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Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas csic
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas Csic
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas And Universidad Poltecnica De Valencia
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas C s i c
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas c s i c
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas csic es es
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas_20100114
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas csic undivided 20 Interest
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas cisc

Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas patents

Recent patent applications related to Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas. Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17Cell populations having immunoregulatory activity, isolation and uses
10/19/17Cell populations having immunoregulatory activity, isolation and uses
10/12/17Calcium-based secondary cell and battery comprising the same
08/31/17Electrolytes for calcium-based secondary cell and calcium-based secondary cell comprising the same
08/24/17Mesoporous materials from nanoparticle enhanced polysaccharides
08/10/17Biocompatible implants made of nanostructured titanium with antibacterial properties
07/20/17System for biodetection applications
07/06/17Bacteroides cect 7771 and the use thereof in the prevention and treatment of excess weight, obesity and metabolic and immunological alterations
07/06/17Optical elements for power adjustable spectacles
06/01/17Low-power absorption refrigeration machine
05/18/17An acquisition device, a fabricating it, and a measuring force
04/27/17Treatment of chagas disease
01/12/17Bioreactor for cell co-culture
08/18/16Method for enhancing drought tolerance in plants
05/12/16Apparatus and determining an eye prescription
04/28/16Lipid nanoparticle of polymyxin
03/31/16Apparatus and purifying gases and regenerating the same
12/03/15Concentric electrical discharge aerosol charger
11/26/15Use of a photosensitive agent capable of producing reactive oxygen species in the production of a drug for the photodynamic therapy of a disease related to stem cells, in vitro use, and pharmaceutical composition
11/26/15Sequence of nucleotides and peptides gse 24.2 of dyskerin, which can induce telomerase activity, obtaining same, therapeutic compositions and applications thereof
10/29/15Release of substances in senescent cells
10/22/15Method for generating piecewise-affine multivariable functions with on-line computation of the search tree and device for implementing same
08/13/15Cell populations having immunoregulatory activity, isolation and uses
07/02/15Vesicles comprising epidermal growth factor and compositions thereof
05/21/15Device for detecting edges and improving the quality of an image
04/16/15Polynucleotide comprising sequences of wheat gliadins and use thereof for silencing by rnai
03/19/15Compositions for the treatment or prophylaxis of viral infections
12/25/14Use of radiofrequency wave absorbing markets for the authentication of security documents
12/11/14Process for modifying the architecture and improving the yield of crop plants
03/06/14Nanostructured calcium-silver phosphate composite powders, process for obtaining the powders and bactericidal and fungicidal applications thereof
01/02/14Chromene derivatives
10/10/13Hydroxytyrosol ethers
09/12/13Phage phi 29 dna polymerase chimera
09/12/13Compound that can inhibit ubc13-uev interactions, pharmaceutical compositions and therapeutic uses
08/15/13Powdered grit made of a fused cermet
04/04/13Composition comprising aluminum silicates and silver nanoparticles as bactericides
03/21/13Method for the diagnosis/prognosis of colorectal cancer
02/28/13Method for obtaining superconducting tapes from metal-organic solutions having low fluorine content
02/14/13Nanoparticle biosensor, preparing same and uses thereof
11/29/12Powder of vitreous composition having biocidal activity
09/13/12Method for recovering co2 by means of cao and the exothermic reduction of a solid
07/26/12Phage phi 29 dna polymerase chimera
07/26/12Method for identifying peptides and proteins from mass spectrometry data
07/12/12Method for the replication, amplification or sequencing of a dna template
06/28/12Polynucleotide comprising sequences of wheat gliadins and use thereof for silencing by rnai
06/07/12Systems containing magnetic nanoparticles and polymers, such as nanocomposites and ferrofluids, and applications thereof
05/31/12Capacitive separator device
05/31/12Immunosuppressor based on the blockage of tcr-nck interaction
05/24/12Use of quinazoline derivatives for neurodegenerative diseases
05/03/12Device for generating electric power from small movements
03/29/12Method to inhibit the biological activity of calcineurin with selective peptides
03/01/12Fused cermet product
02/23/12Method for purifying 3,4-dihydroxyphenylglycol (dhpg) from plant products
02/16/12Nanostructured calcium-silver phosphate composite powders, process for obtaining the powders, and bactericidal and fungicidal applications thereof
01/19/12Genes regulating plant branching, promotors, genetic constructs containing same and uses thereof
01/12/12Dna polymerase lambda and uses thereof
01/05/12Method for obtaining solid micro- or nanoparticles
11/10/11Method for obtaining cinatrins c3 and c1
11/03/11Method for identifying compounds for cancer therapy
10/20/11Device for detecting highly energetic photons
07/21/11Bacteria and derived products to reinforce the body defences and to reduce the risk of disease
06/16/11Infectious clones
06/16/11Method for generating monoclonal antibodies that recognize progenitor cells
06/09/11Treatment of retinal degeneration
03/31/11Method and system for the analysis of peculiarities in fingerprints
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03/24/11Np1 activity regulating elements useful for the production of drugs for the treatment or prevention of human neurodegenerative diseases, resulting drugs and use thereof
03/17/11Environmentally friendly slow-release pesticide formulations
03/03/11Use of a pentacyclic triterpene in a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
01/13/11Method for improving plant tolerance to environmental stress
12/09/10Microorganisms for improving the health of individuals with disorders related to gluten ingestion
12/02/10Derivatives of dicarboxylic amino acids and their application in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
09/30/10Modified induction furnace and process for removing zinc-containing metallurgical waste, with recovery of the metals therefrom
08/12/10Organic-inorganic hybrid material for the storage and release of active principles
08/05/10Impedimetric sensor and applications thereof
07/15/10Acyclic sulfamide derivatives
06/17/10Ce-n-o system derived from doping of cerium oxide with nitrogen having general formula ceo2-x-ynx
06/10/10Methods of treating disorders associated with fat storage
05/13/10Systems, methods and microrganisms for antibody production with type iii secretion system
05/13/10Inhibitor of the uracil-dna glycosylase enzyme and uses thereof
05/06/10Ocp3 gene of arabidopsis thaliana and the ocp3 recessive mutation thereof, and the use of same as a resistance regulator in plants with disease caused by necrotrophic fungal pathogens
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04/22/10Equipment for aseptic handling of laboratory animals
03/04/10Wideband overvoltage protection circuit
02/25/10Acyclic sulfamide derivatives
02/11/10Identification of cancer stem cells using genetic markers
01/14/10Liquid and stable olein fractions
01/14/10Method for extracting gluten from processed and unprocessed foods by means of heat based on the use of ionic and non-ionic detergents
01/14/10Use of melanoma inhibitory activity (mia) protein as an early indicator for therapeutic response in melanoma
12/10/09In vitro identifying compounds for cancer therapy
11/05/09Enzyme for obtaining prebiotic oligosaccharides
10/22/09Blind deconvolution and super-resolution method for sequences and sets of images and applications thereof
10/01/09Selective acceleration of fragmentation through joint application of enzymes and ultrasound
09/17/09Continuous furnace with coupled laser for the surface treatment of materials
09/03/09Alzheimer's disease animal model, obtaining same and uses thereof
07/02/09Precalcination method with production of pure or easily purified co2 originating from the decomposition of carbonates
06/18/09Generation of specific adhesion in gram-negative bacteria by means of anchoring immunoglobulin single domains on their surface with autotransporters
06/11/09Novel fructofuranosidase activity for obtaining the prebiotic oligosaccharide 6-kestose
06/04/09Biological electrode with the hydrogenase enzyme, obtaining same and applications thereof
06/04/09Novel enzyme with fructofuranosidase activity, which is used to obtain prebiotic oligosaccharides
05/28/09Sunflower seeds with high delta-tocopherol content
01/14/10Use of melanoma inhibitory activity (mia) protein as an early indicator for therapeutic response in melanoma
10/19/17Radiofrequency shield for hybrid imaging devices
10/05/17Indole derivatives for the prevention and/or treatment of diabetes and associated metabolic disorders
08/17/17Hybrid scintillation module
08/03/17Nanostructured material, production process and use thereof
07/27/17Process for obtaining fluoride-doped citrate-coated amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles
07/13/17Heterocyclic gsk-3 allosteric modulators
07/13/17New strain of lactobacillus casei with ability to degrade the immunotoxic peptide from gluten
06/15/17Nanoemulsion optical materials
04/13/17Catalytic layer and use thereof in oxygen-permeable membranes
03/02/17Biomimetic and zoosemiotic aerial vehicle controlled by automatic pilot
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09/29/16Probiotic strain of lactobacillus reuteri exhibiting anti-helicobacter activity, a probiotic or biotherapeutic product comprising said strain, and the use thereof
08/25/16Urinary neuropilin-1 (nrp-1) as a prognostic marker for nephritis and lupus nephritis
08/04/16Transgenic plants
04/28/16Heterocyclic gsk-3 allosteric modulators
04/14/16Stress tolerant plants
03/17/16Dressing for compromised wound healing
03/10/16Transgenic plants
01/14/16Stress tolerant plants
12/31/15Use of igf-1 as a reagent for early diagnosis and/or prognosis of alzheimer disease
12/03/15Method of producing a junction field-effect transistor (jfet)
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10/29/15Use of sulphated glycolipids as promoters of neuritic growth, myelination and inhibiting the proliferation of astroglia and microglia
09/03/15Process for production of graphene/silicon carbide ceramic composites
08/06/15Device and obtaining densitometric images of objects by a combination of radiological systems and depth-sensing cameras
06/25/15Healthy food compositions having gel or foam textures and comprising hydrolyzed egg products
06/25/15Process for preparing an epitaxial alpha-quartz layer on a solid support, material obtained and uses thereof
06/18/15Wireless telemetry system for the monitoring of static and dynamic magnitudes
02/26/15Heterocyclic gsk-3 allosteric modulators
01/29/15Use of essential oils, supercritical extracts and aqueous residues generated during a process for obtaining organic extracts from the artemisia absinthium l. plant
01/22/15Coating with photochromic properties, producing said coating and use thereof applicable to optical articles and glazed surfaces
01/15/15Phosphorylation on the thr-248 and/or thr-250 residues of transcription factor e2f4 as a therapeutic target in pathological processes associated with somatic polyploidy
01/08/15Micro-, submicro- and nano-structures containing amaranth protein
09/25/14Chimeric molecule useful in immunotherapy for leishmaniasis, which includes a fragment of the pfr1 protein of leishmania infantum with specific immunodominant epitopes
12/19/13Lithium aluminosilicate-based materials with negative thermal expansion coefficient in a broad temperature range, preparation process and use
11/28/13Material with variable optical transmission based on a porous matrix that includes hygroscopic or deliquescent substances and device that comprises said material
10/10/13Method and associated system for detection and analysis of pathogens and/or agents able to cause deterioration in plant foods
08/29/13Compositions for controlling the psyllids trioza erytreae and diaphorina citri, vectors of bacteria of the genus candidatus liberibacter, which cause the most serious known disease of citrus, namely huanglongbing (hlb)
06/20/13Method for converting biomass into liquid fuel
05/23/13Biomarker for the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of cancer
05/02/13Method for the delivery of oligonucleotides
05/02/13Device and system for counting and analysing particles and use of said system
04/25/13Use of carbonic anhydrase ii for producing a drug
04/04/13Procedure for the obtainment of nanocomposite materials
03/14/13Method for obtaining materials with superparamagnetic properties
03/14/13Method for obtaining biodegradable surfactants from cellulose in a single reactor
12/06/12Multi-analyte system and method based on impedimetric measurements
12/06/12Compounds having anti-inflammatory activity
11/29/12Development of bioactive electrospun coatings for biomedical applications
11/22/12Method for improving plant tolerance to environmental stress
11/08/12Composite material of electroconductor having controlled coefficient of thermical expansion
10/25/12High melting point sunflower fat for confectionary
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09/20/12Nanostructured composite material of stabilized zirconia with cerium oxide and doped alumina with zirconia, use, and procedure for obtaining same
06/28/12Method for obtaining ceramic compounds and resulting material
06/21/12Dioxanes derived from regrouping carbohydrates and c-glycosides, process for obtaining same and uses thereof
04/26/12Methods for the diagnosis or prognosis of colorectal cancer
12/22/11Preparation of azo compounds with solid catalysts
04/07/11Radiation detector, manufacturing a radiation detector and use of the detector for measuring radiation
05/04/17Agonists of neurotrophin receptors and their use as medicaments
06/25/15Method and system for characterization of nano- and micromechanical structures
07/23/15Fuel cell and analysis device that comprise it
05/22/14Device for remotely tracking bodies of water and remotely and simultaneously managing and operating a set of said devices
06/18/15Cd2 deficient african swine fever virus as live attenuated or subsequently inactivated vaccine against african swine fever in mammals
07/30/15Raman, infrared, or raman-infrared analysis of peripheral blood plasma protein structure and its relation to cognitive development in alzheimer's disease
02/04/10Catalyst based on solid microporous crystalline material and improving diesel fraction quality using said catalyst

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