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Caterpillar, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar, Inc.. Caterpillar, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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System and  controlling air conditioning system


System and controlling air conditioning system

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Count Application # Date Caterpillar, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014022438508/14/14Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
22013026187010/03/13System and controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
32013019099607/25/13System and controlling engine torque load
42015005289202/26/15 new patent  Temporary turbocharger compressor seal and engine employing temporary turbocharger compressor seal
52015005291602/26/15 new patent  System and controlling air conditioning system
62015005316702/26/15 new patent  Combustion engine piston and engine using same
72015005711902/26/15 new patent  Cost configurable hystat drive system
82015004720102/19/15Laser cladding fabrication method
92015004731802/19/15Supervisory model predictive selective catalytic reduction control method
102015004733102/19/15Hydraulic system for machine
112015004792802/19/15Lubrication system for tool
122015004793802/19/15Strut wear bands
132015005182802/19/15Positioning system using radio frequency signals
142015004761402/19/15Dual fuel system for internal combustion engine and leakage limiting seal strategy for same
152015004054802/12/15Hydraulic system having low speed operation
162015004116802/12/15Shroud member for a powered hammer
172015004605202/12/15Location assisted machine retarding control system
182015003360102/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
192015003359502/05/15Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
202015003359602/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
212015003359702/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
222015003359802/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
232015003359902/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
242015003360002/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
252015003360102/05/15Ground engaging tool assembly
262015003371902/05/15Reducing dig force in hydraulic implements
272015003372002/05/15Hydraulic motor drive system and method
282015003422202/05/15Tire and system for acquiring data associated with tire
292015003422502/05/15Reinforced non-pneumatic tire and system for molding reinforced non-pneumatic tire
302015003534102/05/15Auxiliary drivetrain for a cold planer
312015003565902/05/15Indication system for a machine
322015003719802/05/15Wear resistant high toughness steel
332015003802802/05/15Marine pod hull seal assembly
342015003937502/05/15Supply chain optimization method and system
352015003987202/05/15Multiple signed filesystem application packages
362015002700901/29/15Tool retention system having cam-driven keys
372015002740201/29/15Thrust plate
382015002760601/29/15Non-pneumatic tire and system for molding non-pneumatic tire
392015002878201/29/15Traction motor retarding flux reference
402015002901701/29/15Attitude display system for remotely operated machine
412015003229201/29/15Controller for, and , operating a sensor cleaning system
422015002878801/29/15Enforced zero voltage loop
432015002036001/22/15Method of removing a bushing from a machine component
442015002051101/22/15Method for energy recovery of hydraulic motor
452015002060501/22/15System for locating electric cables
462015002060901/22/15Detection of load by sound-processing
472015002093201/22/15Method of remanufacturing a rocker arm
482015002186101/22/15Engine having piston with l-shaped timing ring
492015002192501/22/15Method to control temperature of engine of generator system
502015002375301/22/15Plug for closing an aperture defined in machine component
512015002384301/22/15Reductant supply system
522015002384401/22/15Siloxane filter in an exhaust aftertreatment system
532015001319701/15/15Wear collar for tool retention system
542015001332901/15/15Inlet device for an aftercooler
552015001400301/15/15Control system for a machine
562015001908901/15/15Data monitoring system for final drive
572015001315901/15/15Method of remanufacturing used cylinder liners and mask and used cylinder liner assembly
582015001362401/15/15Engine crankcase breather with mesh filter
592015000749901/08/15Machine guard assembly with electronic disconnect for unobstructed engine hood opening
602015000779701/08/15Fuel system with priority valve
612015000800601/08/15Anti-bounce control system for a machine
622015000827101/08/15Injector orifice plate filter
632015001041601/08/15Controller for varying flow rate from fixed displacement pump
642015000873001/08/15Variable hardening depth in track link for a ground-engaging track
652015000046101/01/15Crankshaft undercut fillet
662015000063001/01/15Rapid lng engine warm-up utilizing engine compression brakes
672015000075601/01/15Hydraulic accumulator pre-charge pressure detection
682015000094901/01/15Surge accumulator for hydraulic hammer
692015000099001/01/15Lubrication arrangement for a drive axle of a haul vehicle
702015000191001/01/15Dump body for a machine
712015000191401/01/15Retarding system for an electric drive machine
722015000230301/01/15System to display remaining payload weight for a truck
732015000394601/01/15Platform for order picker
742015000456601/01/15Camera based scene recreator for operator coaching
752015000457201/01/15Real-time operation-based onboard coaching system
762015000457301/01/15Onboard operator coaching system with show me feature
772015000457401/01/15Prioritizing operator coaching on industrial machines
782014037340012/25/14Wear pad assembly
792014037353312/25/14Energy recovery and cooling system for hybrid machine powertrain
802014037353412/25/14Energy recovery system for machine with cylinder activation and deactivation system
812014037394012/25/14Fluid drain manifold
822014037394712/25/14Gas flow system for a machine
832014037497812/25/14Fixture for a coupling assembly
842014037549712/25/14Positioning error detection and mitigation system and method
852014037580612/25/14Configurable display system
862014036640812/18/14Tool retention system
872014036651412/18/14Premixer conduit for exhaust aftertreatment system
882014036662812/18/14Visual fluid level indicator
892014036685212/18/14System and exhaust gas re-circulation
902014036989912/18/14Multi-compartment phae separation tank for multiple reductant injectors
912014037194712/18/14System and mapping a raised contour
922014037199412/18/14System and dig detection
932014036006012/11/14Wear member
942014036006112/11/14Wear assembly
952014036110312/11/14Three-way needle control valve and dual fuel injection system using same
962014036150512/11/14Kingpin assembly for steering and suspension linkage assembly
972014035218012/04/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
982014035218112/04/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
992014035218212/04/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
1002014035308312/04/14Walkway system for machine
1012014035388712/04/14Metallurgical heat treating system with heat recovery
1022014035399412/04/14Latching sequentially latching and unlatching object
1032014035432112/04/14Automated test management system for electronic control module
1042014034511211/27/14Non-rotating mechanical joint for a hose coupling
1052014034517211/27/14Wear pad assembly
1062014034625411/27/14Fuel injector for gaseous injection
1072014034703211/27/14Chip detector
1082014034858711/27/14System and determining a state of compaction
1092014035079411/27/14Managing steering with short from battery to ground
1102014035099111/27/14Systems and methods for logistics network management
1112014033832811/20/14Nozzled turbine
1122014033863711/20/14Common rail system having mechanical unit pumps
1132014033863911/20/14Method of controlling injection rate shape of gaseous fuel in dual fuel injector
1142014033864311/20/14System and cooling of an exhaust gas recirculation unit
1152014033989311/20/14Life degradation mitigation for transient response energy storage
1162014034218711/20/14Remanufactured cast iron component with steel outer layer
1172014034369711/20/14Selectable operating modes for machine operator input devices
1182014033164511/13/14System and injector fault remediation
1192014033165511/13/14Mounting assembly for a reductant injector
1202014033166311/13/14Quick coupler hydraulic control system
1212014033172911/13/14Device for sealing orifices on nozzle of fuel injector for autofrettage process
1222014033174211/13/14Apparatus for monitoring aeration in fluid of hydraulic circuit
1232014033175311/13/14System and determining a health of a bearing of a connecting rod
1242014033175411/13/14Diagnostic a bearing of a connecting rod
1252014033196111/13/14Piston having combustion bowl and engine using same
1262014033197411/13/14Modular low pressure fuel system with filtration
1272014033224411/13/14Enclosure for a power cell of a hydraulic hammer
1282014033224611/13/14Damper system for a power cell of a hydraulic hammer
1292014033250511/13/14Method of manufacturing track shoe
1302014033312511/13/14Sprocket with replaceable teeth
1312014033344411/13/14Liquid natural gas cryogenic tank leak detection system
1322014033492311/13/14Compressor housing remanufacturing method and apparatus
1332014033493611/13/14Laser casting blade repair
1342014033494711/13/14Fluid pump system
1352014033688111/13/14System and re-directing a ripping path
1362014033688911/13/14Grade-based anti-hunt timer
1372014033196211/13/14Dual fuel engine system and engine system operating method
1382014033196311/13/14Dual fuel common rail transient pressure control and engine using same
1392014033196411/13/14Dual fuel engine diagnostic system and operating same
1402014032597111/06/14Hydromechanical power management of fixed displacement boost pumps
1412014032597211/06/14Hydraulic hybrid boom system hydraulic transformer
1422014032600011/06/14Lng tank vapor management using a cng accumulator
1432014032647111/06/14Motor grader cross slope control with articulation compensation
1442014033116311/06/14Method to mark user definable limits
1452014031793510/30/14Adjustment mechanism for adjusting jaws of shear
1462014031796710/30/14Excavator with expanded work implement compatibility
1472014031811110/30/14Decomposition tube for an engine
1482014031826510/30/14Testing struts
1492014031889210/30/14Manually powered linkage ladder
1502014031925710/30/14Shear blade having a positive camber and adding a positive camber to a shear blade
1512014031978010/30/14Use of dissimilar metals in floating style seals
1522014031990510/30/14Seal assembly for track joint assembly of undercarriage
1532014032430010/30/14Position identification system with multiple cross-checks
1542014032430110/30/14Wear monitoring system for track type machine
1552014032430210/30/14Method of estimating mass of a payload in a hauling machine
1562014032430310/30/14Method of determining when a payload loading event is occurring in a hauling machine
1572014032453410/30/14Systems and methods for forecasting using customer preference profiles
1582014031145110/23/14Dual fuel system and engine system operating method
1592014031146610/23/14Coolant inlet structures for heat exchangers for exhaust gas recirculation systems
1602014031164310/23/14Molded tire having different tread material
1612014031176210/23/14Erosion monitoring system for ground engaging tool
1622014031209610/23/14Oxy-fuel weld repair of metallic components
1632014031264210/23/14Liner and liner system for machine body
1642014031516410/23/14System and improving operator performance
1652014031666410/23/14Aggressive and stable speed control
1662014031144410/23/14Dual fuel common rail transient pressure control and engine using same
1672014031145510/23/14Dual fuel injector with f, a and z orifice control
1682014030501210/16/14Single boom system having dual arm linkage
1692014030511210/16/14Control valve with variable pressure relief
1702014030519810/16/14Selective catalytic reduction outlet mixing device
1712014030598010/16/14Vehicle accessory retaining system
1722014030642610/16/14Steering linkage arrangement for articulated mobile machine
1732014030651610/16/14Vibration-damped track shoe for mobile machine
1742014030815010/16/14Gear pump having grooved mounting adapter
1752014030985010/16/14Method of calculating payload material weight and machine using same
1762014029878110/09/14Mixer for fluid injection system
1772014029879810/09/14Electro-hydraulic steering control system
1782014029898710/09/14Repaired pistons and collection thereof
1792014029928710/09/14Method of casting
1802014029930410/09/14Precision tube bead design for an aluminum grommetted tube radiator assembly
1812014030082610/09/14Real time video feed configuration for remote vision
1822014030178610/09/14Wear component for compactor wheel
1832014030386210/09/14Control system for differential of machine
1842014030392310/09/14System for determining error in a sensed machine position
1852014030186210/09/14Center spacer between workpiece and dead center of machine tool
1862014029008410/02/14Apparatus for measuring backlash in specimen gear
1872014029010210/02/14Control system for dual boom machine
1882014029021510/02/14Emissions control for engine system
1892014029061410/02/14Engine control system and method
1902014029062310/02/14Injection timing management in dual fuel engine system
1912014029062610/02/14Assembling fuel pump on engine
1922014029063410/02/14Crankcase breather
1932014029092310/02/14Cooling system
1942014029103810/02/14Payload determination system and method
1952014029213110/02/14Dual rotor switched reluctance machine
1962014029254410/02/14Machine system having lane keeping functionality
1972014029304710/02/14System for generating overhead view of machine
1982014029313710/02/14View prioritization for multi-machine control visualization
1992014029449710/02/14Locking system for quick coupler
2002014029706210/02/14Torque load control system and method
2012014029710310/02/14Machine system having overtaking functionality
2022014029106010/02/14Machine bearing system including hard thin film and using same
2032014028352809/25/14Aftertreatment module and assembly
2042014028367609/25/14Fluid regeneration in a hydraulic system
2052014028367709/25/14Air compressor having chambered piston head
2062014028377409/25/14Rocker arm assembly and lubricating a valve train
2072014028391509/25/14Hydraulic control system having relief flow capture
2082014028396009/25/14Air-hardenable bainitic steel with enhanced material characteristics
2092014028402709/25/14Heat exchanger cleaning system
2102014028403709/25/14Aluminum tube-and-fin assembly geometry
2112014028412609/25/14Integrated service center
2122014028426609/25/14Filter assembly
2132014028428609/25/14System and filtering fuel within fuel tank
2142014028716509/25/14Cladding composition with flux particles
2152014028669309/25/14Boot seal for machine system and method
2162014025980609/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2172014025980709/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2182014025980809/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2192014025980909/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2202014025981009/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2212014025981109/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2222014025981209/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2232014025981309/18/14Retainer systems for ground engaging tools
2242014026012909/18/14Intake air pre-cleaner
2252014026019809/18/14Exhaust aftertreatment system
2262014026022109/18/14Hydrostatic drive system
2272014026053309/18/14Diagnostic nitrogen oxide sensor
2282014026055209/18/14Hvac unit test apparatus and method therefor
2292014026078309/18/14Bolt damping member
2302014026128609/18/14Modular structure supporting engine enclosure
2312014026131009/18/14System and method to optimize engine braking power
2322014026134909/18/14System and sensor cooling
2332014026182709/18/14Accumulator membrane for a hydraulic hammer
2342014026240609/18/14Hydraulic hammer having co-axial accumulator and piston
2352014026240709/18/14Hydraulic hammer having impact system subassembly
2362014026535309/18/14Adaptive variable speed genset control
2372014026535409/18/14Generator set adaptive droop control method
2382014026554109/18/14Machine axle housing with integrated oil circulation system
2392014026556909/18/14Transient assist using starting battery in variable speed genset
2402014027107709/18/14Composite material structures configured for alternating compressive and tensile loading
2412014027232309/18/14Nitrided component surface repair
2422014027761409/18/14Programmable user interface for a machine
2432014027795709/18/14System and determining a ripping path
2442014027796709/18/14Distributed worksite management system
2452014027804309/18/14Traffic analysis system utilizing position based awareness
2462014025280109/11/14Method for rebuilding a machine surface
2472014025313909/11/14Fault detection system with leakage current detection
2482014025528109/11/14System and exhaust gas after treatment
2492014025649109/11/14Controller for varying gear ratios in transmission system

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