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Caterpillar Sarl patents

Recent patent applications related to Caterpillar Sarl. Caterpillar Sarl is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Caterpillar Sarl may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Caterpillar Sarl, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Device and method for controlling work machine

The amount of work of a work machine (11) is estimated using fuzzy logic based on the amount of operation of control units (l1) to (l4) which operate a hydraulic swing motor (16m) and cylinders (21c) to (23c). A setting signal, which sets the rotational speed of an engine (19) based on the estimated amount of work, is set using the fuzzy logic. ... Caterpillar Sarl

 new patent  Automatic vibration device of work machine

Provided is an automatic swing device for a work machine which is capable of performing sieve operation in the posture where a work device is always at a posture suitable for sieve operation. An automatic swing device includes a posture sensor (15) which detects a posture of a work device. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Hydraulic circuit and working machine

Provided is a hydraulic circuit in which efficiency of confluence and distribution of each pump flow rate for various operations of each control valve is improved. The hydraulic circuit includes control valves (cv1) to (cv4) configured at least to control the direction of hydraulic oil respectively supplied to each cylinder (21c) to (23c) and a hydraulic swing motor (16m). ... Caterpillar Sarl

Accumulator pressure monitoring system

An accumulator pressure monitoring system for monitoring pressure in a hydraulic circuit. The accumulator includes a first chamber filled with a gas, a second chamber filled with a liquid and a movable separator disposed between the first and second chambers. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Construction machinery

A construction machine is equipped with a plurality of monitor cameras that capture the area surrounding a body of the machine. An image processor generates a synthetic bird's eye view image by synthesizing the plural camera images captured by each monitor camera into one. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Clamping assembly

A clamping member for attaching a hose with a frame of a machine is disclosed. The clamping member includes a first receptacle, a second receptacle, and a mounting portion defined between the first receptacle and the second receptacle. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Motion coupling of multiple electronic control inputs

An electronic control system for controlling movement of a work machine is disclosed. The control system may include a first and a second joystick, each of the first and second joysticks configured to move between a neutral and an operational position. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Control system for a work machine

A control system for a work machine is disclosed that may include an input device, an electronic controller, and a joystick. The input device may be configured to transmit an electronic selection signal. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Linkage assembly for machine

A four-bar assembly for a linkage assembly is provided. The four-bar assembly includes an arm pivot pin pivotally coupling a front arm with a rear arm of the linkage assembly. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Moving device for counterweight

An apparatus for moving a counterweight includes: an attachment (20) fixed to a frame (7) of a machine; a supporting member (40) that includes a supporting face (40a) for placing a counterweight (10) thereon when the counterweight is mounted on the machine; and a link mechanism (30) that moves the counterweight (10). The link mechanism (30) includes an arm (43) and a rotating cylinder (35) that rotates the arm (34). ... Caterpillar Sarl

Track roller frame assembly for track type machines

A track roller frame assembly for a track type machine is disclosed. The track roller frame assembly includes a first track roller frame and a second track roller frame. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Strainer assembly for a fluid tank

A strainer assembly for a fluid tank is provided. The strainer assembly includes an access plate configured to cover an opening of the fluid tank. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Hydraulic actuator control circuit

To reduce the cost by reducing the number of parts and simplify the control of regeneration in the hydraulic actuator even though the meter-in control and the meter-out control can be performed separately while the supply and the discharge of hydraulic fluid is controlled. A meter-in valve that controls supply flow from a hydraulic pump into a hydraulic cylinder is provided, and meter-out switching valve that switches the direction of supply and discharge of the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder and controls the discharge flow from the hydraulic cylinder to the oil tank is installed on the down stream side of the meter-in valve, and further, a regeneration control valve is installed on the down stream side of the meter-out switching valve.. ... Caterpillar Sarl

Final drive housing

A housing for a final drive, the housing being capable of reducing invasion of foreign materials into a labyrinth channel by a simple configuration, and easily discharging out foreign materials in the labyrinth channel, and a final drive provided with the housing. A labyrinth channel 52 is provided at a position facing a floating seal 51 for sealing a gap between a stationary-side housing 26 and a rotation-side housing 25. ... Caterpillar Sarl

11/23/17 / #20170335544

Arrangement structure for a reducing agent tank for a construction machine

To control elevation of the temperature of the reducing agent in a reducing agent tank which is located near a heat generating control valve in a construction machine, a tank storage room 8 housing a urea aqueous tank is located at the upper side of a valve housing room where control valves are housed. The urea aqueous tank is mounted at the upper side of a bulkhead plate which separates a tank storage room and the valve housing room one above the other having an empty space between so that air can flows through an air flow path s, and a space a is provided between a cover body covering the tank storage room and a cover body covering the valve housing room so that the air flows in and out through the space a and the air flow path s.. ... Caterpillar Sarl

11/23/17 / #20170335542

Front attachment in traveling machine body for operation

To set time difference to the starting time of excavation and scooping by setting the starting of the scooping with a bucket behind the starting of the excavation with a ripper in an excavation machine where the bucket and the ripper are equipped to an arm, and are manipulated to open and close with each other by expansion and contraction of a hydraulic cylinder during the first half of the contracting process at a hydraulic cylinder, a pin mounted on a connecting link where a bucket and a ripper are connected moves through a slot formed on the bucket to make bucket delay in closing, and the bucket and the ripper close at the same time during the latter half of the contracting process.. . ... Caterpillar Sarl

11/16/17 / #20170326939

Air conditioner for construction machine

An air conditioner for a construction machine which can ensure the required durability of a supply line and a discharge line, and which can reduce manufacturing costs. The air conditioner has an exterior unit outside the cab and an interior unit on the floor of the cab, the interior unit including an expansion valve disposed at a position above an upper surface of a floor plate of a cab. ... Caterpillar Sarl

09/28/17 / #20170275853

Control valve diagnostic system in hydraulic circuit

This invention provides to set plural test patterns in which two or more control valves are picked up from the plural control valves as diagnosis target, and there being installed a malfunction diagnosis means (47) in which the diagnosis of malfunctioned valve is applied to the test patterns as unit, and malfunction valve identification means (48) in which the malfunctioned valves are identified by checking the control valves one another, that control valves are included in the test patterns having been diagnosed whether malfunction exists or not by the malfunction diagnosis means (47).. . ... Caterpillar Sarl

08/31/17 / #20170247069

Additional protective cover for preventing entry of foreign matters into drive sprocket of construction machine with crawler traveling body and method for assembling additional protective cover

Problem: to provide a cover body (18) at a space x formed between a motor housing (14) and a sprocket (15) which are the components of a drive sprocket (10) of a base carrier (2) in a hydraulic shovel, so as to prevent foreign substances such as sand from entering into the space, and to be installed to the motor housing side (14) without forming a bolt hole. Solution: a cover body (18) is formed to be a split-body divided to an upper half (19) and a lower half (20), and to be connected to each other to form a ring shape by connecting a connect bolt (23) formed at an adjacent part of the cover body (18). ... Caterpillar Sarl

08/10/17 / #20170225726

Torsion axle lockout assembly

A suspension system for supporting a ground engaging member relative to a frame is provided. The suspension system includes a torsion axle assembly including an arm, an axle coupled to the ground engaging member and connected to the arm, a shaft connected to the arm and a tube that is connected to the frame. ... Caterpillar Sarl

07/06/17 / #20170191240

Work tool coupler engagement system

A coupling device may include a coupler frame a variable length actuator having a right actuator end and a left actuator end supported by the coupler frame and extending between the ends of the coupler frame. Right and left latches are slidably engaged by and movable relative to the coupler frame and are operatively connected to the ends of the variable length actuator. ... Caterpillar Sarl

07/06/17 / #20170190325

Braking system

The present disclosure relates to a braking system and, more particularly, to a braking system for engaging a brake mechanism as a waiting brake for a load carrying vehicle. The braking system comprises first and second brake mechanisms. ... Caterpillar Sarl

05/18/17 / #20170136932

Vehicle and method of controlling a vehicle

The present disclosure relates generally to a vehicle and a method of controlling a vehicle which has a material discharge mechanism, such as a tipping or ejection mechanism. The vehicle may be provided with a control system which is configured to engage a brake mechanism and lock an inter-axle differential when it determines that activation of the material discharge mechanism has been requested and the transmission is in neutral mode.. ... Caterpillar Sarl

05/18/17 / #20170136873

Urea tank

This invention relates to a urea tank having a filler neck, an inlet adapter and a filler cap. While a filler cap is mounted on a filler neck, a locking piece is rotated 135 degrees, and then the filler cap is pulled upward.; as a result, the filler cap is removed from the filler neck along with an inlet adapter. ... Caterpillar Sarl

05/04/17 / #20170121944

Control device and working machine

A control device for suppressing engine load fluctuation according to main pump circuit conditions, wherein an assist torque calculation task includes a target engine torque calculation task separating smooth torque components from main pump load torque and setting a minimum value of either smooth torque component or engine setting torque as target engine torque, and a subtractor calculating target assist torque based on a difference between the main pump load torque and the target engine torque, the assist torque calculation task controlling a capacity of an assist pump based on the target assist torque and controlling switching between an assist mode and a charge mode.. . ... Caterpillar Sarl

04/20/17 / #20170110864

Long-size object fixture

Fixture including a band and a holding member enables a long-size object to be held on a mounting member regardless of the holding member thickness. With the locking member on one side of the mounting member, one end of the band extends through a slot in the mounting member and through a first through-slot of the holding member, a contact surface of the holding member abuting the mounting member. ... Caterpillar Sarl

04/20/17 / #20170107693

Input control method of touch panel monitor for working machine

Method for controlling input to a touch panel includes a monitor screen display displaying a rear camera image screen, a measurement screen at the touch panel, and an input operation screen display in which an input operation can be performed. When the machine is operable, a monitor screen can be displayed in an input lock state in which the input operation is inhibited by turning off a hydraulic lock switch and releasing a hydraulic lock state. ... Caterpillar Sarl

02/23/17 / #20170050643

Method of determining whether a frame of a work machine is approaching a tip over point

The present disclosure relates to a method of determining whether a frame of a work machine is approaching a tip over point. First and second loads upon respective first and second support arrangements of the frame are detected using respective first and second sensing means. ... Caterpillar Sarl

02/23/17 / #20170050626

Braking system and method for machine

Braking system includes a brake, first valve that actuates the brake based on user input, second valve configured to selectively actuate the brake, and valve actuation system including a user input device moveable between first and second positions. A brake sensor provides a signal indicative of actuation of the first valve. ... Caterpillar Sarl

02/02/17 / #20170030047

Quick coupler control device for working machine

In a control device, a pilot-operated first check valve connects a solenoid-operated first directional control valve to a lock side chamber of a lock cylinder installed in a quick coupler. A pilot-operated second check valve is connected to the lock cylinder unlock side chamber, a solenoid-operated second directional control valve connected between the second check valve and the first directional control valve. ... Caterpillar Sarl

01/19/17 / #20170016374

Synthetic resin tank

A synthetic resin tank can prevent being damaged when it expands or contracts by the change of ambient temperature, though it can be easily fixed on the vehicle with fastener such as bolts, without the belts for securing the vehicle. The synthetic resin tank includes a body which defines a storage space for fluid and fixing means which is attached to the body. ... Caterpillar Sarl

01/12/17 / #20170009425

Cab protection device for working machine

A regulation device including a stopper receiving part mounted on the machine frame and/or the bottom of the cab includes a through hole formed at the center part, a shaft penetrating the through hole of the stopper receiving part and a stopper supported by the shaft. A spherical surface is formed on the side surface of a stopper where a stopper receiving part contacts. ... Caterpillar Sarl

01/12/17 / #20170008370

Valve device and air conditioning system

A plurality of coolant piping lines are connected via valve, body flange members, which include respective recesses which are notched toward respective piping line insertion holes into which respective coolant piping lines are inserted, projections which are projected from respective recesses, and screw insertion holes which are arranged on a respective projection or recess, recesses and projections being combined with one other to make continuous screw insertion holes into which a fixing screw is inserted to fix the flange members.. . ... Caterpillar Sarl

01/05/17 / #20170001526

Power supply device for vehicles

Power supply device includes a power supply circuit with a low voltage load circuit and a high voltage load circuit connected to a plurality of batteries connected in series. A power supply circuit includes an equalizer that can prevent uneven consumption of each battery; a disconnect switch that enables the battery on the low voltage side to be electrically cut off; and a disconnect relay that enables the battery on the high voltage side to be electrically cut off. ... Caterpillar Sarl

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