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Caterpillar Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Method of making machine component with aluminum alloy under temperature-limited forming conditions

A method of making a machine component includes extruding a supply of an aluminum alloy to produce an extrusion. The extrusion is formed under temperature-limited forming conditions of 275° C. or less to produce a blank. The blank is machined to at least one predetermined tolerance to produce the machine... Caterpillar Inc

 new patent  Torque converter lockup control

A system for managing a lockup clutch in an off-road truck includes an engine, a transmission and a torque converter coupled between the engine and the transmission. The torque converter has a lockup clutch that when engaged directly couples the engine to the transmission. The system also includes a transmission... Caterpillar Inc

 new patent  System and method to eliminate or reduce frame contact during operation of articulated machine

A system and method for limiting articulation between a front frame and a rear frame of an articulated machine are disclosed. The system and method receive steering signals and determine impending contact between the front frame and the rear frame based on the received steering signals. Additionally, an amount by... Caterpillar Inc

 new patent  Autonomous loading operating same

A hauling machine is disclosed. The hauling machine may include a dump body and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) disposed proximate to the dump body. The IMU may be configured to measure an impact of a payload material on the dump body during a first load cycle, and generate impact... Caterpillar Inc

 new patent  System and worksite route management

A haul-route management system is provided. The system includes a first sensor module configured to generate a signal indicative of a current position of a machine at the worksite. The system also includes a route control module configured to receive the signal indicative of the current position of the machine.... Caterpillar Inc

 new patent  Remanufactured sparkplug and sparkplug remanufacturing method

A remanufactured sparkplug includes a housing, an insulator within the housing, and first and second electrodes. The first electrode and the second electrode form a plurality of spark gaps at a plurality of new spark gap locations, and a plurality of spark-induced erosions are formed in the second electrode at... Caterpillar Inc

Method for printing component with anti-counterfeit features

An additively manufactured component has a plurality of overlapping layers bonded to each other. The plurality of overlapping layers includes at least a first subset of layers, and at least one layer of the at least a first subset of layers includes adjacent tracks bonded to each other. At least... Caterpillar Inc

Cartridge assembly with a flexible thrust ring assembly for a track chain

A flexible thrust washer member comprises a body including an annular skirt portion that defines an outer diameter and a central aperture having an inner diameter, wherein the body has a conical configuration that defines a conical axis and a radial direction and the outer diameter of the annular skirt... Caterpillar Inc

Leakage detection in engine air systems

A leak detection system for an engine air system is provided. The leak detection system may include a plurality of pressure sensors configured to retrieve pressure data from the engine air system, a plurality of temperature sensors configured to retrieve temperature data from the engine air system, and a controller... Caterpillar Inc

Connector for mounting sensor in pressurized fluid system

A connector for mounting a sensor such as a pressure sensor in a fuel system includes a connector body and a tube body. The tube body has sealing surfaces at opposite axial ends that are structured to bias rotation of the connector body and the tube body to occur relative... Caterpillar Inc

Identifying and configuring multiple smart devices on a can bus

A system for communicating over a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus may include a central controller and a plurality of smart devices communicatively coupled with the central controller over the CAN bus and over an identification verification network separate from the CAN bus. Each smart device may be configured to... Caterpillar Inc

Filter element and manufacturing a filter element

A filter element for the filtration of fluids can be manufactured from powdered metal using a laser manufacturing process. The powdered metal is deposited in a layer on fabrication platform and a laser beam is directed toward the layer of material so that the powdered metal granules fuse together to... Caterpillar Inc

Angled seal surface of a door of a cabin

A cabin assembly may comprises a door assembly comprising an outer surface, an inner surface, and a seal. The cabin assembly may further comprise a cabin frame comprising hinge assemblies pivotably coupling the door assembly to the cabin frame and a seal surface defining an opening into the cabin frame.... Caterpillar Inc

Systems, apparatuses, and methods to control output power of groups of engines

A control system to optimize response time of a plurality of engines of a machine is provided. The control system includes a controller configured to determine a first engine group and a second engine group based on data regarding response time characteristics of the plurality of engines, control the first... Caterpillar Inc

Linkage assembly for implements of machines

A linkage assembly for an implement of a machine is disclosed. The machine includes a frame. The linkage assembly includes a bell crank assembly that is pivotally connected to the frame and coupled to the implement. Further, a pair of fluid cylinders are positioned generally parallel to a length of... Caterpillar Inc

Quick disconnect joystick system and method

Systems and methods of adapting a work machine to operate a plurality of interchangeable work tools. Systems according to the disclosure employ interchangeable joystick controllers, each having different configurations optimized to the operator and/or the particular operating parameters and/or requirements of the selected work tool. Each of the joysticks has... Caterpillar Inc

Method for controlling ignition in internal combustion engine and pre-chamber assembly thereof

An internal combustion engine is provided. The internal combustion engine includes an engine block having at least one cylinder. The internal combustion engine includes a cylinder head engaged with the engine block. The internal combustion engine includes a pre-chamber assembly associated with the cylinder head. The pre-chamber assembly includes a... Caterpillar Inc

Fuel supply system for an engine with an electric ignition power source

A fuel supply system for a reciprocating-piston engine includes a storage tank; a wall of the storage tank defining a first aperture and a second aperture therethrough; a first fuel injector fluidly coupled with the first aperture of the storage tank via a pressure control module and a first fuel... Caterpillar Inc

Adapter for an isolation mount design

An isolation mount assembly comprises a resilient member defining a central aperture that defines a load axis and an annular depression about the load axis, and an adapter plate including an outer mechanical attachment structure that defines a first thickness and an inner attachment structure that is closer to the... Caterpillar Inc

Work surface failure prediction and notification system

A failure prediction and notification system for a work surface that has a raised contour includes a perception sensor mounted on a machine and a controller. The controller determines an initial physical characteristic of the initial topography of the work surface adjacent the raised contour, generates an electronic map of... Caterpillar Inc

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for monitoring pressure in a hydraulic system

A method, system, and apparatus to determine a malfunction or an abnormal pressure condition in a hydraulic system over a time period are provided. The method, system, and apparatus include monitoring hydraulic accumulator charge time, hydraulic accumulator discharge time, and hydraulic pump pressure over the time period, and determining whether... Caterpillar Inc

System and measuring in vivo wear in artificial knee joint

A method of determining wear of an artificial knee assembly (AKA) includes acquiring a first set of computed tomography (CT) data about the AKA in vivo. A first volumetric file is generated based on the first set of CT data. A first point cloud data set is generated based on... Caterpillar Inc

Hardfacing with low carbon steel electrode

A method of hardfacing a metal component includes welding a surface area of the metal component using a Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process. The method of hardfacing the metal component includes performing the CMT welding process in a weaving pattern over the surface area of the component. A consumable, low... Caterpillar Inc

Track roller assembly and method

A track roller assembly may have a track roller, a roller shaft and collars press fit onto either end of the roller shaft to retain the track roller on the roller shaft with an axial clearance between the collars and the track roller. During assembly, the collars may be press... Caterpillar Inc

Hydraulic lift cylinder mounting arrangement for track-type tractors

A track-type tractor may comprise an operator cab, an engine, a frame supporting the operator cab and the engine, and an implement configured to move a load. The track-type tractor may further comprise at least one hydraulic lift cylinder configured to raise and lower the implement. The hydraulic lift cylinder... Caterpillar Inc

Wear member retention system for an implement

A lug member is provided for a wear member retention system for an implement. The lug member includes an elongated body having a length dimension. A wear member engagement portion extends toward a distal end of the elongated body. A compression bolt assembly engaging portion is adjacent a proximal end... Caterpillar Inc

Filter center tube with standpipe and flow fins

A center tube for use with a filter element comprises a unitary body having a standpipe that defines a length along the longitudinal axis and a central flow passage and a plurality of radially extending flow fins attached to the standpipe, the flow fins spaced axially from one another along... Caterpillar Inc

Orbital friction surfacing of remanufactured cast-iron components

The method of orbital friction surfacing of components using a consumable solid tool comprises rotating the consumable featureless solid tool, plunging the tool toward a component until a desired spindle force is attained, and moving the component relative to the tool to lay down a deposition of material.... Caterpillar Inc

Implement positioning guidance system

A system and method for guiding an implement on a machine to a target location is disclosed. The system comprises a GUI and a controller in operable communication with the GUI. The controller is configured to: (a) determine a current location of the implement relative to the target location on... Caterpillar Inc

Control strategy for reduced fuel consumption in machine and powertrain system with same

A control system for a powertrain system includes an electronic control unit structured to receive ground speed data and load factor data. The electronic control unit determines an engine speed command to an engine and a torque command to a variable-torque transmission based upon an engine speed limit and a... Caterpillar Inc

Operator cab for machine having door with swing controlling hinge mechanism

An operator cab for a machine such as a motor grader includes an access door coupled to a frame by way of a hinge mechanism. The hinge mechanism has abutting cam and follower surfaces with geometry to control the swinging of the access door such as under the force of... Caterpillar Inc

Methods and systems for operating an engine

A method for operating an engine is disclosed. The method includes activating an engine idling reduction mode. The engine is shut down when the engine idling mode is active and when a measure of at least one first parameter, associated with each of one or more components coupled to the... Caterpillar Inc

Wear prediction and notification system

An ID tag is disposed on a plurality of components of a machine. A controller stores a usage threshold for each component, receives signals from an ID tag reader, and associates an identification number from each ID tag with a component of the machine. The controller determines previous usage data... Caterpillar Inc

Wear indicator for a wear member of a tool

A wear indicator is provided for a wear member of a machine wherein the wear member is subject to wear during use of the machine. The wear indicator may include a plug member configured to be positioned in a region of the wear member subject to wear. The plug member... Caterpillar Inc

Retainer system for ground-engaging tool

A ground-engaging tool system includes an adapter attachable to a work implement and a ground-engaging tip that is releasably connectable to the adapter. To releasably mate the adapter and the tip, the adapter may include a projecting lug post that locks and unlocks with a rotatable, latch-like retainer in the... Caterpillar Inc

12/14/17 / #20170356497

Bearing race

Disclosed is a bearing race comprising a surface having a plurality of pores formed therein. A lubricant is provided in the pores. The race has a body having a porous volume contiguous with the surface. The surface includes a load bearing zone configured to be in contact with a rolling... Caterpillar Inc

12/07/17 / #20170350007

Post coating surface treatment for metallic part

A method of surface treating a metallic part includes steps of coating the metallic part with a tribological thin film coating, and tumbling the metallic part after the coating step to remove surface micro-particles. The tumbling step may also remove delaminated areas of the tribological thin film coating. According to... Caterpillar Inc

12/07/17 / #20170350091

Implement system with nesting bucket and implement system operating method

An implement system includes a linkage and a bucket coupled with the linkage and movable between a dump position and a racked position. The bucket has a compound back section that forms a profile having a basin shape to assist in distributing material within the back section when the bucket... Caterpillar Inc

12/07/17 / #20170351230

Control system for machine

A control system for a machine having at least one control element is disclosed. The control system includes multiple input sensors in communication with the control element. The input sensor generates an input signal based on an input to the control element. The control system includes multiple actuating members to... Caterpillar Inc

12/07/17 / #20170353037

Flexible variable speed genset system

A variable speed genset system is provided. The variable speed genset system may include a plurality of gensets, a switch assembly coupling one or more of the gensets to a common bus, a power electronics circuit selectively coupling the switch assembly to the common bus, and a controller in electrical... Caterpillar Inc

11/30/17 / #20170342538

Thermal spray composition and component made therewith

Thermal spray coating compositions, methods of using thermal spray coating compositions, and remanufactured components are disclosed herein. A thermal spray coating composition can include about 7% to about 9% by weight aluminum, about 5% to about 7% by weight silicon, about 1% to about 3% by weight manganese, about 1%... Caterpillar Inc

11/30/17 / #20170342681

Bearing insert for a bearing arrangement

A replaceable bearing insert may include a bearing surface including a curvature configured to be complementarily contoured to a trunnion ball. The bearing surface may be configured to be in confronting engagement with the trunnion ball. An outer surface opposite the bearing surface may be configured to be received in... Caterpillar Inc

11/30/17 / #20170344011

System and executing a project plan at worksite

The disclosure relates to method for executing project plan at worksite including project location. The method includes receiving, the project plan and analyzing, by the control unit, the project plan to determine excavation locations and dumping locations. The method further includes determining properties of material associated with the excavation locations... Caterpillar Inc

11/30/17 / #20170344671

Model generation system for a machine

A model generation system for a machine is disclosed. The model generation system may have a database, a memory to store instructions, and a controller configured to execute the instructions to generate a plurality of interrelated data tables. The data tables may have a sensor table having a sensor row... Caterpillar Inc

11/30/17 / #20170344933

Method and system for managing supply chain with variable resolution

A method for managing a supply chain may include acquiring property data regarding the supply chain, acquiring one or more objectives to be achieved by the supply chain, the supply chain including a plurality of supply chain entities including customers, manufacturing facilities, and distributing facilities, and a plurality of edges... Caterpillar Inc

11/30/17 / #20170345233

Model generation and monitoring system for a machine

A monitoring system for a machine is disclosed. The monitoring system may have a database, a memory storing first instructions, and a controller configured to execute the first instructions. The controller may be configured to receive a first input including selection of a sensor associated with a component of the... Caterpillar Inc

11/23/17 / #20170335543

Guard rail with insert

A guard rail system for use with a machine is provided. The guard rail system comprises a handrail member, a support member that defines a longitudinal axis and an open channel that extends along the longitudinal axis and a snap receiving aperture that is in communication with the channel, and... Caterpillar Inc

11/23/17 / #20170335791

Cylinder head

A cylinder head for an internal combustion engine includes a cylinder head body forming an injector bore, a fuel gallery having segments extending collinearly, two fuel supply passages in fluid communication with the fuel gallery, and two cross-drill passages terminating at a respective cross-drill opening. The two cross-drill passages extend... Caterpillar Inc

11/23/17 / #20170335834

Pump for fluid system and operating same

A fluid system such as a fuel system includes a fluid supply and a pump coupled between the fluid supply and a plurality of fluid delivery devices. The pump can be a cryogenic pump such as for liquefied natural gas, with valve mechanisms to control hydraulic actuation of a piston... Caterpillar Inc

11/23/17 / #20170335842

Pumping system, vibration limiting device, and method

A mechanism for limiting vibration amplitudes in a pumping system includes a plurality of pendulum absorbers coupled with a carrier and each having a pivoting range. The pendulum absorbers each further include a first and a second contact surface that contacts an outer peripheral surface of the carrier at limit... Caterpillar Inc

11/23/17 / #20170335969

Isotropically finished seal ring, seal ring assembly, and making seal ring for seal assembly of machine

A seal ring for a seal assembly includes a body and a seal flange. The body is generally cylindrical and extends along a longitudinal axis between a load end and a seal end. The seal flange is disposed adjacent the seal end of the body. The seal flange projects radially... Caterpillar Inc

11/23/17 / #20170338063

Toggle switch lockout

The present disclosure relates to a toggle switch lockout for disabling a toggle switch including a baseplate and two parallel legs attached to the baseplate. The parallel legs can be configured to be positioned on either side of a toggle switch. The parallel legs each can have a tapered cutout.... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170327162

Capless and unibeam track roller mounting systems

A track driven machine is provided comprising an undercarriage drive system that includes a track, and a motor that powers the drive system, wherein the undercarriage drive system further includes at least one of a capless track roller mounting system and a central unibeam track roller mounting system.... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328031

Operation identification of a work machine

Systems and methods are disclosed for identifying operations of a machine, The system includes a work tool and an operator input device configured to receive input indicative of a desired movement of the work tool and to generate a command data stream associated with the received input, The system also... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328033

Support assembly for ground engaging tools

A support assembly for ground engaging tools comprises a tool (106) operatively connected to a working edge (116) of a work implement (100); a support member (134) operatively connected to the working edge (116) separately from the tool a predetermined distance away (164) from the tool (106) along the sweep... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328034

Tool adapter and shroud protector for a support assembly for ground engaging tools

A kit for supplying components for a support assembly for ground engaging tools comprising a shroud protector for use with the support assembly that is configured to be attached to a work implement using a retaining mechanism, a tool adapter and a shroud insert that includes a resilient member that... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328037

Retainer sleeve for ground engaging tools

A retainer sleeve configured for use in a retainer system for a ground engaging tool includes a plurality of plate-like sections, each section being flexibly joined with an adjacent section along either a radially inner edge or a portion of a radially outer edge. The radially inner edges of the... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328038

Shroud insert assembly using a resilient member

A support member for use with a support assembly for ground engaging tools comprises a structural member; and a resilient member that includes a base, and a contact surface, and wherein the structural member defines a direction of assembly and the resilient member defines a length and a width that... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328298

Cylinder liner with chamfer and anti-polishing cuff

A cylinder liner assembly for inclusion in the cylinder bore of an internal combustion engine includes a sleeve-like cylinder liner and an anti-polishing ring to scrape combustion deposits from a piston reciprocally movable along an axis line of the cylinder liner. A fire dam may axially protrude from a first... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170328320

Fuel injector wiring harness tray

A tray configured to support a fuel injector wiring harness is disclosed. The tray may include a first end, a second end opposite the first end, a bottom wall extending between the first end and the second end, and the bottom wall may be configured to support the fuel injector... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170329304

System and controlling a machine

A system for communicating between a machine and a remote system generates machine data and image data on-board the machine. The data is segmented into machine data subsets and image data subsets. At least some of the machine data subsets and only some of the image data subsets are transmitted... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170330305

System and generating interactive 2d projection of 3d model

A method for generating an interactive 2D projection of a 3D model includes steps of applying hierarchical defect data to the 3D model of a multi-part object, generating heatmap data based at least in part on the hierarchical defect data, and overlaying the heatmap data on the 3D model. The... Caterpillar Inc

11/16/17 / #20170330815

Mounting and environmental protection device for an igbt module

A semiconductor module is disclosed. The semiconductor module may include a housing having a sidewall portion, a housing support plate coupled to a bottom surface of the sidewall portion such that the housing support plate and the sidewall portion define an interior space of the housing of the semiconductor module,... Caterpillar Inc

11/09/17 / #20170320181

Manufacturing fixture system and associated process having a rest pad force sensor with closed loop feedback

A manufacturing fixture process, and associated device for practicing the disclosed process, includes supporting a component during manufacturing by at least one rest pad, and sensing and transmitting a force signal exerted on the rest pad by the component during manufacturing by at least one sensor associated with the at... Caterpillar Inc

11/09/17 / #20170321315

Method for manufacturing a component

A method for manufacturing a component is provided. The method includes providing one or more notches on a surface of the component. Further, depositing a coating on the surface to provide a thickness of the coating on the surface, is performed. The method also includes removing, at least partially, the... Caterpillar Inc

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11/09/17 / #20170321389

Integrated excavator pin grabber quick coupler

A tool coupler assembly may include a power linkage assembly, and the power linkage assembly may include a first power link. The first power link may include a first end configured for pivotal connection to a tool, and a second, opposite end configured for pivotal connection to one end of... Caterpillar Inc

11/09/17 / #20170324250

Method for controlling a genset system

A method for controlling a genset system is provided. The method includes recognizing a communication failure between one or more gensets of a plurality of gensets and a control system and determining an operating state of each of the one or more gensets prior to the communication failure. The method... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314232

Method of controlling machines at a worksite

A method of controlling machines for performing operations at a worksite is disclosed. The method includes receiving pre-construction terrain data, design terrain data, and resource data and then defining a plurality of constraints based on the data. Operations of the machines are simulated based on the data. The method includes... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314381

Control system for determining sensor blockage for a machine

A control system for a machine including a perception system comprising at least one sensor disposed on the machine and generating data signals pertaining to the machine and an environment associated with the machine and a controller communicably coupled to the perception system for receiving the data signals from the... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314443

Mixer for exhaust aftertreatment systems

A swirl mixer for mixing a reducing agent with exhaust gas in a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system is described. The swirl mixer may comprise a base permitting a flow of the reducing agent and the exhaust gas therethrough, and three arrays of fins projecting from the base in... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314444

Dual mixer for exhaust aftertreatment systems

A dual mixer for mixing a reducing agent with exhaust gas in a mixing section of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system is disclosed. The dual mixer may comprise a first mixer including a grid and a plurality of trapezoidal fins projecting from the grid in a direction of... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314491

Fuel injector for pulsed injections and system and method thereof

A fuel injection system is provided. The fuel injection system can have a fuel injector having a check valve with a plurality of fuel output ports, and a fuel injector body with an outer surface and an inner surface. The fuel injector body defines an inner volume to accommodate bi-directional... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314524

Sparkplug health determination in engine ignition system

An engine ignition system for a spark-ignited engine includes a sparkplug and a control system having primary ignition circuitry, secondary ignition circuitry coupled with electrodes of the sparkplug, and sensing circuitry. A control device determines a timing of spark production based on a pattern of varying of an electrical property... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170314983

Fluid level monitoring system

A fluid level monitoring system for a container defining a chamber includes first and second flexible interdigital capacitive sensors located at first and second ends of the chamber and disposed about a longitudinal axis of the chamber. The first and second flexible interdigital capacitive sensors are configured to be immersed,... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170315515

System for controlling operation of a machine

A control system for operating a machine includes a perception system and a controller. The perception system includes sensors that generate raw data signals pertaining to characteristics of an environment associated with the machine. The perception system also includes a processor that receives the raw data signals from the sensors... Caterpillar Inc

11/02/17 / #20170316125

System and analyzing operation of component of machine

A system for analyzing one or more operations associated with a component of a machine is disclosed. The system includes a data warehouse for storing data associated with the machine. The system includes a data extraction module, which extracts the data from the data warehouse and receives a customer input.... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170305034

System and connecting two 3d printed structures

A method for forming three-dimensional (3D) printed structures is disclosed. The method may include 3D printing a first structural member including an opening to a cavity inside the first structural member; and 3D printing a second structural member including a protrusion disposed within the opening and the cavity of the... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170305471

Node for a space frame

A node is disclosed. The node may have a core. The node may also have a projection extending from the core. Further the node may have a structural member attached to the projection. The node may also have a top cover having a top recess. The top recess may be... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170306589

Hybrid power train system for a tractor scraper

A hybrid power train system for a tractor scraper is provided. The hybrid power train system may include a primary power source coupled to a first set of traction devices, a generator coupled to the primary power source, a first electric motor coupled to a second set of traction devices,... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170306591

Adapter system for attaching components to differently sized base edges

A shim for use with a wear member comprises a body that defines a first aperture that includes a closed end and an open end, wherein the first aperture is defined by at least three surfaces including two side surfaces and at least one surface that defines the closed end... Caterpillar Inc

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10/26/17 / #20170306913

Fuel inlet filter for fuel injectors

A method for compensating for a variable distance between two components of an apparatus for providing a fluid filtering device therebetween is provided. The method comprises placing an adjustable filtering device between two components, altering the distance between the two components, and compensating for the change in distance between the... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170306917

Combustion pre-chamber and operating same

A method for operating an internal combustion engine includes operating at least one cylinder pre-chamber in a homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion mode by providing an air/fuel mixture in the pre-chamber that is fluidly connected to the at least one engine cylinder, creating H and OH radicals in the... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170307362

System and environment recognition

An environment recognition system for a machine operating at a worksite is provided. A processing device of the environment recognition system receives a plurality of data points from at least one perception sensor. The processing device generates an environment map and detects a plurality of objects. Further, the processing device... Caterpillar Inc

10/26/17 / #20170308074

Remote operator station for a machine

A remote operator station may include a seat. A first and a second input device may be disposed on the seat. An interface device may be discretely arranged with respect to the remote operator station and may include an interface processor in communication with a machine. The interface processor may... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170297581

System and controlling operation of machine

The present disclosure relates to system for controlling operation of machine. The system includes fatigue detection unit configured to generate a signal indicative of fatigue parameter of an operator of the machine. The system includes proximity sensing unit to capture image of a surrounding area of the machine. The system... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170298791

Valve lift assembly for a cam-in-block engine

An engine includes a block containing multiple valves, and a camshaft defining multiple cams for rotation about a camshaft axis. A valve lift assembly is operatively associated with a respective one of the cams and a respective one of the valves to transfer motion from the cam to the valve... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170298806

Engine coolant monitoring system for a machine

An engine coolant monitoring system for a machine is disclosed. The engine coolant monitoring system may have a test device configured to test a fluid sample of an engine coolant. The engine coolant monitoring system may also have a database configured to store a test result generated by the test... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170298810

Turbocharger speed anomaly detection

A process for monitoring turbocharger operation in a machine is disclosed. The machine includes a power source having an intake manifold for supplying the power source with air and a plurality of turbochargers. Each turbocharger includes an air inlet passageway to receive air, a plurality of pressure sensors arranged within... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170298842

Air-intake shutoff valves for engines

An actuation system for a valve is disclosed. The actuation system comprises a housing having an end wall. A first piston and a second piston is slidably positioned within the housing. The second piston is positioned between the first piston and the end wall. A piston rod is coupled to... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170298990

Self-lubricating roller bearing and methods of making and using self-lubricating roller bearing

A self-lubricating roller bearing is provided. The roller bearing includes an inner race, an outer race, and a plurality of rollers between the inner and outer races. Each of the inner race and the outer race includes a bearing surface for contact with the rollers. The bearing surface of one... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170299033

Powertrain system for machine and operating same

A powertrain system in a machine includes a transmission, and a transmission drive mechanism coupled between the transmission and an engine. The transmission drive mechanism includes a split path architecture where a first input gear receives a torque input from a driveshaft and a second input gear receives a torque... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170299269

Radiator assembly

A radiator assembly for a machine is provided. The radiator assembly includes an inlet tank adapted to receive a coolant. The radiator assembly includes a fluid line having a first end fluidly coupled to the inlet tank. The fluid line is adapted to allow passage of the coolant therethrough. The... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170299404

Methods and systems for calibrating sensors

A method for calibrating sensors devices mounted on a machine is disclosed. The method includes transforming a first 3D point cloud to generate a transformed first 3D point cloud based on an alignment of the first 3D point cloud with a 3D model of the machine. The first 3D point... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170299475

Maintenance system for a machine using fluid sample monitoring

A maintenance system for a machine is disclosed. The maintenance system may have a test apparatus configured to test a fluid sample extracted from the machine. The maintenance system may also have a database configured to store a test result generated by the test apparatus. In addition, the maintenance system... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170300038

3d construction system and method

A 3D construction system for creating an object includes, among other components, an online 3D blueprint model for the object and a 3D print head. An online control plan for controlling operation of the 3D print head to create the object according to the online 3D blueprint model is also... Caterpillar Inc

10/19/17 / #20170302210

Low inductance power electronics configuration for electric drive systems

A multi-stage power module is provided. The multi-stage power module may include at least one heat sink having a first surface, a second surface and an edge, a first set of switches disposed on the first surface of the heat sink, a second set of switches disposed on the second... Caterpillar Inc

10/12/17 / #20170291290

Hydraulic hammer assembly

A hydraulic hammer assembly is provided. The hydraulic hammer assembly includes a housing and a piston is arranged for reciprocating movement along a longitudinal axis within the housing. A head disposed along the longitudinal axis on an end of the housing and defines a chamber for holding a pressurized gas.... Caterpillar Inc

10/12/17 / #20170292249

Control a machine

A control system for a work machine having an upper frame rotatably mounted to a lower frame includes a controller configured to limit a maximum speed of the machine when a rotation angle between the upper frame and the lower frame exceeds a first predetermined value.... Caterpillar Inc

10/12/17 / #20170292430

System, apparatus, and method to address unwanted def-based deposits in diesel exhaust system

An exhaust system for a diesel engine is provided. The exhaust system includes a component body with a surface, and a surface treatment disposed on some of the surface or all of the surface. The surface treatment is disposed so as to receive Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) injected into the... Caterpillar Inc

10/12/17 / #20170293283

Control quick change device of work tools

The invention relates to a control method for a quick change device of a work tool, comprising the steps of: receiving a command to disengage a work tool clamping device; determining whether the work tool clamping device is in an engaged state; detecting functionality of a disengagement alarm if the... Caterpillar Inc

10/12/17 / #20170294858

Flux estimator for switched reluctance machines

A control system for a multi-phase switched reluctance (SR) machine, having at least two phases, is disclosed. The control system may include a converter circuit and a controller. The controller may include a phase voltage estimator module configured to determine a first phase voltage and a second phase voltage associated... Caterpillar Inc

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