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Ciena Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Ciena Corporation. Ciena Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ciena Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ciena Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/02/17Mesh restorable service systems and methods with preemptible established backup paths
11/02/17Dynamic adjustment of connection priority in networks
11/02/17System and monitoring network vulnerabilities
10/26/17Nonlinear spatially resolved interferometer (nl-sri) for characterizing optical properties of deployed telecommunication cables
10/26/17Margin determination systems and methods in optical networks
10/12/17Sliding assembly and fiber management
10/12/17Dual wavelenth optical time domain reflectometer systems and methods embedded in a wdm system
10/05/17Oven controlled crystal oscillator device cover
09/28/17Frequency offset detection and correction in optical spectrum measurement systems
09/21/17Optical module heatsink lifter and method
09/21/17Manufacturing automation of in-situ temperature compensation information
09/21/17Variable spectral efficiency optical modulation schemes
09/14/17High order hybrid phase locked loop with digital scheme for jitter suppression
09/14/17Multithreaded establishing network connections
09/14/17Hierarchical resource tree allocation
08/31/17High speed signal generator
08/24/17Methods and systems for recursively acquiring and releasing a spinlock
08/24/17Connector replacement methods and systems in a network element chassis
08/24/17Mitigation of electrical-to-optical conversion impairments induced at transmitter
08/24/17Systems and methods for bandwidth management in software defined networking controlled multi-layer networks
08/17/17Network element chassis tool and single person installation
08/10/17Automated node level fibre audit
08/10/17Propagation of frame loss information by receiver to sender in an ethernet network
08/10/17Traffic-adaptive network control systems and methods
08/10/17Port congestion resiliency in a multi-card and multi-switch link aggregation group
08/03/17Systems and methods for dynamic symbols for devices in electrical schematics
08/03/17Flexible behavior modification during restoration in optical networks
07/27/17Multi-layer modem reclamation systems and methods
07/27/17Signal equalizer in a coherent optical receiver
07/27/17System and managing holdover
07/27/17Flow based virtual network function orchestration
07/20/17Coherent receiver based virtual optical spectrum analyzer
07/20/17Optimum utilization of green tokens in packet metering
07/13/17Ethernet link state signaling for packet flows mapped into optical transport network with generic framing procedure
07/13/17Multilayer resource management and arbitration in transport networks
07/13/17Multi-drop unidirectional services in a network
06/22/17Network resource optimization based on time-varying traffic in optical networks
06/22/17Systems and methods to detect and recover from a loop in an ethernet ring protected network
06/15/17Smart ethernet edge networking system
06/15/17Per queue per service buffering capability within a shaping window
06/15/17Flexible ethernet encryption systems and methods
06/08/17Method and system for providing optical connections
06/08/17Optical channel telemetry
06/08/17Control plane discovery of services
06/08/17Backplane alignment and stiffening two backplanes spanning single modules
06/08/17Offloaded backplane for power distribution in high-speed data applications
06/01/17Software precedence in ternary content-addressable memory (tcam)
05/25/17Path computation in multi-layer networks
05/18/17Minimal spectrum occupancy routing and wavelength or spectrum assignment in optical networks
05/11/17Method and system for balancing optical receiver
05/11/17Flexible grid optical spectrum transmitter, receiver, and transceiver
05/11/17Per queue per service differentiation for dropping packets in weighted random early detection
05/04/17Signal detection systems and methods on a fiber carrying multiple wavelengths
05/04/17In-service optical fault isolation systems and methods
05/04/17Systems and methods for statistical multiplexing with otn and dwdm
05/04/17Frontplane communication network between multiple pluggable modules on a single faceplate
05/04/17High port count switching module, apparatus, and method
04/27/17Control spectrally overlapped flexible grid spectrum using a control bandwidth
04/27/17Method of processing traffic in a node in a transport network with a network controller
04/20/17Measuring frame loss
04/13/17Multi-layer network resiliency systems and methods
04/13/17Physical adjacency detection systems and methods
04/13/17Scalable switch fabric using optical interconnects
04/06/17Service preemption selection systems and methods in networks
04/06/17Control plane assisted optical switch
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03/30/17Chirp suppressed ring resonator
03/30/17Chirp suppressed ring resonator
03/30/17Staggered parity
03/30/17Time transfer systems and methods over flexible ethernet
03/23/17Variable width pcie interface
03/23/17Systems and methods improving optical restoration time in networks
03/23/17Flexible grid optical spectrum transmitter, receiver, and transceiver
03/23/17Sdn orchestration and optimization of antennas and frequencies in radio access networks
03/23/17Modular fan and motherboard assembly
03/16/17Method and system having a transimpedance amplifier circuit with a differential current monitoring device for monitoring optical receiver circuit (as amended)
03/16/17Optical dispersion compensation in the electrical domain in an optical communications system
03/16/17Method and provisioning virtual network functions from a network service provider
03/09/17System and providing redundant ethernet network connections
03/02/17Data plane resource allocation
03/02/17Methods and systems to select active and standby ports in link aggregation groups
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02/23/17Latch assembly incorporating a fan brake actuator for use in a cooling unit of a telecommunications system
02/16/17Photonic routing systems and methods computing loop-free topologies
02/16/17Systems and methods to increase capacity in optical networks based on excess margin
02/09/17Optimum utilization of yellow tokens in packet metering
02/02/17Path computation based on dynamic performance monitoring systems and methods in optical networks
02/02/17Multicast segment routing
01/26/17Fault localization using tandem connection monitors in optical transport network
01/19/17Spot-size converter for optical mode conversion and coupling between two waveguides
01/19/17Systems and methods using a polarimeter to localize state of polarization transients on optical fibers
01/19/17Frequency domain multiplex optical transmission
01/12/17Mitigation of narrow-band degradations in a broadband communication system
01/05/17Minimum variance carrier recovery with increased phase noise tolerance
01/05/17Flexible ethernet switching systems and methods
01/05/17Flexible ethernet operations, administration, and maintenance systems and methods
01/05/17Flexible ethernet client multi-service and timing transparency systems and methods
01/05/17Flexible ethernet chip-to-chip inteface systems and methods
12/29/16Tdm network call with compound service layer agreement
12/29/16Method and multicast implementation in a network
12/29/16Fast interlayer forwarding
12/29/16Distributed data center architecture
12/29/16Metered interface
12/22/16Nonlinear tolerant optical modulation formats at high spectral efficiency
12/15/16Parity frame
12/08/16Driver and capacitive load integration
12/01/16Interconnecting networks
12/01/16Enhanced forwarding database synchronization for media access control addresses learned in interconnected layer-2 architectures
12/01/16Continuity check systems and methods using hardware native down maintenance end points to emulate hardware up maintenance end points
12/01/16Software defined networking service control systems and methods of remote services
11/24/16Multi-width waveguides
11/24/16Adaptive preconfiguration in optical transport network
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11/24/16Method and system for nonlinear interference mitigation
11/10/16Network-based ip configuration recovery
11/10/16Network service pricing and resource management in a software defined networking environment
10/27/16Control plane extensions for optical broadcast networks
10/27/16Spectrum controller systems and methods in optical networks
10/27/16Optical transceiver and method with channel binding, clock forwarding, and integrate-and-dump receivers
10/27/16Dynamic bandwidth control systems and methods in software defined networking
10/20/16Packet network linear protection systems and methods in a dual home or multi-home configuration
10/13/16Telecommunications system cooling fan incorporating a flange vibration isolator
10/13/16Systems and methods for tracking, predicting, and mitigating advanced persistent threats in networks
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10/13/16Service enhancement discovery for connectivity traits and virtual network functions in network services
10/13/16Scalable broadband metro network architecture
09/22/16System optimization of pulse shaping filters in fiber optic networks
08/25/16Automatic configuration of network devices in a cluster based on physical deployment
08/18/16Method and system for providing optical connections
08/11/16Method and sub-carrier frequency control
08/11/16Reduced complexity nonlinear compensation
08/11/16Methods and systems for creating and applying a template driven element adapter
08/11/16Opportunity based path computation systems and methods in constraint-based routing
08/11/16In-band communication channel in optical networks
08/04/16Dynamic licensing for applications and plugin framework for virtual network systems
08/04/16Control plane extensions for optical broadcast networks
07/28/16Polarization mode dispersion (pmd) tolerant optical signaling
07/28/16Representative bandwidth calculation systems and methods in a network
07/28/16Dynamic policy engine for multi-layer network management
07/28/16Network visualization system and method
07/21/16Systems and methods to detect and characterize fake cell towers
07/14/16Maximum likelihood decoding
07/07/16Ethernet ring protection node with node-level redundancy
06/30/16Monitoring and control of reference clocks to reduce bit error ratio
06/30/16Network-based ethernet switching packet switch, network, and method
06/23/16Bandwidth optimization systems and methods in networks
06/23/16Systems and methods to detect, diagnose, and mitigate issues in multi-layer networks
06/23/16Constrained and viable path computation systems and methods
06/16/16Optical network connection termination on client facility failure
06/16/16Digital noise loading for optical receivers
06/16/16Ethernet fault management systems and methods
06/16/16Redundant pathways for network elements
06/09/16Automated provisioning and control of shared optical spectrum in submarine optical networks
06/09/16Staggered parity
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06/09/16Reduced link bandwidth update improved scalability, efficiency, and performance
06/02/16Systems and methods for dynamic operations, administration, and management
05/26/16In-band signaling for network protection switching
05/12/16Generalized service protection systems and methods
05/12/16High-speed optical transceiver systems and methods
05/12/16Systems and methods for channel additions over multiple cascaded optical nodes
05/05/16Network visualization system and method
04/28/16Flexible ethernet and multi link gearbox mapping procedure to optical transport network
04/28/16Channelized oduflex systems and methods
04/21/16Optical and packet path computation and selection systems and methods
04/14/16Make-before-break systems and methods decoupling a control plane from a data plane
04/14/16Electronic shelf assembly incorporating spring loaded circuit pack latch rails
04/07/16Method and system for optical connection validation in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (roadm) node
04/07/16Systems and methods to detect and defend against distributed denial of service attacks
03/24/16Header space analysis extension transport networks
03/24/16Network controller, a multi-fabric shelf and, a processing traffic in a transport network
03/17/16Digital optical spectral shaping
03/17/16Precision time transfer systems and methods in optical networks
03/17/16Secure access systems and methods to network elements operating in a network
03/10/16Systems and methods for optical dark section conditioning
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03/10/16Live monitoring of raman and fiber degradation in dwdm networks using in-service otdr
03/10/16Method for detecting wavelength usage conflicts in an optical network
03/03/16Low profile compliant latch assembly and electronic circuit card and chassis incorporating same
02/25/16Otn adaptation for support of subrate granularity and flexibility and for distribution across multiple modem engines
02/25/16Systems and methods to compute carbon footprint of network services with network function virtualization (nfv) and software defined networking (sdn)
02/25/16Data synchronization system and methods in a network using a highly-available key-value storage system
02/25/16Flexible smart sleeve pluggable transceivers
02/18/16Parallel turbine ternary content addressable memory for high-speed applications
02/18/16Novel forward error correction architecture and implementation for power/space efficient transmission systems
02/18/16Systems and methods for setting up end-to-end traffic engineered ethernet line services
02/18/16Systems and methods for managing excess optical capacity and margin in optical networks
02/18/16High density networking shelf and system
02/11/16Fast mesh restoration systems and method with real time detection of fault location
02/11/16Flexible optical spectrum management systems and methods
02/11/16Oduflex resizing systems and methods
02/04/16Systems and methods for equipment installation, configuration, maintenance, and personnel training
02/04/16Localized network repair systems and methods
02/04/16Continuity check protocol optimization systems and methods
02/04/16Dynamic packet traffic performance adjustment systems and methods
02/04/16Systems and methods for selection of optimal routing parameters for dwdm network services in a control plane network
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02/04/16Airflow divider for balancing airflow in a modular chassis system
01/28/16Signal equalizer in a coherent optical receiver
01/28/16Data connectivity systems and methods through packet-optical switches
01/28/16Systems and methods to detect and propagate uni operational speed mismatch in ethernet services
01/21/16Systems and methods for collecting and analyzing data to determine link quality and stability in layer two networks
12/31/15Raman amplifier system and method with integrated optical time domain reflectometer
12/31/15High speed signal generator
12/31/15Systems and methods for combined software defined networking and distributed network control
12/31/15Simplifying quantitative analysis of time-bounded resource consumption
12/24/15High capacity fiber-optic integrated transmission systems
12/17/15Systems and methods for statistical multiplexing with otn and dwdm
12/17/15Otn switching systems and methods using an sdn controller and match/action rules
12/17/15Systems and methods for managing call connections from non-originating nodes in networks
12/17/15Systems and methods for detecting and propagating resizability information of oduflex connections
12/10/15Short-term optical recovery coherent optical receivers
11/26/15Methods and determining a path in a communications network
11/19/15Margin-based optimization systems and methods in optical networks for capacity boosting
11/19/15Margin-based optimization systems and methods in optical networks by intentionally reducing margin
11/19/15Margin-based optimization systems and methods in optical networks to unblock superchannels
11/19/15Network routing validation of paths subsequent to validation failure
11/12/15Packet tunnel management systems and methods
11/05/15Proactive operations, administration, and maintenance systems and methods in networks using data analytics
11/05/15Photonic routing systems and methods computing loop-free topologies
11/05/15Retention of a sub-network connection home path
10/22/15Systems and methods for diverse connection signaling from disparate source nodes in distributed connection-oriented networks
10/15/15Integrity check optimization systems and methods in live connectivity frames
10/08/15Packet network linear protection systems and methods in a dual home or multi-home configuration
10/08/15Source identification preservation in multiprotocol label switching networks
10/01/15E-spring support of ethernet protection
09/24/15Bandwidth analytics in a software defined network (sdn) controlled multi-layer network for dynamic estimation of power consumption
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08/27/15Optimum modulator bias systems and methods in coherent optical transmitters
08/27/15Coordination systems and methods between data control plane and photonic control in optical networks
08/20/15Telecommunications system cooling fan incorporating a compact vibration isolator
08/20/15Method for securely configuring customer premise equipment
08/13/15Hitless modulation scheme change systems and methods in optical networks
08/13/15Otn rate adjustment control plane restoration, congestion control, and network utilization
08/13/15Systems and methods for managing excess optical capacity and margin in optical networks
08/06/15Digital optical spectral shaping
08/06/15Mpls and gmpls tunnel flap dampening in traffic engineered networks
07/23/15G.8032 ethernet multiple fault recovery mechanisms
07/09/15Optical modulation schemes having reduced nonlinear optical transmission impairments
07/09/15Method for resource optimized network virtualization overlay transport in virtualized data center environments
07/02/15Method and system for intelligent distributed health monitoring in switching system equipment
06/18/15Transient and switching event stabilization of fiber optic transport systems
06/18/15Optical transceiver and method with channel binding, clock forwarding, and integrate-and-dump receivers
06/04/15Unified management of computing networks
05/21/15High density networking shelf and system
05/07/15Optical switch fabric for data center interconnections
05/07/15Dynamic bandwidth allocation systems and methods using content identification in a software-defined networking controlled multi-layer network
04/30/15Optimization of photonic services with colorless and directionless architecture
04/30/15Systems and methods for capacity changes in dwdm networks including flexible spectrum systems
04/30/15Network based onsite support
04/23/15Method and provisioning a virtual machine (virtual machine) from a network service provider
04/23/15Software defined networking systems and methods via a path computation and control element
04/16/15Method and multi-instance control plane for dynamic mpls-tp tunnel management via in-band communication channel (g-ach)
04/09/15Energy efficient and energy-managed traffic engineering services in multiprotocol label switching and generalized multiprotocol label switching networks
04/09/15Method and managing end-to-end consistency of bi-directional mpls-tp tunnels via in-band communication channel (g-ach) protocol
03/26/15Enhanced routing and wavelength assignment techniques for reducing wavelength continuity blocking
03/19/15High voltage control with digital mems logic

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