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 new patent  Multi-width waveguides

A waveguide. The waveguide may include a first waveguide region that includes a signal trace with a first width. The waveguide may further include a second waveguide region that includes the signal trace with a second width. The first width may be different from the second width. The signal trace... Ciena Corporation

Partial survivability for multi-carrier and multi-module optical interfaces

Partial survivability systems and methods implemented in a node in an Optical Transport Unit Cn (OTUCn) network include, subsequent to an optical carrier (Optical Tributary Signal (OTSi)) failure of a plurality of optical carriers, determining which Optical Data Unit k (ODUk) services in an OTUCn associated with the OTSi are... Ciena Corporation

Systems and methods for avoiding inadvertent loops in a layer 2 switched network

Loop prevention systems and methods implemented in a switch to prevent loops in a Layer 2 packet switched network based on Media Access Control (MAC) movement in a forwarding database include enabling class based MAC learning on one or more ports with all of the one or more ports initially... Ciena Corporation

Network service pricing and resource management in a software defined networking environment

Systems and methods for instantiating a network service in a network include receiving a service request for a network service; determining network resources in the network to instantiate the network service; determining a price for the network resources utilizing forecasts with adjustments to the price based on a current network... Ciena Corporation

Service preemption selection systems and methods in networks

Systems and methods for service preemption selection in a network include receiving, from an ingress link, a request to establish a service on a path in the network while preempting one or more existing services if required to establish the service, wherein the request comprises a list of any previously... Ciena Corporation

High capacity fiber-optic integrated transmission systems

A high capacity node includes a plurality of receiver sections and a plurality of transmitter sections; and an electrical switching fabric between the plurality of receiver sections and the plurality of transmitter sections, wherein each of the plurality of receiver sections and the plurality of transmitter sections interface the electrical... Ciena Corporation

Side plane

A system includes a first blade including a first side of the first blade, a second side of the first blade, a front of the first blade, and a back of the first blade. The system further includes a second blade including a first side of the second blade, a... Ciena Corporation

Method and system for nonlinear interference mitigation

A method for preventing nonlinear interference in an optical communication system. The method may include selecting an optical signal of a first optical channel. The method may include determining an estimate of inter-channel nonlinear interference to the optical signal of the first optical channel. The inter-channel nonlinear interference may be... Ciena Corporation

Systems and methods for selecting efficient messaging between services

Systems and methods for selecting efficient messaging to a service include operating the service in a one of a Microservices Architecture (MSA) and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); providing messaging protocols and serialization formats supported by the service for a second service to determine the efficient messaging to the service; and... Ciena Corporation

Pcb microstrip propagation delay matching through control of trace width

A differential pair propagation delay matched microstrip transmission line manufactured on a printed circuit board (PCB) includes a first trace including a strip of conductor in air, a second trace including a strip of conductor in the air positioned adjacent to and closely spaced apart from the first trace, a... Ciena Corporation

Horizontal synchronization extensions for service resizing in optical networks

Systems and methods for horizontal synchronization are implemented by a first node with a second node adjacent to the first node in a network with a control plane. The horizontal synchronization manages and corrects for a state of a service which is resizable. The systems and methods include providing a... Ciena Corporation

Dual wavelenth optical time domain reflectometer systems and methods embedded in a wdm system

Systems and methods using a bi-directional Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) to monitor a fiber optic communication system including a first node and a second node. The systems and methods include performing a first OTDR measurement at a first OTDR wavelength at the first node on a first fiber; performing... Ciena Corporation

Optical dispersion compensation in the electrical domain in an optical communications system

A compensation function mitigates a substantial portion of the dispersion imparted to a communications signal by an optical communications system. A digital input signal is digitally processed using the compensation function to generate a predistorted signal. An amplitude and a phase of an optical signal are modulated using a pair... Ciena Corporation

G.8032 prioritized ring switching systems and methods

A prioritized G.8032 ring switching systems and methods implemented in a node include receiving a defined priority level for each of a plurality of virtual rings at the node, wherein the priority level is one of N levels of priority, N being an integer; and, responsive to a link failure... Ciena Corporation

Systems and methods for adaptive and intelligent network functions virtualization workload placement

A method for adaptive and intelligent Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) workload placement includes monitoring operation of a network with resources including one or more Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and microservices; responsive to a request for a service in the network, decomposing the service into interconnected functional atoms, with the functional... Ciena Corporation

Method of cooling stacked, pluggable optical transceivers

An optical transceiver cooling assembly includes stacked cages mounted to a PCB. A heat radiator also is mounted on the PCB. Cooling devices (e.g., heat pipes) are coupled to the heat radiator and at least one of the cages. In some embodiments, the cages may include a divider that extends... Ciena Corporation

Phase modulator with reduced residual amplitude modulation

A phase modulator with reduced Residual Amplitude Modulation includes a main path; a correction path; a first coupler configured to split, at a first ratio, an input to the main path and the correction path; and a second coupler configured to combine outputs from the main path and the correction... Ciena Corporation

Service enhancement discovery for connectivity traits and virtual network functions in network services

Systems and methods of service enhancement in a Software Defined Networking (SDN) network include performing an evaluation of one or more services in the SDN network for service enhancements; performing a scoring of the service enhancements of the one or more services; and causing implementation of at least one of... Ciena Corporation

Disjoint path computation systems and methods in optical networks

Systems and methods for computing disjoint paths in a network considering continuity constraints include, responsive to a request for disjoint paths in the network which are subject to the continuity constraints, initializing a plurality of variables associated with a graph defining the network where edges constitute nodes and vertices constitute... Ciena Corporation

Systems and methods for bandwidth management in software defined networking controlled multi-layer networks

Bandwidth management systems and methods for a Software Defined Networking (SDN) network include obtaining network data related to downloads in a network and analyzing the network data to determine network services associated with the downloads; detecting congestion on one or more network services of the network services; and causing bandwidth... Ciena Corporation

Data center connectivity systems and methods through packet-optical switches

A data center network includes a plurality of packet-optical switches each at a location in the data center network and each including a switch fabric comprising both a Layer 1 fabric and a packet fabric communicatively coupled to one or more line ports; wherein the plurality of packet-optical switches are... Ciena Corporation

System and monitoring network vulnerabilities

A method for managing network vulnerabilities may include obtaining image data regarding a software container located on a network element. The image data may describe a software image used to generate the software container. The method may further include determining, using the image data, a software vulnerability of the software... Ciena Corporation

Flexible ethernet switching systems and methods

A switch system configured to switch Flexible Ethernet (FlexE) client services includes interface circuitry configured to ingress and egress FlexE clients; and switch circuitry communicatively coupled to the interface circuitry and configured to switch portions of the FlexE clients utilizing a cell switch and Optical Transport Network (OTN) over Packet... Ciena Corporation

Ultra-low power cross-point electronic switch apparatus and method

An electrical switch circuit adapted to switch digital, high-speed signals with low power includes a plurality of input buffers each coupled to an input transmission line of a plurality of input transmission lines, wherein each input buffer utilizes a digital inverter; a plurality of output buffers each coupled to an... Ciena Corporation

Raman amplifier system and method with integrated optical time domain reflectometer

An optical module includes an optical amplifier configured to amplify Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) channels transmitted on a fiber; and an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) configured to transmit an OTDR signal on the fiber and detect a back-scattered signal based thereon to test the fiber, wherein a wavelength of... Ciena Corporation

System and managing network connections

A method for managing network connections may include identifying a network failure within a network comprising various network elements. The method may include selecting, in response to identifying the network failure and for the network elements, a subset of nodal maps from various nodal maps. The nodal maps may be... Ciena Corporation

Simultaneous double wire wedge bonding method, system, kit and tool

A wedge bonding method for simultaneously connecting two wires to a first component and then to a second component includes a) feeding the two wires side by side through a guide channel located at a lower end of a bonding wedge tool, b) positioning the bonding wedge tool over the... Ciena Corporation

Gridless optical routing and spectrum assignment

A method implemented by a processing device for gridless optical routing and spectrum assignment on links in an optical network includes, responsive to one or more new channel requests, performing a path computation utilizing frequency markers to determine feasibility of the one or more new channel requests, wherein the optical... Ciena Corporation

Control plane routing pervasive maintenance

Systems and methods for automatically accommodating one or more connections associated with a network resource targeted for maintenance in a network include receiving a request identifying the network resource for the maintenance; responsive to the network resource carrying no traffic, blocking the network resource during the maintenance; and, responsive to... Ciena Corporation

Active heatsink lid

An active device lid for a device base. The device lid includes a heatsink proximate to a circuit assembly and configured to remove heat generated by the device base, the circuit assembly configured to generate an operating signal voltage for the device base, and a connector configured to connect the... Ciena Corporation

Spot-size converter for optical mode conversion and coupling between two waveguides

A spot-size converter for coupling light between a first waveguide and a second waveguide extends along a longitudinal waveguiding axis and includes a transition region. The transition region includes a first part of waveguiding structure, which is coupled to the first waveguide, and a second part of waveguiding structure, which... Ciena Corporation

Optimized virtual network function service chaining with hardware acceleration

Systems and methods for Virtual Network Function (VNF) service chain optimization include, responsive to a request, determining placement for one or more VNFs in a VNF service chain based on a lowest cost determination; configuring at least one programmable region of acceleration hardware for at least one VNF of the... Ciena Corporation

Systems and methods for combined software defined networking and distributed network control

A hybrid control method for a network includes operating edge switches under software defined networking control, wherein each of the edge switches is communicatively coupled to a controller for the software defined networking control; operating non-adjacent switches communicatively coupling the edge switches together under distributed control, wherein the non-adjacent switches... Ciena Corporation

Systems and methods for path protection switching due to client protection switching

A method to avoid sympathetic switches in path switching protection due to client protection switching includes monitoring a drop side Tandem Connection Monitoring (TCM) entity and a line side TCM entity for a connection, wherein the drop side TCM is provisioned between a drop port of the node and a... Ciena Corporation

Integrated polarimeter in an optical line system

A polarimeter system integrated into an optical line system includes a transmitter coupled to a transmit filter communicatively coupled to an output port in an optical line device, wherein the transmitter is configured to generate a polarization probe signal, and wherein a wavelength of the polarization probe signal is configured... Ciena Corporation

12/14/17 / #20170359118

Multi-layer network resiliency systems and methods

Systems and methods for path computation of a service in a multi-layer network including a client layer and a server layer include determining correlations between the client layer and the server layer; assigning data to one of client layer links and server layer links based on diversity between one another... Ciena Corporation

12/14/17 / #20170359141

Cross-polarized control channels for loading fiber optic transport systems

A method of loading a fiber optic transport system includes adding one or more control channels to an optical fiber having one or more channels, wherein each of the control channels comprises a pair of signals that are cross-polarized and each of the pair of signals is at a different... Ciena Corporation

12/14/17 / #20170359249

Resilient dual-homed data network hand-off

Systems and methods for L2 Ethernet resilient hand-off include an access network configured between a first end point and a second end point, a first communication path and a second communication path for data flow between the first end point and the second end point, wherein the first communication path... Ciena Corporation

12/07/17 / #20170352233

Haptic strength responsive to motion detection

A method may include obtaining sensor data from sensors of a primary device, determining a sensor pattern based on the sensor data, generating a response based on the sensor pattern, and sending a signal over a network to a secondary device to trigger an action of the secondary device. The... Ciena Corporation

12/07/17 / #20170353243

Optical network visualization and planning

Computer-implemented systems and methods for visually presenting spectrum usage of optical spectrum in an optical network include displaying a network map of the optical network comprising a plurality of nodes and a plurality of links connecting the plurality of nodes to one another; responsive to obtaining spectrum data comprising channel... Ciena Corporation

12/07/17 / #20170353246

Software programmable flexible and dynamic optical transceivers

A software programmable optical transceiver includes one or more Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs); and an electro-optical front end communicatively coupled to the one or more FPGAs, wherein the electro-optical front end comprises a transmitter and a receiver, wherein the transmitter is adapted to transmit a transmit signal from the... Ciena Corporation

12/07/17 / #20170353490

Method and system of mitigating network attacks

A method for mitigating network attacks includes receiving traffic status information from sentries distributed in a network, and analyzing the traffic status information to detect an attack on the network. In response to the attack, an isolated network slice is created. For the isolated network slice, a deceptive network resource... Ciena Corporation

11/30/17 / #20170346591

Noise suppression and amplification colorless optical add/drop devices

A method for noise suppression in a colorless optical add/drop system implemented prior to a colorless optical add/drop device includes, subsequent to receiving an optical signal from an optical modem, filtering the optical signal with a wavelength blocking filter to suppress out of band Amplified Stimulated Emission (ASE) in order... Ciena Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170336903

Touch and pressure sensitive surface with haptic methods for blind probe alignment

A method may include detecting a position of a first probe based on a placement of the first probe relative to a first zone on a surface of a device, obtaining a first target position for the first probe in the first zone, comparing the position of the first probe... Ciena Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170339028

Protection switching systems and methods in a packet network based on signal degrade

A method of protection switching in a packet network based on signal/service degrade includes monitoring a packet network connection; detecting the packet network connection has a signal/service degrade including a condition where the packet network connection is operational, but experiencing errors below a threshold; and responsive to detection of the... Ciena Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170339473

Control plane assisted optical switch

Systems and methods implemented by an all-optical switch configured to switch signals optically in an optical network include receiving and processing call information from a messaging/signaling session, wherein the call information relates to one or more calls on ports in the all-optical switch; and configuring the ports in the all-optical... Ciena Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170339780

Spread weave induced skew minimization

A method of manufacturing a printed circuit board (PCB) includes determining a weft direction of the PCB, and defining a routing design of differential pairs. The routing design is designed to have a fixed region in the weft direction. The method further includes manufacturing the PCB according to the routing... Ciena Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170317744

Mesh restorable service systems and methods with preemptible established backup paths

A method, implemented in a node in a network, for a preemptible established backup path for a mesh restorable service includes, responsive to a new service request for the mesh restorable service with the preemptible established backup path, establishing a primary path designated as a current path for the mesh... Ciena Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170317953

Dynamic adjustment of connection priority in networks

Systems and methods for dynamic adjustment of a connection's priority in a network include configuring the connection with a dynamic priority and setting a current priority based on one or more factors, wherein the connection is a Layer 0 connection, a Layer 1 connection, and a combination thereof; detecting an... Ciena Corporation

11/02/17 / #20170318048

System and monitoring network vulnerabilities

A method for managing network vulnerabilities may include obtaining image data regarding a software container located on a network element. The image data may describe a software image used to generate the software container. The method may further include determining, using the image data, a software vulnerability of the software... Ciena Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170310390

Nonlinear spatially resolved interferometer (nl-sri) for characterizing optical properties of deployed telecommunication cables

Using pump-probe measurements on multi-span optical links may result in the determination of one or more of the following: 1) wavelength-dependent power profile and gain evolution along the optical link; 2) wavelength-dependent dispersion map; and 3) location of regions of high polarization-dependent loss (PDL) and polarization-mode dispersion (PMD). Such measurements... Ciena Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170310392

Margin determination systems and methods in optical networks

Systems and methods for determining margin in an optical network include changing powers of signals from one or more transmitters; measuring noise at one or more receivers each communicatively coupled to the one or more transmitters; and determining margin between the one or more transmitters and the one or more... Ciena Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170293098

Sliding assembly and fiber management

A hybrid chassis for fiber management includes a fixed tray adapted to mount to one of a rack and a frame; a sliding chassis assembly housed in the fixed tray; fiber connectors on a front faceplate of the sliding chassis assembly; internal cross connections in the sliding chassis assembly between... Ciena Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170294959

Dual wavelenth optical time domain reflectometer systems and methods embedded in a wdm system

A dual wavelength Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) system, embedded in a network element, includes a first OTDR source for wavelength λ1; a second OTDR source for wavelength λ2; an OTDR measurement subsystem adapted to measure backscatter signals λ1_BACK, λ2_BACK associated with the wavelength λ1 and the wavelength λ2; and... Ciena Corporation

10/05/17 / #20170288678

Oven controlled crystal oscillator device cover

A device cover for temperature control of a component device includes at least one heating element enclosed using the device cover, and multiple sections. Each section is located at a distinct location on the device cover and includes a reflection angle for the distinct location. The reflection angle is configured... Ciena Corporation

09/28/17 / #20170279526

Frequency offset detection and correction in optical spectrum measurement systems

A frequency offset detection method in an optical spectrum measurement device, implemented by a controller, includes determining a reference optical spectrum based on expected channels and their associated spectral occupancy without extracting any information from actual received optical spectrum; obtaining a measured optical spectrum from the optical spectrum measurement device;... Ciena Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170269314

Optical module heatsink lifter and method

A module heatsink lifter for raising and lowering a heatsink enabling insertion and removal of a module includes a fixed base; a hinge connector of the fixed based coupled to the heatsink; and an actuator mechanism to raise and lower the heatsink through rotation about the hinge connector, wherein the... Ciena Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170272033

Manufacturing automation of in-situ temperature compensation information

An in-situ temperature compensation method of an electronic device and an associated temperature sensor includes providing airflow from a vortex air gun to a board including the electronic device and the associated temperature sensor; determining an associated offset at various temperatures in an operating range; and creating and storing a... Ciena Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170272207

Variable spectral efficiency optical modulation schemes

A received signal is received over a noise channel. A stream of received symbols is recovered from the received signal. Each symbol is decoded into one or more bits, where a decoded bit of the symbol has a high probability of being in error, and a probability of being a... Ciena Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170264425

High order hybrid phase locked loop with digital scheme for jitter suppression

A method for filtering noise. The method may include obtaining an output signal from a phase locked loop (PLL) device. The method may include determining, using a digital phase detector and the output signal, an amount of PLL error produced by the PLL device. The method may include filtering, using... Ciena Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170264529

Multithreaded establishing network connections

A method for connecting endpoints. The method may include determining, using a first group of software threads, cross-connection information regarding various cross-connections among various network elements. The network elements may include a first network element and a second network element. The method may further include determining, using the first group... Ciena Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170264565

Hierarchical resource tree allocation

A method for resource management includes receiving, from a client, an allocation request for a resource, and assigning, to the client, a partition of a hierarchical resource tree. The partition is in multiple partitions of the hierarchical resource tree. The method further includes identifying a deallocated resource in the partition,... Ciena Corporation

08/31/17 / #20170250756

High speed signal generator

A high speed signal generator comprises a digital signal processing (DSP) block configured to process an input digital signal to generate in parallel a first digital sub-band signal having frequency components within a first spectral range and a second digital sub-band signal having frequency components within the first spectral range.... Ciena Corporation

08/24/17 / #20170242736

Methods and systems for recursively acquiring and releasing a spinlock

A computer-implemented method for a recursive spinlock includes storing a recursion level for the recursive spinlock in memory; responsive to a request to acquire the recursive spinlock by a process, performing one of (i) acquiring the recursive spinlock if not presently held by the process and incrementing the recursion level... Ciena Corporation

08/24/17 / #20170244211

Connector replacement methods and systems in a network element chassis

A connector replacement method in a network element chassis includes obtaining physical access to a backplane in the network element chassis, while the network element chassis is deployed; powering down backplane connectors for replacement while other backplane connectors remained powered; removing the powered down backplane connectors with a connector removal... Ciena Corporation

Patent Packs
08/24/17 / #20170244489

Mitigation of electrical-to-optical conversion impairments induced at transmitter

A digital instruction is generated regarding one or more electrical-to-optical conversion impairments induced at the transmitter of an optical communication system. The digital instruction may be used by the transmitter to reduce the impairments. Alternatively, or additionally, the digital instruction may be used by the receiver of the optical communication... Ciena Corporation

08/24/17 / #20170244606

Systems and methods for bandwidth management in software defined networking controlled multi-layer networks

Bandwidth management systems and methods performed in a Software Defined Networking (SDN) controlled network include, responsive to detecting congestion on one or more network services with identifiable data therein, obtaining policy associated with the congested network services and causing bandwidth on demand in the network to mitigate the congestion if... Ciena Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170238438

Network element chassis tool and single person installation

A support system for a single person installation of a network element chassis in a rack with a plurality of posts includes a plurality of supporting “L” brackets each including a horizontal side adapted to support the network element chassis and a vertical side; a plurality of support mounting brackets... Ciena Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170230110

Automated node level fibre audit

A method of automated testing and evaluation of a node of a communications network, the method comprising: a management computer interacting with the node to discover fibre trails within the node that can be safely tested; and the management computer interacting with the node to test at least continuity of... Ciena Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170230265

Propagation of frame loss information by receiver to sender in an ethernet network

Systems and methods of propagating frame loss information by a node in an Ethernet network include detecting one or more of service unaware port discards and service aware port discards; determining statistics based on the one or more of service unaware discards and service aware port discards; and transmitting the... Ciena Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170230267

Traffic-adaptive network control systems and methods

Traffic-adaptive network control systems and methods for a network, implemented by a server, include monitoring data associated with the network; generating a traffic forecast based on the monitored data; generating a schedule of actions based on a comparison of the traffic forecast to observed data; and causing orchestration of the... Ciena Corporation

08/10/17 / #20170230294

Port congestion resiliency in a multi-card and multi-switch link aggregation group

Systems and methods for port congestion resiliency in a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) including a multi-card LAG and/or a multi-switch LAG. A method includes receiving a packet for egress over the LAG; responsive to determining no congestion over internal ports not part of the LAG, hashing with all member ports... Ciena Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170220721

Systems and methods for dynamic symbols for devices in electrical schematics

Computer-implemented systems and methods for dynamic symbols for devices in an electrical schematic include receiving placement of a dynamic symbol in a schematic, wherein the dynamic symbol represents an electrical device in the schematic and is selected from a symbol library; receiving assignment of nets to pins of the dynamic... Ciena Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170223436

Flexible behavior modification during restoration in optical networks

Systems and methods of flexible behavior modification of a service implemented in a node during restoration in an optical network include provisioning the service on a home route with a first set of attributes; defining one or more protect routes in the network for the service, wherein each of the... Ciena Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170214467

Multi-layer modem reclamation systems and methods

Modem reclamation systems and methods for optimizing optical modem use in a network include determining costs and capacity range for Lx adjacencies in the network based on Lx information and L0 information, wherein Lx is a digital layer with routed traffic and L0 is a media layer with optical modems... Ciena Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170214473

Signal equalizer in a coherent optical receiver

A signal equalizer for compensating impairments of an optical signal received through a link of a high speed optical communications network. At least one set of compensation vectors are computed for compensating at least two distinct types of impairments. A frequency domain processor is coupled to receive respective raw multi-bit... Ciena Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170214516

System and managing holdover

A system for managing holdover. The system may include a local oscillator device. The system may include a phase locked loop (PLL) device coupled to the local oscillator device and a reference clock source. The PLL device may obtain a reference clock signal from the reference clock source to produce... Ciena Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170214608

Flow based virtual network function orchestration

A method for computing device management includes receiving a first incoming packet by a first computing device, analyzing the first incoming packet to identify a virtual network function (VNF) needed to process the first incoming packet, transmitting, to a software defined network controller and in response to the first incoming... Ciena Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170207849

Coherent receiver based virtual optical spectrum analyzer

A coherent receiver adapted to operate as an Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) includes an optical front end adapted to receive an optical signal and to mix the optical signal with a local laser; a photodetector block coupled to the optical front end and adapted to receive an output of the... Ciena Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170208009

Optimum utilization of green tokens in packet metering

Packet metering systems and methods optimize utilization of green or committed tokens. The packet metering method includes receiving a packet of size B in an interval; and marking a color of the packet as green for committed, yellow for excess, or red for discard, based on the size B, a... Ciena Corporation

Patent Packs
07/13/17 / #20170201318

Ethernet link state signaling for packet flows mapped into optical transport network with generic framing procedure

Systems and methods of Ethernet link state signaling through a packet fabric with an Ethernet service transported over Optical Transport Network (OTN) utilizing Generic Framing Procedure Framed (GFP-F) mapping include demapping packets received from an OTN container over GFP-F; detecting a condition associated with the Ethernet service; and causing insertion... Ciena Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170201323

Multilayer resource management and arbitration in transport networks

A method, implemented in a hybrid network element supporting switching at a plurality of layers, for multilayer resource management between the plurality of layers, includes operating a control plane at Layer N between a plurality of network elements in a network, wherein control plane signaling at the Layer N is... Ciena Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170201452

Multi-drop unidirectional services in a network

Systems and methods for a multi-drop, unidirectional service in a network include, responsive to a source point, one or more drop points, and a routing consideration, computing a path in the network; causing establishment of the multi-drop, unidirectional service on the computed path, through one of a control plane and... Ciena Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170180050

Network resource optimization based on time-varying traffic in optical networks

Systems and methods of network resource optimization based on time-varying traffic in an optical network with a filterless architecture include determining traffic variations based on the time-varying traffic in the optical network; and adjusting one or more of transceivers and wavelengths between nodes in the optical network based on the... Ciena Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170180153

Systems and methods to detect and recover from a loop in an ethernet ring protected network

Loop detection systems and methods in an Ethernet Ring Protected network include, subsequent to creating a loop detection service on all nodes in the network, periodically transmitting a loop detection frame on both ports of the node; responsive to failing to receive the loop detection frame at the node, determining... Ciena Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170171053

Smart ethernet edge networking system

A system is provided for controlling the flow of data-packet traffic through an Ethernet telecommunications network having a multiplicity of nodes interconnected by multiple network links. Incoming data-packet traffic from multiple customer connections are received at a first node for entry into the network via the first node. Flow control... Ciena Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170171089

Per queue per service buffering capability within a shaping window

Systems and methods for per queue per service buffering capability for traffic shaping include receiving an ingress packet; responsive to no traffic shaping, providing the ingress packet to an output interface; and, responsive to traffic shaping, performing one of sending the ingress packet to the output interface, buffering the ingress... Ciena Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170171163

Flexible ethernet encryption systems and methods

Systems and methods for Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) encryption implemented by a first network element communicatively coupled to a second network element include utilizing an encryption messaging channel to establish an authenticated session and exchanging one or more encryption keys with a second network element; encrypting a signal, based on... Ciena Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170160482

Method and system for providing optical connections

A system for providing optical connections that may include an optical grating structure and an optical waveguide coupled to the optical grating structure. The optical grating structure may be configured to receive an optical wave, through an interposer, from an optical source. The optical grating structure may be configured to... Ciena Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170163337

Optical channel telemetry

A method for performing optical channel telemetry. The method may include generating various channel estimates of an optical channel, wherein the channel estimates are generated by an optical detector. The method may further include determining, from the channel estimates, various channel properties regarding the optical channel. The method may further... Ciena Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170163489

Control plane discovery of services

A method for control plane discovery includes a plurality of network elements transmitting an outbound control plane communication to generate path information of a path through the network elements. The transmitting includes receiving, by an intermediate network element of the network elements, the outbound control plane communication on an optical... Ciena Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170164499

Backplane alignment and stiffening two backplanes spanning single modules

A split backplane for a telecommunication, networking, or computing device includes a power backplane comprising power connectors; a signal backplane comprising signal connectors, wherein the signal backplane is separate from the power backplane, and wherein one or more modules are adapted to selectively connect to the power connectors and the... Ciena Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170164500

Offloaded backplane for power distribution in high-speed data applications

A backplane system for a high-speed network element includes a main backplane including a plurality of traces for data and control connectivity, high-speed data connectors, and a power connector, wherein the high-speed data connectors and the power connector are configured to engage one or more modules; and a power backplane... Ciena Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170154044

Software precedence in ternary content-addressable memory (tcam)

A method for processing ternary content-addressable memory (TCAM) data. The method may include transmitting a search query to a TCAM device. The TCAM device may store a plurality of TCAM entries. The method may further include obtaining a first matched entry and a second matched entry from the plurality of... Ciena Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170149646

Path computation in multi-layer networks

A system for operating a network. The system includes a processor and memory storing instructions. The instructions, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to generate a network path from a source device to a destination device. The instructions include a path calculation engine (PCE) configured to select, from... Ciena Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170142505

Minimal spectrum occupancy routing and wavelength or spectrum assignment in optical networks

Systems and methods for determining minimal spectrum occupancy in routing and wavelength/spectrum assignment (RWA/RSA) in an optical network include performing, for a new demand request, a set of binary operations using a binary representation for each wavelength or portion of spectrum over all links in the optical network; and selecting,... Ciena Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170131142

Method and system for balancing optical receiver

A method. The method may include transmitting an optical noise signal to a first photodetector and a second photodetector within an optical receiver circuit that includes a transimpedance amplifier circuit. The method may further include measuring, in response to transmitting the optical noise signal, a power output from the optical... Ciena Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170134114

Flexible grid optical spectrum transmitter, receiver, and transceiver

A flexible grid optical transmitter communicatively coupled to an optical network includes a coherent optical transmitter configured to generate a signal at a respective center frequency on an optical spectrum and spanning n bins about the respective center frequency, wherein n is an integer greater than 1, wherein the respective... Ciena Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170134282

Per queue per service differentiation for dropping packets in weighted random early detection

Systems and methods for per service differentiation for congestion avoidance through dropping packets based on service priority include receiving an ingress packet; responsive to no congestion, providing the ingress packet to a queue of one or more queues; and, responsive to congestion, during a congestion window, one of providing the... Ciena Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170122812

Signal detection systems and methods on a fiber carrying multiple wavelengths

Systems and methods to detect a wavelength of interest (λRX) amongst one or more wavelengths (λ1, λ2, . . . , λN) include receiving the one or more wavelengths (λ1, λ2, . . . , λN); using a portion of a transmitted wavelength (λTX) as a Local Oscillator (LO) signal... Ciena Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170126312

In-service optical fault isolation systems and methods

Systems and methods for in-service optical fault isolation on a link between a first node and a second node include transmitting counters between each of the first node and the second node; determining associated values for the counters responsive to an event associated with the link; and determining a location... Ciena Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170126314

Systems and methods for statistical multiplexing with otn and dwdm

A method of statistical multiplexing with one of Layer 0 Flexible Grid optical spectrum and Layer 1 Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) bandwidth in a multi-layer network includes obtaining a sampling of bandwidth usage over time on ports and links in the multi-layer network for one of Layer 0 and Layer... Ciena Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170126589

Frontplane communication network between multiple pluggable modules on a single faceplate

A system that includes (i) a device having connectors connected to pluggable modules external to the device and (ii) the pluggable modules exchanging signals with the device via the connectors. In particular, the pluggable modules includes a first pluggable module and a second pluggable module that further exchange a supplemental... Ciena Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170127157

High port count switching module, apparatus, and method

A high port count switching module includes a plurality of switching circuits disposed on a glass interposer, wherein the plurality of switching circuits each include cross-point switches configured to perform switching at a full signal rate; and a plurality of optical transceivers disposed on the glass interposer and communicatively coupled... Ciena Corporation

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