new patent  Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
722015001328701/15/15Filter frame
732015001355901/15/15Imprint method, imprint apparatus, and article manufacturing method
742015001450701/15/15Vibration isolation apparatus, isolating vibration, lithography apparatus, and producing device
752015001454601/15/15Radiation detection apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and radiation detection system
762015001487601/15/15Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and article manufacturing method
772015001487701/15/15Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and article manufacturing method
782015001489201/15/15Imprint apparatus and manufacturing article
792015001491501/15/15Image forming apparatus capable of forming images in double-sided mode
802015001508501/15/15Wireless power transfer system, control wireless power transfer system, wireless power transmitting apparatus, control wireless power transmitting apparatus, and storage medium
812015001512101/15/15Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic device
822015001514601/15/15Image display device and control method thereof
832015001547001/15/15Image projection apparatus and image display system
842015001550701/15/15Information processing apparatus, controlling same, and recording medium
852015001562501/15/15Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and storage medium
862015001563201/15/15Liquid ejection head and substrate
872015001563701/15/15Inkjet printing apparatus and check pattern printing method
882015001564001/15/15Printing apparatus and processing method thereof
892015001564201/15/15Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic device
902015001564301/15/15Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic equipment
912015001565701/15/15Printing apparatus
922015001567801/15/15Information processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program for removing unwanting objects from images
932015001572601/15/15Imaging apparatus, controlling imaging apparatus, and program
942015001574401/15/15Imaging apparatus having framing assist control
952015001574601/15/15Imaging controlling the same
962015001575201/15/15Solid-state image sensor and imaging apparatus using same
972015001575501/15/15Solid-state imaging sensor, ranging device, and imaging apparatus
982015001575601/15/15Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor and image pickup system
992015001577401/15/15Image capturing apparatus, control method, and program thereof
1002015001579401/15/15Receiving apparatus, method, and storage medium
1012015001586101/15/15Calibration method, measurement apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
1022015001588701/15/15Feature vector for classifying specular objects based on material type
1032015001590501/15/15Apparatus and method
1042015001590701/15/15Image forming apparatus, communication device, and cartridge
1052015001591001/15/15Image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium for executing print processing using a password
1062015001591201/15/15Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus control method, and program
1072015001591501/15/15Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
1082015001591601/15/15Printing system, printing apparatus, printing control apparatus, and control printing system
1092015001591801/15/15Apparatus and enlarging object included in image data, and storage medium therefor
1102015001593801/15/15Dissipative soliton mode fiber based optical parametric oscillator
1112015001596601/15/15Zoom lens and optical apparatus including the same
1122015001596801/15/15Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
1132015001615201/15/15Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
1142015001616401/15/15High-voltage power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
1152015001622101/15/15Transducer and subject information acquisition apparatus
1162015001622201/15/15Electrostatic capacitance transducer, probe, and subject information acquiring device
1172015001653901/15/15Image coding apparatus, image coding method, and recording medium, and image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, and recording medium
1182015001654201/15/15Method, apparatus and system for encoding and decoding video data
1192015001667101/15/15Setting apparatus, output method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
1202015001671101/15/15Devices, systems, and methods for classifying materials based on a bidirectional reflectance distribution function
1212015001673101/15/15Pattern matching method and pattern matching apparatus
1222015001673501/15/15Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method thereof
1232015001682901/15/15Method of manufacturing developer container, developer container, developing apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
1242015001683001/15/15Developer container, development device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
1252015001683101/15/15Image heating apparatus
1262015001683201/15/15Image forming apparatus which uses electrostatic latent image for color misregistration correction
1272015001683301/15/15Image forming apparatus
1282015001683501/15/15Image forming apparatus
1292015001683701/15/15Developing apparatus
1302015001683801/15/15Developing apparatus, process cartridge, and manufacturing molded articles
1312015001683901/15/15Belt unit and image forming apparatus
1322015001684301/15/15Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
1332015001685301/15/15Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
1342015001685401/15/15Roller for fixing, manufacturing method therefor, and fixing device
1352015001685601/15/15Image forming apparatus
1362015001739701/15/15Forming method and substrate
1372015001757201/15/15Method for generating pattern, storage medium, and information processing apparatus
1382015001757301/15/15Reflective original, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
1392015001758101/15/15Toner using small-particle size magnetic iron oxide
1402015001816901/15/15Contact and separating device and image forming apparatus
1412015001866301/15/15Object information acquiring apparatus and laser apparatus
1422015001947301/15/15Diagnosis support system, controlling the same, and storage medium
1432015001961301/15/15Control apparatus, electronic device, control method, and storage medium
1442015001967601/15/15Methods and devices for exchanging data
1452015001980501/15/15Information processing apparatus, control the same, program for the same, and storage medium
1462015002015001/15/15Management apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
1472015000765901/08/15Apparatus and photoacoustic imaging
1482015000832401/08/15Measurement apparatus and method, tomography apparatus and method
1492015000832601/08/15Electromagnetic wave pulse measuring device and method, and application device using the same
1502015000840901/08/15Organic light-emitting device, display apparatus, image information-processing apparatus, and image-forming apparatus
1512015000849401/08/15Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
1522015000860501/08/15Pattern formation method, lithography apparatus, lithography system, and article manufacturing method
1532015000918301/08/15Touch determining the distance between a pointer and a surface
1542015000923001/08/15Display control apparatus capable of displaying list of images corresponding to contents, controlling the display control apparatus, and storage medium
1552015000926001/08/15Liquid composition, ink jet recording method, ink jet recording apparatus and recorded image
1562015000926801/08/15Image recording method and set
1572015000934501/08/15Image pickup apparatus and control same
1582015000934601/08/15Image stabilization apparatus, optical apparatus, and image capturing apparatus
1592015000935201/08/15Imaging controlling the same
1602015000935601/08/15Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and imaging apparatus
1612015000937101/08/15Image sensor, imaging system, sensor, and operation image sensor
1622015000937401/08/15Photoelectric conversion system
1632015000938001/08/15Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system
1642015000938101/08/15Scanning circuit, photoelectric conversion apparatus, and image pickup system
1652015000938501/08/15Imaging apparatus and driving method thereof
1662015000938801/08/15Solid-state image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system using solid-state image pickup apparatus
1672015000938901/08/15Photo-electric conversion device and image capturing system
1682015000941501/08/15Projected user interface system for multiple users
1692015000951301/08/15Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
1702015000951401/08/15Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
1712015000951801/08/15Mage reading apparatus, controlling image reading apparatus, and storage medium
1722015000952101/08/15Information processing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium
1732015000952901/08/15Image processing apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
1742015000953001/08/15Image forming apparatus that controls jetting of toner, image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
1752015000953101/08/15Image processing apparatus that stores print data in cache memory, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
1762015000953301/08/15Control apparatus and storage medium
1772015000953401/08/15Operation apparatus, image forming apparatus, controlling operation apparatus, and storage medium
1782015000953701/08/15Print system, information processing apparatus, and method thereof
1792015000953901/08/15Information processing method, information processing apparatus and program
1802015000954001/08/15Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and medium
1812015000957001/08/15Anti-reflection film and optical element having the same
1822015000977801/08/15Electromechanical transducer
1832015001005401/08/15Deriving reference mode values and encoding and decoding information representing prediction modes
1842015001006801/08/15Method, device, and computer program for pre-encoding and post-decoding high bit-depth content in video encoder and decoder
1852015001006901/08/15Intra video coding in error prone environments
1862015001009001/08/15Reception apparatus, reception method, and recording medium
1872015001021401/08/15Information processing device, communication counterpart decision method and storage medium
1882015001025001/08/15Image processing apparatus and image processing method
1892015001029601/08/15Image shake correcting device, lens barrel, optical apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
1902015001031301/08/15Image forming apparatus and toner accommodation container
1912015001031401/08/15Image forming apparatus, control method, and program
1922015001032001/08/15Cartridge, image forming apparatus and main assembly of image forming apparatus
1932015001032501/08/15Image forming apparatus and cartridge
1942015001033301/08/15Vibration type driving apparatus and image forming apparatus
1952015001033401/08/15Image forming apparatus
1962015001033501/08/15Developing device
1972015001086801/08/15Manufacturing liquid ejection head
1982015001102601/08/15Processing method, processing apparatus, lithography apparatus, and manufacturing article
1992015001213701/08/15Production apparatus
2002015001222601/08/15Material classification using brdf slices
2012015001247401/08/15Medical decision making support apparatus and control the same
2022015001260301/08/15Server apparatus enabling posting of messages, controlling the same, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and storage medium
2032015001267601/08/15Configurable data processing system based on a hybrid data and control driven processing architecture
2042015001276901/08/15Information processing apparatus capable of reducing power consumption, and control method and storage medium therefor
2052015001288201/08/15Information processing apparatus, method, and program
2062015000041101/01/15Object information acquiring apparatus and laser apparatus
2072015000041201/01/15Object information acquiring apparatus and laser apparatus
2082015000137701/01/15Photoelectric conversion device manufacturing method, photoelectric conversion device, and imaging system
2092015000139401/01/15Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation inspection apparatus
2102015000141701/01/15Blanking apparatus, drawing apparatus, and manufacturing article
2112015000141901/01/15Drawing apparatus, and manufacturing article
2122015000158901/01/15Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
2132015000166201/01/15Optical element array and solid-state imaging device including the array
2142015000174601/01/15Imprint method, imprint apparatus, and manufacturing device
2152015000174901/01/15Imprint apparatus and manufacturing article
2162015000175101/01/15Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method using same
2172015000178401/01/15Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
2182015000178601/01/15Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
2192015000179401/01/15Image forming apparatus
2202015000193601/01/15Wireless power transfer device, control wireless power transfer device and program
2212015000195201/01/15Information processing apparatus and power supply control method
2222015000198701/01/15Electromechanical transducer and fabricating the same
2232015000235201/01/15Manufacturing a dielectric material and its applications to millimeter-waves beam forming antenna systems
2242015000242401/01/15Information processing apparatus and control method, and recording medium
2252015000245901/01/15Control a touch panel and control the touch panel
2262015000252901/01/15Method, system and rendering
2272015000254501/01/15Variable blend width compositing
2282015000255601/01/15Image display controlling the same
2292015000256501/01/15Print control apparatus, print control method, and program
2302015000256601/01/15Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
2312015000256901/01/15Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
2322015000257001/01/15Printing apparatus, printing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium, and print control apparatus
2332015000257201/01/15Print control device, print control method, and storage medium
2342015000257301/01/15Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium
2352015000257601/01/15Ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
2362015000257701/01/15Image recording method, ink set, and preparing ink set
2372015000258001/01/15Image recording apparatus, image recording method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium
2382015000258301/01/15Liquid ejection head
2392015000259001/01/15Image recording method and image recording apparatus
2402015000259401/01/15Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
2412015000259601/01/15Image forming device
2422015000259701/01/15Image forming apparatus
2432015000259801/01/15Image forming apparatus
2442015000259901/01/15Image forming apparatus
2452015000260001/01/15Image forming apparatus
2462015000260201/01/15Ink ribbon cassette and printing apparatus
2472015000266201/01/15Information processing apparatus, measurement system, control system, light amount determination method and storage medium
2482015000268401/01/15Image processing apparatus
2492015000269401/01/15Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof

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