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05/25/17 new patent  Diagnostic devices and methods
05/18/17Systems and methods for closed loop control to ensure a constant current output with a changing load resistance
05/18/17Long-acting single-chain insulin analogues
04/27/17Systems and methods for at home neural recording
04/27/17Retinylamine derivitives for treatment of ocular disorders
04/27/17Clostridium difficile culture medium
04/27/17Multicellular multiparametric analysis
04/20/17Mouse model of retinal degeneration
04/20/17Targeting cancer cells and tissue using filamentous plant virus particles
04/13/17Neural prosthesis system and control
04/13/17Methods and associated neural prosthetic devices for bridging brain areas to improve function
04/13/17Non-standard insulin analogues
04/13/17System and detecting neural injury
04/13/17Electrochemical sensor for analyte detection
04/06/17Systems and methods that provide electrical stimulation to a nerve to reduce a reflex that affects a bodily function
03/23/17Systems and methods for fast and reversible nerve block
03/23/17Alloy surface activation by immersion in aqueous acid solution
03/16/17Antimetabolite agent combinations in the treatment of cancer
03/16/17Compositions and methods of treating root avulsion injury
03/09/17Compositions and methods of treating of bacterial infections with beta-lactamase inhibitors
03/02/17Polymer nanofiber scaffolds and uses thereof
02/23/17Treatment of pain using electrical nerve conduction block
02/23/17Fiber reinforced hydrogels and methods of making same
02/23/17Method for treating cd40-mediated diseases
02/23/17Treatment planning and evaluation for rectal cancer via image analytics
02/16/17Dry spray on hemostatic system
02/16/17Methods for layer multiplication co-extrusion of high viscous polymeric material systems
02/09/17Characterizing disease and treatment response with quantitative vessel tortuosity radiomics
02/09/17Compositions and methods for treating heart disease and/or injury
02/09/17Hybrid modulating upper airway function in a subject
02/09/17Decision support for disease characterization and treatment response with disease and peri-disease radiomics
02/02/17Intra-operative molecular imaging
02/02/17Method of treating t cell mediated disorders
02/02/17Delaying the onset of muscle fatigue associated with functional electrical stimulation
01/26/17Vaccination using plant virus particles linked to her2 antigens
01/19/17Compositions and methods of treating t cell mediated disorder
01/19/17Stimulation of the forno-dorso-commissure (fdc) for seizure suppression and memory improvement
01/19/17Automated assessment of cognitive, fine-motor, and memory skills
01/05/17Myeloid differentiation inducing agents
12/29/16High thermal conductivity graphite and graphene-containing composites
12/15/16Compositions and methods of modulating b cell response
12/08/16Bladder event detection for diagnosis of urinary incontinence or treatment of lower urinary tract dysfunction
12/08/16Assay and quantitating carbonic anhydrase activity and assessing red blood hemolysis
12/08/16Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) with artifact-free t2 mapping
12/01/16Compositions and methods for modulating hexm1 expression
12/01/16Therapy delivery devices and methods for non-damaging neural tissue conduction block
12/01/16System and magnetic resonance fingerprinting at high field strengths
11/24/16Visual segmentation of lawn grass
11/17/16Onset-mitigating high-frequency nerve block
11/17/16System and controlling g-protein coupled receptor pathways
11/17/16Optical information storage medium
11/10/16Systems and methods for generating physically unclonable functions from non-volatile memory cells
11/03/16Device for collecting a biological sample
11/03/16Method for production of cellulose nanocrystals from miscanthus giganteus and composites therefrom
11/03/16Poly (acrylic acid) modified cellulose fiber materials
10/27/16Spray on hemostatic system
10/20/16Wearable socio-biosensor device
10/13/16Compositions and methods of treating thrombosis
10/13/16Thermochromic coatings, films and materials for thermal management
10/06/16Integrated surface stimulation device for wound therapy and infection control
09/29/16Quantitative prostate cancer imaging with magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf)
09/29/16Flame-retarded materials and methods for forming the same
09/29/16Rapid quantitative abdominal imaging with magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf)
09/29/16Multi-component voxel separation using magnetic resonance fingerprinting with compartment exchange
09/22/16System and quantitative magnetic resonance (mr) analysis using t1 mapping
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09/22/16Co-extrusion of rheologically mismatched polymers
09/15/16Metabolic analyzer for optimizing health and weight management
09/15/16Securinine and norsecurinine analogue compounds for the treatment of myeloid disorders
08/25/16Mouse model of retinal degeneration
08/18/16Adjustable nerve electrode
08/11/16Inhibitors of valosin-containing protein and methods of use
08/04/16Hiv-1 vaccine
07/28/16Analysis of optical tomography (oct) images
07/28/16Intra-operative molecular imaging
07/28/16Anti-cep antibody or fragment thereof
07/21/16Autologous hiv-1 proteins for the treatment of latent hiv-1 infection
07/21/16Thiobase compounds for photodynamic therapy
07/21/16Systems and methods for selectively stimulating components in, on, or near the pudendal nerve or its branches to achieve selectively physiological responses
07/14/16System for detecting a gas and method therefor
07/07/16Protective antigen complexes with increased stability and uses thereof
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07/07/16Systems and methods for matching patients with clinical trials
07/07/16Differential atlas for cancer assessment
07/07/16Disease characterization from fused pathology and radiology data
06/30/16Compositions and methods for treating bone conditions
06/02/16Textural analysis of lung nodules
05/26/16Compositions and methods for modulating hiv activation
05/26/16Compositions and methods for the delivery of nucleic acids
05/12/16Protein based materials
05/12/16Methods and devices for diagnosis of particles in biological fluids
05/12/16Noise model to detect copy number alterations
05/05/16Expert system to faciliate source localization of brain electrical activity
04/28/16Apparatus for direct-write sputter deposition and method therefor
04/21/16Compositions and methods for macular degeneration
04/14/16Compounds and methods of modulating angiogenesis
04/14/16Methods of treatment of a neurological disorder using electrical nerve conduction block
04/14/16Metallic glass-alloys for capacitor anodes
04/07/16Bet inhibition therapy for heart disease
03/24/16Nerve interface electrode with fibers for insertion between nerve fascicles
03/24/16Neutrally-charged synthetic platelets to mitigate complement response
03/24/16Site 2 insulin analogues
03/24/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer
03/17/16Differntiation production of glial cell population
03/03/16Compositions and methods of inhibiting il-17 expression of neutrophils
03/03/16Method of regulating nfatc2 activity in lymphocytes
02/18/16Methods for determining the risk of cardiovascular disease in a subject having a chronic viral infection
02/18/16Coated plant virus imaging agents
02/18/16Controlled cross-linking processing of proteins
02/18/16Pcb authentication and counterfeit detection
02/18/16Method for modeling and accounting for cascade gammas in images
02/04/16Bisphenol polymer precursor replacements
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02/04/16Polymer cellulose nanocrystal composite aerogels
02/04/16System and removal of metals from solution
01/28/16Bioadhesive hydrogels
01/28/16Simultaneous magnetic resonance angiography and perfusion with nuclear magnetic resonance fingerprinting
01/21/16Method of promoting remyelination
01/21/16Heteromultivalent particle compositions
01/14/16Coacervate micro and/or nano droplets and hydrogels
01/14/16Compositions and methods of treating cancer harboring pikc3a mutations
01/14/16Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan plane control device
01/07/16Toxicity enhancing compounds and methods
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01/07/16Reporter scaffolds
12/31/15Compositions and methods for treating cognitive deficits
12/31/15Non-covalent loading of plant picornavirus particles
12/31/15Electrochemical processing of materials, methods and production
12/31/15Diagnostic devices and methods
12/24/15Fungal iron acquisition inhibitors and uses thereof
12/24/15Compositions and methods for inihibiting the activity of lar family phosphatases
12/24/15Psma ligands and uses thereof
12/17/15Compositions and methods for the treatment of pervasive development disorders
12/17/15Stimulation of the forno-dorso-commissure (fdc) for seizure suppression and memory improvement
12/17/15Insulin analogues with chlorinated amino acids and nucleic acids encoding the same
12/17/15Viral nanoparticle multimers
12/10/15Methods and compositions for treating cancer
12/10/15Clinical decision support system
12/10/15N-terminal truncated insulin analogues
12/03/15Sensor apparatus, systems and methods of making same
12/03/15Magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf) with simultaneous multivolume acquisition
12/03/15Fast group matching for magnetic resonance fingerprinting reconstruction
11/26/15Synthetic platelets
11/26/15Systems and methods that provide an electrical waveform for neural stimulation or nerve block
11/26/15Mac-1 antibodies and uses thereof
11/26/15Hiv-1 genotyping and coreceptor tropism assay
11/19/15Methods of treating medical conditions by population based encoding of neural information
11/12/15Genomic rna packaging enhancer element
11/05/15Measurement of biomechanical properties in an oct image
11/05/15Compositions and methods of treating inflammatory bowel disease
11/05/15Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting with parallel transmission
10/29/15Low frequency non-invasive sensorial stimulation for seizure control
10/29/15Thioredoxin protein inhibitors and uses thereof
10/29/15Compositions and methods of inhibiting metallo-b-lactamases
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10/29/15Lprg as a chaperone of immune adjuvants
10/22/15Arterial spin labeling (asl) with magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf)
10/22/15Gas separation membrane
10/22/15Glutamic acid-stabilized insulin analogues
10/22/15O-linked carbohydrate-modified insulin analogues
10/22/15Method of treating cancer
10/22/15Magnetic resonance fingerprinting with steady state precession (mrf-fisp)
10/22/15Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting tissue classification and image segmentation
10/22/15Diffusion-weighted double-echo magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf)
10/22/15Distinguishing diseased tissue from healthy tissue based on tissue component fractions using magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf)
10/22/15Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) with auto-detection and adaptive encodings for offset frequency scanning
10/22/15Magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf) with efficient acquisition schemes
10/22/15Magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf) serial artificial neural network (ann) sequence design
10/22/15Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting with singular value decomposition (svd) compression
10/22/15Gradient waveforms derived from music
10/15/15Biomarkers for nod2 and/or rip2 activity related application
10/01/15Nanoscale diamond particles and forming nanoscale diamond particles
10/01/15Long-acting single-chain insulin analogues
10/01/15Imaging control to facilitate tracking objects and/or perform real-time intervention
09/24/15Anti-virulance compositions and methods
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09/24/15Rod-shaped plant virus nanoparticles as imaging agent platforms
09/24/15Biodegradable hydrogel for polynucleotide delivery
09/10/15Micro- and nanofibers and their use in forming fibrous substrates
09/10/15System and detecting lysyl oxidase-like 2 protein (loxl2) and breast cancer
09/10/15Group-sparse nonnegative supervised canonical correlation analysis (gncca)
09/10/15Tumor plus adjacent benign signature (tabs) for quantitative histomorphometry
09/10/15Histogram of hosoya index (hoh) features for quantitative histomorphometry
09/10/15Co-occurrence of local anisotropic gradient orientations
08/27/15Systems and methods for preventing noise in an electric waveform for neural stimulation, block, or sensing
08/27/15Low-melting nickel-based alloys for braze joining
08/20/15Methods and associated neural prosthetic devices for bridging brain areas to improve function
08/13/15Method to treat pain through electrical stimulation of nerves
08/13/15Anti-cancer agents and methods of use
08/13/15System and detecting of alpha-methylacyl-coa racemase (amacr) and prostate cancer
08/13/15Interconnect devices, systems, and methods for bridging electronic devices
07/30/15Optimized rf shield design
07/30/15Automatic detection of mitosis using handcrafted and convolutional neural network features
07/30/15Spatially aware cell cluster (spaccl) graphs
07/23/15Characterizing ablation lesions using optical coherence tomography (oct)
07/23/15Multifocal hyperspectral raman system and methods for imaging of materials
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07/16/15Systems, apparatuses and methods for assessing soil heave
07/16/15Systems and methods for operating room simulation training
07/02/15Separated-interface nerve electrode
06/25/15Implantable cuff and functional electrical stimulation and monitoring
06/25/15Therapy delivery devices and methods for non-damaging neural tissue conduction block
06/25/15Human antibodies against pseudomonas aeruginosa lps derived from transgenic xenomouse
06/18/15Onset-mitigating high-frequency nerve block
06/18/15Methods for characterizing patients with colon cancer
06/11/15Activation map based individualized planning for deep brain stimulation
05/21/15Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography
05/21/15Inhibitors of erk for developmental disorders of neuronal connectivity
05/21/15Interfacing with the peripheral nervous system (pns) using targeted fascicular interface device
05/21/15Hybrid modulating upper airway function in a subject
05/21/15Conjunctive menu organization
05/14/15Defense against counterfeiting using antifuses
05/14/15Nanoelectromechanical antifuse and related systems
05/14/15Acetylated crystallin polypeptides and mimetics thereof as therapeutic agents
04/30/15Prediction of gene targets of enhancers
04/30/15Biodegradable computed tomography contrast agents
04/30/15Systems and methods that provide electrical stimulation to a nerve to reduce a reflex that affect a bodily function
04/09/15Protein biomarkers and therapeutic targets for autoimmune and alloimmune diseases
04/02/15Use of stem cells to prevent neuronal dieback
04/02/15Composite shape memory materials
04/02/15Method of modulating ribonucleotide reductase
03/12/15Magnetic resonance fingerprinting exams with optimized sound
03/12/15Visual segmentation of lawn grass
03/12/15Situated simulation for training, education, and therapy
03/12/15Compositions and methods of modulating 15-pgdh activity
03/05/15Production of micro- and nano-fibers by continuous microlayer coextrusion
01/22/15Electrowinning cell and process
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01/22/15Alternative methods for the synthesis of organosilicon compounds
01/08/15Hiv vaccine
01/08/15Therapeutic agent delivery system and method
01/01/15Holder block system and methods for metal casting
01/01/15Halogen-stabilized insulin
12/18/14Systems and methods for selectively stimulating components in, on, or near the pudendal nerve or its branches to achieve selectively physiological responses
12/04/14Power assisted orthosis with hip-knee synergy
11/20/14Systems and methods that utilize touch-screen technology to provide user-centric educational training
11/13/14Systems and methods that provide an electrical waveform for neural stimulation or nerve block
11/13/14Systems and methods for removing contaminating noise from an electric waveform for neural stimulation and nerve block
10/30/14Systems and methods for temporary, incomplete, bi-directional, adjustable electrical nerve block
10/23/14In vitro point-of-care sensor and use
10/09/14Non-standard insulin analogues
10/02/14Fiber optic telemetry for switched-mode current-source amplifier in magnetic resonance imaging (mri)
10/02/14Quantifying magnetic resonance parameters
10/02/14Quantitatively characterizing disease morphology with co-occurring gland tensors in localized subgraphs
10/02/14Image similarity-based finite element model registration
10/02/14Discriminatively weighted multi-scale local binary patterns
10/02/14Quantitatively characterizing disease morphology with cell orientation entropy
10/02/14Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) with self-navigation and self-registration
09/18/14Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting
09/04/14Multi-component nanochains
08/21/14Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting
08/07/14Optical information storage medium
08/07/14Methods and compositions for categorizing patients
08/07/14Methods and compositions for categorizing patients
07/24/14Methods and compositions for detecting cancers associated with methylation of hmlh1 promoter dna
07/03/14Probiotic controlling fungi and uses thereof
07/03/14Notch induced natural killer cell generation and therapeutic uses

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