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Caterpillar Inc patents

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Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/14/14Apparatus and manufacturing a turbocharger component
10/03/13System and controlling autonomous machine within lane boundaries during position uncertainty
07/25/13System and controlling engine torque load
01/19/17 new patent  Fluid filter system
01/19/17 new patent  Filter adapter for a fuel injector
01/19/17 new patent  Abrasion resistant material tandem welding
01/19/17 new patent  Wear part with hardfacing and making same
01/19/17 new patent  Power skiving assembly and operation of same
01/19/17 new patent  Dual ended, full form tooth generating gear cutter and associated cutting insert
01/19/17 new patent  Methods of fabricating a track shoe using friction welding and resultant track shoes
01/19/17 new patent  Semiautomatic injector case o-rings removal machine
01/19/17 new patent  System and monitoring operation of retarding grid associated with traction motor of machine
01/19/17 new patent  Cover for an oil skimmer
01/19/17 new patent  Friction welded insert and processes for inserting the insert into a substrate
01/19/17 new patent  Ducted combustion systems utilizing venturi ducts
01/19/17 new patent  Fluid injector supply operating same
01/19/17 new patent  Hydraulic distributor for pump
01/19/17 new patent  Sealing member with visible pressure and temperature indication
01/19/17 new patent  Hose for conveying fluids
01/19/17 new patent  System and gear measurement
01/12/17Non-pneumatic tire including shear module
01/12/17Non-pneumatic tire including shear band
01/12/17Grill assembly
01/12/17Operator seat adjustment system
01/12/17Track pin for track chains
01/12/17Vibratory plate compactor
01/12/17System and controlling operations of a machine
01/12/17Wing shroud retention system for a bucket of a machine
01/12/17Fine implement control system using relative positioning
01/12/17Oil recirculation system for engines
01/12/17Connecting rod
01/12/17Diagnosing fault in common rail fuel system
01/12/17System for controlling pressure of fuel supplied to engine
01/12/17Ducted combustion systems utilizing duct cooling
01/12/17Oil deflector assembly for fuel injector
01/12/17Starter device for a prime mover
01/12/17Energy enhanced ignition system having lean pre-combustion
01/12/17System for selectively bypassing fluid supply to one or more operational systems of a machine
01/12/17Clutch assembly
01/12/17Tire health monitoring system
01/12/17Positioning determining location of machine
01/12/17System and collecting fluid sample from machine
01/12/17System and tracking position of cable attached to a machine
01/12/17Control system and strategy for generator set
01/12/17Load distribution for dissimilar generator sets
01/12/17Electric machine having rotor and stator cooling assembly
01/05/17Excavation system having adaptive dig control
01/05/17Excavation system providing impact detection
01/05/17Excavation system having velocity based work tool shake
01/05/17Excavation system providing automated stall correction
01/05/17Excavation system providing impact detection
01/05/17Excavation system providing automated tool linkage calibration
01/05/17Apparatus for removing o-rings from fuel injectors
01/05/17Method of operating cryogenic pump and cryogenic pump system
01/05/17Valve having spool assembly with insert divider
01/05/17Method for detecting discrepancies in a part drawing
12/29/16Aiming tool for nozzles
12/29/16Build reinforcement for sintering laser manufacturing
12/29/16Metallic 3d printing detachment technique
12/29/16Simulated eh braking system and safety protection
12/29/16Multi-sensor ultrasonic wear measurement system
12/29/16Header unit for reductant tank
12/29/16Multiple element firing strategy for cryogenic pump
12/29/16Hydraulic drive multi-element cryogenic pump
12/22/16Idler assembly for a track roller frame
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12/22/16Insert for turbocharger support housing
12/22/16Mechanical face seal
12/22/16Quality control checklist systems and methods
12/15/16Weld kit and limited access weld joints
12/15/16Fixture assembly
12/15/16System and evaluating additive manufacturing index
12/15/16Braking management in a dual braking system
12/15/16Mounting arrangement for coupling work tool attachment with machine
12/15/16Snow wing assembly
12/15/16Spacer shims for ground engaging tools
12/15/16Unidirectional flow diesel particulate filter
12/15/16Combustion pre-chamber assembly including fluidic oscillator
12/15/16Spark plug assembly having improved cooling
12/15/16Simulation system for simulating particulate matter emissions of an engine
12/15/16Parts validation and mobile sales application
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12/08/16Method of manufacturing gear-cutting tools
12/08/16Systems and methods for weld distortion reduction via a dynamically controlled heat source
12/08/16Apparatus for supporting backing member in enclosed structures
12/08/16Hybrid axle housing
12/08/16Control system for a seat
12/08/16Truck body for a machine
12/08/16Mine truck to mine truck communication
12/08/16Power pack assembly
12/08/16Frame for supporting a radiator guard of a machine
12/08/16Cylinder liner assembly having a thermal barrier coating
12/08/16Remanufactured cylinder block for internal combustion engine
12/08/16Monitoring system for fluid pump
12/08/16Retention assembly for cyclical loading
12/08/16Attachment bracket for coupling work tool with machine
12/08/16Configurable engine speed indication system
12/01/16Laser polishing metal face seal
12/01/16Use of photogrammetry for machining of parts
12/01/16Automated path compensation system for three dimensional printing system
12/01/16Integrated wheel and planet carrier
12/01/16Electronic speed control for locomotives
12/01/16Productivity management system for a machine
12/01/16Dissolvable cementitious composite ingredient packet
12/01/16Aftertreatment module with reduced bypass flow
12/01/16Water cooled exhaust manifold
12/01/16Segmented exhaust manifold gas seals
12/01/16Combustion pre-chamber and operating same
12/01/16Fuel combustion system, nozzle for prechamber assembly having coolant passage in communication with orifice passage, and making same
12/01/16Fuel delivery system
12/01/16Method and system for damping a check valve
12/01/16System and recovering energy in a machine
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12/01/16Support system for a pump
12/01/16Method and system for flow rate control of hydraulic pump
12/01/16Pin and retainer locking system
12/01/16Method of optimized gear selection on high speed directional shifts
12/01/16Runout calibrator for hydrodynamic bearing testing
12/01/16Method for improving severity estimates
12/01/16Method for aligning composite work cycle severity distributions to severity responses
12/01/16Machine performance evaluation and feedback system
12/01/16Method and system for displaying a projected path for a machine
12/01/16System and processing telematics data
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12/01/16Customized retainer for induction heating coil
11/24/16Fluid reservoir having inlet filtering
11/24/16Double tooth gap cutter and associated cutting insert
11/24/16Steam oxidation of thermal spray substrate
11/24/16Apparatus for removing waste material from flutes of a rotating hob when producing gears
11/24/16Chain assembly having a retention feature
11/24/16Track chain assembly for undercarriage system
11/24/16Attachment for forklift
11/24/16Cladding composition and remanufacturing components
11/24/16Implement position calibration using compaction factor
11/24/16System for scavenging pre-combustion chamber
11/24/16Fuel delivery system
11/24/16Turbocharger compressor anti-surge engine control strategy and method
11/24/16Method, system and dissipating heat in cylinder head
11/24/16Fuel delivery system
11/24/16Filter pre-cleaner system
11/24/16Common rail fuel injector
11/24/16System for estimating a displacement of a pump
11/24/16Gear box cooling system for a rock header
11/24/16Gasket restraint system
11/24/16Autonomous fleet size management
11/24/16System and evaluating a material movement plan
11/24/16Systems and methods for controlling motor torque output
11/24/16Imaging system for generating a surround-view image
11/17/16Tyre apparatus
11/17/16Fluid delivery system
11/17/16Mounting assembly
11/17/16Roller assembly for a track-type machine
11/17/16Fuel combustion system, nozzle for prechamber assembly having coolant passage, and making same
11/17/16Priming system for gaseous fuel powered engines
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11/17/16Independent metering valve priority in open center hydraulic system
11/17/16Hydraulic cylinder displacement measurement system
11/17/16Hydraulic system having regeneration and hybrid start
11/17/16Method and system for installing keylock insert
11/17/16Direct torque path differential having spiderless pinions
11/17/16Direct torque path differential having spiderless pinions
11/17/16Direct torque path differential having spiderless pinions
11/17/16Systems and methods for on-demand manufacturing
11/10/16Contaminate separator for seals of rotating shafts
11/10/16Zero lead generative cutting tool
11/10/16Low heat input weld repair of cast iron
11/10/16Systems and methods for collision avoidance using a scored-based collision region of interest
11/10/16Topographic wear monitoring system for ground engaging tool
11/10/16Control system for headlights of a machine
11/10/16System and implement control
11/10/16Access system for machine
11/10/16Fuel combustion system, nozzle for prechamber assembly with curved orifices, and making same
11/10/16Support assemblies for air-to-air aftercooler
11/10/16Fuel injector including extensions for split spray angles
11/10/16System for determining injector spray pattern
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11/10/16Unloading relief valve
11/10/16Method and system for estimating the specific gravity of an unknown fuel source in a multi-fuel engine
11/03/16System having pitch-adjusted rotational speed measurement
11/03/16System and positioning implement of machine
11/03/16System and controlling a machine implement
11/03/16Constant net implement pump valve flow
11/03/16Engine system
11/03/16Electrically detecting position of fuel admission valves
11/03/16Gas flow limiter for a fuel system and process for use thereof
11/03/16Fuel combustion system having component with knurled conduction surface and making same
11/03/16System and controlling power output of a power source
10/27/16System and forming an object using additive manufacturing process
10/27/16System and forming an object using additive manufacturing process
10/27/16Operator assistance system
10/27/16Track adjusting system
10/27/16Computer vision assisted work tool recognition and installation
10/27/16Machine with hood guard assembly and flexible iso-mount
10/27/16Valve lifter
10/27/16Engine mass air flow calculation method and system
10/27/16Hydraulic system including independent metering valve with flowsharing
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10/27/16Brake assembly having slack adjustment mechanism
10/27/16Hammer having composite piston sleeve
10/27/16Hose restraint using the same
10/27/16Market-driven mining optimization
10/27/16Cover assembly for switch
10/20/16Hammer buffer
10/20/16Steering column for machine
10/20/16Operator assist algorithm for an earth moving machine
10/20/16Tool retention system
10/20/16Tool retention system
10/20/16Tool retention system
10/20/16Lip for machine bucket
10/20/16Filter assembly
10/20/16Dynamic seal for fuel injector needle check
10/20/16End-of-current trim for common rail fuel system
10/20/16Recirculating pump inlet
10/13/16Method of remanufacturing an engine block
10/13/16System and machine cost optimization
10/13/16Boltless track shoe
10/13/16Boltless track shoe
10/13/16Systems and methods for remedying undue dust conditions
10/13/16System and machine control
10/13/16Ducted combustion systems utilizing curved ducts
10/13/16Ducted combustion systems utilizing duct structures
10/13/16Ducted combustion systems utilizing adjustable length ducts
10/13/16System and supplying natural gas to dual fuel engine
10/13/16Ducted combustion systems utilizing tubular ducts
10/13/16Ducted combustion systems utilizing outside air injection
10/13/16Pump piston having variable diameter
10/13/16System for stabilizing pressure fluctuations in a hydraulic line of a hydraulic circuit
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10/13/16Assembly for connecting a tube
10/13/16Device for measuring pulley belt span
10/13/16Automated cut scoring
10/13/16Systems and methods for assessing environmental conditions
10/13/16Automated material tagging system
10/13/16Systems and methods for identifying undue dust conditions
10/13/16Supply chain network sensitivity analysis using adjusted network parameters
10/13/16Oscillation detection and reduction in supply chain
10/13/16System and supply chain planning using postponement network
10/13/16System for allocating and monitoring machines
10/13/16Hybrid hard chopping and soft chopping current regulation
10/13/16Image processing system for generating a surround-view image
10/13/16Imaging processing system for generating a surround-view image
10/06/16Ceramic backing tile with consumable insert
10/06/16Heat exchanger assembly process and system
10/06/16Hydraulic hammer having self-contained gas spring
10/06/16High load capacity wheel force transducer
10/06/16Control system for a machine implement
10/06/16Marine vessel mounted machine system
10/06/16Pace regulation
10/06/16Hydraulic system with operator skill level compensation
10/06/16Bowl monitoring system
10/06/16Variable valve actuator
10/06/16Attachment assembly for heat-shield arrangement
10/06/16Fuel injector device and method
10/06/16Cylinder-piston assembly
10/06/16Seal for a joint assembly
10/06/16Valve having improved spool geometry
10/06/16Graphical user interface for touch display

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