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Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt
Commissariat A L energie Atomique
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energie Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Al Ternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Aux Energies Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Altematives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique At Aux Energies Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Engeries Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternative
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives cea
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Engergies Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Altenatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Eng Alt
Commissariat A L energie Atomique At Aux Ene Alt
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Engn Alt
Commissariat A L energie Atomique cea
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Al Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique_20100114
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energie S Alternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alaternatives
Commissariat A L energie Atomique_20100121
Commissariat A L energie Atomique Et Aux Enegies Alternatives

Commissariat A L energie Atomique patents

Recent patent applications related to Commissariat A L energie Atomique. Commissariat A L energie Atomique is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Commissariat A L energie Atomique may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Commissariat A L energie Atomique, we're just tracking patents.

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10/09/14Selective chemical etching process
11/22/12Device for detecting acoustic waves and a system for locating a source of acoustic waves
07/19/12Method for the corrective treatment of a defect on the surface of an optical component for a power laser
12/17/15Systems and methods for implementing error-shaping alias-free asynchronous flipping analog to digital conversion
06/04/15Jointed limb for robot or haptic interface and robot and haptic interface comprising such a jointed limb
02/19/15Cd4+ t survivin epitopes and uses thereof
01/29/15Method for the quantitative assessment of global and specific dna repair capacities of at least one biological medium, and the applications therefor
11/20/14Device for measurement of the profile of very short duration single pulses
08/28/14Systems, devices, and methods for continuous-time digital signal processing and signal representation
08/21/14Two-dimensional detection system for neutron radiation in the filed of neutron scattering spectrometry
02/27/14System of fluorescence analysis of a field in an illuminated area
12/05/13Silicified electrolyte material for fuel cell, its preparation and fuel cell using same
05/30/13Silicon refining equipment
08/16/12Method of correcting sensitivity and matrix image sensor for implementing this method
06/21/12Gas thermal switch having a movable heat-exchange element
06/21/12Method for hla typing
05/31/12Method for preparing an oriented-porosity dielectric material on a substrate by means of electromagnetic and/or photonic treatment
04/12/12Process for assembling substrates with low-temperature heat treatments
03/29/12Electrowetting pumping device and application to electric activity measurements
03/22/12Optimised positive electrode material for lithium cell batteries, the production thereof, electrode, and battery for implementing said method
03/08/12Method and device for contacting two immiscible liquids without mixing them
03/01/12Surface-cleaning using a laser beam
02/16/12Use of 7-chloro-n,n,5-trimethyl-4-oxo-3-phenyl-3,5-dihydro-4h-pyridazino[4,5-b] indole-1-acetamide as a biomarker of peripheral benzodiazepine receptor levels
12/15/11Method for the blind estimation of ofdm signal parameters by adapted filtering
12/08/11Method for producing a matrix of individual electronic components and matrix produced thereby
11/17/11Production of a transistor gate on a multibranch channel structure and means for isolating this gate from the source and drain regions
10/27/11Gamma-camera utilizing the interaction depth in a detector
10/27/11Multiple electrode lead and a system for deep electrical neurostimulation including such a lead
09/29/11Super-resolution optical disc reader and read method optimized through amplitude measurement
09/15/11Electromechanical actuator with interdigitated electrodes
09/08/11Method for extracting at least one compound from a liquid phase comprising a functionalized ionic liquid, and microfluidic system for implementing said method
09/08/11Low noise magnetic field sensor using a lateral spin transfer
07/28/11Space-time coding/decoding a dual-antenna pulse uwb communication system
07/07/11Method for producing hybrid components
06/02/11Optical device and measuring the rotation of an object
06/02/11High-strength polyhipe material, process for preparing the same, emulsion useful for preparation thereof and article formed of said material
05/26/11Structure and fabricating a microelectronic device provided with one or more quantum wires able to form one or more transistor channels
05/05/11Polymerized micelles
04/21/11Method for preparing a semiconductor
04/21/11Method and device for sealing a canister loaded with irradiated nuclear fuel in a cooling pond
04/21/11Process for the transfer of a thin film comprising an inclusion creation step
04/21/11Uranium-chelating peptides and uses thereof
03/31/11Super-resolution optical disc reader and read method optimized through reflectivity measurement
03/17/11Method for producing elements comprising fiber optics, device for implementing said method, optical fibers element and optical arrangement comprising such an element
03/10/11Electricity transmission device at high current and high frequency
02/24/11Lighting device for liquid crystal screen
02/24/11Process for calibrating the position of a multiply articulated system such as a robot
02/17/11Method and testing a subject thought to be predisposed to lung cancer
02/10/11Recovery of potential energy from the apron of a roller blind
12/23/10Method for fabricating asymmetric double-gate transistors by which asymmetric and symmetric double-gate transistors can be made on the same substrate
12/23/10Device for sampling a plurality of parts of a light beam
12/23/10Growth of carbon nanotubes on carbon or metal substrates
12/16/10Method for processing nuclear fuels containing silicon carbide and for decladding nuclear fuel particles
12/16/10Metallizing device and method
12/16/10Fuel cell protection device
12/09/10Method for forming an integrated circuit level by sequential tridimensional integration
12/09/10Coaxial fuel cell or electrolyser module with ball interconnectors
12/09/10Method for making proton conducting membranes for fuel cells by radiografting
12/02/10Proton conducting membranes for fuel cells having a proton gradient and methods for preparing said membranes
12/02/10Device for assisting in the navigation of a person
12/02/10Shared memory
11/25/10Lithium battery which is protected in case of inappropriate use
11/25/10Reversible sirna-based silencing of mutant and endogenous wild-type huntingtin gene and its application for the treatment of huntington's disease
11/18/10Method for determining a perturbation of an optical wave
11/18/10High-resolution optical information storage medium
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11/18/10Method for making pmc type memory cells
11/11/10Introduction of additives for an ionization interface at atmospheric pressure at the input to a spectrometer
11/11/10Method for locating a touch on a surface and device for implementing the method
11/11/10Method for detecting and quantifying analytes on a solid support with liposome-encapsulated fluorescent molecules
11/04/10Solid support comprising a functionalized electricity conductor or semiconductor surface, preparing same and uses thereof
10/14/10Method of depositing localized coatings
10/14/10Micropump for continuous microfluidics
10/07/10Electrical detection and quantification of mercuric derivatives
09/30/10Metal lip seal and machine fitted with said seal
09/30/10Bolometer pixel provided with a mim integration capacitor
09/30/10Assembly of radiofrequency chips
09/30/10Novel lanthanide ligands and complexes, and use thereof as contrast agents
09/30/10Method of production of graphene
09/30/10Method and a device for characterizing the coagulation or sedimentation dynamics of a fluid such as blood or blood plasma
09/30/10Epitaxial methods and structures for reducing surface dislocation density in semiconductor materials
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09/23/10Method for producing a purified synthesis gas from a biomass including a purification step upstream from the partial oxidation
09/23/10Matrix lighting system, particularly of the scialytic type, controlling such lighting and calibrating a camera fitted on said system
09/16/10Process for producing an mos transistor and corresponding integrated circuit
09/16/10Chelating agents of metal ions, their methods of preparation and their applications
09/09/10Hydrogen generating fuel cell cartridges
09/09/10Method and device for 3d reconstruction of the distribution of fluorescent elements
09/09/10Method for producing metallic interconnect lines
09/09/10Method to fabricate a mould for lithography by nano-imprinting
09/02/10Nanowire sensor device
09/02/10Resonant device with improved features
09/02/10Transistor-based micrometric or nanometric resonant device
09/02/10Oscillator based on series of four nanowires
09/02/10Omnidirectional flat antenna and production
09/02/10Process for preparing porous silica particles, said particles and uses thereof
08/26/10Radiation detection device
08/26/10Quick response power supply switching device and power supply network including such a switch
08/26/10Method of estimation of the state of charge of a lead-acid battery
08/26/10Dli-mocvd process for making electrodes for electrochemical reactors
08/19/10Lithography process for the continuous direct writing of an image
08/12/10Embedded bodily fluid analysis device
08/12/10High temperature, high pressure electrolyser with allothermal functioning and high production capacity
08/12/10Method of producing a partly or completely semi-insulating or p-type doped zno substrate, substrates obtained, and electronic, electro-optic or optoelectronic devices comprising them
08/12/10Structure and aligning an optical fiber and a submicronic waveguide
08/12/10Crystallisation method with control of the orientation of the crystal grains
08/12/10Forearm rotation mechanism and orthesis which includes such a mechanism
08/05/10Method for detecting cyclostationary signals
08/05/10Structure comprising a getter layer and an adjusting sublayer and fabrication process
08/05/10Process for producing a pn homojunction in a nanostructure
08/05/10Image sensing microelectronic device with asynchronous analog-to-digital converter
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08/05/10Optical device with membrane that can be deformed by electrostatic actuation
08/05/10Integrated multicomponent device in a semiconducting die
08/05/10Solute precipitation
08/05/10Composite for fuel cell membrane based on organomodified inorganic particles and preparing same
08/05/10Ion implantation process characterization method
07/29/10Gyrometer in surface technology, with out-of-plane detection by strain gauge
07/29/10Inertial or resonating sensor in surface technology, with out of plane detection by strain gauge
07/29/10Seal barrier for a micro component and producing such a barrier
07/29/10Cavity closure process for at least one microelectronic device
07/29/10Method for detecting the presence of spread spectrum signals
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07/22/103d integration of vertical components in reconstituted substrates
07/22/10Method for depositing a material onto the surface of an object
07/22/10Thin films of conjugated polymers containing inorganic nanoparticles and process for the manufacture thereof
07/22/10Humidity regulation fuel cell
07/22/10Water management in a fuel cell
07/22/10Method for manufacturing a bolometric detector
07/22/10Method for revealing emergent dislocations in a germanium-base crystalline element
07/22/10Polymerizable diazonium salts, process for the preparation thereof and uses thereof
07/15/10Transistor with wire source and drain
07/15/10Transconductance amplifier with a filter for rejecting noise outside the useful band
07/15/10Transconductance amplifier with improved linearity
07/15/10Catalytic system for generating hydrogen by the hydrolysis reaction of metal borohydrides
07/15/10Structure comprising a getter layer and an adjusting sublayer and fabrication process
07/15/10Method for making asymmetric double-gate transistors
07/15/10Sampled filter with finite impulse response
07/08/10Method for the contactless measurement of three-dimensional objects with two layers by single-view backlit shadowgraphy
07/08/10Method of producing a via in a reconstituted substrate
07/08/10Coupling device with compensated birefringence
07/08/10Intelligent interface device for grasping of an object by a manipulating robot and implementing this device
07/08/10Method for absolute quantification of polypeptides
07/01/10Method for making a stressed structure designed to be dissociated
06/24/10Microsystem, more particularly a microgyrometer, with at least two mechanically coupled oscillating masses
06/24/10Method and device for localising fluorophores or absorbers in a surrounding medium
06/24/10Semiconductor device
06/24/10Field effect transistor with alternate electrical contacts
06/24/10Clamp for manipulating robot with enhanced gripping accuracy and manipulating robot comprising at least one such clamp
06/24/10Transcranial securing device for deep brain stimulation leads
06/17/10Method and system for reading high density optical information
06/17/10Bipolar plate for fuel cell comprising a housing for measuring connector
06/17/10Method for identifying the genotype in position 171 of the ovine prion protein as well as kits for implementing said method
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06/10/10Method for assembling a high-dynamic and high-spatial resolution eddy current testing head
06/10/10High-temperature and high-pressure electrolyser of allothermal operation
06/10/10Method and device for analyzing electric cable networks
06/10/10Array of coupled resonators, bandpass filter and oscillator
06/10/10Laser device with coupled laser source and waveguide
06/10/10Image processing system with morphological macro cell
06/10/10Method and device for preparing a multilayer coating on a substrate
06/10/10Portable object inductively coupled to a fixed station and comprising gain control means
06/10/10Method for preparing nano-emulsions
06/03/10Method for producing a retention matrix comprising a functional liquid
06/03/10Method and device for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy
06/03/10Method and device with separate emission/reception functions for making eddy current tests on an electrically conducting part
06/03/10Spin-valve or tunnel-junction radio-frequency oscillator
06/03/10Method for correcting the space noise of an image sensor by luminescence limitation
06/03/10Hydrogen production by water dissociation in the presence of sno using the sno2/sno couple in a series of thermochemical reactions
06/03/10Method for determining the genotype at the crohn's disease locus
06/03/10In vitro diagnosing prostate cancer
06/03/10Method for fabricating a nanostructured substrate for oled and fabricating an oled
06/03/10Method for producing a set of chips mechanically interconnected by means of a flexible connection
05/27/10Microbattery on a substrate with monolithic packaging
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05/27/10Fuel cell bipolar plate with integrated sealing and fuel cell comprising such plates
05/20/10Detector system with an optical function and making such a system
05/20/10Method of thinning a block transferred to a substrate
05/20/10Method to fabricate a chip for the detection of biological elements
05/13/10Photodetector with internal gain and detector comprising an array of such photodetectors
05/13/10Integrated circuit with a power transistor gate bias controlled by the leakage current
05/13/10Coplanar differential bi-strip delay line, higher-order differential filter and filtering antenna furnished with such a line
05/13/10Differential filtering device with coplanar coupled resonators and filtering antenna furnished with such a device
05/13/10Membrane deformable optical device having improved actuation
05/06/10Method for producing a mould for nanostructured polymer objects
05/06/10Distributed turbocoder for block-fading channels
04/29/10Method and device for measuring optical characteristics fo an object
04/29/10Micropump actuated by droplets
04/29/10Onium salts and use thereof for detecting and assaying metals
04/22/10Radio frequency transmitting/receiving antenna with modifiable transmitting-receiving parameters
04/22/10Organic field-effect transistor and fabricating this transistor
04/22/10Method for fabricating asymmetric double-gate transistors by which asymmetric and symmetric double-gate transistors can be made on the same substrate
04/22/10Tweezers with gripping elements mounted swivelling on branches
04/22/10Structure and aligning an optical fiber on an optical waveguide
04/22/10Monopolar fuel cell endplate and fuel cell comprising same
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04/22/10Process for the formation of pores in a polymer matrix
04/22/10Impermeable porous substrate for planar fuel cells and integrated packaging
04/22/10Method for producing stacked and self-aligned components on a substrate
04/22/10Production a lateral electro-optical modulator on silicon with auto-aligned implanted zones
04/15/10Strong power compact microwave tube
04/15/10Synthesis of nanoparticles by laser pyrolysis
04/15/10Surface structuration of then films by localized ejection of immiscible liquid
04/15/10Fluorinated catharanthine derivatives, their preparation and their utilisation as vinca dimeric alkaloid precursors
04/08/10Heterojunction photovoltaic cell with dual doping and manufacture
04/08/10Method of diagnosing defective elements in a standalone system, powered by an intermittent power source
04/08/10Reference electrode, manufacturing method and battery comprising same
04/08/10Method of producing a photovoltaic cell with a heterojunction on the rear face
04/01/10Electroactive polymer transducer
04/01/10Method of producing a mixed substrate
04/01/10Device and detecting the path of an object moving in two dimensions
03/25/10Process for forming a ceramic oxide material with a pyrochlore structure having a high dielectric constant and implementation of this process for applications in microelectronics
03/25/10Connection by fitting together two soldered inserts
03/25/10Process for the moderately refractory assembling of articles made of sic-based materials by non-reactive brazing, brazing compositions, and joint and assembly obtained by this process
03/25/10Method for transferring chips onto a substrate
03/25/10Crystallization method
03/25/10Device for converting mechanical impact energy into electrical energy with optimised efficiency
03/18/10Bispectral detection device and bispectral detector comprising said device
03/18/10Method for pulsed charging of a battery in an autonomous system comprising a supercapacitance
03/18/10Method of designating an object in an image
03/18/10Method and device for recognising an individual
03/18/10Maintenance-free linear annular connection and device including at least such a connection
03/18/10Lithium microbattery comprising an encapsulating layer and fabrication method
03/18/10Method for fabricating a micro-electronic device equipped with semi-conductor zones on an insulator with a horizontal ge concentration gradient
03/11/10Material comprising polyazacycloalkanes, grafted on polypropylene fibres, its process of preparation, and process for removing metal cations from a liquid
03/11/10Formation of deep hollow areas and use thereof in the production of an optical recording medium
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03/11/10Micro-structured spectral filter and image sensor
03/11/10Light reflecting cmos image sensor
03/11/10Method for determining the end-of-discharge threshold of a rechargeable battery
03/11/10Method for managing charging of a rechargeable battery
03/04/10Device for storing data with optical addressing
02/25/10Device and continuous measurement of concentrations of tars in a gas flow
02/25/10Process for producing localised ge0i structures, obtained by germanium condensation
02/25/10Device and coupled measurements for globally and continuously tracking traces of tars present in a gas flow
02/25/10Multi-component device integrated into a matrix
02/25/10Method for forming microwires and/or nanowires
02/25/10Stable and long-lasting sirna expression vectors and the applications thereof
02/25/10Device for contact molecular sampling
02/25/10Device for measuring alignment of adjoining structures
02/25/10Method and device for decoding ldpc codes and communication apparatus including such device
02/18/10Flat light concentration device with reduced thickness
02/18/10Gamma-camera utilizing the interaction depth in a detector
02/18/10Spin-transfer torque oscillator
02/18/10Erbium-containing zirconium alloy, methods for preparing and shaping the same, and structural component containing said alloy.
02/18/10Method for simultaneously tensile and compressive straining the channels of nmos and pmos transistors respectively
02/18/10Electromagnetic radiation detection device and manufacturing process thereof
02/18/10Method of purifying a crystalline silicon substrate and process for producing a photovoltaic cell
02/11/10Devices for sampling and confining chemical contaminations, associated transport device and application to the transport of chemical samples to a chemical analysis unit
02/11/10Tactile or haptic device, and a musical keyboard with at least one such simulation device
02/11/10Photovoltaic device with a discontinuous interdigitated heterojunction structure
02/11/10Process for the manufacture of a particulate material and particulate material obtained by this process
02/11/10Electrical detection and/or quantification of organophosphorus compounds
02/11/10Optical detection structure for a plasmon resonance sensor
02/11/10Manufacturing a nanocrystal based device covered with a layer of nitride deposited by cvd
02/04/10Solar concentrator

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