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Caterpillar Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Caterpillar Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014022438508/14/14 Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
22013026187010/03/13 System and controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
32013019099607/25/13 System and controlling engine torque load
42015028350810/08/15  new patent  Reductant dosing system
52015028360710/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
62015028390710/08/15  new patent  Power boost circuit
72015028403210/08/15  new patent  Tilting hood assembly having fender-mounted handle
82015028404210/08/15  new patent  Mobile machine track roller having a guard member
92015028517810/08/15  new patent  Reactivity controlled compression ignition engine and combustion phasing control
102015028527510/08/15  new patent  Hydraulic linear actuator integrated into a flexible hose, and hydraulic circuit using same
112015028527610/08/15  new patent  Hydraulic linear actuator integrated into a hybrid fluid line, and hydraulic system using same
122015028541810/08/15  new patent  Joint for tube
132015027337010/01/15 Debris drain filter system and cartridge
142015027337110/01/15 Filter assembly
152015027421610/01/15 Skid plate assembly for axle housing of machine
162015027427510/01/15 Dynamic load-sharing power system
172015027546910/01/15 Lift arm and coupler control system
182015027573210/01/15 Coolant system for reductant tank
192015027575010/01/15 Mixed fuel electric power system
202015027605810/01/15 Sbs piston pump housing assembly
212015027693610/01/15 Cascaded coupled positioning system
222015028052210/01/15 Electric machine having rotor cooling assembly
232015026594909/24/15 Fluid filter
242015026595309/24/15 Filter element and filter assembly with recirculation
252015026617509/24/15 Installation tool
262015026645909/24/15 Front park brake protection controls
272015026652609/24/15 Air-hardenable bainitic steel part
282015026652709/24/15 Link for track assembly
292015026668009/24/15 Material triage system for worksite
302015026765309/24/15 Air cleaner arrangement
312015026765709/24/15 Quick twist disconnect device and system
322015026769709/24/15 Variable pressure limiting for variable displacement pumps
332015026771909/24/15 System and managing machine power system
342015026778009/24/15 Multi speed transmission
352015026778109/24/15 Multi speed transmission
362015026783109/24/15 Valve stem cover and system
372015026804209/24/15 Compensating for acceleration induced inclination errors
382015026812509/24/15 Oil detection sensor module for sensing oil leakage in coolant system
392015025848209/17/15 Centralized purging unit for engine sub-systems
402015025859509/17/15 Support system for machine
412015025977709/17/15 Thermal spray coil for wire arc thermal spray machine
422015025987509/17/15 Machine bucket
432015025988009/17/15 Automatic articulation failure mode protection
442015025988109/17/15 Automatic articulation machine states
452015025988209/17/15 Articulation covering complete range of steering angles in automatic articulation feature
462015025988309/17/15 Automatic articulation behavior when during error and high speed conditions
472015026006909/17/15 Fluid delivery system and method
482015026024709/17/15 Braking system
492015025127709/10/15 Method of laser drilling a component
502015025152109/10/15 Climate control system for machine cabin
512015025287509/10/15 Drive assembly for machine
522015024642009/03/15 Alignment pin
532015024657809/03/15 Multi-piece rim assembly
542015024664109/03/15 Guardrail system for a cab environment of a mobile machine
552015024730409/03/15 Implement system having hydraulic start assist
562015024730609/03/15 Shroud retention system having replaceable lug insert
572015024744209/03/15 High temperature seal for exhaust manifold
582015024746809/03/15 Method to operate a dual-nozzle fuel injector
592015024750909/03/15 Machine having hydraulic start assist system
602015024751309/03/15 Machine having hydraulic start assist system
612015024759109/03/15 System for retaining mulitple hoses
622015024045108/27/15 Method for controlling a machine
632015024045208/27/15 Shift logic for ground ripping machine
642015024045308/27/15 Adaptive control machine implements
652015024066908/27/15 Intake valve actuation system for dual fuel engine
662015024068008/27/15 Cleaning tool for diesel particulate filter
672015024068308/27/15 Reductant supply system
682015024084608/27/15 Clamping system for mounting accessories to frame assembly
692015024093908/27/15 System and controlling transmission of a machine
702015024124908/27/15 Sensor system for detecting position of target member
712015024405708/27/15 Receiver assembly
722015024429008/27/15 System and regenerative braking in electric drive system
732015024429208/27/15 System and energy management for electric drive system
742015023153808/20/15 Fuel filter for fuel delivery system
752015023198008/20/15 Integral electric power/compact construction equipment system
762015023212508/20/15 Parking assistance system
772015023308408/20/15 Coupling indication assembly for implement system
782015023308508/20/15 Implement system
792015023324508/20/15 Automatic watering of worksite
802015023327608/20/15 Modular assembly for aftertreatment system
812015023331008/20/15 Multi fuel engine substitution optimization for transient performance
822015023337208/20/15 Gear pump having grooved mounting adapter
832015023344808/20/15 System for transmitting torque with speed modulation
842015023378608/20/15 Ultrasonic measurement device
852015023378808/20/15 System and testing of seal materials
862015023309408/20/15 Wheel assist drive with traction control system and method
872015023309508/20/15 Implement tooth assembly with tip and adapter
882015022468508/13/15 System and manufacturing an article
892015022487908/13/15 Electrical power supply system for a machine
902015022625108/13/15 Assembly having two components coupled with fastening member
912015022655008/13/15 System and estimation of machine position
922015022663908/13/15 Method of inspecting worn surfaces of camshaft lobes
932015022819908/13/15 Ergonomics test buck
942015021721808/06/15 Filter element
952015021741408/06/15 Method of remanufacturing a component
962015021780308/06/15 System and method to select a steer mode
972015021877908/06/15 Rimpull derate management in a machine with independent powertrains
982015021898608/06/15 Jacket-cooled exhaust manifold
992015021899008/06/15 Diesel exhaust fluid filter permeability detection strategy and machine using same
1002015021899108/06/15 Exhaust emission prediction system and method
1012015021899308/06/15 Exhaust treatment system and method
1022015021903408/06/15 System and controlling engine
1032015021912608/06/15 Multi-function hydraulic hybrid swing circuit
1042015022008908/06/15 System and controlling fluid delivery
1052015020969807/30/15 Filter element having vent tube and filter assembly
1062015020969907/30/15 Filter element having end cap seal and filter assembly
1072015020970407/30/15 Filter element having cover portion and filter assembly
1082015020970507/30/15 Filter base system and filter assembly
1092015021002507/30/15 System for molding non-pneumatic tires
1102015021015607/30/15 System and cooling engine component
1112015021119907/30/15 Device and process to measure ground stiffness from compactors
1122015021140607/30/15 After-treatment system
1132015021143607/30/15 Method for repair of cylinder block including water ferrule
1142015021152907/30/15 Pump system with flow control
1152015021153707/30/15 Pump system with automated testing
1162015021193107/30/15 System for tracking cable tethered from machine
1172015021202507/30/15 Harness diagnostics system for a machine
1182015021360507/30/15 System for tracking cable tethered from machine
1192015021471707/30/15 Power supply system for machines
1202015020255207/23/15 Liquid filter drain with integral air vent
1212015020404707/23/15 Thumb for an excavator machine with structure support
1222015020432207/23/15 Pump system having speed-based control
1232015020442307/23/15 Drive system having a planetary gear set
1242015020483807/23/15 Engine exhaust gas sampling for mass spectrometer real time oil consumption measurement
1252015020490107/23/15 System and determining ground speed of machine
1262015019686207/16/15 Filter system and filtration fluid reservoirs
1272015019699907/16/15 Strainer removal tool for a liquid container
1282015019706107/16/15 Customized laser metal powder 3d printed consumable weld inserts
1292015019725107/16/15 Lock up clutch controls - high idle set point
1302015019725307/16/15 System for presenting road quality associated with operation of machine
1312015019729307/16/15 Track joint assemblies
1322015019729407/16/15 Track system for a machine
1332015019729507/16/15 Thin film coating on undercarriage track pins
1342015019791407/16/15 Bucket linkage assembly with lifting eye
1352015019791707/16/15 Piercing tip for a shear
1362015019791807/16/15 Thin film coating for linkage pin
1372015019792107/16/15 Tool retention system
1382015019806907/16/15 Aftertreatment system incorporating hydrolysis catalyst with particulate filtration and scr
1392015019807107/16/15 Filter system and filtration fluid reservoirs
1402015019807507/16/15 Injector cooling apparatus
1412015019808007/16/15 Engine fluid cooling assembly
1422015019813307/16/15 Engine coolant temperature regulation apparatus and method
1432015019818307/16/15 Failsafe pilot supply selector valve
1442015019822907/16/15 Roller pin for cam actuated roller assembly
1452015019823407/16/15 Deaerator apparatus
1462015019823907/16/15 Control system for hybrid powertrain
1472015019824107/16/15 Spool valve
1482015019824207/16/15 Method and controller for a powertrain in a machine
1492015019824607/16/15 Infinitely variable transmission with controlled coasting
1502015019850707/16/15 Increased pressure for emergency steering pump startup test
1512015019873607/16/15 Terrain mapping system using virtual tracking features
1522015019893607/16/15 Controlling a machine in remote or autonomous mode
1532015019900407/16/15 System and headgear displaying position of machine implement
1542015019910607/16/15 Augmented reality display system
1552015019984707/16/15 Head mountable display system
1562015020046807/16/15 Multi-wire receiving electrical connector assembly
1572015019725207/16/15 Lock up clutch (luc) controls - engine control when luc changes state
1582015019791507/16/15 Boom cylinder dig flow regeneration
1592015019807307/16/15 Exhaust aftertreatment system with in-elbow reductant injection
1602015019811007/16/15 End-of-current trim for common rail fuel system
1612015019812407/16/15 Asymmetrical orifice for bypass control
1622015019850707/16/15 Increased pressure for emergency steering pump startup test
1632015019107907/09/15 Fluid tank with modular and interconnected wall assembly
1642015019189607/09/15 Construction machines and fuel tanks for construction machines
1652015019189707/09/15 Hybrid hydraulic systems
1662015019214907/09/15 Apparatus and hydraulic systems
1672015019220707/09/15 Shaft seal assembly for final drive system
1682015019249407/09/15 System and calculating structural stress
1692015019249707/09/15 System and detecting fault in ignition system
1702015019256007/09/15 Method of assessing oil condition in an engine
1712015019263207/09/15 Detecting ground fault location
1722015019291907/09/15 Support members for three dimensional object printing
1732015019428207/09/15 Point level float switch with opposite polarity magnets
1742015018288607/02/15 Filter element having dual filtration capacity and filter assembly
1752015018337707/02/15 Storage chamber assembly in a machine
1762015018458007/02/15 Diverter valve for charge air system
1772015018502407/02/15 Machine positioning system utilizing relative pose information
1782015018676407/02/15 Machine-readable codes
1792015017661606/25/15 Heater system for pressurizable and fluid-retaining vessel
1802015017669706/25/15 Efficiency spur gear set housing
1812015017704606/25/15 Method and measuring ash deposit levels in a particular filter
1822015016537706/18/15 Nox sensor with amox catalyst
1832015016592906/18/15 Electric drivetrain using a configurable power converter
1842015016595606/18/15 Hoist assembly for dump body
1852015016595706/18/15 Load carrying dump body for a machine
1862015016597006/18/15 Reductant tank fill notification system
1872015016616006/18/15 Marine pod drive system
1882015016616206/18/15 Steering fuse
1892015016727206/18/15 Beam structure
1902015016727506/18/15 Operator cab for earth moving machines
1912015016727806/18/15 Ripper tip for a ripper shank assembly
1922015016751306/18/15 Lubrication system for engines
1932015016759606/18/15 Cooler for exhaust gas recirculation valve
1942015016799106/18/15 Dust containment assembly
1952015016895106/18/15 Control assembly for unmanned testing of machine operation
1962015016944106/18/15 Method of managing data of an electronic control module of a machine
1972015017084006/18/15 Method and mounting a large capacitor
1982015017323806/18/15 Configurable power converter package
1992015017324406/18/15 Cast housing for a configurable power converter
2002015015798106/11/15 System and sealing catalyst within aftertreatment housing
2012015015813106/11/15 Nitrided component surface repair with autofrettage
2022015015857006/11/15 Replaceable nose section for a marine propulsion unit
2032015015857106/11/15 Breakaway skeg for a marine propulsion unit
2042015015857206/11/15 Transmission system for pod system of marine vessel
2052015015934406/11/15 Bottom guard assembly
2062015015934906/11/15 Lubricant testing assembly
2072015015953706/11/15 Exhaust gas aftertreatment module
2082015015957106/11/15 Method of controlling engine speed
2092015015958506/11/15 System and repair of cast component
2102015015961306/11/15 Idle reduction engine shutdown and restart system for a machine
2112015015972806/11/15 Magneto-rheological damping system for preventing stratification
2122015015972906/11/15 Suspension assembly for payload carrier
2132015016010206/11/15 System and sampling of fluid
2142015015122606/04/15 Filter system with fuel-water separator
2152015015172006/04/15 Windscreen wiper actuation system
2162015015172106/04/15 Windscreen wiper actuation system
2172015015373606/04/15 Method of modifying a worksite
2182015015424706/04/15 System and surface data management at worksite
2192015015461906/04/15 Systems and methods for forecasting
2202015014380205/28/15 System and controlling exhaust temperature
2212015014389005/28/15 Method and tool for checking alignment between gears
2222015014430805/28/15 Baffle assembly for heat exchanger
2232015014905405/28/15 Automatic differential control system with manual override mode
2242015013554505/21/15 System and remanufacturing an engine block
2252015013607205/21/15 Dual fuel injector and engine using same
2262015013607305/21/15 Dual fuel injector and engine using same
2272015013652305/21/15 Torsion plate for ladder
2282015013656005/21/15 Hydraulic piston system
2292015012839205/14/15 Tool, system and process for finishing a cylindrical member
2302015012889905/14/15 Piston having combustion bowl shaped to balance combustion efficiency and emission properties
2312015012907605/14/15 Fuel supply routing assembly for engine to detect fuel leakage
2322015012926505/14/15 Wear assembly
2332015012933905/14/15 Service compartment for machines
2342015012972605/14/15 Modular retainer for cables
2352015013249505/14/15 Machine component with a cavitation resistant coating
2362015013416305/14/15 Electric drive control system
2372015012170905/07/15 Axle alignment sensor assembly for steering system of a machine
2382015012172905/07/15 Bucket lip protection assemblies and lip adapters for same
2392015012278305/07/15 Laser cladding with a laser scanning head
2402015012385005/07/15 Radar sensor assembly for machine
2412015012720705/07/15 Switched reluctance generator integrated controls
2422015012722905/07/15 System and preventing articulated machine roll-over
2432015011406304/30/15 System and forming hole in blank during hydroforming process
2442015011436304/30/15 Fuel tanks for construction macines
2452015011454404/30/15 Mounting structure and attaching mounting structure to surface
2462015011473704/30/15 Hood assembly for a machine
2472015011518404/30/15 Connector for connecting hose coupler to drain knob
2482015011693804/30/15 Heat sink device for power modules of power converter assembly
2492015010754504/23/15 Method of remanufacturing an engine

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