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Conocophillips Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Conocophillips Company. Conocophillips Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Conocophillips Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Conocophillips Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Delayed gelling agents

The invention is directed to delayed gelation agents comprising a degradable polymeric cage containing therein one or more gelation agents. The cage degrades in situ, e.g., in an oil reservoir, thus releasing the gelation agent(s), which can then crosslink second polymers in situ to form a gel.... Conocophillips Company

Seismic data acquisition using designed non-uniform receiver spacing

The invention relates to an arrangement for seismic acquisition the spacing between each adjacent pairs of receiver and sources lines is not all the same. Some receiver and/or source lines and/or receiver and/or source spacings are larger and some are smaller to provide a higher quality wavefield reconstruction when covering... Conocophillips Company

Degradable pump in shoe

By incorporating a dissolvable or degradable material into the wiper dart and/or float equipment, a fluid can be pumped during the cement phase (or spotted by other means) to begin degradation of the dissolvable material. Once the material is dissolved, a flow path is exposed, allowing communication to the backside... Conocophillips Company

Production logs from distributed acoustic sensors

A system and method for monitoring oil flow rates along a producing oil or gas well using a Distributed Acoustic Sensing fiber is described. This system uses the low-frequency component of the acoustic signal as a measurement of temperature variations within the well. The relative flow contributions can then be... Conocophillips Company

Hydraulic fracture analysis

This disclosure describes a method of assessing fractures in an underground formation using temperature profile measured by a DTS. The fractures can be identified by a temperature profile established by the feedback signals obtained from the DTS, but the DTS measurements are made at least 36 hours after a stage... Conocophillips Company

Nanogels for delayed gelation

The instant application relates to nanogels or compositions that hold multivalent metal ions until some level of nanogel degradation has occurred, then slowly release the multivalent metal ions for gelation with carboxylate containing polymers. Compositions comprising such nanogels, together with polymers that can be crosslinked with multivalent metal ions, allow... Conocophillips Company

Osmotic concentration of produced and process water using hollow fiber membrane

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for treatment of produced or process water from hydrocarbon production to reduce the volume of the produced or process water while simultaneously reducing the salinity of a highly saline stream, for example, the brine from a seawater desalination plant. The method includes... Conocophillips Company

Flow control devices in sw-sagd

The present disclosure relates to a particularly effective well configuration that can be used for single well steam assisted gravity drainage of SW-SAGD wherein steam flashing through production slots is prevented by included passive inflow control devices or active interval control valves in the completion.... Conocophillips Company

Low-frequency das snr improvement

A workflow using techniques for improving signal-to-noise ratio and decreasing interferences for Low-Frequency Distributed Acoustic Sensing is described.... Conocophillips Company

Deploying mineral insulated cable down-hole

Methods, system and devices for deploying an MI cable heater down-hole into a hydrocarbon reservoir are provided, wherein one or more MI cables are housed inside a protective jacket, and connected to a pump-in device. The pump-in device allows the cable to be deployed by pumping fluid down-hole, and the... Conocophillips Company

Preflush chemicals for scale inhibitor squeeze

A method and system for removing water from the near wellbore during scale inhibitor squeeze treatments.... Conocophillips Company

Das for well ranging

Using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) fiber optic cable for borehole surveying and/or well ranging.... Conocophillips Company

Low frequency distributed acoustic sensing

The invention relates to DAS observation has been proven to be useful for monitoring hydraulic fracturing operations. While published literature has shown focus on the high-frequency components (>1 Hz) of the data, this invention discloses that much of the usable information may reside in the very low frequency band (0-50... Conocophillips Company

Measuring downhole temperature by combining das/dts data

This disclosure describes a method of combining DAS and DTS data to accurately estimate borehole temperature. The described method takes advantage of the thermal sensitivity of DAS signal in the low-frequency band, and combines with the absolute temperature measurement from DTS, to produce a distributed temperature estimation that is up... Conocophillips Company

Das estimating fluid distribution

This disclosure describes a method of calculating fluid distribution from a hydraulically fractured well, especially during a plug-and-perf hydraulic fracturing operation. The Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) data is used to quantify the fluid distribution in separate perf clusters during fracturing, and the result can be used for completion design and... Conocophillips Company

Hydraulic fracture monitoring by low-frequency das

A method of monitoring hydraulic fracturing using DAS sensors in a treatment well and/or observation well is described. The raw data is transformed using a low pass filter (≦0.05 Hz) and down-sampled to show the signal as the stimulation progresses. The resulting data can be used to optimize the hydraulic... Conocophillips Company

Low ph crosslinking of polymers

The invention is directed to polymers that self-crosslink at acidic pH or can be crosslinked by phenolic agents in brine. Such polymers have lower viscosity and can be pumped deep into reservoirs, where they will cross link in situ, thus increasing their viscosity and/or form a gel and blocking thief... Conocophillips Company

Growth functions for modeling oil production

The present disclosure describes the use of growth models and data driven models that are combined for quickly and efficiently modeling SAGD reservoir oil production. Growth function surrogate models are used for efficient and reliable reservoir modeling and production forecasting as opposed to CPU intensive simulations based on finite difference... Conocophillips Company

Efficient internal multiple prediction methods

Methods for processing seismic data are described. The method includes: obtaining seismic data; solving a series of partial differential wave equations, wherein a first partial differential wave equation describes propagation of a seismic wave going from a first reflector to a second reflector, wherein a second partial differential wave equation... Conocophillips Company

Casing expansion for well plugging

The present invention discloses a method of plugging a well that relies on casing expansion to plug uncemented casing sections, rather than milling out the casing or perforate wash and cement (PWC).... Conocophillips Company

Remote preheat and pad steam generation

Methods and systems generate steam for injection in a well to facilitate oil recovery. Water is preheated at a central processing facility, transported to a well pad by hot water lines, and converted to steam by a steam generator at the well pad.... Conocophillips Company

Reservoir souring forecasting

A method for modeling reservoir souring using object-oriented numerical solutions separate from reservoir topography is described. Specifically, flow physics are separated into one or more objects, along with one or more H2S generation mechanisms, for modeling on time and spatial scales separate from field scale modeling... Conocophillips Company

3d seismic acquisition

Disclosed are methods of marine 3D seismic data acquisition that do not require compensation for winds and currents.... Conocophillips Company

Thermal conditioning of fishbones

The present disclosure relates to a particularly effective well configuration that can be used for SAGD and other steam based oil recovery methods. Fishbone multilateral wells are combined with SAGD, effectively expanding steam coverage, but the fishbones are preheated to mitigate plugging problems, with e.g., resistive heating, EM heating or... Conocophillips Company

Methods for simultaneous source separation

A multi-stage inversion method for deblending seismic data includes: a) acquiring blended seismic data from a plurality of seismic sources; b) constructing an optimization model that includes the acquired blended seismic data and unblended seismic data; c) performing sparse inversion, via a computer processor, on the optimization model; d) estimating... Conocophillips Company

Global monitoring system for critical equipment performance evaluation

Acquiring and evaluating data regarding the performance of critical equipment of various business units distributed around the globe is essential in today's market. In particular aggregating, organizing and evaluating various types of data at a host processing system that is accessible via an intuitive graphical user interface to approved users... Conocophillips Company

Phase predictions using geochemical data

Methods for developing equation-of-states (EOS) composition models for predicting petroleum reservoir fluid behavior and understanding fluid heterogeneity in unconventional shale plays are described. In particular, limited geochemical data from samples taken from the reservoir of interested are utilized to build and tune the EOS model and improve predictions. Real-time applications... Conocophillips Company

Avoiding water breakthrough in unconsolidated sands

The proposed method is an improved method of flooding weak reservoirs and avoiding premature breakthrough of the displacing fluid used in the flooding operation by first modeling the performance of the reservoir under a rage of flooding pressures in a couple geomechanic and multiphase flow model. Ideal pressures are thus... Conocophillips Company

Semi-continuous treatment of produced water with boiler flue gas

Systems and methods utilize heated waste flue gas to treat water. The heated waste flue gas, which may come from a steam generator, bubbles through untreated water to vaporize the untreated water and separate out solids and other contaminants before subsequent condensing. The steam generator may receive resulting treated water... Conocophillips Company

Treatment of produced water using indirect heat

Systems and methods utilize heated waste flue gas to indirectly heat untreated water. The heated waste flue gas, which may come from a steam generator, passes through one or more heating coils in a vessel to vaporize untreated water and separate out solids and other contaminants before subsequent condensing. The... Conocophillips Company

Method for estimating stress magnitude

This disclosure describes a method for calculating the horizontal stresses that integrate both frictional equilibrium and uniaxial elasticity assumptions. The results are more accurate than either of the assumptions.... Conocophillips Company

Prime number survey design

Methods of designing seismic survey and acquisition of seismic data with reduced noise using equally or optimally irregularly spaced sources or receivers are described. Specifically, prime number ratios for the station to line spacing is used to prevent harmonic leakage and other noise contaminations in the acquired seismic data.... Conocophillips Company

Optimal survey design

Methods of analyzing and optimizing a seismic survey design are described. Specifically, the sampling quality is analyzed as opposed to the overall quality of the whole survey. This allows for analysis of the impact of the offsets, obstacles, and other aspects of the survey on the sampling quality, which will... Conocophillips Company

Nodal hybrid gather

The present disclosure provides methods of data acquisition and processing of seismic data that combines nodal survey design, especially sparse nodal surveys, with the hybrid gather processing methodologies.... Conocophillips Company

Hot water recycle for paraffin cleanout

A method of removing paraffin deposits from downhole tubing, pumps and valves is provided using hot water and recycling the hot water to allow continual intermittent cleaning throughout the lifespan of the well.... Conocophillips Company

02/02/17 / #20170031042

Seismic azimuthal gradient estimation

Method of estimating azimuthal amplitude gradient is disclosed. This method uses a correlation of seismic attributes within a sliding volume of data to obtain azimuthal gradient.... Conocophillips Company

02/02/17 / #20170031051

Nmr in kinetics of hydrocarbon generation

Disclosed are methods of characterizing kerogen and its hydrocarbon generation potential using NMR as the primary analytical tool, and using such data to derive the kinetics of hydrocarbon generation and alteration, thus predicting the hydrocarbon potential of source rock in geological setting, which can then be used in petroleum exploration... Conocophillips Company

01/26/17 / #20170022790

Annulus installed 6 zone control manifold

A method of controlling a plurality of downhole tools in a wellbore, using first and second codes transmitted by hydraulic line to first address and then actuate the desired tool. A dedicated line is provided for terminating all actuated tools.... Conocophillips Company

01/26/17 / #20170022808

Micromechanical elastic properties solver

This disclosure describes a novel method for predicting continuous wellbore mechanical properties such as static elastic stiffness and failure strength, where the properties solutions are deterministic and based on mechanical theory. It has at least three immediate applications: (a) continuous plots of mechanical properties vs. depth, (b) conceptual testing of... Conocophillips Company

01/26/17 / #20170023685

Wavseis sourcing

Improved methods of providing acoustic source signals for seismic surveying, wherein a plurality of signals can be easily separated from one another after data acquisition, wherein the source signals are not sweep based.... Conocophillips Company

01/19/17 / #20170016279

Downhole stinger geotechnical sampling and in situ testing tool

Offshore system for delivering geotechnical tools to seafloor is described. The system includes a carrier tube that includes an upper end and a lower end, wherein the carrier tube is characterized by an outer diameter and an inner diameter and wherein the inner diameter of the carrier tube defines a... Conocophillips Company

01/19/17 / #20170016305

Well abandonment using vibration to assist cement placement

A method of cementing an oil or gas well for abandonment comprises cutting the production tubing 6 above the production packer 8, setting a tubing plug 9 in the tubing and then cutting the tubing. A bridge plug may be installed at the level of the cut, which spans the... Conocophillips Company

01/19/17 / #20170017011

Enhanced recovery response prediction

Methods of combining mineral composition and laboratory test results for reservoir rock samples to predict future responses to secondary and tertiary oil recovery treatments are disclosed. Particular, SEM and EDS will be combined to produce a mineral map, including mineral distribution around the rock's pore space, for comparison with laboratory... Conocophillips Company

01/19/17 / #20170017883

Ensemble based decision making

A method for accelerating the decision making process for reservoir risk management is described. In particular, an ensemble based decisions and filter are used to quickly compare different information scenarios to determine the best strategy for developing a hydrocarbon-containing reservoir.... Conocophillips Company

01/12/17 / #20170009575

Rock strength and in-situ stresses from drilling response

Estimating in-situ stress of an interval having drilling response data is described. Estimating involves obtaining drilling response data of a data rich interval with available data. Estimating relative rock strength as a composite value that includes in-situ stress and rock strength. Estimating a Poisson's ratio from the relative rock strength.... Conocophillips Company

01/12/17 / #20170010353

Terrestrial imaging using multi-polarization synthetic aperture radar

An embodiment of a method for processing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image data includes acquiring a multi-polarization SAR image of a terrestrial region, pre-processing the SAR image to remove or reduce radiometric and geometric errors, and separating the SAR image into a plurality of channels, each channel representing an image... Conocophillips Company

01/12/17 / #20170011149

Geobody continuity in geological models based on multiple point statistics

The present disclosure describes a method that improves the long-range geobody continuity in Multiple Point Statistical methods, wherein the coarsest multi-grid level cells are simulated in a regular path, and the subsequent level cells are simulated in a random path as usual. The method is general and is applicable to... Conocophillips Company

01/05/17 / #20170002647

Depth/orientation detection tool and methods thereof

Methods and systems for depth and radial orientation detection are provided. Methods for determining the depth or radial orientation of one or more downhole components include the steps of providing a target mass and a using a detection device for detecting the depth and/or orientation of the target mass. In... Conocophillips Company

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