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Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt_20131212
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Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt patents

Recent patent applications related to Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt. Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt, we're just tracking patents.

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06/04/15Capacitive humidity sensor with graphene electrode
12/08/16Method and system for remotely keyed encrypting/decrypting data with prior checking a token
02/11/16Method of making a transistor
01/28/16Method for manufacturing a sealing bladder made of thermosetting polymer for a tank containing a pressurized fluid, such as a composite tank, and a tank
11/19/15Process for electrochemically making at least one porous area of a micro and/or nanoelectronic structure
11/05/15Infrared detection device
11/05/15Device comprising a fluid channel provided with at least one micro or nanoelectronic carrying out such a device
10/22/15Semiconductor structure comprising an absorbing area placed in a focusing cavity
10/22/15Method for preselecting a router in an rpl network
10/15/15Method for fabricating microelectronic devices with isolation trenches partially formed under active regions
10/15/15Process for producing fet transistors
10/08/15Display screen and its manufacturing process
10/01/15Process for fabrication of a micromechanical and/or nanomechanical structure comprising a porous surface
08/27/15System and a data processing with management of a cache consistency in a network of processors with cache memories
08/27/15Electronic device with a reverse biased hemt transistor
08/27/15Method for producing the electrical contacts of a semiconductor device
08/13/15Bolometric detector with a mim structure including a thermometer element
08/13/15Gas concentration sensor with a suspended structure
08/13/15Plasma etching process
08/06/15Steam heat storage system
07/30/15Photon radiation detector comprising an array of antennas and a spiral resistive support
07/30/15Method for processing signals acquired by ultrasonic probing, corresponding program and ultrasonic probing device
07/30/15Method of etching a crystalline semiconductor material by ion implantation and then chemical etching based on hydrogen chloride
07/30/15Photovoltaic battery cell
07/23/15Method for producing a capacitor
07/23/15Semiconductor component and process for fabricating a semiconductor component
07/16/15Method and system for protecting against electrical arcs implementing a modulation specific to a module of the acoustic wave accompanying an electrical arc
07/09/15Receptacle interacting with a user with reduced energy consumption before unpacking
07/09/15Infrared detection device and method
07/09/15Method for manufacturing a microelectronic device
07/09/15Nanowire semiconductor device partially surrounded by a grating
07/09/15Multi-antenna receiver with a time synchronization common to the different receiver chains
06/25/15Multisensory detector
06/25/15Method for processing a volume model, related computer program product and processing system
06/25/15Method for modifying the strain state of a block of a semiconducting material
06/25/15Method for producing strained semi-conductor blocks on the insulating layer of a semi-conductor on insulator substrate
06/18/15Nems control device having a digital delay module
06/11/15Method for sealing two elements by low temperature thermocompression
06/11/15Method of hermetically sealing a hole with a fuse material
06/11/15Method for forming spacers for a transistor gate
06/11/15Optical arbitration device and method in a network-on-chip system
06/04/15Encapsulation structure comprising trenches partially filled with getter material
06/04/15Capacitive humidity sensor with graphene electrode
06/04/15Method of fabricating a semiconductor substrate on insulator
06/04/15Method for the metallization of a porous material
06/04/15Method for producing a mechanically autonomous microelectronic device
06/04/15Method to fabricate a substrate including a material disposed on the edge of one or more non through hole formed in the substrate
05/28/15Device for the fractionation of a fluid containing particles and for the extraction of a volume of interest
05/28/15Channel estimating fbmc telecommunication system
05/21/15Device for converting the transverse spatial profile of intensity of a light beam, preferably using a microstructured optical fibre
05/21/15Device for converting the transverse spatial profile of intensity of a light beam, preferably using a microstructured optical fibre
05/21/15Optical network and data processing system comprising such an optical network
05/14/15Closed loop system for controlling the reflux of a fluid injection
05/07/15Multiple access method and system with frequency multiplexing of several request to send messages per source node
04/30/15System for conversing thermal energy into electrical energy
04/30/15Method of manufacturing a device comprising an integrated circuit and photovoltaic cells
04/30/15Device for electrically testing the interconnections of a microelectronic device
04/23/15Electronic chip with means of protecting its back face
04/23/15Method for depositing nanoparticles on a nanostructured metal oxide substrate
04/16/15Method for producing photosensitive infrared detectors
04/16/15System and managing cache coherence in a network of processors provided with cache memories
04/09/15Process for direct bonding of two elements comprising metallic portions and dielectric materials
04/09/15Method for simulating the self-assembly of block copolymers in order to design a printed circuit, corresponding design method, design system and computer program
04/02/15Method for recording an image and associated medium
03/26/15Method for producing a transistor
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03/26/15Device for converting heat energy into mechanical energy with improved efficiency
03/19/15Non-volatile resistive memory cell
03/12/15Device and extracting compounds contained in a liquid sample with a view to analysing them
03/05/15Semiconducting structure with switchable emission zones, manufacturing such a structure and semiconducting device comprising such a structure
03/05/15Photodetecting device having semiconductor regions separated by a potential barrier
03/05/15Light-emitting device with diffractive structures and a synthetic hologram
03/05/15Fbmc receiver with carrier frequency offset compensation
02/26/15Photovoltaic solar module with a specific architecture
02/26/15Method for separation between an active zone of a substrate and its back face or a portion of its back face
02/19/15Low consumption logic circuit with mechanical switches
02/19/15Method for producing a metal layer on a surface
02/19/15Method for producing a textured spinel iron oxide layer
02/19/15Hb-egf inhibitor derived from the r domain of diphtheria toxin for the treatment of diseases associated with the activation of the hb-egf/egfr pathway
02/12/15Method for evaluating the sealing of a bipolar structure for an electrochemical generator
02/12/15Method for depositing particles onto a substrate, including a step of structuring a particle film on a liquid conveyor
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02/12/15Recrystallization of source and drain blocks from above
02/12/15Method for forming doped areas under transistor spacers
02/12/15Methods of making integrated circuits including air gaps around interconnect structures
02/12/15System and managing correspondence between a cache memory and a main memory
02/05/15Electrostatic device and recovering mechanical energy by triboelectric effect
02/05/15Electrochemical system comprising an induction heating system
01/29/15Encapsulation structure including a mechanically reinforced cap and with a getter effect
01/29/15Method for manufacturing a conducting contact on a conducting element
01/29/15Method, device and computer program for selecting a router node in an lln network
01/22/15System for analyzing a gas mixture including at least one chromatography column
01/22/15Device comprising a fluid channel fitted with at least one microelectronic or nanoelectronic system, and manufacturing such a device
01/22/15Ultrasound imaging with prediction of artefacts induced between reconstruction modes
01/15/15Compact device for detecting at least one acceleration and one speed of rotation
01/08/15Method for insulating nanowires or mircowires
01/08/15Semiconductor structure, device comprising such a structure, and producing a semiconductor structure
01/08/15Method and device for measuring a magnetic field by synchronised excitations
01/08/15Multiple access method and system with frequency multiplexing of requests for authorisation to send data
01/01/15Device for recovering and converting heat energy into electrical energy
01/01/15High temperature steam electrolysis facility (htse) with allothermal hydrogen production
12/25/14Method for transferring objects onto a substrate using a compact particle film, including a step of producing connectors on the objects
12/25/14Device for non-linear signal conversion by four-wave mixing
12/25/14Pump for injecting a fluid, and in particular a micropump for use delivering a determined dose
12/18/14Isotropic and integrated optical pumping magnetometer
12/18/14Passive thermal management device
12/18/14Method of making a semiconductor layer having at least two different thicknesses
12/18/14Method of making a transitor
12/04/14Electromagnetic wave propagation disruption device and producing same
12/04/14Non-volatile phase-change resistive memory
12/04/14Method for making a suspended part of a microelectronic and/or nanoelectronic structure in a monolithic part of a substrate
11/27/14Forming of an electric connection of the via type
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11/27/14Method for characterization of a surface topography
11/20/14Access-resistant diode array device having enhanced stability
11/20/14Process for encapsulating a microelectronic device comprising injection of noble gas through a material permeable to this noble gas
11/20/14Method for the direct bonding of a silicon oxide layer
11/20/14Method for etching a complex pattern
11/13/14Mechanical connection forming a pivot for mems and nems mechanical structures
11/13/14Method for preparing graphene
11/13/14System and designing a digital circuit having an activity sensor, and corresponding digital circuit
11/06/14Method for the production of an all-solid battery
11/06/14Imager of an isotropic light source exhibiting enhanced detection efficiency
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11/06/14Method for manufacturing a semiconductor micro- or nano-wire, semiconductor structure comprising such a micro- or nano-wire, and manufacturing a semiconductor structure
11/06/14Method of producing a radiation imager exhibiting improved detection efficiency
11/06/14Nanometer-scale level structures and fabrication digital etching of nanometer-scale level structures
11/06/14High-temperature or fuel-cell electrochemical system having improved thermal management
11/06/14Method for reconstructing the geometry of a surface of an object via echographic probing, corresponding computer program and ultrasound probing device
10/30/14Microelectromechanical and/or nanoelectromechanical structure with a variable quality factor
10/30/14Method for making an infrared detection device
10/30/14P-n diode having a controlled heterostructure self-positioned on hgcdte, for infrared imagers
10/30/14Frequency synthesis device and method
10/23/14Semiconductor structure able to receive electromagnetic radiation, semiconductor component and process for fabricating such a semiconductor structure
10/16/14Reactor for grinding and roasting biomass, biomass processing system and facility incorporating such a reactor, and associated method
10/09/14Device for regulating a random stream of voltage pulses at the input of an analog-to-digital converter
10/09/14Method for generating modeling files of an integrated circuit design flow, corresponding computer program and system
10/02/14Method for functionalizing a solid substrate, other than a substrate made of gold, via specific chemical compounds
10/02/14Method for producing a device comprising cavities formed between a suspended element resting on insulating pads semi-buried in a substrate and this substrate
09/25/14Support for capillary self-assembly with horizontal stabilisation, fabrication method and use
09/25/14Encapsulation process and associated device
09/25/14Method for producing a refractive or diffractive optical device
09/25/14Method for characterizing a material
09/25/14Method of processing telephone voice output, software product processing telephone sound, and electronic device with telephone function
09/25/14Cooperative communication system with adaptive packet retransmission strategy
09/18/14Device for converting current pulses into voltage pulses
09/18/14Method of encapsulating a micro-device by anodic bonding
09/11/14Device for determining the mass of a particle in suspension or in solution in a fluid
09/11/14Method of programming a non-volatile resistive memory
09/11/14Channel-type supervised node positioning a wireless network
08/28/14Method for performing a mechanical operation in a structure comprising two layers of different stiffness
08/28/14Method for producing a microelectronic device
08/28/14Multi-level autolimitating etching method
08/21/14Method of programming a phase change memory and phase change memory device
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08/21/14Method of acquiring a gps signal by iterative decoding
08/21/14Multilayer structure offering improved impermeability to gases
08/21/14Method for making an imager device
08/14/14Method of programming a non-volatile resistive memory
08/14/14Method for recycling lithium batteries and/or electrodes of such batteries
08/14/14Architecture with stacking of storage and/or electrical energy generating elements with configurable electrical output, producing such an architecture
08/14/14Method for enhancing the fermentative potential and growth rate of microorganisms under anaerobiosis
08/14/14Method for configuring a sensor detection device, and corresponding computer program and adaptive device
08/07/14Link adaptation method supervised by the selection of an interference regime
08/07/14Method for modifying the state of local access points in a cellular network
07/31/14System and detecting and locating a disturbance in a medium
07/24/14Method for determining the arrival time of a uwb pulse with a double quadrature receiver
07/24/14Network interface on a chip with an adaptive system to trigger data forwarding
07/17/14Method for preparing a porous nuclear fuel
07/10/14Method for evaluating the amount of tritium absorbed by a person after exposure to an environment containing tritium without drawing body fluid
07/03/14Formation of a microfluidic array
07/03/14Avalanche photodiode-type semiconductor structure with low response time and process for producing such a structure
07/03/14Avalanche photodiode-type semiconductor structure and process for producing such a structure
07/03/14Method for making a structure for resuming contact
07/03/14Display device having a deformable surface and position sensors
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07/03/14Method for isotropic etching
06/26/14Device with a controlled displacement membrane
06/26/14Method for estimating patterns to be printed on a plate or mask by means of electron-beam lithography and corresponding printing device
06/19/14Novel ionic liquids that can be used as part of the electrolyte composition for energy storage devices
06/12/14Thermal management system with variable-volume material
06/12/14Method for the absolute measurement of the flatness of the surfaces of optical elements
06/12/14Production a suspended structure component and a transistor co-integrated on a same substrate
05/29/14Method for producing a structure for microelectronic device assembly
05/08/14Method and device for digital modulation with low transition density
05/08/14Equalizing for a non-linear transmission channel
05/08/14Method and device for identifying a material by the spectral analysis of electromagnetic radiation passing through said material
05/08/14Method for estimating the thightness of a seal
05/01/14Method for manufacturing a semiconductor structure and semiconductor component comprising such a structure
04/24/14Method for manufacturing an optical fibre laser
04/24/14Lithography process
04/24/14Organic photodiode provided with an active zone comprising means for promoting charge carrier collection and conduction
04/24/14Process for forming a crack in a material
04/24/14Encoding quasi-periodic fading channel
04/17/14Organic component comprising electrodes having an improved layout and shape
04/17/14Display device having a deformable surface and position sensors
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04/17/14Optical device with a piezoelectrically actuated deformable membrane shaped as a continuous crown
04/10/14Reactive solid/heat-transport gas reactor including a helical duct in which the solid and the gas flow in opposite directions
04/10/14Semiconductor structure for emitting light, and manufacturing such a structure
04/10/14Interconnection a micro-imaging device
04/03/14Vehicle with at least three stable bearing points on the ground
03/27/14Semi-automatic manufacturing an electrochemical li-ion battery
03/20/14Thermal flow sensor with vibrating element and gas sensor comprising at least one such sensor
03/20/14Heat flux sensor with increased resolution
03/20/14Method of selective growth without catalyst on a semiconducting structure
03/13/14Source of x-rays generating a beam of nanometric size and imaging device comprising at least one such source
03/06/14Micro/nano multiaxial inertial sensor of movements
03/06/14Microelectronic device with isolation trenches extending under an active area
02/27/14Method for preparing a pattern to be printed on a plate or mask by electron beam lithography, corresponding printed circuit design system and computer program
02/20/14Spectral filtering device in the visible and infrared ranges
02/20/14Solid/heat-transfer gas reactor comprising gas diffusers with reduced risks of blocking
02/20/14Method for producing vias
02/13/14Micropump having a flowmeter, and producing same
02/13/14Bipolar electrochemical li-ion battery having increased capacity
02/13/14Fuel cell, the overall size of which is reduced
02/06/14Method for metallizing textured surfaces
02/06/14Optical filtering structure in the visible and/or infrared domain
02/06/14Trellis state based stopping criterion for turbo-decoding
02/06/14Microfluidic card connection device
02/06/14Method of encapsulating a microelectronic device
01/30/14Micro-device for analysis by gas phase chromatography offering great compactness
01/30/142,9-dipyridyl-1,10-phenanthroline derivatives useful as actinide ligands, synthesizing same, and uses thereof
01/16/14Method for producing a substrate holder
01/16/14Traffic management gateway for machine-to-machine network
01/16/14Compact fuel cell
01/09/14Method and microsystem for detecting analytes which are present in drops of liquid
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01/09/14Image sensor
01/02/14Microfluidic extraction device having a stabilized liquid/liquid interface
01/02/14Piston-type transfer pump device, transferring particulate solid matter using such a device, application of the method to the feeding of a gasification reactor
01/02/14Nanometric imprint lithography method
12/26/13Configuration for moulding a blend made of metal powder around a ceramic core
12/19/13Method for synthesizing metal or metal oxide nanoparticles by liquid phase deposition on the surface of a substrate
12/19/13Method and system for estimating a path of a mobile element or body
12/12/13Facility and depositing a film of ordered particles onto a moving substrate
12/05/13Method and system for determining the values of parameters representative of a movement of at least two limbs of an entity represented in the form of an articulated line
11/28/13Method for estimating a roughness of a surface
11/28/13Heat-absorbing device with phase-change material
11/28/13Devices for electrical stimulation of a biological tissue and calibrating same
11/21/13Stamping and/or drilling device comprising a substrate support head with continuously controlled orientation
11/21/13Method for treating the surface of a silicon substrate
11/14/13Method for producing a transistor structure with superimposed nanowires and with a surrounding gate
11/07/13Method and microsystem for the determination of clausius-mossotti factors for colloidal particles
11/07/13Microelectronic wireless transmission device
11/07/13Digital loudspeaker with enhanced performance
11/07/13Component with encapsulated active element and implantable medical advice incorporating such a component
10/31/13Method of encapsulation of a microcomponent
10/17/13Process for direct bonding two elements comprising copper portions and portions of dielectric materials
10/17/13Contact on a heterogeneous semiconductor substrate
10/10/13Method and device for estimating molecular parameters in a sample processed by means of chromatography
10/03/13Nanowire-based optoelectronic semiconductor structure and manufacture of such a structure
10/03/13Led component with low rth with dissociated electrical and thermal paths
09/26/13Direct bonding process using a compressible porous layer
09/19/13Method of blind estimation of a scrambling code of a wcdma uplink
09/19/13Process for making a structure with hermetically closed cavity under controlled atmosphere
09/19/13Device forming a seal between two spaces having mutually reactive gases, and use in high temperature steam electrolysis (htse) units and in solid oxide fuel cells (sofc)

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