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Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs A Corporation Of France
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs_20100121

Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs patents

Recent patent applications related to Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs. Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/14/17 new patent  Coherent spectroscopic methods with extended interrogation times and systems implementing such methods
12/07/17Continuous flow process for manufacturing surface modified metal oxide nanoparticles by supercritical solvothermal synthesis
11/30/17Micro-device for detecting volatile organic compounds, and detecting at least one volatile organic compound contained in a gas sample
11/16/17Compositions comprising a polymeric network
11/09/17Cyclic antimicrobial pseudopeptides and uses thereof
11/02/17Novel silicone composition crosslinking catalysts
10/26/17Method for generating high-power electromagnetic radiation
10/19/17Method of transcoding video data with fusion of coding units, computer program, transcoding module and telecommunications equipment associated therewith
10/19/17Optical telemetry device
10/12/17Active glazing system
10/05/17Method for determining a visual quality index of a high dynamic range video sequence
10/05/17Antibody which is directed against galectin-9 and is an inhibitor of the suppressor activity of regulatory t lymphocytes
10/05/17Molecular targets for the treatment of wounds, in particular chronic wounds
09/14/17Polypeptide expressed in the stratum corneum and use thereof
08/24/17Detection of analytes using nanoparticles as light scattering enhancers
08/17/17Method for determining the structural profile of a fibrin clot reflecting the stability thereof, in order to predict the risk of bleeding, thrombosis or rethrombosis
08/10/17Method for chiral resolution and device therefor
08/03/17Printing an adhesive pattern on an anti-fouling support
08/03/17Method for estimating the spatial distribution of the hazardousness of radiation doses
06/29/17Use of mir-199a-5p, targets and/or inhibitors thereof for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of fibroproliferative disorders
06/22/17Method and pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
06/08/17A microwave oven
06/01/17Alcoholic extract of aerial parts of solidago virgaurea subsp. alpestris, production thereof, and cosmetic or dermatological composition containing it
06/01/17Extracts of santolina chamaecyparissus
06/01/17Method for marking bundles of power lines for diagnosis by reflectometry and corresponding kit
06/01/17Variants of exoglucanases having improved activity and uses thereof
06/01/17Variants of exoglucanases having improved activity and uses thereof
05/25/17Treatment of motor neuronopathies
05/11/17Method and device for functional imaging of the brain
05/04/17Single-component artificial neuron based on mott insulators, network of artificial neurons and corresponding manufacturing method
04/20/17Device for displaying an image sequence and system for displaying a scene
04/20/17Display control for implementing said method
04/13/17Device and remote polarimetric characterization
03/30/17Frequency converter system conversion cell and frequency conversion system
03/30/17Composition of alkyl polyglucosides and fatty esters of cationic amino acids
03/23/17Copolymers of formula (i) and uses
03/16/17Novel lectins and applications for the detection of pathological state markers
02/23/17Method of tracking shape in a scene observed by an asynchronous light sensor
02/02/17Electromagnetic system for exploring the seabed
01/19/17Optical system comprising a spatial light modulator
01/19/17Method for reusing leaves from arborescent woody plants, for the phytopharmaceutical industry
01/19/17Neuronal viability factor and use thereof
01/05/17Anode compartment with a collector made of amorphous-alloy
01/05/17Method for adjusting the level of inhibitors in an oil or gas well
12/01/16Ultrasonic for characterising weak anisotropic media, and ultrasonic probe assembly for such a characterisation device
11/24/16Three-dimensional focusing device and a microscope
11/24/16Method for manufacturing mirrors with semiconductor saturable absorber
11/17/16Disintegratable porous organometaloxyde material
11/03/16Quantum detection element with low noise and manufacturing such a photodetection element
10/27/16Morpholine bath and chemically depositing a layer
10/27/16Persulfate bath and chemically depositing a layer
09/22/16Method and device for laser micromachining
09/22/165'-nucleotidase inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof
09/15/16Tyrp1, a natural mirna sponge, and its use in managing human melanoma aggressiveness
09/08/16Method for generating a flow of fluid
09/01/16Heterojunction-based hemt transistor
08/25/16Inhibitor peptides
08/18/16Synthetic single domain antibody
08/11/16Wave shaping device, an electronic device, and a system
08/04/16Lyme disease vaccines
08/04/16Method for determining the sizing of the transistors of an analog circuit
07/28/16Optical measurement of a temperature of an object, and associated mapping
07/14/16Metalloprotease inhibitors, methods for producing same, and therapeutic uses thereof
07/14/16Liquid phase phenol analysis
07/07/16Method for exfoliating carbonaceaous materials containing graphite, assisted by a diels-alder reaction
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06/30/16Method and system for determining a location of a reflecting scatterer in a medium
06/23/16Gla-domainless factor x
06/23/16Use of a haemoglobin for the preparation of dressings and resulting dressings
06/09/16Polysaccharide derivatives including an alkene unit and thiol-click chemical coupling reaction
06/09/16Multicompartmental lipid nanoparticles
06/09/16Novel catalysts with a silylene ligand
06/09/16Novel catalysts with a silylene ligand
06/02/16Method and device for mapping fibrous media
05/26/16Novel catalysts having a silene ligand
05/19/16Device for compensating for the drift of a phase shift of a device for modulating the polarization state of a light beam
05/05/16Antagonist of the btla/hvem interaction for use in therapy
05/05/16Method for manufacturing a titanium-aluminum alloy part
05/05/16Cmos sensor with standard photosites
04/28/16Method for fabricating a photosensitive device
04/21/16Method for reducing noise in data-sets of harmonic signals
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03/31/16Method for fabricating a photovoltaic system with light concentration
03/24/16Production of antibody formats and immunological applications of said formats
03/24/16Method and device for electroplating in cylindrical geometry
03/03/16Conductive composite material and producing said conductive composite material
03/03/16Electric connection element manufacturing method
02/04/16Glycoside derivatives, preparation thereof and use thereof as prosthetic groups
01/14/16Supramolecular materials made of oligoamides
01/07/16Process for treating a magnetic structure
01/07/16Process for treating a magnetic structure
12/03/15Method for activating a chemical reaction, solution that can be activated by said for implementing said method
11/19/15Process for preparing asymmetrical imidazolium salts
11/05/15Ruthenium complexes comprising an asymmetrical unsaturated n-heterocyclic diaminocarbene
10/29/15Polymerization method
10/22/15Polypeptide expressed in the stratum corneum and use thereof
10/22/15Self-configurable device for interleaving/deinterleaving data frames
10/15/15Method and facility for treating cork
10/01/15Alkali-metal vapour cell, especially for an atomic clock, and manufacturing process
09/03/15In vitro genetic diagnostic of inherited neuromuscular disorders
08/27/15Traitement des neuronopathies motrices
08/13/15Surface treatment of microfluidic devices
07/30/15Optical device having liquid-core optical fibre and producing such a device
07/16/15Method for enhancing the determination of a seismic horizon
07/02/15Inhibitors of the interaction of the sigma-1 receptor with herg for use in the treatment of cancer
06/04/15Device and focusing pulses
05/21/15Glow discharge lamp
05/14/15Material formed from dendritic molecules containing associative groups
03/26/15All optical high energy radiation source
03/26/15Method and kit for the classification and prognosis of tissue or organ fibrosis in a reparative or reactive process
03/19/15Microscope for high spatial resolution imaging a structure of interest in a sample
02/19/15Electrochemical device comprising a proton-conducting ceramic electrolyte
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02/05/15Multiple scattering medium for compressive imaging
01/08/15Use of microrna molecules to influence skin pigmentation
01/01/15Device for guiding cell migration and guiding method implementing such a device
12/25/14Method for producing a graphene film
12/11/14Medical or therapeutic application of a composite material of ruthenium with a nitrosyl ligand
06/12/14Density-based comparing images and detection of morphological changes using the method thereof
01/30/14Bioreactor for cell culture on a three-dimensional substrate
12/19/13Use of creatine kinase for preventing or treating addiction to opiates
11/28/13System and multitechnique imaging for the chemical biological or biochemical analysis of a sample
11/28/13Inhibitors of the interaction of the sigma-1 receptor with herg for use in the treatment of cancer
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11/21/13Optimized arrangement of triazole particles
10/24/13Method for transforming iota-carrageenan into alpha-carrageenan by means of a new class of 4s-iota-carrageenan sulfatase
10/03/13Digital processing for compensating signals emitted by photosites of a colour sensor
04/25/13Device and method intended to measure the properties of a complex medium by analysis of the variation in backscattered and/or transmitted light
04/18/13Asymmetric mim type absorbent nanometric structure and producing such a structure
04/11/13Tools for the identification of lingo-1, lingo-2, lingo-3 and lingo-4 ligands, and uses thereof
02/14/13Method for detecting a resonant nonlinear optical signal and device for implementing said method
02/07/13Imaging method and apparatus using shear waves
02/07/13Method and device for adjusting the mass flow rate of a gas stream
01/24/13Method for detecting a resonant nonlinear optical signal and device for implementing said method
12/06/12P-glycoprotein-specific non-competitive peptide and peptidomimetic modulators
11/08/12Composition and treating cognitive impairments in down syndrom subjects
10/25/12System for continuously generating polychromatic light by means of doped microstructured optical fibre
09/13/12Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy system for analyzing particles in a medium
09/13/12System for monitoring all-optical polarization having a contra-propagating pump beam
09/06/12Compounds and methods for purifying peptides produced by solid phase peptide synthesis
08/09/12Induction heating method implemented in a device including magnetically coupled inductors
08/09/12Cell imaging viewing microrna biogenesis in the cells
07/12/12System for emitting a polychromatic light, provided with coupled sub-cavities
07/05/12Generator and laser system comprising coupled sub-cavities
06/21/12Coherent ultra-short ultraviolet or extended ultraviolet pulse generating systems
05/24/12Use of a porous crystalline hybrid solid as a nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst and devices
05/17/12Emulsion activatable by ultrasounds and producing same
05/03/12Electronic components with integrated encapsulation
05/03/12Method for generating free electrons and free-electron laser system using the interaction with a laser undulator
05/03/12Method for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes on long particulate micrometric materials
05/03/12Method for forming cyclodextrin polymer and lipophilic compound emulsions, resulting emulsions, and compositions including said emulsions
05/03/12Method and electrical cortex stimulation
04/19/12Nanocomposites, producing same, and use thereof in devices for protecting against electromagnetic waves
02/23/12System and device for optical detection of particles with an array for decoupling optical information, corresponding manufacturing method
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02/16/12Identification of novel antagonist toxins of t-type calcium channel for analgesic purposes
02/09/12Terahertz imaging device with improved thermal converter
02/02/12System and quantitative analysis of the elemental composition of a material by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs)
12/29/11Method for preparing metal-organic framework crystallised and porous aluminium aromatic azocarboxylates
12/01/11Lead assay
12/01/11Variable-spectrum high power electrical pulse generator, and facility and equipment operating such a generator
10/27/11Fourier transform spectrometer with a frequency comb light source
10/06/11System and wirelessly testing integrated circuits
08/18/11Blood markers of transplanted intestine rejection
08/04/11Oral galenic form, polymer production method and use of same
07/14/11Reducible porous crystalline hybrid solid for the separation of mixtures of molecules having different degrees and/or a different number of unsaturations
06/09/11Formation of a transparent conductive oxide film for use in a photovoltaic structure
06/02/11Graphene solutions
05/26/11Sounding using wave propagation
01/27/11Method of manufacturing conductive composite fibres with a high proportion of nanotubes
01/27/11Encapsulation of vitamin c into water soluble dendrimers
01/27/11Method of authentication using a decoding of an error correcting code on the basis of a public matrix
01/06/11Material formed from dendritic molecules containing associative groups
08/05/10Reconfigurable logic cell made up of double-gate mosfet transistors
07/08/10Method for rheological characterization of a viscoelastic medium
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05/13/10Method for producing a copolymer of at least one cyclic monomer
05/06/10Method and exploring by wave propagation
03/18/10Novel marterials including elements of group 14
01/21/10Device for longitudinal pumping of a laser medium
11/19/09Pharmaceutical composition for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a tumoral pathology comprising an agent modulating the polymerization state of actin
08/27/09Methods and compositions for the preparation and use of toxin conjugates
08/27/09Inhibitor peptides
04/23/09Methods for determining the sensitivity or resistance of retrovirus isolates to therapeutic retroviral treatments based on viral protease inhibitors and diagnostic kits
01/21/10Device for longitudinal pumping of a laser medium
07/22/10Method for identifying motifs and/or combinations of motifs having a boolean state of predetermined mutation in a set of sequences and its application

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