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Continental Automotive France
Continental Automotive France Intellectual Property
Continental Automotive France Intellectual
Continental Automotive France_20100128
Continental Automotive France_20131212
Continental Automotive France_20100121

Continental Automotive France patents

Recent patent applications related to Continental Automotive France. Continental Automotive France is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Continental Automotive France may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Continental Automotive France, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Camshaft or crankshaft sensor for automotive vehicle and diagnostic such a sensor
11/09/17Method for diagnosing an earth fault of a start/stop unit of a motor vehicle
11/09/17Method using ultra high frequency waves for locating a portable device giving "hands free" access to a vehicle, associated locating device and portable device
11/02/17Method of welding a nickel strength lug with a bronze connecting pin and a brass contact ring in an accelerometer sensor
11/02/17Method for remotely loading digital data to an electronics unit for measuring operating parameters of a motor vehicle wheel, by transmission of mechanical waves
10/26/17Method for limiting fuel leakage from an injector after stoppage of the engine by means of forced cooling of the injection rail
10/26/17Vehicle computer and crankshaft sensor type detecting method
10/05/17Communication method between a plurality of electronic measurement modules of a motor vehicle
10/05/17Extrinsic calibration cameras of an on-board system for formation of stereo images
10/05/17Method of locating a plurality of electronic measuring modules mounted in the wheels of a motor vehicle
09/28/17Universal inductive charging system for a portable electronic device
09/21/17Method for determining the position of a portable user device around a vehicle and associated location device
09/14/17Method to assist with the starting of a motor vehicle combustion engine
08/31/17Method and device for capturing particles ejected by the friction braking elements of a disk brake system
08/24/17Motor vehicle engine control electronic computer
08/24/17Method for forming a captive spacer housed in a mounting base of an accelerometer sensor and sensor equipped with such a mounting base
08/24/17Battery provided with three electrical connection tongues
08/24/17Printed circuit protective case base plate provided with a rivet blank borne by a ventilation filter
08/17/17Method of detecting the approach of a user's hand to a vehicle door handle or the contact of a user's hand therewith, and associated detection device
08/17/17Protective case for a computer and manufacturing such a case
08/10/17Method for controlling the voltage of an apparatus fitted in a motor vehicle
08/10/17Motor vehicle solenoid valve
08/10/17Integrated circuit with auxiliary electrical power supply pins
07/27/17Method and device for processing a signal supplied by a sensor for measuring the pressure existing in a cylinder for processing a signal supplied by a sensor for measuring the pressure existing in a cylinder
07/27/17Method for determining the total pressure in the cylinder of an engine
07/27/17Method for controlling the suspension of a vehicle by processing images from at least one on-board camera
07/27/17Device for communication by magnetic coupling
07/20/17Radiofrequency transmission device
06/15/17Device for near-field radiofrequency communication with a portable element on board a motor vehicle
05/04/17Method for determining atmospheric pressure during the operation, in a partial load state, of a turbocharged engine
04/06/17Method and equipment for monitoring tyre wear, and vehicle on-board wear-monitoring system
03/23/17Measurement method and unit for a motor vehicle
03/02/17Method for locating, via ultra high frequency, a mobile device for "hands-free" access to an automotive vehicle and associated locating device
01/19/17Device for detecting a user's intention to lock or unlock a motor vehicle door
01/12/17Fault management a vehicle engine control system
01/12/17Open-circuit detection in a switching structure
01/12/17Radiofrequency transmission device
01/05/17Method for transmitting a radio signal between an electronic unit of a vehicle wheel and an electronic centralized control unit attached to the vehicle
12/15/16Method for determining a flow rate through a valve
12/01/16Display device for a motor vehicle
12/01/16Method for determining the position of a moving part along an axis, using an inductive sensor
11/10/16Method and system for calibrating a camera of a vehicle
11/03/16Method for transmitting identification signals formulated according to n different protocols, using an electronic casing provided on a wheel of a vehicle
10/20/16Method for determining a wheel tire ground print
10/13/16Use of an electronic device for operating a dc motor to control two peak and hold loads
09/15/16Method for preventing an engine from stalling using an estimate of the rotatable speed of said engine
08/18/16Device for diagnosing the loss of a connection between an electronic control module and a ground
08/04/16Magnetic induction charging device
07/21/16Device for determining the torque applied to a crankset shaft
06/23/16Low-frequency emission electronic unit emitting to a mobile wheel electronic unit of a vehicle and associated low-frequency signal transmission method
06/23/16Method for estimating the reliability of measurements by wheel sensors of a vehicle and system for its application
06/23/16Method for establishing a functional diagnosis for a buck static dc-dc voltage converter
06/23/16Portable radio communication device with adjustable gain and associated gain adjustment method
06/16/16Assistance adjusting the pressure of a tire fitted to a wheel mounted on a motor vehicle
06/16/16Measurement module and assembly such a module on a wheel rim
06/16/16Method for monitoring an oxidation catalysis device
06/09/16Method for detecting the detachment of a sensor device mounted in a wheel of a vehicle
05/26/16Method of calibrating a standby duration of a proximity detection sensor and associated sensor
05/26/16Inductive sensor for measuring the position of a shaft of a vehicle
05/05/16Method for processing a voltage signal relating to the pressure prevailing in a combustion chamber of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine
04/28/16Method for optimizing the use of a non-volatile memory in a motor vehicle computer for monitoring a functional member
04/28/16Method for using a sensor to detect a user's presence for unlocking an access to a motor vehicle, and sensor associated therewith
04/21/16Method for communicating a malfunction of a system for measuring speed and direction of rotation of a rotary shaft
04/07/16Method for detecting a wiring fault in a capacitive sensor
03/24/16Actuator/sensor device
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03/17/16Method for controlling a dc/dc voltage step-down converter
03/17/16Method for detecting the actuation of a motor vehicle door handle
03/10/16Method for detecting a faulty connection of an auxiliary battery
03/03/16Method and device for measuring a dc voltage such as the voltage of a motor vehicle battery
02/11/16Method for acquiring signals such as signals representative of the state of contacts of a motor vehicle
02/04/16Support for an electronic module of a pressure measurement sensor
01/14/16Method for controlling a speed surge of an internal combustion engine of a moving vehicle during a gearbox ratio change
01/07/16Self-adaptive assisting tire inflation
01/07/16Break-off-resistant control device
01/07/16Assembly comprising at least a first motor, a second motor and an angular position sensor
12/31/15Method for managing fault messages of a motor vehicle
12/24/15Semi-automatic assisting with parking a motor vehicle and associated device
12/24/15Method for controlling a piezoelectric fuel injector of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle comprising a step for polarizing the piezoelectric actuator
12/24/15Method for determining the opening point of a valve
12/10/15Control device having pull-out resistance
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12/03/15Method for adapting a detection threshold of a crankshaft sensor for motor vehicle
11/26/15Method for determining the amount of fuel injected into an engine, in particular a diesel engine
11/26/15Low-definition display with a compact optical superposition device and associated instrument set
11/19/15Method for determining the recycled air flow rate and the quantity of oxygen available at the inlet of an internal combustion engine cylinder
11/19/15Position-detecting unit having reduced offset voltage, and method using such a unit
11/12/15Measurement amplifying circuit for piezoelectric sensor positioned in an internal combustion engine
11/05/15Method for processing a signal supplied by a bi-directional sensor and corresponding device
10/29/15Method of locating vehicle wheels equipped with an electronic box
10/22/15Method for processing a signal supplied by a bi-directional sensor and corresponding device
10/01/15Electronic unit for measuring working parameters of a vehicle wheel
10/01/15Method for determining a state of obstruction of at least one camera installed in a stereoscopic system
09/24/15Method for controlling and monitoring an electromagnet, in particular in a variable valve lift control device
09/24/15Device and controlling a module for heating a plurality of injectors
09/17/15Method for managing the amount of fuel injected into an engine
09/17/15Method for estimating the speed of an engine in a predefined position
09/10/15Method for managing a flash memory
08/20/15Device for keeping a computer of a motor vehicle comprising a microprocessor in a standby mode and switching to an active mode
08/13/15Method for processing a signal of a pressure measuring device inside an internal combustion engine
07/16/15Measurement of bonding resistances
06/18/15Device for continuous detection of a break in electric insulation of a high-voltage cable and associated detection method
06/11/15Method for regulating the control of an electrical wastegate actuator by measuring the current passing through the electrical actuator
06/04/15Control device with optimized coaxiality
05/28/15Device for wireless charging of a terminal, intended to be installed in an automobile
05/28/15Detection of a short-circuit in a switching structure
05/28/15Method and system for voice synthesis
05/21/15Wheel module comprising an elastically deformable inflation valve for a tyre pressure monitoring system
05/21/15Monitoring monitoring a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle
05/14/15Method for determining if an injector is in a blocked state
04/30/15Method for identifying the edges on a camshaft target
04/23/15Method for current-controlling at least one piezoelectric actuator of a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine
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04/09/15Method for controlling at least one piezoelectric actuator of a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine
04/09/15Voltage regulation system
04/09/15Method for measuring a magnetic field by means of a switching hall-effect sensor
04/09/15Method for compensating a signal from a pressure measurement device within an internal combustion engine
03/26/15Antenna diagnostis
03/19/15Method for controlling an injector placed in a motor vehicle exhaust line
03/05/15Wheel rim equipped with an inflation valve and installation of such a valve
03/05/15Charging device and method using dual-mode magnetic coupling for an automobile vehicle
02/26/15Device for detecting the presence of a user, and vehicle door handle comprising said device
02/05/15Motor vehicle electronic computer comprising a robust peripheral, associated motor vehicle
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02/05/15Output circuit for an engine control device, and monitoring such a circuit
01/29/15Method and device for repolarizing a piezoelectric actuator of an injector of an internal combustion engine of a used vehicle
01/29/15Control of an inductive load by pulse width modulation
01/22/15Method for calculating the no2 content at the inlet of a selective reduction catalyst and device for the implementation of this method
01/08/15Control of an inductive load with temperature-sensitive current reduction mechanism
01/01/15Method for processing a presence signal in a hands-free vehicle access system having capacitive sensors
01/01/15Method for protecting a hands-free access and/or starting system of a vehicle by modifying the speed of signal reception
12/25/14Device for diagnosing the loss of a connection between an electronic control module and a ground
12/18/14Method for the hands-free access to a motor vehicle and for monitoring the pressure of the tires mounted on said motor vehicle
12/18/14Low consumption device for measuring a variation of a capacitance and associated method
12/04/14Device for communication between an electronic module and a sensor
12/04/14Method and device for reading the state of contact variables of a motor vehicle
11/20/14Diagnostics device for controlling a motor vehicle powered by an electric motor, and associated device
10/30/14Antenna device and antenna configuration
10/30/14Method for characterizing a portable device by way of an antenna on board a motor vehicle
10/16/14Control device comprising at least one push-button
10/09/14Method for estimating the angular position of a crankshaft for accelerating the starting of an internal combustion engine
09/25/14Electronic unit for measuring operating parameters of a vehicle wheel, comprising an electronic module and an inflation valve
08/28/14Method for searching a capacitance variation of a capacitive sensor of a motor vehicle
08/21/14Method and device for triggering, using an rfid reader, a procedure for actuating a means for locking/unlocking the access doors of a motor vehicle
08/14/14Inductive position sensor
07/31/14Infrared optical sensor incorporating a transmission measuring cell
06/19/14Inductive sensor for angular measurement of the position of a moving part and measuring method using such a sensor
06/19/14Device for measuring the variation of a capacitance and associated measuring method
05/29/14On-board lighting device in a motor vehicle and related controlling a light source
05/22/14Inductive sensor for a motor vehicle, comprising electric oscillators designed to form an ac voltage at the terminals of a field coil by means of electric resonance
03/13/14Method for opening/closing of a secure hands-free access by detection of movement of a lower member of a user
03/13/14Near field communication method, between a mobile device and a motor vehicle and corresponding device
01/23/14Method for diagnosing a mechanism of untimely cut-offs of the power supply to a motor vehicle computer
01/16/14Device for charging a portable element and associated method
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01/16/14Method for locating the position of the wheels of a vehicle
01/16/14Method and device for monitoring data relating to the tires of a vehicle
12/26/13Press-insertion connector
12/19/13Control with hysteresis of an electronic device using a pulse-width modulated signal
12/12/13Electronic circuit comprising two static converters operating in a quasi-resonant zero-voltage switching mode and a operating such a circuit
11/28/13Method for determining the alcohol content of a new fuel mixture in the internal combustion engine of a vehicle, and device for implementing same
11/28/13System for determining the presence of an identifier inside a passenger compartment
11/28/13Method for determining the water content of a mixed alcohol/gasoline fuel in an internal combustion engine, and device for implementing same
10/24/13Method for locating the wheels of a vehicle fitted with a system for monitoring tire pressure
10/17/13Method and charging bench via magnetic coupling
10/17/13Method for detecting leakage of a vehicle tire
09/26/13Method for determining the temperature of an ignition coil
09/19/13Detection and near-field communication device
09/19/13Device for determining the position of a magnetic element using linear hall-effect cells
09/12/13Method for controlling an integrated circuit, integrated circuit and computer including an integrated circuit
08/29/13Digital counter and measuring a period of time
08/01/13Method for determining spurious contacts on a contact detection sensor for a door handle of an automobile vehicle
07/18/13Method for managing tasks in a microprocessor or in a microprocessor assembly
07/11/13Method of sampling acceleration measurements of a motor vehicle wheel
06/27/13Method and device for assisting in driving and anticipating a road profile
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05/23/13Electronic unit adapted to be positioned on the inner face of the tread of a tire
05/09/13Method for managing the supply voltage of a microcontroller for an electronic computer of a motor vehicle
05/02/13Method for mounting an angular displacement detector and detection device provided with corresponding mounting means
04/25/13Method and device for communication between an automobile vehicle and payment means
04/25/13Radiofrequency transmitter with a metal/plastic heterogeneous structure
04/18/13Inductive charging device for a portable apparatus incorporating a near-field communication antenna
04/11/13Engine synchronization method
04/04/13Method and device for detecting the blocking of a bleed valve of a gasoline vapor filter
02/28/13Heater plug having a metal finger
02/14/13Method and device for detecting the pinching of a coupling hose between a tank and a gasoline vapor filter
02/14/13Diagnostic for a purge valve of a hybrid motor vehicle
02/07/13Approach and/or a contact detection device, associated method and vehicle door handle
01/31/13Method for determining information representative of the position of a real tooth on a toothed target rigidly attached in rotation to a shaft of an internal combustion engine and associated device
01/24/13Method for determining the position of a magnetic element using hall effect linear sensors and associated device
01/10/13Method for controlling an hybrid vehicle motorization device, and associated device
01/03/13Method and device for detecting the blockage of a gasoline vapor filter purge valve
12/20/12Multicontact unit comprising at least two separate blister-effect electric contacts
12/20/12Method and unit for the optimized transmission of measurement of paramaters of vehicle tyres
12/20/12Method for controlling the transmission power of a transmitter system integrated in an electronic housing of a motor vehicle, and electronic housing thus obtained
12/20/12Method for determining a parameter representative of the state of vigilance of a vehicle driver
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12/20/12Method for locating and detecting the position of the wheels of a vehicle
12/13/12Electronic unit for measuring the operation parameters of a vehicle wheel including an electronic housing and an inflation valve
12/13/12Method for locating the position of wheels of a vehicle
12/06/12Method and device for detecting the dysfunction of a gas pressure sensor in a vehicle tire
12/06/12Method for determining a parameter representative of the state of vigilance of a vehicle driver
10/11/12Method for adjusting a time base for a tire pressure measurement unit
09/27/12Wireless communication method between a control unit and an electronic housing mounted on a vehicle member
09/06/12Linear position sensor
05/10/12Method for lateral localization of the wheels of a vehicle
05/03/12Method for protecting an electronic switch incorporated in an automotive vehicle, for controlling the power supply of an electric load
03/15/12Vehicle equipment for a mobile appliance
03/01/12Vehicle equipment for a mobile appliance
02/16/12Method for optimizing the storage of calibration data in an automobile electronic control unit
01/19/12Device incorporating a pressure sensor for measuring pressures within an internal combustion engine
01/12/12Method for locating the position of the wheels of a vehicle
12/22/11Automotive-vehicle-borne miniature spectrometer having a single measurement and reference detector
12/22/11Device for determining an error induced by a high-pass filter and associated error correction method
12/15/11Method for locating the longitudinal position of the wheels of a vehicle
12/15/11Method for self-calibrating an accelerometer mounted on a wheel of a vehicle while said vehicle is moving
12/08/11Method for communication between two automotive electronic control units and associated device
12/08/11Automobile electronic control unit comprising a voltage step-up device and control method
12/01/11Waveguide and associated automotive-vehicle-borne spectrometer
10/27/11Method for correcting the drift of a pressure sensor signal
09/22/11Hall effect measuring device
09/01/11Device for measuring a variation in the capacitance of a variable capacitive structure
05/19/11Interface system for entering a string of characters
03/03/11Charge-transfer sensor with low power consumption
02/10/11Pressure measuring device and corresponding method
01/06/11Device for measuring a position using the hall effect
12/30/10Touch sensitive interface for heating or air conditioning a vehicle, and adjusting same
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12/23/10Integrated sensor with capacitive coupling rejection to the mechanical ground
12/16/10Method for determining a value representative of the pressure in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
12/09/10Method of calibrating a measurement sensor
11/11/10Configurable input port of an electronic computer of a motor vehicle
11/04/10Device for controlling the operation of an internal combustion engine, with improved rephasing of injection events
10/28/10Angular position measuring device
10/21/10Method of unlocking an engine control computer
10/14/10Method of controlling the ignition of a gazoline engine
08/05/10Electronic module for measuring operating parameters of a vehicle wheel, comprising an electronic unit and an inflation valve of the "snap-in" type
07/15/10Sensor holding device
07/08/10Determining and correcting the phasing of the angular position of a four-stroke internal combustion engine with indirect injection and time-controlled sequential reinjection/sequential injection cutoff
07/08/10Method and device for locating the wheels of a vehicle
06/24/10Method and device for determining the "phasing" of an internal combustion "v" engine
06/03/10Device for suppressing interference phenomenon between capacitive detection areas of a sensor
05/13/10Interference filtration device adapted to a sensor sensitive to electromagnetic waves and related filtration method
05/06/10Method for sealing a complex shape electronic sensor by low-pressure injection of reactive resin
04/29/10Device and processing knock signals of an internal combustion engine, with reduced influence of interfering noise
04/08/10Method and device for locating each of the wheels of a pair of twin wheels mounted on a vehicle
03/11/10Rotational direction detector and determining the direction of rotation of a wheel
03/11/10Device for detecting the failure of an electrical power supply for a logic unit
03/11/10Method of identifying symbolic points on an image of a person's face
01/28/10Method and device for displaying, in a motor vehicle, the value of a parameter
01/21/10Method and device for identifying wheels mounted on a motor vehicle
12/03/09Method of locating the positions of wheels of a vehicle
10/01/09Method for estimating the charge of a motor vehicle battery
09/17/09Method for detecting a misfire and corresponding device
09/03/09Method of transmitting information relating to the operation of an internal combustion engine
08/20/09Method for determining the length of the footprint on the ground of a tire of a wheel of a vehicle
08/13/09Method and device of locating the longitudinal position of wheels of a vehicle

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