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Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh
Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh jochen Deininger Et Al
Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh_20100128

Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh. Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Method and device for controlling an operation of an electric motor
11/02/17Door assistance system for a vehicle
10/26/17Pressure medium distributor, pnuematic adjustment arrangement for a vehicle seat, vehicle seat, and producing a pressure medium distributor for a pneumatic adjustment arrangement
10/26/17Circuit detecting a state of an interlock loop
10/26/17Leadframe for a semiconductor component
10/26/17Stereo camera for vehicles
10/19/17Method and system for representing vehicle surroundings of a motor vehicle on a display device located in the motor vehicle
10/19/17Freespace detection apparatus and freespace detection method
10/05/17Control unit device for a motor vehicle and manufacturing such a device
09/21/17Method for determining depth maps from stereo images with improved depth resolution in a range
08/17/17Method and device for regulating a dead time in switching power supply units
07/27/17Method for performing a braking maneuver using a vehicle braking assistant
07/27/17Friction-coefficient-dependent collision avoidance system
07/27/17Filter arrangement for filtering parasitic induction currents, and voltage converter comprising a filter arrangement
07/27/17Method for producing a foil arrangement and corresponding foil arrangement
07/20/17Method and device for the distortion-free display of an area surrounding a vehicle
06/29/17Method and device for operating a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle
06/29/17Method and device for controlling the operation of an electric motor
06/22/17Sealing compound housing and electronic control device
06/22/17Method and system for determining the position of a vehicle
06/08/17Device and providing information data with respect to an object of a vehicle environment contained in a video image stream
06/08/17Transmission arrangement
06/01/17Method and device for operating an electric bicycle
06/01/17Radar system with optimized storage of temporary data
06/01/17Control device, server system and vehicle
06/01/17Driver assistance system
06/01/17Apparatus for actuating and/or monitoring a brushless dc motor
05/11/17Driver assistance system
05/11/17Method for operating an assistance system of a motor vehicle and assistance system
05/11/17Component with at least one opening
05/04/17Device and providing a vehicle surround view
05/04/17Device and providing a vehicle environment view for a vehicle
04/27/17System for detecting a vehicle environment of a motor vehicle
04/27/17Method and device for measuring distance using a camera
03/30/17Method and system for verifying measured data
03/16/17Vehicle control system for autonomously guiding a vehicle
03/09/17Assistance system for a motor vehicle
03/02/17Circuit arrangement, and current transformer
02/23/17Contact element for an electrical connection
02/23/17Radar system for registering the environment for a motor vehicle and a circuit board for such a radar system
01/19/17Method and identifying road signs
01/12/17Driver assistance system
01/12/17Device for correcting a spacing value and/or for correcting a relative speed value, vehicle, and method
01/05/17Vehicle radar system for detecting the surroundings
12/22/16Method and device for detecting objects from depth-resolved image data
12/15/16Method for saving image data of a camera in an accident data recorder of a vehicle
12/01/16Control device for a vehicle and method
11/24/16Device for pneumatically adjusting a seat in a transport means, in particular a motor vehicle
11/24/16Illumination for detecting raindrops on a pane by means of a camera
11/17/16Method and device for safely parking a vehicle
10/27/16Device and controlling a headlamp of a motor vehicle
10/27/16Automatic control of a direction of travel indicator of a vehicle
10/27/16Method and device for monitoring an external dimension of a vehicle
10/27/16Plug-in module for a motor unit
10/20/16Illumination for detecting raindrops on a pane by means of a camera
10/13/16Connection of electrical conductors with electrical contacts
10/06/16Mirror substitute device and vehicle
09/29/16Systems and methods for pulse width modulated control of a semiconductor switch
09/15/16Electrical connection
09/15/16Electronic control unit and arranging electronic components on a circuit carrier and for electrically connecting said electronic components to a circuit carrier
09/01/16Method and device for controlling a vehicle
08/25/16Controlling a hydraulic pressure of a fluid transmission
08/25/16Seal for a housing of an electronic circuit arrangement
08/18/16Arrangement of a sensor for measuring the temperature of a medium in a motor vehicle
08/18/16Circuit device and the production thereof
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08/11/16Arrangement of a temperature sensor with an electrically insulating covering
08/11/16Temperature sensor arrangement with an electrically and thermally insulating covering
08/04/16Method and displaying the surroundings of a vehicle, and driver assistance system
08/04/16Method and device for monitoring the function of a driver assistance system
07/28/16Connecting device for connecting electrical lines to electrical contacts
07/14/16Multi-stage sealing system for use in a motor vehicle control unit
07/07/16Method for protecting a controllable semiconductor switch from overload and short-circuiting in a load circuit
06/30/16Method for determining the distance of an object by means of a polarization-modulated transmission light beam
05/26/16Vehicle environment scanning by a phase-controlled laser
05/26/16Detection of a wire-break fault during the operation of a brushless d.c. motor
04/21/16System, device and functional plausibility checking of sensor data
04/21/16Camera system for vehicles
04/14/16Power module, power converter and drive arrangement with a power module
04/07/16Accelerator force feedback pedal (affp) as assistance system for distance control in traffic
04/07/16Housing, circuit arrangement, drive arrangement and producing the circuit arrangement
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03/17/16Detection of ice on a vehicle window by means of an internal temperature sensor
03/17/16Method and device for operating a brushless dc motor
03/17/16Assistance system of a motor vehicle, with a camera comprising an image sensor, as well as image sensor of a camera
03/03/16Method and device for an overtaking assistant
02/25/16Apparatus and operating at least two antennas for a motor vehicle, and near-field communication network
01/28/16Method for the operation of an assistance system of a motor vehicle, as well as assistance system
01/21/16Control appliance for using in the engine compartment or in the transmission of a motor vehicle and cooling sysem for such a control appliance
01/14/16Camera module and the production thereof
12/31/15Method and beam sensor module for predictively determining the condition of the road in a vehicle
12/24/15Method and determining a road condition
12/17/15Determination of the position of structural elements of a vehicle
12/10/15Circuit arrangement for discharging an electrical energy store and power converter comprising such a circuit arrangement
12/10/15Stereo camera module and the production thereof
12/10/15Electronic module with a plastic-coated electronic circuit and the production thereof
12/03/15Method and device for switching an electronic component on or off
11/19/15Apparatus and detecting precipitation for a motor vehicle
11/19/15Method for determining depth maps from stereo images with improved depth resolution in a range
11/12/15Detection of raindrops on a pane by means of a camera and illumination
11/12/15Method and device for analyzing trafficability
11/05/15Method and system for learning traffic events, and use of the system
10/29/15Method for a driver assistance application
10/22/15Method for detecting light sources operated in pulsed mode
10/22/15Electronic system
10/22/15Lc module for installation in a motor vehicle control device
10/08/15Electrolytic capacitor module with high resistance to vibration
10/01/15Method and circuit unit for determining fault states in a half-bridge circuit
10/01/15Illumination for the detection of raindrops on a window by means of a camera
09/10/15Method for identification of a projected symbol on a street in a vehicle, apparatus and vehicle
09/10/15Apparatus for verified detection of a traffic participant and a vehicle for verified detection of a traffic participant
08/20/15Method for assisting a driver at a traffic light for a vehicle
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08/06/15Method for evaluating image data of a vehicle camera taking into account information about rain
08/06/15Method and device for recognizing traffic signs for a vehicle
08/06/15Method and circuit arrangement for actuating a semiconductor switch
07/02/15Circuit arrangement and ascertaining switching times for a dc-dc voltage converter
07/02/15Method and device for recognizing marked hazard areas and/or construction areas in the region of lanes
06/18/15Adjustment element for a vehicle seat
05/28/15Accelerator pedal unit for motor vehicles
05/07/15Circuit arrangement for actuating a semiconductor switching element
04/16/15Method for supporting a traffic-light-sequence assistant of a vehicle, said assistant detecting traffic lights
03/05/15Pneumatic adjustment arrangement for a vehicle seat
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02/19/15Charging device for charging the energy store of a portable electric device
02/12/15Method and device for assisting in returning a vehicle after leaving a roadway
02/05/15Image capturing device for a vehicle
02/05/15Method and device for filling and emptying a seat cushion
02/05/15Detection of raindrops on a windowpane by means of camera and light
02/05/15Method for deriving environmental information from detecting the rear lights of preceding vehicles
01/29/15Method for aligning two image recording elements of a stereo camera system
01/29/15Method for improving the functional security and increasing the availabiilty of an electronic control system, and electronic control system
01/22/15Method for representing a vehicle environment with position points
01/08/15Apparatus for detecting the state of a rechargeable battery to be checked
01/08/15Method for calibrating a plurality of environment sensors in a vehicle
01/01/15Method for representing the surroundings of a vehicle
12/25/14Filter element for a pneumatic adjusting arrangement
10/16/14Method for controlling a motor using pulse width modulation (pwm)
10/09/14Camera system for a vehicle
09/18/14Estimation of coefficients of friction using a 3-d camera
08/07/14Method for determining whether a vehicle can pass through an object by means of a 3-d camera
08/07/14Device and regulating a dual-clutch transmission for achieving a safe state
06/12/14Redundant object detection for driver assistance systems
06/05/14Method for detecting a traffic lane by means of a camera
05/01/14Method for recognizing traffic signs
04/24/14Control device with a getter layer for use in a motor vehicle
03/27/14Multi-level circuit board for high-frequency applications
02/27/14Circuit arrangement having a fail-silent function
02/20/14Semiconductor circuit and method in a safety concept for use in a motor vehicle
09/12/13Detection of raindrops on a pane by means of a camera and lighting
08/01/13Method for determining a virtual vehicle corridor
07/25/13Method for operating an accelerator pedal unit for motor vehicles
07/04/13Classifiaction of electric contacting between two connecting elements
07/04/13Method for determining the course of the road for a motor vehicle
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06/27/13Sensor carrier and sensor module, in particular for use in a local control unit for motor vehicles
06/06/13Device for fastening a sensor assembly, especially a radar sensor
06/06/13Waveguide antenna for a radar antenna array
04/25/13Method for combining a road sign recognition system and a lane detection system of a motor vehicle
04/25/13Method and device for assisting a driver while driving a vehicle by detecting weather-related visibility limitations
03/07/13Method for road sign recognition
02/07/13Method for automatically preventing aquaplaning
01/17/13Device having an optical module and a supporting plate
01/10/13Motor converter circuit for an electric drive motor and electric drive device having such a motor converter circuit
01/03/13Method and device for lane detection
12/13/12Monitoring concept in a control device
11/08/12Device for generating an additional reset force on a gas pedal and the operation thereof
11/08/12Method for estimating the roll angle in a travelling vehicle
10/25/12Monitoring computer in a control device
10/18/12Method and system for warning a driver of a vehicle about potential obstacles behind the vehicle
08/30/12Circuit arrangement for frequency determination
08/23/12Control circuit for an electrical drive device and electrical drive device including such a control circuit
08/16/12Assembly and determining an angular position
08/09/12Radar antenna arrangement
07/19/12Driver assistance system for a motor vehicle including a camera for detecting roadway markings
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07/05/12Device for generating an additional restoring force at the gas pedal and the operation thereof
07/05/12Pedal-crank assembly for bicycles
06/21/12Multichamber ultrasonic sensor for determining a liquid level
06/21/12Optical module for simultaneously focusing on two fields of view
06/07/12Device and actuating and diagnosing stepper motors
05/24/12Method for traffic sign recognition
05/24/12Method for classifying an object as an obstacle
04/26/12Compact pedal system for a motor vehicle
04/26/12Method and device for lane detection
04/05/12Speed regulation
02/09/12Method for diagnosing current sensors in an induction machine during operation thereof
01/05/12Radar system having arrangements and methods for the decoupling of transmitting and receiving signals and for the suppression of interference radiation
09/22/11Method for defined closure of a window pane of a motor vehicle
09/01/11Device for activating a security system in a vehicle
08/18/11Method and device for automatic direction indication
08/04/11Method and device for converting a digital input signal to an analog output signal
05/05/11Diagnostic an internal combustion engine exhaust gas system that includes a particle filter
04/21/11Method for producing a tight, form-fitting connection
03/03/11Method for producing circuit carriers
03/03/11Current measuring device by means of magnetically sensitive sensor for a power electronics system
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01/13/11Hydraulic protection of a rolling stabilization system
12/09/10Method for driving non-linear load elements
11/11/10Method for kiss point adaptation
09/30/10Apparatus for sensorless positioning with signal amplifier
07/29/10Housing comprising an electronic component
07/15/10Housing comprising a device for fixing an electronic component
06/10/10Control unit and pulse width modulated control
06/03/10Method and device for determining a steering angle offset
04/29/10Control appliance for using in the engine compartment or in the transmission of a motor vehicle and cooling system for such a control appliance
03/25/10Sensor arrangement
03/04/10Circuit arrangement for the power supply of an integrated circuit
02/04/10Electric circuit
01/28/10Control device for a motor vehicle
12/31/09Regulated energy supply for a circuit
12/10/09Multichamber ultrasonic sensor for determining a liquid level
10/15/09Power supply device for an electric circuit
09/17/09Method and arrangement for the digital transmission of an analogue measuring signal
07/09/09Method for determining the position of a rotor of an electric motor without sensors
06/11/09Electric operator control unit
05/14/09Cooling device for printed circuit board and the prosecution thereof
05/14/09Control device
03/12/09Arrangement for heat dissipation
02/05/09Micromechanical rotational speed sensor
01/28/10Control device for a motor vehicle
08/06/09Contactless switch

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