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Conocophillips Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Conocophillips Company. Conocophillips Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Conocophillips Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Conocophillips Company, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Flow control devices in sw-sagd
11/30/17Low-frequency das snr improvement
10/19/17Deploying mineral insulated cable down-hole
09/14/17Preflush chemicals for scale inhibitor squeeze
09/14/17Das for well ranging
09/14/17Low frequency distributed acoustic sensing
09/14/17Measuring downhole temperature by combining das/dts data
09/14/17Das estimating fluid distribution
09/14/17Hydraulic fracture monitoring by low-frequency das
07/27/17Low ph crosslinking of polymers
06/22/17Growth functions for modeling oil production
06/15/17Efficient internal multiple prediction methods
05/25/17Casing expansion for well plugging
05/04/17Remote preheat and pad steam generation
04/27/17Reservoir souring forecasting
03/30/173d seismic acquisition
03/23/17Thermal conditioning of fishbones
03/23/17Methods for simultaneous source separation
03/23/17Global monitoring system for critical equipment performance evaluation
03/16/17Phase predictions using geochemical data
03/16/17Avoiding water breakthrough in unconsolidated sands
03/02/17Semi-continuous treatment of produced water with boiler flue gas
03/02/17Treatment of produced water using indirect heat
03/02/17Method for estimating stress magnitude
03/02/17Prime number survey design
03/02/17Optimal survey design
03/02/17Nodal hybrid gather
02/16/17Hot water recycle for paraffin cleanout
02/02/17Seismic azimuthal gradient estimation
02/02/17Nmr in kinetics of hydrocarbon generation
01/26/17Annulus installed 6 zone control manifold
01/26/17Micromechanical elastic properties solver
01/26/17Wavseis sourcing
01/19/17Downhole stinger geotechnical sampling and in situ testing tool
01/19/17Well abandonment using vibration to assist cement placement
01/19/17Enhanced recovery response prediction
01/19/17Ensemble based decision making
01/12/17Rock strength and in-situ stresses from drilling response
01/12/17Terrestrial imaging using multi-polarization synthetic aperture radar
01/12/17Geobody continuity in geological models based on multiple point statistics
01/05/17Depth/orientation detection tool and methods thereof
12/29/16Separation of kinetic hydrate inhibitors from an aqueous solution
12/29/16Fcd modeling
12/29/16Rock wettability determinations
12/22/16Surfactant removal from produced waters
12/22/16Dual type icd
12/22/16Characterization of whirl drilling dysfunction
12/22/16Crustal and disturbance field survey correction
12/22/16System and event detection using streaming signals
12/15/16Treatment of otsg blowdown
12/15/16Method to tune radio frequencies to break emulsions
12/08/16Method of removing hydrogen-sulfide from water
12/01/16Measurement of scale inhibitor in water systems
11/24/16Non-condensable gas coinjection with fishbone lateral wells
11/24/16Surface wave tomography using sparse data acquisition
11/17/16Removing mercury from crude oil
11/17/16Power loss dysfunction characterization
11/17/16Big drilling data analytics engine
11/17/16Plastic frack tracer
11/17/16System and determining drill string motions using acceleration data
11/17/16Multiple actuator vibrator
11/17/16Time corrections for drilling data
11/03/16Downhole inertial mass system
10/27/16Linear induction motor plunger lift
10/27/16Sw-sagd with between heel and toe injection
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10/20/16Permanent bypass whipstock assembly for drilling and completing a sidetrack well and preserving access to the original wellbore
10/13/16Quench system for a refrigeration cycle of a liquefied natural gas facility and quenching
09/15/16Sludge management system for crude oil storage tanks
08/25/16Crosslinking of swellable polymer with pei
08/18/16Method and filling an annulus between casing and rock in an oil or gas well
08/18/16Satellite geodesy and reservoir performance
08/18/16Black hole boundary conditions
08/11/16Well abandonment system and method
08/11/16Optimal phase relationship
07/28/16Multi-sidetracked wellbore
07/21/16Method of determining availability and reliability of facility equipment
06/30/16Pulsed marine source
06/16/16Unmanned underwater vehicles, locations of their docking stations, and their programmed routes
06/16/16Multilateral observation wells
06/16/16Segmented base plate seismic sweeps
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06/02/16Solvents and non-condensable gas coinjection
05/26/16Bayesian updating method accounting for non-linearity between primary and secondary data
05/19/16Delayed gelation of polymers
05/05/16Well plug and abandonment choke insert
04/28/16Low molecular weight polyacrylates for eor
03/31/16Reduced flow milling
03/03/16Subsea system for seabed operations
03/03/16Subsea system delivery to seabed
02/25/16Closed-loop multi-dimensional interpolation using a model-constrained minimum weighted norm interpolation
02/18/16Marine deterministic notch compensation
02/11/16Generation of cost estimates for offshore structure designs
01/28/16Subsea vessel and use
01/28/16Completion with subsea feedthrough
01/28/16Completion with subsea feedthrough
01/28/16Target-oriented process for estimating fracture attributes from seismic data
01/21/16Marine vibrator doppler correction
01/21/16Marine seismic surveying including direct far field measurements
01/21/16Controlled spaced streamer acquisition
01/07/16Equipment transport assembly for drilling operations and transporting equipment
01/07/16Matrix temperature production logging tool
12/24/15Direct steam generator degassing
12/17/15Safety tool and pipeline pig extraction
12/10/15Magnetic field measurement via streamer cables
11/19/15Coiled tubing lap welds by magnetic pulse welding
11/19/15Decommissioning offshore oil and gas wells
11/05/15Liquid drains in core-in-shell heat exchanger
11/05/15Deterministic phase correction and application
11/05/15Local direct sampling conditioning an existing reservoir model
10/29/15Well capping assembly and capping underwater well
10/29/15Liquid based boiler
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10/22/15System and process for liquefying natural gas
10/08/15Method for separating seismic source data
09/24/15Method for analysing pore pressure in shale formations
09/17/15Vapor blow through avoidance in oil production
09/10/15Heat exchanger system with mono-cyclone inline separator
09/10/15Refrigerant supply to a cooling facility
09/10/15Heat exchanger for a liquefied natural gas facility
09/03/15Automated subcool control
08/20/15Tension leg platform (tlp) having offset top tension riser (ttr) guides
08/13/15Floatable subsea platform (fsp)
Patent Packs
08/13/15Vocal drilling alarm notification
08/13/15Seismic streamer shape correction using derived compensated magnetic fields
08/06/15Cryogenic acid frack
08/06/15Removing mercury from crude oil
07/23/15Advanced parallel "many-core" framework for reservoir simulation
07/16/15Method of forming a mudline cellar for offshore arctic drilling
07/16/15Underwater drilling rig assembly and operating the underwater drilling rig assembly
07/16/15Dual vacuum insulated tubing well design
07/16/15Oil recovery with fishbone wells and steam
07/16/15Anti-retention agent in steam-solvent oil recovery
07/16/15Steam quality meter
07/16/15Automatic cartesian gridding with logarithmic refinement at arbitrary locations
07/16/15Vessel positioning system for maintaining relative position between vessels operatively coupled and method
07/02/15Conduit seal assembly
06/25/15Method for determining hydraulic fracture orientation and dimension
06/11/15Oil recovery with insulating composition
06/11/15Derivation of sea ice thickness using isostacy and upward looking sonar profiles
06/11/15Method of measuring a physical property of a solid body
06/11/15Flow control device simulation
06/04/15Core sample testing protocol
05/21/15Plunger lift optimization
05/14/15Offshore drilling unit and maintaining stability of the drilling unit in potential ice conditions
05/14/15Subsea platform transporter (spt)
05/14/15Ice alert system and evacuating an arctic floating platform from a hazardous ice condition
05/07/15Compressive sensing
05/07/15Interactive group personnel information retrieval and communication
04/30/15Alternating sagd injections
04/23/15Downhole zone flow control system
04/23/15Removing mercury from crude oil using a stabilizer column
04/23/15Method for correcting first break arrival time
Patent Packs
04/09/15Indirect boiling for water treatment
03/26/15Reducing solvent retention in es-sagd
03/19/15Method for synchronizing continuous seismic survey
02/05/15Dynamic in-situ measurement of reservoir wettability
02/05/15Steam generation with carbon dioxide recycle
01/22/15Method for removing trace levels of oxygen from direct combustion device combustion products
01/22/15Electric and fired steam generation systems
01/22/15Pre-positioned capping device for source control with independent management system
01/22/15Pre-positioned capping device and diverter
01/22/15Pre-positioned capping device on high pressure wells
12/25/14Oxy-boiler with steam assisted production
12/25/14Mechanical characterization of core samples
12/25/14Crane boom access
12/18/14Integrated cascade process for vaporization and recovery of residual lng in a floating tank application
12/18/14Chemical treatment for organic fouling in boilers
12/18/14Geomechanical weakening with surface acting agents
12/04/14Integrating rock ductility with fracture propagation mechanics for hydraulic fracture design
12/04/14Method of hydraulic fracture identification using temperature
11/20/14Electrically conductive proppant coating and related methods
11/20/14Method for tracking and forecasting marine ice bodies
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11/20/14Time-lapse 4d scattering for imaging hydraulically induced fractures
11/13/14Leakage protection pads
11/13/14Polyol for improving sweep efficiency in oil reservoirs
11/13/14Top-down oil recovery
11/06/14Single circuit double-acting pump
10/23/14Acceleration of heavy oil recovery through downhole radio frequency radiation heating
10/23/14Ice keel prediction from sar, optical imagery and upward looking sonars
10/16/14Reduced blowdown steam generation
09/25/14Core-in-shell exchanger refrigerant inlet flow distributor
09/18/14Mixed-reflux for heavies removal in lng processing
09/18/14System for detecting, containing and removing hydrocarbon leaks in a subsea environment
09/18/14Seismic acquisition in marine environments using survey paths following a series of linked deviated paths and methods of use
09/11/14Radio-frequency enhancement and facilitation of in-situ combustion
09/04/14Supercritical boiler for oil recovery
09/04/14Throttling boiler for fouling mitigation
08/28/14Nitrogen rejection unit
08/21/14Hydrodynamics to limit boiler fouling
08/21/14Hybrid steam generation with carbon dioxide recycle
08/07/14Heat scavenging thermal recovery process
07/31/14Petroleum-fluid property prediction from gas chromatographic analysis of rock extracts or fluid samples
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07/31/14Delayed gelling agents
07/24/14Nanogels for delayed gelation
07/24/14Jack-up drilling unit with tension legs
07/17/14Fluorescent tags for detection of swellable polymers
07/17/14Oil upgrading within combustion exhaust
07/10/14Use of foam with in situ combustion process
06/19/14Heat exchange for indirect boiling
06/19/14Water with solvent indirect boiling
06/19/14Heating for indirect boiling
06/19/14Brine based indirect steam boiler
06/19/14Liquid indirect steam boiler
06/19/14Bitumen based indirect steam boiler
06/12/14Swellable polymer with cationic sites
06/05/14Use of low global-warming potential, low ozone depletion potential, low combustibility hydrofluoro-olefin, xenon or iodo compound refrigerants in lng processing
06/05/14Use of alternate refrigerants in optimized cascade process
05/29/14Superheated steam water treatment process
05/29/14Hydrocarbon recovery with steam and solvent stages
05/29/14Crosslinking of swellable polymer with pei
05/22/14Method for locating a microseismic event
05/15/14Swellable polymer with anionic sites
05/15/14Fracture characterization from refraction travel time data
04/24/14Direct steam generation of boiler blowdown
04/24/14Method for modeling a reservoir using 3d multiple-point simulations with 2d training images
04/17/14Plunger fall time identification method and usage
04/17/14Mitigating thief zone losses by thief zone pressure maintenance through downhole radio frequency radiation heating
04/17/14Crosslinked swellable polymer
04/17/14Flared pseudo-random spiral marine acquisition
04/03/14Em and combustion stimulation of heavy oil
03/06/14In situ combustion for steam recovery infill
03/06/14Direct steam generation co2 output control
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03/06/14Heterodyned eccentric vibrator
02/06/14Well configurations for limited reflux
01/23/14Inverted seismic attribute quality and local rock physics calibration
12/12/13Semi-closed loop lng process
11/28/13Hydrodynamic slug flow model
11/21/13Constant energy displacements
11/07/13Steam generator blowdown management
10/31/13Determination of near surface geophyscial properties by impulsive displacement events
10/31/13Wheel lifting apparatus
10/31/13Discrete electric seismic source
10/31/13Multi-dimensional data reconstruction constrained by a regularly interpolated model
10/31/13Alternative vibrator actuator source
10/31/13Quasi-impulsive displacement source
10/31/13Distinctive land seismic sweep
10/31/13Electrical energy accumulator
10/31/13Active isolation apparatus
10/31/13Simultaneous composite land seismic sweep
10/31/13Discrete electric seismic source unit
10/24/13Predicting steam assisted gravity drainage steam chamber front velocity and location
10/24/13Efficient data mapping technique for simulation coupling using least squares finite element method
09/12/13Transportation fuels from biomass oxygenates
08/22/13Sagd steam trap control
08/22/13Producer snorkel or injector toe-dip to accelerate communication between sagd producer and injector
08/08/13Liquefied natural gas plant with ethylene independent heavies recovery system
08/08/13Heavy oil production with em preheat and gas injection
08/08/13Fracture identification from azimuthal migrated seismic data
07/25/13Downhole heterodyned eccentric vibrator
07/18/13Method for accelerating heavy oil production
07/04/13Enhanced heavy oil recovery using downhole bitumen upgrading with steam assisted gravity drainage

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