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Cnh Industrial America Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Cnh Industrial America Llc. Cnh Industrial America Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cnh Industrial America Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cnh Industrial America Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Zeroing adjustment for depth control system
06/22/17 new patent  Zeroing adjustment for depth control system
06/22/17 new patent  Agricultural auxiliary tillage implement control
06/22/17 new patent  Agricultural tillage implement wheel control
06/22/17 new patent  Harvester grain tank having active conveying system
06/22/17 new patent  Auto-efficiency mode for power shift transmissions
06/22/17 new patent  Pto shaft monitoring apparatus
06/15/17Air assist system for spinner spreaders
06/15/17Hydraulic feed roll adjustment system
06/15/17Positioning and safety apparatus suitable for control of concave suspension in a combine harvester
06/15/17System and continuous bale forming
06/08/17Transport system for a center pivot agricultural machine
06/08/17Agricultural baler with auxiliary power system
06/01/17Guide for lift arm of header attachment apparatus
06/01/17Sensor arrangement for combine harvester
06/01/17System for coordinating the direction of travel of a hydraulic machine with the operator's position
06/01/17Fan drive with improved variable slippage clutch unit for an internal combustion engine
05/25/17Product and variety tracking and tank mix integration for an agricultural system
05/25/173-way seed flow splitter for planters
05/25/17Monitoring system for an agricultural harvester and agricultural harvester
05/25/17Straw walker arrangement for an agricultural harvester
05/25/17Combine harvester cleaning system
05/25/17Agricultural baler with auxiliary power system
05/25/17Agricultural baler with auxiliary power system for powering various functional components onboard the baler
05/25/17Air intake system for a work vehicle with enhanced pre-cleaner serviceability
05/18/17Agricultural baler with a common drive powering the plunger and the needles with an integrated safety
05/18/17Regenerative hydraulic brake for a stuffer unit in an agricultural baler
05/11/173-way seed flow splitter for planters
05/11/17Latching device for header mounting apparatus
05/11/17Row unit for a corn head assembly having a top plate with a structured surface
05/11/17Tipping indicator for a work vehicle
05/04/17Header for an agricultural harvester with independent sub-system drives
05/04/17Roll angle stop arrangement for a suspension system in an off-road vehicle
05/04/17Method of steering a weight transfer axle on a combine
05/04/17A safety hydraulic circuit
05/04/17Vehicle maintenance apparatus and method
05/04/17System and improved ride control for a work vehicle when transporting a drawn implement
04/27/17Automatic swath generation device and methods
04/27/17Device and guiding agricultural vehicles
04/27/17Precision farming system utilizing seed vendor data
04/27/17Predictive overlap control model
04/27/17Agricultural harvester residue spreader automation
04/27/17Graphical yield monitor static (previous) data display on in-cab display
04/27/17Pneumatic grain level sensor and method therefore
04/27/17Agricultural harvester cleaning system having early grain evacuation
04/27/17Drive arm for agricultural harvester
04/27/17Auxiliary power system for an agricultural baler with flywheel start up
04/27/17User interface for an agricultural system
04/27/17Run screen user interface for an agricultural system
04/27/17Rear windshield implement status heads-up display
04/27/17Hydraulic hybrid circuit with energy storage for excavators or other heavy equipment
04/27/17Integrated intake and deaeration assembly for a work vehicle
04/27/17Agricultural rolling basket bearing assembly
04/27/17Bottom bar display area for an agricultural system
04/27/17Top bar display for an agricultural system
04/27/17Left hand area display for an agricultural system
04/27/17Graphical yield monitor real-time data display
04/27/17Configuration control display for an agricultural system
04/20/17Automatically securing unloading auger support
04/20/17Dual cut header assembly
04/20/17Header frame having an adjustably mounted tool bar bracketing assembly
04/20/17Agricultural baler, agricultural baler system, configuring an agricultural baler, and baling
04/20/17Rotor feeder unit for agricultural machines, operating a rotor feeder, and operating an agricultural machine
04/20/17Tapered vane for agricultural harvester transition cone
04/20/17Latch mechanism for agricultural harvester concaves
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04/20/17Agricultural baler
04/20/17Agricultural baler and removing a plug of crop material stuck in the feeder duct of an agricultural baler
04/20/17Agricultural baler and preventing and removing a plugging in the feeder duct of an agricultural baler
04/20/17Rotor feeder unit for agricultural machines
04/20/17Suction wand for a cooler box
04/20/17Wireless harvesting header connection
04/13/17Agricultural chopper with linked counter knives and shear bar
04/13/17Agricultural chopper with movable pan
04/13/17Rasp bar for a combine
04/13/17Combine with early grain extraction
04/13/17Single fastener attachment for chopper knives
04/13/17Speed control system for an agricultural vehicle
04/13/17Slip control system for an off-road vehicle
04/13/17Non-row sensitive threshing corn header
04/06/17Material guide for a straw hood of an agricultural vehicle
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04/06/17Crop residue spreader
04/06/17Row unit of a corn header having a deck plate with a structured surface
04/06/17System and determining knife usage
04/06/17Agricultural harvester
03/30/17Control sensor assembly for an agricultural harvester
03/30/17Low profile sickle drive
03/30/17Residue spreading system
03/30/17Security sensor
03/30/17System and automatically controlling vehicle speed based on track-related temperatures of a work vehicle
03/23/17Independent nozzle injection control system for sprayers
03/23/17Low flow metering system
03/23/17Nozzle flow detection system
03/23/17Compact wheel loader
03/23/17System for measuring concentration for a chemical fluid in sprayer
03/16/17Lockout fastener for a gathering chain assembly of an agricultural harvester row unit
03/16/17Air system for an agricultural harvester
03/16/17Agricultural harvester having a header based heat exchanger
03/16/17Operation and control of bottom floor assembly
03/16/17Working machine having a hydraulically operated implement
03/09/17System and controlling an agricultural system based on soil analysis
03/09/17Twin-row planter with tandem driven seed meters
03/09/17Method and automatically controlling a cut height of an agricultural harvester
03/09/17Net pole latch mechanism
03/09/17Self-locking hinge mechanism
03/02/17Vertical tillage scraper
03/02/17Monitoring system for an agricultural harvester and agricultural harvester
03/02/17Agricultural harvester including feedback control of chopping parameters
03/02/17Stalked crop harvesting header frame
03/02/17Stalked crop harvesting header structure
03/02/17Stalked crop harvesting header drive
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03/02/17Harvesting method using unmanned agricultural work vehicles
03/02/17Grain pan and sieve dividers
03/02/17Tension roller assembly for a belt drive
03/02/17Stereo vision for sensing vehicles operating environment
02/23/17Device for analyzing the composition of a grain-mog mixture
02/23/17Method and system of operating an automotive harvester
02/23/17Side shake rate based on machine throughputs
02/23/17Row divider having a conveyor for an agricultural harvester
02/23/17Variable amount of side shake based on user inputs
02/16/17Swivel joint with hydraulic position signal
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02/09/17Fertilizer closing assembly
02/09/17Work vehicle with improved implement position control and self-leveling functionality
02/02/17Boom adjustment system and method
02/02/17Stalk roll for a row unit of an agricultural harvester
01/26/17Header height control system for an agricultural harvester
01/26/17Frame for agricultural harvester cleaner
01/26/17Sieve arrangements for a cleanig system in an agricultural harvester
01/26/17Linkage for agricultural harvester cleaner
01/26/17Side shaker link for agricultural harvester sieve assembly
01/26/17Structural members for a side shaking sieve arrangement in an agricultural harvester
01/26/17Strip gripper for an agricultural baler
01/26/17Hydraulic signal control system and method
01/19/17Header height control system for an agricultural harvester
01/19/17Header tilt mechanism
01/19/17Agricultural harvester with improved rotor transition geometry
01/19/17Rectangular baler with a density control system and density control method
01/19/17Strapping system for agricultural implement
01/19/17System for adjusting frame height of an agricultural vehicle
01/12/17Depth control system for front pivot and rear pivot gauge wheel assemblies
01/12/17Wheel position control system for an agricultural implement
01/12/17Toolbar wing support system for an agricultural implement
01/12/17Caster wheel assembly for an agricultural implement
01/12/17System for directional control of air flow in a harvestor
01/12/17System for mounting a hopper to a product metering assembly of an agricultural row unit
01/12/17Agricultural baler knotter system
01/12/17System for positioning gauge wheels of an agricultural row unit
01/12/17Automation kit for an agricultural vehicle
01/05/17Replaceable wear insert for furrow opening assembly
01/05/17Depth control device for planter
01/05/17Adjustable clamp on head bracket
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01/05/17Mounted implement weight transfer
01/05/17Convertible pinch wheel closing system for agricultural planter
01/05/17Bellcrank activated wheel caster
01/05/17Transport wing attachment
01/05/17Alternator control system for a planter
01/05/17Down stop for agricultural closing discs
01/05/17Down stop for agricultural closing discs
01/05/17Adjustable press wheel scraper
01/05/17Adjustable width row unit for a planter
01/05/17Air pressure differential control system of agricultural planters
01/05/17Vacuum hose coupling with quick lock feature
01/05/17Air supply system integrated into a seed hopper assembly
01/05/17Mounting system for row unit options for a planter
01/05/17Individual row lift system for planters
01/05/17Unload spout inclination limit adjust system and method
01/05/17Header for a harvesting machine
01/05/17Combine harvester with adjustable inclination of straw walkers
01/05/17Agricultural harvester with improved elevator geometry
01/05/17Steerable vehicle
01/05/17Variable geometry continuous track
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01/05/17Mounting device for tubular elements
01/05/17Controller for a working vehicle
12/29/16Gauge wheel assembly with hinge
12/29/16Agricultural harvester cutter bar
12/29/16Spreader arrangement with vertically pivoting spread deflector
12/29/16Chaff spread assisted by cross-blown airflow
12/22/16Seed meter system with singulator control
12/22/16System and adjusting air flow in an engine compartment of an off-road vehicle
12/22/16Headlight system for an off-road vehicle
12/22/16Rubber track system
12/15/16Grain tank with force assisting element for cover
12/15/16Agricultural harvester header with retracting paddles for conveying crop material
12/15/16Electrohydraulic circuit for a drop floor assembly
12/15/16Automated moldboard draft control system and method
12/08/16Agricultural concave having a component coated with a high hardness material
12/08/16System and cooling charge air and excess fuel for a turbocharged diesel engine
12/01/16Controller for a harvester
12/01/16Header carrying structure for combine
12/01/16Agricultural harvester concave clamping system
12/01/16Grain cleaning system having improved air flow and additional fall step to improve grain cleaning performance
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12/01/16Combine harvester cleaning system drive assembly
12/01/16Agricultural harvester
11/24/16Agricultural harvester
11/17/16Combine harvester with track units equipped with tilt-counteracting actuators
11/17/16Radial pattern mechanically adjustable blade pitch mount
11/17/16Bump detection and effect reduction in autonomous systems
11/17/16Dropbox assembly for transmission of work vehicle
11/10/16Active steering windrow shields
11/10/16Feeder assembly for an agricultural harvester header
11/10/16Header end hood mount for an agricultural harvester
11/03/16Intake air duct for an internal combustion engine of an agricultural vehicle
11/03/16Suspension assembly and kit for a planter
11/03/16Agricultural baler having a quarter turn with a spring loaded lock arrangement
11/03/16Operator selectable speed input
11/03/16Spreader arrangement for an agricultural harvester
11/03/16Crop residue management deflector
11/03/16Combine harvester with elevator
11/03/16Agricultural header with multiple finger infeed assembly
11/03/16Windrow pickup header with unitary tine retention plate
11/03/16Agricultural harvester concave adjustment system and method
11/03/16Agricultural harvester auger assembly
11/03/16Tailgate motion adjustment system
11/03/16Synchronization mechanism
11/03/16Chopper for an agricultural harvester
11/03/16Breakaway adapter system facilitating both front-mounted and rear-mounted configurations of a sprayer boom
11/03/16Deflectable touchdown wheel system for sprayer boom
11/03/16Multi-axis breakaway joint system for a boom of an agricultural sprayer
11/03/16Breakaway boom segment with perforated outer walls
11/03/16Intake air duct for an internal combustion engine of an agricultural vehicle
11/03/16Heat transfer airflow through engine compartment
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11/03/16Exhaust after-treatment mounting arrangement
11/03/16Self-propelled off-road vehicle with extreme pressure hydraulic propel circuit protection
11/03/16Agricultural vehicle calibration via human machine interface
11/03/16Brake pedal interfacing with hydrostatic drive
11/03/16Self-propelled off-road vehicle with system for torque control at shift points
11/03/16Driven shaft with rotational kinetic energy dissipation for an agricultural harvester
11/03/16Self-propelled off-road agricultural vehicle with a dynamically reconfiguring speed control and display system
11/03/16Sensor arrangement
11/03/16Isolation of auxiliary electronics battery from starting battery
11/03/16Brake modulator for parking brake system of a work vehicle
11/03/16System and supplying fluid to a track drive box of a work vehicle
11/03/16Machine controller allowing concurrent functions
11/03/16Four-wheel steering adjustable to sensitivity of operator controls
10/27/16System for driving a seed meter via a flexible shaft
10/27/16Fluid flow monitoring and control system for an agricultural sprayer
10/27/16Sprayer boom with perforated outer walls
10/27/16Sprayer boom system with multi-direction spray section activation control
10/27/16Hose assembly for an engine air intake system
10/20/16Multiple seed-type planting system with seed delivery speed control
10/20/16Crop pick-up, agricultural equipment and ejecting a foreign object
10/13/16Agricultural harvester concave system and method
10/13/16Agricultural baler with auxiliary motor
10/13/16Plunger and pre-compression chamber link
10/06/16Equipment protection using a grain tank level sensor
10/06/16Crop unloading spouts
10/06/16Crop processor, manufacturing process for a crop processor and crop processor roll
10/06/16Pickup unit with a windrow conditioning roll for an agricultural baler
10/06/16Combine harvester grain cleaners
10/06/16Bale measurement system and method

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