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Carrier Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Carrier Corporation. Carrier Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carrier Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carrier Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Vertical sliding solution of the condenser unit for trucks with refrigerated goods
03/23/17System, apparatus and method to facilitate alarm system communication
03/16/17Door and window sensors using ambient infrared
03/09/17System and determining a limit fault in an hvac unit
03/02/17Intrusion security device with sms based notification and control
03/02/17Ionization air filters for hazardous particle detection
02/23/17Operation of transport refrigeration systems to prevent engine stall and overload
02/23/17Alarm monitoring system and method
02/16/17Scraper blades
02/16/17Screw compressor having oil separator and water chilling unit
02/16/17Thermostat with reconfigurable input/output ports
02/16/17System and determining proper operation of an hvac system
02/16/17Improved heat exchanger
02/16/17State of health monitoring and restoration of electrochemical sensor
02/16/17Video analysis system for energy-consuming building equipment and intelligent building management system
02/09/17System and controlling an electronic expansion valve
02/02/17Gas detector with a thermally uniform mems die
02/02/17Relocatable chiller user interface
02/02/17Radiation sensors
02/02/17Flame detectors
02/02/17Compositionally graded photodetectors
02/02/17Ultraviolet photodetectors and methods of making ultraviolet photodetectors
01/26/17System and monitoring performance of an hvac unit
01/26/17Device and detecting high wind weather events using radio emissions
01/12/17Inward fired ultra low nox insulating burner flange
01/12/17Ultra low nox insulating burner without collar
01/05/17Simultaneous heating and cooling of multiple zones
01/05/17Security sensor
01/05/17Receptacle for monitoring and controlling parallel batteries
01/05/17System and monitoring and controlling parallel batteries
12/22/16Aircraft proximity sensor system for radio frequency transmission device
12/15/16Furnace inducer elbow, gas furnace system having elbow, and manufacturing elbow
12/15/16System and diluting a leaked refrigerant in an hvac/r system
12/01/16Hvac system thermal recovery
12/01/16Coordinated control of hvac system using aggregated system demand
11/24/16Refrigerant distributor for falling film evaporator
11/24/16Automatically enabled airplane-mode portable power source
11/17/16Adaptive control of multi-compartment transport refrigeration system
11/17/16Fuel regeneration using waste heat of refrigeration unit
11/17/16Methods of creation and use of a non-radioactive detection methodology
11/17/16Modular data logging system with combined data logs
11/10/16Ejectors and methods of manufacture
11/03/16Compressor comprising a variable volume index valve
11/03/16Combined vapor absorption and mechanical compression cycle design
11/03/16Distributor for falling film evaporator
11/03/16Lockbox access device and method with biometric security data
10/27/16Regulated output power from a transport refrigeration unit
10/27/16Refrigerant compressor lubricant viscosity enhancement
10/27/16Method of improving compressor bearing reliability
10/27/16Refrigerant riser for evaporator
10/20/16Asymmetric evaporator
10/13/16Intelligent building system for providing elevator occupancy information with anonymity
10/13/16Heat exchanger and flow distributor
10/13/16Flash gas bypass evaporator
10/06/16Low nox gas burners with carryover ignition
10/06/16System and estimating energy consumption of an hvac system
10/06/16Refractory for heating system
10/06/16Wide speed range high-efficiency cold climate heat pump
10/06/16Dual duty microchannel heat exchanger
09/29/16System and energy harvesting system planning and performance
09/22/16Liquid vapor phase seperation apparatus
09/22/16Capacity modulation of transport refrigeration system
09/22/16Kinetic energy hybrid system for transport refrigeration
09/22/16Heat deflector for tractor-trailer refrigeration system
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09/22/16Automatic notification of a conclusion of real property showing based on user device detection
09/15/16Fluid collection assembly
09/15/16Systems and methods for modeling product temperature from ambient temperature
09/15/16System, method and computer program product for facility visualization
09/08/16Operation of a cascade air conditioning system with two-phase loop
09/01/16Motor and drive arrangement for refrigeration system
09/01/16Ambient light sensor in a hazard detector and a using the same
08/25/16Two-phase refrigeration system
08/18/16Refrigeration circuit with oil separation
08/18/16Small form-factor pluggable module with ground fault detection circuitry
08/11/16Refrigeration circuit with heat recovery module
08/11/16Air intake for refrigerated container assembly
08/11/16Configuration data based fingerprinting for access to a resource
08/04/16System for locating an object and a using the same
07/28/16System and limiting hvac motor torque
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07/28/16Interactive user interface driven by a simulation engine and knowledge repository and a using the same
07/21/16Extended discharge fire protection system and method
07/21/16Kick plate for refrigerated container assembly
07/14/16Refrigerated container assembly
07/14/16Thermal energy storage assembly with phase change materials
07/14/16Integrated separator-distributor for falling film evaporator
07/07/16Environmental control system
07/07/16Heat pump system, heat pump unit using the same, and controlling multiple functional modes thereof
06/30/16Diesel engine powered transportation refrigeration system
06/30/16System and maintaining air temperature within a building hvac system
06/23/16Purge system for chiller system
06/23/16Leak detection unit for refrigerant system
06/23/16Inward fired pre-mix burners with carryover
06/23/16Air purifying system and a using the same
06/16/16Refrigerant level monitor for refrigeration system
06/16/16Drying a refrigerated cargo box following wash out prior to loading
06/09/16Screw compressor with economizer port
06/02/16Flame arrestors for use with a hvac/r system
06/02/16Oil recovery for refrigeration system
05/19/16Multi-compartment transport refrigeration system with evaporator isolation valve
05/12/16Group dynamic environment control
05/12/16Adsorption system heat exchanger
05/05/16Refrigerant distributor for falling film evaporator
04/28/16Refrigerant compressor shaft seal
04/28/16Method for manufacturing a multiple manifold assembly having internal communication ports
04/21/16Refrigerated sales furniture
04/21/16Refrigeration circuit
04/14/16Thermochemical boosted refrigeration system
04/14/16Refrigerated container with dual air curtain
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03/31/16Re-fillable syrup bin for beverage machine
03/17/16Low leakage seal for low pressure system
03/17/16Refrigerated container and duct extension
03/10/16Method for soft expulsion of a fluid from a compressor at start-up
03/03/16Hvac controller assembly
03/03/16Method to create display screens for a controller used in a building automation system
03/03/16Hvac control unit and wall plate module
02/25/16Compressor bearing cooling via purge unit
02/25/16Folded tube multiple bank heat exchange unit
02/25/16Multipass microchannel heat exchanger
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02/25/16Tracking device
02/18/16Compressor bearing cooling
02/11/16Compressor bearing cooling
02/04/16Air conditioning controlling air conditioning system
02/04/16Modular coil for air cooled chillers
02/04/16Heat exchanger for air-cooled chiller
01/14/16Aluminum heat exchanger
01/07/16Evaporator distribution system and method
01/07/16Oil management for heating ventilation and air conditioning system
01/07/16Multiple tube bank heat exchange unit with manifold assembly
12/31/15Inlet guide vane mechanism
12/31/15Level control in an evaporator
12/31/15Multiple bank flattened tube heat exchanger
12/31/15Tube structures for heat exchanger
12/24/15Chamber-less smoke sensor
12/17/15System and method to manage energy consumption in an hvac system
12/17/15Advanced air terminal
12/17/15Information exchange using near field communications in hvac system
12/17/15Hvac coupled battery storage system
12/10/15Shrouded axial fan with casing treatment
12/10/15Fan coil unit with shrouded fan
12/03/15Acoustic treatment for an indoor hvac component
12/03/15Embedded cargo sensors for a refrigeration system
12/03/15Learning alarms for nuisance and false alarm reduction
11/26/15Auxiliary heating assembly for use with residential air handlers
11/26/15Electro-magnetic check valve
11/26/15Insulated frame for transportation refrigeration unit
11/26/15Multi-compartment transport refrigeration system with economizer
11/19/15Multi-zone indoor climate control and a using the same
11/19/15Method to determine relay wiring required
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11/12/15Frozen food dispensing machine and operation
11/05/15Discharge reed valve for reciprocating refrigeration compressor
11/05/15System and operating an hvac controller based on a third party calendar event
11/05/15Low pressure chiller
10/29/15Economizer damper fault detection
10/22/15Rotary regenerative scrubber with pinion gear and spur gear drive arrangement
10/22/15Stage transition in transcritical refrigerant vapor compression system
10/15/15Refrigeration system with phase change material
10/15/15Organic rankine cycle augmented power supply system for mobile refrigeration units
10/15/15Method of measuring concentrations of gas mixtures
10/01/15Centrifugal compressor inlet guide vane control
09/17/15Method and system of using a reversing valve to control at least two hvac systems
09/10/15Refrigerated sales cabinet
09/10/15Aerodynamic cover for transport refrigeration unit
08/27/15Refrigeration compressor feet mounting
08/20/15Systems and methods for space vector pulse width modulation switching using boot-strap charging circuits
08/13/15Reciprocating refrigeration compressor suction valve seating
08/06/15Centrifugal compressor startup control
08/06/15Reciprocating refrigeration compressor wrist pin retention
08/06/15Transcritical refrigerant vapor compression system high side pressure control
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07/23/15Refrigerated trailer airflow supply duct
07/23/15Rotary cable latch
07/23/15Motor rotor and air gap cooling
07/23/15Heat exchanger for use in a condensing gas-fired hvac appliance
07/23/15Frozen evaporator coil detection and defrost initiation
07/16/15Dual powder coating for aluminum heat exchangers
07/09/15Multi-position beverage dispenser
06/25/15Advanced air terminal
06/18/15Hvac control system
06/18/15Power supply system for transport refrigeration system
06/11/15Igniter and flame sensor assembly with opening
06/04/15Multi-poise condensate drain pan
06/04/15Refrigerated cargo container, cooling a cargo, heating a cargo
06/04/15Multi-poise condensate drain pan
06/04/15Upflow condensate drain pan
06/04/15Upflow condensate drain pan
06/04/15Frame and refrigerating appratus
06/04/15Indoor coil
05/28/15Wall panel for climate controlled cargo container
05/28/15Combined cooling and fire suppression system
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05/21/15Cargo temperature monitoring and control for a refrigerated container
05/21/15Air conditioning system having supercooled phase change material
05/07/15Supply air discharge for a refrigerated container
05/07/15Transport refrigeration system having electric fans
05/07/15Capacity-increasing device for four-way valve in air conditioning system and the air conditioning system
05/07/15Brazed heat exchanger design
04/30/15System and automatic detection and identification of system components
04/30/15Method and device for controlling excess air in a furnace
04/30/15System and configuring hvac components in an hvac system
04/09/15Heat pump
04/09/15Flash tank economizer for two stage centrifugal water chillers
04/02/15Environmental conditioning unit testing
03/26/15System and freeze protection of a heat exchanger in an hvac system
03/19/15Surface treatment for corrosion resistance of aluminum
03/19/15Aluminum alloy tube-fin heat exchanger
03/19/15Flame retardant door for transport refrigeration unit
03/12/15Multiple-axis magnetic bearing and control of the magnetic bearing with active switch topologies
03/12/15Sacrificial aluminum fins for failure mode protection of an aluminum heat exchanger
03/12/15System and measuring duct leakage in a hvac system
02/26/15System and using an electronic expansion valve to control a discharge pressure in a multi-purpose hvac system
02/26/15Chilled water system efficiency improvement
02/26/15Rotating regenerative scrubber and sealing arrangement
02/26/15Coordinated air-side control of hvac system
02/26/15Hvac system relay autotuning and verification
02/26/15Coordinated air-side control of hvac system
02/12/15Transport refrigeration system with regenerative elements
02/12/15System and improving a water heating cycle in a multi-purpose hvac system
02/12/15Air conditioning system with reduced power ventilation mode
02/05/15Air handler with a leak free controls enclosure
01/29/15Discharge pressure calculation from torque in an hvac system
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01/29/15Multiple tube bank heat exchanger assembly and fabrication method
01/22/15Cabinet for air handler units
01/15/15Engine throttle position sensor calibration
01/15/15Refrigeration circuit and operating a refrigeration circuit
01/15/15Refrigeration circuit and operating a refrigeration circuit
01/15/15Closed loop capacity and power management scheme for multi stage transport refrigeration system
01/08/15Diesel particulate filter regeneration in transport refrigeration system
01/08/15Method for detection of loss of refrigerant
01/08/15Intelligent compressor flooded start management
01/01/15Method for fabricating flattened tube finned heat exchanger
01/01/15Method and system for adjusting engine speed in a transport refrigeration system
12/25/14Energy recovery ventilator
12/18/14Method and apparatus of forming heat exchanger tubes
12/18/14Evaporator and liquid distributor
12/18/14Dual valve injector assembly for dispensing a food product
11/27/14Transport refrigeration system with engine shaft horsepower augmentation
11/27/14Tandem compressor refrigeration system and a using the same
11/20/14Vapor compression system with thermal energy storage
11/20/14Vacuum insulation for an integrated refrigerated container
11/20/14Method for sensing welded contacts on a switching device
11/13/14Movement of electronic expansion valve
11/13/14Heat sink for cooling power electronics
11/13/14Fan coil unit
11/06/14Method for managing a refrigerant charge in a multi-purpose hvac system
11/06/14User defined interface system and a using the same
10/30/14Refrigerant to water heat exchanger
10/30/14Single piece latch
10/23/14Multiple bank flattened tube and folded fin heat exchanger

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