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Carefusion 303 Inc
Carefusion 303 Inc_20131212

Carefusion 303 Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Carefusion 303 Inc. Carefusion 303 Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carefusion 303 Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carefusion 303 Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Piston for a needleless valve system

A piston for a needleless valve system comprising a head portion configured to be disposed in the needleless valve system and controlling fluid flow through the needleless valve system. The head portion comprising a continuous top surface, and an opening disposed proximate the continuous top surface, wherein the continuous top... Carefusion 303 Inc

Systems and methods for controlling an infusion pump

Systems and methods for determining the position of a fluid within a fluid source and infusion line coupled to an infusion flow control device are described herein. An exemplary system and method includes sampling fluid pressure upstream of an infusion pump, and calculating fluid pressure slope profiles. By sampling fluid... Carefusion 303 Inc

Micro infusion device for drug delivery

A device introduced small volumes of fluid for delivery to a patient through a fluid line. The device includes a first arm adapted to receive a syringe and a second arm fluidly connected to an upstream reservoir that defines an internal volume adapted to receive a volume of fluid. The... Carefusion 303 Inc

Variable dose dispensing system

A variable dose dispensing system may include a processor and memory. The processor may receive a request for a variable dose order of a medication, such as from a user. The processor may request an amount of the medication to be administered, and receive, in response to the request, an... Carefusion 303 Inc

Reconstitution device for iv fluids and use

A system is provided for storage and reconstitution of IV solutions. The system may include one or more storage and reconstitution devices each configured to store and manipulate IV solution containers containing IV solutions in crystalline form that include hydration chemicals and therapeutic drugs. Crystalline hydration chemicals may include crystalline... Carefusion 303 Inc

System and monitoring progress of delivery of a patient-specific medication in a healthcare facility

Systems and methods of monitoring progress of delivery of a patient-specific medication are disclosed. A patient/medication identification (ID) device is provided on a package containing the medication, the patient/medication ID device comprising medication/patient information indicative of the medication and the patient. At least one location ID device is provided at... Carefusion 303 Inc

Safety catheter system and method

A catheter integral with a valved needle-free connector provides a safety catheter device configured to receive a blunt cannula and sharp needle forming an insertion mechanism. The sharp needle is mounted within a needle tube and a control handle is used to slide the sharp needle out of and into... Carefusion 303 Inc

Portable medication dispensing containers

A medication delivery system is disclosed that includes a portable container and a controller. The portable container includes a body and a lid that forms a securable storage compartment, and a latch that is coupled to the body and configured to releasably secure the lid. The portable container also includes... Carefusion 303 Inc

Predictive medication safety

Methods for facilitating safe use of a medical item are provided. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a first identifier for a medical entity located in an institution. The medical entity includes at least one of a patient, medical device, medical location, or medical item. The method also includes... Carefusion 303 Inc

Passive start drip chamber

A drip chamber is described that is used in medical infusion therapy, wherein the drip chamber utilizes valving to control flow of one or more fluids to a patient. The drip chamber includes a body forming a chamber, wherein fluid may enter via two or more flow ports, and an... Carefusion 303 Inc

Passive restart y-site

A fluid delivery Y-site is described that is configured to receive and control delivery of two or more fluid flows. Fluid flow is controlled within a chamber by a valve and float. Flow of a primary fluid into the chamber is reduced or halted by the movement of a valve.... Carefusion 303 Inc

Collapsible valve with internal dimples

A needleless connector has a body having an internal cavity with a sealing ridge, a port, an output flow channel, and a fluid flow path between the port and output flow channel. The connector also has a collapsible valve disposed within the cavity. The valve includes a cylindrical wall having... Carefusion 303 Inc

Connector for transferring fluid and use

A connector for transferring fluid and method therefor. The connector may have a first port and a second port which may be coupled together at a main channel with a valve element therein controlling fluid flow through the first port. The first port joins the main channel to provide a... Carefusion 303 Inc

Biased mechanism for guided insertion

A drawer assembly is disclosed that includes a removable container ad a receiving tray. The container has a housing having at least one shaped surface and at least one horizontal alignment element coupled to and projecting from the housing. The receiving tray has a base having a redirection feature and... Carefusion 303 Inc

Low-force pumping segment

A pumping segment having a low shut-off force is disclosed. The pumping segment includes a tube having an interior surface with at least two notches on opposite sides of the interior surface.... Carefusion 303 Inc

Modular infusion system

A pump is disclosed that comprises a primary control unit comprising a first processor and one or more modular pumping units removably docked to the primary control unit. Each modular pumping unit comprises a pumping mechanism and a second processor configured to control the pumping mechanism and communicate with the... Carefusion 303 Inc

Intermittent infusion device

Systems and methods of micro-infusion of medical fluids are disclosed. Micro-infusion systems may include a pump, a patient interface, tubing between the pump and the interface, and a micro-infusion device along the tubing. A first portion of the tubing above the micro-infusion device is longer than a second portion of... Carefusion 303 Inc

Systems and methods for capacitive identification

Capacitive identification systems and methods are described. The system may include a capacitive detector configured to identify objects having capacitive identifiers. A capacitive identifier may be a patterned dielectric ink that, when placed in an electromagnetic field generated by the capacitive detector, detectably alters the capacitance of neighboring sensors in... Carefusion 303 Inc

Vial adapter

An exemplary vial adapter may include a moveable member, an elongated member with a first passage, a second passage coupled to an expandable first reservoir, and a third passage coupled to an expandable second reservoir. In a first orientation of an exemplary vial adapter, a fluid may be directed through... Carefusion 303 Inc

Capping device for a medical access connector

A capping device that includes a cap, a first member, a second member, and a living hinge is provided. The cap is for covering the top of a medical access connector. The first member is connected with the cap. The living hinge is located between the first member and the... Carefusion 303 Inc

Closed male luer device for use with needleless access devices

A medical connector is described which is formed by a body having an inlet port, an outlet port through a male luer portion of the body, and a fluid path between the inlet port and the at least one outlet ports. A retractable post extends through the fluid path in... Carefusion 303 Inc

Application licensing for a centralized system of medical devices

Centralized systems execute one or more applications for monitoring and operating a plurality of network enabled medical devices. An indication to start a selected application at the centralized system or at a network enabled medical device is received at the centralized system/network enabled medical device. The selected application may require... Carefusion 303 Inc

Adjustment of infusion user interface upon docking event

A patient care system includes a control unit capable of coupling with multiple modular medical devices. A modular medical device can be coupled with the control unit, wherein the behavior of the modular medical device automatically adjusts based on the status of being coupled or un-coupled with the control unit.... Carefusion 303 Inc

Systems and methods for intermittent infusion

Systems and methods are provided for intermittent microinfusion. A system may include a pump and an IV set that includes a y-port valve disposed below a pump interface portion of the IV tubing. The y-port valve may include an internal valve member that allows fluid to flow from the pump... Carefusion 303 Inc

Associating an information reader and a medical device

A device agent including an information accessor for accessing association information obtained via an information reader. The association information includes medical device information for uniquely identifying the medical device, and device agent information for facilitating in an association between the medical device and the information reader. The device agent also... Carefusion 303 Inc

Self-compensating chucking device for infusion pump systems

A self-compensating chucking device may be provided. The chucking device may form a portion of a latching door handle of a door of an infusion pump. The door and a housing of the infusion pump may form a clam-shell clamp that secures infusion tubing to pumping mechanisms of the infusion... Carefusion 303 Inc

Non-vented vial access syringe

A syringe includes a plunger having a plunger tube with proximal and distal ends, a center tube with a center passage that extends within the plunger tube, and a balloon disposed over the center tube and sealingly fixed to at least one of the center tube and the plunger tube.... Carefusion 303 Inc

Secure medication transport

A smart carrier has a housing comprising one or more docking locations configured to accept a secure receptacle, a wireless interface module disposed within the housing, and a processor disposed within the housing and operatively coupled to the one or more docking locations and the wireless interface module. The processor... Carefusion 303 Inc

Vital-signs patch having a strain relief

A vital-signs monitor patch containing at least two electrodes, a circuit assembly, and a patch body having a chamber in which the circuit assembly is housed. The patch body also contains at least one flexible portion adjacent to the circuit assembly chamber, with at least one electrode attached to the... Carefusion 303 Inc

Positive bolus clamp

A clamp for clamping flexible tubing is disclosed. The clamp includes a body having a first portion, a second portion, a first passage through the first portion, and a second passage through the second portion. The first passage is configured to compress a first length of the flexible tubing. The... Carefusion 303 Inc

Infusion system with dual-chambered reservoir

Described herein are medical fluid infusion systems for pumping a fluid to a patient, such as in a hospital environment. In one aspect, disclosed is an infusion system including a drive assembly having a drive fluid reservoir and a drive mechanism configured to apply a force to drive fluid from... Carefusion 303 Inc

Integrated infusion pump and container

An integrated pump module is disclosed that includes a rigid housing having a fluid outlet, a fluid reservoir within the housing, and a pumping segment coupled between the fluid reservoir and the fluid outlet. The pumping segment is configured to cause fluid to flow from the fluid reservoir to the... Carefusion 303 Inc

Connector with a dual diaphragm valve

Positive displacement using a connector with dual diaphragms is provided. For example, the connector includes a single fluid flow path, an air chamber and a valve. The single fluid flow path is configured for delivering fluid to a person and configured for receiving fluid from a person. The air chamber... Carefusion 303 Inc

Method and automatically integrating a medical device into a medical facility network

A method for integrating a medical device into a medical facility network by equipping the medical device with wireless communication device is disclosed. The medical device is provided into a medical treatment area within wireless range of the medical facility network. The medical facility network is configured to detect the... Carefusion 303 Inc

Drip chamber

A device for managing fluid is provided. The device includes: a drip chamber including: an inlet; and outlet; a check valve positioned between the inlet and the outlet, the check valve configured for managing fluid flowing between the inlet and the outlet; and an elastic element. The combination of the... Carefusion 303 Inc

05/04/17 / #20170120028

Closed iv access device with y-port needle-free connector

A multi-port connector such as a closed intravenous (IV) access device with a y-port needle-free connector may be provided. The multi-port connector may include a main housing with a longitudinal axis, a needle free connector disposed along the longitudinal axis, and a y-port extending from a sidewall of the main... Carefusion 303 Inc

05/04/17 / #20170120029

Safety luer connection

A connection device has a male connector and a female connector. The female connector will only accommodate the dedicated male connector, thereby prohibiting a misconnection with the wrong male connector. In certain embodiments, a member prohibits male connectors, other than a dedicated male connector, from being inserted into the female... Carefusion 303 Inc

05/04/17 / #20170120035

Fluid infusion systems and methods

Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling the flow of fluids in a fluid infusion system. The system may include first and second fluid containers, first and second tubes coupled to the first and second fluid containers, and an external valve coupled to the second tube and configured to be... Carefusion 303 Inc

04/20/17 / #20170109494

Readmission risk scores

Systems for use with a medical device for reducing medical facility readmission risks are provided. In one aspect, a system includes a medical device that is configurable with operating limit parameters for providing testing or treatment to a patient, and a limiting system. The limiting system includes a memory that... Carefusion 303 Inc

04/20/17 / #20170109497

Controlled substance diversion detection systems and methods

Systems and methods are provided for identifying and tracking diverters of controlled medications. A system may receive signals indicative of medication dispensing activities by one or more health care providers such as nurses, physicians, or pharmacists. Based on the received signals, the system may determine one or more factor scores... Carefusion 303 Inc

03/23/17 / #20170080145

Model-based infusion site monitor

A medication delivery monitoring device is disclosed. The device includes a user interface configured to receive input information, and a sensor configured to measure a plurality of fluid state parameters of a fluid delivery channel through which the medication is delivered by a vascular access device (VAD) to an infusion... Carefusion 303 Inc

03/23/17 / #20170080203

Priming device

Described is a priming device to prime a gas from a fluid delivery system by receiving the gas and a fluid used to push the gas into a chamber, the priming device including a cover body having a lid, and a housing having a chamber, an inlet port and an... Carefusion 303 Inc

03/23/17 / #20170083060

Passive cooling and emi shielding system

An electronics enclosure is disclosed that provides passive cooling of electronic components while reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions. The electronics enclosure includes an electronics assembly with at least one electronic component and a heat sink coupled to the electronics assembly. The heat sink has a base portion configured to thermally... Carefusion 303 Inc

02/23/17 / #20170050012

Needleless valve infection prevention and pre-opening device

A disinfecting and pre-opening device is disclosed for use with a female needleless connector. The disinfecting and pre-opening device includes a housing comprising a chamber having a distal opening and configured to fit over the female needleless connector, and an elongated finger attached to the housing and disposed within the... Carefusion 303 Inc

02/02/17 / #20170028186

Tamper-resistant cap

A cap for coupling to a medical adapter may include a housing with a closed top end and an open bottom end with legs that extend from the housing away from the bottom end. Members may extend from an inner surface of the legs to engage and secure the cap... Carefusion 303 Inc

02/02/17 / #20170028187

Closed male luer device for minimizing leakage during connection and disconnection

A medical connector for minimizing leakage of fluids during connection and disconnection is described. The medical connector includes a body having an inlet port, at least one outlet port adjacent to a male luer portion of the body, and a fluid path between the inlet port and the at least... Carefusion 303 Inc

02/02/17 / #20170032152

Systems and methods for inductive identification

Inductive identification systems and methods are described. The system may include an inductive detector configured to identify objects having inductive identifiers. An inductive detector may include conductive coils and inductance readout circuitry for measuring an inductance of each coil. An inductive identifier may include a conductive pattern configured to induce... Carefusion 303 Inc

01/12/17 / #20170007816

Closed male luer device for use with needleless access devices

A medical connector can include a body having a fluid path with an inlet port, an outlet port, a luer portion, and a post extending through a fluid path. An arm having a latch member is coupled to the body to engage a ridge or thread on an exterior surface... Carefusion 303 Inc

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