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Cisco Technology Inc
Cisco Technology Inc A Corporation Of California
Cisco Technology Inc A California Corporation
Cisco Technology Inc A Corporation Of Californi
Cisco Technology Inc a Corporation Of California
Cisco Technology Inc ca Corporation
Cisco Technology Inc A Coporation Of California
Cisco Technology Inc_20131212
Cisco Technology Inc A California Corporation_20100128
Cisco Technology Inc_20100128
Cisco Technology Inc A Corporation Of The State Of California
Cisco Technology Inc_20100114
Cisco Technology Inc a California Corporation
Cisco Technology Inc_20100107
Cisco Technology Inc_20100121

Cisco Technology Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Cisco Technology Inc. Cisco Technology Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cisco Technology Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cisco Technology Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Intelligent anomaly identification and alerting system based on smart ranking of anomalies
11/16/17 new patent  Method and system for manufacturing an optical communication device
11/16/17 new patent  Virtualized network management protocols
11/16/17 new patent  Updating a transport stack in a content centric network
11/16/17 new patent  Individual virtual private local area network service conversion to a different virtual private network service
11/16/17 new patent  Level of hierarchy in mst for traffic localization and load balancing
11/16/17 new patent  Virtual ldp session
11/16/17 new patent  Contextual service mobility in an enterprise fabric network environment
11/16/17 new patent  Using a network service header to manage a network-as-a-system
11/16/17 new patent  Data plane integration
11/16/17 new patent  Adapting control plane policing parameters dynamically
11/16/17 new patent  Plug and play in a controller based network
11/16/17 new patent  Interactive contextual emojis
11/16/17 new patent  Presence indicator system
11/16/17 new patent  Optimized domain whitelisting
11/16/17 new patent  System for a secure encryption proxy in a content centric network
11/16/17 new patent  Method for authenticating a networked endpoint using a physical (power) challenge
11/16/17 new patent  Short term certificate management during distributed denial of serviceattacks
11/16/17 new patent  Server-side interstitial content insertion
11/16/17 new patent  Mobility loss detection and recovery
11/16/17 new patent  System and optimized idle and active state transitions of user equipment in a network environment
11/09/17Fog drone fleet orchestrator
11/09/17Horizontally-polarized antenna for microcell coverage having high isolation
11/09/17Flexible radio assignment
11/09/17Bit indexed explicit replication forwarding optimization
11/09/17Managing communication networks and comparing network topologies
11/09/17Technique for selecting a path computation element based on response time delay
11/09/17Traceroute to return aggregated statistics in service chains
11/09/17Forwarding packets with encapsulated service chain headers
11/09/17Propagation of routing information in rsvp-te for inter-domain te-lsps
11/09/17Shared service access for multi-tenancy in a data center fabric
11/09/17System and routing packets in a stateless content centric network
11/09/17System for implementing a small computer systems interface protocol over a content centric network
11/09/17Authenticated group context in transitive ip network domains
11/09/17Automated security enclave generation
11/09/17Mitigating neighbor discovery-based denial of service attacks
11/09/17Partial reassembly and fragmentation for decapsulation
11/09/17Unibody desk telephone
11/09/17Camera system for video conference endpoints
11/09/17Determining location via wireless signal attributes
11/09/17Preamble-based channel reservation and self-organized fairness mechanisms for long term evolution (lte) over shared spectrum
11/09/17Determining redundant radios
11/09/17Synchronization of licensed assisted access long term evolution (laa-lte) over shared spectrum
11/09/17Method and apparatus to optimally direct stations in a macro-micro wireless cell
11/02/17Schematized access control in a content centric network
11/02/17Fault-tolerant enterprise object storage system for small objects
11/02/17System for virtual machine risk monitoring
11/02/17Refined learning data representation for classifiers
11/02/17Dual-band yagi-uda antenna array
11/02/17Satellite microphone assembly
11/02/17Schematized access control in a content centric network
11/02/17System and dynamic name configuration in content-centric networks
11/02/17Integrated approach to monitor gbp health and adjust policy service level
11/02/17Exploratory linktrace operations in a computer network
11/02/17Interoperability between data plane learning endpoints and control plane learning endpoints in overlay networks
11/02/17Generating packets in a reverse direction of a service function chain
11/02/17Optimized in-network retransmission for information-centric networking protocols
11/02/17Selective steering network traffic to virtual service(s) using policy
11/02/17Dynamic dns-based service discovery
11/02/17Security credential protection with cloud services
11/02/17Reputation-based strategy for forwarding and responding to interests over a content centric network
11/02/17Method and system to provide multi-factor authentication for network access using light
10/26/17Method and retroactively detecting malicious or otherwise undesirable software as well as clean software through intelligent rescanning
10/26/17Radio frequency signal fault signature isolation in cable network environments
10/26/17Control of lo signal frequency offset between optical transmitters and receivers
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10/26/17Hybrid fibre coaxial fault locationing in cable network environments
10/26/17Hybrid fibre coaxial fault classification in cable network environments
10/26/17Network architecture for predictive services management in cable network environments
10/26/17Distributing data analytics in a hierarchical network based on computational complexity
10/26/17Distributed stateless inference of hop-wise delays and round-trip time for internet protocol traffic
10/26/17Segment routing for load balancing
10/26/17E-tree service with optimal forwarding in evpn
10/26/17System and automated rendering of service chaining
10/26/17Self organizing learning topologies
10/26/17Information reporting for anomaly detection
10/26/17Non-dsg mechanisms for aligning client devices with their multicast data flows in a docsis network environment
10/26/17Content identifier remapping for fast channel change
10/26/17Hypertext transfer protocol support over hybrid access
10/19/17Fog-based distributed malware defense
10/19/17Method and device for establishing correspondence between objects in a multi-image source environment
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10/19/17Method and tracking assets in one or more optical domains
10/19/17Optical path fault recovery
10/19/17Network monitoring and control system and method
10/19/17Seamless segment routing
10/19/17Contract-defined execution of copy service
10/19/17Mpls segment routing
10/19/17Content delivery from home networks
10/19/17Mapping between classical urls and icn networks
10/19/17Method and system for routing with minimum name disclosure in a content centric network
10/19/17Block chain based iot device identity verification and anomaly detection
10/19/17System and parallel secure content bootstrapping in content-centric networks
10/19/17System and methods for dynamic transcoder rate adaption for adaptive bit rate streaming
10/19/17Proactive upstream scheduling for flows in a point-to-multipoint communications network
10/12/17Compressing indices in a video stream
10/12/17Rate adaptive turbo forward error correction
10/12/17Efficient error correction that aggregates different media into encoded container packets
10/12/17Deriving a network policy for an industrial automation network
10/12/17Configuring the design of an industrial automation network
10/12/17Probing technique for predictive routing in computer networks
10/12/17Method and system for routable prefix queries in a content centric network
10/12/17Asymmetric multi-destination traffic replication in overlay networks
10/12/17On-demand modular fog computing resources
10/12/17Control plane based technique for handling multi-destination traffic in overlay networks
10/12/17Configuring firewalls for an industrial automation network
10/12/17Detection of malicious domains using recurring patterns in domain names
10/12/17Efficient transport of data encoded using multiple templates
10/12/17Shared pending interest table in a content centric network
10/12/17System and method to provide uplink interference coordination in a network environment
10/12/17System and providing power saving mode enhancements in a network environment
10/12/17Dynamic network connectivity using unmanned aerial vehicles
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10/05/17System and compressing content centric networking messages
10/05/17Passive alignment with optical fibers using ferrule member
10/05/17Conversation sub-window
10/05/17Read activity of chat rooms
10/05/17Content name resolution for information centric networking
10/05/17Distributed suppression or enhancement of audio features
10/05/17Context discovery in dataplane programmability protocols
10/05/17Fog-based hybrid system for optimal distribution of anomaly detection and remediation services
10/05/17Extending nsh services into the vpn l2/l3 domain
10/05/17Method and distributing encryption and decryption processes between network devices
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10/05/17Method and system for mutating and caching content in a content centric network
10/05/17Optimizing media bitrate with explicit network feedback on one client only
10/05/17Allocating bandwidth between network computing devices for pushing data to a client computing device
10/05/17System and compressing content centric networking messages
10/05/17Interleaved watermarking
10/05/17Insertion of management packet into a deterministic track
10/05/17Reverse insertion of management packet into a deterministic track
10/05/17System and method to facilitate small cell uplink power control in a network environment
10/05/17Adjustable cable management for fiber and cable
09/28/17Alignment of optical components using nanomagnets
09/28/17Triangular routing for high speed differential pair length matching
09/28/17Drone traffic engineering
09/28/17Multi-modal uav certification
09/28/17Forward error correction for low-delay recovery from packet loss
09/28/17Adjusting anomaly detection operations based on network resources
09/28/17Merging of scored records into consistent aggregated anomaly messages
09/28/17Dynamic application degrouping to optimize machine learning model accuracy
09/28/17Detection and analysis of seasonal network patterns for anomaly detection
09/28/17System and improved service chaining
09/28/17System and routing packets in a content centric network using anonymous datagrams
09/28/17End-to-end network path selection
09/28/17Tracking queuing delay and performing related congestion control in information centric networking
09/28/17Subgroup messaging
09/28/17Edge-based detection of new and unexpected flows
09/28/17Hierarchical models using self organizing learning topologies
09/28/17Dynamic device clustering using device profile information
09/28/17Mechanisms to prevent anomaly detectors from learning anomalous patterns
09/28/17Use of url reputation scores in distributed behavioral analytics systems
09/28/17Sanity check of potential learned anomalies
09/28/17Edge-based machine learning for encoding legitimate scanning
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09/28/17User assistance coordination in anomaly detection
09/28/17Adaptive capture of packet traces based on user feedback learning
09/28/17Distributed feedback loops from threat intelligence feeds to distributed machine learning systems
09/28/17Gathering flow characteristics for anomaly detection systems in presence of asymmetrical routing
09/28/17Distributed anomaly detection management
09/28/17Network-based approach for training supervised learning classifiers
09/28/17Increased granularity and anomaly correlation using multi-layer distributed analytics in the network
09/28/17Score boosting strategies for capturing domain-specific biases in anomaly detection systems
09/28/17Constraint-aware resource synchronization across hyper-distributed learning systems
09/28/17Managing network resource access using session context
09/28/17Interest scheduling by an information and data framework in a content centric network
09/28/17Determining location via current and previous wireless signal attributes
09/28/17Methods and devices for policing traffic flows in a network
09/21/17Electro-optical modulator using waveguides with overlapping ridges
09/21/17Method for optimizing performance of computationally intensive applications
09/21/17Data deduping in content centric networking manifests
09/21/17Methods and systems for increasing vehicular safety
09/21/17Reliable connectionless low power coverage extension
09/21/17Pulse amplitude modulation (pam) over multi-mode link with receiver spatial filtering
09/21/17Deterministic control loop scheduling
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09/21/17Method and creation of global network overlay
09/21/17Method and system for network address re-use in network address translation
09/21/17Intrusion detection to prevent impersonation attacks in computer networks
09/21/17Interface discovery and authentication in a name-based network
09/21/17Data stream classification
09/21/17Method and reducing corrosion in flat flexible cables and flexible printed circuits
09/14/17Device discovery system
09/14/17Controlling resource management in a workspace
09/14/17Supply chain life cycle validation
09/14/17Bridging configuration changes for compliant devices
09/14/17Cross-domain service optimization
09/14/17Adjusting entries in a forwarding information base in a content centric network
09/14/17Propagating flow characteristics in service function chaining (sfc) headers
09/14/17Method for streaming packet captures from network access devices to a cloud server over http
09/14/17Service function chaining branching
09/14/17Unibody desk telephone
09/14/17Core signalling reduction in dual connectivity
09/14/17Techniques for wireless access and wireline network integration
09/07/17System and multi-source multicasting in content-centric networks
09/07/17Bfd over vxlan on vpc uplinks
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09/07/17Transport session state protocol
09/07/17Network service header (nsh) relaying of serviceability of a service function
09/07/17Protocol to query for historical network information in a content centric network
09/07/17Method and system for reducing a collision probability of hash-based names using a publisher identifier
09/07/17Method and system for collecting historical network information in a content centric network
09/07/17Method and system for content closures in a content centric network
09/07/17Audio transducer and associated holding device for enhanced acoustic and electromagnetic coupling
09/07/17Determining location via wireless access points
09/07/17System and providing home node b gateway redundancy in a network environment
08/31/17Concurrent deployment in a network environment
08/31/17Method and system for name encryption agreement in a content centric network
08/31/17Traffic management system
08/31/17System and dataplane-signaled packet capture in ipv6 environment
08/31/17System and dataplane-signaled packet capture in a segment routing environment
08/31/17Managing routing information for tunnel endpoints in overlay networks
08/31/17System and data plane signaled packet capture in a service function chaining network
08/31/17Framework for embedding data in encoded video
08/31/17System and routing, mobility, application services, discovery, and sensing in a vehicular network environment
08/31/17Insertion slots along deterministic track for movable network device in a deterministic network
08/24/17Reference-less clock and data recovery circuit
08/24/17System architecture for supporting digital pre-distortion and full duplex in cable network environments
08/24/17Collaborative hardware platform management
08/24/17In-band, health-based assessments of service function paths
08/24/17Sr app-segment integration with service function chaining (sfc) header metadata
08/24/17Method for improving access control for tcp connections while optimizing hardware resources
08/24/17Generalized filter for removing video compression artifacts
08/24/17Dynamic application qos profile provisioning
08/24/17System and method to facilitate sharing bearer information in a network environment
08/24/17Consolidated control plane routing agent
08/24/17System and method to provide power management for a multimode access point in a network environment
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08/17/17Heat dissipation in hermetically-sealed packaged devices
08/17/17Conversation timeline mapping
08/17/17Network service packet header security
08/17/17Method and system for constructing a loop free multicast tree in a data-center fabric
08/17/17Network traffic shaping for low power and lossy networks
08/17/17Work conserving schedular based on ranking
08/17/17Two-stage port-channel resolution in a multistage fabric switch
08/17/17Digital asset protection policy using dynamic network attributes
08/17/17Controlling aggregation of shared content from multiple endpoints during an online conference session
08/17/17Selectively attenuating light entering an image sensor
08/17/17Node selection in virtual evolved packet core
08/10/17Hot swap circuit
08/10/17Dual-signed executable images for customer-provided integrity
08/10/17On-demand next-hop resolution
08/10/17Loop detection and prevention
08/10/17Method and apparatus to establish communication for layer 2 switched packets with network address translation (nat)
08/10/17Encrypted and authenticated data frame
08/10/17Identifying malicious executables by analyzing proxy logs
08/10/17Detecting network address translation devices in a network based on network traffic logs
08/10/17Security policy unification across different security products
08/10/17Adding cloud service provider, could service, and cloud tenant awareness to network service chains
08/10/17System and method to facilitate hotspot onboarding for user equipment in a network environment
08/03/17Distinguishing hevc pictures for trick mode operations
08/03/17Reconstructable content objects
08/03/17Link health forecast - predictive ethernet link monitoring using dom with eloam
08/03/17Handling multipath flows in service function chaining
08/03/17Bit indexed explicit replication for deterministic network data plane
08/03/17Key distribution in a distributed network environment
08/03/17Network service header used to relay authenticated session information

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