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Caterpillar Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/14/14Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
10/03/13System and controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
07/25/13System and controlling engine torque load
08/25/16 new patent  Material processing system
08/25/16 new patent  Variable damping system for a power cell of a hydraulic hammer
08/25/16 new patent  Enclosure for engine wiring harness
08/25/16 new patent  Hydraulic steering control system
08/25/16 new patent  Tread plate assembly for machine
08/25/16 new patent  Reductant injector mount
08/25/16 new patent  Hydraulic driven fan system
08/25/16 new patent  Tube seal assembly
08/25/16 new patent  Dual-wall fitting for fluid communication
08/25/16 new patent  Sensor calibration system
08/25/16 new patent  Method to control three-phase inverter voltage
08/25/16 new patent  Hybrid soft switching for current regulation in switched reluctance machines
08/18/16Method for controlling hoisting of an articulated machine
08/18/16Method of controlling machines with continuously variable transmission
08/18/16Electric power supply system for machine
08/18/16Link assembly for a machine
08/18/16System and controlling position of machine implement
08/18/16Mounting assembly
08/18/16Engine control system
08/18/16Method of operating ride control system
08/18/16Decking assembly
08/18/16Fuel combustion system having component with thermal conductor member and making same
08/18/16Turbocharger system for an engine
08/18/16Control isolating high pressure pilot fuel in dual-fuel hpdi system
08/18/16Fuel control system
08/18/16Process for manufacturing an injector body
08/18/16Nozzle with contoured orifice surface and making same
08/18/16Method of setting bearing system
08/18/16Differential system for a machine
08/18/16Transmission case for machine
08/18/16Method for controlling variator of transmission system
08/18/16Clamping apparatus
08/18/16Method of calibration of weighing systems
08/18/16Method and system for determining hardness information of components
08/18/16Method and system for component design and validation
08/11/16Lower buffer and bushing protector
08/11/16Method for designing seat cushions
08/11/16Cryogenic plumbing support for vehicles
08/11/16Multilayer coating for a component
08/11/16Active cooling assembly for sensor module
08/11/16Combustion system, nozzle for prechamber assembly, and making same
08/11/16Filter element and air cleaner assembly
08/11/16Coating for engine
08/11/16Fluid conditioning module
08/11/16System and introducing gas into engine cylinder
08/11/16Radiator tube combo clip
08/11/16Positioning system using radio frequency signals
08/11/16Forecasting demands for equipment based on road surface conditions
08/11/16Training apparatus
08/11/16Real time evaluation and coaching system
08/11/16Machine communication using a multi-stage suitability algorithm
08/11/16Heat management and removal assemblies for semiconductor devices
08/04/16Injector inlet fuel screen
08/04/16Hydraulic hammer
08/04/16Hydraulic hammer having dual valve acceleration control system
08/04/16Quick change wheel assembly for a machine
08/04/16Wear sensing device for a carrier roller
08/04/16Macro defect free cement with improved moisture resistance
08/04/16Dissolvable cementitious composite ingredient packet
08/04/16Tool coupler
08/04/16Pin assembly for work implement coupling assembly having float and lock positions
08/04/16Fine implement control system utilizing relative positioning
08/04/16Valve lifter assembly of engine
08/04/16Method and system for detecting malfunctioning of fluid tank of machine
08/04/16Engine-pump support unit
08/04/16Pump manifold
08/04/16Pumping mechanism with plunger
08/04/16Pump having inlet reservoir with vapor-layer standpipe
08/04/16Pump having axial cooling
08/04/16System and priming a pump
08/04/16Pump with plunger having tribological coating
08/04/16Barrel assembly for a pumping mechanism
08/04/16System and predicting failure of a hydrostatic system component
08/04/16Sleeve bearing with lubricant reservoirs
08/04/16Modularized idler shaft
08/04/16Transmission system for machine
08/04/16Payload monitoring system
08/04/16Positioning system
08/04/16Indication display system
08/04/16Method of detecting components in machine
07/28/16Filter assembly including flow cap
07/28/16Flow cap and filter assembly including flow cap
07/28/16Groove-less piston and tapered press fit hydraulic lash adjuster
07/28/16Flow agitator
07/28/16Ignition system utilizing controllably vented pre-chamber
07/28/16Method to control wastegate valve actuator of engine
07/28/16Pump drive system with hydraulic tappets
07/28/16Housing of a ball joint assembly
07/28/16Damping devices including ferrofluid enclosed by folded baffle
07/28/16Imbalanced spline for a driveshaft
07/21/16Holder assembly
07/21/16Actuation system for hood of a machine
07/21/16Drive system having operator-selectable control modes
07/21/16System and calibrating blade of motor grader
07/21/16Latch system for hood of a machine
07/21/16Engine emission absorber assembly and operating same
07/21/16Multi-fuel engine and operating the same
07/21/16Hydraulic drive for cryogenic fuel pump
07/21/16System for estimating a sensor output
07/21/16System for estimating a sensor output
07/21/16Method and quality testing tube bundle
07/21/16Vision system and monitoring surroundings of machine
07/14/16Fuel reformer for de-nox trap
07/14/16Anti-corrosion peelable coating and sprayer for applying the same
07/14/16Hydraulic hammer having variable stroke control
07/14/16Track recoil system
07/14/16Lubrication for marine drive systems
07/14/16Mounting member for frame assembly of machine
07/14/16Hydraulic valve
07/14/16Systems and methods for constrained dozing
07/14/16Compact valve bridge assembly having cartridge insert
07/14/16Bridge assembly having motion-limited valve
07/14/16Method of calibrating an after-treatment system retrofitted to an engine
07/14/16Crankcase ventilation system geometry optimization
07/14/16Exhaust gas recirculation system for machine
07/14/16Engine intake operating same
07/14/16Gas fuel system sizing for dual fuel engines
07/14/16Bearing arrangement for cryogenic pump
07/14/16Frameless cooling module
07/14/16Non-contact axial articulation sensing
07/07/16Powertrain system for maintaining rimpull performance of machine
07/07/16Liner system for bed of a machine
07/07/16Link assembly for a track
07/07/16Mounting assembly for oil mist separator
07/07/16Housing for a crankcase ventilation system
07/07/16Exhaust aftertreatment system with silica filter
07/07/16Flow mixing device for an exhaust after-treatment system
07/07/16Combustion pre-chamber and operating same
07/07/16Stable combustion in spark-ignited lean-burn engine
07/07/16Fluid conditioning module
07/07/16Laser ignition system for gaseous fuel-powered engine
07/07/16Flow monitoring device for hydraulic pump
07/07/16Method for remanufacturing flywheel
07/07/16Method for assisting hauling trucks at worksite
07/07/16Systems and methods for machine-to-machine coaching
07/07/16Systems and methods for coaching a machine operator
06/30/16Method of producing a three-dimensional component
06/30/16Demolition hammer with wear plate system having debris channels
06/30/16Support frame for adjustable blade assembly
06/30/16Exhaust after-treatment system for an internal combustion engine
06/30/16Method of controlling machines with continuously variable transmission
06/30/16Payload monitoring system for haul vehicle
06/23/16Error estimation in real-time visual odometry system
06/23/16Sensor embedded wearable technology glove
06/23/16Mixing system for aftertreatment system
06/23/16System and laser cladding
06/23/16Hydraulic hammer having variable stroke control
06/23/16Machine suspension system having link oscillation limiter
06/23/16Seat suspension system
06/23/16Obstacle detection system
06/23/16Railroad control system having onboard management
06/23/16Seal assembly for track pin joint assembly of undercarriage
06/23/16Track-type machine idler yoke assembly
06/23/16Reversible track link system
06/23/16Tool coupler having compact locking configuration
06/23/16Excavator thumb toolbar coupling system
06/23/16Determination of undercarriage idler and roller wear based on final drive speed
06/23/16Ground engaging tool
06/23/16Lock for ground engaging tool
06/23/16Exhaust manifold assembly and system
06/23/16Insulated reductant tank
06/23/16Exhaust outlet elbow center divider connection
06/23/16Removal of heat in exhaust shielding with jacket fluid cooled components
06/23/16Exhaust nozzle tip device and system
06/23/16Temperature reducing channel
06/23/16Layered carrier seal
06/23/16Cylinder liner for an engine block
06/23/16Exhaust gas recirculation adapter
06/23/16Apparatus for air precleaner and precleaner
06/23/16Fuel admission point integrated into intake runner/elbow
06/23/16Fuel supply system for internal combustion engine
06/23/16Clover leaf hub
06/23/16Drive assembly for machines
06/23/16Drive assembly for machines
06/23/16Apparatus and providing a visual indication of seal integrity
06/23/16Exhaust outlet elbow bolt pattern
06/23/16Wastegate position sensor for wastegate and engine pressure sensor diagnostics
06/23/16Wear sensing device having a housing
06/23/16System and identifying an ultracapacitor from a plurality of ultracapacitors
06/23/16Machine data management system using removable controller
06/23/16Alternator mounting assembly
06/23/16Control system using flux feedback
06/16/16Welded assembly
06/16/16Final drive assembly
06/16/16Braking machine
06/16/16Combined heat treat and thin film coating process
06/16/16System and determining ground stiffness
06/16/16Power system having clutch-based fuel control modes
06/16/16Prognosis and diagnosis system for a pump used in hydraulic fracturing
06/16/16System for detecting leakage in a pump used in hydraulic fracturing
06/16/16System and identifying a mode of failure in a pump used in hydraulic fracturing
06/16/16Process for lobe and journal preparation and weld repair
06/16/16Aftertreatment system implementing low-temperature scr
06/16/16Combustion chamber with ducts for internal combustion engines
06/16/16System and increasing tolerance to fuel variation
06/16/16System and increasing gaseous fuel substitution
06/16/16In-range sensor fault diagnostic system and method
06/16/16Engine piston
06/16/16Engine piston
06/16/16Anti-rotational circlip
06/16/16Coupling adapter and arrangement for multi-powertrain system
06/16/16Seal for use with oblique joints
06/16/16Counterweight system and method
06/16/16Real-time route terrain validity checker
06/16/16Modular power conversion platform
06/16/16Motor driver having integrated braking chopper
06/16/16Real-time route terrain validity checker
06/09/16Vision system for selective tridimensional repair using additive manufacturing
06/09/16High speed downshift management
06/09/16Torque control for dog clutch differential engagement
06/09/16Weight lifting system
06/09/16Reductant tank enclosure assembly for machines
06/09/16Ground engaging tool
06/09/16Lock for ground engaging tool
06/09/16Replaceable shroud for work implement
06/09/16Translating roller lifter design for diesel engines
06/09/16Diesel exhaust fluid dosing system for diesel engine aftertreatment module
06/09/16Aftertreatment module having replaceable catalyst housing
06/09/16Dual fuel engine with micro-pilot fuel injector
06/09/16Engine system having enriched pre-chamber spark plug
06/09/16Engine system and method
06/09/16Prognostic engine system and method
06/09/16Method of operating an engine
06/09/16Two-pass air-to-air aftercooler
06/09/16Filter media
06/09/16Torque converter with divider and stator clutch
06/09/16Base for power source components
06/09/16System and estimating quantity of payload
06/09/16Laser system for measuring internal cylinder pressure
06/09/16Terrain mapping system using moved material estimation
06/09/16Worksite simulation and optimization tool
06/02/16Machining tool utilizing a supercritical coolant
06/02/16Hammer having piston sleeve with spiral grooves
06/02/16Mounting structure for supporting pantograph in machine
06/02/16Electric drive having an actively controlled dc bus
06/02/16Hydraulic system with margin based flow supplementation
06/02/16Bolted chassis frame for a machine
06/02/16Cab enclosure for a machine
06/02/16Blade positioning system for motor grader
06/02/16System and optimizing a reversing operation
06/02/16Ground engaging tool with replaceable wear resistant cover
06/02/16Gas regulator for a multi-fuel engine and operating same
06/02/16Mounting bracket for fuel filter
06/02/16Controlling combustion in plasma ignition engine
06/02/16Method of utilizing consumer electronics in work machine tracking
05/26/16Equalizer bar method and manufacture

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