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Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives cea
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives Batiment Le Ponant D
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives Paris France Nationality French
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives former Name Commissariat A L energi
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives_20131212
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives former Name former Name Commissariat A L energie Atomique

Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives patents

Recent patent applications related to Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives. Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives, we're just tracking patents.

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07/20/17 new patent  Method of manufacturing an electromagnetic radiation detector with micro-encapsulation
07/20/17 new patent  Method of manufacturing a transistor
07/20/17 new patent  Consumption of the channel of a transistor by sacrificial oxidation
07/20/17 new patent  Method for recycling the electrolyte of a li-ion battery and recycling li-ion batteries
07/13/17Fluid channelling system of an nmr system and operating a system of this kind
07/13/17Convolutional neural network
07/13/17Electric pulse generator
07/13/17Lithium-ion accumulator
07/13/17Method for manufacturing a composite bipolar plate, composite bipolar plate, uses thereof and fuel cell comprising such a composite bipolar plate
07/13/17Rf receiver with frequency tracking
07/06/17Time-of-flight detection pixel
07/06/17Device for holding a touch-sensitive surface
07/06/17Method for the synthesis of nanocomposites based on tio2 and carbonated nanostructures
07/06/17Time-of-flight detection pixel
07/06/17Method of forming strained mos transistors
07/06/17Organic electronic device and the production thereof
07/06/17Ibfd transceiver with non-reciprocal frequency transposition module
06/29/17Press for shaping pellets in a restricted and hostile environment and assembling the press
06/29/17System with an increased surface density of microelectromechanical or nanoelectromechanical devices
06/29/17Method of making a closed cavity comprising a flap protecting the cavity when it is closed
06/29/17Method for analyzing an object by x-ray diffraction
06/29/17Nw-fet sensor comprising at least two distinct semiconducting nanowlre detectors
06/29/17Method for preparing an object to be tested and improving the uniformity and intensity of an electric field induced in said object illuminated by an incident electromagnetic wave
06/29/17Device and method simulating the detection of moving radioactive sources
06/29/17Method of calibrating an x ray diffraction analysis system
06/29/17Method for producing nanocrystals with controlled dimensions and density
06/29/17Method for producing low-permittivity spacers
06/29/17Optoelectronic light emission
06/29/17Electroactive actuator and its production
06/22/17Centrifugal machine having an improved discharge system
06/22/17Cobotic manipulator
06/22/17Method for calibrating an annealing furnace used to form thermal donors
06/22/17Inductance device and manufacturing the same
06/22/17Method of planarizing recesses filled with copper
06/22/17Integrated circuit cointegrating a fet transistor and a rram memory point
06/22/17Fuel cell with optimized operation
06/22/17Adaptation automatique d'impedance d'une chaine de reception a radiofrequence
06/22/17Process for controlling, under void, a jet of particles with an aerodynamic lens and associated aerodynamic lens
06/22/17Composite heat absorption device and obtaining same
06/15/17Process for the synthesis of sulfones and sulfonamides
06/15/17Fast pyrolysis reactor for organic biomass materials with against flow injection of hot gases
06/15/17Method of predicting a datum to be preloaded into a cache memory
06/15/17Lightweight stack of membrane/electrode assemblies
06/08/17Regeneration of a hydrogen impurity trap using the heat exiting a hydride tank
06/08/17Method for production of a heat exchanger with at least two fluid circulation circuits with a large number of channels and/or large dimensions
06/08/17Co-handling robot comprising robot control means
06/08/17Tool for differential compression of a powder material, including a deformable membrane
06/08/17Parking assistance device and vehicle provided with such a device
06/08/17Use of 7-chloro-n,n,5-trimethyl-4-oxo-3-phenyl-3,5-dihydro-4h-pyridazino[4,5-b] indole-1-acetamide as a biomarker of peripheral benzodiazepine receptor levels
06/08/17Method for producing a resistive memory cell
06/08/17Sbfet transistor and corresponding fabrication process
06/08/17Arrangement for a thin-film photovoltaic cell stack and associated fabrication method
06/08/17Device with transistors distributed over several superimposed levels integrating a resistive memory
06/08/17Leaktight feedthrough of glass-metal type, its use for an electrochemical lithium battery, and associated production
06/08/17Method and automatic selection of wireless access network
06/01/17Cutaneous medical device comprising a main part and including a base and a removable electrode
06/01/17Method for encapsulating a microelectronic device with a release hole of variable dimension
06/01/17Method of depolymerizing lignin
06/01/17Plasmonic filter
06/01/17Method for making patterns by self-assembly of block copolymers
06/01/17Method for forming spacers for a transitor gate
06/01/17Electrical connector and electrochemical reactor equipped with such an electrical connector
06/01/17Lead-acid accumulator and manufacturing such an accumulator
06/01/17Method for setting up a secure end-to-end communication between a user terminal and a connected object
05/25/17Spatial power combiner
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05/25/17Microelectronic package and manufacturing a microelectronic package
05/25/17Dihydrogen production process
05/25/17Method for determining characteristic operating points of a battery from initial operating points associated with a calibration unit cell intended for being provided in said battery
05/25/17Mri method to quantify iron amount in tissues using diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
05/25/17Optoelectronic device with light-emitting diodes comprising at least one zener diode
05/25/17Specific ionic liquid and producing same
05/25/17Method and system for determining current-voltage characteristics of a photovoltaic installation
05/25/17Making interconnections by curving conducting elements under a microelectronic device such as a chip
05/18/17Electrochemically actuatable electronic component and process for producing the actuatable electronic component
05/18/17Cutaneous device, in particular a pulse generator for electrical stimulation
05/18/17Cutaneous electrode device and electrostimulation device including said electrode device
05/18/17Method of preparing aromatic compounds from lignin
05/18/17Ink for forming p layers in organic electronic devices
05/18/17Method for fabricating a nanowire semiconductor transistor having an auto-aligned gate and spacers
05/18/17Method of manufacturing a pcram memory
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05/18/17Encapsulation of an organic optoelectronic component
05/18/17Flexible structure with strain gauge, application to electrochemical lithium-ion batteries in a flexible packaging
05/18/17Bipolar plates for limiting the bypassing of the flow channels by the reactants
05/18/17Bipolar plates for limiting the bypassing of the flow channels by the reactants
05/18/17Bipolar plates for limiting the bypassing of the flow channels by the reactants
05/18/17Laser device and process for fabricating such a laser device
05/18/17Device for modulating the intensity of an optical signal on four different levels
05/11/17Process for the synthesis of hybrid allophane
05/11/17Iminosydnone derivatives for conjugation and release of compounds of interest
05/11/17A analyzing an object in two stages using a transmission spectrum then a scattering spectrum
05/11/17Method for manufacturing substrates
05/11/17Microelectronic device
05/04/17Process for purifying metal nanowires
05/04/17Device for treating at least one biological cell, notably with a view to intracellular delivery
05/04/17Temperature sensor, electronic unit interacting with such a sensor, and related method and computer program
05/04/17Method for calculating the metrics of an ic manufacturing process
05/04/17Method and device for locating interaction on a touch-sensitive surface
05/04/17Collimator for x-ray diffraction spectroscopy, associated device and its use
05/04/17Front-illuminated photosensitive logic cell
05/04/17Radiofrequency receiver device, adjusting such a device and corresponding computer program
04/27/17Surface functionalisation method
04/27/17Method of encapsulating a microelectronic component
04/27/17Method for producing silicon nanowires
04/27/17Semiconductor and metal alloy interconnections for a 3d circuit
04/27/17Method of manufacturing a device with mos transistors
04/27/17Lithium electrochemical accumulator having a terminal directly connected to the electrochemical assembly and associated production methods
04/27/17Microelectromechanical and/or nanoelectromechanical structure with electrothermal actuation comprising at least two differently polarisable actuating beams
04/20/17Optimized buffer layer for high mobility field-effect transistor
04/20/17Conductive polymer of poly(thio- or seleno-)phene type
04/20/17Method for geolocating a carrier based on its environment
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04/20/17Hybrid refresh with hidden refreshes and external refreshes
04/20/17Shielding attenuation measurement
04/20/17Method of making a microelectronic device
04/13/17Method for growing parallel elongate elements (nanowires, microwires) from a substrate comprising, for each elongate element, a seed formed in a cavity of a nucleation layer or a nucleation pad
04/13/17Device for picking and transporting nanoobjects contained in aerosols, with a cassette with a module suited to reducing the suction noise during picking
04/13/17Bolometer with high spectral sensitivity
04/13/17Method and device for detecting copies in a stream of visual data
04/13/17Method for correcting a spectrum
04/13/17Dbc structure using a support incorporating a phase change material
04/13/17Manufacture of a cdhgte multispectral photodiode array by cadmium diffusion
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04/13/17Forming of optoelectronic devices, particularly of inverted-type opv cells
04/13/17Case for microelectronic components
04/06/17Electrical connector, in particular for a cutaneous device
04/06/17Method for coloring cellulose
04/06/17Assembly for picking and transporting nanoobjects contained in aerosols, with a cassette the opening of which is secured during the picking
04/06/17Method for optimisation of detection wavelengths for multi-gas detection
04/06/17Device and extraction of compounds with aromatic cycles contained in a liquid sample
04/06/17Device for connecting at least one nano-object associated with a chip enabling a connection to at least one external electrical system and fabrication thereof
04/06/17Determining a spatial distribution of a thermal conductivity of an electrochemical cell
04/06/17Determination of a spatial distribution of an electrical production parameter of an electrochemical cell
04/06/17Method for determining a spatial distribution of the permeability of an electrode of an electrochemical cell
04/06/17Determination of the spatial distribution of catalytic activity of an electrode of an electrochemical cell
04/06/17Torque control an electric motor
03/30/17Opto-mechanical physical sensor with an improved sensitivity
03/30/17Method and device for assisting with code optimisation and parallelisation
03/30/17Method of manufacturing a nanostructured spectral filter
03/23/17Skin device including a flexible area and means for limiting bending
03/23/17Method for orienting elongated objects arranged on a surface of a substrate
03/23/17Sydnone derivatives for conjugation of compounds of interest
03/23/17Determining a spatial distribution of the electrical resistance of an electrode of an electrochemical cell
03/23/17Method of designing and generating pulses for magnetic resonance imaging
03/23/17Lensless imaging device and associated observation
03/23/17Method for data transfer between real-time tasks using a dma memory controller
03/23/17Semiconductor structure with enhanced withstand voltage
03/23/17Method of forming spacers for a gate of a transistor
03/16/17Hybrid fluoropolymer composites
03/16/17Device for analysing an oxidisable molten metal using a libs technique
03/16/17Method for closing an electrical power supply circuit of an electric apparatus located in a chamber at a controlled variable pressure and related device
03/16/17Method for causing tensile strain in a semiconductor film
03/16/17Method of fabricating a transistor channel structure with uniaxial strain
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03/16/17Matrix detection device incorporating a metal mesh in a detection layer, and manufacturing method
03/09/17Component for the detection of electromagnetic radiation in a range of wavelengths and manufacturing such a component
03/02/17Packaging structure of a microelectronic device having a hermeticity improved by a diffusion barrier layer
03/02/17Green microalgae lacking a functional dyrkp-1 gene, for use for increased production of feedstock
03/02/17Arrangement for the outlet nozzle of a submerged plasma torch dedicated to waste treatment
03/02/17Piezoresistive detection resonant device in particular with large vibration amplitude
03/02/17Heat flux sensor that implements at least one optical resonator, gas sensor and pirani gauge comprising at least one such sensor
03/02/17Optical filtering device including fabry-perot cavities comprising a structured layer and having different thicknesses
03/02/17Formation of ohmic contacts for a device provided with a region made of iii-v material and a region made of another semiconductor material
03/02/17Dispositif de prise d'image a eclairage integre et procede de realisation du dispositif
03/02/17Stack of electrochemical cells divided up into separate groups comprising a homogenization compartment
03/02/17Positive electrode for lithium-sulfur electrochemical accumulator having a specific structure
02/23/17Device for in vivo sampling of biological species
02/23/17Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of diseases mediated by the nrp-1/obr complex signaling pathway
02/23/17Method of synthesizing a metal foam, metal foam, uses thereof and device comprising such a metal foam
02/23/17Method for estimating a retention time in a chromatography column
02/23/17Method for estimating a quantity of particles divided into classes, using a chromatogram
02/23/17Rear projection display screen and device
02/23/17Method of programming an artificial neuron network
02/23/17Permanent magnet comprising a stack of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic layers
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02/16/17Novel complexes for the separation of cations
02/16/17Porous electrode for proton-exchange membrane
02/16/17Method and system for detecting at least one particle in a bodily fluid, and associated diagnosing meningitis
02/16/17Method and equipment for treating a precursor of a heterojunction photovoltaic cell and associated producing a photovoltaic cell
02/16/17Optoelectronic device with improved light extraction efficiency
02/16/17Dc voltage supply system configured to precharge a smoothing capacitor before supplying a load
02/16/17Power switching cell with normally conducting field-effect transistors
02/16/17Method for generating a group secret key based on the radio physical layer and wireless terminal associated therewith
02/09/17Wafer planarization method
02/02/17Method and machine for additive manufacturing reducing risks of powder dissemination during manipulations
02/02/17Device and treating the black liquor resulting from pulping by hydrothermal liquefaction
02/02/17Heat-exchanger module with improved heat exchange and compactness, use with liquid metal and gas
02/02/17Device for extending the exit pupil and head up display comprising said device
02/02/17System for executing code with blind hypervision mechanism
02/02/17A microwave wave generator device with a virtual cathode oscillator and axial geometry, comprising at least one reflector and a magnetic ring, configured to be supplied by a high-impedance generator
02/02/17Memory device
02/02/17System and generating high pulsed power, comprising a single power supply
02/02/17Method for producing an electronic device
01/26/17Method of microbiological analysis of a sample in a unique container
01/26/17Method and device for managing ambiguities in the analysis of a source code
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01/26/17A manufacturing a handle substrate for the temporary bonding of a substrate
01/19/17Method for manufacturing a photovoltaic cell with selective doping
01/19/17Device for analysis of mixtures of at least two gas
01/19/17Tool for detecting photon radiation, particularly adapted for high-flux radiation
01/19/17Distributing computing system implementing a non-speculative hardware transactional memory and a using same for distributed computing
01/19/17Membrane-electrodes assembly for proton exchange fuel cells (pemfc), and manufacturing method
01/19/17Multiple access method and system with adaptive frequency multiplexing of data send authorization requests
01/12/17Assembly comprising an element that is capable of transmitting heat, a film of a polymer that is a good thermal conductor and electrical insulator, a sintered joint and a radiator and manufacturing method
01/12/17Assembly comprising two elements of different thermal expansion coefficients and a sintered joint of heterogeneous density and process for manufacturing the assembly
01/12/17Cable cylinder provided with an anti-rotation device having an elongate element which is flexible but rigid when twisted
01/12/17Method for determining a concentration of lipids in a microorganism
01/12/17All-optical and isotropic magnetometer
01/12/17Method for estimating an amount of analyte in a fluid
01/12/17Quadrature demodulator for a very high bit rate rfid receiver
01/05/17Encoding of fault scenarios of a manycore processor
01/05/17Method, device and system for estimating the state of health of a battery in an electric or hybrid vehicle during operation thereof, and creating model for estimation of said type
01/05/17Method and device for determining the impedance of an energy storage element of a battery
01/05/17Automatic control the insertion and the extraction of a vehicle into and from a receiving station, and control device implementing a this kind
01/05/17Method and detecting a manipulation of a portable device
01/05/17Device and accelerating the update phase of a simulation kernel
12/29/16Article for absorbing a physiological liquid, such as a dressing
12/29/16Method for manufacturing an electronic device
12/29/16New enzymes and preparing 4-hydroxyl benzyl alcohol and derivatives thereof
12/29/16Process for treating a piece of tantalum or of a tantalum alloy
12/29/16Resistive type particle detection device and particle detection method
12/29/16Testing of an industrial structure
12/29/16Electronical device for measuring at least one electrical characteristic of an object
12/29/16Cathodoluminescent device with improved efficiency
12/29/16Method of manufacturing a plurality of island-shaped dipoles having self-aligned electrodes
12/29/16Method for manufacturing a membrane/electrode assembly comprising reinforcements
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12/29/16Process for supplying a fuel cell having alternate supply and purge phases
12/29/16Method for managing the energy production of an energy system and associated management device
12/22/16Process for purifying synthesis gas by washing with aqueous solutions of amines
12/22/16Device for characterizing a physical phenomenon by ablation of an optical fiber with bragg gratings
12/22/16Head-up display
12/22/16Method of reading an electronic memory device
12/22/16Method for forming patterns by implanting
12/22/16Method for forming spacers for a transistor gate
12/22/16Method for transferring a thin layer with supply of heat energy to a fragile zone via an inductive layer
12/22/16Method of electrically isolating leads of a lead frame strip by laser beam cutting
12/22/16Method of flip-chip assembly of two electronic components by uv annealing, and assembly obtained
12/22/16Method for forming spacers for a transistor gate
12/22/16Silicon heterojunction solar cell
12/15/16Characterizing a sample by material basis decomposition
12/15/16Method for measuring the effective atomic number of a material
12/15/16Radio-frequency identification tag
12/15/16Manufacturing of self aligned interconnection elements for 3d integrated circuits
12/15/16Electronic device including an organic optoelectronic component and an organic transistor
12/15/16Photodiode spad having an array of pads
12/15/16Organic electronic devices
12/08/16Reactor with cold turning plasma and stream forcing
12/08/16Oligopeptide and methods for producing conjugates thereof
12/08/16Method for operating an soec-type stack reactor for producing methane in the absence of available electricity
12/08/16Modular photoacoustic detection device
12/08/16Optical sensor having a curved detection surface
12/08/16Cell for storing power, comprising at least one male element and one female element equipped with electrical connection interfaces
12/01/16Optimisation of a calculating doses deposited by an ionising beam
12/01/16Camelid single-domain antibody directed against amyloid beta and methods for producing conjugates thereof
12/01/16Inhibitors of sterol metabolism for their use to accumulate triglycerides in microalgae, and methods thereof

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