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Caterpillar Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Caterpillar Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014022438508/14/14 Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
22013026187010/03/13 System and controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
32013019099607/25/13 System and controlling engine torque load
42016003097202/04/16  new patent  Container assembly for storing and dispensing a chemical adhesive
52016003131402/04/16  new patent  Draining system for fuel tank
62016003132202/04/16  new patent  Bracket for securing to a panel
72016003132302/04/16  new patent  System and controlling contactor tip assembly
82016003132802/04/16  new patent  Power converter for electric hybrid earthmoving machine
92016003149802/04/16  new patent  Method for reducing noise from an idler wheel
102016003149902/04/16  new patent  Torsional isolation of a drive system
112016003255602/04/16  new patent  Wear component for ground engaging tool
122016003255702/04/16  new patent  Implement end bit wear member
132016003255802/04/16  new patent  Implement cutting edge wear member
142016003255902/04/16  new patent  Wear component for ground engaging tool
152016003256102/04/16  new patent  Pin joint for a machine
162016003256402/04/16  new patent  Multiple control patterns for machines with hand and foot controls
172016003256702/04/16  new patent  Implement wear member with wear indicator
182016003256802/04/16  new patent  Implement wear member
192016003280102/04/16  new patent  Aftertreatment system having multiple dosing circuits
202016003281002/04/16  new patent  Mixer for exhaust gas aftertreatment system
212016003285002/04/16  new patent  Method for thermal control of exhaust aftertreatment
222016003293602/04/16  new patent  Turbocharger compressor oil deflector and method
232016003326702/04/16  new patent  Rotating bore sprayer alignment indicator assembly
242016003346702/04/16  new patent  Fuel water separator bowl with an internal inspection light
252016003460402/04/16  new patent  Casting design advisor toolkit
262016003514902/04/16  new patent  Truck spotting system using position detection and perception
272016003665802/04/16  new patent  Method for testing a mobility device
282016002352301/28/16 Tire pressure sensor assembly
292016002369601/28/16 Crawler shoe having wear measurement features
302016002474301/28/16 Boom for linkage assembly of machine
312016002474401/28/16 Stick for linkage assembly of machine
322016002475301/28/16 Linkage assembly for implement system of machine
332016002511201/28/16 Accumulator membrane for a hydraulic hammer
342016002518701/28/16 Planetary gear system
352016002524701/28/16 Hydraulic fitting insert
362016002695501/28/16 Systems and methods for faciilty lines forecasting
372016001643301/21/16 Laminated non-pneumatic tire
382016001645701/21/16 Cabin air system
392016001645801/21/16 Cabin air system
402016001656201/21/16 Controlled creep speed during higher speed idling such as dpf regeneration
412016001657001/21/16 Transmission hydraulic retarder control system and operating
422016001664501/21/16 Breakaway shaft
432016001745401/21/16 Hardfacing process and parts produced thereby
442016001770301/21/16 Drill positioning system utilizing drill operation state
452016001776601/21/16 Rocker arm assembly for valve actuation systems
462016001794801/21/16 Transmission hydraulic retarder control system and operating
472016001799201/21/16 Hydraulic parallel path continuously variable transmission
482016001882501/21/16 Vortex diffuser for rotating/stationary interfaces
492016001947801/21/16 Option-based disruption mitigation system in a logistics network
502016002066601/21/16 Generator set having adjustable terminal box
512016002178401/21/16 Cooling module for electrical components
522016000874901/14/16 Fuel water separator having filter and sensor
532016001058801/14/16 System and recovering waste heat
542016001060101/14/16 Air filtration element
552016000120901/07/16 Fluid filtering system
562016000135801/07/16 Methods of forming a layer of cladding material on a component, and a related system
572016000170701/07/16 Hinged service step for large wheeled loaders
582016000174701/07/16 Cleaning system for machine
592016000288501/07/16 Dynamic deadband for automatic articulation
602016000317101/07/16 Adaptive control system for cyclic excavation machine
612016000320001/07/16 Disposable filter for an engine
622016000326701/07/16 Electronic control of actuator force and torque with an independent metering valve
632016000379401/07/16 Method of detecting the extent of oil degradation
642016000638301/07/16 Power management system having automatic calibration
652015037530812/31/15 Process for machining back counterbores
662015037534412/31/15 Automated fabrication system implementing 3-d void modeling
672015037557612/31/15 Tire based for measuring running surface strength
682015037560912/31/15 Retarder arrangement for electric drive system
692015037561612/31/15 Tank assembly for machines
702015037597812/31/15 Fork assembly for lifting machines with interlocking tines
712015037675012/31/15 Air-hardenable bainitic steel with enhanced material characteristics
722015037686312/31/15 Cushion hitch for motor grader
732015037710812/31/15 Dual fuel engine system
742015037717712/31/15 Cylinder liner having roll-burnished recess
752015037719212/31/15 Exhaust ejector tube for engine system
762015037720112/31/15 Fuel injector for an engine
772015038108712/31/15 Sensorless control of switched reluctance machines for low speeds and standstill
782015036727212/24/15 Pleated filter media
792015036887412/24/15 Machine electric drive system
802015036887912/24/15 Combined hydraulic implement and propulsion circuit with hybrid energy capture and reuse
812015036911012/24/15 Serviceable soft gaskets for durable heat shielding
822015036914312/24/15 Engine system having hydraulically actuated gas injector
832015036914512/24/15 Method of operating current controlled driver module
842015036916012/24/15 Method of controlling injection pressure level in unit injectors
852015036917712/24/15 Engine system having piezo actuated gas injector
862015036919212/24/15 Low soot dual tip variable conicity injector
872015036923612/24/15 System and health determination of a machine component
882015036949612/24/15 Filter element and filter assembly having two filtration zones
892015036971612/24/15 System and determining the specific gravity of a gaseous fuel
902015037124212/24/15 Systems and methods for prime product forecasting
912015037124312/24/15 Systems and methods for parts forecasting
922015037145412/24/15 System and severity characterization of machine events
932015036164012/17/15 Operator assist algorithm for an earth moving machine
942015036017612/17/15 Mixing element
952015036033012/17/15 Device for sealing orifices on nozzle of fuel injector for autofrettage process
962015036036112/17/15 Hammer tool assembly
972015036062612/17/15 Accessory attachment system for machine
982015036073112/17/15 Powered bottom guard group with actuatable access
992015036164212/17/15 System and terrain mapping
1002015036184712/17/15 Valve assembly
1012015036192512/17/15 Dual fuel common rail engine with co-axial quill assembly
1022015036235812/17/15 Payload monitoring comparison
1032015035447312/10/15 Gas pressure high and low detection
1042015035781212/10/15 Electrical system having galvanic isolation
1052015035298712/10/15 Control system for a seat
1062015035314312/10/15 Fender assembly for wheel tractor-scrapers
1072015035315212/10/15 Track pad wear indicator
1082015035416912/10/15 Sub-bin refinement for autonomous machines
1092015035417612/10/15 Method and system for estimating payload weight with hydraulic fluid temperature compensation
1102015035417712/10/15 Method and system for estimating payload weight with tilt position compensation
1112015035442512/10/15 Heating element for reductant tank
1122015035443112/10/15 Sensor mounting apparatus
1132015035447412/10/15 Transmission system having temperature based input control
1142015035447612/10/15 Engine adaptive control method to optimize exhaust gas recirculation and intake valve actuation events in low emission diesel engines
1152015035451412/10/15 Fuel supply system and supplying fuel to engine
1162015035452212/10/15 System and detecting short-to-ground fault
1172015035469412/10/15 System and assembling a planet carrier
1182015035505612/10/15 Laser measurement system and method
1192015035566112/10/15 Temperature compensated current limiting mechanism
1202015034334812/03/15 System for detecting pressure differential between inlet and outlet of filter element
1212015034335812/03/15 Air filter assembly filling plenum interior space
1222015034356512/03/15 Method of forming feature on tube
1232015034362612/03/15 Hammmer tool assembly
1242015034384012/03/15 Core of non-pneumatic tire and forming core
1252015034384512/03/15 Core of non-pneumatic tire and forming core
1262015034408812/03/15 Articulating track system
1272015034510312/03/15 Linkage assembly for machine
1282015034521012/03/15 Panel assembly for door member of machine
1292015034534712/03/15 Intake valve closure control for dual-fuel engines
1302015034535612/03/15 Reductant dosing system having staggered injectors
1312015034536912/03/15 Shunt tank for engine cooling systems
1322015034543812/03/15 Air filter assembly for a machine
1332015034544612/03/15 Method of mitigating axial loads on plunger of fuel pumps
1342015034544812/03/15 Flow limiter and filter assembly for a fuel system of an engine
1352015034554412/03/15 System and insertion for shim
1362015034564212/03/15 Thin film coating on mechanical face seals
1372015034618112/03/15 Device and system to determine engine lubrication health
1382015033605211/26/15 Reductant supply system
1392015033625611/26/15 Hydraulic hammer having delayed automatic shutoff
1402015033658011/26/15 Method and controller for enabling a constant speed drive system, engine unit comprising such a controller and vehicle comprising such an engine unit
1412015033658411/26/15 Method and controlling the drive power of a vehicle
1422015033751911/26/15 Implement system for machine
1432015033752211/26/15 System for monitoring machine components of track-type mobile machines
1442015033783011/26/15 Rotatable component overspeed protection method
1452015033787111/26/15 Hydraulic control system having bias current correction
1462015033832911/26/15 Bulk modulus measurement and fluid degradation analysis
1472015033883911/26/15 System to verify machining setup
1482015034084611/26/15 Detection system for determining spark voltage
1492015032873711/19/15 System to support machinable plates during machining process
1502015032879511/19/15 Packaged assembly for machine implement
1512015032899211/19/15 System and braking of machine
1522015032907011/19/15 Harness system
1532015032915611/19/15 Elliptical bore pin retention system
1542015032915711/19/15 Cap and pin retention system
1552015033004911/19/15 Compactor wheel having multi-zone tip configuration
1562015033005711/19/15 Work tool pitch control system for a machine
1572015033006111/19/15 Replaceable wear member and replaceable wear member system
1582015033031611/19/15 In-cylinder dynamic gas blending fuel injector and dual fuel engine
1592015033031911/19/15 System and operating engine
1602015033082711/19/15 Level sensor assembly
1612015033252411/19/15 System and monitoring machine
1622015033360111/19/15 Audible warning system for generator system
1632015033031611/19/15 In-cylinder dynamic gas blending fuel injector and dual fuel engine
1642015032130611/12/15 System to support machinable plates during machining process
1652015032130711/12/15 System to support machinable plates during machining process
1662015032183611/12/15 Receiver for reductant tank
1672015032289811/12/15 Heat exchanger for exhaust gas recirculation unit
1682015032297511/12/15 Control valve for a hydraulic system
1692015032395511/12/15 Transmission and hoist control arrangement
1702015032472211/12/15 Method for determining a safety stock
1712015031880611/05/15 Current profile strategy for minimizing torque ripple and current
1722015031440211/05/15 System for facilitating welding in an enclosed structure
1732015031440711/05/15 Method for joining workpieces
1742015031576511/05/15 Excavation system providing linkage placement training
1752015031594811/05/15 Modular aftertreatment assembly
1762015031595711/05/15 Compression ignition engine with staged ignition
1772015031604011/05/15 Stress reduction in hydrostatic cradle bearing
1782015031636611/05/15 System for determining diameter of a seal
1792015030832110/29/15 Exhaust emission prediction system and method
1802015030833410/29/15 Driveline assembly for radiator fan drive
1812015030839910/29/15 Electronic control module with driver banks for engines
1822015030846910/29/15 Machine control system having hydraulic warmup procedure
1832015031067410/29/15 System for providing on-site service for industrial equipment
1842015029866610/22/15 Engine assisted brake control on wheel slip
1852015029874910/22/15 Machine cabin having improved operator visibility
1862015029997910/22/15 Boom assembly for construction machines
1872015029998210/22/15 Fender mounting system
1882015030022810/22/15 Reductant fill system
1892015030028110/22/15 Intake pressure control strategy in gaseous fuel internal combustion engine
1902015030038410/22/15 Hydraulic system having energy recovery
1912015030049810/22/15 Seal assembly with complementary surface deformations
1922015030049910/22/15 Seal assembly with threads
1932015029097310/15/15 Light weight axle housing
1942015029109910/15/15 Handrail locking mechanism
1952015029118010/15/15 System for remotely controlling a machine
1962015029217110/15/15 Snow wing hard link with adjustable float capability
1972015029259610/15/15 Crankshaft damper
1982015029405110/15/15 Method and system for determining welding sequences
1992015029579810/15/15 Universal reporting system
2002015028350810/08/15 Reductant dosing system
2012015028360710/08/15 Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
2022015028390710/08/15 Power boost circuit
2032015028403210/08/15 Tilting hood assembly having fender-mounted handle
2042015028404210/08/15 Mobile machine track roller having a guard member
2052015028517810/08/15 Reactivity controlled compression ignition engine and combustion phasing control
2062015028527510/08/15 Hydraulic linear actuator integrated into a flexible hose, and hydraulic circuit using same
2072015028527610/08/15 Hydraulic linear actuator integrated into a hybrid fluid line, and hydraulic system using same
2082015028541810/08/15 Joint for tube
2092015027337010/01/15 Debris drain filter system and cartridge
2102015027337110/01/15 Filter assembly
2112015027421610/01/15 Skid plate assembly for axle housing of machine
2122015027427510/01/15 Dynamic load-sharing power system
2132015027546910/01/15 Lift arm and coupler control system
2142015027573210/01/15 Coolant system for reductant tank
2152015027575010/01/15 Mixed fuel electric power system
2162015027605810/01/15 Sbs piston pump housing assembly
2172015027693610/01/15 Cascaded coupled positioning system
2182015028052210/01/15 Electric machine having rotor cooling assembly
2192015026594909/24/15 Fluid filter
2202015026595309/24/15 Filter element and filter assembly with recirculation
2212015026617509/24/15 Installation tool
2222015026645909/24/15 Front park brake protection controls
2232015026652609/24/15 Air-hardenable bainitic steel part
2242015026652709/24/15 Link for track assembly
2252015026668009/24/15 Material triage system for worksite
2262015026765309/24/15 Air cleaner arrangement
2272015026765709/24/15 Quick twist disconnect device and system
2282015026769709/24/15 Variable pressure limiting for variable displacement pumps
2292015026771909/24/15 System and managing machine power system
2302015026778009/24/15 Multi speed transmission
2312015026778109/24/15 Multi speed transmission
2322015026783109/24/15 Valve stem cover and system
2332015026804209/24/15 Compensating for acceleration induced inclination errors
2342015026812509/24/15 Oil detection sensor module for sensing oil leakage in coolant system
2352015025848209/17/15 Centralized purging unit for engine sub-systems
2362015025859509/17/15 Support system for machine
2372015025977709/17/15 Thermal spray coil for wire arc thermal spray machine
2382015025987509/17/15 Machine bucket
2392015025988009/17/15 Automatic articulation failure mode protection
2402015025988109/17/15 Automatic articulation machine states
2412015025988209/17/15 Articulation covering complete range of steering angles in automatic articulation feature
2422015025988309/17/15 Automatic articulation behavior when during error and high speed conditions
2432015026006909/17/15 Fluid delivery system and method
2442015026024709/17/15 Braking system
2452015025127709/10/15 Method of laser drilling a component
2462015025152109/10/15 Climate control system for machine cabin
2472015025287509/10/15 Drive assembly for machine
2482015024642009/03/15 Alignment pin
2492015024657809/03/15 Multi-piece rim assembly

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