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Cognis Ip Management Gmbh
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Cognis Ip Management Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Cognis Ip Management Gmbh. Cognis Ip Management Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cognis Ip Management Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cognis Ip Management Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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02/09/17Hydrocarbon mixtures and use thereof
01/26/17Cosmetic compositions comprising esters based on 2-propylheptanoic acid
01/19/17Use of esters as coalescing agent
01/12/17Surfactant compositions and methods of forming and using same
10/08/15Powder containing polyunsaturated fatty acids and process for making same
07/09/15Emollients and cosmetic compositions based on specific branched hydrocarbons
04/02/15Biocide compositions comprising derivatives of pyroglutamic acid
03/05/15Microcapsules for paints and lacquers
01/08/15Hair relaxer
12/25/14Lipophilic antioxidant
10/02/14Lubricant compositions
09/04/14Solid agricultural compositions
08/07/14Use of microemulsions in cosmetic cleaning compositions
08/07/14Cleaning compositions comprising low hlb 2-propyl heptyl alcohol alkoxylates and alkyl polyglucosides
05/01/14Cosmetic compositions containing esters based on 2-propylheptanol
05/01/14Cosmetic compositions containing esters based on 2-propylheptanol
03/27/14Cosmetic composition
02/13/14Cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and methods including an extract of a plant belonging to the genus buchholzia
02/13/14Method for producing unsaturated compounds
01/16/14Hair care agent
12/12/13Process for the distillation of fatty acid esters
11/28/13Poly-alpha-olefin -containing cosmetic composition
11/28/13Copolymerizable surfactants
11/14/13Biocide compositions comprising esters of ethoxylated alcohols
11/07/13Device and distilling temperature-sensitive substances
10/24/13Biocide compositions comprising amides based on 2-furoic acid and its derivatives
09/26/13Methods of metal extraction using oximes
09/26/13Biocide compositions comprising alkoxylation products of isoamyl alcohol deriatives
09/19/13Use of esters as coalescing agents
08/29/13Method to prepare beta-functionalized aliphatic esters
08/22/13Method for producing sterol formulations
08/22/13Biodegradable quaternary compounds as emulsifiers for microemulsions
07/04/13Efficient astaxanthin production strains derived from haematococcus pluvialis
06/13/13Shampoo composition having improved care properties
05/30/13Esters comprising branched alkyl groups as lubricants
05/23/13Cosmetic preparations
05/02/13Cosmetic composition containing oligopeptides
04/25/13Biocide compositions comprising derivatives of pyroglutamic acid
04/18/13Process for producing microcapsules
03/14/13Composite material
03/14/13Biocide compositions comprising isoamyl lactate
03/07/13Acid mist mitigation agents for electrolyte solutions
02/28/13Biocide compositions comprising alkoxylated oligoglycerol esters
02/28/13Biocide compositions (i)
02/14/13Branched hydroxyalkyl polyoxylene glycol ethers
02/07/13Lubricant compositions with improved oxidation stability and service life
02/07/13Process for preparing (meth)acrylic esters of polyols
01/24/13Method for maintaining the ratio of the oxime to equilibrium modifier concentration in solvent extraction circuits
01/10/13Method for controlling solids/liquid decant unit operations and systems
01/10/13Biocide compositions comprising glycerol(ether)phosphates
01/10/13Biocide compositions
01/03/13Conditioner and conditioning shampoo compound containing pentaerythritol ester
01/03/13Cosmetic compositions comprising esters based on 2-propylheptanol
01/03/13Cosmetic compositions comprising esters based on 2-propylheptanol
12/06/12Biocide compositions comprising carbamates
12/06/12Use of propylene oxide adducts
11/22/12Lubricant with enhanced energy efficiency
11/15/12Process for obtaining fatty acid lower alkyl esters from unrefined fats and oils
11/15/12High viscosity lubricant compositions meeting low temperature performance requirements
11/15/12Process for purifying crude fatty alcohols
11/15/12Process for obtaining oleochemicals with reduced content of by-products
10/25/12Composition comprising a lipid suitable for human consumption
10/04/12Agent for smoker dehabituation
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10/04/12Gel-form preparations
09/27/12Cosmetic compositions comprising manikara multinervis and extracts thereof
09/27/12Use of branched alkyl(oligo)glycosides in cleaning agents
09/20/12Processes for the synthesis of compounds from cyclic carbonates
09/13/12Preparations of solid material
09/13/12Concentrates for treating substrates
09/13/12Polyamides as binders for printing inks
08/30/12Metal solvent extraction reagents and use thereof
08/30/12Compositions and methods of using a ketoxime in a metal solvent extraction reagent
08/30/12Methods of metal extraction from ammoniacal solutions using oximes
08/30/12Lubricant compositions
08/30/12Method for producing guerbet alcohols
08/23/12Biocide compositions (iv)
08/09/12Hair relaxer
07/26/12Polyamide curative composition
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07/19/12Alkoxylated glycerol acetals and their derivatives
07/19/12Use of alk(en)yl oligoglycosides in enhanced oil recovery processes
07/05/12Isosorbide glyceryl ether derivatives and their use in household applications
07/05/12Low-foaming surfactants
06/21/12Use of aqueous wax dispersions and improving the mechanical properties of textile fibers
05/31/12Aqueous laundry liquid suitable for packaging in polyvinyl alcohol pouches
05/24/12Oligopeptides and cosmetic compositions containing the oligopeptides
05/24/12Low-viscosity aqueous compositions
05/10/12Agricultural compositions
05/10/12Ester mixtures and compositions comprising such ester mixtures
04/26/12Novel esters, and use thereof
04/19/12Non-aqueous agricultural compositions
04/19/12Biocide compositions (iii)
02/23/12Monomers and macromers for forming hydrogels
02/09/12Isosorbide monoesters and their use in household applications
02/02/12Free-flowing emulsion concentrates
02/02/12Use of nonionic surfactants as emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization (iii)
01/19/12Cosmetic composition containing calcium citrate and n-acylated aminoalcohol derivative to prevent dry skin and signs of cutaneous ageing
01/12/12Macropore-containing polymer foams as insulation materials
12/22/11Thickeners based on polyurethane
12/08/11Oil-based agrochemical compositions with increased viscosity
12/01/11Dolichos biflorus extract for use in cosmetic skin treatment
11/24/11High opacity polymer composition for printing inks
11/24/11Solvent-free water-soluble silane-modified silicates
11/24/112-component adhesives
11/24/11Emulsion concentrate
11/10/11Ethylene oxide free antiperspirant/deodorant formulations
11/10/11Complex ester as solvent for printing inks (iii)
10/20/11Agrochemical auxiliary compositions
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10/13/11Rinse aid, comprising fatty acid alkanolamide polyalkylene glycol ethers
10/13/11Defoaming agents and articles and methods using same
10/13/11Process for making polyol esters with improved colour and odour quality
10/06/11Copolymerizable (meth)acrylic acid esters
09/29/11Skin whitener
09/29/11Lubricant compositions
09/29/11Isosorbide derivatives
09/15/11Agricultural compositions
09/08/11Method for producing alkylene oxide addition products
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08/18/11Whipping agent
08/18/11Agricultural compositions
08/11/11Storage-stable silicate solutions
07/14/11Method for the production of unsaturated alpha, omega dicarboxylic acids and/or unsaturated alpha, omega dicarboxylic diesters
06/09/11Anionic isosorbide derivatives and their use (ii)
06/02/11Biocide compositions comprising branched alkyl polyglycosides
05/26/11Sulphates of polyhydric alcohols, polyols, saccharides and polysaccharides for agricultural applications
05/26/11Agricultural compositions
05/19/11Cleaning composition comprising graft copolymers
05/12/11Lubricant compositions
05/05/11Textile finishing for insect repellency
04/28/11Water-dispersable sterol containing dispersions
04/21/11Lipophilic preparations
04/21/11Improved making tinted polymers
04/07/11Adjuvant compositions
03/10/11Hydrocarbon mixtures and use thereof
03/10/11Use of isosorbide ethers in detergents and cleaners
02/24/11Plant extracts as additives for yeast raised baked goods
02/24/11Polymer compositions
02/17/11Alkyl and/or alkenyl ethers of alkyl and/or alkenyl (poly)glycosides and their use
02/03/11Polyurethane resins for laminating inks
02/03/11Polyamides prepared from long-chain dicarboxylic acids and methods for making the polyamides
01/27/11Method and determining seed germination
01/20/11Cationic surfactants having improved properties
12/30/10Herbicidal compositions of lithium glyphosate and adjuvants
12/30/10Copolymerizable surfactants (2)
12/30/10Copolymerizable surfactants (1)
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12/30/10Dialkyl carbonates of branched alcohols and their use
12/23/10Methods for improving the recovery of metal leaching agents
12/23/10Emulsions in enzymatic reactions
12/23/10Biocide compositions (i)
12/23/10Biocide compositions (ii)
12/23/10Anionic isosorbide derivatives and their use
12/16/10Complex esters as solvent for printing inks (ii)
12/16/10Adjuvants for agrochemical applications
12/09/10Shampoo composition with improved care performance
12/09/10Cis-9, trans-11 isomer of conjugated linoleic acid (cla) for treating inflammatory diseases
12/09/10Use of propylene oxide adducts
12/02/10Highly concentrated fatty alcohol sulfate preparation
11/25/10Emulsifier mixture containing fatty alcohols, ethoxylated fatty alcohols and oil or wax components
11/25/10Use of derivatives of 4-hydroxyphenoxy acetic acid
11/25/10Cosmetic compositions containing esters of 2-butyloctanol
11/18/10Alkylene oxide adducts of oligosaccharides
11/18/10Cosmetic compositions containing esters of 2-ethylbutanol
11/11/10Efficient astaxanthin production strains derived from haematococcus pluvialis
11/11/10Phenalkamine and salted amine blends as curing agents for epoxy resins
10/28/10Polyurethan resins for nitrocellulose inks
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10/28/10Use of an extract from the vigna aconitifolia plant in a cosmetic and/or dermopharmaceutical composition
10/14/10Oxidative stabilizing of sterols and sterol esters
10/14/10Glycerol ether mixture, cosmetic composition containing this mixture and process for its production
10/07/10Process for finishing textiles
09/30/10Emulsions for finishing textiles and paper
09/30/10Method for preparing finely divided emulsions
09/30/10Process for the production of diols
09/16/10Process for the production of fatty acid alkyl esters
08/26/10Aqueous meta-stable oil-in-water emulsions
08/26/10Use of glycerol acetals
08/19/10Cosmetic compositions comprising esters based on 2-propylheptanoic acid
08/12/10Compounds that are liquid at ambient temperature
07/29/10Cosmetic preparations containing hydrocarbons
07/29/10Hydrocarbon mixtures and use thereof
07/29/10Dryer sheets and a treating skin
07/22/10Cosmetic compositions comprising sclareolide and hesperidin methyl chalcone
07/22/10Hydrocarbon mixture and use thereof
07/22/10Complex esters as solvent for printing inks (i)
07/15/10Ionic n-containing compounds
06/24/10Method for the chemoenzymatic production of fatty acid esters
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06/17/10Preparations and methods for textile and or fiber surface finishing, surface finished articles prepared thereby, and uses therefor
05/27/10Use of esters as coalescing agent
05/27/10Use of nanoporous polymer foams as thermal insulation materials
05/27/10Use of derivatives of sinapinic acid and compositions comprising such derivatives
05/27/10Ester of hexyldecanol having short-chained fatty acids
05/27/10Use of adducts of ethylene and/or propylene oxide with fatty alcohols as coalescents
05/27/10Diols and polyols
05/20/10Use of nanoporous polymer foams as filter materials
05/13/10Two phase beverage comprising encapsulated fruit pulp
05/13/10Clear aqueous detergents and cleaning agents
05/13/10Cosmetic compositions comprising esters based on 2-propylheptanol
04/08/10Use of aqueous emulsions in the form of foam for the reloading of textiles
04/08/10Agrochemical preparations
04/01/10Process for the flotation of non-sulfidic minerals and ores
03/18/10Method for producing sterol formulations
03/04/10Sterol-containing compositions
02/18/10Method for producing alkylene oxide addition products
02/04/10Alkyl benzoate mixtures
01/28/10Method for producing sterol formulations
01/28/10Process for the partial hydrogenation of fatty acid esters
01/21/10Curing agents for epoxy resins
01/14/10Water-soluble silicates and use thereof
01/14/10Process for the preparation of active substance concentrate
12/31/09Method and device for the production of alkylene oxide addition products
12/24/09Tissue paper comprising a softening lotion
11/26/09Aqueous surfactant compositions with a low pour point
11/26/09Use of nonionic surfactants as emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization
10/15/09Dispersions comprising acylglutamates
10/15/09Surfactant compositions and methods of forming and using same
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10/08/09Emulsifiers for epoxy resins
10/08/09Process for preparing alkylene oxides
07/23/09Process for production of fatty acids, fatty acid esters and sterolesters from soapstock
07/23/09Lubricant compounds containing complex esters
06/18/09Lipophilic antioxidant
05/21/09Emulsifier combination, emulsion containing the emulsifier combination, and a process for its production
05/21/09Emulsifier combination, emulsion containing the emulsifier combination, and a process for its production
04/30/09Surface-modification compositions
04/30/09Cosmetic composition comprising a combination of a sugar fatty acid ester with a plant extract of waltheria indica or pisum sativum for skin whitening
04/16/09Compositions containing sterol-derived esters
04/16/09Acrylated polyaminoamide (ii)
04/16/09Acrylated polyaminoamide (iii)
04/16/09Acrylated polyaminoamide (i)
04/09/09Thickened methyl ester microemulsions for cleaning hard surfaces
03/05/09Continuous process for the production of mono- or dicarboxylic acid alkyl amides
02/19/09Methods for producing sterol-containing compositions
12/12/13Process for the distillation of fatty acid esters
01/28/10Process for the partial hydrogenation of fatty acid esters
01/21/10Curing agents for epoxy resins
01/14/10Process for the preparation of active substance concentrate

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