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11/09/17Joint inversion of compressional and shear seismic data in native time domains
11/02/17Method and system for broadband measurements using multiple electromagnetic receivers
10/26/17Multi-vintage energy mapping
10/26/17System and adjusting the rope spread of seismic streamers
10/26/17Methods and system for oil immersion cooling
10/26/17Methods and system for oil immersion cooling
10/19/17Method and estimating surface wave coda using time-reversal experiments
10/19/17Method and apparatus performing super-virtual surface wave interferometry
10/05/17Method and system for marine seismic acquisition
09/28/17Method and device for boosting low-frequencies for a marine seismic survey
09/21/17Demultiple using up/down separation of towed variable-depth streamer data
09/21/17Steering for coverage in seismic surveys
09/07/17System and refining positions of marine seismic receivers
08/31/17Device and mitigating seismic survey interference
08/31/17Simultaneous multi-vintage time-lapse full waveform inversion
08/31/17Device and weighted sparse inversion for seismic processing
08/31/17Wave-field reconstruction using a reflection from a variable sea surface
08/31/17Positioning along a streamer using surface references
08/24/17Seismic migration using an indexed matrix
08/24/17Auv based seismic acquisition system and method
08/24/17Method and device for attenuating vibrations in marine seismic acquisition equipment
08/17/17Seismic data acquisition for compressive sensing reconstruction
08/03/17Systems and methods for improved coupling of geophysical sensors
08/03/17Multi-stack (broadband) wavelet estimation method
08/03/17Complex pore geometry modeling by continuously varying inclusions (ci) elastic parameter prediction using inclusion models
08/03/17Device and correcting seismic data for variable air-water interface
07/13/17Ava compliant pre-stack frequency spectrum enhancement of seismic data
07/13/17Systems and methods for attenuating noise using interferometric estimation
07/13/17Biofouling removal mechanism
06/08/17Method and analyzing fractures using avoaz inversion
06/08/17Systematic departure from pattern regularity in seismic data acquisition
05/25/17System and reconstructing seismic data generated by a sparse spectrum emission
05/18/17Adaptive ensemble-based for highly-nonlinear problems
05/18/17Ensemble-based multi-scale history-matching device and reservoir characterization
05/11/17Systems and methods for seismic exploration in difficult or constrained areas
04/27/17Seismic data processing using matching filter based cost function optimization
04/20/17Methods and systems for a sea-floor seismic source
04/13/17Source for marine seismic acquisition and method
04/13/17Device and deghosting variable depth streamer data
04/06/17Protective cover and related method
03/30/17Method and device for controlling source array geometry
03/16/17Spectral analysis and processing of seismic data using orthogonal image gathers
03/16/17Method and device for marine seismic acquisition
03/09/17Method and system for pneumatic control for vibrator source element
08/31/17Methods and systems of detecting a microseismic event using an iterative non-linear inversion algorithm
07/06/17Low-frequency receiver coil suspension system
06/29/17Method and directional designature
06/22/17Portable charging system and hybrid battery
06/15/17System and generating simultaneous plural frequencies in seismic exploration
06/15/17Method and system for generating low-frequency seismic signals with a flow-modulated source
06/15/17Modeling an elastic stiffness tensor in a transverse isotropic subsurface medium
06/08/17Method and device for simultaneously attenuating noise and interpolating seismic data
06/01/17Time-lapse simultaneous inversion of amplitudes and time shifts constrained by pre-computed input maps
05/11/17Device and full waveform inversion
05/04/17Seismic data least-square migration
04/13/17Method and characterizing azimuthal anisotropy using statistical moments
04/06/17Device and constrained wave-field separation
04/06/17Methods and data processing cooperative de-noising of multi-sensor marine seismic data
03/30/17Marine seismic survey pre-plot design
03/23/17Source controller system for marine seismic source and method
03/16/17Method and device for controlling source subarrays arrangement
03/16/17Methods and systems for monitoring a subsurface formation with a land active streamer
03/09/17Systems and methods for wireless data acquisition in seismic monitoring systems
03/09/17Subterranean formation monitoring using frequency domain weighted analysis
03/09/17Systems and methods for a composite magnetic field sensor for airborne geophysical surveys
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02/23/17Combination of controlled and uncontrolled seismic data
02/16/17Systems and methods for multiple bandwidth electromagnetic geophysical exploration
02/02/17Method for iterative inversion of data from non-encoded composite sources
02/02/17Method and ghost attenuator for mitigating ghost effect
02/02/17Method and estimating source signature in shallow water
02/02/17Method and modeling and separation of primaries and multiples using multi-order green's function
01/26/17Predicting mechanical and elastic rock properties of the subsurface
01/26/17Method and device for removal of water bottom and/or geology from near-field hydrophone data
01/19/17Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys
01/19/17Fracability measurement method and system
01/19/17Method and system for simultaneous seismic data acquisition of multiple source lines
01/19/17Node position correction in presence of time distortions
01/12/17Device and wave-field reconstruction
12/29/16Systems and methods for identifying s-wave refractions utilizing supervirtual refraction interferometry
12/22/16System and correcting data after component replacement in permanent seismic monitoring with continuous seismic recording
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12/22/16Systems and methods to reduce noise in seismic data using a frequency dependent calendar filter
12/15/16Cableless seismic sensors and methods for recharging
12/15/16Methods and systems of joined inversion determination of surface-consistent amplitude corrections
12/15/16Efficient survey design to in-fill a pre-existing plural vessels seismic survey
12/08/16Method and autonomous underwater vehicle able to maintain a planned arrangement
12/08/16Quick 4d detection seismic survey
12/08/16Staggered source array configuration system and method
12/01/16Method for developing a geomechanical model based on seismic data, well logs and sem analysis of horizontal and vertical drill cuttings
11/24/16Velocity model building for seismic data processing using pp-ps tomography with co-depthing constraint
11/24/16System and seismic data processing of seismic data sets with different spatial sampling and temporal bandwidths
11/17/16Heated seismic sensor tool and method
11/17/16Method and modeling and separation of primaries and internal multiples using solutions of the two-way wave equation
11/17/16Systems and methods for characterizing subterranean formations utilizing azimuthal data
11/17/16Methods and applying surface consistent phase-dependent phase corrections
11/17/16System and two dimensional gravity modeling with variable densities
11/10/16Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys
11/10/16Seismic data processing including surface multiple modeling for ocean bottom cable systems
11/10/16Device and deghosting seismic data using sparse tau-p inversion
11/10/16Systems and methods for destriping seismic data
11/03/16Seismic coupling system and method
11/03/16Devices and methods for attenuation of turn noise in seismic data acquisition
10/27/16System and performing seismic exploration with multiple acquisition systems
10/27/16Method and system for augmenting low-frequency range of seismic survey
10/27/16Three-dimensional seismic acquisition system and method with dynamic resolution
10/20/16Actively controlled buoy based marine seismic survey system and method
10/06/16Method for survey data processing compensating for visco-acoustic effects in tilted transverse isotropy reverse time migration
10/06/16Device and joint 3-dimensional deghosting of multiple vintages
09/29/16Quick mount cable-protecting device usable in marine surveys
09/29/16Borehole seismic source and method
09/29/16Full waveform inversion seismic data processing using preserved amplitude reverse time migration
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09/29/16Submerged front end buoy
09/29/16Method and device for passively and automatically winding seismic survey equipment cable
09/29/16Apparatus and calculating earth's polarization properties from airborne time-domain electromagnetic data
09/22/16Burial depth detection marine seismic surveys
09/15/16Boundary layer tomography
09/08/16Method and system with low-frequency seismic source
08/25/16System and discontinuous spectrum emission in seismic exploration
08/25/16Method and deblending seismic data using a non-blended dataset
08/25/16Device and deblending simultaneous shooting data using annihilation filter
08/25/16Method and device for marine seismic acquisition
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08/18/16Methods and systems of generating a velocity model
08/11/16Systems and methods for far field signature reconstruction using data from near field, mid field, and surface field sensors
08/11/16Apparatus for airborne geophysical prospecting using both natural and controlled source fields and method
08/04/16Deep towed seismic source string
08/04/16Noise attentuation using a dipole sparse tau-p inversion
07/21/164d noise suppression
07/14/16Using an offset vector tile gather to image a subsurface
07/14/16Induced seismic source
07/14/16Methods and systems for seismic imaging using coded directivity
07/07/16Ghost-suppression optimized seismic source and method
07/07/16Desktop hyperspectral spectra collection of geological material
06/30/16Method for iterative inversion of data from composite sources
06/30/16Methods and systems for monitoring a target using refraction data acquired with buried sources and buried sensors
06/30/16Detecting and estimating anisotropy errors using full waveform inversion and ray based tomography
06/30/16Method for designature of seismic data acquired using moving source
06/23/16Multi-sensor system for airborne geophysical prospecting and method
06/16/16Systems and methods for reducing noise in a seismic vibratory source
06/16/16Stabilization of seismic data
06/16/16Multi-vessel seismic acquisition system and method
06/09/16System and estimating repeatability using base data
06/09/16Geophysical survey system using hybrid aircraft
06/02/16Vibro seismic source separation and acquisition
05/26/16Systems and methods for generating composite non-linear sweeps adapted to vibrator constraints
05/26/16Seismic sweep using odd order harmonics
05/26/16Systems and methods for distributed seismic recording and analysis
05/26/16Method for elastic model perturbation estimation from reverse time migration
05/19/16Marine seismic patterns for coordinated turning of towing vessels and methods therefor
05/12/16Instantaneous frequency modulation acquisition scheme for seismic sources
05/12/16Method and system for low-frequency pressurized source
05/12/16Parameter variation improvement for seismic data using sensitivity kernels
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05/12/16Method and system for simultaneous acquisition of pressure and pressure derivative data with ghost diversity
05/12/16Method and system for marine seismic acquisition
05/12/16Systems and methods for a gravity survey using a free-fall gravity sensor
04/28/16System and predicting the front arrival time in reservoir seismic monitoring
04/21/16Device and optimization of 4d and 3d seismic data
04/21/16Virtual marine seismic spread acquisition
03/31/16Increasing similarity between seismic datasets
03/24/16Processing of multi-sensor streamer data
03/24/16Adaptable seismic source for seismic surveys and method
03/17/16Apparatus and seismic data acquisition with simultaneous activation of clustered vibrators
03/17/16Device and deblending simultaneous shooting data using annihilation filter
03/10/16Device and velocity function extraction from the phase of ambient noise
03/03/16Method and device for phase-based localization of a target device using interval analysis
03/03/16Device and steering seismic vessel
02/11/16Systems and methods for active cancellation of transient signals and dynamic loop configuration
01/28/16Hybrid deblending method and apparatus
01/07/16Autonomous cleaning device for seismic streamers and method
12/10/15Premigration deghosting for marine streamer data using a bootstrap approach in tau-p domain
12/03/15System and determining a frequency sweep for seismic analysis
12/03/15System and ray based tomography guided by waveform inversion
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12/03/15Methods and cooperative noise attenuation in data sets related to the same underground formation
11/26/15Autonomous underwater vehicle marine seismic surveys
11/26/15P-wave and s-wave separation of seismic data in the presence of statics and irregular geometry
11/19/15Method and device for deblending seismic data using self-adapting and/or selective radon interpolation
11/05/15Systems and methods for multi-volume directional de-noising
11/05/15Offshore seismic monitoring system and method
10/29/15System and using vehicle motion as a land seismic source
10/22/15Method and device compensating for water velocity variation for 4d data sets
10/15/15Method and device for the generation and application of anisotropic elastic parameters in horizontal transverse isotropic (hti) media
10/15/15Device and deblending simultaneous shooting data using an iterative approach
10/08/15Electromagnetic receiver tracking and real-time calibration system and method
10/08/15Method and system for broadband measurements using multiple electromagnetic receivers
10/08/15Device and methods for low contact cable cleaning
10/01/15Wave-equation based processing and analysis of imaged seismic data
10/01/15Hybrid deblending method and apparatus
10/01/15Acoustic modem-based guiding autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys
08/27/15Systems and methods for pre-correlation noise attentuation using random sweeps in seismic data processing
08/20/15Method and device for de-blending seismic data using source signature
08/20/15Systems and methods for de-noising seismic data
08/13/15Beam steered broadband marine survey method and system
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07/30/15Device and wave-field reconstruction
07/30/15Methods and determining residual static corrections using individual ranges
07/16/15Regularization of spatially aliased seismic data
07/16/15Seismic image acquisition using ghost compensation in kirchhoff migration
07/02/15Seismic source array calibration and synchronization method, apparatus and system
06/18/15Method and device for measuring source signature
05/21/15Seismic survey shot coordination apparatus method and system
05/21/15Seismic survey shot coordination apparatus method and system
04/30/15System and analyzing microseismic events using clusters
04/23/15Demultiple using up/down separation of towed variable-depth streamer data
04/23/15Dipole seismic source and adjusting radiation pattern
03/26/15Geophysical survey node rolling method and system
03/26/15Systems and methods for determining the far field signature of a source in wide azimuth surveys
02/05/153-d harmonic-source reverse time migration seismic data analysis
01/29/15Plural depth seismic de-ghosting method and system
01/22/15Lead-in cable with a replaceable portion and method
01/08/15Method and device for marine seismic acquisition
01/08/15Method and receiver-side deghosting of seismic data
01/01/15Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys
01/01/15Pore-space measurement method apparatus and system
01/01/15Doping of drilling mud with a mineralogical compound
01/01/15Method and system for low-frequency pressurized source
01/01/15Methods and systems for joint seismic and electromagnetic data recording
01/01/15Method and controlling output of an array of seismic sources
01/01/15Directional self-burying sensor system and method
12/25/14Systems and methods for reducing marine fouling
12/25/14Wide azimuth seismic data acquisition method and system with at least three streamer sets
12/25/14Wide azimuth seismic data acquisition method and system skipping lines
12/18/14Stationary marine vibratory source for seismic surveys
12/18/14Vibrator source array beam-forming and method
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12/18/14Stationary marine vibratory source for seismic surveys
12/11/14Device and deghosting variable depth streamer data including particle motion data
12/11/14Regularization of multi-component seismic data
12/11/14Coherent noise attenuation method
11/13/14Collar recovering a tow member in a marine survey system
11/06/14Method apparatus and system for migration noise attenuation and image enhancement
10/30/14Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys
10/30/14Remotely operated modular positioning vehicle and method
10/16/14In situ geophysical sensing apparatus method and system
10/16/14Seismic sensor cable takeout
10/16/14Systems and methods for using a hybrid style airship
10/16/14Drone seismic sensing method and apparatus
10/16/14Spherical helix projection microseismic network
10/16/14Geophysical data acquisition and power transfer method apparatus and system
10/09/14Device and stable least-squares reverse time migration
10/09/14Marine seismic survey and method using autonomous underwater vehicles and underwater bases
10/09/14Acquisition blended seismic data
10/09/14Device and de-blending simultaneous shot data
10/02/14Self-burying autonomous underwater vehicle and marine seismic surveys
10/02/14Time-frequency representations of seismic traces using wigner-ville distributions
10/02/14Seismic systems and methods employing repeatability shot indicators
10/02/14Monitoring of source signature directivity in seismic systems
10/02/14Predicting sensitivity to positioning for seismic surveys
10/02/14System and interpolating seismic data by matching pursuit in fourier transform
10/02/14Seismic methods and systems employing shallow shear-wave splitting analysis using receiver functions
09/25/14Systems and methods for performing dual-scale interpolation
09/25/14System and interpolating seismic data
09/25/14Method and device for attenuating random noise in seismic data
09/25/14Vector-dip filtering of seismic data in the time-frequency domain

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