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Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique cnrs
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n r s
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n R s
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique C n r s
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnr S
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique etablissement Public National xc0 Caract xc8 re Scienti
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique cnr
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Laboratories D analyse Et D architecture
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Universite Montpellier Ii
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c N R S
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Laboratoire D analyse Et D archit
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Crns
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs A Corporation Of France
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cinrs
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Cnrs_20100121
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Direction De La Politique Industrielle
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Inc
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Institut National De Recherche Agronomique
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique c n_20100107
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique crns
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique cnrs_20100121
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique eta Blissement Public National A Caractere Scientifiq

Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique patents

Recent patent applications related to Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique. Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique, we're just tracking patents.

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11/17/16Process for preparing a polymer/biological entities alloy
12/14/17 new patent  Method for manufacturing pieces by the technique of additive manufacturing by pasty process and manufacturing machine for implementing the method
12/07/17Antibacterial composition containing an isomer mixture of monosaccharide alkyl monoacetals or monoethers
12/07/17Transgenic rpe cells overexpressing otx2 for the treatment of retinal degeneration
12/07/17Hybrid material implant having variable porosity
12/07/17Filters comprising oxygen-depleted sic membranes
12/07/17Plastic compound and preparation process
12/07/17Diagnostic markers for crohn's disease
12/07/17Method for refocusing an optical assembly
12/07/17Method of discriminating rfid tags in motion from static rfid tags
12/07/17Modulation device comprising a nanodiode
12/07/17Organic lithium battery
12/07/17System and generating wavelength-tunable, ultra-short light pulses having high power spectral density
11/30/17Alpha-cell re-generation combined with conversion to beta cells
11/30/17Production of unsaturated carboxylic acids or acid esters with a haloapatite-based catalyst
11/30/17Aerosol-obtained mesostructured particles loaded with anticorrosion agents
11/30/17Fibroblast growth factor receptors as diagnostic markers of acquired sensory neuronopathies
11/30/17Method of exploitation of hydrocarbons of an underground formation by means of optimized scaling
11/30/17Laser device with a beam carrying controlled orbital angular momentum
11/23/17Method for additive manufacturing of a 3d mechatronic object
11/23/17Method for three-dimensional printing
11/23/17Use of a reverse-transcriptase inhibitor in the prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases
11/23/17Method for determining the maximum time when a capacitor should be replaced
11/23/17Electronic power device with vertical 3d switching cell
11/16/17Panicein compounds, compositions and uses thereof
11/16/17Light unmanned vertical take-off aircraft
11/16/17Novel process for preparing synthesis intermediates using products of natural origin and use of the intermediates obtained
11/16/17Anti-angiogenic properties of collagen v derived fragments
11/16/17Anti-corrosion coatings loaded with mesostructured particles
11/16/17Method for manufacturing a photonic waveguide and photonic waveguide manufactured by said method
11/09/17Lentiviral vector-based japanese encephalitis immunogenic composition
11/09/17Process for forming amine by direct amination reaction
11/09/17Photoconductive antenna for terahertz waves, producing such photoconductive antenna and terahertz time domain spectroscopy system
11/09/17Interaction parameters for the input set of molecular structures
11/09/17Semantic parsing using deep neural networks for predicting canonical forms
11/09/17Use of halogen derivatives of histidine as electrolytic salt in a photovoltaic dye cell
11/09/17Electronic power device with flat electronic interconnection structure
11/02/17Method of hydrosilylation implementing an organic catalyst derived from germylene
11/02/17Polypeptide having a polyester degrading activity and uses thereof
11/02/17Method for unweaving and realigning carbon fibers
11/02/17Method of controlling a three-phase inverter implementing a vector modulation
11/02/17Transparent heating device with graphene film
10/26/17Device and cutting a cornea or crystalline lens
10/26/17Pyrophosphate type material, process for preparing such a material and use for bone repair
10/26/17Method for producing borazane
10/26/17New branched polymers, their preparation process, and uses therof
10/26/17Cartilage gel for cartilage repair, comprising chitosan and chondrocytes
10/26/17Non-linear dynamic absorber and use thereof for acoustic insulation
10/26/17Method and device for estimating optical properties of a sample
10/19/17Optimized in vivo delivery system with endosomolytic agents for nucleic acid conjugates
10/19/17Compact three-frequency resonant optical gyroscope
10/12/17Method for controlling at least one gas bubble produced in a localised manner
10/12/17Method for identifying the anisotropy of the texture of a digital image
10/05/17Method for preparing multiple antigen glycopeptide carbohydrate conjugates
10/05/17Method for producing a photo-luminescent material
10/05/17Combination of biomarkers for detecting and evaluating a hepatic fibrosis
10/05/17Device for real-time in vivo molecular analysis
09/28/17Fatty acid polyester derivatives of polyglycosides
09/21/17Compounds for the treatment of mitochondrial diseases
09/21/17Method for synthesis of fatty acids
09/21/17Organic lithium battery
09/14/17Method for preparing marmycin a and analogues thereof, and also uses thereof
09/14/17Tricyclo-dna antisense oligonucleotides, compositions, and methods for the treatment of disease
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09/14/17Method for characterizing the cracking mechanism of a material from the fracture surface thereof
09/14/17Process and a device for controlling superconductivity and superconductive materials
09/14/17Filtering device and filtering assembly having an electrically conducting strip structure
09/07/17Heat insulation material based on aerogel
09/07/17Method for handling microdrops which include samples
09/07/17Use of micropeptides in order to stimulate mycorrhizal symbiosis
09/07/17Method for producing a compound of the sterol biosynthesis pathway in a eukaryotic organism
09/07/17Skyrmion generation system
09/07/17Soi integrated circuit equipped with a device for protecting against electrostatic discharges
09/07/17Method for manufacturing a miniaturized electrochemical cell and a miniaturized electrochemical cell
09/07/17Dual-frequency vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting laser device for thz generation and generating thz
08/31/17Skin whitening peptide agents
08/31/17Stabilizing agent-free metal nanoparticle synthesis and uses of metal nanoparticles synthesized therefrom
08/31/17Protein with dextran-saccharase activity, and uses
08/31/17Synthesis of sialic acid in plants
Patent Packs
08/31/17Mixed spheroids of melanocytes and keratinocytes
08/31/17Sound attenuation device and method
08/24/17Insecticide properties of an extract of sextonia rubra, and the constituents thereof
08/24/17Pyrroloquinoline derivatives as 5-ht6 antagonists, preparation method and use thereof
08/24/17Photocatalytic composition that comprises metal particles and two semiconductors including one made of indium oxide
08/24/17Methods for in vitro investigating mitochondrial replication dysfunction in a biological sample, kits and uses thereof, therapeutic methods against progeroid-like syndromes or symptomes and screening identifying particular protease inhibitor(s) and/or nitroso-redox stress scavenger compound(s)
08/24/17Method for manufacturing an electronic device, particularly a device made of carbon nanotubes
08/17/17New derivatives of indole for the treatment of cancer, viral infections and lung diseases
08/17/17Aqueous composition containing suspended zno particles
08/17/17Decoder, decoding multimedia streams
08/10/17Device for cold or hot thermal stimulation and controlling and adjusting same
08/10/17Compounds for preventing, inhibiting, or treating cancer, aids and/or premature aging
08/10/17Method and device for concentrating molecules or objects dissolved in solution
08/10/17Method for producing a capture phase for the detection of a biological target, and associated detection methods and kits
08/03/17Cosmetic and/or dermatological composition for colouring the skin
08/03/17Photocatalytic composition comprising metallic particles and two semiconductors, one of which is composed of cerium oxide
08/03/17Method for producing high-purity hydrogen gas and/or nanomagnetite
08/03/17Polyphosphorus polymer that is thiol-functionalised at the chain ends and production method thereof
07/27/17Portable device for measuring physical parameters associated with the ankle joint of a subject, and frame of such a device
07/27/17Capped and uncapped rna molecules and block copolymers for intracellular delivery of rna
07/27/173-aryl propiolonitrile compounds for thiol labeling
07/27/17Method for modifying the surface properties of elastomer cellular foams
07/27/17Use of micropeptides for promoting plant growth
07/27/17In vivo production of a recombinant carotenoid-protein complex
07/27/17Data back-up in an asynchronous circuit
07/27/17Semiconducting pixel, matrix of such pixels, semiconducting structure for the production of such pixels and their methods of fabrication
07/20/17Quinoline derivatives for the treatment of inflammatory diseases
07/13/17A quinoline derivative for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and aids
07/13/17Device and measuring a physical magnitude of a fluid flow
07/06/17Catalyst having a helical outer shape, improving hydrodynamics in reactors
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07/06/17Process for preparing a composite part that is electrically conductive at the surface, and applications
07/06/17Method for the synthesis of nanocomposites based on tio2 and carbonated nanostructures
06/29/17Method for producing a ridge optical waveguide having low coupling losses between the ridge optical waveguide and an optical fibre, and a ridge optical waveguide made using this method
06/22/17Device for evaluation of at least one performance criterion of heterogeneous catalysts
06/22/17Electrochemical device and apparatus and methods implementing such an apparatus
06/22/17Device for manipulation of packets in micro-containers, in particular in microchannels
06/22/17Novel polymers containing grafted bis(sulfonyl)imide sodium or lithium salts, methods for production thereof and uses of same as electrolytes for batteries
06/22/17Autonomous electronic device with supply by electrostatic transduction produced by a variable capacitor
06/15/17Modified ceramics with improved bioactivity and their use for bone substitute
06/15/17Composite biomaterials with improved bioactivity and their use for bone substitute
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06/15/17Lentiviral vectors for regulated expression of a chimeric antigen receptor molecule
06/15/17Ob-fold used as scaffold for engineering new specific binders
06/15/17Dna detection method
06/15/17Novel polymers containing sulfonamide sodium or lithium salts, methods for production thereof and uses of same as electrolytes for batteries
06/08/17Animal model for studying neuroblastomas
06/08/17Method for producing cocrystals by means of flash evaporation
06/08/17A dengue virus chimeric polyepitope composed of fragments of non-structural proteins and its use in an immunogenic composition against dengue virus infection
06/08/17Water-soluble activatable molecular probes, intermediates for the synthesis thereof and associated detection methods
06/08/17Synergistic combination of biomarkers for detecting and assessing hepatic fibrosis
06/01/17Method and device assisting with the electric propulsion of a rolling system, wheelchair kit comprising such a device and wheelchair equipped with such a device
06/01/17Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
06/01/17Multiplexed homogeneous oligonucleotide detection
06/01/17Early prediction markers of diabetic nephropathy
06/01/17Method of identification of a relationship between biological elements
06/01/17Method for preparing an electrically conductive stratified composite structure
05/25/17Method of manufacturing a sulfide-based ceramic element, particularly for ir-optics applications
05/25/17Very high molar mass dextrans
05/18/17Novel supported anthraquinonic catalysts and uses of same for kraft cooking
05/18/17Savonius rotor
05/18/17Method for randomly texturing a semiconductor substrate
05/18/17Method for manufacturing an snsb intermetallic phase
05/18/17Lithium-sulphur battery
05/11/17Device for extraction of pollutants by multichannel tubular membrane
05/11/17Ceramic product with oriented particles and the production thereof
05/11/17Iminosydnone derivatives for conjugation and release of compounds of interest
05/11/17Dissymetric particles (janus particles) and their synthesis by bipolar electrochemistry
05/11/17Facility for concentrating cosmic radiation equipped with a reflective optical surface control system
05/11/17"4d" dynamic tomography system
05/11/17Inhibition of chemokine ccl7 or receptor ccr3 of same for the treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer
05/11/17Antibodies against human sodium channel nav1.9 and uses thereof for the diagnosis of inflammatory skin diseases
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05/11/17Register having non-volatile memory for backing up and restoring volatile memory
05/11/17Method for the preparation of a transparent and conductive auto-supported silver nanowire film and applications thereof
05/11/17Ionogel forming a self-supporting film of solid electrolyte, electrochemical device incorporating it and process for manufacturing the ionogel
05/04/17Chimeric poly peptides and the therapeutic use thereof against a flaviviridae infection
05/04/17Method of characterizing molecular diffusion within a body from a set of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance signals and carrying out such a method
04/27/17Microelectromechanical device and system with low-impedance resistive transducer
04/27/17Vertical external cavity surface emitting laser devices allowing high coherence, high power and large tunability
04/20/17Novel flavonoids o-a-glucosylated on the b cycle, the production thereof and uses
04/20/17Multiple-junction photovoltaic cell based on antimonide materials
04/13/17Method and kit for prognosis of opa1 gene induced diseases, e.g. kjers optic atrophy
04/06/17Conjugates and prodrugs for treating of cancer and inflammatory diseases
04/06/17Method for increasing the resistance of a plant to a plant rna virus
03/30/17Wheelchair propulsion method, kit, and wheelchair implementing such a method
03/30/17Modified 2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating flaviviridae infections
03/30/17Nadph oxidase proteins
03/30/17Relational file database and graphic interface for managing such a database
03/23/17Lactobacillus composition allowing the stimulation of human and animal juvenile growth in cases of malnutrition
03/23/17Polypeptides for specific targeting to otx2 target cells
03/23/17Platform for a parallel robot for acting on an object
03/23/17Sydnone derivatives for conjugation of compounds of interest
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03/23/17Antenna system for reducing the electromagnetic coupling between antennas
03/23/17Logic circuit based on spin valves of the spin-polarized supercurrent type and circuit integrating such logic gates
03/16/17Retro-inverso analogs of spadin display increased antidepressant effects
03/16/17Targeted mutant alpha-helical bundle cytokines
03/16/17Synthesis of diketone compounds from carbohydrates
03/16/17Lentiviral-based vector and its use in directed evolution of genomic regions, genes and polynucleotides
03/09/17Method and device for modifying a characteristic of a wire element, particularly the distance seaparting its two ends
03/02/17Process for producing zirconia-based multi-phasic ceramic composites
02/23/17Rapid detection of the "high virulent" st-17 clone of group b streptococcus
02/23/17Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis method
02/16/17Use of a dicarboxylic acid to control the growth of holoparasitic or hemiparasitic plants
02/16/17Compositions having means for targeting at least one antigen to dendritic cells
02/16/17Surface coating for carrying out said method
02/16/17Novel complexes for the separation of cations
02/16/17Titanium-based catalyst for vitrimer resins of epoxy/anhydride type
02/16/17Process and device for forming a graphene layer
02/16/17Power switching cell with normally conducting field-effect transistors
02/09/17Treatment of myotonic dystrophy
02/09/17Device for forming a quasi-neutral beam of oppositely charged particles
02/09/17Device and system for quantifying the useful thermal energy available in a tank
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02/09/17Method for preparing a solid-state battery by sintering under pulsating current
02/02/17Method for preparing macroscopic fibres of tio2 by continuous one-way extrusion, fibres obtained and uses
01/26/17Interleukin-2 for treating food allergy
01/26/17Method for producing diene polymers bearing phosphorus functional groups, products resulting from said method and composition containing same
01/26/17Silicone composition that can be cured in the presence of water or atmospheric moisture
01/26/17High mast2-affinity polypeptides and uses thereof
01/19/17Agricultural adjuvant compositions of oil/surfactant/salt emulsions and methods for use
01/19/17Piperazine phenothiazine derivatives for treating spasticity
01/19/17Dendronized metallic oxide nanoparticles, a process for preparing the same and their uses
01/19/17Photopolymerizable liquid composition
01/19/17Use of polyaminoisoprenyl derivatives in antibiotic or antiseptic treatment
01/19/17Device and detecting radiation particles
01/12/17Method and system for visualising infrared electromagnetic radiation emitted by a source
01/12/17Predictive determining tissual radiosensitivity
01/12/17Predictive characterizing the radiosensitivity and tissular reaction of a patient to therapeutic ionizing radiation
01/05/17Yeasts modified to use carbon dioxide
01/05/17Quasi-optical beamformer with lens and plane antenna comprising such a beamformer
12/29/16Vectors for molecule delivery to cd11b expressing cells
12/29/16Functionalized biochips for spr-ms coupling
12/29/16Method of designing an imaging system, spatial filter and imaging system including such a spatial filter
12/22/16Process for the high-yield preparation of p-(r)calix[9-20]arenes
12/15/16Bone substitute, and the preparation thereof
12/15/16Luminescent hybrid nanomaterials with aggregation induced emission
12/08/16Activated neurotensin molecules and the uses thereof
12/08/16Oligopeptide and methods for producing conjugates thereof
12/08/16Sizing composition for reinforcing fibres and applications thereof
12/08/16Method for detection of a reversibly photo-convertible fluorescent species
12/08/16Optical sensor having a curved detection surface
12/01/16Method for increasing the intraocular pressure in an animal
12/01/16Camelid single-domain antibody directed against amyloid beta and methods for producing conjugates thereof
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12/01/16Colistin synthetases and corresponding gene cluster
12/01/16Inhibitors of sterol metabolism for their use to accumulate triglycerides in microalgae, and methods thereof
12/01/16Method for localised repair of a damaged thermal barrier
11/24/16Optimized in vivo delivery system with endosomolytic agents for nucleic acid conjugates
11/24/16Agents for use in the treatment of retinal inflammation
11/24/16Modulators of the nav 1.9 sodium channel for treating an inflammatory skin disease and diagnostic methods
11/24/16Orally available compounds, a process for preparing the same and their uses as anti-adhesive drugs for treating e. coli induced inflammatory bowel diseases such as crohn's disease
11/24/16Three-dimensional focusing device and a microscope
11/24/16Method for manufacturing mirrors with semiconductor saturable absorber
11/17/16Process that enables the creation of nanometric structures by self-assembly of block copolymers
11/17/16Method of diagnosis, prognostic or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
11/17/16Method, system and computer program product for 3d objects graphical representation
11/10/16Method for the preparation of a synthetic faujasite material comprising monodisperse nanoparticles composed of single nanocrystals
11/10/16Method and circuit for programming non-volatile memory cells of a volatile/non-volatile memory array
11/10/16Memory provided with associated volatile and non-volatile memory cells
11/03/16Geometry of a catalytic reactor combining good mechanical strength and good fluid distribution
11/03/16Current measurement device and method using a rogowski type current transducer
11/03/16Optical tomography apparatus and method
10/20/16Glazing unit comprising a hydrophilic layer having an improved scratch resistance
10/20/16Analog spectrum analyzer
10/13/16Construction of new variants of dextransucrase dsr-s by genetic engineering
10/13/16Snorna, compositions and uses
10/13/16Ucp1 (thermogenin) - inducing agents for use in the treatment of a disorder of the energy homeostasis
10/13/16Method for two field nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
10/13/16Contrast amplifying support for the observation of a sample, production methods thereof and uses thereof
10/13/16Waveguide for an electro-optic capacitive modulator
10/13/16Determination of the image depth map of a scene
10/06/16Glycoclusters and their pharmaceutical use as antibacterials
10/06/16A molecular marker of plasmodium falciparum artemisinin resistance

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