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Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s_20100121
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s_20131212

Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s patents

Recent patent applications related to Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s. Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17Imaging method, and system, for obtaining a super-resolution image of an object
09/14/17New phenolic polymers and preparation processes thereof
09/07/17Process for hydroxylation of aromatic compounds, hydroxylation catalyst and process for preparing same
08/24/17New process for preparing biphenyl compounds
08/24/17Compositions useful in the diagnostic of latently infected mycobacterium tuberculosis
08/24/17Method for determining the characteristics of a system for generating a spatial light modulation in phase and amplitude at high refresh rate
07/20/17Molecules presenting dual emission properties
06/29/17Method for obtaining a functional parameter of a muscle
06/08/17Use of certain transition metal hyperaccumulator plants for reducing organic compounds in a green manner
05/11/17Nanoparticles based on platinum and a rare earth oxide, and the methods for the production thereof
05/04/17Compositions of mono-alkyl ethers of monoanhydro-hexitols, production methods thereof and use of same
03/30/17Methods for obtaining stem cells
02/23/17Method for dry reforming of at least one alkane
02/16/17Device for characterizing an interface of a structure and corresponding device
02/02/17Process for implementing in vitro spermatogenesis and associated device
01/05/17Cd300a receptors as virus entry cofactors
12/29/16Process for depolymerization of lignin by laccases
11/17/16Capsules containing cells with hematopoietic potential
11/10/16Five-membered cyclic biscarbonates bearing amide linkages, their preparation and their uses for the preparation of polymers
11/03/16Method for manufacturing a treated optical fiber for radiation-resistant temperature sensor
10/27/16A memory device, comprising at least one element and associated method spintronics
09/22/16Adjustable speed fast laser scanning system and two-photon microscope associated
09/08/16Agricultural uses of a novel bacterium of the genus streptomyces
09/01/16Neuromimetic circuit and fabrication
08/25/16New pi3k/akt/mtor inhibitors and pharmaceutical uses thereof
08/18/16Cationic support forming a hybrid anionic membrane
07/14/16Method for producing a monolithic electromagnetic component and associated monolithic magnetic component
06/09/16Modified algae strain and triacylglycerol accumulation using said strain
06/02/16Method and unit for producing microalgae
05/26/16New family of discriminating molecules for neutron and gamma rays and ionic liquids
05/26/16Accurate assessment of the state of charge of electrochemical cells
05/19/16Shear wave imaging method and installation for collecting information on a soft solid
05/19/16Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised silico/germano-metal particles and composition obtained
05/19/16Lipochito-oligosaccharides stimulating arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
05/19/16Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised mineral particles and corresponding composition
05/12/16Catalytic system for cross-coupling reactions
05/12/16Method for preparing long-chain alkyl cyclic acetals made from sugars
04/21/16Silicone-based antimicrobial composition
03/24/16Process for manufacturing a part provided with a lubricating surface coating, part provided with such a coating and turbomachine
03/03/16Methods for obtaining retinal progenitors, retinal pigmented epithelial cells and neural retinal cells
02/25/16Use of polymers as additives in a polymer matrix
02/25/16Device and electrochemically synthesizing intermediate species of a chemical entity
02/11/16Particles containing a growth factor, and uses thereof
02/04/16Particles comprising luminescent lanthanide complexes
01/28/16Differential temperature surface sensor
12/31/15Method for preparing 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid
12/31/15Electronic temperature sensor for measuring the junction temperature of an electronic power switch during operation, and measuring the temperature of the junction by this electronic sensor
12/17/15Device comprising a plurality of thin layers
11/26/15Process for preparing nanoparticles of a catalyst for cathodic reduction of dioxygen in the presence of methanol
11/19/15Sulphated polysaccharide composition
11/12/15Simulation platform for validating a software and material architecture of a robot
11/12/15Substrate with a partial metal multilayer, glazing unit and process
11/12/15Modular static converters with parallel or series architecture and decentralized modular control (dmc)
10/29/15Method and system for processing data for evaluating a quality level of a dataset
10/22/15Electric conduction through supramolecular assemblies of triarylamines
10/22/15Process for hydroxylation of aromatic compounds, hydroxylation catalyst and process for preparing same
10/22/15Method and device for generating a focused strong-current charged-particle beam
10/22/15Transducer with bulk waves surface-guided by synchronous excitation structures
10/08/15Motion sensor assembly for determining the angular velocity of a moving contrast in its field of view with a high accuracy
09/10/15Non-thermosensitive medium for analyzing species in a channel and for minimizing absorption and/or electroosomosic phenomena
09/10/15Non-thermosensitive medium for analyzing species in a channel and for minimizing absorption and/or electroosomosic phenomena
09/03/15Compounds and methods for preventing or treating a viral infection
08/20/15Functionalisable polysilylated organosilane precursors
08/20/15Functionalisable polysilylated organosilane precursors
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08/06/15Polysilylated organosilane compounds
07/30/15Analogues of porphyrins, their preparation and use thereof
07/23/15Method for preparing levulinic acid esters
07/23/15Trisubstituted pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines, methods for preparing same and therapeutic uses thereof
07/23/15Protein microarray for characterizing the specificity of the monoclonal immunoglobulins of mgus or myeloma patients
06/18/15Micromagnetometry detection detecting magnetic signatures of magnetic materials
06/11/15Universal primers and the use thereof for the detection and identification of amphibia/fish species
06/04/15Method for producing polyglycerol (poly)carbonate
06/04/15Fluoride ion electrochemical cell
05/21/15Radioactive rhodium complexes, preparation methods and uses thereof
05/21/15Injectable calcium-phosphate cement releasing a bone resorption inhibitor
05/07/15Method for the isomerisation of glucose into fructose
04/30/15Process for production of vanillin and vanillin derivatives
04/23/15Preparation of an ether compound
04/02/15Use of neuroglobin agonist for preventing or treating mitochondrial rcci and/or rcciii deficiency disease
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02/05/15Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of th2 mediated diseases
01/29/15Magnetohydrodynamic inertial actuator
01/22/15Formulation of colloidal titanium-oxide solutions composition for coating and printing methods, and improvement of the output and lifespan of organic p-i-n/n-i-p photovoltaic cells
01/15/15Basic antenna, and corresponding one- or two-dimensional array antenna
01/08/15Process for preparing a magnetic talcous composition, and magnetic talcous composition
01/01/15Vaccine compositions for hiv prevention and treatment
12/18/14Process for determining the reaction mechanism of a reaction and associated device
12/18/14Method for diagnosing alzheimer's disease
11/13/14Multipurpose calculation computing device
11/06/14Method of generating commands for controlling coordination of displacement members of a moving platform and corresponding generator
10/16/14Metal materials having a surface layer of calcium phosphate, and methods for preparing same
10/09/14Electrode for electrochemical cell and manufacturing such an electrode
10/02/14Electro-acoustic transducer with periodic ferroelectric polarization produced on a micromachined vertical structure
09/11/14Method for determining the irradiation dose deposited in a scintillator by ionising radiation and associated device
08/14/14Proton conducting electrochemical cell and making such a cell
08/07/14Method for welding and for hard surface deposition of metal parts made of aluminium by a mig method with pulsed current and filler wire
07/24/14Process for preparing a composition comprising synthetic mineral particles and composition
06/19/14Method of implementing a ferroelectric tunnel junction, device comprising a ferroelectric tunnel junction and use of such a device
05/01/14Vector for oral administration
05/01/14Method for producing 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
03/27/14Use of epigallocatechin gallate as an antiviral agent against infections by the hepatitis c virus
03/13/14Electronic power converter
01/30/141,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles, methods for preparing same, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
01/09/14Method of screening antiretroviral compounds and vaccine
12/26/13Monitoring system
12/26/13Atip3 and biologically active fragments thereof for use in the treatment of cancer
12/12/13Submersible fluorometer
09/19/13Process for fabricating a field-effect transistor device implemented on a network of vertical nanowires, the resulting transistor device, an electronic device comprising such transistor devices and a processor comprising at least one such device
09/19/13Polymeric conjugates of active principles, their process of preparation and their polymeric intermediates
08/29/13Multipurpose calculation computing device
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07/11/13Method of characterizing the viscoelastic properties of a sample, corresponding system and analyzer
06/27/13Method for production of bioresorbable microparticles, microparticles thus obtained and use thereof
05/02/13Method for obtaining compositions of biosolvents by esterification and obtained compositions of biosolvents
05/02/13Derivatives of pyrido [3,2-d] pyrimidine, methods for preparation thereof and therapeutic uses thereof
04/18/13Method and system for analyzing a patient's respiratory activity and corresponding uses
02/21/13Method for preparing hydrophobized biomaterials, hydrophobized biomaterials as obtained and uses thereof
02/14/13Identifying viral cell tropism
01/24/13Catalyst for the photocalytic treatment of gaseous media containing carbon monoxide
01/24/13Artificial retina that includes a photovoltaic material layer including a titanium dioxide semiconductor
01/03/13Novel castor oil derivatives and the production thereof
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01/03/13Novel preparing polyols and products obtained
12/27/12Method for preparing a solution including monochloramine
11/15/12Pulverulent intermetallic materials for the reversible storage of hydrogen
11/08/12Novel preparing polyols by means of thiolation and products such as those obtained
10/18/12Polyurethane synthesis by means of self-condensation
10/11/12Method for simulating specific movements by haptic feedback, and device implementing the method
07/26/12Porphyranases, and use thereof for hydrolyzing polysaccharides
07/26/12Very high precision device for measuring the time a signal is input
07/19/12Particle synthesis by means of the thermohydrolysis of mineral precursors
07/12/12Functionalization of sp3 hybridized carbon, silicon and/or germanium surfaces
06/28/12Method for preparing a water-compatible composition of metal oxide nanocrystals and the water-compatible composition obtained
06/28/12Novel methods for producing thermosetting epoxy resins
05/17/12Dual molecules containing a peroxide derivative, their synthesis and therapeutic uses
05/10/12Galliated calcium phosphate biomaterials
04/19/12Derivatives of 10-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrido[2,1-a]isoindol-6(10bh)-ones, preparation thereof and therapeutic uses thereof
03/01/12Compositions and methods for treating retrovirus infections
01/12/12Method for defining a sports or playing area by means of a thermochromatic spin transition material
12/15/11New catalytic system for cross-coupling reactions
12/08/11Novel stable aqueous dispersions of high performance thermoplastic polymer nanoparticles and their uses as film generating agents
11/17/11Hbar resonator with high temperature stability
11/10/11Nanocomposite materials and making same by nano-precipitation
10/20/11Superconductor transistor and manufacturing such transistor
10/13/11Circuit for amplifying a signal representing a variation in resistance of a variable resistance and corresponding sensor
09/15/11Removal of metal ions from aqueous effluents
09/01/11Hbar resonator with a high level of integration
06/09/11Novel triazole derivatives, their preparation and their application in therapeutics
05/26/11Method for making complementary p and n mosfet transistors, electronic device including such transistors, and processor including at least one such device
03/17/11Inhibitors of hiv replication and treatment of hiv infections
01/27/11Method for optical characterisation
01/27/11Iron-doped vanadium(v) oxides
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12/30/10Hydrogen storage tank
11/25/10Pyridazine and pyrrole compounds, processes for obtaining them and uses
08/05/10Injectable calcium-phosphate cement releasing a bone resorption inhibitor
07/22/10Determination of the hydrodynamic radii of the constituents of an admixture by means of analysis of a taylor dispersion carried out following a separation by means of capillary electrophoresis
07/01/10Sulfoglycolipid antigens, their process of preparation, and their use against tuberculosis
04/15/10Gas electrode, making the same and uses thereof
03/11/10Crystallization of chemical species/polymorphs and microfluidic apparatus and screening methodology therefor
01/21/10Method and device for eddy current imaging for the detection and the characterisation of defects hidden in complex structures
12/31/09Capsules with a modified surface for grafting onto fibres
11/19/09Plants having improved growth characteristics and a making the same
11/19/09Method for extemporaneous and reversible concentration of liposomes
10/15/09Filtering circuit with coupled acoustic resonators
10/08/09Bulk acoustic wave resonator filter being digitally reconfigurable, with process
09/03/09Method for gap adjustment of two mechanical elements of a substantially planar micromechanical structure and corresponding electromechanical resonator
08/20/09Process for preparing a nanocomposite rigid material
08/06/09Preparation of superhydrophobic fibrous substrates
07/09/09Titanium oxide-based sol-gel polymer
04/09/09Synthesis of particles in dendritic structures
12/12/13Submersible fluorometer
01/21/10Method and device for eddy current imaging for the detection and the characterisation of defects hidden in complex structures
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