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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd National Chiao Tung University
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd_20100107
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd_20100121
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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd patents

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10/19/17 new patent  Lcd display panel and color filter substrate
10/12/17Handheld electronic device
07/13/17Pixel structure of liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
07/13/17Display device and driving display panel
07/13/17Method of manufacturing pixel structure
07/13/17Manufacturing metal oxide semiconductor thin film transistor
07/06/17Verification apparatus and verification touch display panel
07/06/17Driving circuit and driving method
07/06/17Method for manufacturing thin-film transistor
07/06/17Active device and manufacturing method thereof
06/15/17Transflective liquid crystal display panel
06/08/17Optical film and manufacturing method thereof
05/04/17Augmented reality system and augmented reality interaction method
04/27/17Image enhancement method and image processing apparatus thereof
04/13/17Method for fabricating the liquid crystal display panels including pouring liquid crystal into dummy and panel group regions to resist pressure differences
04/13/17Display panel
04/06/17Transparent display apparatus
03/23/17Hydroponic cultivation apparatus
03/16/17Security system
03/09/17Image adjusting method, image adjusting system and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
03/09/17Transparent display driving transparent display panel thereof
03/02/17Floating image display apparatus
03/02/17Gate driving circuit
02/23/17Aircraft three-dimensional exhibition system and aircraft three-dimensional exhibition controlling method
02/23/17Method for driving a display and display thereof
02/23/17Pixel array of active matrix organic lighting emitting diode display, driving the same, and driving dual pixel of active matrix organic lighting emitting diode display
02/23/17Pixel structure and manufacturing method thereof background
02/16/17Organic light emitting diode display apparatus with power circuit to accelerate a voltage level
02/09/17Display panel
02/09/17Display panel
01/26/17Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor and a pixel structure
01/19/17Audio processing system and audio processing method thereof
01/12/17Electronic device and multimedia control method thereof
01/05/17Backlight module and liquid crystal display
12/15/16Head-up display module
12/01/16Transparent display apparatus and image adjustment method thereof
12/01/16Holographic projection device capable of forming a holographic image without misalignment
11/17/16Display panel
11/17/16Display panel
10/06/16Active device array substrate
10/06/16Display apparatus
07/21/16Display and touch display
07/14/16Transparent display apparatus
06/30/16Touch panel
06/30/16Display panel
06/30/16Active element and fabricating method thereof
06/23/16Touch display device and noise-shielding touch display device
06/16/16Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
06/16/16Organic light-emitting diode display
05/26/16Light-emitting device
05/05/16Method for fabricating curved decoration plate and curved display device
05/05/16Thin-film transistor
04/28/16Optical and increased oled illumination
04/28/16Thin film transistor
03/31/16Pixel structure and array substrate
03/24/16Chip bonding method and driving chip of display
03/17/16Double thin film transistor and manufacturing the same
03/10/16Organic light emitting diode display apparatus with power circuit to accelerate a voltage level
03/03/16Touch apparatus
02/25/16Frit encapsulation apparatus
02/25/16Thin film transistor and fabricating method thereof
02/04/16Display unit of display panel
02/04/16Pixel structure and manufacturing method thereof
01/28/16Thin film transistor
01/21/16Touch sensing panel and touch sensing control unit thereof
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01/14/16Plant cultivation system
01/07/16Image processing transparent display system
12/24/15Oxidizing the source and doping the drain of a thin-film transistor
12/17/15Thin film transistor
12/10/15Transparent display device and displaying method thereof
11/12/15Thin film transistor and pixel structure
11/12/15Thin film transistor and pixel structure
10/22/15Pixel structure of display panel
10/01/15Organic light-emitting diode having an inverse energy level layer
09/24/15Display panel
09/10/15Gate driving circuit
08/20/15Manufacturing oxide semiconductor thin film transistor
08/13/15Transparent display apparatus
08/06/15Method of manufacturing metal oxide semiconductor thin film transistor
07/30/15Light emitting diode package and illuminating device
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07/23/15Touch panel and manufacturing a touch sensor layer of the touch panel
07/09/15Touch panel circuit and operation method thereof
07/02/15Liquid crystal displaying panel
07/02/15Transparent display and manufacturing the same
07/02/15Driving touch panel and touch control system
07/02/15Touch light shielding substrate and touch display apparatus
06/18/15Touch display apparatus
06/18/15Pixel array substrate and display panel
06/18/15Flexible device substrate and manufacturing method thereof
06/11/15Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing the same
06/04/15Metal oxide semiconductor thin film transistor
05/21/15Tft substrate and repairing the same
05/14/15Multifunctional planting system
05/14/15Tissue culturing method, culturing ferns and explant obtained therefrom
05/07/15Method of manufacturing polymer dispersed liquid crystal
05/07/15Pixel array substrate and organic light-emitting diode display
05/07/15Oxide semiconductor composition and manufacturing method thereof, oxide thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
05/07/15Display panel and testing method thereof
05/07/15Transparent display device
04/30/15Display panel
04/30/15Transparent display device
04/30/15Rotatable illumination system
04/23/15Active matrix organic light emitting diode pixel structure
04/23/15In-cell touch panel and manufacturing method thereof
04/16/15Capacitor structure of gate driver in panel
03/26/15Plant cultivation device
03/26/15Method for reducing power consumption of liquid crystal display system
03/19/15Three-dimensional display apparatus
03/05/15Liquid crystal composition
03/05/15Driving touch system
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03/05/15Autostereoscopic display panel, alignment method, and autostereoscopic display method thereof
02/19/15Pixel circuit of organic light emitting diode
02/19/15Pixel driving circuit of organic-light emitting diode
02/05/15Method for compensating voltages and organic light emitting diode display using the same
01/29/15Suspended nutrition composition
01/29/15Thin film transistor and fabricating the same
01/22/15In-cell touch display panel
01/22/15Method of driving touch display and touch display capable of increasing signal-to-noise ratio
01/15/15Speech recognition system and method
01/08/15Stereoscopic display device
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01/01/15Oxide semiconductor thin film transistor
12/25/14Oxide semiconductor thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
12/25/14Method of storing a content of a three-dimensional image
12/18/14Timing controller for liquid crystal panel and timing control method thereof
12/11/14Driving circuit
12/11/14Touch display panel and manufacturing method thereof
11/06/14Touch device, touch panel, and controlling the same
10/30/14Gate driving circuit
10/02/14Capacitor structure of gate driver in panel
10/02/14Control system applied to touch and capable of switching two-dimensional/three-dimensional mode
09/18/14Fabricating transparent liquid crystal display
08/28/14Stereoscopic display device and display method thereof
08/21/14Semiconductor chip package structure
08/14/14Particle of microbial fertilizer
08/14/14Pixel structure of organic light emitting display device
07/31/14Organic light emitting diode display apparatus and pixel circuit thereof
07/24/14Display device having repair and detect structure
07/24/14Plant illumination apparatus and plant illumination system
07/24/14Method of auto-determination a three-dimensional image format
07/17/14Display apparatus and display panel thereof
07/03/14Weighted image enhancement method and system
06/26/14Display device and processing frame thereof
06/19/14Electrostatic discharge protection device and semiconductor structure thereof
06/12/14Touch panel
06/12/14Gesture recognizing device and recognizing a gesture
05/29/14Color filter substrate, in-cell optical touch display panel including the same and materials of infrared filter layer
05/29/14Method for manufacturing alignment layer
05/22/14System for optimizing touch tracks and optimizing touch tracks
05/15/14Method for forming wires with narrow spacing
05/08/14Method for enhancing contrast of color image displayed on display system and image processing system utilizing the same
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05/08/14Stereoscopic display device
04/10/14Touch display module and assembly method thereof
04/03/14Bistable liquid crystal display
03/27/14Suspended nutrition composition and manufacturing method thereof
03/27/14Integrated system of touch screen and touch key
03/27/14Organic light emitting diode display apparatus
03/13/14Device for reducing flickers of a liquid crystal display panel and reducing flickers of a liquid crystal display panel
03/06/14Color filter substrate and display panel
03/06/14Mask and fabrication organic light emitting material layer
02/20/14Polarizing plate, touch liquid crystal panel and touch display
02/20/14Liquid crystal composition for lc lens and 3d display containing the same
02/20/14Method of measuring surface structure of display device
02/13/14Multi-touch screens device and operating a multi-touch screens device
01/30/14Capacitive touch system and operating a capacitive touch system
01/30/14Display panel
01/16/14Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
01/09/14Pixel structure of display panel and manufacturing the same
01/02/14Stereo display apparatus
12/12/13Touch display module
11/28/13Electrode array of touch panel
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11/28/13Panel structure
11/14/13Pixel structure and array substrate
11/14/13Glass substrate stacking structure, device and film coating process
10/24/13Method for fixing semiconductor chip on circuit board and structure thereof
10/24/13Touch panel and touch sensing method thereof
10/17/13Touch sensing three-dimensional display device
10/17/13Organic light emitting diode display and operating method thereof
10/17/13Three-dimensional display device and driving the same
10/10/13Capacitive touch panel
10/03/13Signal noise ratio control system and method thereof
10/03/13Backlight module used in display device and control the same
10/03/13Transparent liquid crystal display device and manufacturing the same
10/03/13Polarizing layer of liquid crystal panel and manufacturing the same
10/03/13Method for manufacturing flexible display panel
09/26/13Liquid crystal display
09/19/13Electrophoretic display device and driving the same
09/19/13Backlight module
09/12/13Auto stereoscopic display apparatus
09/12/13System for aligning and attaching a 3d image display and positioning a phase retarder substrate
09/05/13Manufacturing optical film and manufacturing stereoscopic display
Social Network Patent Pack
09/05/13Fabrication a pixel structure and a pixel structure
09/05/13Display capturing images and operation method thereof
09/05/13Stereo display apparatus
09/05/13Display module
08/29/13Touch display apparatus
08/22/13Liquid crystal lens for 3d display and manufacturing method thereof
08/15/13Touch device and touch sensing method thereof
08/08/13Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing the same
08/08/13Active light emitting device
08/08/13Touch panel and processing signals of the touch panel
08/08/13Display apparatus and liquid crystal lens
08/01/13Stereoscopic image displaying system and method
07/18/13Bonding lcd panel
07/18/13Dual-mode touch sensing apparatus
07/11/13Pixel structure and manufacturing method thereof
07/11/13Image processing apparatus and image processing method
07/11/13Aligning and assembling stereoscopic display device
07/04/13Gate driving circuit of display panel
07/04/13Three-dimensional imaging device
06/27/13Touch panel frame structure
06/27/13Manufacturing thin film transistor array substrate
06/13/13Pixel structure and manufacturing the same
06/13/13Three-dimensional image display device
05/30/13Thin film transistor and fabricating the same
05/16/13Gesture recognition system and method
05/16/13Four-primary color display device and calculating relative brightness of fourth primary color
04/18/13Capacitive touch panel and touch detection the same
04/04/13Method of scanning touch panel
04/04/13Fabricating organic photodetector
03/28/13Anti-peeping display system
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03/28/13Three-dimensional display apparatus
03/21/13Pixel circuit and driving method thereof
03/21/13Three-dimensional display apparatus and data processing method thereof
03/07/13Pixel array substrate
03/07/13Pixel array substrate
03/07/13Active device array substrate
03/07/13Display, timing controller and operation method thereof
03/07/13Image resolution enhancing device and display panel
02/28/13Pixel array substrate
02/28/13Color filter and manufacturing method thereof
02/21/13Pixel structure of fringe field switching mode lcd
02/21/13Method for forming contact holes
02/14/13Touch sensor panel
02/14/13Display apparatus
02/14/13Liquid crystal display device and improving display quality of the same
02/14/13Liquid crystal display device and light guide plate thereof
01/31/13Liquid crystal display apparatus and color filter substrate
01/17/13Thin film transistor and manufacturing the same
01/17/13Method for examining liquid crystal driving voltages in liquid crystal display device
01/10/13Pixel structure
01/10/13Display device
01/10/13Fabricating pixel structure
01/03/13Pixel structure
01/03/13Driving circuit and gray insertion liquid crystal display
12/06/12Pixel array substrate and display panel
11/29/12Thin film transistor and manufacturing the same
11/29/12Optical touch display device
11/22/12Pixel structure and manufacturing method thereof
11/15/12Pixel structure and display panel

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