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Computer Associates Think Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Computer Associates Think Inc. Computer Associates Think Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Computer Associates Think Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Computer Associates Think Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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03/06/14Identifying unreliable parts in an it infrastructure
02/06/14Otp generation using a camouflaged key
11/14/13System and virtual machine data protection in a public cloud
10/17/13System and automated online reorganization of sequential access databases
10/17/13Reparse point replication
09/26/13Encoding an authentication session in a qr code
09/26/13System and risk assessment of login transactions through password analysis
09/05/13Methods and systems for performing three-way merge of models
09/05/13Self-management of group email reception
08/29/13System and isolated virtual image and appliance communication within a cloud environment
08/29/13System and virtual image security in a cloud environment
08/29/13System and securing leased images in a cloud environment
08/22/13Encoded picture identification
08/22/13System and managing virtual hard disks in cloud environments
08/15/13Discovery of asset information through scanning of communication tags associated with assets
08/15/13System and controlling access to a database object
08/08/13Effective visualization of an information technology environment through social scoring
07/18/13System and providing a virtualized replication and high availability environment
07/04/13Method and system for machine identification
06/13/13Classloader/instrumentation approach for invoking non-bound libraries
06/13/13System, method and software for controlling access to virtual machine consoles
06/06/13Metadata merging in agent configuration files
05/30/13Method and system for metadata driven processing of federated data
05/30/13Method and system for time-based correlation of events
05/23/13Transaction-based intrusion detection
05/23/13System and using fingerprint sequences for secured identity verification
05/23/13System and hand-offs in cloud environments
05/02/13Dialog to service conversion method and system
04/25/13Change management system and method
04/25/13System and license management of virtual machines at a virtual machine manager
04/11/13Method and tool to assess the vitality of technical communities of practice
04/11/13System and mixed-language support for applications
03/21/13System and data set synchronization and replication
03/14/13System and method providing a pluggable architecture for task management on computers
03/14/13Upper layer stateful network journaling
03/07/13System for embedded knowledge management
03/07/13System and self-aware virtual machine image deployment enforcement
02/28/13Shadow copy bookmark generation
02/28/13System and enhancing efficiency and/or efficacy of switchover and/or failover in providing network based services with high availability
02/28/13System and backing up data
02/21/13System and reconciling duplicate configuration items in a configuration management database
02/21/13Method and visualization of infrastructure using a non-relational graph data store
02/21/13Efficient data structure to gather and distribute transaction events
02/14/13System and deploying a dynamic virtual network address translation appliance
02/14/13Automating functionality test cases
01/24/13Backup file priority system and method
01/24/13Unified-interface for storage provisioning
01/10/13System and analyzing sequential data access efficiency
12/20/12Method and layered overview in visualization of large enterprise it environment
12/20/12System and automatically routing and managing stored documents based on document content
12/20/12System and data disaster recovery
12/06/12Determining dependencies during macro expansion
11/15/12Evaluating composite applications through graphical modeling
10/11/12Transaction model with structural and behavioral description of complex transactions
10/11/12Visualizing transaction traces as flows through a map of logical subsystems
10/11/12Visualizing relationships between a transaction trace graph and a map of logical subsystems
10/11/12Visualization of jvm and cross-jvm call stacks
10/04/12Distributed system having a shared central database
09/20/12System and self-supporting applications
09/13/12System and providing assured recovery and replication
09/13/12One view integrated project management system
09/13/12Authentication with massively pre-generated one-time passwords
09/06/12Configuration management visualization
08/30/12System and providing server application services with high availability and a many-to-one hardware configuration
08/30/12Multiplex backup using next relative addressing
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08/30/12Multiplex restore using next relative addressing
08/23/12Avoiding failover identifier conflicts
08/16/12Recording a trail of webpages
08/16/12Flow data for security intrusion detection
08/02/12Block level data replication
08/02/12Dynamic recovery of server applications
08/02/12Distributed installation configuration system and method
07/26/12Methods and systems for executing applications on personal digital assistant terminals
07/26/12Application-based specialization for computing nodes within a distributed processing system
07/05/12System and method to avoid resynchronization when protecting multiple servers
06/14/12Disaster recovery services
06/14/12Detection and reduction of excessive snmp traffic
06/07/12System and diagnosing information technology systems in multiple virtual parallel universes
05/31/12Periodic data replication
05/31/12System and minimizing data recovery window
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05/31/12Reducing data duplication in cloud storage
05/24/12Backup and restore data from a cloud computing environment
05/24/12Automated solaris container creation
05/17/12Evaluation of current capacity levels of resources in a distributed computing system
05/17/12Managing virtual machines based on business priority
05/10/12Recommending alternatives for providing a service
05/10/12Using cloud brokering services for an opportunistic cloud offering
05/10/12Restore from block level backup
05/03/12System and controlling state tokens
04/26/12Heuristic policy analysis
04/19/12Portable infrastructure object for capturing machine images
04/19/12Method and system for continuous notifications using subliminal and supraliminal cues
04/19/12Adding funtionality to existing code at exits
04/12/12Two pass automated application instrumentation
04/05/12Change capture prior to shutdown for later backup
03/29/12Multi-dataset global index
03/29/12Wireless manager and configuring and securing wireless access to a network
03/22/12System and variable block logging with log-ahead buffers
03/22/12Ambiguity measurement and management for configuration items
03/22/12Generating dependency maps from dependency data
03/15/12Methods, apparatus and systems for securing user-associated passwords used for identity authentication
02/23/12Generic data collection plugin and configuration file language for smi-s based agents
02/16/12System and service level management
02/09/12System and delivering results of a search query in an information management system
02/09/12Plug-in based high availability application management framework (amf)
02/09/12Integrity check while committing changes from an integrated development environment to a source code control system
02/02/12Method and system for managing information technology data
02/02/12System and providing high availability for distributed application
02/02/12Mechanism to provide assured recovery for distributed application
02/02/12System and general service management
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01/26/12Method and systems for computer security
01/19/12Block level incremental backup
01/19/12Perimeter encryption method and system
01/12/12Integrating client and server deduplication systems
01/12/12Dynamic policy trees for matching policies
01/05/12Programmatic root cause analysis for application performance management
12/22/11Prioritized data backup
12/22/11Abstract internationalization of web applications
12/22/11System and selecting cloud services
12/22/11Heterogeneous job dashboard
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12/15/11System and assigning a business value rating to documents in an enterprise
12/01/11Itemizing pollutants of activities
12/01/11Pin protection for portable payment devices
11/24/11Systems and methods to determine security holes of a backup image
11/24/11Network fault manager
11/24/11Systems and methods to secure backup images from viruses
11/17/11Method and system for data backup and replication
11/17/11Web-enabled mainframe
11/17/11Method of testing multiple language versions of a software system using one test script
11/17/11Conditional dynamic instrumentation of software in a specified transaction context
11/17/11Detection of method calls to streamline diagnosis of custom code through dynamic instrumentation
11/17/11Failsafe mechanism for dynamic instrumentation of software using callbacks
11/10/11One-time use password systems and methods
11/10/11Journal event consolidation
11/03/11Agile re-engineering of information systems
11/03/11Logical entity fault isolation in network systems management
10/27/11Certified it services in-a-box
10/27/11Deductible shield
10/27/11Brokering and payment optimization for cloud computing
10/27/11Detecting, using, and sharing it design patterns and anti-patterns
10/27/11System and updating an offline virtual machine
10/27/11System and normalizing job properties
10/20/11Rule organization for efficient transaction pattern matching
10/20/11Server side application integration framework
10/13/11Distributed system having a shared central database
10/13/11Performance monitoring of network applications
10/06/11Facilitating software acquisition
10/06/11Energy efficient scheduling system and method
09/29/11System and selecting services from multiple cloud vendors
09/29/11Cardless atm transaction method and system
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09/29/11System and high-performance profiling of application events
09/29/11System and providing indexing with high availability in a network based suite of services
09/29/11System and collecting and reporting exceptions associated with information technology services
09/22/11Hybrid software component and service catalog
09/22/11System and evaluating and selecting software components and services
09/08/11System and providing wireless network services using three-dimensional access zones
09/08/11Emerging topic discovery
09/08/11System and providing network-based services to users with high availability
09/08/11Data packaging system and method
09/08/11System and storing metrics in a database
09/08/11System and intelligent service assurance in network management
09/08/11System and method to archive email messages in a software as a service system
09/08/11Method and system for detecting malware using a remote server
08/25/11Information technology services e-commerce arena for cloud computing environments
08/25/11System and improving performance of data container backups
08/18/11Emailing/texting biometric data for automatic emr incorporation
08/18/11Configuration item reconciliation
08/18/11System for storing and transmitting compressed integer data
08/18/11Identification of a destination server for virtual machine migration
08/18/11Apparatus, aggregating computing resources
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08/04/11System and datacenter power management
08/04/11System and restricting access to requested data based on user location
07/21/11System and correlating empirical data with user experience
07/07/11Monitoring related content requests
07/07/11System and managing wireless devices in an enterprise
06/30/11Method and role grouping by shared resource utilization
06/23/11System and creating a secure tunnel for communications over a network
06/16/11System and sentiment analysis
06/16/11System and storing backup image catalog
06/16/11Autonomic control of a distributed computing system using finite state machines
06/16/11Detection and reduction of excessive snmp traffic
05/19/11Device-assisted social networking for health management
05/19/11System and policy based automated control of building equipment using systems management
05/19/11Service modeling impact analysis
05/12/11Duplicate backup data identification and consolidation
05/05/11Self learning backup and recovery management system
04/28/11Automatic baselining of metrics for application performance management
04/28/11System and automatically detecting, reporting, and tracking conflicts in a change management system
04/07/11System and method providing a pluggable architecture for task management on computers
04/07/11System and role discovery
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04/07/11System and data leakage prevention
03/31/11Analyzing content of multimedia files
03/31/11Remote procedure call (rpc) services fuzz attacking tool
03/24/11System, method, and software for enforcing access control policy rules on utility computing virtualization in cloud computing systems
03/24/11System, method, and software for providing access control enforcement capabilities in cloud computing systems
03/10/11System and evaluating sustainability projects of an organization
03/10/11System and aligning projects with objectives of an organization
03/10/11System and managing sustainability for an organization
03/10/11System and managing assessments for an organization
03/10/11System and managing stakeholder impact on sustainability for an organization
03/10/11System and managing sustainability for an organization
03/03/11System and versioning of configuration items
02/24/11System and building and merging a rulebase with object oriented software
02/24/11Backup and recovery of systems including boot configuration data in an extension firmware interface partition
02/03/11Session ticket authentication scheme
01/27/11System and measuring greenness of an information technology environment
01/27/11Cost based email management system
01/27/11Hierarchy for characterizing interactions with an application
01/20/11Selective reporting of upstream transaction trace data
01/20/11System and managing virtual machines
01/13/11Method and system for updating an archive of a computer file
01/13/11System and integrating object-oriented model profiles and object-oriented programming languages
01/06/11Method and system for automating the migration of user settings from a first domain to a second domain
01/06/11System and archiving and retrieving messages
01/06/11Dynamic distributed evaluator
12/30/10Network entity self-governing communication timeout management
12/30/10Method and comprehensive network management system
12/30/10Binary code modification implementing identity and access management or governance policies
12/23/10Indexing mechanism (nth phrasal index) for advanced leveraging for translation
12/23/10Autonomous system state tolerance adjustment for autonomous management systems
Social Network Patent Pack
12/23/10System and automatically deploying a network design
12/09/10System and managing it assets
12/02/10Method and system for caching ip network topology
12/02/10System and task assignment and alert
12/02/10Configuration management visualization
12/02/10Logical entity fault isolation in network systems management
12/02/10Communicating security credentials between cics regions
11/25/10Content-based social computing
11/18/10Multi-stream restore system and method
11/11/10Instrumenting an application with flexible tracers to provide correlation data and metrics
11/04/10System and method to restore computer files
11/04/10System and suspending transactions being executed on databases
11/04/10Efficient processing of time series data
11/04/10System and analyzing and coordinating service-level-agreements (sla) for application-service-providers (asp)
11/04/10Restoring spanned volumes of data
11/04/10Restoring striped volumes of data
10/28/10System and identifying and managing service disruptions using network and systems data
10/28/10Method and system for integration of systems management with project and portfolio management
10/28/10System and protecting windows system state
10/14/10Method and system for providing low-complexity voice messaging
09/23/10Encrypting variable-length passwords to yield fixed-length encrypted passwords
09/23/10Distributed computing system having hierarchical organization
08/26/10System and reactive and deliberative service level management (slm)
08/19/10System and modifying execution of scripts for a job scheduler using deontic logic
08/05/10Multi-threaded automated remote submission of jobs to mainframe and unix systems from the windowstm platform
07/29/10System and migrating data from a storage device
07/29/10System and reserving and provisioning it resources
07/08/10Method and system for updating an archive of a computer file
07/01/10Methods and processing and display of voice data

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