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Phase control signal generation device, phase control signal generation method, and phase control signal generation program

A phase control signal generation device generating a phase control signal for each of frequency bands for an audio signal converted into a frequency domain, the phase control signal generation device comprising: a setting change means that is able to change setting of a propagation delay time for each of... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing device

An in-vehicle device includes a gesture detection unit for recognizing a user's hand at a predetermined range; an information control unit controlling information output to a display; and an in-vehicle device control unit receiving input from a control unit equipped in a vehicle to control the in-vehicle device. When the... Clarion Co Ltd

Route searching apparatus and route searching method

A guide route matching with the characteristic of vehicle control is searched to reduce the frequency at which re-search of a guide route is executed. A navigation device 50 includes an information input unit 582 for acquiring a control condition for controlling the traveling of the vehicle 2 as control... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing device

An in-vehicle device includes a gesture detection unit for recognizing a user's hand at a predetermined range; an information control unit controlling information output to a display; and an in-vehicle device control unit receiving input from a control unit equipped in a vehicle to control the in-vehicle device. When the... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing device and information processing method

For an information processing device capable of accepting user's voice and executing processing based on the voice, convenience for a user is improved. A control portion 20 of an in-vehicle device 12 includes a non-voice operation mode and a voice operation mode as operation modes, and in the case that... Clarion Co Ltd


An exciter (1) includes a vibrator (2) including a yoke and a magnet, a frame (3) incorporating the vibrator (2) with a damper (4) therebetween, and a voice coil bobbin (5) disposed inside the frame (3) and having another end (5b) that extends to near the vibrator (2) and is... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing device and vehicle position detecting method

To calculate a position of a vehicle on a road with a higher accuracy. An in-vehicle navigation device 1 is provided with a control portion 10 acquiring photographed image data obtained by photographing an outside of the vehicle, calculating, when object image data that is image data of a road... Clarion Co Ltd

Vehicle control device

This vehicle control device is provided with: an environment recognition unit for recognizing the surrounding environment of a vehicle; a parking route generation unit for generating a travel route to a parking position which is determined on the basis of the recognized surrounding environment; a signal input unit to which... Clarion Co Ltd

Vehicle accessibility determination device

An image convertor converts an original image captured by a front camera. The original image includes a road surface around a vehicle. A three-dimensional object detector detects from a virtual image a three-dimensional object having a height from the road surface. A vehicle accessibility determiner determines whether the vehicle can... Clarion Co Ltd

Sound field correction device, sound-field correction method, and sound-field correction program

A sound-field correction device, comprising: a target calculating means that calculates, based on a predetermined sound signal, a target amplitude characteristic targeted for sound-field correction by a parametric equalizer and a plurality of auxiliary target amplitude characteristics having amplitude characteristics approximately equal to or gentler than the target amplitude characteristic;... Clarion Co Ltd

Poi information providing server, poi information providing device, poi information providing system and program

It is possible to mitigate a load of POI search and provide non-overlapping POI information to a user. Included are: a communication unit which acquires a POI search request signal to request search of the POI from a POI information providing device; a memory unit which stores user utterance information... Clarion Co Ltd

Filter generator, filter generation method, and filter generation program

A filter generator (100) generates a filter on the basis of band information (frequency) and gain characteristics (gain value) set by a user. The filter generator (100) obtains weighting factor information on the basis of the band information selected by the user and calculates a gain difference between a gain... Clarion Co Ltd

Image generation device, coordinate converison table creation device and creation method

An image generation device performs coordinate transformation, based on a coordinate transformation table, to a two-dimensional first image having a span in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction and acquired by overlooking and imaging an object from a first viewpoint at a first depression angle, and generates and outputs... Clarion Co Ltd

Information display apparatus and information display method

The information display part displays screen information for notifying the user that the electronic mail has been received when the portable terminal device has received the electronic mail while first screen information is displayed, in addition to the first screen information or instead of the first screen information, and continues... Clarion Co Ltd

Vehicle-mounted camera system

In a vehicle-mounted camera system, an appropriate white balance correction processing according to a situation is executed to a long exposure time image and a short exposure time image shot in variously changing illumination environments. A vehicle-mounted camera system includes a vehicle-mounted camera that performs relatively long exposure time shooting... Clarion Co Ltd

Voice input assistance device, voice input assistance system, and voice input method

Provided is a technology for enabling an operation to be conducted through use of words shortened more for an operation item estimated to be desired stronger. A voice input assistance device includes: a shortened-phrase storing unit configured to store an operation item and a shortened phrase corresponding to a desirability... Clarion Co Ltd

In-vehicle apparatus and map data management system

An in-vehicle apparatus and a map data management system are provided that can appropriately update a map. The in-vehicle apparatus 3 includes a storage unit 16 that stores parcel data PD constituted by a plurality of files in accordance with meshes of the map, and a control unit 10 that,... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing apparatus and control information processing apparatus

A navigation device 100 includes: an acceleration sensor 130 which measures an acceleration; a display control unit 202 which displays an object for receiving an instruction of processing on a display panel of a display unit; an operation determination unit 204 which detects an operation for an object 165; and... Clarion Co Ltd

Button guide structure

Provided is a button guide structure that makes it possible to achieve the reduction in cost and man-hour and the improvement in quality. In a button guide structure in which a push button 23 is provided on a front panel 11 through a guide unit in a slidable manner, the... Clarion Co Ltd

Search system

An in-vehicle terminal sends a speech input from a voice input unit as a voice signal to a relay server using a short-range wireless communication unit. The relay server converts the voice data received from the in-vehicle terminal into a string with a voice recognition unit, and makes an inquiry,... Clarion Co Ltd

Position estimation system and estimation method

A navigation system includes a GPS reception unit receiving a GPS signal, an observation unit observing observables including a GPS vehicle position based on the received GPS signal, and an estimation unit estimating state quantities concerning the present location based on the observables and on the Kalman filter, the estimation... Clarion Co Ltd

Search system

An in-vehicle terminal sends a spoken voice as a voice signal to a relay server, and the relay server includes a voice recognition unit which converts the received voice signal into a string, and a control unit which searches for information stored in a main database or a temporary storage... Clarion Co Ltd

Audio reproduction apparatus and audio reproduction system

To maintain favorable sound reproduction. In a car audio apparatus 6 which includes an inter-equipment communication unit 51 configured to perform communication according to each of a plurality of sound communication protocols Pv for transmitting a sound signal A3 of audio, and a reproduction processing unit 52 configured to reproduce... Clarion Co Ltd

Fault information providing server and fault information providing method

A fault information providing server which is connected to a processing server group configured from a plurality of servers, and which provides information related to a fault that occurred in the processing server group to a user of a service provided by the processing server group, comprises: a fault occurrence/recovery... Clarion Co Ltd

In-vehicle image processing device

An in-vehicle image processing device processes camera images to determine a parkable area and includes an overhead image generation section generating an overhead image relative to a road surface by converting the view point of an image of a nearby vehicle and the road surface taken by a vehicle-mounted camera;... Clarion Co Ltd

Information presentation apparatus and method, and computer program product

An information presentation apparatus includes: a status estimation unit that identifies one or more tasks from input information which has been input, and task information indicative of one or more tasks indicating a status; a load estimation unit that identifies one or more subtasks based on each of the identified... Clarion Co Ltd

Display control device and display control method

A drop in visibility of display information is prevented while securing a clear view outside a vehicle. A display information extracting unit is configured to extract a particular portion from display information, which is displayed on a transparent display provided in a vehicle, based on a color-by-color pixel count of... Clarion Co Ltd

Object detection apparatus

An object detection apparatus receives an input of a compressed image stream, extracts, from a block included in the input compressed image stream, predetermined compression encoded information representing a feature of a compressed image, and determines, based on the extracted predetermined compression encoded information, whether or not the block is... Clarion Co Ltd

Image display system, image display method, and display device

An image display system includes: a display device; and an information terminal, the display device having: a display control unit that generates a first display image having size adjustment regions added thereto, based on a video signal outputted by the information terminal; and an image transmitter that outputs the first... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing device

An information processing device, includes: a gesture detection unit that recognizes gestures by a user; an output information control unit that controls output information to a display unit; and a device control unit, wherein: if the gesture detection unit has detected that the user has raised a hand for a... Clarion Co Ltd

Information processing apparatus and information processing system

A portable terminal includes a GPS unit configured to receive a GPS signal, a GPS processing section configured to detect GPS accuracy at an interval and detect the position of a vehicle on the basis of the GPS signal received by the GPS unit, and an information processing section configured... Clarion Co Ltd

Autonomous driving control device

Travelling corresponding to characteristics of autonomous driving can be performed. An autonomous driving control device 3 mounted on a vehicle and controlling autonomous driving, includes a storage unit 32 that stores map data 32a, a route extraction unit 311 that extracts a plurality of routes from an origin O to... Clarion Co Ltd

In-vehicle device, control method thereof, and remote control system

An input/output limitation information storage unit stores input/output limitation information in which limitation processing for limiting operation input to the application and display output from the application is prescribed by associating the limitation processing with the application. A determination unit acquires a vehicle state of a vehicle, and determines the... Clarion Co Ltd

In-vehicle interactive system and in-vehicle information appliance

To improve convenience for a user. An in-vehicle information appliance 3 includes a voice input unit 10 that receives a speech voice A1 spoken by a user U, and the in-vehicle information appliance 3 outputs a response based on a result of applying an interactive voice recognition process to the... Clarion Co Ltd

Head rest device

An accommodation space 28 partitioned by a partitioning plate part 25 is provided inside a cushioning core material 12 of a head rest main body, and a secondary battery 35 is accommodated inside the accommodation space 28.... Clarion Co Ltd

06/08/17 / #20170161005

Display device

A display device that is to be connected with an information terminal includes: a video reception unit that receives video information about a screen including a cursor from the information terminal; a touch panel that brings up on display the screen based upon the video information received by the video... Clarion Co Ltd

05/25/17 / #20170147396

Information presentation device, method, and program

An information presentation device includes: a situation estimation unit configured to identify one or more tasks based on input information that has been input and task information indicating one or more tasks indicating a situation; a load estimation unit configured to identify one or more sub-tasks based on each of... Clarion Co Ltd

05/25/17 / #20170150260

Vibration audio system, vibration audio output method, and vibration audio program

The present invention provides a vibration audio system for transmitting an audio signal outputted from a sound source to a listener in the form of vibration while reducing output level of the signal and power consumption. The system includes an envelope detection unit (204) for detecting an envelope signal of... Clarion Co Ltd

05/25/17 / #20170150274

Speaker device

Provided is a speaker device configured so that a time lag between a sound signal and a noise cancellation signal can be prevented, worsening of high-frequency characteristics can be avoided, and acoustic characteristics can be improved. A plane diaphragm 11 includes a flexible circuit board 20. A sound voice coil... Clarion Co Ltd

05/18/17 / #20170140227

Surrounding environment recognition device

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a surrounding environment recognition device that presents to a user a sensing-enabled range that varies depending on a contamination state of a lens. The present invention is characterized by comprising: an image-capturing unit that acquires an image; an application execution unit that... Clarion Co Ltd

05/18/17 / #20170140229

External environment recognizing device for vehicle and vehicle behavior control device

A position of a moving object is reliably detected with high accuracy using only an image around a vehicle. A rear camera mounted on a vehicle obtains an original image around the vehicle, a movement region detector detects a moving object from the original image, and a difference calculator detects... Clarion Co Ltd

05/18/17 / #20170140774

Signal processing device and signal processing method

There is provided a signal processing device, comprising: a frequency detecting means that detects a frequency satisfying a predetermined condition from an audio signal; an offset means that gives an offset to the detected frequency by the frequency detecting means in accordance with a frequency property at the detected frequency... Clarion Co Ltd

05/18/17 / #20170141566

Electrostatic surge prevention structure

A flexible printed circuit board 31 connected to a control printed circuit board contained in a front casing 22 is provided at a position corresponding to a gap 41, between the front casing 22 and a touch panel assembly 21, appearing in a display device 12, the flexible printed circuit... Clarion Co Ltd

04/20/17 / #20170106752

Information presentation device, information presentation method and program

In order to provide a technology enabling efficient visual recognition of notification information by a user, provided is an information presentation device, including: a display adjustment unit configured to display, using processing information for displaying information based on a start condition, the information on a plurality of display areas; and... Clarion Co Ltd

04/20/17 / #20170106775

Acoustic device

To make it possible to improve a low-tone reproducing ability with a simple structure in an acoustic device including speakers in a headrest. The acoustic device includes a core material of a closed structure functioning as a core of a headrest main body, acoustic speakers 50, 50 disposed in the... Clarion Co Ltd

04/13/17 / #20170102245

In-vehicle device, in-vehicle system, and notification information output method

An in-vehicle device according to the present invention includes a notification information acquisition unit that acquires notification information transmitted from an external device, a traveling state evaluation unit that identifies a traveling state of a vehicle in which the in-vehicle device is mounted and evaluates appropriateness of voice output of... Clarion Co Ltd

04/13/17 / #20170102777

Non-contact operation detection device

To improve the user's convenience related to non-contact operation. An on-vehicle device 1 includes a control section that is configured to detect non-contact operation, and is configured, in a first mode, to analyze the detected non-contact operation and determine, on the basis of a first rule, whether or not the... Clarion Co Ltd

04/13/17 / #20170103756

Information processing system, and vehicle-mounted device

This invention can enhance the convenience of a user. An information processing system 1 includes: a vehicle-mounted device 3 which has a sound pickup unit 36 that picks up a speech sound, and a transmitting unit that transmits speech data that is generated based on the speech sound that is... Clarion Co Ltd

04/06/17 / #20170096065

Vehicle equipment

The object of the invention is to provide a technique for vehicle equipment that can be more easily operated by the user. Vehicle equipment according to the present invention includes a protrusion unit provided near at least one side among four sides forming an outer rim of a rectangular display... Clarion Co Ltd

04/06/17 / #20170096106

Video synthesis system, video synthesis device, and video synthesis method

A video display system performs a video conversion process on a video of a camera mounted on a vehicle and displays a resulting video, and includes a plurality of cameras, a detecting unit that detects an object of interest around the vehicle based on information or the like acquired through... Clarion Co Ltd

04/06/17 / #20170099177

In-vehicle information system and information processing method thereof

An in-vehicle terminal and a mobile terminal receive a request and a first identifier for identifying the request and store the first identifier in a buffer, the mobile terminal sends the request to a server, which stores the first identifier in a buffer when the request includes the first identifier... Clarion Co Ltd

03/23/17 / #20170082452

Lane selecting device, vehicle control system and lane selecting method

To make it possible to execute processing taking into account the fact that a plurality of lanes are provided in a road. An automatic driving support device 500 includes a map database 541 including lane information concerning lanes of a road, a position specifying section 173 that specifies a present... Clarion Co Ltd

03/23/17 / #20170085693

Information display apparatus and information display method

The information display part displays screen information for notifying the user that the electronic mail has been received when the portable terminal device has received the electronic mail while first screen information is displayed, in addition to the first screen information or instead of the first screen information, and continues... Clarion Co Ltd

03/16/17 / #20170078403

Terminal connection device, processing information execution system, processing information execution method

A terminal connection device includes: a storage unit configured to store a priority based on a type of processing information for performing input or output of information; a communication unit configured to receive from another device a processing request in which the processing information is identified; and an input and... Clarion Co Ltd

03/02/17 / #20170061622

Camera calibration device and camera calibration system

The present invention provides a camera calibration device and a camera calibration system with which it is possible to execute calibration even in a situation where the load-bearing state of a vehicle changes, and also to precisely estimate all of camera parameters and execute calibration without utilizing the parallelism of... Clarion Co Ltd

02/09/17 / #20170038474

Distance factor learning device, distance factor learning method and current position calculating device

A distance factor learning device includes: a first learner that updates a first estimated value for the distance factor and a first parameter, based upon a measurement quantity, which is calculated based upon the vehicle speed pulses and the GPS information, the first estimated value for the distance factor and... Clarion Co Ltd

01/26/17 / #20170026492

Data delivery system, control server, and data delivery method

To provide a data delivery system capable of reducing processing load of a server is provided. A control server 200 includes a selecting unit 215 selecting a TCU 300 to which update data is to be delivered based on priority levels set in association with TCUs 300 which are delivery... Clarion Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170010766

Vehicle-mounted information device

A vehicle-mounted information device that does not create a cause of an erroneous operation is provided. In a vehicle-mounted information device capable of editing objects 11 to 18 displayed on a touch panel 121, an edit mode of displaying a mark 20 (20a) indicating a direction in which the object... Clarion Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170011129

In-vehicle device, information system, and output control method

An in-vehicle device according to the present invention includes a storage unit that stores keyword information in which a keyword and the degree of evaluating the keyword are associated, and output determination information in which the degree of evaluating the keyword and an output method according to the degree of... Clarion Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170011743

In-vehicle device, server device, information system, and content start method

An in-vehicle device according to the present invention includes a voice input receiving unit that receives input information with a voice, an output control unit that transmits the input information to a predetermined external device, and then outputs a plurality of received content candidates according to order of a priority... Clarion Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170012721

In-vehicle terminal

An in-vehicle terminal includes: a measurement unit that measures electric field strengths of radio waves for wireless communication emitted from information terminals located in a vicinity thereof; a main terminal identifying unit that identifies a predetermined main terminal among the information terminals; and a communication unit that establishes wireless communication... Clarion Co Ltd

01/12/17 / #20170013559

Vehicle mounted communication unit and service provision system

To resolve an abnormal state while minimizing loss of convenience for a user. A TCU 10 which communicates with a server terminal 7 providing service for a vehicle via a mobile telephone network 3 for receiving provision of the service, includes a main control unit 20, and a communication module... Clarion Co Ltd

01/05/17 / #20170006234

Image display device and image display system

An image display device includes: a feature quantity detection condition specifying unit configured to specify a condition for detecting a predetermined feature quantity for an overhead view image of each image obtained by photographing a region in common from at least two different viewpoints; a feature quantity detecting unit configured... Clarion Co Ltd

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