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Cisco Technology Inc
Cisco Technology Inc A Corporation Of California
Cisco Technology Inc A California Corporation
Cisco Technology Inc A Corporation Of Californi
Cisco Technology Inc a Corporation Of California
Cisco Technology Inc ca Corporation
Cisco Technology Inc A Coporation Of California
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Cisco Technology Inc A California Corporation_20100128
Cisco Technology Inc_20100128
Cisco Technology Inc A Corporation Of The State Of California
Cisco Technology Inc_20100114
Cisco Technology Inc a California Corporation
Cisco Technology Inc_20100107
Cisco Technology Inc_20100121

Cisco Technology Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Cisco Technology Inc. Cisco Technology Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cisco Technology Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cisco Technology Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Triggered in-band operations, administration, and maintenance in a network environment
04/20/17 new patent  Latency optimized segment routing tunnels
04/20/17 new patent  Make-before-break mechanism for label switched paths
04/20/17 new patent  Routing traffic over chaotic networks
04/20/17 new patent  Segment routing: pce driven dynamic setup of forwarding adjacencies and explicit path
04/20/17 new patent  Using domain name server queries for managing access control lists
04/20/17 new patent  Accurate detection of rogue wireless access points
04/20/17 new patent  Methods and providing one-arm node clustering using a port channel
04/20/17 new patent  Low-complexity generating synthetic reference frames in video coding
04/20/17 new patent  Efficient loop filter for video codec
04/20/17 new patent  Utilizing mobile wireless devices to analyze movement of crowds
04/20/17 new patent  Wi-fi calling quality of service on trusted wlan networks
04/20/17 new patent  System and frequency and time domain downlink inter-cell interference coordination
04/20/17 new patent  System and frequency and time domain downlink inter-cell interference coordination
04/13/17Storage system
04/13/17Automatic correlation of dynamic system events within computing devices
04/13/17Verifying network attack detector effectiveness
04/13/17Segment routing over label distribution protocol
04/13/17Optimal route reflection using efficient border gate protocol best path selection
04/13/17Network performance diagnostics system
04/13/17Context sharing between endpoint device and network security device using in-band communications
04/13/17Hybrid cloud security groups
04/13/17Cold start mechanism to prevent compromise of automatic anomaly detection systems
04/13/17Anomaly detection in a network coupling state information with machine learning outputs
04/13/17Anomaly detection supporting new application deployments
04/13/17Voice over lte support for non-uicc devices attached to an lte mobile router
04/13/17Pipelining get requests in adaptive streaming
04/13/17Multi-hop wan macsec over ip
04/13/17Multi-hop wan macsec over ip
04/13/17Segmented video content storage
04/13/17Method and system for segment based recording
04/13/17Leveraging location data from mobile devices for user classification
04/06/17Performance-based public cloud selection for a hybrid cloud environment
04/06/17Securely authorizing client applications on devices to hosted services
04/06/17Policy-driven switch overlay bypass in a hybrid cloud network environment
04/06/17Systems and methods for energy-aware ip/mpls routing
04/06/17Time-based traffic engineering for seasonal flows in a network
04/06/17Bit indexed explicit replication packet encapsulation
04/06/17Automatic generation of cluster descriptions
04/06/17Dynamic installation of behavioral white labels
04/06/17Dynamic deep packet inspection for anomaly detection
04/06/17Enabling access to an enterprise network domain based on a centralized trust
04/06/17Automatic switching between dynamic and preset camera views in a video conference endpoint
04/06/17Scalable control plane
04/06/17Dynamically hashed mac address for transmission in a network
04/06/17Obtaining data reception parameters on-demand in a multiple interface network
04/06/17Printed circuit board clip
03/30/17In-service upgrade of kernel loadable modules
03/30/17Computer system programmed to identify common subsequences in logs
03/30/17Self-describing error correction of consolidated media content
03/30/17Proactive m2m framework using device-level vcard for inventory, identity, and network management
03/30/17Enhanced cloud demand prediction for smart data centers
03/30/17Generating service-optimized paths based on enhanced eigrp telemetry
03/30/17Layer-2 security for industrial automation by snooping discovery and configuration messages
03/30/17Redundancy network protocol system
03/30/17Camera system for video conference endpoints
03/30/17Attenuation of loudspeaker in microphone array
03/30/17Determining proximity of computing devices using ultrasonic audio signatures
03/30/17Self optimizing residential and community wifi networks
03/30/17Cross mute for native radio channels
03/30/17Human mobility rule-based device location tracking
03/23/17Pre-flight self test for unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs)
03/23/17Collaboration room switching
03/23/17Contextual messaging response slider
03/23/17Low latency efficient sharing of resources in multi-server ecosystems
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03/23/17Continuous autonomous monitoring of systems along a path
03/23/17Virtual port channel bounce in overlay network
03/23/17Load balancing with flowlet granularity
03/23/17Self-adaptive sample period for content sharing in communication sessions
03/23/17Systems and methods for correlating multiple tcp sessions for a video transfer
03/23/17Automatically determining relative locations of collaboration endpoints within a building
03/16/17Automatically determining sensor location in a virtualized computing environment
03/16/17Method and identifying location related hardware failures
03/16/17Low latency remote direct memory access for microservers
03/16/17Optical multiplex level and optical channel layer server trails in wavelength switched optical networks
03/16/17Techniques for yang model version control validation
03/16/17Detecting oscillation anomalies in a mesh network using machine learning
03/16/17Method and advanced statistics collection
03/16/17Pro-active mechanism to detect lisp movable silent host
03/16/17Method for optimizing wan traffic
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03/16/17Cloud image renderer
03/16/17Determining location via wireless access points
03/09/17Selection of power in power over ethernet systems
03/09/17T-cam bier bit-string lookups
03/09/17Time and motion data fusion for determining and remedying issues based on physical presence
03/09/17Time and motion data fusion for high fidelity data sets
03/09/17Cam design for bit string lookup
03/09/17Serving noise/macro interference limited user equipment for downlink inter-cell interference coordination
03/09/17Homomorphically-created symmetric key
03/09/17Mobile gateway redundancy with active standby
03/09/17Leveraging security as a service for cloud-based file sharing
03/09/17Video conference audio/video verification
03/02/17Power control subsystem with a plurality of current limit values
03/02/17Slot-filler blanking tray
03/02/17Method and supporting high availability
03/02/17Side-channel integrity validation of devices
03/02/17Bidirectional optical transceiver
03/02/17Key ladder apparatus and method
03/02/17Optimizing user experiences of web conferences that send data with source-specific multicast and automatic multicast tunneling
03/02/17Method and sve redundancy
03/02/17System and providing small cell gateway redundancy
03/02/17Systems and methods for performing packet reorder processing
03/02/17Robust representation of network traffic for detecting malware variations
03/02/17Learning detector of malicious network traffic from weak labels
03/02/17Service function chaining branching
03/02/17Segment routing conduit
02/23/17Perch for screening drones
02/23/17High density connector
02/23/17Transformation of peripheral component interconnect express compliant virtual devices in a network environment
02/23/17Distribution of segment identifiers in network functions virtualization and software defined network environments
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02/23/17Reduced authentication times in constrained computer networks
02/23/17Flexible deterministic binary scheduler
02/23/17Avc bi-directional correlation using an overlay fabric header
02/23/17Mapping system assisted key refreshing
02/23/17Object-relation user interface for viewing security configurations of network security devices
02/23/17Dynamic vpn policy model with encryption and traffic engineering resolution
02/23/17Serving gateway-based presence/location detection
02/16/17Hot swap circuit
02/16/17Facilitating communication between memory devices of different technologies
02/16/17Distributed application hosting environment to mask heterogeneity
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02/16/17Segment routing label switch paths in network functions virtualization communications networks
02/16/17Group membership block chain
02/16/17Timely delivery of real-time media problem when tcp must be used
02/16/17Fibre channel peer zoning
02/16/17Quality metric for compressed video
02/16/17Location awareness to packet flows using network service headers
02/16/17Timeslot distribution in a distributed routing protocol for deterministic wireless networks
02/09/17Policy charging and enforcement synchronization
02/09/17System and enabling conversational learning in a network environment
02/09/17Scalable continuity test for a group of communication paths
02/09/17Virtual expansion of network fabric edge for multihoming of layer-2 switches and hosts
02/09/17Application identification and overlay provisioning as a service
02/09/17Method and enabling communications and features in storage area networks
02/09/17Domain classification based on domain name system (dns) traffic
02/09/17Domain classification based on domain name system (dns) traffic
02/09/17Network access with dynamic authorization
02/09/17Localization of customer premises equipment in a digital communication network
02/09/17Uplink channel access, reservation and data transmission for licensed assist access long term evolution (laa-lte)
02/09/17User equipment power level selection for downlink transmissions
02/09/17Selecting cells for downlink inter-cell interference coordination
02/09/17Resource adaptation for frequency domain downlink inter-cell interference coordination
02/09/17Wireless shared spectrum access contention based on harq feedback
02/02/17Enabling deep sleep and power saving through l1 signaling on stack interface
02/02/17Data suppression for faster migration
02/02/17Mapping dynamic spaces and way finding related to the mapping
02/02/17Scalable spine nodes with partial replication of routing information in a network environment
02/02/17Rate adaptive turbo forward error correction
02/02/17Network connected device usage profile management
02/02/17Generate a communication graph using an application dependency mapping (adm) pipeline
02/02/17Low-overhead anchorless managing of producer mobility in information-centric networking
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02/02/17Stretched subnet routing
02/02/17Pairwise pre-shared key generation system
02/02/17Token scope reduction
02/02/17Content service on demand
02/02/17System and methods for an online conference session
02/02/17Service discovery optimization in a network based on bloom filter
02/02/17Determining fractional frequency reuse power levels for downlink transmissions
01/26/17Activating and deactivation functional units of a line card
01/26/17Dynamic snapshots for sharing network boot volumes
01/26/17Workload migration across cloud providers and data centers
01/26/17Methods and systems for load balancing based on data shard leader
01/26/17Hourglass-coupler for wide pattern-bandwidth sector
01/26/17Resilient segment routing service hunting with tcp session stickiness
01/26/17Auto-provisioning edge devices in a communication network using control plane communications
01/26/17Time and motion tracking of health status
01/26/17Refresh of the binding tables between data-link-layer and network-layer addresses on mobility in a data center environment
01/26/17Refresh of the binding tables between data-link-layer and network-layer addresses on mobility in a data center environment
01/26/17Exporting real time network traffic latency and buffer occupancy
01/26/17Attribute set_id in border gateway protocol
01/26/17Repair of failed network routing arcs using data plane protocol
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01/26/17Content distribution system cache management
01/26/17Attribute set_id in border gateway protocol
01/26/17Secure access to virtual machines in heterogeneous cloud environments
01/26/17Common internet file system proxy authentication of multiple servers
01/26/17Identifying malware communications with dga generated domains by discriminative learning
01/26/17Identifying threats based on hierarchical classification
01/26/17Systems, methods, and devices for smart mapping and vpn policy enforcement
01/26/17Intelligent load balancer
01/26/17Adaptive gossip protocol
01/26/17Intercloud audience and content analytics
01/26/17Management of decoded pictures in successive coded video sequences
01/26/17System and method to facilitate radio access point load prediction in a network environment
01/26/17System and method to facilitate small cell uplink power control in a network environment
01/26/17System and method to facilitate small cell uplink power control in a network environment
01/19/17Determining power capping policies for a computer device
01/19/17Multigig solution on conventional sgmii and xfi capable system
01/19/17Supply chain excellence as a service
01/19/17Interference suppression in full duplex cable network environments
01/19/17System and associated methodology for proximity detection and device association using ultrasound
01/19/17Scheduling mechanisms in full duplex cable network environments
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01/19/17Full duplex network architecture in cable network environments
01/19/17Interference relationship characterization in full duplex cable network environments
01/19/17De-congesting data centers with wireless point-to-multipoint flyways
01/19/17Sub-topology discovery for operating hybrid solutions
01/19/17Synchronizing network convergence and virtual host migration
01/19/17Segment routing into a label distribution protocol domain
01/19/17Inspection of traffic via sdn
01/19/17Dynamic second factor authentication for cookie-based authentication
01/19/17Bid/ask protocol in scale-out nvme storage
01/19/17Role-based access to shared resources
01/19/17System and method to manage network utilization according to wireless backhaul and radio access network conditions
01/12/17Mass storage integration over central processing unit interfaces
01/12/17Provisioning storage devices in a data center
01/12/17Collection of memory allocation statistics by provenance in an asynchronous message passing system
01/12/17Interactive mechanism to view logs and metrics upon an anomaly in a distributed storage system
01/12/17Correctly identifying potential anomalies in a distributed storage system
01/12/17System and dynamic domain-specific sequence diagram visualization
01/12/17Calibrating an apparatus supporting pluggable optics
01/12/17Minimum latency link layer metaframing and error correction
01/12/17Uplink multi-user-mimo without client assistance
01/12/17Generating traffic query responses using an interface map
01/12/17Mechanism and framework for finding optimal multicast tree roots without the knowledge of traffic sources and receivers for fabricpath and trill
01/12/17Service bitmask-based service application in service function chaining
01/12/17Intelligent wide area network (iwan)
01/12/17Zone-based firewall policy model for a virtualized data center
01/12/17Managing network resource access using session context
01/12/17Http streaming client adaptation algorithm based on proportional-integral control
01/12/17Transitioning between broadcast and unicast streams
01/12/17Operating unmanned aerial vehicles to maintain or create wireless networks
01/12/17Deploying cell on drone or droneap to mitigate radio capacity and coverage issues
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01/12/17Closed-loop optimization of a wireless network using an autonomous vehicle
01/12/17Stateless load-balancing across multiple tunnels
01/05/17Passive placement of a laser on a photonic chip
01/05/17Clock recovery for optical transmission systems
01/05/17Detecting compromised certificate authority
01/05/17Interconnecting virtual private networks
01/05/17Forwarding packets with encapsulated service chain headers
01/05/17Soft constrained shortest-path first tunneling
01/05/17Collaborative inter-service scheduling of logical resources in cloud platforms
01/05/17Mpeg-2 video watermarking technique
01/05/17Class-aware load balancing using data-plane protocol in a loop-free multiple edge network topology
12/29/16Fast convergence for failures of large scale virtual ethernet segments in evpn and pbb-evpn
12/29/16Crowd-source calendar sharing
12/29/16Secured neighbor discovery registration upon device movement
12/29/16Virtual private network forwarding and nexthop to transport mapping scheme
12/29/16Measuring latency within a networking device
12/29/16Performance characterization by available capacity
12/29/16Network wide source group tag binding propagation
12/29/16Path maximum transmission unit handling for virtual private networks
12/29/16Virtual routing and forwarding (vrf) for asymmetrical virtual service provider (vsp) tunnels
12/29/16Domain name service redirection for a content delivery network with security as a service
12/29/16Communicating private data and data objects
12/29/16Authentication for vlan tunnel endpoint (vtep)
12/29/16Network-based dynamic data management
12/29/16Server grouping system
12/29/16Association rule analysis and data visualization for mobile networks
12/29/16Jointly managed access point transmit power control
12/29/16Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing interworking gateway
12/29/16Current redistribution in a printed circuit board

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