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Clarion Co Ltd
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Clarion Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Clarion Co Ltd. Clarion Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Clarion Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Clarion Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Image generation device, coordinate converison table creation device and creation method
12/07/17Information display apparatus and information display method
11/23/17Vehicle-mounted camera system
11/09/17Voice input assistance device, voice input assistance system, and voice input method
10/26/17In-vehicle apparatus and map data management system
10/26/17Information processing apparatus and control information processing apparatus
10/26/17Button guide structure
10/19/17Search system
10/19/17Position estimation system and estimation method
10/12/17Search system
09/28/17Audio reproduction apparatus and audio reproduction system
09/21/17Fault information providing server and fault information providing method
09/21/17In-vehicle image processing device
08/24/17Information presentation apparatus and method, and computer program product
08/10/17Display control device and display control method
08/03/17Object detection apparatus
08/03/17Image display system, image display method, and display device
07/06/17Information processing device
06/22/17Information processing apparatus and information processing system
06/22/17Autonomous driving control device
06/22/17In-vehicle device, control method thereof, and remote control system
06/15/17In-vehicle interactive system and in-vehicle information appliance
06/08/17Head rest device
06/08/17Display device
05/25/17Information presentation device, method, and program
05/25/17Vibration audio system, vibration audio output method, and vibration audio program
05/25/17Speaker device
05/18/17Surrounding environment recognition device
05/18/17External environment recognizing device for vehicle and vehicle behavior control device
05/18/17Signal processing device and signal processing method
05/18/17Electrostatic surge prevention structure
04/20/17Information presentation device, information presentation method and program
04/20/17Acoustic device
04/13/17In-vehicle device, in-vehicle system, and notification information output method
04/13/17Non-contact operation detection device
04/13/17Information processing system, and vehicle-mounted device
04/06/17Vehicle equipment
04/06/17Video synthesis system, video synthesis device, and video synthesis method
04/06/17In-vehicle information system and information processing method thereof
03/23/17Lane selecting device, vehicle control system and lane selecting method
03/23/17Information display apparatus and information display method
03/16/17Terminal connection device, processing information execution system, processing information execution method
03/02/17Camera calibration device and camera calibration system
02/09/17Distance factor learning device, distance factor learning method and current position calculating device
01/26/17Data delivery system, control server, and data delivery method
01/12/17Vehicle-mounted information device
01/12/17In-vehicle device, information system, and output control method
01/12/17In-vehicle device, server device, information system, and content start method
01/12/17In-vehicle terminal
01/12/17Vehicle mounted communication unit and service provision system
01/05/17Image display device and image display system
12/15/16In-vehicle terminal, content display system, content display method and computer program product
12/15/16Vehicle-surroundings recognition device
12/15/16Outside recognition system, vehicle and camera dirtiness detection method
12/08/16Acoustic processing device, acoustic processing method, and acoustic processing program
12/08/16Vehicle-mounted communication device, and controlling same
12/01/16Imaging device and waterdrop guiding member
10/20/16Surrounding environment recognition device
10/20/16Content startup control device, content startup method, and content startup system
10/06/16Medication-taking support device
10/06/16In-vehicle device, control method thereof, and remote control system
09/22/16Automatic parking control device, and parking assistance device
09/22/16Information processing device and information processing method
09/22/16Camera calibration device
09/08/16Headrest device and sound collecting device
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08/18/16Search result evaluation system, navigation system and search result evaluation method
08/18/16Sound field measuring device, method, and program
07/28/16Sound field measuring device, method and program
07/21/16Vehicle-mounted camera
07/14/16Vehicle start support device
06/30/16Intention estimation equipment and intention estimation system
06/23/16Camera calibration device, camera calibration system, and camera calibration method
06/09/16In-vehicle device
06/09/16Lens dirtiness detection apparatus and lens dirtiness detection method
06/02/16In-car information system, in-car device, and information terminal
06/02/16Information processing apparatus and execution management program
05/12/16Drive assist device
05/12/16Propagation delay correction apparatus and propagation delay correction method
05/05/16Information processing apparatus, operating system, and operating information processing apparatus
05/05/16Filter coefficient group computation device and filter coefficient group computation method
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04/14/16Signal processing device and signal processing method
04/07/16Approaching-object detection system and vehicle
03/10/16Communication device and bluetooth communication system
02/11/16Camera image display system
01/21/16Display device
01/14/16Voice coil speaker
01/07/16Head-up display vehicle
01/07/16Information processing device, gesture detection method, and gesture detection program
01/07/16Information processing device
12/31/15Vehicle attitude angle calculating device, and lane departure warning system using same
12/31/15Digital amplifier, three-value signal output method and speaker
12/10/15Receiving device and control receiving device
12/10/15Telematics controller, vehicle, and telematics control method
12/03/15Voice recognition device, voice recognition program, and voice recognition method
12/03/15Call control device, server, and program
11/26/15Lane departure judgment apparatus, lane departure warning apparatus and vehicle control system using the same
11/26/15Vehicle position detection device and program
11/26/15On-vehicle image processor
11/19/15On-board device
11/19/15Vehicle-mounted environment recognition device
11/12/15Three-dimensional object detection device and foreign matter detection device
11/12/15Three-dimensional object detection device, and three-dimensional object detection method
11/12/15Water droplet detection device, and three-dimensional object detection device using water droplet detection device
11/12/15On-vehicle image capture device
11/12/15Voice coil speaker
11/05/15On-vehicle image processing device
11/05/15Digital speaker system and electrical connection digital speaker system
10/29/15Information display device and information display method
10/29/15Vehicle-mounted image processing device
10/29/15Image pickup device
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10/22/15Information processing device and browser control method
10/22/15On-vehicle control device
10/22/15On-vehicle image processing apparatus
10/22/15On-vehicle control device
10/22/15Distortion sound correction complement device and distortion sound correction complement method
10/08/15Restriction information distribution apparatus and restriction information distribution system
10/01/15Image processing system and image processing method
09/10/15Interaction history management device, interaction device and interaction history management method
09/10/15Related data generating apparatus, related data generating method, and program
08/20/15In-vehicle information system, information terminal, and application execution method
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08/06/15Image processing device
08/06/15Camera parameter calculation device, navigation system and camera parameter calculation method
07/23/15Lens cleaning apparatus
07/23/15Connection device, program, and connection method
07/16/15Route calculation system, navigation device, and route calculation method
07/16/15In-vehicle device, control method thereof, and remote control system
07/16/15In-vehicle image recognizer
07/09/15Authentication device and authentication program
07/09/15Three-dimensional object detection device, and three-dimensional object detection method
07/09/15In-vehicle imaging device
06/25/15Camera device, three-dimensional object detection device, and lens cleaning method
06/18/15State recognition system and state recognition method
06/18/15Vehicle surroundings monitoring device
06/18/15Imaging device
06/11/15In-vehicle surrounding environment recognition device
06/04/15Energy estimation device, information system for automotive, and server device
06/04/15Display device
06/04/15Voice coil speaker
05/28/15Vehicle position detection device and program
05/21/15Route search device and route search method
05/21/15Service provision system, service computer, and terminal
04/09/15Data compression/decompression device
04/02/15Information processing cooperation system, information processing terminal and computer readable medium for the same
04/02/15Vehicular device, server, and information processing method
03/26/15Speech recognition server integration device and speech recognition server integration method
02/12/15Computer system, data output method, and computer program
01/29/15Acoustic signal processing device and acoustic signal processing method
01/29/15Acoustic signal processing device and acoustic signal processing method
01/29/15Information terminal, server device, searching system, and searching method thereof
01/22/15In-car information system, in-car device, and information terminal
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01/08/15Poi information providing system, poi information providing device, poi information output device, poi information providing method, and program therefor
01/08/15Information distribution system, and server, on-board terminal and communication terminal used therefor
12/04/14Parking assistance system
10/02/14Information display apparatus and information display method
09/25/14Vehicle-onboard apparatus system, portable terminal, and vehicle-onboard machine
09/18/14Route search method
08/28/14Program expanding system, server for use therein, program expanding method and program managing program
08/28/14Vehicle wrong-way travel detection device
07/17/14Information processing apparatus, sound operating system, and sound operating information processing apparatus
06/26/14Service management apparatus, program, and service management method
06/19/14Control apparatus, vehicle, and portable terminal
04/10/14Navigation system
04/03/14Information terminal on-board information system, on-board device, and information terminal program
03/27/14Calibration in-vehicle camera
03/06/14Position calculation method and position calculation apparatus
02/27/14Wireless communication terminal and operating system
02/20/14Receiving device
02/13/14Direct sound extraction device and reverberant sound extraction device
02/06/14In-vehicle apparatus and display control system for the same
01/30/14Digital speaker system
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01/30/14Navigation device and cruising range display system
12/05/13Dialogue apparatus, dialogue system, and dialogue control method
11/21/13Navigation apparatus
10/24/13Imaging apparatus
10/17/13In-vehicle information system, in-vehicle apparatus and information terminal
10/03/13In-vehicle device, control method thereof, and remote control system
09/12/13Vehicle peripheral area observation system
08/29/13On-board apparatus
08/08/13Route guidance system, route guidance server apparatus and navigation terminal apparatus
08/01/13Exposure controller for on-vehicle camera
07/25/13In-car information system, in-car device, and information terminal
07/18/13Reservation system, navigation device, battery charger and server
07/11/13Information distribution method, information distribution system and in-vehicle terminal
07/04/13Information system for automotive, on-vehicle device and server device
07/04/13Data processor and data processing method
05/30/13Automotive camera system and its calibration method and calibration program
05/30/13Receiver apparatus
05/16/13Retrieval terminal device, retrieval server device, retrieval tree compression method, and center-linked retrieval system
04/18/13Navigation device and guidance information relating to destination
03/28/13Object data allocation method, object data allocation system and server apparatus, client device and program thereof
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03/21/13Vehicle systems, devices, and methods for recognizing external worlds
02/07/13Navigation device, guidance method thereof and route search method thereof
01/31/13Navigation device and guidance method thereof
01/24/13Voice coil speaker
01/17/13Environment recognizing device for a vehicle and vehicle control system using the same
01/17/13Navigation device having in-tunnel position estimation function
01/10/13Information terminal and cruise controller for electric-powered vehicle
01/10/13Navigation device and searching route by the same
12/27/12Vehicle periphery monitoring system
12/27/12Vehicle surroundings monitoring device
12/27/12Voice data transferring device, terminal device, voice data transferring method, and voice recognition system
12/20/12Lane departure warning device
12/20/12Hands-free device for mobile-phone handset and phone book registration method
12/13/12Navigation device, route guidance method, and program
11/15/12In-vehicle information apparatus
10/25/12Navigation device
10/11/12Navigation device and guiding method thereof
10/04/12Vehicle peripheral image display system
10/04/12Hands-free terminals and hands-free system for cars
10/04/12Information terminal device, information terminal management system, and storage medium in which program is stored
09/27/12Vehicle periphery monitoring system
08/30/12Sensor controller, navigation device, and sensor control method
08/23/12Lane departure warning apparatus and lane departure warning system
08/16/12Navigation device, program, and display method
08/16/12Navigation device, server device, navigation system and program
08/02/12Pedestrian detection system
07/26/12Web bulletin board system, travel planning assist method and center server
07/05/12Information retrieving apparatus, information retrieving method and navigation system
06/28/12Display control device and display layer combination program
06/21/12Method and route searching
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06/21/12Route search device and route search method
05/17/12Map display device
05/17/12Online update vehicle-mounted device
04/26/12Route search device and route search method
02/23/12Navigation device
02/02/12Vehicle periphery monitoring device and vehicle periphery image display method
12/01/11Map display device
11/03/11In-vehicle device
10/06/11Speech quality evaluation system and storage medium readable by computer therefor
09/22/11Approaching object detection system
08/18/11Navigation device and map data product
07/21/11Map display device and map display method
07/21/11Map update data delivery method, map update data delivery device and terminal device
07/14/11Lane determining device and navigation system
06/02/11Iboc broadcast receiver
05/12/11Map display device
05/05/11Navigation device, navigation method and navigation system
04/14/11Acoustic processing device
04/07/11Acoustic processing device
03/31/11Navigation system
03/31/11Route selection a vehicular navigation system
03/17/11On-vehicle information terminal and information distribution system
03/17/11On-vehicle information terminal and information distribution system
03/10/11Method of predicting energy consumption, predicting energy consumption, and terminal apparatus
03/10/11Car navigation system
02/24/11Map display device
02/17/11Data processor and data processing method
02/03/11Map display device
01/27/11Map display device

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