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Commscope Technologies Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Commscope Technologies Llc. Commscope Technologies Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Commscope Technologies Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Commscope Technologies Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17Hardened optical power connection system
06/22/17Differential signal transmission
06/22/17Providing wireless coverage into substantially closed environments
06/15/17Fiber optic connector
06/15/17Fiber drop terminal
06/15/17Methods and appartuses for reducing power loss in cellular systems
06/15/17Multi-band base station antennas having multi-layer feed boards
06/15/17Connector and coaxial cable with molecular bond interconnection
06/15/17Modular wireless communications platform
06/08/17Enclosure for fiber optic/electrical system
06/08/17Device for distributing hybrid cable and transitioning from trunk cable to jumper cable
06/08/17Fiber optic connector holder and method
06/08/17Right angle coaxial cable and connector assembly
06/08/17Selectively combining uplink signals in distributed antenna systems
06/08/17Systems and methods for detecting component rotation within a communication assembly
06/01/17Float plate for blind matable electrical cable connectors
06/01/17Joint optimization of a radio access network and a distributed antenna system
05/25/17Connector for an optical fiber and combinations, kits, and methods of using the same
05/25/17Telecommunications connection cabinet
05/25/17Slidable telecommunications tray with cable slack management
05/25/17Modular type cellular antenna assembly
05/25/17Configuring a distributed antenna system
05/18/17Fiber optic connector, fiber optic connector and cable assembly, and methods for manufacturing
05/18/17Coaxial cable and connector with capacitive coupling
05/18/17Device for distributing hybrid cable and transitioning from trunk cable to jumper cable with overvoltage protection
05/18/17Systems and methods for assigning controlled nodes to channel interfaces of a controller
05/11/17Adapter for fiber optic module
05/11/17Fiber optic adapter block
05/11/17Dual inner diameter ferrule device and method
05/11/17Fiber optic cassette
05/11/17Slidable fiber optic connection module with cable slack management
05/11/17Modular high density telecommunications frame and chassis system
05/11/17Fiber optic distribution system
05/11/17Cable management panel with sliding drawer and methods
05/11/17Coaxial cable with thin corrugated outer conductor and forming same
05/11/17Radome - reflector assembly mechanism
05/11/17Interface between coaxial cable and connector and forming same
05/11/17Easily assembled coaxial cable and connector with rear body
05/11/17Radio access networks
05/04/17Hanger for mounting cables
05/04/17Hanger for mounting cables
05/04/17Hardened fiber optic connector compatible with hardened and non-hardened fiber optic adapters
05/04/17Optical fiber connection system including optical fiber alignment device
05/04/17Universal remote radio head
04/27/17Fiber optic connector with fiber take-up region
04/27/17Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
04/27/17Distributed antenna system using power-over-ethernet
04/27/17Pluggable active optical module with managed connectivity support and simulated memory table
04/27/17Method and mounting rack components on racks
04/20/17Fiber optic enclosure assembly
04/20/17Managed fiber connectivity systems
04/20/17Dual-band interspersed cellular basestation antennas
04/20/17Coaxial connector with axial and radial contact between outer conductors
04/13/17Method for terminating high fiber count cables
04/13/17Sealing boot for electrical interconnection
04/13/17Communication media and methods for providing indication of signal power to a network entity
04/06/17Coaxial cable with dielectric layer having sealed segments and making same
03/30/17Multi-fiber connector for use with ribbon fiber optic cable
03/30/17Fiber optic cable spool
03/30/17Rapid deployment packaging for optical fiber
03/30/17System for automatic configuration of a mobile communication system
03/30/17Power cabling connections for remote radio heads and related methods
03/23/17Rapid universal rack mount enclosure
03/23/17Environmental sealing arrangement for furcated optical fibers
03/09/17Flexible lensed optical interconnect device for signal distribution
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03/09/17Cable enclosure systems, plugs and methods for using the same
03/09/17Coaxial cable with outer conductor adhered to dielectric layer and/or jacket
03/09/17Blind mating and floating rf connector assembly with low intermodulation
03/09/17Systems and methods for delay management in distributed antenna system with direct digital interface to base station
03/09/17Distributed antenna system measurement receiver
03/02/17Fiber optic enclosure for retrofitting pedestals in the field
03/02/17Fiber optic component holders and enclosures and methods including same
03/02/17Coaxial cable with lower stress outer conductor
03/02/17Radiating element clamp with integrated cable guide
03/02/17Input selective smart bias tee
03/02/17Lensed antennas for use in cellular and other communications systems
03/02/17Variable beam width antenna systems
03/02/17Protector for rf connector
03/02/17Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunication services to local areas and for supporting distributed antenna systems
03/02/17Event-monitoring in a system for automatically obtaining and managing physical layer information using a reliable packet-based communication protocol
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03/02/17Self-optimizing network entity for a telecommunications system
03/02/17Frequency planning in a distributed antenna system
02/23/17Solderless test fixture for trimmed coaxial cable or related products
02/23/17Fiber optic connector with field installable outer connector housing and keyed ferrule hub
02/23/17Telecommunications cabinet with connector storage
02/23/17Wave division multiplexer arrangement for small cell networks
02/23/17Fiber optic enclosure with internal cable spool assembly
02/23/17Methods, systems, and devices for integrating wireless technology into a fiber optic network
02/23/17Optically powered media converter
02/16/17Autonomous transmit chain delay measurements
02/16/17Device for distributing hybrid cable and transitioning from trunk cable to jumper cable
02/16/17Fiber termination enclosure with modular plate assemblies
02/16/17Optical assemblies with managed connectivity
02/16/17Integration of wired information and wireless information to locate a wireless device
02/16/17Passive optical through switches
02/09/17Telecommunications cabinet modularization
02/09/17Adapter panel with lateral sliding adapter arrays
02/09/17Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunications services to local area
02/09/17Telecommunications system for transporting facility control data and wireless coverage information
02/09/17Dielectric spacer for coaxial cable and connector
02/09/17Corrugated solder pre-form and use
02/09/17Frequency-division duplexing in a time-division duplexing mode for a telecommunications system
02/09/17Detecting traffic load for a telecommunications system using narrowband signal monitoring
02/02/17Fiber optic cable packaging arrangement
02/02/17Structures with integrated aluminum-ion batteries
02/02/17Physical layer management at a wall plate device
01/26/17Fiber optic adapter with integrally molded ferrule alignment structure
01/26/17Device for an optical-fiber connection
01/26/17Fiber optic cable
01/26/17Fiber drop terminal
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01/26/17Fiber optic closure
01/26/17Communication wire
01/26/17Electrical connector with separable contacts
01/26/17Systems and methods for thermal management for telecommunications enclosures using heat pipes
01/26/17Radio frequency transmitter
01/26/17Digital repeater system
01/26/17Optimized telecommunications distribution system
01/26/17Radio communication systems with integrated location-based measurements for diagnostics and performance optimization
01/26/17Digital baseband transport in telecommunications distribution systems
01/19/17Protective sleeve for weatherproofing boot for interface of cable to remote radio head
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01/19/17Soldered connector and cable interconnection method and apparatus
01/12/17Multi-fiber fiber optic connector
01/12/17Method and forming interface between coaxial cable and connector
01/12/17Combining radio frequency bands for increasing bandwidth in a wireless communication system
01/12/17Remote radio heads having wireless jumper connections and related equipment, systems and methods
01/12/17Systems and methods for transporting digital rf signals
01/05/17Pre-assembled cell site sector
01/05/17Adjustable swinging bracket
12/29/16Tightening tool for coaxial connectors
12/29/16Optical assemblies with managed connectivity
12/29/16Managed connectivity in electrical systems and methods thereof
12/22/16Tool for installing a communication or power line
12/22/16Aggregator for a switch rack system
12/22/16Rf thermal fuse
12/22/16Protective cap for radio-frequency connector and application protective cap
12/22/16Rapid discharge circuits suitable for use in a soft-start circuit and related soft-start circuits and methods
12/22/16Timeslot mapping and/or aggregation element for digital radio frequency transport architecture
12/22/16Extracting sub-bands from signals in a frequency domain
12/15/16Device for transitioning from trunk cable to jumper cable
12/15/16Aggregation enclosure for elevated, outdoor locations
12/15/16Wrap around antenna
12/15/16Coaxial cable and connector with dielectric spacer that inhibits unwanted solder flow
12/15/16Choked dipole arm
12/08/16Enhanced phase shifter circuit to reduce rf cables
12/08/16Electrical connector with terminal array
12/08/16Telecommunications patch panel with angled connector modules
12/01/16Cable pulling assembly
12/01/16Multi-stage isolation sub-system for a remote antenna unit
12/01/16Physical layer management configured active optical module with native and non-native network element support
12/01/16Methods and systems for delivery of multiple passive optical network services
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12/01/16Joint optimization of a radio access network and a distributed antenna system
12/01/16Pooled resource carrier aggregation
11/24/16Cable and dual inner diameter ferrule device with smooth internal contours and method
11/24/16Architecture for a fiber optic network
11/24/16Passive distribution system using fiber indexing
11/24/16Physical layer system with support for multiple active work orders and/or multiple active technicians
11/24/16Methods and systems for testing a fiber optic network
11/24/16Validation sub-system for telecommunication system
11/24/16Programmable power supplies for cellular base stations and related methods of reducing power loss in cellular systems
11/17/16Method and forming interface between coaxial cable and connector
11/17/16Electrical connectors and printed circuits having broadside-coupling regions
11/17/16Synchronous transfer of streaming data in a distributed antenna system
11/10/16Fiber distribution hub with swing frame and wrap-around doors
11/10/16Telecommunications assembly
11/10/16Modular small cell architecture
11/10/16Cable end pim block for soldered connector and cable interconnection
11/10/16Base station router for distributed antenna systems
11/03/16Antenna mount
11/03/16Coaxial cable connector interface for preventing mating with incorrect connector
11/03/16Modular power distribution system and methods
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10/27/16Low profile fiber distribution hub
10/27/16Uplink noise minimization
10/20/16Din connector end cap
10/20/16Coaxial connector with quick locking and separating mechanism
10/20/16Radio access networks
10/20/16Communications bladed panel systems
10/13/16Power/fiber hybrid cable
10/13/16Telecommunications cabling system, and electrical connection module shielding interface therefor
10/13/16Pre-assembled cell site sector
10/06/16Fiber-optic connection arrangement and adapter sleeve
10/06/16Radome - reflector assembly mechanism
09/29/16Hanger for mounting cables
09/29/16Hanger for mounting multiple cables
09/29/16Fiber optic connector with rotational interlock between connector housing and rear insert
09/29/16Low common mode resonance multiband radiating array
09/29/16Circular base station antenna array and reconfiguring a radiation pattern
09/29/16Multistage combining sub-system for distributed antenna system
09/29/16Method and mounting rack components on racks
09/22/16Right angle coaxial cable and connector assembly and forming same
09/22/16Enclosure for cable distribution assembly
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09/22/16Telecommunication system using multiple nyquist zone operations
09/22/16Das management by radio access network node
09/22/16Communication system having a community wireless local area network for voice and high speed data communication
09/15/16Anchoring cables to rack with self-locking cable clamp arrangements
09/15/16Method and forming interface between coaxial cable and connector
09/08/16Connector with a termination module
09/08/16Notched contact for a modular plug
09/08/16Telecommunications module
09/08/16Power allocation in distributed antenna systems based on key performance indicators
09/08/16Extruded seal carrier and use
09/01/16Ultra-wideband dual-band cellular basestation antenna
08/25/16Grommet for mounting cable gland or the like
08/25/16Full wave dipole array having improved squint performance
08/25/16Point-to-multipoint digital radio frequency transport
08/18/16Slidable fiber optic connection module with cable slack management
08/18/16Antenna azimuth alignment monitor
08/18/16Antenna radome with removeably connected electronics module
08/18/16Base station antenna with dummy elements between subarrays
08/18/16Shared antenna arrays with multiple independent tilt
08/18/16Dipole antenna element with open-end traces
08/11/16Interlocking ribbon cable units and assemblies of same
08/11/16Back body for coaxial connector
08/11/16Dielectric spacer for coaxial cable and connector
08/11/16Rule based switchable polarization
08/11/16Systems and methods for emulating uplink diversity signals
08/04/16Indexing terminals for supporting a bidirectional indexing architecture
08/04/16Fiber optic enclosure with tear-away spool
08/04/16Assembly comprising coaxial cable and right-angled coaxial connector and manufacturing method thereof
08/04/16Right angle coaxial cable and connector assembly
08/04/16Right angle coaxial cable and connector assembly
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07/28/16Fiber distribution device
07/28/16Flexible electrical power cable
07/28/16Flexible antenna tilt indicator
07/28/16Temporary cable bend limiting device for use in cable installation
07/21/16Telecommunications connection cabinet
07/21/16High capacity sector mount
07/21/16Coaxial cable and connector with capacitive coupling
07/21/16Secure transmissions of narrowband digital signals
07/21/16Communications bladed panel systems
07/14/16Transition connector for hybrid fiber optic cable
07/14/16Grommet for cable hanger
07/14/16Grommet for cable hanger
07/14/16Electrical connector having crosstalk compensation insert
07/14/16Tool for installing sealing boot on cable
07/07/16Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunications services to local area
06/30/16Optical assemblies with managed connectivity
06/30/16Fiber optic module and system including rear connectors
06/30/16Adapter plate for fiber optic module
06/30/16Fiber optic enclosure with internal cable spool
06/30/16Communications bladed panel systems
06/23/16Monitoring optical decay in fiber connectivity systems
06/16/16Fiber optic connector with fiber end protection
06/16/16Multi-fiber fiber optic connector
06/16/16Adapter for sealing cover for electrical interconnections
06/16/16Wavelength division multiplexing module
06/09/16Mounting system and kit for aerial mounting of a fiber optic enclosure
06/09/16Releasable connection interface for a fiber optic component holder
06/09/16System and applying an adhesive coated cable to a surface
06/09/16Capacitively coupled connector junctions having parallel signal paths and related connectors and methods

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