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Carnegie Mellon University Center For Technology Transfer And Enterprise Creation
Carnegie Mellon University Center For Technology Transfer x26 Enterprise
Carnegie Mellon University A Pennsylvania Non pro Fit Corporation
Carnegie Mellon University Cttec
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Carnegie Mellon University A Pennsylvavia Non profit Corporation
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Carnegie Mellon University patents

Recent patent applications related to Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carnegie Mellon University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, we're just tracking patents.

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10/26/17Method for the identification of inhibitors and activators of thymidylate kinases
10/26/17Data processing system to detect neurodevelopmental-specific learning disorders
10/26/17Associating a user identity with a mobile device identity
10/19/17Supervised autonomous robotic system for complex surface inspection and processing
10/05/17Compositions for enhancing targeted gene editing and methods of use thereof
10/05/17Lithium metal electrodes and batteries thereof
09/07/17Object segmentation from light field data
08/31/17Sensor guided catheter navigation system
08/31/17Systems and methods for estimating pose of textureless objects
08/17/17Separation of low-abundance cells from fluid using surface acoustic waves
08/10/17Enhanced biomolecule detection assays based on tyramide signal amplification and gammapna probes
08/03/17L1o-ordered mnal thin films with high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, and structures and devices made therewith
07/27/17Method and aiding in the diagnosis of otitis media by classifying tympanic membrane images
07/27/17Methods and compounds to suppress viral genome release and packaging
07/27/17Device and self-automated parking lot for autonomous vehicles based on vehicular networking
07/20/17System for controlling the movement of a multi-linked device
07/20/17Pattern identification in time-series social media data, and output-dynamics engineering for a dynamic system having one or more multi-scale time-series data sets
07/13/17Artificial valved conduits for cardiac reconstructive procedures and methods for their production
06/29/17Systems, methods, and software for planning, simulating, and operating electrical power systems
06/22/17Method and on-demand isolated i/o channels for secure applications
06/22/17Methods for generating reliable responses in physical unclonable functions (pufs) and methods for designing strong pufs
06/08/17Steerable, follow the leader device
06/08/17Electronic structures on swollen hydrogels
06/08/17Ordered macroporous hydrogels for bioresponsive processes
06/08/17Metal-semiconductor-metal (msm) heterojunction diode
06/01/17Functionalized polymer hybrids
05/25/17Device and palpation of tissues for characterization and mechanical differentiation of subcutaneous structures
05/25/17Atom transfer radical polymerization under biologically compatible conditions
04/27/17System for evaluating agricultural material
04/27/17System for evaluating agricultural material
04/27/17Heteroatom-enriched partially-graphitic nano-carbons
04/20/17Methods and software for managing vehicle priority in a self-organizing traffic control system
04/13/17Extendable articulated probe device
04/06/17Piezoelectric nanoelectromechanical relays
03/30/17Methods and systems for disease classification
03/16/17Precomputing data for an interactive system having discrete control inputs
03/02/17Left-handed gamma-peptide nucleic acids, methods of synthesis and uses therefor
02/16/17Methods and software for hallucinating facial features by prioritizing reconstruction errors
02/02/17Methods and compounds to suppress viral genome release and packaging
01/26/17Compact pulmonary assist device for destination therapy
01/26/17Probabilistic palm rejection using spatiotemporal touch features and iterative classification
01/26/17System and dynamic adaptive video streaming using model predictive control
01/19/17Electrochemical cell with melanin electrode
01/12/17Engineered cytokine- and chemokine-expressing candida albicans strains and methods of use
01/12/17Methods and systems for managing network communications to and from a vehicle network
12/22/16Systems and methods for data driven malware task identification
12/22/16Magnetic disk of a data storage device with tempered growth of magnetic recording layer
12/15/16Multi-linked endoscopic device with spherical distal assembly
11/24/16Device and clinical data sampling and specimen banking
11/24/16Testing integrated circuits during split fabrication
11/03/16Tunable anisotropy of co-based nanocomposites for magnetic field sensing and inductor applications
11/03/16Method and classifying touch events on a touch sensitive surface
10/06/16Steerable multi-linked device having multiple working ports
10/06/16Magnetic shift register
09/22/16System and detecting and tracking facial features in images
09/15/16Ingestible, electrical device for oral delivery of a substance
09/08/16Sensor guided catheter navigation system
09/01/16Verified runtime validation of verified cyber-physical system models
08/25/16Polymer engineered regenerating bioscavengers
08/18/16High toughness secondary hardening steels with nickel as a primary strength and toughening agent
08/04/16Vehicle operator monitoring system and method
07/28/16Dual-side spin transfer spin torque oscillator
07/14/16Microminiature chainmail interface between skin and a transcutaneous prosthetic device and a manufacture
07/14/16Aqueous atrp in the presence of an activator regenerator
07/14/16Nanofiber grid and related methods
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07/07/16Detecting exploitable bugs in binary code
06/30/16Magnetically-levitated blood pump with optimization method enabling miniaturization
06/30/16Grain quality monitoring
06/23/16Steerable, follow the leader device
06/23/16Reliability of physical unclonable function circuits
06/16/16Extendable articulated probe device
06/16/16Additive manufacturing of embedded materials
06/09/16Methods, apparatuses, and systems for cell and tissue culture
05/19/16Microneedle arrays for cancer therapy applications
05/05/16Methods, devices and systems for algae lysis and content extraction
05/05/16Object recognizer and detector for two-dimensional images using bayesian network based classifier
05/05/16Bitcell wth magnetic switching elements
03/24/16Template-directed gammapna synthesis process and gammapna targeting compounds
03/24/16Divalent nucleobase compounds and uses therefor
03/17/16Functionalized polymer hybrids
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02/25/16Coated vaso-occlusive device for treatment of aneurysms
02/18/16Melanins as active components in energy storage materials
02/11/16Process mapping of transient thermal response due to value changes in a process variable
02/04/16Micromanipulation systems and methods
02/04/16Process mapping of average temperatures and process sensitivity
02/04/16Linked peptide fluorogenic biosensors
01/28/16Intelligent system with integrated representation learning and skill learning
01/21/16Expandable implantable conduit
01/21/16A supervised autonomous robotic system for complex surface inspection and processing
01/14/16System and processing a video stream to extract highlights
01/07/16Fluid-pressure regulation systems and software
12/31/15System and capturing, editing, searching, and delivering multi-media content with local and global time
12/24/15Lignin-containing polymers and compositions including lignin-containing polymers
12/17/15Dynamic real-time tv white space awareness
12/10/15Unified motion planning algorithm for autonomous driving vehicle in obstacle avoidance maneuver
12/03/15Deployable polygonal manipulator for minimally invasive surgical interventions
12/03/15Systems, methods, and software for enabling automated, interactive assessment
11/26/15Methods and materials for reducing organ transplant rejection or ischemic/reperfusion injury in a subject
11/26/15Methods and systems for automatically testing software
11/19/15Methods and software for determining an optimal combination of therapeutic agents for inhibiting pathogenesis or growth of a cell colony, and methods of treating one or more cell colonies
11/05/15Extracorporeal ambulator assist lung
11/05/15Deterministic seeding of switching filament in oxide-based memristive devices
10/29/15Method and aiding in the diagnosis of otitis media by classifying tympanic membrane images
10/29/15Methods and software for visualizing data by applying physics-based tools to data objectifications
10/29/15A nonvolatile magnetic logic device
10/22/15Automated thumbnail selection for online video
10/01/15Polymer conjugates for delivery of biologically active agents
09/17/15System and structure-function fusion for surgical interventions
09/10/15Methods, apparatus, and systems for fabrication of polymeric nano-and micro-fibers in aligned configurations
09/10/15System for interactively visualizing and evaluating user behavior and output
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09/10/15Hot-electron transistor having metal terminals
08/27/15Articulated device with visualization system
08/06/15Process mapping of cooling rates and thermal gradients
07/30/15Methods and materials for reducing reticuloendothelial system clearance of particles from a subject
07/30/15System and using task fingerprinting to predict task performance
07/16/15Gamma-pna miniprobes for fluorescent labeling
07/16/153dic memory chips including computational logic-in-memory for performing accelerated data processing
06/25/15Methods and computer-program products for evaluating grasp patterns, and robots incorporating the same
06/18/15Steerable, follow the leader device
06/18/15Methods and manufacturing plasma based plastics and bioplastics produced therefrom
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06/18/15Cannula tip for an arterial cannula
06/11/15Dry adhesives and methods for making dry adhesives
06/11/15Microelectronic structures with suspended lithium-based thin films
06/11/15Density-aware zone-based packet forwarding in vehicular networks
05/21/15Metal-semiconductor-metal (msm) heterojunction diode
05/21/15Railroad interlocking system with distributed control
05/07/15Yield measurement and base cutter height control systems for a harvester
05/07/15Tip-loaded microneedle arrays for transdermal insertion
04/30/15High performance hydrophobic solvent, carbon dioxide capture
04/30/15A water-activated, ingestible battery
04/09/15Method and system for using neuroscience to predict consumer preference
04/02/15Biodegradable polyurethanes and use thereof
03/26/15Ligands designed to provide highly active catalyst complexes
03/26/15Ingestible, electrical device for stimulating tissues in a gastrointestinal tract of an organism
03/19/15Methods and software for volume-centric shape abstraction and simplification of a 3d digital model
01/22/15Distributed methods and software for balancing supply and demand in an electric power network
01/08/15Polysiloxane substrates with highly-tunable elastic modulus
01/01/15Processable self-organizing nanoparticle
12/18/14Autonomous methods, systems, and software for self-adjusting generation, demand, and/or line flows/reactances to ensure feasible ac power flow
11/27/14Dissolvable microneedle arrays for transdermal delivery to human skin
10/16/14Virtual tools for use with touch-sensitive surfaces
10/02/14Method of fabricating a capacitive environment sensor
09/25/14Artificial valved conduits for cardiac reconstructive procedures and methods for their production
09/18/14Atom transfer radical polymerization under biologically compatible conditions
09/04/14Process mapping of melt pool geometry
08/14/14Remotely addressable magnetic composite micro-actuators
08/14/14Optimal energy efficient bandwidth aggregation system
07/31/14Method and classifying touch events on a touch sensitive surface
06/26/14Methods and apparatuses for controlling access to computer systems and for annotating media files
06/19/14Analytical tools for evaluating student learning and performance
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06/19/14Generating a mesh of geometric elements
06/12/14Visual representations of structured association mappings
05/08/14Methods and compositions for reducing shiga toxin induced toxicity in mammals
05/08/14Carbon nanotube aerogels, composites including the same, and devices formed therefrom
05/01/14Devices and methods for detection and quantification of immunological proteins, pathogenic and microbial agents and cells
04/24/14Using game theory in identifying compounds that bind to targets
04/10/14Coupled plasmonic waveguides and associated apparatuses and methods
03/27/14Methods and systems for linking building information models with building maintenance information
02/27/14Automated bundling and pricing based on purchase data
02/20/14Identifying location biomarkers
02/20/14Dielectric resonator driven near field transducer
02/20/14Learning to predict effects of compounds on targets
12/26/13Inflammation-regulating compositions and methods
12/12/13Pattern transfer with self-assembled nanoparticle assemblies
12/05/13System for releasably attaching a disposable device to a durable device
11/28/13Energy efficient and accuracy aware mobile services
11/21/13Methods, apparatus and systems for concentration, separation and removal of particles at/from the surface of drops
11/21/13Detecting exploitable bugs in binary code
10/31/13Two-dimensional electron gas (2deg)-based chemical sensors
09/19/13Targeted probes of cellular physiology
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09/05/13High toughness secondary hardening steel
09/05/13Apparatus for positioning a device
08/29/13Device and detection and quantification of immunological proteins, pathogenic and microbial agents and cells
07/18/13Media annotation visualization tools and techniques, and an aggregate-behavior visualization system utilizing such tools and techniques
07/11/13Linked peptide fluorogenic biosensors
06/20/13Integrated circuit device, system, and fabrication
05/23/13Carbon supported tetraamido macrocyclic ligand catalytic activators and methods for making the same
05/16/13Planning-based automated fusing of data from multiple heterogeneous sources
05/09/13Methods and systems for coordinating vehicular traffic using in-vehicle virtual traffic control signals enabled by vehicle-to-vehicle communications
04/11/13Systems, methods, and software implementing affine-invariant feature detection implementing iterative searching of an affine space
03/21/13Hardware-based, client-side, video compositing system
02/14/13Crowd-sourcing of information for shared transportation vehicles
01/31/13Computer vision and machine learning software for grading and sorting plants
01/24/13Cellular labeling for nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
01/24/13General distributed line flow computing with local communications in meshed electric networks
01/17/133d chemical pattern control in 2d fluidics devices
01/10/13Targeted delivery of sirna
01/10/13Novel reporter-tagged recombinant membrane proteins with transmembrane linkers
12/20/12Physics based image processing and evaluation process of perfusion images from radiology imaging
12/13/12Automated exploit generation
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11/29/12Apparatus and process for producing patterned, micron and nanometer size reaction and mixing zones for fluids deposited on smooth, rough and porous surfaces and applications of that process
11/15/12Methods and apparatuses for monitoring energy consumption and related operations
11/08/12Binary anisotropy media
11/08/12Antibodies and conjugates for modulators of angiogenesis
10/18/12Method of optical fabrication of three-dimensional polymeric structures with out of plane profile control
10/04/12Dynamic capacity management of multiple parallel-connected computing resources
08/23/12Procedures for development of specific capacitance in carbon structures
08/02/12Methods and apparatuses for user-verifiable trusted path in the presence of malware
07/19/12Steerable multi-linked device having a modular link assembly
07/19/12Rapid 3d face reconstruction from a 2d image and methods using such rapid 3d face reconstruction
07/05/12Method and system for systematic defect identification
07/05/12Validating legitimacy of a social security number or other identifier
06/07/12Crowd-sourcing the performance of tasks through online education
05/24/12Medical device for diagnosing pressure ulcers
05/17/12Multi-linked device having a reinforcing member
05/10/12Integrated circuit device, system, and fabrication
05/03/12Object recognizer and detector for two-dimensional images using bayesian network based classifier
04/05/12Power budget allocation in multi-processor systems
03/29/12Preparation of functional star macromolecules
03/22/12Apparatuses and methods for control and self-assembly of particles into adaptable monolayers
03/08/12Quenched dendrimeric dyes for florescence detection
01/26/12Methods for magnetic resonance imaging
01/26/12Intent-based information processing and updates
01/19/12Real-time microdialysis system
01/05/12Method of making ultra-high strength stainless steels
12/29/11Method, apparatus, and system for micromechanical gas chemical sensing capacitor
12/22/11Sodium ion based aqueous electrolyte electrochemical secondary energy storage device
12/22/11Multi-linked endoscopic device with spherical distal assembly
12/15/11Synthesis system for pipelined digital circuits
11/17/11Coupled plasmonic waveguides and associated apparatuses and methods
Social Network Patent Pack
11/17/11Methods for casting by a float process and associated apparatuses
10/20/11Apparatus for positioning a device
10/20/11Sensor guided catheter navigation system
09/08/11Atom transfer radical polymerization process
06/30/11Optical biosensors
06/23/11Articulated device with visualization system
05/12/11Metal ink compositions, conductive patterns, methods, and devices
03/17/11Luminescent multimodal nanoparticle probe system and manufacture thereof
03/17/11Apparatuses, systems, and methods for apparatus operation and remote sensing
03/10/11Steerable multi-linked device having a modular link assembly
03/10/11Preparation of functional polymers
03/03/11Sodium based aqueous electrolyte electrochemical secondary energy storage device
02/03/11Self-diagnosing transducers and systems and methods therefor
01/27/11Fluid-pressure regulator and related methods and systems
01/27/11Systems and methods for implementing a machine-learning agent to retrieve information in response to a message
01/27/11Systems and methods for managing power consumption and performance of a processor
01/20/11Buffer layers for l10 thin film perpendicular media
01/06/11Linked peptide fluorogenic biosensors
12/09/10Drawing assist device, drawing assist program, and drawing assist method
11/25/10Steerable multi-linked device having a modular link assembly
11/25/10Method, apparatus, and system for computer-aided tracking, navigation and motion teaching
09/30/10Hybrid partice composite structures with reduced scattering
08/26/10Transiently bonding drag-tags for separation modalities
06/10/10Preparation of functional gel particles with a dual crosslink network
06/03/10Dry adhesives and methods for making dry adhesives
05/13/10Drawing support device, drawing support program, and drawing support method
05/13/10Monocapped conductive polymers with alkenyl or alkynyl end groups and block copolymers therefrom
05/13/10Three-dimensional lidar-based clear path detection
04/29/10Clear path detection using patch approach

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