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Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag
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Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag patents

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04/20/17 new patent  Improved frequency-domain interferometric based imaging systems and methods
03/30/17Eye surgery procedure
03/30/17Eye surgical procedure
03/23/17Surgical microscope having a data unit and overlaying images
03/09/17Surgical microscope
03/02/17Method for visualizing a membrane on a retina of an eye and surgical microscope for performing the method
03/02/17Device for machining an object by application of laser radiation
02/23/17Systems and methods for broad line fundus imaging
02/23/17Process and system for material removal
02/09/17Enhanced vessel characterization in optical coherence tomograogphy angiography
02/02/17Laser treatment device
01/26/17Method and precision working of material
01/12/17Method for determining the power of an intraocular lens
01/12/17Apparatus for determining ametropia of an eye
01/12/17Method and device for measuring the position of an eye
12/29/16Apparatus for individual therapy planning and positionally accurate modification of an optical element
12/15/16Treatment surgical correction of defective eyesight, generating control data therefore, and surgical correction of defective eyesight
12/08/16Surgical microscope for generating an observation image of an object region
12/01/16Method for selecting an intraocular lens to be implanted into an eye
12/01/16Method for generating an ablation program, ablating a body and means for carrying out said method
12/01/16Method of generating a pulse sequence with a pulse control an ophthalmic surgical system
11/24/16Safety mechanism for laser treatment apparatus
11/03/16Systems & methods for ocular anterior segment tracking, alignment, and dewarping using optical coherence tomography
10/20/16Method for optimizing the selection of the iol to be implanted in an eye
10/20/16Apparatus and material processing using a transparent contact element
10/13/16System and producing assistance information for laser-assisted cataract operation
10/13/16Control device and calibrating a laser system
09/29/16Apparatus and measuring an optical break-through in a tissue
09/29/16Apparatus and measuring an optical break-through in a tissue
09/15/16Microscope automated alignment of a microscope
09/08/16Control device for a laser system, laser system, and controlling the laser system
09/08/16Optical system and surgical microscope
08/18/16Visualization system
08/18/16Method and system for adjusting a laser based treatment system to an eye
08/04/16High temporal resolution doppler oct imaging of retinal blood flow
08/04/16Multifocal eye lens having optical zones which at least partly encircle a main optical axis
07/28/16Apparatus and measuring an optical break-through in a tissue
07/21/16Surgical microscope and highlighting eye lens pieces
07/21/16Control device for a lasser system and laser system for controlling the laser system
07/21/16Scanning device
07/07/16System for eye examination by means of stress-dependent parameters
07/07/16Method for determining the registration of a structure on a photomask and apparatus to perform the method
06/23/16Method and system for optical coherence elastography of posterior parts of the eye
06/16/16Optical coherence tomography system
06/16/16Surgical instrument
06/16/16Surgical microscope having optical interfaces
06/16/16Optical observation operating an optical observation apparatus
06/09/16Eye lens with a specifically shaped transition region of an optical part
06/09/16Eye lens having a toric refractive surface profile and a surface structure that is stepped in a radial direction
06/02/16Design for simplified removal of a balloon applicator
05/19/16Optical system for fluorescence observation
05/19/16Visualization a surgical site
05/05/16Method for realizing ocular fundus photographs that are corrected for scattered light
04/28/16Machining device and method
04/21/16Re-treatment for ophthalmic correction of refraction
04/07/16Ophthalmologic system and operating the same
03/31/16Method for correcting an oct image and combination microscope
03/31/16Medical optical observation instrument and contrasting polarization-rotating tissue
03/24/16Optical system, comprising a microscopy system and an oct system
03/24/16Eye surgery system and operating an eye surgery system
03/17/16Injector device for introducing an intraocular lens into an eye and folding an intraocular lens in an injector device
03/17/16Cassette for receiving an intraocular lens, injector device having said cassette and folding an intraocular lens in a cassette
02/25/16Method for generating chapter structures for video data containing images from a surgical microscope object area
01/28/16Creation of curved cuts in the inside of the eye cornea
01/14/16Method for determining the power of an intraocular lens
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01/14/16Eye surgery system
01/07/16Systems and methods for sub-aperture based aberration measurement and correction in interferometric imaging
12/31/15Illumination arrangement and surgical microscope incorporating the same
12/31/15Illumination device for an optical viewing apparatus
12/31/15Ophthalmic surgery method
12/31/15Illumination device for an optical viewing apparatus
12/24/15Treatment operatively correcting defective vision of an eye, generating control data therefor, and operatively correcting defective vision of an eye
12/24/15Stereomicroscope having a main observer beam path and a co-observer beam path
12/17/15Treatment operatively correcting defective vision of an eye, generating control data therefor, and operatively correcting defective vision of an eye
12/03/15Surgical microscope
12/03/15Surgery system
12/03/15Optical filter system and fluorescence observation system
12/03/15Method for the image-based calibration of multi-camera systems with adjustable focus and/or zoom
12/03/15Microscope system with depth preview and microscopy method
12/03/15Surgical microscopy operating the same
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12/03/15Method and determining a surface topography of a body in a coordinate system fixed in space and/or fixed on the body
11/19/15Imaging resected matter and/or for a resection bed and image generation device for carrying out such an imaging method
10/29/15Device and producing control data for the surgical correction of the defective vision of an eye
10/29/15Integrated device noninvasive corneal refractive corrections
10/22/15Ophthalmological laser system
10/15/15Apparatus for finding a functional tissue area in a tissue region
10/15/15Flexible, multimodal retina image recording system and measurement system
10/01/15Ophthalmic surgical pulse control apparatus
09/24/15Method for determining the total refractive power of the cornea of an eye
09/24/15Method for transplanting a part of the cornea and a surgical microscope therefor
09/24/15Intraocular lens having an optical and a haptic part, making an intraocular lens and implanting an intraocular lens into an eye
09/24/15Ophthalmic device for treating tissue in the anterior of an eye
09/24/15Laser treating tissue in the anterior portion of an eye
09/24/15Surgical system for opening the lens capsule in an eye
09/24/15Methods and systems for performing a capsulotomy
09/17/15Method for producing oct images and other images of an eye
09/10/15Method for the reliable determination of the axial length of an eye
09/10/15Surgical assistance system
08/27/15Device for reliably determining biometric measurement variables of the whole eye
08/27/15Microscope system and microscopy method using digital markers
08/20/15Medical systems and methods
08/20/15Medical systems and methods
08/20/15Medical systems and methods
08/13/15Hydrophilic iol packaging system
08/13/15Operator-controlled element for a positioning device of a medical apparatus and medical apparatus incorporating said operator-controlled element
07/30/15Module for mirroring in data in a visualization apparatus
07/23/15Control arrangement for an ophthalmic surgical system
07/16/15Ophthalmic surgical phacoemulsification
07/16/15Handpiece for the phacoemulsification of an eye lens
06/25/15Apparatus for determining an ametropia of an eye
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06/18/15Method for marking of coagulation sites on a retina as well as a system for coagulating the retina
06/18/15Surgical microscope and a retrofitting set for a surgical microscope
06/11/15Attachment for a contact lens and production a contact lens system
06/04/15Apparatus and generating cut surfaces in the cornea of an eye for correction of ametropia
05/14/15Ophthalmological laser system and operating method
04/30/15Ophthalmic viscoelastic device
04/30/15Liquids and gels for the ophthalmology and microscopy system for observing the same
04/23/15Eye surgery microscope having an entity for measuring an ametropia
03/26/15Optical imaging system
03/26/15Optical imaging system
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03/19/15Imaging system
03/19/15Imaging system
03/19/15Producing cut surfaces in a transparent material by means of optical radiation
02/26/15Optical system for imaging an object
02/26/15Method and selecting an intraocular lens (iol) and/or surgical parameters within the framework of iol implantations
01/15/15Stand base for a surgical microscope
01/15/15Injector tip for an ocular lens injector device, device with an injector tip and an ocular lens, as well as ocular lens injector device
01/01/15Microscopy imaging phase objects
01/01/15Method and device for examining a biological tissue by analysing fluorescence response to illumination and for treating the tissue
01/01/15Ophthalmological laser treatment device
12/25/14Anti myopia lens
12/25/14Method and device for preoperatively predicting a postoperative horizontal depth of an intraocular lens in an eye
11/20/14Surgical microscope with enlarged working distance
11/20/14Surgical microscope with positioning aid
11/06/14Method for automatic optimization of the calculation of an intraocular lens to be implanted
11/06/14Sectioning a transparent material using optical radiation
10/30/14Method, ophthalmic measuring system and computer-readable storage medium for selecting an intraocular lens
09/25/14Device and photocoagulation of the retina
09/25/14Ophthalmic laser severing eye tissue
09/25/14Eye surgery refraction correction
09/11/14Producing cut surfaces in a transparent material by means of optical radiation
08/28/14Method and device for combined temperature-controlled laser therapy by means of a multifunctional therapy laser
08/21/14Article for use in an oct-method and intraocular lens
08/21/14Method and generating x-ray radiation
08/21/14Treatment surgical correction of defective eyesight, generating control data therefore, and surgical correction of defective eyesight
08/14/14Eye surgery system and inserting an intraocular lens
07/31/14Fluorescence observation system and set of filters
07/31/14Ophthalmic surgical cassette
07/31/14Ophthalmic surgical control apparatus
07/10/14Method for the pre-operative selection of an intraocular lens to be implanted in an eye
Patent Packs
07/10/14Ophthalmologic laser device and preventing and treating aftercataract
06/26/14Method for determining the azimuthal orientation of a patient eye and eye surgical apparatus therefor
06/05/14After-treatment of refraction correction by ophthalmic surgery
05/08/14Method for optimized prediction of the postoperative anatomical position of an intraocular lens implanted in a pseudopakic eye
05/08/14Eye surgical procedure
05/08/14Method for eye surgery
05/01/14Ophthalmologic visualization system
04/24/14Optical system for a laser therapy instrument
04/03/14Process for reliably determining the axial length of an eye
04/03/14Ophthalmological device
03/27/14Femtosescond laser system for the exact manipulation of material and tissues
03/20/14Method for determining at least one optical property of a patient eye with an intraocular lens
03/20/14System for determining the topography of the cornea of an eye
03/06/14Adjusting device for an optical system
02/20/14Surgical microscope objective having an adjustable focal intercept
02/20/14Instrument system and procedure for phacoemulsification
02/13/14Laser instrument for eye therapy
01/16/14Apparatus and material processing using a transparent contact element
01/09/14Tube for a surgical microscope
12/19/13Device for interferometrically measuring the eye length and the anterior eye segment
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11/28/13Stand for a medical device
11/21/13System for visualizing tissue in a surgical region
11/21/13Optimized device for swept source optical coherence domain reflectometry and tomography
11/14/13Method for the model-based determination of the biometry of eyes
11/07/13Intraocular lens provided for implantation into an eye and device for changing the optical effect of an implanted intraocular lens
10/31/13Assembly and the automatic rough positioning of ophthalmological equipment
10/10/13Method for determining at least one diagnosis or risk assessment parameter related to amd
10/10/13Stereoscopic microscope
10/03/13Varioscope optical unit and microscope having a varioscope optical unit
09/19/13Method and device for recording and displaying an oct whole-eye scan
09/12/13Ophthalmic surgical system and control apparatus therefor
09/05/13Multiple-spot laser refractive ophthalmic surgery
08/29/13Fundus camera with strip-shaped pupil division, and recording artifact-free, high-resolution fundus images
08/29/13Ophthalmic surgical system and control apparatus therefor
08/22/13Ophthalmic surgical system and control arrangement therefor
07/25/13Coupling-in coupling light from a light-emitting diode into a fiber entry end and light-source arrangement fitted therewith
07/25/13Method and device for determining various biometric parameters of an eye by interferometry
07/11/13Control data generation for the eye-surgical treatment of defective vision
07/04/13Device for homogenizing a laser-beam profile
05/23/13Device and vitreous humor surgery
Social Network Patent Pack
05/16/13Device and material processing by means of laser radiation
05/16/13Oct-based ophthalmological measuring system
05/02/13System for the improved imaging of eye structures
04/04/13Module for transmitting a light beam and surgical microscope with deflecting element and fundus imaging system
04/04/13Device and controlling a laser system
04/04/13Ophthalmology appliance for photocoagulation or phototherapy, and operating such an appliance
03/21/13Device and cataract surgery
03/07/13Method of generating and/or providing data for tissue treatment
02/28/13Multifocal lens
12/06/12Method and arrangement for selecting an iol and/or the surgical parameters within the framework of the iol implantation on the eye
11/29/12Fluorescence observation system and set of filters
11/15/12Heads-up vision analyzer
10/04/12Microscopy system, microscopy method and treating an aneurysm
09/13/12Optical observation instrument with at least two optical transmission channels that respectively have one partial ray path
09/13/12Method and device for detecting deposits in the eye
09/06/12Surgical device and surgical method
07/12/12Illumination device and medical-optical observation instrument
07/05/12Method and device for producing high-quality fundus images
06/28/12Medical systems and methods
06/14/12System for wavefront analysis and optical system having a microscope and a system for wavefront analysis
06/14/12Method for marking coagulation sites of a retina and system for coagulating the retina
05/31/12Laser device and machining material using laser radiation
05/17/12Microscopy system
04/12/12Method and device for non-invasive temperature determination in biological tissue treated with treatment radiation
03/29/12Method for increasing ocular depth of field
02/16/12Method and device for performing online aberrometry in refractive eye correction
02/09/12Method for treating incision surfaces in a transparent material
02/09/12Device and producing control data for the surgical correction of defective eye vision
01/19/12Device and producing control data for the surgical correction of defective eye vision
01/19/12Ophthalmologic laser system
Social Network Patent Pack
01/19/12Apparatus and removing a lenticle from the cornea
01/12/12Microscope system
01/12/12Method of material processing with laser pulses having a large spectral bandwidth and carrying out said method
12/08/11Ophthalmological measuring calibrating and/or adjusting the same
12/01/11Interferometric sample measurement
10/27/11Arrangement for attaining high-precision measurements of an eye
10/27/11Ophthalmological laser system and operating method
10/20/11Device for swept-source optical coherence domain reflectometry
10/13/11Ophthalmological laser system and operating method
09/29/11Method for controlling a device for treating the human eye
09/29/11Device and controlling a laser therapy of the eye
09/22/11Method and device for increasing an optical system focal depth
09/15/11Ophthalmologic laser system and operating method
08/25/11Method, device and arrangement for measuring the dynamic behavior of an optical system
08/25/11Method and device for forming cut surfaces in a transparent material
08/18/11Non-reflective imaging optics for optical devices, particularly in ophthalmology
07/21/11Arrangements and measuring an eye movement, particularly a movement of the fundus of the eye
06/30/11Ss oct interferometry for measuring a sample
06/23/11Optical coherence reflectometry with depth resolution
05/26/11Eye surgery system and methods of preparing and performing an eye surgery
05/19/11Ophthalmologic the observation, examination, diagnosis, and/or treatment of an eye
05/12/11Short coherence interferometry for measuring for measuring spacings
05/05/11Apparatus and material processing using a transparent contact element
04/14/11Ring light fundus camera
03/24/11Ophthalmologic biometric or image generating detection and evaluation of measured data
03/24/11Optical deflection device for scanning, ophthalmologic measurement and therapy system
03/17/11Optometrist client
03/10/11Method for the creation of panoramic images of the eye fundus
02/17/11Method and device for the representation of an operation area during laser operations

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