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Caterpillar Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/14/14Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
10/03/13System and controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
07/25/13System and controlling engine torque load
06/22/17 new patent  Filter system using a self-venting drain
06/22/17 new patent  Curved liner for a floor or truck dump body
06/22/17 new patent  Method for providing images of a work tool for a machine
06/22/17 new patent  Method for operating an engine
06/22/17 new patent  Air intake system for engine
06/22/17 new patent  Hydro-mechanical transmission assembly for a machine
06/22/17 new patent  Method for predicting end of line quality of assembled product
06/22/17 new patent  Information management system and delivering data associated with machine
06/15/17Inert gas shielding for rapid solidification apparatus
06/15/17Hybrid laser cladding composition and component therefrom
06/15/17Damping system for a hydraulic hammer
06/15/17Roller system for machine undercarriage
06/15/17Payload monitoring system
06/15/17System and controlling a work implement of a machine
06/15/17Construction system
06/15/17Pressure indicator for hydraulic hammer
06/15/17Operation monitoring system for machine and method thereof
06/08/17Catalyst system for lean nox reduction with hydrocarbons
06/08/17Method of standardizing grinder burn etch testing
06/08/17Dust clearing tool
06/08/17Supplemental hydraulic motor for continuously variable transmission
06/08/17Electrohydraulic steering system with diagnostics
06/08/17Laser brazing of annular metal seal member on track link
06/08/17Corrosion preventative film
06/08/17Seal rings comprising chromium and boron cast iron
06/08/17Feedback controlled system for charged ignition promoter droplet distribution
06/08/17Feedback controlled system for ignition promoter droplet generation
06/08/17Injector seals for dual fuel application
06/08/17System having combinable transmission and implement circuits
06/08/17Hydraulic system for a torque converter
06/08/17Pressure and speed control for a vehicle
06/08/17Seal rings comprising boron containing cast iron
06/08/17Systems and methods for stitching metallographic and stereoscopic images
06/08/17Gathering data from machine operating at worksite
06/08/17Integrated fluid turbulator and sealing system for improved thermal management
06/08/17Additional fuel filtration on demand
06/01/17Steering control system for multi-path electric drive
06/01/17Engine valve
06/01/17Machine having an electrical power system that includes a planetary gear system
06/01/17Load ring for seal assembly and seal assembly of machine
06/01/17Coil and stator assembly of a rotary electric machine
05/25/17Method for non-linear fracture splitting
05/25/17Transport tire and method
05/25/17Control system for ladder and machine using the same
05/25/17Track pin with improved hardness profile and producing the same
05/25/17Divided pump implement valve and system
05/25/17Improved reinforcement system for a tool adapter
05/25/17Lock assembly for ground engaging tool
05/25/17Ladders and methods for assembling ladders
05/25/17Multipoint ignition systems and methods
05/25/17Multiple pre-chamber ignition systems and methods
05/25/17Textured piston
05/25/17Feedback control of fuel reformer-engine system
05/25/17Hydraulic circuit for clutch actuation
05/25/17Hydraulic circuit for clutch actuation
05/25/17Mechanical rope wedge
05/25/17Circumferential debris seal for pinned joints
05/25/17Electronic control module testing system
05/25/17Augmented communication and positioning using unmanned aerial vehicles
05/25/17System and connecting an operator with worksite operations
05/25/17Generator set having coupling member between flywheel and generator
05/18/17System configured to couple a hydraulic hammer and tool
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05/18/17System configured to couple a hydraulic hammer and tool
05/18/17Driver keys for use with wheel rims
05/18/17Modular design for a dipper door and improved latch lever bar
05/18/17System and determining dump locations
05/18/17Machine onboard activity and behavior classification
05/18/17Hydraulic system having diagnostic mode of operation
05/18/17Accumulator charging device and system
05/18/17Hydraulic buffer with fast startup
05/11/17Adaptive hammer control system
05/11/17Undercarriage track link assembly having offset link gaps
05/11/17Nitrided track pin for track chain assembly of machine
05/11/17Method for processing a metal component
05/11/17Alloy with high core hardness suitable for rapid nitriding
05/11/17Wear member
05/11/17Guardrail with tapered vertical channel post
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05/11/17Device and process for controlling and optimizing hydraulic system performance
05/11/17Latch operating mechanism for cabin door
05/11/17Shunt tank assembly
05/11/17Head gasket for an engine
05/11/17Drive assembly and pump assembly arrangement for cryogenic pump
05/11/17Strategy to manage pump interactions in multi-rig applications
05/11/17System and hydraulic energy recovery for machine start-stop and machine ride control
05/11/17System and hydraulic energy recovery
05/11/17Valve having right-angle proportional and directional pilot actuators
05/11/17Electrohydraulic valve having dual-action right-angle pilot actuator
05/11/17Valve having opposing right-angle actuators
05/11/17Clamping arrangement
05/11/17Weld inspection method and system
05/11/17Method and system for machine tool health early warning monitoring
05/11/17System and managing data associated with worksite
05/11/17Fixture for locating an antenna
05/11/17Smart load bank and excitation control
05/04/17Ripcord locking methods
05/04/17Diagnostic system for measuring acceleration of a demolition hammer
05/04/17Brake wear analysis system
05/04/17Stick and coupler assembly
05/04/17System and controlling operation of machine
05/04/17Wear assembly for loader bucket
05/04/17Machine control system for contour crafting
05/04/17Method of cleaning diesel particulate filters
05/04/17Dpf cleaning process using a temporary plug
05/04/17Filter system and filtration fluid reservoirs
05/04/17Valve cover with integrated filter base
05/04/17System and supplying fuel to engine
05/04/17Engine piston having a notched top land
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05/04/17Fuel injector, a fuel injector assembly and an associated method
05/04/17Systems and methods for collecting high frequency data associated with a pump by utilizing an fpga controller
05/04/17System for estimating a mass of a payload in a hauling machine
05/04/17System and modelling engine components
05/04/17Additive manufacturing system and method
05/04/17Method for manufacturing induction coil assembly
05/04/17Sensorless control of switched reluctance machines for low speeds and standstill
04/27/17Piston and magnetic bearing for hydraulic hammer
04/27/17Pantograph down stop for trolley
04/27/17System and controlling movement of implement
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04/27/17System and operating a machine
04/27/17System and automatically adjusting a target ground speed of a machine
04/27/17High manganese steel with enhanced wear and impact characteristics
04/27/17Control operating a machine
04/27/17Hydraulic system having automatic ride control
04/27/17Pre-chamber fuel admission valve diagnostics
04/27/17Aeration sensor for a hydraulic circuit
04/27/17Thermal stereo perception system
04/27/17Unmanned aircraft system deployment and analytics using the same
04/20/17Method for cleaning exhaust filter system
04/20/17Hydrocarbon separation system
04/20/17System and flushing a pump
04/20/17System for increasing stiffness of a light-duty machine component
04/20/17Support structure for frame of a machine
04/20/17Work tool indicator for a machine
04/20/17Sensor fusion for implement position estimation and control
04/20/17Exothermic bonding for cylinder block inserts
04/20/17Gauging apparatus
04/20/17Independent metering valves with flow sharing
04/20/17Final drive system for a machine
04/20/17One way clutch
04/20/173d terrain mapping system and method
04/20/17System and generating maintenance schedule
04/20/17Kinematic data extraction from technical videography
04/20/17Machine to machine communication to transmit and receive machine information
04/13/17Liquid filter
04/13/17Manufacturing article from metal alloy
04/13/17Variator-assisted transmission and launch control methods for such a transmission
04/13/17Prechamber insert for an internal combustion engine
04/13/17Multiple prechambers with interacting jets
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04/13/17Prechamber internal reformer catalyst
04/13/17Sealless cooling device having manifold and turbulator
04/13/17Component health monitoring system using computer vision
04/13/17Method of monitoring load carried by machine
04/06/17Liquid filter and drain
04/06/17Laser sintering of intricate parts
04/06/17Induction motor for a work machine
04/06/17Construction machine having synthetic rope arrangement
04/06/17Blade assembly having socket support plate
04/06/17Apparatus and detecting urea deposit formation
04/06/17Pump with wear-resistant barrel and plunger having coating support
04/06/17Variable compression height integrated seal
04/06/17Valve having open-center spool with separated inserts
04/06/17System and performing data analytics for a machine on a mobile device
04/06/17Operator performance monitoring system
04/06/17Reference hours tracking for machine maintenance
04/06/17Battery housing
04/06/17Wire-routing assembly for an injector harness
03/30/17Uniform flow distribution of a reductant
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03/30/17Hammer assembly
03/30/17Hydraulic hammer having co-axial accumulator and piston
03/30/17Buffer system for hydraulic hammer
03/30/17Transmission system having efficiency-based speed control
03/30/17Track roller assembly
03/30/17Hardfacing process and parts produced thereby
03/30/17Tilt bucket profile and front structure
03/30/17Machine having removable tool system
03/30/17Machine having rear-mounted tool coupler
03/30/17Online system identification for controlling a machine
03/30/17Valve actuation system
03/30/17Rocker base for valve actuation system
03/30/17Ignition plugs in prechamber and main combustion chamber of an ic engine
03/30/17Cooling system having pulsed fan control
03/30/17Ducted combustion systems utilizing duct-exit tabs
03/30/17Work cycle determination system for a pump
03/30/17Model-based prognosis of machine health
03/30/17Command-driven automatic and semi-automatic mobile wear detection
03/30/17Factory inventory system utilizing the natural frequency of a pallet rack
03/30/17Interval rationalization for completed maintenance services
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03/30/17Methods and systems for determining part wear based on digital image of part
03/30/17Connector guard
03/23/17Filter element and filter assembly for separating fluids
03/23/17End cap for filter element
03/23/17Insulator for welding a boss onto a member
03/23/17Fixture member for detecting a load acting thereon
03/23/17Hydraulic hammer assembly
03/23/17Hammer temperature protection system and method
03/23/17Carbon fiber reclamation from composite materials
03/23/17Implement tooth assembly with tip and adapter
03/23/17Implement tooth assembly with tip and adapter
03/23/17Node for a space frame
03/23/17Emission reduction system
03/23/17Hybrid power supply system and supplying power from engine
03/23/17Pressure regulator for fuel supply system
03/23/17System and fracturing formations in bores
03/23/17Gearbox component and lubricant condition monitoring system
03/23/17Plumb bob assembly for hyraulic hammer
03/23/17System and object recognition
03/23/17Method and system for collecting machine operation data using a mobile device
03/23/17Stabilization based path planning
03/16/17Method for remanufacturing machine component
03/16/17Collet hydraulic hammer bushing
03/16/17System and manufacturing an article
03/16/17System and manufacturing an article
03/16/173d printing portal for crowd-sourced designs
03/16/17Systems and methods for managing distributed 3d printed structures
03/16/17System and automatically operating a hoist system for a machine
03/16/17Regulating dump rate of trucks
03/16/17Control system for a rotating machine
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03/16/17Control system for a rotating machine
03/16/17System and determining a useful life of a consumable component
03/16/17Shroud retention system for a work tool
03/16/17Shroud retention system for a work tool
03/16/17Thermal management system for aftertreatment system
03/16/17Natural gas engine system with improved transient response
03/16/17Combustion pre-chamber and operating same
03/16/17Fuel admission valve for pre-chamber
03/16/17Space plate with seal for joint assembly
03/16/17Generating report of source systems associated with worksites
03/16/17Network portal for 3d printable structures
03/16/17Sharing application for equipment and personnel
03/16/17Systems and methods for processing orders for structural designs
03/16/17System and checking a validity of a service component of a machine
03/09/17Smart fixture distortion correction system
03/09/17Powdered metal compacting
03/09/17Macro defect free cement with improved moisture resistance
03/09/17System for applying brake torque on wheel of machine
03/09/17Extruded walls and forming extruded walls
03/09/17Face seal with backup ring
03/09/17Detection system for monitoring a component
03/02/17Exhaust treatment system with particulate filter having wall-flow and flow-through channels
03/02/17Piston and piston remanufacturing
03/02/17Robot system assembly and a mobile platform thereof
03/02/17Non-pneumatic tire including support members having tension member
03/02/17Retarder integrated braking system and method
03/02/17Track joint assembly
03/02/17Undercarriage assembly and track links for assembly
03/02/17Implement system control device

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