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Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh. Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011672804/28/16  new patent  Luminescence microscopy
22016011821604/28/16  new patent  Method for measuring a distance of a component from an object and for setting a position of a component in a particle beam device
32016011125104/21/16 Particle-optical systems and arrangements and particle-optical components for such systems and arrangements
42016011126904/21/16 Mass spectrometer, use thereof, and the mass spectrometric examination of a gas mixture
52016009064503/31/16 Method for structuring an object with the aid of a particle beam apparatus
62016008506203/24/16 Microscope and 3d high-resolution localization microscopy with an enlarged measurement region
72016006211103/03/16 Microscopical imaging system
82016005455102/25/16 Method for imaging a sample by means of a microscope and microscope
92016004896702/18/16 Method and device for determining a distance between two optical boundary surfaces which are spaced apart from each other along a first direction
102016004137702/11/16 Transmitted-light microscope and transmitted-light microscopy
112016003553402/04/16 Method for analyzing and/or processing an object as well as a particle beam device for carrying out the method
122016002006401/21/16 Apparatus for focusing and for storage of ions and for separation of pressure areas
132016001111301/14/16 Method for the operation of a laser scanning microscope
142016000377701/07/16 Recording device and recording method
152015037814112/31/15 Light microscope and microscopy method
162015037005712/24/15 Method for operating a light microscope and optical assembly
172015035544612/10/15 Method for the microscope imaging of samples adhering to bottoms of fluid filled wells of a microtiter plate
182015035715712/10/15 Particle beam operating a particle optical unit
192015034874212/03/15 Charged particle optical apparatus having a selectively positionable differential pressure module
202015034874912/03/15 Multi-beam particle microscope and operating same
212015032377411/12/15 Microscope with a light sheet
222015030929710/29/15 Autofocus microscope and microscope comprising autofocus device
232015030132510/22/15 Optical arrangement and light microscope
242015029333810/15/15 System for microscopic applications
252015028604210/08/15 Microscope and spim microscopy
262015027709310/01/15 Procedure for terminating microscopic applications with an immersion objective
272015026845809/24/15 Method for fluorescence microscopy of a sample
282015026097509/17/15 Procedure and device for terminating the immersion at a microscope
292015025355609/10/15 Confocal incident-light scanning microsope for multipoint scanning
302015025355709/10/15 Confocal microscope with freely adjustable sample scanning
312015025355909/10/15 Optical arrangement and light microscope
322015025356209/10/15 Method for the correction of spherical aberration in microscopic applications
332015024800109/03/15 Apochromatic microscope objective
342015024800309/03/15 Calibration plate for measuring calibration of a digital microscope and methods of using the same
352015024801509/03/15 Optical assembly and light microscope
362015024168208/27/15 Immersion medium and its layout in an optical system
372015023582908/20/15 Method for mass spectrometric examination of gas mixtures and mass spectrometer therefor
382015022667008/13/15 Microscope
392015021988608/06/15 Optical system for digital microscopy
402015021988708/06/15 High aperture immersion objective
412015021400407/30/15 Method for preparing and analyzing an object as well as particle beam device for performing the method
422015018545407/02/15 High-resolution scanning microscopy
432015016870606/18/15 Microscope and spim microscopy
442015016873206/18/15 Microscope and spim microscopy
452015016044606/11/15 Microscope and high-resolution 3d fluorescence microscopy
462015015356006/04/15 Method for preparing for and carrying out the acquisition of image stacks of a sample from various orientation angles
472015014478705/28/15 Electron microscope
482015014480105/28/15 Particle beam operating the same
492015014598105/28/15 Light scanning microscope with spectral detection
502015011429404/30/15 Processing system
512015011680704/30/15 Microscope and microscopy method
522015009087904/02/15 Charged particle multi-beam inspection system and operating the same
532015009090804/02/15 Light microscope and microscopy examining a microscopic specimen
542015008391103/26/15 Method of detecting electrons, an electron-detector and an inspection system
552015008509903/26/15 High-resolution scanning microscopy
562015007784203/19/15 High-resolution scanning microscopy
572015007784303/19/15 High-resolution scanning microscopy
582015007784503/19/15 Device and microscopy
592015006923503/12/15 Particle optical system
602015007075703/12/15 Microscope
612015005493702/26/15 Light microscope and image recording using a light microscope
622015004824802/19/15 Method for processing and/or for observing an object, and particle beam device for carrying out the method
632015004918002/19/15 Microscope
642015004306402/12/15 Tube shield lens unit
652015003596402/05/15 High-resolution luminescence microscopy
662015003596502/05/15 Method for calibrating a digital optical imaging system having a zoom system, correcting aberrations in a digital optical imaging system having a zoom system, and digital optical imaging system
672015003602702/05/15 Method for calibrating a digital optical instrument and digital optical instrument
682015003612202/05/15 Fib-sem array tomography
692015002822501/29/15 Method for manufacturing a tem-lamella and assembly having a tem-lamella protective structure
702015002958301/29/15 Apparatus and transmitted light illumination for light microscopes and microscope system
712015001452801/15/15 Method of operating a particle beam microscope and a particle beam microscope
722015001592901/15/15 Optical switch and beam stabilization device
732015001594201/15/15 Method for detecting and controlling supply of an immersion medium
742015001594301/15/15 Device for forming an immersion film
752015000830901/08/15 High-resolution scanning microscopy
762015000263201/01/15 Microscope and high-resolution 3-d fluorescence microscopy
772014035479612/04/14 Apparatus and transmitted light illumination for light microscopes and microscope system
782014035510912/04/14 Immersion fluid for microscopy
792014034746111/27/14 Microscope for widefield microscopy
802014033942411/20/14 Device for mass selective determination of an ion
812014033943911/20/14 Method for high-resolution 3d localization microscopy
822014034048311/20/14 Method for three-dimensional high resolution localization microscopy
832014034074211/20/14 Ring illumination device for a microscope objective, and microscope objective
842014032687411/06/14 Printed circuit board multipole units used for ion transportation
852014032796111/06/14 Slider for introduction into an optical path of a light microscope
862014031331110/23/14 Control device and controlling a motorized digital microscope
872014031331210/23/14 Digital microscope and optimizing the work process in a digital microscope
882014031357710/23/14 Method for illuminating an object in a digital light microscope, digital light microscope and bright field reflected-light illumination device for a digital light microscope
892014031358910/23/14 Telecentric modular zoom system
902014031360310/23/14 Objective lens mount
912014029148410/02/14 Microscope with structured illumination
922014029303710/02/14 Optical microscope and examining a microscopic sample
932014029341010/02/14 Laser scanning microscope
942014023284408/21/14 Method and defining a z-range in a sample, in which a z-stack of the sample is to be recorded by means of a microscope
952014023302908/21/14 Spectrometer
962014022620408/14/14 Optical assembly and light microscope
972014021730308/07/14 Particle beam operating the same
982014021130507/31/14 Laser scanning microscope
992014020226507/24/14 Method for embedding a biological sample in a transparent matrix for analysis using single plane illumination microscopy
1002014019732807/17/14 Ion beam system and operating an ion beam system
1012014019094607/10/14 Laser microdissection method and laser microdissection device
1022014019112607/10/14 Method of depositing protective structures
1032014019240607/10/14 Laser scanning microscope having an illumination array
1042014018477707/03/14 High-resolution luminescence microscopy
1052014017667806/26/14 Method for high-resolution 3d-localization microscopy
1062014017704406/26/14 Method and configuration for the optical detection of an illuminated specimen
1072014016876306/19/14 Variable imaging system with an objective of fixed focal length
1082014015888406/12/14 Method for operating a particle beam device and/or for analyzing an object in a particle beam device
1092014015890206/12/14 Particle-optical systems and arrangements and particle-optical components for such systems and arrangements
1102014015308806/05/14 Slider for sliding into the observation beam path of a microscope
1112014014637605/29/14 Light microscope and microscopy method
1122014011852805/01/14 Setting unit and setting a sequence for the automatic recording of images of an object by means of a recording device, and recording device having such a setting unit
1132014011875005/01/14 Method and configuration for depth resolved optical detection of an illuminated specimen
1142014011057704/24/14 Particle beam system and processing a tem-sample
1152014011163304/24/14 Wide field microscope and wide field microscopy
1162014009246004/03/14 Optical filter device, in particular for microscopes
1172014007009703/13/14 Particle beam device and operating a particle beam device
1182014007009903/13/14 Particle beam microscope for generating material data
1192014005585102/27/14 Laser scanning microscope
1202014000136101/02/14 Micro-gripper
1212014000137301/02/14 Method for setting a position of a carrier element in a particle beam device
1222013034267312/26/13 Method and device for focussing a microscope automatically
1232013032022612/05/13 Method and scanning a surface of an object using a particle beam
1242013032393712/05/13 Combined laser processing system and focused ion beam system
1252013030820111/21/13 Optical inspection system with a variation system consisting of five lens groups for imaging an object into infinity
1262013030083311/14/13 3d localisation microscopy and 4d localisation microscopy and tracking methods and systems
1272013030290511/14/13 Increased depth-resolution microscopy
1282013029256611/07/13 Transmission electron microscopy system and operating a transmission electron microscopy system
1292013029388611/07/13 Flange for closing off an optical device against a sample stream, and an optical device for partial immersion in a sample stream
1302013027176410/17/13 Measurement devices and apparatuses for spectroscopic examination of samples
1312013027184710/17/13 Immersion objective and light microscope
1322013026540710/10/13 Method and device for determining a critical angle of an excitation light beam
1332013025656310/03/13 High-resolution fluorescence microscopy
1342013025809010/03/13 Light microscope and recording images with a light microscope
1352013025006909/26/13 Device and the three-dimensional measurement of an object
1362013025040709/26/13 Device for increasing the depth discrimination of optical imaging systems
1372013024240709/19/13 Wide range zoom system
1382013023545309/12/13 Device for positioning optical components on a microscope
1392013022870409/05/13 Wavelength-resolving and high spatial resolution fluorescence microscopy
1402013022256708/29/13 Microscope and wavelength-selective and high spatial resolving microscopy
1412013021394508/22/13 Methods and the preparation of microscopy samples by using pulsed light
1422013020835508/15/13 X-y stage for microscopes
1432013018706407/25/13 Particle beam system including a supply of process gas to a processing location
1442013018096207/18/13 Methods and systems for raster scanning a surface of an object using a particle beam
1452013013432805/30/13 Processing system
1462013010046104/25/13 Methods and apparatuses for position and force detection
1472013010052604/25/13 Filter holder for correlative particle analysis
1482013010053704/25/13 Planapochromatically-corrected microscope objective
1492013010118804/25/13 Microscopy of several samples using optical microscopy and particle beam microscopy
1502013008771604/11/13 Charged particle source
1512013002776801/31/13 Attachment of optical microscope components
1522013002166401/24/13 Arrangement for adjusting illumination devices in transmitted-light microscopes
1532013000317101/03/13 Inverted microscope
1542013000318701/03/13 High-aperture immersion objective
1552012032603212/27/12 Particle beam microscope

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