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Caterpillar, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar, Inc.. Caterpillar, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Power shovel having hydraulically driven dipper actuator

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Count Application # Date Caterpillar, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12013026187010/03/13System and method for controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
22013019099607/25/13System and method for controlling engine torque load
32013019099607/25/13System and method for controlling engine torque load
42014020857507/31/14 new patent  Tie rod support for hydraulic hammer
52014020871607/31/14 new patent  Exhaust system having sensor placement detection
62014020872307/31/14 new patent  Catalytic converter and muffler
72014020872407/31/14 new patent  Aftertreatment system
82014020872807/31/14 new patent  Method and hydraulic control system having swing motor energy recovery
92014020907507/31/14 new patent  Fuel air mixer for combustion engines
102014020934007/31/14 new patent  Variable volume accumulator
112014021018407/31/14 new patent  Hydraulic suspension hitch system
122014021020807/31/14 new patent  Dual generator single dc link configuration for electric drive propulsion system
132014021025407/31/14 new patent  Twin bushing track chain cartridge
142014021148807/31/14 new patent  Method to control headlight of vehicle
152014021221007/31/14 new patent  Tool coupler having a modular frame construction
162014021418107/31/14 new patent  Control system for software termination protection
172014021418707/31/14 new patent  Rc/autonomous machine mode indication
182014021423507/31/14 new patent  Machine control system having autonomous edge dumping
192014021423607/31/14 new patent  Machine control system having autonomous edge dumping
202014021423707/31/14 new patent  Machine control system having autonomous edge dumping
212014021423807/31/14 new patent  Worksite data management system
222014021424007/31/14 new patent  Universal remote operator station
232014021426407/31/14 new patent  Coordinated data transmission triggers
242014021427807/31/14 new patent  System with smart steering force feedback
252014021428907/31/14 new patent  Cooling-based power limiting system and method
262014021429507/31/14 new patent  Open loop machine motor speed control based on downhill slope determination
272014021527507/31/14 new patent  Control system to identify faulty code modules
282014020872607/31/14 new patent  Air shielded water cooled exhaust manifold with exhaust tube support
292014020904707/31/14 new patent  Engine compensation for fan power
302014020906307/31/14 new patent  Valve assembly for fuel system and method
312014020204807/24/14Machine having dipper actuator system
322014020242907/24/14Compressed natural gas fuel mass control system
332014020311207/24/14Fuel injector
342014020311307/24/14Solenoid actuator and fuel injector using same
352014020351907/24/14Seal protection system
362014020353507/24/14Retractable cabin access system for machine
372014020376007/24/14Turbine engine hybrid power supply
382014020395907/24/14Object recognition system having radar and camera input
392014020421507/24/14Image processing system using unified images
402014020513907/24/14Object recognition system implementing image data transformation
412014020541207/24/14Power shovel having hydraulically driven dipper actuator
422014020541407/24/14Power shovel having isolated hydraulic dipper actuator
432014020541507/24/14Machine having dipper actuator system
442014020830607/24/14Control system having automatic component software management
452014019652107/17/14Detection of diesel exhaust fluid contamination
462014019668607/17/14Gaseous common rail fuel system and high compression ratio engine using same
472014020073507/17/14Parity on data link switches
482014019668707/17/14In-cylinder dynamic gas blending fuel injector and dual fuel engine
492014019668807/17/14One-step starting carburetor
502014019184307/10/14Machine security system
512014019153707/10/14Platform grating
522014019155807/10/14Operator panel for a machine
532014019155907/10/14Transmission and hoist control arrangement
542014018227707/03/14Electro-hydraulic steering system with spool-based steering event detection
552014018252407/03/14Engine fluid cooling assembly
562014018255007/03/14Quill with integrated flow limiter
572014018255107/03/14Gaseous fuel system, direct injection gas engine system, and method
582014018255207/03/14Dual fuel common rail system and diesel only method of operating same
592014018255907/03/14Gaseous fuel system, direct injection gas engine system, and method
602014018300307/03/14Cold planer with aligned transition zone
612014018311207/03/14Kidney loop filtration system for fuel delivery system
622014018464307/03/14Augmented reality worksite
632014018594407/03/14Gradient search for 2d/3d map compression
642014018594507/03/14Modified dp search for 2d/3d map compression
652014018667507/03/14Cooling jacket for battery pack
662014018833307/03/14Augmented reality implement control
672014018837207/03/14Dual fuel common rail system and method of transitioning from diesel only to dual fuel method of operation
682014018958507/03/14Information display system for a machine
692014017394706/26/14Bucket for attachment to a machine
702014017405706/26/14Exhaust gas aftertreatment module
712014017406006/26/14System and method for accommodating aftertreatment bricks
722014017406306/26/14Hydraulic system for controlling a work implement
732014017406406/26/14Hydraulic control system for swing motor
742014017406506/26/14Hydraulic control system for swing motor
752014017406906/26/14Hydraulic control system having swing motor energy recovery
762014017407006/26/14Liquid and air separator
772014017407806/26/14Egr system having flow restricting valve
782014017439506/26/14Instrumented piston for an internal combustion engine
792014017440006/26/14Split-angle connecting rod
802014017440206/26/14Dual fuel system having a damper
812014017440406/26/14Fuel system
822014017469606/26/14Injector cooling apparatus and method
832014017470906/26/14Engine inlet air cooling system and method
842014017477006/26/14System and method for optimizing a cut location
852014017484806/26/14Exhaust flow spark arrestor
862014017487606/26/14Clutch cooling system
872014017507606/26/14Welding head
882014017519306/26/14Fuel injector having turbulence-reducing sac
892014017523806/26/14System and method for installing aftertreatment bricks
902014017575306/26/14Seal ring with frictional load surface
912014017577306/26/14Flow rectifier assembly
922014017588606/26/14Power system having a stabilized dc link voltage to handle transient events
932014017612906/26/14Mechanism of interior permanent magnet machine initial position detection
942014017710806/26/14Power system having short circuit protection controller
952014017816406/26/14Machine having hydraulically actuated implement system with combined ride control and downforce control system
962014017816506/26/14Fork with rollers
972014017826306/26/14System and method for retaining aftertreatment bricks
982014017827306/26/14Ammonia oxidation catalyst system
992014018044406/26/14System and method for modifying a path for a machine
1002014018054706/26/14System and method for estimating material characteristics
1012014018054806/26/14System and method for optimizing a cut location
1022014018057906/26/14Machine positioning system utilizing position error checking
1032014018060506/26/14Piston sensor data acquisition system and method
1042014017440606/26/14Control system for an engine with egr flow
1052014017577206/26/14Platform system for an articulated machine
1062014017630306/26/14Remote lockout/tagout
1072014017670906/26/14Video overlays for rc/autonomous machine
1082014016554006/19/14Aftertreatment system incorporating hydrolysis catalyst with particulate filtration and scr
1092014016539606/19/14Self-centering seal
1102014016554606/19/14System and method for controlling hydraulic fluid flow
1112014016554906/19/14Hydraulic system having multiple closed loop circuits
1122014016595506/19/14Method of manufacturing an engine block
1132014016596606/19/14Pressure regulator having an integrated check valve
1142014016623606/19/14Thermal stress reduction for heat exchanger
1152014016636206/19/14Implement pose control system and method
1162014016637606/19/14Equalizer bar end joint
1172014016749706/19/14Electrohydraulic antilock brake system for articulated vehicles
1182014016777906/19/14Ground fault detection system for a power supply system
1192014016797106/19/14Vehicle payload weight display method and system
1202014016998706/19/14Dielectric sensor arrangement and method for swashplate angular position detection
1212014017061706/19/14Monitoring system for a machine
1222014017212706/19/14Instrument system with portable computing device
1232014017212806/19/14Remote control system for a machine
1242014017224606/19/14Automatic swing and radius control system and method for a machine implement
1252014017225206/19/14Grade and payload estimate-based transmission gear selection
1262014017225306/19/14System and method for controlling a transmission
1272014017225606/19/14Grade and payload based transmission gear selection strategy
1282014017226906/19/14Dual-mode cryogenic lng piston pump control strategy
1292014017227706/19/14Engine diagnostic system and method
1302014016651306/19/14Used piston processing and repair strategies for populating replacement piston inventory
1312014017126506/19/14Hybrid engine assembly and method
1322014015763506/12/14Conical pin and bearing assembly
1332014015775806/12/14After-treatment system and method for six-stroke combustion cycle
1342014015776406/12/14Auxiliary power and emission-control system using vented gaseous fuel recovery and method
1352014015806806/12/14Six-stroke engine system with blowdown exhaust system
1362014015806906/12/14Six-stroke engine system with blowdown turbocharger
1372014015807006/12/14Six-stroke engine power density matching system and method
1382014015807106/12/14Six-stroke combustion cycle engine and process
1392014015807206/12/14Six-stroke internal combustion engine valve activation system and method for operating such engine
1402014015808406/12/14Six-stroke engine system with blowdown exhaust recirculation
1412014015808506/12/14Six-stroke combustion cycle engine and process
1422014015808706/12/14After-treatment system and method for six-stroke combustion cycle
1432014015808806/12/14Temperature-controlled exhaust gas recirculation system and method for dual fuel engine
1442014015810006/12/14Six-stroke engine exhaust gas recirculation system and method
1452014015822406/12/14Fuel supply arrangement
1462014015834006/12/14Active and passive cooling for an energy storage module
1472014015846406/12/14Egress system for a machine
1482014015847806/12/14Separator plate
1492014015848506/12/14Serviceable drive assembly and method
1502014015928006/12/14Systems and methods for molding non-pneumatic tires
1512014015936506/12/14Control system for load sharing between a generator set and an inverter-based energy storage
1522014016286506/12/14Engine oil composition
1532014016377306/12/14Method of managing a worksite
1542014016377906/12/14Method of managing a worksite
1552014016380506/12/14Method of modifying a worksite
1562014016384106/12/14Engine diagnostic system and method
1572014016388506/12/14Terrain map updating system
1582014015041506/05/14Energy recovery hydraulic system
1592014015042206/05/14Clean fill port system and method
1602014015054206/05/14Spherical monitoring device for pneumatic tires
1612014015073806/05/14Cooling system having shock reducing valve
1622014015087006/05/14Hydraulic system having dual manifolds
1632014015088006/05/14Hydrostatic circuit flushing flow cancellation
1642014015114806/05/14Exhaust muffler
1652014015138406/05/14Tank splashguard with multi-tiered labyrinth
1662014015138606/05/14Tank breather assembly and mounting configuration
1672014015208606/05/14Undercarriage track link
1682014015453906/05/14Module for securing energy storage cells
1692014015610506/05/14Conditioning a performance metric for an operator display
1702014015613906/05/14Joystick input arbitration
1712014015615206/05/14Determining an optimum operating point of an earth moving machine
1722014015615306/05/14Real time pull-slip curve modeling in large track-type tractors
1732014015615506/05/14Determination of optimum tractor reverse speed
1742014015616206/05/14Measuring and displaying tractor performance
1752014015622906/05/14Fatigue-based topology optimization method and tool
1762014015415906/05/14Engine exhaust aftertreatment component including aftertreatment brick module
1772014014399305/29/14Method and retrofit kit for oscillation joint
1782014014465905/29/14Demolition hammer with reversible housing and interchangeable wear plate arrangement
1792014014541005/29/14Bearing assembly for oscillation joint
1802014014587605/29/14Machine navigation system utilizing scale factor adjustment
1812014014616705/29/14Perception based loading
1822014014901605/29/14Conduit degradation detection system and method
1832014013738205/22/14Method of retrofitting an aftreatment system
1842014013744405/22/14Loader bucket with counterweight
1852014013754505/22/14Hydraulic system for providing auxiliary drive to a powertrain and a hydraulic circuit
1862014013757205/22/14Natural gas vehicle vented gas capture system
1872014013821805/22/14Switch assembly having unintentional-actuation guard
1882014014083505/22/14Component with cladding surface and method of applying same
1892014014083605/22/14Component with cladding surface and method of applying same
1902014014089205/22/14Exhaust after-treatment system
1912014014191705/22/14Motor assembly for final drive
1922014014193005/22/14Planet carrier salvage process
1932014013738205/22/14Method of retrofitting an aftreatment system
1942014013744405/22/14Loader bucket with counterweight
1952014013754505/22/14Hydraulic system for providing auxiliary drive to a powertrain and a hydraulic circuit
1962014013757205/22/14Natural gas vehicle vented gas capture system
1972014013821805/22/14Switch assembly having unintentional-actuation guard
1982014014083505/22/14Component with cladding surface and method of applying same
1992014014083605/22/14Component with cladding surface and method of applying same
2002014014089205/22/14Exhaust after-treatment system
2012014014191705/22/14Motor assembly for final drive
2022014014193005/22/14Planet carrier salvage process
2032014013052205/15/14Liquefied gas supply conditioning system and method
2042014013063405/15/14Efficiency spur gear set housing
2052014013077805/15/14Method of operating engine
2062014013082605/15/14Robotic cleaning system
2072014013153605/15/14Mounting bracket for electronic control modules
2082014013203205/15/14Frame for a cab of a mobile machine
2092014013206105/15/14Idler group and method of assembly
2102014013242205/15/14Traffic management
2112014013394805/15/14Bearing assembly
2122014013400805/15/14Pump having pulsation-reducing engagement surface
2132014013517205/15/14Machine powertrain control system and method
2142014013602005/15/14Worksite position control system having integrity checking
2152014013607105/15/14System with blended anti-lock and stability control
2162014013607905/15/14Control strategy in gaseous fuel internal combustion engine
2172014013608005/15/14Control strategy for dual gaseous and liquid fuel internal combustion engine
2182014013052205/15/14Liquefied gas supply conditioning system and method
2192014013063405/15/14Efficiency spur gear set housing
2202014013077805/15/14Method of operating engine
2212014013082605/15/14Robotic cleaning system
2222014013153605/15/14Mounting bracket for electronic control modules
2232014013203205/15/14Frame for a cab of a mobile machine
2242014013206105/15/14Idler group and method of assembly
2252014013242205/15/14Traffic management
2262014013394805/15/14Bearing assembly
2272014013400805/15/14Pump having pulsation-reducing engagement surface
2282014013517205/15/14Machine powertrain control system and method
2292014013602005/15/14Worksite position control system having integrity checking
2302014013607105/15/14System with blended anti-lock and stability control
2312014013607905/15/14Control strategy in gaseous fuel internal combustion engine
2322014013608005/15/14Control strategy for dual gaseous and liquid fuel internal combustion engine
2332014012362605/08/14Coolant warm-up using exhaust
2342014012406005/08/14Delta p closed loop pressure diaphragm
2352014012581805/08/14Automated camera and monitor color calibration
2362014012703605/08/14Plunger with outlet valve assembly for plunger pumps
2372014012706205/08/14Variable capacity plunger pump
2382014012903505/08/14Excess flow control valve calibration method
2392014012373105/08/14Sensing condition of fluids
2402014012393605/08/14Debris robust fuel injector with co-axial control valve members and fuel system using same
2412014012394805/08/14Compression ignition dual fuel engine and fuel injector for same
2422014012427605/08/14Dual rotor electric drive
2432014012511605/08/14Seal packing guard for rotating components
2442014012511705/08/14Roller collar configured to reduce seal packing
2452014012362605/08/14Coolant warm-up using exhaust
2462014012406005/08/14Delta p closed loop pressure diaphragm
2472014012581805/08/14Automated camera and monitor color calibration
2482014012703605/08/14Plunger with outlet valve assembly for plunger pumps
2492014012706205/08/14Variable capacity plunger pump

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